The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1940
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MAY 11, 19,10 PHE5IDEITOF Largest Senior Class Is _BLTTHTBVn;LB (AKXJ COIJRIEH NEWS Planning Graduation Events Elected Head Of Superintendents And Principals Organi/alioj) W. W. Powlcr, supwintemlent of •schools at Manila, was elected pros-i ^'7 f "' "tern of Ih, supcrlmcndr.nts and ° d °" k ' ww Pnnelpuls Association of Mississippi County schools al a meeting u\ Uic group at the courhousn Uitirsday night. He will be assisted in carrying on ti» work by Miss Winnie Virgil rumor, elementary supervisor of BlyihevlUe city .schools, who was elecled vice president, and M rs . Thomas R. Ivy, county examiner' > who was chosen secretary-treasurer Following ihe election w n McChirkln. superlnumdent of niy- theville schools, reviewed the lour irohit legislative program Dial the legislative committee of the Arkansas Education Association has presented for U.-i »ctlo:i at the next session ol the legislature, and T n Wilkliw, .superintendent of schools at Luxora, explained Ihc grouping that has been arranged for the schools to mecl in study groups next year, . The firsl point discussed by Mr Meciurkin was in regard lo teacher welfare. The commiltee is recommending lhal a stale minimum sal- A (relative schedule of events for (he largest senior class in ihe history of Ihc clly hi»h school has bc«i announced |, y cooksoy |)n;l- son, president, of (he gradualing group. One hundred and i\ V o slu- dml/> an; enrolled In the senior class this year. The annual junior-senior picnic ore nf the first activities of the class will be Tuesday, class day and class night will Ije on Monday, May 27, the lortner being at 10 - — 8 o'clock at tin: high .school uucMlorium. Plans for programs u> be presented at the fommenci'menl n"d bncenliiurciito services arc now being completed. Tho biiccalamcate sermon is lo be May 2C and com. mc-nccmoiiL will be Friday, .May '(1 lioih are lo be held at i),e city auditorium. Members of the senior class folloxv: Charles Abbou, Howell Alley, Raymond Biekcrslaff, Jack lliship. Johns, Lew One Jolmson. James Maxwell, Jack Johnslo:>, Alvln Justice, John Mick, Henry Muery, joo Hilly M:llaney, Johnson U-on I'cuilk, lilande Perry. l,i>e Klclmrd- .so:\ Hlchards Itoberts, Ouy llodgers lien Sanders, Handall Hmhh. j. c' Stlrcs, Ciene Strickland, 1'Ved'wade, Uoyd Ward Jr., Dan Wiuriuyton,' Clint Whort, Clyde Whistle, J. I). WidmT, no:l Wilhelm, Hilly Woolen. Charles PintJe. Millie Abraham, .Mary Jean AI , . flltk. Irene Andeison. Osceola Sociely—Persona! Fini> Arts Luncheon Continuing (he serifs of <icll|;ht fid literary and musical tieal Hun Inive been ullorclrri Osceolti f>! Hie rXsTi'nlu rlmiitrr, (lie four slB|(p« fjf childhood moUirr- hood werp porlrnyNI. Vocnl solos ttw SIIMI; by Mrs, Mm Ion (Jreivs, 1 " (J1 " i<1 ' s "" ll Ml ' Sl A<M]f riom lllylhovlllo were Mrs. Louie Smith, Mrs. Snlllju. Mrs Gladys and Mrs. I'lillallini Mrs. K. . . M,. S . i, l()J , ( , K iickinnn hostess Class- Party H. CrlhlleM •'"•v win till^lilltl WSCt '(Mil — V.I..HIM »nf, IHJ.MI'SS iiiiilieiii'p.s (his week In olKemutM' ' l " IIM ' | i" l »rs of thi; 1'lillntlien C'luss of National Music Week, was the j 