Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1939
Page 5
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), insfl Pictorial Proof Thar~AlTls~Not Quiet on HOPE OTA R, irOPE, ARKANSAS isn't nlloKctliiT a "iiboii.. war"l.< ( c/c,Mo, l .s<rat,dbv,|, ( , s ;.,,,!;;";^ lion pholoirraph.s. taken on th,. Qer irinn side of (h,. WestcVn Front (•.,,"• non roar. ,.,-,.„( sh( ,|| s ,. x | 0 ,| . |'""l mm f -.s ,,<| f | ,,,,,( ' i , ( »'" >'"me, of ,onrii,,. Wlu-n Iho ,r Iwy ,« S rt elil „,«,„ „„. ()j " Hio war o| u ,,r«ls „„ inlo W ^ W ^, jii-c hnltt-ncs of ),„,,,> ),,,„, S(lp . lk ' ""•I linrl priipaijanda across th,- ri' ver to the French f,,rt-.>s, Irienlifina." Was •"!• «> IN NEW YORK HOSS »«» i:.v (il NKW YOKK fc , ... . ^."i H n: .H.TS.SPJ. -| 9 X'Mtinu'iitiil fiiiislri-, hiis <ii-(li>i-til • hii.-t '"be nuule ,,f J(M! Mm ,,,, „ ' m ] ••'"'iiver.sary of whose death approadi- cs. MMer was.h, Ki,s, 0.,« Man of Hen, all and Je.ssel fwl.s that some tri- j" C ; itS 'r 1 " 1 ; 1 '"' ' 1! ! i(l "' "»»«••• "I" "Id J<"' at least oner daily i,, humble si| wife. f-.o J,,K!i.\ will ;;,.,.!< ,„,( ., ,.,)n.spi ( ..,,"".' place for Mi|l (T 's | n ,. s , ,,„ f , , way where those who'-r pl'ii.j-i •'-i' 'mc'ts 1 "" 1 "" ' Wi " KI> ''"" '"' y ''"'''" '••••"-' | I ln.Vo hern re/;al..,l with .Joe's j<>--N lor yenri;, thanks lo innumerable press I'KtMits who have drawn upon him ;,s reuilarly ,,s hi K h-paid comic.-,- for c,,,i,,s and (|iiirks ihut they then Iran-iHUf'- into pl . a |.|y fn, m ljp s ,, r ( |, ( ,j,. ,.,/ oirts. To them I would recommend that ' <>)<l .I'M-' at least once daily in'limiihle I TIll'l-l'V Alivnys <),„. („ |,- i( ( spooks in'the mail',"Tdorn'ed""in i'h 0 ' ^K'-iib of modernity :,m| u,,,,!),,,) to one who wanl.s- his name in the paper. 1 aoiiu- are nVihlc and .some aren't, but >> w.iy ol a Ivst. tajj almiK with this i il'i.v.x (|iiota: Hi-liny Yonnnmaii is lellini,' uf the ' diaji who w.-dked i,,|.i a Bowei v ; "Ht-r.v and ;H«-<| for ;, menu. "O O n''t '' have Miy tnclay," .-;,jj tin- will" I ' "Wh.vV ,.,,|(e ( | ' |'|, ( . Vlu-nl "Tod"'^" was the reply," ||,,- , ;,in e.-nne 'a,,',| w:i.slied all lhe clialk off the u'in I rli.w. h Then there is one like ||,j s K, 1( >e)) Ljfilif lieliove.v 1, | K ,s a "rL-oop" ,„, what happLMvd to lhe |!,emcn. Judue t-niler chartered it. And the e|>iu,-;,mm.-iiist: Paul Wing an in Wall Street, ifs a wise slock Have Vmi-M'ir an Anecdote The ,,arent of anecdotal humor wa.s old Joe and U K . Pnblieists draw upon i Mim heavily. p ay uttcntion. clas.s- I "lummy Ri UKS W!1S anxiou.s for a quick I >andwich at Reuben's ()„- odu-r morn- ' "K and reqiiesterl. 