Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 13, 1942 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, March 13, 1942
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1(1 ' -J1 .nii- "'i^ NUMBER 128 ,/.#>'>^'*W$5! »' ' ':. • "> '» Served by the No. 1 News Organizations — The Associated Press & Wide World Star .Jv 3 "^iijf i$ •*?* ?**/^, «**tV Kf_, 'i^^j H$4 >< » •" Mf,. -= / < The Weather Local showers and thunderstorms , Friday afternoon and Friday night and \\ colder. Star of Hopo, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January IB, 1929. Jap Drive HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 1942 ! A icAT M fi ems A «°<:i°fed Press INt/M—MeonslNewspaper Enterprise Ass'n Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor -ALEX. H. WASHBURN- .Around the Town 'Reds Say Spring .Offensive to Be All Russian 3! Believe Nazis Are Worn Out in Fall Drive, ft Winter Counters MOSCOW-m-Rcd Star, voice of Uie Soviet army, declared Friday that the offensive this spring would be Russian, not German and described the Nazi military machine as worn woul from its cosily fall drive and Ihc battering it has received this winter. Dispatches from the front said that the Germans were trying desperately to hold on, counter attacking repeatedly and at a heavy cost but that the red army still pushed steadily, if slow- «,ly,- lo Ihe west. Reports from the southern front said Marshal Semeon Timoshenko's big Donets basin offensive inslead of being halted by the counter attacks had wiped out two Strong points and swept Q on mlo two unidentified towns where gcrmnn bodies littered the streets after a fierce fight. Elsewhere on the southern front Russian artillery was said to have broken up a counter-attack. Don't bother writing me thai YOU heard geese go over earlier. I'm only Inlking aboul when I Heard Ihem. In Ihcse days when armies fighl a bal- tlc and government gives out the box score next month you can't expect newspapers always to be first with the news. But anyway, what I was getting around to say wnsjMhal when we men here in The St«r office were discussing the March flight of Ihc goslins a feminine voice spoke up nnd said: Geese? Surely not. I thought they went over just once n year." Tires or no tires, the geese have lo get back home, don't they? Canada's where they're hatched; and it's to Canada they return * * * When a body travels he picks up odds and ends of information. I had been East in January—but the first week-end in March found me on the go again. I caught the 11:40 n. m. Missouri Pacific here one Sunday and between Hope and Little Rock ate a meal in Ihe diner. The cream-pitcher dripped on the tuble-clolh. I lold Iho waller: "Do you know what will stop that? Rub some butler on Ihe pilcher's mouth, and the cream won't drip." "Sure enough?" said Sam. "I'll tell the chef," Sam visited the chef, came back lo my table, said, "The chef says Cnllm H/»* . " ~«_i *i n President Says Wage Control Is Considered Asserts He Will 'Step on' Political Moves in His Cabinet WASHINGTCN-(/P)-Tho question of wage control as a war measure is under study President Roosevelt asserted Friday. The chief executive declined at a and then Sam I 1 Nazis on Defensive BERLIN-(/P)-Tho German high command reported Friday that its troops still were on the defensive nnd had descaled strong forces of the Red army in counter attacks in the Donets , Basin. Hempstead Man • Dies in Texas Jesse H. Burns 9 Succumbs in U. S. Marine Hospital Jesse H. Burns, 52, World War Vel- cran, died in a. U. S. Marino hospilal al Galveston, Texas, last Wednos- Hc was the son of the late M. K. Burns, pioneer Hempslead resident He was born and raised at' Patmos. Funeral services will be in charge of the Herndon Cornelius Funeral Jiomc at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon |iit New Hope Church. Services will 'be conducted by the Rev. W. P. Graves and Ihc Rev. William R. Hamilton. jave me one of those funny looks lhat tells a lone traveler plain