1'lne Art.s Luncheon glvi-n ,ii "Whulover Tt'iTiU't", home of Mi's P. I'. Jacobs nl Clrktor, on WiMlm-s- dny by ihe Osceola Proure.sslvt Club and several oul-of-lowii art,- " '"' oii, Kathleen Ashley! Blni-ltard. Nellie Maiy Lois f ists niiinberiny in all 10 Cor- ' —«•-.. ijjaiik^,, Johnson Bliickwell, Paul Blackwood, '"I'gil Boyd. John Ciiarles fJrlglil' •nl ' Browne, Herbert Childs', Jnme.s Coxa it, Cookscy Doilson Millard Edds, C. D. Ellis, (.'rank Kills, Russell Farr, Malcolm Flake, Loyd Horman, Bill Cioihviii. Hay Grant, J. 1,. Ourley, Theo dink-y Melv!-i HaLscll, Hugh Hariml. ' Pat llairbon. Eugene Hood. Cnr- thol Hyde. Jack Jenkins. Steven . lioiirland. Marion Ciildivel) Jciinne Carloi-k, Tlieluiti cmhi'y, Dorolhy (TJ-O.'-.S, liuih Darby, Ji-ncll Uegklii, Helly DUfiin, Hirdyc Nell Diinlap, Geraldine fteemnn, nor- setta French,, Karllr.e Graham, i3ctty Grimes. Prances Hall, 1,011 Jo llargelt, Hetty Sue King. 1'he Marie Kooucc, Mnrjorle Mays, Amelia Mcdinger. lone Mu- Mar;orie Meliride, Lucille McDe[-- mott. Jewel Rice, Mildred Ulchard- son. I'uuline RoiiiJi, Bellie fiilibn. Jt'anella jcnn .Sctauyh, Virginia . Story, KB ye Thome. Rosalie Tjtnnbli-, i.y,,ette Tucker i'tiiMn* L'lm, Jaunice Walpolc Juaniia While, Eiitopta Whltworth Mary Kmily Wilson. .M H iy Van Worsley. Rose Lynn yates - ary schedule be adopted, that requirements for (lie securing of a license for teaching be raised, and the lhat approval be given to teachers retirement program. The second point in the program as explained by Mr. McClurkin was in regard to finance. The committee plans to work toward more equitable assessments and collec- |(ion of property taxes. The state apportionment mid the equalizing fund are to be changed in such a way as to provide 12 years of school for nine months a year for all the boys and girls In (he state. The third poict in the program concerned organization. The plan is to permit the people to vote for larger district reorganization. Under the reorganization there would " be provided a plan for rural supervision of instruction. The organization aJso provides for a change in the set-tip of state board of education. Tho fourth lioint in the committee's report was about textbooks. The plan is to provide for selection of the textbooks by local administrative units. There will be a price protection law, artd free high school texts not prqyided. until nine months term is available for all hi!jh si-hob" students in the state. ' According to Mr. Wilkins, stndj groups and temporary chairmen are as follows: Group I; Blytheville. Temporary ^chairman, Mr. W. D. McClurkin Group II: Osccola, Sans Soucj, for an extended visit with friends in Amory, Miss. Misses Capilola and Kamolia. and . Prenlfas and Freeman Jercrgan ave spending a few days in ixjpanto. visiting their grandmother, Mrs. J. Jernigati. Mis. Johnnie Alston antl small daughter, Francis, are visiting Mrs = Mrs. Leda = Jnck- , Alston's mother, son. in Manila. Mrs. Beulah McCulloirjdi nnd Mrs. V. D. Sratt of Memphis are siwnding a few days here will! relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Clay Asliabrauncr at:d Misses Loriuc and Flilda Nemo have gone to Bald Knob where they will work for a few weeks. Ur. }!. D. Robinson