'Please ,, ot 111L , ., ! fast waiter.' The manager demurred' ! l-tter lake a slow one', he replied f '"' you II- wait too long. Kvervbodv ! wants (|,e fast one." _.0r Willie Howard tells of the bud- ' "Hit! |)lay«'i-i fi },l w | lusc . firs| , lffor , | win- rejected h ya prominent producer who IhoiiKblfiilly enclosed will, ( |, . i manuscript „ nf)U . stntint; his reasons! lor turnuiK it down. 'It's a fairrV uood ' enouyb'"' ' Si ' id ' '' H " "" l C| "" C <k " ; '' V^i""piS m Oid ^If MX carhon copies tleep'!" Before the i lyi.ewnter a«e, old Joe: Miller had i invented a « UK like lhat. | i'Alilf, -,,T.'- The <*i -^ <» W »««s;J r k-;^«rfir;. ••*&». +%im:: f «R.». -^ -•:***•*•: -~J~^Ll llL ' '""''' Il0 '" w " <"•« '»"•'<"•''«' as a land mine : ' -•--.-, _^_ Once More ^ ; l»"-Hm-s nil in the Ci'lombis. on the outskirts of Paris, • , i i ••• • »i. i«i.i Hi tin '' ii" ">i i M\ 11 i.b in i j[iris , »"'»i'Kh Die mail mill. There's i whit-l ' «'i '•'<•<! as a coneentralion camp m-y such as Will Oshorne's. He i for M,me *« CU-rmans ea^h ^^"OU^.'I^ ,, 1 \»f. li« 1: n-( )K. i.. . I.' , , .1 . ... bout | ''Vance at the outbreak of lhe war. has tin. iiiui! ---•"••••• ..n- t.ni.. auout | ' i.iui.-t- ai UK- oiiiureak of ihe war h; - ^n^f ,rcS3 -TOS :,:::= =;^, ;." K €h «: 'r"' ; " ri 7 < ^'^"i^S'^s^ > lovely da-'- c . ,,,,'' V T ."'-''''"r 1 "''' 1 ' fk ' Ms ' is "" w "''''moli.sht.,1." I decided „, walk ' < - M ' 1 " lnu ' 1 ' "«" I °"<- ""»•" ^ .l-d nf )ea.her-,hod ^ himself , 0 , lhn , ,,ow HK-i r./'lInS^'^J!!;;!, '1^ « f .,- announe,. ,/, 0 , f . ' ' has his firs, mtiMK.tion of of armed utside ihe Pales and the stih- f the prisoners ', ' whereabout ,,f Genera! Ooeriiin i , Si' U,.w Down l» loV Mill conver.saiion An almost legendary j,,. n , O 'f ',£,,.„, i ^j!) 1 "- ' w"y nuip is Georye Jean Nalhan wl ,, : Cn-m.m-, v,, re la ken re)•• celebrated for his dy.spej.IJe vi . " 1; "" s " ^"'<->- ^'1,,-u aske.l about it 'I 1 ilH . ll1 " "'«' "i"-M nn'leworlhv and' '" U ' l 'T' 1 " 1 ' 1 ' " l ' fi( ' i ' 11 " !l ' r( ''- v «''''i'BK<'d. ' kl( ";i'vm« plays. Mere's one by w ,v M " ''" ll ' ? ' 1 '' 1 ' " Tlll> '-''ovineex." •*' illustration: a youn K actor wi't'i, i' |H.-.recut,on complex is' eomplain- " ± 1 :'!.'. '!.": h . l> »!!'.'« "- «'»'k fron, i Sill( . vs ,1 i i.-.. Unh loMded" will) lin j 1 ..... " W " iKhl ! " opporlunity. NaU liin .,|-' -s twice. There arc bun- ; analion.s , m that jest m i . Mu-se, les, famous French seap,, is (In. oldeM city in Eu , ' J .ftrmc-rly called Masalia , ' " m m ' "f.-rds- K ia,,t ,,„„, speakers that hur, C, e , - .- speae '".|>..«i!iida amiss III,- uvcr IH (Idle I'Vencli tniops. OUR BOARDING HOUSE RIOT? We'll have a printing cxpsrt call on you, and you'll have an ceo- nomjvul, lilgli quality job. Whatever your needs. \ve can serve tht'in. ^Star Publishing COMPANY "I'llnllng That Makes an " POOF/ZEE FOUL^I | FRA^EUP PLAY' |» ZAT USL>,' 1 BUZZARD / TWEE66 TIE ( ZE KNOT ON AWAY FROM TWE WARDEN ON PAY YES. AND NOVv) I'LL BET YOU 'FlPTY I CAM DISAPPEAR FROAA THE with Major Hoople ^v tA ^E^ llVEBEEN PURELY YOU JEST/) YEARS VOU DO NJOT J 5EE OsiE OF IMPLY YOU CAN J^TMEM ACTS PERFORM 4f UN SCREWED 60 GRI2IMI HE SOE6 CHOKE . 