The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1940
Page 2
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PAG* TWO BLyTHEVILLB (AML) COUKIBR NEWS Social Calend SUNDAY'S EVENTS Baccalaureate chorus rehearsing tvroVclock at First Baptist church. . MONDAY'S BVKA'TS Woman's Auxiliary, St. Stephen's Episcopal church, meeting 2:30 o'clock with Mrs. Arthur Vance.' Woman's Society of Christian Service, First Methodist church, meeting 2:30 o'clock at church. Woman's Council, First Christian church; meeting 2:30 o'clock at churcli. Circle One, Woman's Auxiliary, First Presbyterian church, meeting 2:30 o'clock wllh Mrs. fiussell Campbell; Cirvle Two, Mis. .Dixie Crawford; Circle Three, Mrs. R. T. Cook and Circle Four, at 1:30 o'clock with Mrs. J. U Thompson. Circle One, Woman's Missionary Union, First Baptist church, meeting 2:30 o'clock with Mrs. E. M. Eaton; Circle Two, Miss Cordelia Wllhlte; Circle Three, Mrs. O. B. Wilson; Circle Four, Mrs. Leslie Moore; Circle Five, Mrs. E. D. Woodson; Circle Six, Mrs. W. W. Watson, TUESDAY'S EVENTS Bl-Monthly Bridge club .meeting with Mrs. W. M. Taylor. .Miss Eva Davis and Mrs. Fred Fleeman entertaining Business Girl's'Circle, Woman's Society of Christian Service, First Methodist, church, 7:30-o'clock at Fleeman hprne. ; , . Miss Virginia Martin, daughter of Mr. and-Mrs. Tom P. Martin, entertaining Double G club, Duo-Quad club meeting with Mrs. U C. Brady. Mrs. George D. Pollock having City Contract club. ;Mrs. At.-'A.-Isaacs entertaining Tuesday Bridge club. .Tuesday Contract club meeting FLAPPER FANNY By s y im COPB. twoeir NCAunvict.isc. i. M ECC u s TAT. o/f.- with Mrs. A. G. Hall. Mrs. Harmaii Taylor Tuesday Afternoon club. having Womtm's club sponsoring benefit bridge party, eight o'clock, at club ; house. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS . - Sisterhood of Temple Israel meeting with Mrs. S. Joseph eight ,' o'clock. ! Mrs. G. G. Caudill entertaining I Town and Country club. i Mrj. Otto Scrape entertaining ;' ADC Bridge club at home of Mrs. | G. s. Barnes. I Wednesday . Bridge club meeting ! with Mrs,'W.-H. Minyard. THURSDAY'S EVENTS : Mrs. F. B, Joyner entertaining Thursday Conlr'act club. j Thursday Luncheon club mcet- i^giig with Mrs. Byron Morse. '•IvMrs. J. Louis Cherry havinc Mici"'--'- Bridge club. • i c -,. •., C. .w. Garrigsn entertaining . Afternoon club.' b!e Four cluir, netting John Foster. b'RIDAY'S EVENTS Mrs Max B. Tuesday club. Reid entertaining . Friday Bridge club meeting with Mrs. Rupert Crafton. Mrs. Jim j. Pickrcn having Frl- dny Contract dub. SATURDAY'S EVENTS Miss, Alia Darlington entertam- mg Chapter N of the P. E. O. Sisterhood one o'clock, Enlcrlain Two Clubs Wllh Luncheon Part)' Mrs. Hu.oter C. Sims and Mrs W. D. Chamblin hnd a party Thursday atternoon at the aims home for members of the Mid-Week Bridge, club, the Thursday Lunch- con-cli(l) and four guests .Mrs:. 'Walker H. Baker, Mrs. Marvin npblnson, .Mrs. Eddie Cummins , . and. Mrs. R. u stocked played Bits of News Mostly Personal* = -... md Mrs. Allan Fraser of New York City, are visiting Mrs. 1'raser's aunt, Mrs. M. G. Halstead and family here for a few days They »rs en route, to California for a visit, having come here from Washington, D. c., where they visited Mrs. Fraser'S sister, Mrs. Robert Wnsson. Jane Faxon Thomns, daughter of Mr, mid Mrs. J. Nick Thomas, Jr.. of Memphis, IE spending the week end here with her 'grand- 1 parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Nick Thomas, Sr. Mrs. Edith McCool, Mrs. W. 1. Osljonic, and Miss Jeanotta' Jc»n Sebaugh are spending today in Memphis. They will be accompanied ID BE -SIM; CHURCH NEWS Christian Church Members' Decide With Architect On Plans \ The new First Christian church which Is to be built in this city is to be in the modern Gothic style, 1'll.GKIH LUTHERAN C1IDKC1I "• •'• Kleindlenri, paslor Spccla ' Conn '™tion service 9 • Sermtm subject: "Abide In " Sunday scliool, 10:45 a.m. Bailiam, superintendent. 