and H A Ashabranner visited in Ludlow Miss., a few days. Mrs. Raymond Carter lias her small .son in the Baptist hospital, Memphis, where he underwent two operations. Curtis Wayne is reported to be resting as well as could be expected. Mrs. Carter will stay with her son until he Is . permitted to leave the hospital. SCHOOL NEWS men SCHOOL NEWS tlul Chouses Officers. Belly 1 Brook's Isaacs was elected president of ,h c Rcd repper ciub 10. he incoming school year '-lo-n jM 1C Tni' "' Ceti " g Tllesil: '-v. Belly Jtan mil ivns elected vicc-presi- (ient; Mary Helen Moore, secretnrv Patricia Wise, Ircnsiirer; Hetty Dodson, reporter; and Peggy White sergeanl -at-arms, ' The retiring officers are Lynetle "Cker, prc.sidonl, Deity Isaacs. " ™Went, ion Jo Hargell scc- 8IHI Dorothy cross, Ircas- rcl.lry, urer. -'«»'iim Klrcls. in Ihe business H-'II ,.' BUI Chamblln Robert Killian, who has been suf- ,, ?J, Pl-i|-(r fi-nivi nr|v,,.:tt.. n.- . , . liluyi Luxora, Lewis,, Rosa, O'Donaid Bend, Burdctte Victoria To- Mr. Cole Ridge, Carson, Gvldcr, mato. Temporary chairman. Hoy Dawson. Group Hi; Armorcl, Clear Promise Land, Recce, Huffman' Hick-man, Gosnell, Calumet. Driver's Grove, Yarbro, Number Nine, Plat Lake, Lone Oak. Temporary chairman. Mr. Thomas R. Ivy. Group IV: Dell, Half Moon. Hightower,-Manila, Black Water, Black- Water No. 2, Brown. Milligan, Shady Grove, Bryant, Ixjsl Cane, Brinkley, Linney. Temporary chairman: Mr. W. W. Fowler. Group V: Lcachvilie, Pawlu'cn, Rocky, Royal, Box Eider, Boynton, Happy Corner. Temporary chairman, Mr. F. L. McConncll. Group VI: Etowah schools, Stillman, Fi-azler. Temporary chairman, Mr. A. H. Diggs. Group VII: Kciser, Shady Grove. Dyess. Temporary chairman, Mr >C. M. Dial. Group VIII: Wilson. Marie, Shawnec,. Warden, Pecan Point, Whitton, Nortenn. Temirorary chairman, ,\fr. Carl Bird. fcricg from arthritis the past few days, was released Irom Campbell's clinic In Memphis, He has resumed his duties as mail carrier on route two leading from Manila. Mrs. John R. Cowan Ls planning leaving for Boulder City. Nov.. ss meeting of the ' ulf -«l»y "iBht, elected president to succeed Russell Pan retiring president. Joe McClurc, formerly secretary of (he organization was elected vice-president, and Clarence Johnson, treasurer and SlmrliHi hostess honors mid re- (•(.-ii'ini! with Mrs. Jiu:obs *ere Mrs A. K. Tdiford, Mrs. J. l,. Williinns. Mrs. Nntliui) Wclnucrg, Mrs I, W Winters, Mrs. K. M. Welcher. Mrs' Harold B. Tillmnn, Mis. p )•; 'i'oinpklns, Mrs. Coy K. Hcllm, Mrs. li. E. Moori! and Mrs. liriice Ivy. The Interior of n u > n v ,i c i, colonial home, attractive wiiii the wide central stairway, hami palmed life-sized portraits: of Mrs. Jacobs fiimlly, and many interest.-' iiiB objecls of art und laic volumes by Colonel und MIS Jacobs in their travels, was detor- ntcd with baskets ami of roses, Iris and tulips from the Jacobs Burdens. Among the numbers ijlvcti by Osccoln musicians and writers during the day were vocal iilo selections by the Progressive Club Trio composed of Airs. M. K. Mc- Ucariniin. Mrs. E. \V. Packard and Mrs. O. Hnrwill linnks; ptnno numbers by Mrs. D. a. WorU ntul Mis. Lester M Hicklord; Ciinie Jacobs nond's "His Lullaby" .SIIDK by Mrs. John W. Edrlnglon; and