'POOFFTT/? IT'S A GOOD TRICK IF VOU CAM DO IT/ MINUTE, AND you CAM TIE ME LJP THE 6AM WAV/. W LEGERDEVWAlM TWE GREAT SRIZINS1 , FAlLE-DTO ACCOMPLISH? Inl THIS IS DOINV ME MORE GOOD THAN A FOUR-HORSE "PARLAY M ^ 'MA6ICIAKVS tJji:*_SEHVICE. INC. i..u ; j?. PAT: or F.' 12 Negroes Sustain Injuries in Mishap Robert Moore and Isaac Nunley in Hospital With Broken Legs Hnherf (Boh) Moore and Isaac Nun-i Icy. Hope negroes, sustained broken J logs, shoulder injuries and bruises ' about (ho head, face and bodies when f'fruek byq an automobile late Sun- div afternoon on Highway 07 two blocks west of White Star Laundry. Both negroes are in Josephine hos- 1-il.il. They were struck by an automobile driven by L. D. Dycus of Tex- I arkana. Mr. Dyeus was headed west I •tr.ward Toxarkana at the time of the I accident. PSico Chief Sweeney Sopoland said tin investigation of the case showed llmt (he two negroes walked into Die path of (he car from the edge of th« highway. Moore's right log was broken Nun- lev s left ]c« was broken. Hot Water Bottles Make Incubator i of AH the Places . i to PJ rus " Rd lo thls improvised incubator by Dr. Owen S. PlalR citixens. The police department and the who said he exceeded the limit because an officer told him to "stop Pick AP Feature Set-vice » MIAMI, Fla.—There was, it seemS<j a slight case of mistaken address. * A customer bought some.groceries; tendered a $10 check and received $8 change. As an afterthought he order-led S12 worth more, to be delivered c. o. D. ^ -:, "Where'll I gen d it?" naked the 1 clerk. "To 811 N. W. 75th St." ' (t The clerk started, then inquired gently: "How long have you lived there?" "Oh, I just bought lh<> house three days ago." "The heck you did!", roared the clerk. ''That's where I Jive!" The customer fled but the clerk nabbed him on the street and called police, who jailed the party of the 1 first part on a worthless cheek charge. Culture, That's What ; LOUISVILLE, Ky.-(/p)_The bo&rrf of trustees of the Louisville library has taken under advisement the quess tion of placing comic magazines in a ..„, . . . »«"""K "«!-• uui nau lo a pool 1 o yet m the army will have to j just leave ,he P.» 15 per cent of their salaries for I somewhere behind ,._..— —, ,f.,,t emu uiu cause -m fiffi^m- ini,i u-_ . M , i-.ui.iiiB UUIII.L- magazines m a Jnagislratc's court in a middle western t offlcci lnlrl hlm l " "step branch library, but it's no funny mat city arc without quarters because ?" ll and ^ Ult holding up traffic." tor. Hundreds of requests for comics , the council leased a room in -the city) Ihcy <& 5' ou tomi "g »nd going. led to a proposal that ih e mag^TnS i us ^°*e a S^ r ^' tr'co, 01 ROO£eVCH Wfm ' 1 - lel1 whethe '- lle Pl»n bc inslallcci - «" experimental project^ I somewhere behind T "."u, !,n CO|M ? vs .