The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on August 20, 1980 · Page 25
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 25

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1980
Page 25
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laaJBeAV- at ..- r PAGE 26 . $()l)TIIEK BOOGIE FOR 16.000 11O0SIEHS THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR -WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 1980 Daniels Band Leads Nominees Marshall Tucker Band Still Rambling By PAT MORRISON An enthusiastic crowd of about 16.000 persons took a trip to the land of cowboys and lonesome love songs Tuesday night courtesy of the Marshall Tucker Band. The pride of Spartanburg. S C. proved why it is one of the most popular performing groups among Indianapolis con-certgoers with a standout performance at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Stepping on stage to a standing. Stomping, clapping and cheering throng of near-capacity, the six-man band cranked through more than 90 minutes of sizzling Southern boogie and left the stage with the same thundering ovations still ringing from the outdoor arena. WHAT MADE the band's performance so good was hard to single out. It could have been Toy Caldwell's incredible picking on lead guitar, or Jerry Eubanks whining saxophone and haunting flute solos, or Doug Gray's full-bodied vocals; all were outstanding. But it was probably the combination of all those things, plus the precision drumming of Paul Riddle and the steady rhythym work of George McCorkle and Franklin Wilkie which produced the highly polished show Caldwell, who lost brother Tommy sfjPJIT"- 47 r M .. 1. II .1 M 1 MARSHALL TUCKER BAND Caldwell this year in an automobile accident, was simply amazing on various nimble-fingered solos throughout the show Particularly effective was his playing on "Take the Highway." in which, Caldwell would rip off a string of quickly-picked notes and drummer Paul Riddle would answer with machine-gun like drumming TO ITS CREDIT, Mashall Tucker was able to introduce new material from its "Tenth" album early in the show without losing the crowd. The new songs, "It Takes Time," "On The Cattle Drive," and "See You One More Time" were well-done and indicate the band's sound has not changed. Unlike many other bands, the Spartanburg group came on stage and played driving, steady music for the entire concert, using only three scenic backdrops during the show as visual aids. , The scenes started off with the white stallion head depicted on the cover of the "Running Like The Wind" album as the band played the title track The scene was switched to the Marshall Tucker logo as the new material was introduced and then a western scene featuring rocky buttes was featured as the band began "Take The Highway." And for the fans who came for the old songs, the Tucker boys delivered there, too. Following the introduction of the new material, the band ran through "Heard It In A Love Song," "Ramblin" On My Mind," "Fire On The Mountain," and "Hiding In The Desert Skies." . Toy Caldwell then made his only mention of his brother during the show, commenting that "Tommy" would have wanted the band to play on. That interlude led into the show-stopping "24 Hours At A Time," which the band has turned into a concert classic. After a thundering ovation. Marshall Tucker returned and played the haunting "Can't You See." And, as with any good performance the time the band spent on stage went all too quickly. Nashville. Tenn. (AP) The Charlie Daniels Band was chosen Monday as