the oiiginal jioem of Mrs. Jacobs entitled "Gentle Pioneer" read by herself. The poem recently won the first place in n national contest conducted by Mrs. Anhu Drown iU Hockefcllcf Center. The Biylheville Trio composed of Mrs. Kussell Fair, Mrs. I'mij i, Tiplon and Mrs. Gi'orne M. Lee clellehtcd the Ei'onp \viih six mmi- burs during Ihe day. Mrs S s Sternbcrg read "Come Up a child With Me". Most appropriate lo the spirit of the day were the original compositions played and stma by Mrs. Jeff Hall of Helena; they were "for It's Too Late", "Everybody Hns Somebody", and -your or where she , „. .,„ She graduated last Thursday the join her husband, from Bell City high school and spending a few days in Manila visiU inff Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Cowan. Jo Ai:n Rosenberg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rosenberg, of Manila, has graduated from Die Hornersvillc, Mo., high school. Miss was an honor student. Rosenberg Iherc. Tommy Moore spent the past few days in Poplar Bluff visiting Miami Mrs. Pop Hurley. Nat wise of Memphis spent Wednesday in Manila on business. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Alston and _li Nelson of the club. secretary N'cw Officers Clioson. Vera Elizabeth Goodrich was elected presidenl of the Nalioiial Honor Society of (ho high .school at a meeting this past week. She succeeds Kathleen Ashley. Mary Lynn Jackson takes over the secretarial position lefl vacant by Eulopin Whilworlh. * s % Observe Music Week. In the final assembly program observing National Music Week several student.'; of Central, Junior and Senior high school participated Wednesday. High school students taking part m ihe program were Ruth Head, who sang Homburg's "will You Kcincmbcr" and Alice Blue Gown" and Alexia Williams, who played "Minuet, In G" by Faderewski. sextclte sang st Church In her home for were In u Arkansas County fodiM-allon honor uiiosi.;. Mrs. HankN former president, of iho Tills Irdmitlon him (hif'dlsilnc- lion of lieliii; tho liui;<\sl county iMtrrflilon in die world with over ItlOO tni'iiilji'is. Mrs. cluili .Smllli of J»ni'il;oro. also 11 pnsl pii'stdi'iit of tills group, Hindi- ih<> hi], wllh Mrs. llnnk.s. 'i'lii- Itcv. Paul (inllowiiy, Mr. and Mrs. ci. Ilunsiii luniks, Kleve <l. II. Soui'nvi's /(iiJph mid Mrs , , drove to Joiieslioio Thursday for mm m,i,-'i.. i— "" ,"" "s""" 11"' uoithoist Arkansas district » i lily business mecti,,, ,,,,d ,l,,.ss conference af Mcthodisi churcl'es romposi'd of thirty . A. 1'. C»iisc.oe for president and Mrs. Lildlln Cox n.s secretary. Mrs. I). TMliiinn «'rclll|{ ill Mrs. i)«.|,,),i 11. In Cullfornls tor th asstilnht II' IllBCIICl! 1)1 iivmxl, who (s .'.'I'.-ISOIl. Mi's, «i«K'd lU'i'oiMpunlt'd l;y Mrs. Urnc'ki-n, Mississippi Counly hbunlan, who went to nl- li'iid to business of the library. Hmtni'H Wilson, jr., ijrokn a lln- Itfi 1 while playliiB snlttali nils week. of Ivi- Hub I'.li-cls Ofllocis Jolui w. Kdilni;lon was PH'sldnit of the Osfeoln 'ssive club m their Ihial K: ot iho year hi tlic Mutli- »u CliaiK-1 Tuesday iiflernoon. Olii>sen to serve with her urn Mrs. ]•;. \v. j'aekard, vlcc-iirrsldrHf JJIS^V: cf-' 1 ;^«n« *<•-. ctinj MIS. u, c. Davidson, trais-1 limbs, urer; Mrs. Talmiuluc