11:00 a.m., worship, communion and preaching, "A Mother's- Opportunity and Responsibility" will be the sermon theme. T:30 p.m., worship /and preaching. "Pentecost and What Happened" will be the sermon theme. At the Bible school hour the Junior department under the direction of Mrs. Cecil Lowe and Mrs. Russell Barham will give two Evening worship r,S9 'rim Ser- musScal numbers in honor of our icii eiiblecl: "Tr-mm™ n r'r- n *» mothers. ,. mon subject: "Temples of God. Sunday school teachers' meeting after the evening service. The Pilgrim Guild meets Thurs- We most cordially invite (he pub Ic. Strangers In our city especially invited. We'll try lo make you glad you came our way, TKMPtF. ISKAKI. - -, , ,..„., .,,^.,.-1 Herman Pollack, rabbi IheChrlst^rc,"^^ b ° ar<!or FIR ,?Lr R . E8 »*™««*N CHURCH ^"ST' *"""> SC "° 01 ^ ,-, — ... *.,w uti/uvii* vjwuinj j)L_ytL, *in; j. ngi mi It has been announced by members A W at 7 p.m. of the church bosrd following two i A hearty Invitation Is extended days of consultation wllh A. F.! lo all. Read John S 41 Wicks of Indianapolis, Ind., archi tect with the cxtensti the Christian church. .Mr. YVlcis, who has been ad- vlsoi-y architect to m« board for ra ,,, u ,,, u worsmp u . 00 , 17 years, will submit a tentative Tr , cm e, -'The Christian Hon-« sketch of the L-shapeii building Necessity" ^ nrls;la " "°»- whlch Is to have a sanctuary and a two-story.educational unit to the local group during the r.cxt week. ^,, Work will begin as soon as archi- icr' i^r^h^sssj T/. p ,r wcck scrvk ° ««w--» JTVIIM^L^ ^r pradice *<**«» ^ , . that ground will be broken by July 1. -•-••-• -•-- — ".M rf..i: n ,,,, n> . . ,,...' V.. ^'ciyune LS mviuKito attend the home by Miss Mary Adah Robinson ! . E-stimii ed cost of the brick build- services or this church Visitors in nnd Irving Osborne, students Hi,I lllg ' ^auslvc of furnishings. Is the-city ara cspeclallv welcome Soulliivcstcrn college In : that city | aP)»ox»Jiatcly $2S,000. Mr. Barham ^iwciany welcome, who will spend the week end with I itritccl tnat contributions Jiari al- tlielr parents here. ready been: received from people Miss Thehna, liichardson, Miss olller thiin me ' nl) ers of the cliurcli Inrv Hnnkliis ami MI«= w,,,>i™ who were interested in sceintr a « r y Y U1( ! ft m . onth aftc . r Ule (livorcc ' sh c married him again I" !m 'bel"^ jLJ.siie (iocs it three times, docs she get to keep him?" , Mnry Hopkins and Miss Evelyn Hopkins will go lo Memphis tomorrow to attend the showing of Butler Brothers' stock at the Hotel Pcnbociy. Major C. J. Liltlc is still confined to the Army nnd Navy hospital at Hot Springs. Although he eluli and three tjiicsb nl a parly there. Mrs. L. L. Ilubencr, Mrs. Harold Sclmce and Mrs. Arthur Vance a were guests of Mrs. Partlow in ad rtlllon to the club members. ight nl the home of Margaret Ilollnnd. A midnight supper was son ed fter the. group had played cards and lis A dessert course was served after at the Holland home the games In which Mrs. Jim J. ',Pickren received the prize. After Crm ,,, chilt ,, cr Qucnl . the games, the group was shown it, v/as crowned I ... , '" *• ""-" - - Elliott Wtchcr | "f 1 ; '""^guests, Mrs. J. C. chapter of the United Daughters I ?/, ," allM ' Icx - nll<1 »*"•'• of the Confederacy at the annual K c)cr ? f B " " ceremony Thursday afternoon at relnllvcs )n P! » the home of MM M mtvdmman* " !rs - 'John 1 the yard niwUni'tlci^of the Aliens. Maj/Qucen of the All Club Mi-inters Attend ISrirlge I'jirly. All I he members of Ihe Krldnj .„,, „„,<,(.• UL mrs. M . i Bridge club were present yesterday Mrs. j. D. Barksdnlc afternoon for the party given at hostess. Mrs. Louis Apple- Mrs. Henderson 'Hall conducted - - -.---..«..—. the crowning and presented Mrs I Mr nlul JvlJSl K 0001 ' 1 - C- Toler, of Bridge was played against a Oberst with a sheath of gladioli i !> °l' l!U ' Bluff, will spend the week x-irnrnim,! n t ,•„,„, in, .,,^ 11Kl ,j conlcs j [rs RR ^ BcrrymBut clul wlth M''.'Tolcr's father, P. O. >ang an original composition ot', ^ °' C1 '' an(1 Mr - autl Mrs. Dick Pot- Mrs. Hall, "Clmrining." ' | t(1 r. .