as boxcar type that he's under suspicion. "It's okeh," I sold Sam. "I got it straight. Got it from my sister in Baltimore in January.' "Baltimore?" says Sam. "Ycs-suh, The American Legion will charge of burial services. be in He is survived by four brothers, W. (f\ Burns of Hereford, Texas, T. H. Burns of Monroe, La., L. C. Burns of El Dorado and A. G. Burns of Calion, Ark., and a sister, Mrs. Nancy May Ion of Hope. f Turneth Him Away, But No Soft Answer AUSTIN, Tex. -(/P)— A clergyman, seeking ijew tires, turned to the Scriptures for support. "Go ye into the (gijworld and preach the gospel," he quot- " cd in a letter to Mark McGce, rationing administrator. McGee turned to the Scriptures to support his refusal: "I will saddle me an ass." Baltimore. Ah"" Imagines 'it- works' suh." * * * By WILLIS THORNTON Lean Forward, Americans! Americans generally delight in leaning back in an easy chair, barber shop chair or just any convenient chair and listening to the advice and argument of whomever happens to be indulging in that ood old custom of sounding off. And it's a very fine thing in time of peace. But the time has arrived —and it's right now—when we all must lean forward, cast a fishy eye at our whispering informant or windy talker, and ask ourselves a question. Is he, or quite possibly she, pulling my leg, knowingly or unknowingly for the benefit of Adolf, Benitor or Lieut. Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita? As all school children know by now Hitler's cardinal rule is "Divide and Conquer." And as all Czechs, French Dutch and Norwegians know it is one of the smartest and most devilish politico-military weapons of all time. Why? Because it works Edmond Taylor, noted student of press conference to go into the on ^f putting a filing on wages as an anti-inflation step but he did disclose that the whole problem was under consideration. Whether any progress was being made on controlling inflation Mr. Roosevelt said: "In some ways yes and in some ways no." He placed the action of the house in voting to ban sales of government owned surplus products at below parity prices in the catagory of those things on what he termed the 10 side. _ Changing the subject he said that this is a war and politics is out." He said his remarks applied to congress as well as the press. "We read too much politics in the papers these days and these articles talk in terms of the past," he commented. To a question asked whether his remarks were also of the cabinet he said that he found little political indications in any action by cabinet members. He said whenever he say any such implications he would step on it with both feet. WASHINGTON -(/P)_ By-partisan efforts to extend hours of the working week and to take up legislation on overtime wej;e pressed in the senate Friday. ' • '•' " ••- •• Senator Lee (D. Okla.) asked Chairman Nelson of the War Production Board to recommend legislation on overtime and ways of putting more shifts on the job while Senator Reed (R. Kan.) urged early action on measure to increase the work weeks from 40 to 48 hours before extra pay is allowed. The law now provides for time and a half for work over 40 hours. ^^^^^^^_ ^^H ^^- — Taking Form —-——— _— ^^^^ Roosevelt May Tanker Reaches Port for RebuiMno If t •*• r . -/ Veto Big Farm Supply Measure Objects to Disposal of Government Stocks at Less Than Parity WASHWGTON-(/P)-High administration sources Friday said that President Roosevelt was considering veto of the $695,000,000 farm supply bill because it bands disposal of government controlled stocks of farm products at less than parity. The president was beaten both in the senate and house on his pleas that the prohibitions bo eliminated to help prevent a further drive in the cost of living. He was reported to believe that only by veto could he win his point. The senate recently passed and sent lo tlie house a simple bill containing the band. The house, which is still considering the bill, has'refused to remove a clause to prohibit the commodity credit corporation from using administrative funds in connection with its sale below parity. f Most reptiles lay their eggs on land, while most amphibians lay theirs in water. Cranium Crackers 4' River Lore Rivers played an important part in the development of the United Stales so you should nol o around on any of these mental sandbars. j 1. Does the Kentucky river flow ™ through Kentucky, the Mississippi through Mississippi and the Colorado through Colorado? 