Ton t ;iiie, cor- The d w «•«•• rrspmuiln.; socrdary; „„„ Mrs, O,' erhm, v ll, ,', •^I'liiiives, parllu me - ' '•I'VE for a Liltle Warren Welnliorn. so Mr. and Mrs. Niithan Welnbeii;, «ntl Nmtcy and Je'iin Clnil Wc'll- born, daiiKlitcit; of Mr and Mrs. Cm-ii.s Wcllljoni, are being Riven the antl-rnble.s tiralment, this wcfk iiiul inti. Wurri'ii was blllcn on Hie Hi! by ||ii> do« while pJny. Ini! witn UK; Winiborn I'hIHIren, It mild not be dcti'rmlinxl di'll- ulli'ly whether the ulrls wen; bitten but tliey wi'ie tri-atod oil account of some scratches on Ihflr In n I, o no .ircv A L -,'',> I Mi" H "' 'ho in (nkcn lo tho vol- I" Wilson whi'i'u twn-year analysis was made ol the head. ;<ll txl 7 l " llon '"'" 1 , P'""'r*. , <1 *' rallt> " '"' Ml ' s - W. W. l-rewlli and infant »'>. William Wnlhan 1'rewlu, m l>re ^'o^la home Horn the M* l- erved; as president, of the Mississippi Counly Federation of clubs lor (hire years, president of Die Forest City District for Iwo years' cliainiinu of c-lub extension In the 1-Ydcialloii under ihe ^ ,. "^' nil- iltul|Jll, I'm,, MK - &• ". Mnnn of I'-orrcsl and Mrs. R. proved, Aiillnir c, Wilson of |,it(l c Hock wns the giicsl. of MISS Wllimi rot- ter two days Ihls week. Mr. mid Mrs. Mnx li, Jones of Tampa, Flu., WHK Ihe Bucst ol Mr H. . Jonos Wednesday Own Buck Yn ird." Mrs. Hull ended llic day's program by signing oil n Eddie Cantor style, "Let's Make v Date for Anolher Time", and firoup singing of "Arkansas." EnlerlaluinB speech numbers were Edna SI. Vincent Mlllay'.s "Two Slalicrns of Ihc King" read iy Mrs. Alien King of w cs i M em >]>is; "The Fine Arts" written by A. Guest nnd read by Mrs W. O. Dinning of Helena; and Unoriginal poem wrillcn hy Mrs. John W. 'Edring'lon cnlitlecl "Jospphine" a Iribute lo Mrs. P. p. Jacobs. A Idler was read from Mrs i lcrs Grace Morrison Reynolds of Pa- * • ducah, Ky., calling attention lo ihe Son Hum .scholarship offered to some uhlj Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Faulkner early Monday morning nt, Club for tlm.'o ycars. Mrs. JOUPS presented cor- snut'.s lo Mrs. D. It, Weil-/,, retiiim: president and to Mrs. K<lrin K loii ") n Onrliig the business session con- ' CmiSCOt League To tluclcd by Mrs. Wortv. u, 0 club dues ' were raised lo Ihree,. dollars per ye«r. Tlils was furmcrly the amount of dues but during the depression! ^""'''"KRSVILLK, Mo., Mny H lowered lo livo dollars Mrs Susie ~ P ''cnii.wol County Baseball Kciser was nmde nn lianm-nn-! t 1 ' 11 "" 6 wl " "I" 1 " ILs IS« season on it month's visit lo relatives in Memphis anil llrnnswlck. Tcnn. Open Season Sunday Mrs. Slaylon Iloslcss Mrs, J. w. Slayton of Joiner was hostess to several guests for a covered dish luncheon al her home In Joiner FYutuy honoring Mrs Juliet llflJIiKjsicy of Ultln Hock' worthy grand matron of Arkansas Grand Chnpler Order of Eastern Star, who Is in the counly ,m,kln ( ; her ollicial visits'lo the local chap-' son, H. D. Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. " ...