a finalist in five categories of the annual Country Music Association awards competition. The 4.900-member association also selected Kenny Rogers and Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers Band as finalists in four of its categories. The association named The Charlie Daniels Band as, a finalist for its top award, entertainer of the year. In addition, the band is in competition for the organization's awards as group of the year and top instrumental group. Its hit song "In America" puts the band in the running for the association's awards for single of the year and best written song. THE ASSOCIATION is slated to am nounce the winners in a nationally televised awards show on Oct. 13 at the Grand Ole Opry House. Finalists by category are as follows: frrtrtlrr: TtW Chant Dental Ml lerrv Gt-Hn and fha GetlM Iranian Bend; Barbara MaaVaii, Willia NalMfi, and Kenny Beeer. Mala vacalttt: J aha Cenleo, OoeiB Jaa. Willi. Nelaen. Kannv Revara, Dan William. Famala vacant!: Crrtlal Gavle. fmmirlaM Harris. Lerette Lynn. Barbara Mendreu. Anna Murray. Steele: "AM Hw Gala in Celrlarnie." Larry OaflM ana tha Oallin Brethor Maaj "Cewerd a ha C aunty." (Canny lim; "Oeed on San Lle Ma,' Dan William "Ha Sfoeeed Levtne Mar Tedey. Geeree Janet; "In America." Chan la oanial and Alavm: "Ceel Mlnar' Doudhter," eriolnol aeundtreck from ma mavtai 'Mint Gaad Ot' Bey. Mae Bandy and Joa Stamelevt "Kannv," Kannv Beo-art, "Rata In tha Snow," Emmvlaai Harriet "Tner i a Llttl Bit el Han in Ma." Charley Pride. Sena (neneriaa eenowrlterl: "Coward ad ha-Ceenty," Booer Bewllnl end Illy Bdd Wlteelen "Gaad Ola Bay Like Me." Bab McDHI; "He teed Levied Her Tedev." Babbv Breddect and Curly Jut-mam "In America," Charle Havward. William On-: reoerl, CnarlM Denial, John T ho ma i cram. Fred dmard and Jema Manned i "Veu Decereteel My Ltfe." tubal Hun and Bab Mai t lien. rave: Alabama! the Charlie Daniel Bandi Larry Oatlln and the Gatlin B rather Beadi Ma Oak av. and the Itetler B rather. Due: Conway Twlttv and Lbratl Lynni Gen a Jena and Tammy Wynettei Mm Be Brawn an Helen Cerneliu Jebnnv Duncan and Jama Prlckdj naee andv and Jaa Stemaley. . Instrumental eraanv Alabama ; Aiteae atme Wftoali the Charlie Daniel Band; Larry Gatlin bad the Gaum rather Band; me Oak Ridee Bays and. Instramentallstt Chat Atkina, Rev Clork. Plbvd Cramer, jenmy OlmM. and Char-lie McCar. London's Longest-Running Musical To Close By ANDREW WARSHAW London 1AP1 "Jesus Christ Superstar," the musical whose worldw ide success surprised even its two young British creators, finally comes to a close in London's West End after a money-spinning run of eight years. The show will end Saturday at the Palace Theater after 3,357 performances, making it the longest-running musical ever on the London stage. "In theory. I suppose we could have let it run for another five years," said the show's lyricist, Tim Rice. "BUT AFTER A while, you don't score many points for running indefinitely." he said in an interview. "Be sides, last winter the show had a rough time by its own standards," with too many empty seats Because of a contract between the Palace Theater and the Robert Stigwood Organization, the show's producers, "Superstar" could not play elsewhere in the British Isles as long as it remained at the Palace. "We have been inundated with requests over the years," Rice said from his home outside the university town of Oxford. "We felt we just had to take the show into the provinces where it will gain a whole new audience." An extensive British tour is planned for next March. THE SHOW FIRST opened on Broadway, then was launched in London on Aug 9. 