2. What river valley was the scene of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and many other Wash- 4 - ington Irving stories? 3. The Connecticut river forms the boundary between what two stales? 4. Whal famous New Deal project is on Uie Tennessee river? 5. Name Ihe river followed by 'in? Lewis and Clark on much of their expedition to the northwest, on Cviuic Page to fear and propaganda which seeped over the great, impregnable Maginol Line and drowned France. II worked in France and other countries and it can work here. The Nazis know they must knock out the United States and the quickest way to do that is to set us snarling and snapping at each other . Oh, you won't get any letlers from Doctor GoebbeLs telling you President Roosevelt is crazy, or that we arc obviously headed for dictatorship or that the Jews and Communists plan to chop the hands off every third baby boy. You will get something much slicker and much harder to combat. There are and will be some of those rawer types for the lunatic fringe, but chiefly they will be in such forms as these: We are dupes of British imperialists. Our entire Pacific fleet wus destroyed at Pearl Harbor. The Army had to shoot 400 strikers in a Detroit tank faclory. Jap saboteurs have destroyed large sections of San Francisco. Six troop transports, with 10,000 American soldiers on each have been sunk. The Republicans are blocking the war effort. The Democrats are blocking the war effort. Jesse James, Peter the Rabbit, the no-girdles-for-girls rule are messing things up. In short, things have gone to hell. We can't win. There's no use trying. We're lost up to now and besides Hitler has no designs on America. He just wants all the Germans of Europe joined in one big happy family. Those are the tilings you have heard and will hear. Those are the things axis agents spread—and the alleys and rate holes are infested with them. Good Americans hear them. They tell other good Americans. Soon the vicious lie assumes j the proportions of a national scandal and everybody is talking about it. That wrecks morale, wrecks the war efforl and can wreck America. It's all the simple application of "Divide Five Bicycles Stolen in Hope One Recovered, Search for Others Continues Police announced Friday that five bicycles had been stolen in Hope the past five nighls and warned owners to be careful where they left their bikes. th e time | Of Iho five stolen only one, owned tne slime of Nazi by Jess Merchant and stolen last Sunday, has been recovered. No arrests were made bul a 'search continues. Other bicycles stolen were owned by Marion Baker, Charles Thomas, Jr., Riiy Allen and John L. Austin. RAF Over Paris but Drop No Bombs RAF Blasts Big Nazi Battleship Installations* at Kiel Naval Base Set Afire LONDON-W-The RAF bombed the 26jOOO-ton German battleship Gneisenau and set naval installations on fire at the Kiel base in'continua- tion of Thursday night of the "great spring air offensive" begun last week-end. The air ministry said Friday that improved flying conditions enabled a medium force of four and two on- gined bombers to strike at northwestern Germany. The loss of 8 RAF planes during (lie latest raid on Kiel was attributed by air ministry sources to strong German anti-aSroraitt defenses the Kiel base. ringing German light fighters engaged the British planes during the attack. At Berlin the Nazi high command announced that ritish bombers attacked Kiel, site of a big German naval base during the night, causing some casualties. /ft-Thc