„ „„_ 0 E. P. Alston spenl a few tlays in '" rll ° Night Has a Thousand Byes" "" ~ »'«! "What Can the Matter Be" and Hilma Johnslin sang "My Johann" by Edvard Grieg. Benny Johnson of Central school played Iwo piano selections "The Distant Bciis" and "Peasant. Dance." Johnny Poxx concluded the program by-playing "Country Gar Trimble, Tenn., visiting friends and relatives. Mrs. Ansel Bunch, who has been he guest of her mother, M rs . Grace \lclntosh for Ihe past three weeks returned l-'riday to her home in De- roit. Claude Garr of Hatcher spent Mrs. O. L. Robin.'soii of Baric talked to Ihu group of her recent trip lo Washington, D. c, accompanied by lilllc Blllic Hill, 12-y.cnr- ) old boy of Dyess Colony who has become a protege of Mrs. Robinson. Luncheon was served in the outdoor living room in the rear ol (lie Jacobs home. Visitors from over the district were Mrs. W. G. Dinning. Mrs p U Raw, Mra. Allen. Cox and Mrs Smith of Helena; Mrs. W. R Boney of Stamps, Mrs. C. E. Crlgger, Mrs S. S. Sternberg, Mrs. Tlpton, Mrs Farr and Mrs. I,ee of Hlythcvlllc- Mrs. O. L. Robinson of Enrlc, Mrs O. H. llundliauscn nnd Mrs Allcii King of West Memphis. Mrs K l, Wednesday here visltirg his moth <lcns " b - v Gral »S" n »<l "March of er. Mrs. Gladys Jolliff. ' "'" ""-"''"•' =-'•"-•-" Harold Colemnn is spending two Manila Society—Personal Miss Anne- Almcda Berry, daujh- ler of Mr. and Mrs. Villnrd Berry of Manila, will receive her Bachelor of Science degree from Arkansas State College, Jonesboro, on May 13. Miss Berry is an active member of the Pi Omega Pi, Women's Ath- lelic. Association, Press Club. YWCA and Dramatics. She received her high school diploma from Ihe Manila Srhool District 15 in 1M7. She was an honor student throughout her tour years in high school. ... u| n.., vllIL g HM, vcefcs in Memphis with his father J. E. Coleman. Mrs. Jim Rose of Poplar Corner Ls reported lo liave a badly infected ami (hie to a spicier bite. Miss Mona Pay Bacone left .Sunday lo spend the summer with her molher, Mrs. Harold Smith. -\fiss Una Joyce Joliff is reporlecl ill at her home. !V!r. and Mrs. William Byrd and family moved IhK week lo Memphis where lliey «'ill make their home in Ihe future. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Ross of SI Louis spent llic week here visilint. relatives. Mre. Ross is Ihe former Miss Daily Honey. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fox have as (heir guest this week, Mrs. FOX'S sister, Miss Mary Fuller of Fredonia Ky. the Wooden Soldiers." 1'rcsenl Music Program. In observance of national mn.sic week, a special series of vocal selections was given by several Bly- Welhoiilst Hospllal In the Memphis. Rilcy guest. of Olcndale, Cal. Iheville women and William Bes- class of Ihe Manila surprised Mrs. Ada The Junior 'high school _... „.. Boweii Sanderson with a beautiful handkerchief bouquet Tuesday afternoon nt one o'clock in the senior room. The bouquet held an assortment of many lovely handkerchiefs which made the different colors. Thelka stecle presented the gift to Mrs. Sanderson and expressed Ihe appreciation of the Juniors for her interest, > • • • Dnnucl Guymon, who lias leen working for the past few days In Bald Knob, returned to Manila this Mrs. Vera Adanw left Monday Funeral Riies Held For Olree Infant Funeral services will be held llils afternoon, 2:30 o'clock, at Cobb Funeral Home for Thomas Wavnc Olree, who died Thursday night al. Walls Hospllal from a complication of diseases. The three months old baby was the only child of Mr, and Mrs T. E. Olree. 