1972. When Rice was just 27 years old and the composer, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, three years younger. Since then it has grossed more than $237 million worldwide. Only one other musical has run longer in London "The Black and White Minstrel Show," which opened in 1962' and ran for 10 years. But as Rice pointed out. that was a revue, not a dramatic musical. " "Superstar" has a definite plot." he stressed Two million people have seen it in London alone, and box-office takings total more than $16.6 million. News of the closing has brought a surge in bookings. "Superstar" has been translated into 11 languages and performed in 22 countries. Its success is all the more remarkable because of the trouble Rice and Lloyd-Webber had selling the original idea., IMPRESSARIOS WERE nervous about such a grandiose production with a religious subject. Rice explained. In the end, the show's popularity and acceptance by Roman Catholics and other denominations went well beyond Rice's expectations. Rice would not disclose how much he has earned in royalties, other than saying the income "could not keep me going indefinitely." BTARTt 00 Ail-. AAA $3 00. Ovtsren tl 00 NOW THtU THUtS.. AUG. lit 'THE ISLAND" T 0 OO J BATED (B) ioooofeo BAtOAIrl HUTIN1I lit SHOW 1:00, 4:10, 740, :30 lABOAIN MAT1NH lit SHOW 1:00. 4:10, 7:00, eAgQAIN MATINH let SHOW EXCLUSIVE FIRST CITY SHOWING . - r .A ADMISSION: ADULTS 2.75 CHILDREN 1 .50 BARGAIN MAT. 1 st SHOW ADULTS 2.00 W BANANAS TtCnMTMM' AT 13, 1 4, 4, 1 90 Mm N on Slate Rd if and Jet U "CHEECH a CHOWS NEXT MOVIE IH) LUt: THE GONG SHOW MOvir H 10 WIN FROM OOWNTOWN a) r (oumveat (Kentucky Ae at TlMall NO PASSES THIS ENG. DOLLAR NITE $1 PER PERSON BEYOND EVILiri DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE in I 100. 4:10, 7:00, J0 I f P -THE FINAL Wcr c,,ers $ j g q" i 1 wwr"""""1 I' C0UNTD0WI I tTTHIDOlUIMQVIH I tH only7tHHpctUrTl AlUhj 7" I I now showing! rinii , i V7j.r mi i . ir .-m. , ri J fCZSZXa I 1:30.4:00,7:15,9:30 VtV Ii-HVitti!r-il lljaUiiUl -rsMb-r! S:!p.i,:--L,vvy;,: V heropge- I 5:30,7:20,9:15 4 14 iH '"" " )"... f JO nmmmmnMMwmmma ti so iiht show dailt i j-l.i 21 ' Jr--: ""SaTjtT ffly v fcSTZfpG NOW SHOWING AT THESE THEATRES lirm'Av!...RTigffrfr! Im. eaa iaaaenj I f BARGAIN MATINttS ! I CMI Mlne' D9n,r ", M, - ,, - , - , , t lj II I I .-1 1 1 : ' 1 1 ' 1 1-'. '. '1 1 1 '. I I a rNTASY. a uusical. 'st show ONLY J ! 7:00,9:30 I X, kUil LJ.. II VmiihUf I .iS. A PlACC nff I ' . aa-ejareaeaBaBBaaapaL F , M$mamfm9WmfW'"' BaaaaanaaVaWayaaaaaaaaanaal mmmdMLuMtlit lITl4 iipraF riMLJEsaia z, w.w.viv.v . , cifc3.i'! -a-, .- ,V'",,vo I .CrT,:;,' rHjlI black witm &V,H'M'f','i'' chucknorris karencarlson leevancleef " rHissntMMM 'Vja 7:00,9:00 .11 .ireitir,, ir "THE OCTAGON" ( chhdChonr.rr if Coal Miner's Daughter (PG) n M I !IH!TT1 TUViiitM??'! .rihinoi. caroi B.r,nArjiBiAN aaaaaeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar ftgmmmmmiymmT ,..JZ?ZJiZ?, . . ,Ju..r. T'Tn lorv by PAUl AARON and 1E1GM CHAPMAN . Pioducrri by JOtL f REE MAN - LL IW"m "AWPLANtr ""J BLACK HOLE (PG) ' e... ' f yL ' Ercuiiv Producers MiCHAil LEONE and Alan BELK'N .ira.fcil77 iRV'lWiffl Coal Miner's Daughter (PG) ' ZZ ' 1 ...TT ' " 1:1s, JUS. txlS, 1.16. 1.1 5L Lf " 7:30.9:55 uwfwurini IMA uilf'TTI T11 W! lit 1 MfU'J,,,l', I h'i I X-Tj V r:i, o-e ) ,MkHii. STARTS I WiWn''-r..... UWiM lMKf V ""T" 'l.ynr , , nir::a ZST FRIDAY!! JJoaUmoo 1 l Coal Miner's Daughter (PG) - .. 