RAF was over the iaris area again Friday but there were no immediate reports that bombs were dropped. (Reuters, British news agency, said no bombs were dropped in Paris during the alert.) British army men call the German n' 1 " 1 . ,'r, tol ' pcdo boal a " "E-boat," with tnc h. meaning enemy. Annual School Carnival Friday Will Be Climaxed by Crowning of King and Queen The annual Hope Hi e h school carnival will be held Friday night at 7'30 and will he climaxed with the crowning of the lung and queen in the auditorium at 9 o'clock, officials announced. The carnival features many attraction including dancing, cake walks, fortune telling, bingo, marriage bureau, bowling alleys and many others An amateur contest will follow the crowning of (he king and queen. Tlie candidates for queen are; Roxit Jane Button, Martha Ann Alexander Rose Marie Hendrix and Carolyr Irimblc. For king; Kenneth Crank, Jimmj Simms, Richard Stanford and Briaiil Bundy. Deserters Kill FBI Agent Another Wounded in Shooting Scrape in Virginia ABINGTON, Va. -(/P)_ Two army deserters who threw shots and killed one FBI agent and wounded another seriously were captured in an abandoned-house-on the-Cuttklf ts-cf this city Friday afternoon. More than a hundred federal, state and local officers surrounded the house and a number of shots exchanged. The fugative pair were captured only a few hours after an agent who sought to arrest them fell dead and his. companion wounded under a hail of pistol fire which began in an all-night cafe. Agent Hubert J. Treacy, Jr., 28 was shot to death and Charles L.. Tignor, 29, was wounded five times. They were attempting to arrest two soldiers from Ft. Oglethorp, Ga. The soldiers who blazed away as icon as the agents identified themselves had been sought since Thursday when they stole a supply of pistols and ammunition from the fort, kidnapped a tax driver and escaped into Tennessee. Warpaths in Two Oceans (Continued on Page Three) The map at left indicates German warship pall) to Trondhaim and its threats to Iceland and Allied supply Urn; to Russia B] Ja * invasion fleet pat toward Port Moresby and Tells of Help Club Gave Him Leo Flaherty, McCaskill, Describes Memphis Hospital ^Lco Flaherty, young man of Mc- C'askill who obtained treatment at the Memphis Hospital for Crippled Adults through Hie aid of Hope Rotary club, and thus cleared up a crippled condition in his feel, told the club about it in it speech at the Rotary luncheon Friday noon in First Christian church. Introduced by Robert M. Wilson program chairman, young Mr. Flaherty said he wus admitted to the. Memphis hospital, run in conjunclioi with the famous Campbell clinic a Memphis, Juno 2, UHO. He was spun- sored by the Hope club. "I was then walking on my ankles, instead of my feet," he said. "Aftei 11 opera turns I now walk normally. Hundreds of boys and girls come to the Memphis hospital each yeai from Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas and have their physical defects corrected—a relief tlial wouldn't be possible but for the Rotary clubs' support of the hospital." Another club guest Friday was Walter Verhalcn. Buttressed by teni'/orarv Imlklio-i.lc i\, American tanker E H ' NEA Service Telechoto half of (he OPA Seeks Rail Rate Reduction Soys New Increases Would Disrupt Commodity Ceilings NEW- : m - The Office of _ Price Administrator asked the freight rate to increases na- approved on 10 large groups of commodities including petroleum and pig iron and gave notice it contemplated seeking cancellations of the entire rate increase i As ^ ist , ant Frice Administrator Dexter M. Keezer who said he was authorized to speak for the OPA made the request in a speech prepared for a meeting of the railroad committee. ^^"^^•aP^on brealhes 3 /Sentenced for Espionage Imprisonment Term Range From 12 to 20 Years ^ ... Judge Henry Goddard Friday sentenced 7 persons— defendants In the nation's first spy trials since the United States entered the war— to a total of 117 years in prison