210 Cherry street. Mrs.' Olree was Ihc former Miss Glcnyce Bennett. The RCV. W. J. Lenoy, former pastor of Lake Slrect Methodist Church, will comlucl the riles assisted by Ihe Rev. p. M s ^. c ^ paslor of Lake Street church, with burial In Maple Grove Cetnelery. A variable-pitch far. was veloped recently for trucks „„„ buses and Is reported to achieve a noticeable saving in fuel The blades are controlled by a thermostat, sensitive to engine temperatures. de and wick, in -assembly Monday. The pieces, ranging from semi- classical to humorous were: "Old jMnn River," William Bewick- Hero", Mrs. H. J. Kleindienst; "Allah's Holiday," Mrs. Russell Farr, Mrs. Paul L. Tipton, Mrs. George M. Lee; You Remember," from "Mas-time", Mrs. Ralph Bcr- ryman. To Show Mechanical Hoe And Cultivator The first public demonstration in this part, of the counlry of Ihc Wilson Mechanical Hoc and Cultivator will be in Wilson Monday afternoon at lira o'clock. J. W. Wilson, of Memphis, Inventor of Die hoc and cultivator, has worked for 17 years on Ihis' mechanism. Although not yet on the market, he has had several orders for his invention, H is said. Anyone Interested, in seeing ihe demonstration is Invllctj to altend. H will be on the S. C. Brandon place. Eastern Slar Has Mother's Day Program All past Electras of Hie Osceola chapter, Order of Eastern Slar were special giicsl* of honor at ihe stated meeting nnd Mother's Dav addenda in Ihe Masonic rooms here Tuesday night. The gtiesls of honor who \verc Introduced and escorted lo ihe East, and presented roses included I Mrs. Luln Siiiilli, Mis. Juaniia Frizier, Mrs. Mona Moore Mrs Doan Stephens, Mrs. Huth Douglns' Mrs. Sarah Miller, Mrs. Utlio Wilson, Mrs. Nelln Glltrsplc, Mrs Cora Chiles, Mrs. Edna Horton, Mrs Floy Thamason, Mrs. Alice Hatcher fn the program B cd' by Mrs. T. E. Schooler, worthy matron s l lie Imby weighed seven and onc- lialf poimds and has been named Nathan Block l-'atilkncr III In honor of his father and of hi' grnndfnlhcr, N. n. Faulkner of Wynne. Speaks a I l'n!i-r:ilioji Mrs. G. Hartsill Hunks was In fatiilluart, Friday where she wns pniici]inl speaker at. Iho met-llng of the Arkansas Counly Fcderallon of Womc-ns O'lubs af si. ctiarles The special occasion was In celebration of Hie fiftieth anniversary of the Federation of Womcns Clubs und all former presidents nf the •I. nnd tlu> season ends Sunday, Sept. 1. First, and second half winners will play for lhu icnguc championship. (|| [C (. out of five BBIIIOS. after the sranon is ended Each leum will piny III gmncs In all, al home every oilier Sunday U-HBiif! dlreclors will meet Ihls wcnk end and elect n club presl- drnl, draft. i>layinn rules, and de- cldu on regularly appointed ienBiit imiphos. Half Moon New* \V. M. S. Mri-ls The Woman's MKslotinry widely nt tl»> Methodist cliurcli met Tuesday ivllli Mrs. n. c. IJiick lo honor Mrs. Arthur I'ljiici- with a shower. After vinjous names were played. tin' hostess si'ivt-d .wuidwlcbt'.s vvllh locd (i-u. r f » Tho cnmllllnn of Leslie I'ceplw who has n'lurnod from the Jloone- vlllo sunlloiliim whore he went for t'xiimlnnLloii. j s V try good. Mr. and Mrs. llcrsrhel Alnxnmlra nnd