'fe . f n. ,1 7:00,9:30 "CLOU EaCOumu Of I HH'iV.M 1 ll IT Irfllf J, I flnTTdl H m I yQ, ''V ' jJlJLp-i I HO I M. tOOO I H.4I. 7 1141 : 1 . . . j . ' oo 9 oo j V PLUS ADDED Hi .IT. Hi 'I I I Coal Miner's Daughter (PG) j fT'lj Mt'E3 XjJtW a J, tU JN HIT AT DRIVE-INS IZZtSSESZl STAR-NEWS Quick-Action WUT IDS Gtt Fast Risults 7:30,9:55 Vtw7cill i Z'' I .1 . . . M ! Willi MHR ItLIIL . HllllMIMIJI MM IWMrlMeMnMMtmMriW Hf Tea" ftfnOUtt T tnV "'MI1WMMMMMM"MM'MM"MMMM,M"'',MW 1fijlT' 1 V'S.'v-g' J 1 t o, ?.,0?""?. j STR RfW$ Quick-Action WANT ADS Get F..I Rtsulh K ? i'&'t-.fe XJtii fm? fAiV Wl'J I "Twuueustorm n. n vamr m " i1 iV- - A . 1! v (, , -V"; Hilarious . Ss, tS?T '- " . "Outrageous yvVfT, . SXCKT 'y wackily Irreverent: W' ( -: :', -'' :v: ";.:r " ' ' y fjjT' n v? 1 1 1!'" 3 'w " r-l-ni'-' n,,,,-IWU , ...ra. , , , 7 - lOOIMA .-n Ltli AAADVIM MARK HAMIU - 1AMUC1 FUILT K1 'THC BK. CONE ' JtT i i S' ' I AOriiVT (AJtltAIMNE BOBST W(o UrWen UiamcCBjUKM ITEPHANl UltHIAN iS )X--V '"LST I I I starts i int. i Kiisgrga u y Aoiviio Kwy 67 Southwvtl (Kerttuchy mtltfi South of MoOfMvUt - THE SHINING ir) CARNIEim AftJijr.MJ.nunn etin From 1-46 Spwy -Ctrrmnnt Ei on Stale n m Ml-tooO Sen HcOaan "THE HUNTER" (To) Ok EaeMooo "Escape From Alcatraz" noi C on u S 40 at Cumrf larva 094-7639 Km Douqias KAffwrtna Rom A Martin ShrwrvFtrsI Run "Final Countdown" po jorr iHrnr-An A,rtw Hero At Large" ( On Mit Nortti o Noa On Vttt'd Bvd lOKl Rd 411) NO PASSES THIS ENG. CHEECH & CH0NG m THE GONG SHOWw IJJ-"-!l-'-'-'IJ1" aa 421 3000 MMttrn-Whft I Of 'OD SOUin Kurat EAST-NO PASSES THIS ENG. : CHEECH & CHONGim, THE GONG SHOW, , HUNTER : BEYOND EVIL m) S onUS He, 31081-3100 BOX OfTKf OWNS AT 710 CHEECH & CHONG ; im 10 oo GONG SHOW MOVIE mut,-WHICH WAY IS UP?()ii : iimiii.'ii'ii'.Mfi, iSUi m Sne.mar, Or &4S-26aa BOX OFFTCt OKnS AT 7 3B Beyond Evil Don't Go In The House 111 The Demon m ii: SHCnAAN2 IMAGE OF BRUCE LEE (R) 1020 FIST OF FURY wb jo TNT JACKSON mum Rd and Pol Rd M7-0401 AIRPLANE (kjiijo t HEAVEN CAN WAIT, ,010 4000 N Gtownnd e Lai Ad 74 Pwram Same As Srvsleianrj Bmjw 2MJO N Shaoctana 3Sfe-19O0 Snrtw LM HOTS' "H.0.T.S-" (1 11 46 PM, AfMr cJt CU . . "Summer Camp,, ) i m pn Gnga s On To itynetheng Bog 'Girts Are For Loving" m (1130 PM) Adutts SO Crld Under 1? Fre At AbpiKB ?PT Outmrx TvHs steve McQueen -THE HUNTER"(poi At 8 15 PV " 30 PMi T Arrrs Ol lt rf-TONlTE Twy f Out To Gat t MrWiors -THE WARRIORS" m no pmi Sm CotttwM Show As UH As 10 PM Arts fc. Owrt Urrte 12 .4.b S Mard"gfcat(Rd 3?l 786-1100 COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER !) -LITTLE MISS MARKER (pg CAffTOO FOB THE KOOIES IIIM.I.I.H.IU.MI 40 S Trbes Ava 24J-3737 BOX OFFtCf OPENS AT 7 30 CHEECH & CHONG IB! 1015 UP IN SMOKE m a WHICH WAY IS UP? (R) 11 HOW TOSC0RE WITH THE GIRLS (ribm SURFER GIRLS m . . LINDA LOVELACE FOR PRESIDENT im 1110 TIBBS - Beyond Evil to. D0NT GO IN THE HOUSE THE DEMON. m 11 - t 00 A CARLOAD At TIBBT J ONL MDIANA S UNI Si AND -RittOLItST fttOO wrt lOlh Sir Eat trt ott mteretata eA4 PelOCHAM INfORMATION 244-1632 "Coal Miner's Daughter" o Julie Antlrem WatatrlaaltraMi "Little Miss Marker" rrat 9000 S UernlianlRd 13al MIOM BEYOND EVIL rm DONT GO IN THE HOUSE m DEMON if, FREE $25 GROCERY . DRAWING ATTEND A DRIVE-IN MOVIE TONIGHT THURSDAY AUGUST 2 1 si WRIST BAND DAY AT THE INDIANA STATE FAIR In Cooperation with Gooding's Million Dollar Midways Q-DAY.S MIDWAY' PURCHASE A . $ WRIST BAND FOR .M. And Ride All Rides Opening to Closing Includes Adults & Children t, 1:15, 5:30, 7:46, I0 MS. 1:15, 5:15, M5. I5 I II 'TIL CLOSING

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