for espionage conspir- J "y* Three were given 20 years imprisonment, three others including a woman, 15 years and one 12 years. In passing sentence Judge Goddard told the defendents he was not "only punishing you for your treachery but warning others like you that such acts will not be tolerated" Aussies Report Enemy Ships in Solomon Islands, British Forces in Burma For First ] Time Make Contact With Chinese By Uie Associated Press Japan's offensive against Australia^ still, taking form in the islands along" the northern shore of the contin-1 ent, has speared off m a tangent of* naval penetrations of the Solomon Is-f lands. l In the second .-chief theater of war with Japanese the British ^-,. penals withdrawing north of Rangoon^ has for the first time joined Chinese troops attempling lo consolidate a ; front between two mam roules out of"^ Rangoon, 60 to 80 miles from the a" '"' doned port city of the Inawaddy „„-, ,, ta ' A Quiet in Philippine;, ^ In the Philippines the United States <' reported no change m the Bataan^l Peninsula situation, except watchful* if* waiting for the next all-out Japan-1 ese attack on General Douglas Mac-'? Arthur's forces. ft Japan's Solomon Island move.wasSt evidently either a feint to distract at-*' tention from the establishment of New^ Guinea bases for the prospective lunge| at Australia or actually a thrust to-JU, New Hebrides and New Zealand along fl the island chain pointed the United^, Nation sea route to Australia. Discovered 3-Days Ago The move was disclosed by the Aus-l tralian air reconnaissance over the^ Australian mandated part of the Solo-* mon group. The warship forces were! sighted 3-days ago off Kessa on th(?\ tiny Buka island, 2 stepping stone" from New Britain to the Solomons.fl There was no further indications that)$ the Japanese had landed. ..Aiyistrajigu.,bombers smashing at _ potential island roule towaici v "Ne.. Britain Thursday attacked enemy-held"*! airfields at Gasmata on the southA ern coast of New Britain. <v If all the railway express shipments handled in n single year were placed end to end, they would reach around the earth. Lafayette County March II, 1342 Prepared by Eunice Tripled Lcwlsvlllo, Arkansas 1/153G Int " o Schwab - BWV4 of Rge. 24 West as Filings wif < Vf I i T CC ' , Twp. 15 2- of NE>/ 4 f Sec ., . Royalty Deed: 5/1280 Int., aty acres), dated 1-31-42, fi 42. Eli D. Bernstein r, . I?ge. 24 West. roy- filed 3-11- and wife to Sec - James 15 S.. Cotton By the Associated Press NEW ORLEANS March May July Oct Dec Jan March NEW YORK March May July Oci' Dec. Jan Middling Spot 20.24. 1853 18.G2 18.74 18.95 18.97 18.98 19.04 18.48 18.5S 18.68 18.75 18.77 18.79 Royalty Deed: 1/384 Int.. (1-2/3 ruy- nly acres), book T-7, page 236, dated 2-1-42, recorded 3-11-42. Byrort Nel Bcn West. , °g a »' - o of Sec. 12 Twp. 15 S., Rge 21 Royalty Deed: 1/128 Int., (5 royaltj acres), book T-7, page 242. dated 2•1-«, recorded ^-11-42. Byron Nelson w 'fc I" Susie L. Wadley. S'A of n of Sec. 12, Twp. 15 S., Rge. West. Royalty Deed: 1/192 l nt ., ' ., . royalty acres), 'book T-7, page 243, dated 2-9-44 recorded 3-11-42. Mrs. Susie to Paul ™n , unyan. NEVi of Sec. 11 Twp. 15 S., Rge. West. EV4 of 24 Royally Deed: 1/192 Int., (3-1/3 royalty acres), book T-7, page 244, dated r ,,?' ,r ccol ' dj e 3-11-42. Mrs. Susie L. Wadley to Byron Nelson. EM: of NEV'4 of Sec. 11 Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 Royalty Deed: 1 '192 Int., (3-1/3 royalty acres), book T-7, page 245, dated ' rec ° rded Mrs. Susie r u f J , . . L. Wadley to Ben Hogan. EVfc of of Sec. 11, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Ratification of O. & G. Lease: book M-7, page 386, dated 3-11-42, recorded J-ll-42. George F. Baker et al to Barnsdall Oil Co. SW% of 'SE 1 /)- S'/j of NE'4 of SEVi, and SVi of NWV 4 of Sec. 1C; E«,i of of Sec. 15; . of SE"/ 4 of See. 20; WVi of SW'/i of Sec. 21; S',2 of SE'/ 4 of Sec. 22; and NEV 4 of NEi/4 of Sec. 29, all in Twp. 5 S., Rge. 23 West, and containing in ill 460 