clilldicn sponi Sunday in Mo. (liny :ind family of West I'Mliis, Mo., .spent the week end will) Mr. Cray's umllicr, Mrs, T Alexandra. Mi. inn! Mrs. John Duck »ml family mid Mr. and Mrs. Lnu mul family of Si'lmth, Mo Bili'sts of Mr. nnd Mrs. II c Buck Sunday. Mr>. Uoynl Humid.'; visited her mother, Mrs. ,1. |. Gaincs 'Iliesday Tlip Kov. Mr. Hood was tl , ( , nidny (.nest of Mr, and Mrs. N J lone.s, Hi'lly .h'aii Dliuikrmlilu. of Mo- ii'llc, Is vlsliln,, hor brother here .his wci-k, Severn! of Iho ..eliiiol student' •'Isitl-d In I hi! Ul-ll slilHX)] 'HlCS. luy, Driver drove I\ewn Mrs. Ola dump and children spent, the wei'k ond with hor mint Mrs. Anion Miller, mid family of Mlbourn, Mo. Mr. nnd Mr«. Genii Wndklns. of llurdeUe. sponl ihi. week fll( i w m. Ills brother, o. I', Wndklns, nnd family. Mi.s. Alton H. Collliw is 111 at, lu.'v home tliU week. PAGR.THKEK Dredge Worker Cuts Fing«r Severely Kail !/nvery, 25-year-old con- sirucllon company employe, cut a IJIIKW severely while working on a dredge machine lasl night. Given t-mernency Ireitmenl nl ntyllK'vllle Hospital, he was later removed to hts dime, 405 North Plflli .street, | mid will tv; give- a tetanus shot this afternoon. " . - • The avenge reliill price paid lor neiv cars pnrclniscd 1111111)1! 10:i'J was $852. A million dollnrs worth of dia- inor.<U Is used yearly by atHomo- blle makers for boring, <lrlll|'ii! nnd tlnlshlng aulo parb COTTON CHOPPING HOES Diamond Kdj/e Qua] WciilhtT iiiid Vermin IVoof- t'tl Handles li, 7 nnd 8 inch, c;ic!i 490 Clt«i|)cr l>y (he <lo/cn HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. I'hoiit' ,')2 Vuriuly and Vultics WANTED To Kuy Your Left Over COTTON AND BEANS PLANTING SEED R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. Itlythcville Gositell CHARCOAL 13roiled Steaks Small Half Tender with CAc fried pofalws and slaw <5" T-IiONE 7ij c HOTEL NOBLE STONEVILLE 2B COTTON SEED '''• THIS «M r SELF THIS QUICK MATURING, ttlG HOLT, n «iiA» 1NG COTT ON AND HELP YOUR- O "MOR E D QLLARS PER ACRE." Wfc HAVE A LIMITED SUPPLY— S3.QQ PRR HUNDRED _ Kauell Birtum's Ptont 273 RED TOP GIN K«tii ei NOW! Get New Life & Economy FOR Ford V-8 Cars & Trucks Only $19.85 f()I 'Motor Special' GUARANTEED 10,000 MILES To reduce excessive oil con- sumpllon, and ( 0 Power, nccclcrallon and sinnolhh pcrfnnji.nicc, MC will inslall in Ford V-8 engines the new Ford Slccl Srclinn ''islon Kings, New licariiiRS atirt Tune Mnlnr for only $IQ.K5 for the complete jnii fricliKlintr all p.iils, Inlior and molor nil—S10 lo $15 licloiv regular price—and giwranlcc Ihc motor lo run good and not use excessive- molor nil for 10,000 miles. Sec Us Now—Hcnew Your Ford Phillips Motor Co. 2 DAYS ONLY SAT. SUN. MAY 1112 I'KICKS ARK Ul>, Kiri' KUY AT iMO's RliCORI) LOW EXTRA FREE 4 OIL COUPONS Each good (or I quart 2,OOQ mile MARCO-PENN with the additional 5 Gallon purchase of gas after Sunday. ETHYL 11 TAX Premium Regular Al.f, TAX ['AID White Gas BRING YOUR HARREI,S KEROSENE 8c RETAIL 5k 5 Gal. Kerosene and new5 gallon can IN 30 * GALLON LOTS Tel. 8IO Walnut & 5th SPECIAL $1.25 TO Sl.iifl VALUK mm FOR MARTINOILCO No doubt about Martin's Qunlity 1 Rlock North Stop Light, Stcele, Mo.

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