™ i(! tlle White House in 1941. ' *— f men of fii/lnin,, , i , I ,7 collnc " 'eased a room i in he " P °° 1 h °" ° PeraU "-- onnnnnnn u"u"~ P''° du ced .more thai! •JO.OOQ.OflO bushels of wheat.last year.; „< CLEAR ^SHOP & COMPAREfcK^• PRE-HOLIDAY! CLOSE OUT 80x105 Heavy Cotton Colonial We must have room for our Toys and Christmas m e er C chr ?* Off^ afe Sl&Shi ^ ^*™*& merchand.se Offer.ng you Bargains that will pay you to take advantage of now. Be here at 8 o'clock iuesday—and every day till Christmas and remember it Pays to Shop at Pennevs. Ladies Brushed Wool Coat or Slipover REDUCED 20 only LADIES G A n "f ft V M § a Values you would expect to pay double this pi-ice for Special Purchase LADIES A real value for this low price 15 pc. Set of DISHES Hand Painted Also 7 pc. Set SILVERWARE See this value per set . . LADIES Ladies All Wool SKIRTS. * Go On Sale THURS. at 10 — 300 yards 54 in. WOOLEiS 660 Reduced—72x84 Part Wool—Double BLAHKETS 210 54 in. all Wool—Dress or Coat Materials $ CLOSE OUT—Ladies SHOES. $1.! GO ON SALE WED. at 2 o'clock 2000 yds. Fast Color PRINTS . . 5c 81 in. Brown Seamless Sheeting yd. Children's Winter COATS. «4. CLOSE OUT—200 Sheets of Facial Tissue HA¥ *C QUA • < , , JC 2^Tlb Cotton"" Men's AH Wool SUITS TOWNCLAD 35 to 40 Suits you have paid! $25.00 for 15c MEN'S 17x17 White HANDKERCHIEF 12 3 ONLY 9x12 RUGS With Felt Base FANCY PILLOWS Filled with Kopak CLOSE OUT Men's Leather Go en Sale FRIDAY at 2 o'clock— 3000 large BATH TOWEL REIINflSTS 5c Men's & Bo3's' Work SHIRTS . . ?5c JACKETS 36 to 44 S 4.00 Men's Cotton Work SOCKS . Ladies Full Fashion First Quality Silk CLOSE OUT—Chenille Bedspreads Our loss your Gain 12 to 40 CLOSE OUT 20x36 Heavy Chenille Go on Sale THURSDAY At 2—500 large size Blanket CENTERS 25e 500 Large Bleached Flour Sacks Men's Cotton Flannel SSIiflTS , 59c A large Selection of GIFTS FOR MEN 25c 4.98 OLOSE OUT—Boys Vat Dyed Khaki PflliTS. e 69e Men's Suede Leather JACKETS L98 Men's Fast Color Full Cut — Dress a, v 47c SEE TOYLfllfl ALL CHILDREN Will be given a Candy Cane on Wednesday ea. CLOSE OUT—Boxed Stationery Men's Wool Mixed Work Socks |Q C See our Large Selection of Made in Belgium LARGE SIZE RUGS 79HU9 mmmamm AGAIN—BOY'S FULL CUT OVERALLS Broken SizesM 25c •H CLOSE OUT Boy's Fast Color DRESS SHIRTS 25(^ MEN'S HEAVY WINTER UNIONS , Were higher priced] Reduced to IF T S I CLOSE OUT FOR ENTIRE FAMILY vmm'-tffmm, •"nir*"~Ti-TL-a-amiMitMiiu_ — __ Men's Close out Dress ,*].! 3 only SUITS . 2 only TOPCOATS] for Men ACROSS STREET FROM POSTOFFICE | WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVESl

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