acres. ~> Nevada County O & G. Lease, filed 3-11-42, H. H. McKcnzie et ux to Atlantic Refining Company, Sec. 34-35, Twp. 12, R ge . O. & G. Lease, filed 3-11-42, H H McKenzie et ux to Atlantic Refining Company, E NW S NE Sec 34-35, Twp. 12, Rge. 23. Warranty Deed, filed 3-11-42, J. B Douglas el ux to C. L. Bennetl NE NE, See. 31, Twp. 12, Rge. 22. Royally Deed, filed 3-12-42, J B Warmack el ux lo H. L. Berg SE SW SW; SE NE NW NW NE, Sec 16 21, Twp. 14, Rge. 22. O. & G. Lease, filed 3-12-42, Aiwa ter Brodic et ux lo Hunl Oil Co Sec. 16-21-28-29, Twp. 14, Rge. 22. " Assignment O, & G. Lease, filed 3-12-12, J. B. Warmack to Hunt Oil Co., SE NW; NE SW, Sec. 13, Twp •14, Rge. 23. Assignment O. & G. Lease, filed 3-11-42, V. S. Parham to Magnolia Petroleum Company, NE NE, Sec 34 Twp. 12, Rge. 20. Royalty Deed, filed 3-12-42, A H Boswell et ux to E. N. May et ux S SE N NE, Sec. 13, Twp. 14, Rge. &*J. Royalty Deed, filed 3-12-42, A. H Boswell et ux to E. N. Mav et ux E SW NW, S NE NW SE NW, Sec' 17, Twp. 14, Rge. 22. Royalty Deed, filed 3-12-42, A. H Boswell et ux to E. N. May et ux S NW NW; W SW NW, Sec. 17-18* Twp. 14, Rge. 22. Royalty Deed, filed 3-12-42, Berta P. MsRae to D. L. McRae Jr., Sec. 8, Twp. 14, Rge. 22. Royalty Deed, filed 3-12-42, Berta P. McRae to H. H. McKenzie, Sec 8-17, Twp. 14, Rge. 22. Royalty Deed, filed 3-12-42, Berta P. McRae to Jennie Mildred McRae NW SW; W NE SW SW SW Sec' 8-17, Twp. 14, Rge. 22. O. & G. Lease, filed 3-12-42, Daisy Burton to Byron C. Moody, NW SE Sec. 28, Twp. 14, Rge. 20. O. & G. Lease, filed 3-12-42, E. T. Wesoon to J. B. Warmack, SE NW NE SW, 'Sec. 13, Twp. 14, Rge. 23. Royalty Deed, filed 3-12-42 A H Soswell et ux to V. S. Parham, S SE N NE, Sec. 12-13-, Twp. 14, Rge 22 Royalty Deed, filed 3-12-42 F T Munn et ux to J. B. Warmack, NW NE, Sec. 21, Twp. 14, Rge. 22 Tabernacle Meet fo Open Sunday Rev. B. H. Camp- , ^ bell to Begin Two- ^ Weeks Campaign Coming to the Tabernacle Sunday, for a two weeks Revival meetings?" during which emphasis will be put # upon "Back to God and the Bible'? f." J is Evangelist and Mrs. Bird H. Camp- > bell, nationally known Evangelist. l ""* The Revival services will get un- "'' der way Sunday morning at the 11:00^'•,-> o'clock service, at which time the Rev * <<i Campbell will bring the opening ser- ' mon of the campaign. Services will be held every night except 'Saturday night at 7:45. _ ' i. Mr. Campbell 'comes to Hope from" '*' a series of successful Revival Cam-' *" paigns throughout the United States/ and Canada. He is known as the S "Business Man Evangelist." Piior to ~ l his entering the minislry he served as supervisor over seven states for ' General Motors. Some ten yeais ago he gave up business for the ministry, Some of the subjects Evangelist Campbell will discuss during the Campaign are: "The Mark of the Beast," Dtv Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, "The Shadow of a World Dictator," "The Miracle of Dunkirk," and "Remember Peail * Harbor." The congregational singing for thq Revival will be conducted by the Rev, S'. A. Mays. Special singing and music will be reidered by Mrs. Campbell ac-' complished musician and soloist, Mr. and Mrs. Mays, the Men's Quaitet, the Ladies Chorus, Mrs. J. E. HamilL and others. Berlin Says British Cruiser Is Sunk BERLlN-(/P)-The German high command said Friday a Brilisb cruis« er reported hit twice Thursday bv torpedoes from a German submaimg in the eastern Mediterranean ha.4 sunk. The cruiser was identified as one oj the 7,200-ton Leander class of ships, some ten years old. 2 Negroes Arrested on Liquor Charge Two Prescotl negroes, Alex Dixon and Dave Cooper, were arrested here Thursday by local police on a chafgg of possessing untaxed liquor. The two men were driving an old msdei' ^ automobile when picked up by of- fivers. Three one gallon jugs of liquor were broken but police seized a pint -' and three half-pint bottles. They were turned over to county ofAcerg,

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