- . •» --•• Following the business session I Willie Sisk is criticaily ill at Refrcshmenls were served at the Mrs. Edith McCool read a chapter I " >e An "y n " d Nnv i r hospital in conclusion of the games. * V * '-•.. '-^t.rf-.l .J . " i \ To Ileport On Mcclln; " • A report on the district meeting of the Woman's Auxiliary of Episcopal churches Tuesday in Forrest City will be made at n meeting oi tho Woman's Auxiliary of St. Stephen's Episcopal church Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at (he home of Mrs. Arthur Vance. Mrs. Emma Nolcn, Mrs. J. D. McDowell and. Miss Elisc Moore attended from the local auxiliary. Prom Osccolii. delegates were Mrs. J. L. Lovewcll, Mrs. W. E. Hunt, Mrs. C. A. Davis. Mrs. Ray Madden and Miss Sara Miller. Entertain Class Mrs. S. J. McDearmon and Mrs. T. H. Haynes entertained members of the Dorcas Sunday School class of the First Baptist church with a parly nt the Haynes' country home Thursday nflernon. In addition to Die 15 members present, guests were Mrs. J. II. Smart, Sr., Mrs. R. i. Haley. Mrs. W. j. Rodgcrs and Mrs. Alfred Carpenter. cards with the two dubs. The pastel shades of sprinsr were •« .. .• • used throughout the party The e ,, Thc , dEVO , tlmial w "s given by Mrs. —•— ... pun) - •" lc Charles iVewcomb. Miss Cordelia Wilhite conducted the business session. A combination and des- —j ...x. pal ij . JJJU center, decorations (or the small luncheon tables were bouquets of rosebuds and valley lilies while the gwesls places were marked by cards designed with various flowers, pansies, irises and rosebuds 'sen. plate was served during (he social hour. The hostesses had decorated the f . ---„_, ,,. i«Mlz^t Ht,. t b f peonies, irises, tulips a , 1( | roscs Following lunch, bridge was nlnv- Mrs. Russell Phillip., rccclv - the Thursdav the Luncheon club members. Mrs. ff H. Houchins. amonj the Mid-W Louise l.mrlacc Weil To Roy Alfred llurham Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Love-lace :m- rounce the marriage B t their Louise, to Koy Alfred .,---. —.,....,, , yvj i\«.»\ /VILILll 21!^^'^ Cflchrajcs Blrdiday Mabelcne Webster celebrated Mrs. Durham WHS griidiuited from Hit! city high school last year. She plans to go next week to join Mr ni t \- , --.".oM.vy u> liav 113 21 o her friends to her home at 525. Lumeratc for a party -af-^srJs -s srpjsr* a - rt — •* After ' the hostess had ope-ed ner gifts, refreshments were served by her mother. Mrs. Dixie Webster Are Gufsfs of Club. Mrs .Key Hunt and Mrs w s Johnston were guest,-, of Mrs 'rvv will make tlieir horn-?. Mr. Durham, who lins,*pciU iinu-li of his lite here, is now connected with a construction eonipany with liradqttarters in Little Rocli. # » » Shower Honors Mis. Koy I)urli.iii! Mrs. Emll Damon eineitainrd with a shower ycstcrrtny .-iftrrnoon in honor of Mrs. Koy Alfred Durham Jr.. nt the Damon home, Mrs. Durham was before her marriage -ci-l. 21. Miss Louise Lovelace. . .Double Four™BrWec" 1 ciuh l "a-i«!'"J C P l rty ' '" lll ° Bnm<%s wlll - h wcrR a party al her home ''' aycd ' "'"^ v - c » t '" "''- 1 .. Gcotgc Roses, irte and other snriiJ ^°" """ Mrs - E ™ Cm ^- fo«ers from the hostess gSnL 7, 8UCS ' ot llomr llaci were u«d to decorate the h™e ' T , e " 15 ' re!K ^'^"^ of A .alad plate « as served s»nn« salad and purch wet, inutile bridge games, Mrs Ray -1 SCI ™ 1 ' , , . Have, I'.mikins Tarty Kiglit members oi the ,r U G ™b_|rart_^ bunlslns niifly last Try One of Our Dclicio«i _ member of the group was tccond high among the chib members., Mrs Hunt Inch scorer among'the. guests Hw Club Pariy. Rotes, .'«->ge!la aliti mock oiangc blossoiM decoralcU the H C Allen ))bn)8 -ycstoday afternoon jvhcn Mrs. H G, Partlow' enteitifiied members of the Friday Cortrncl will probably be ' to spend three more. Ccne Blackwell is visitin it frier.ds rr.s | at> lllc University of Alabama at ' '' ' uscal °osa for a few days. _ __ v Mr, and Mi's. Kendall Befvy nnd Istcned to'the radio. The club! tlWO sons ' Allen ntlti -ferry, are visit- members also breakfasted together In 8 Mr - Heay's parents in Prentiss, •' " ' ' I Miss. They.will also stop In New ' Orleans before returning here Tuesday. Mi-s. W. T. Oberst was crowned alKi Mrs - w - p - Brcwer ;1 Cheek W. O. Enid, okla., will visit ..ilucali, Ky., tomorraw. Mrs. Jolin P. Lentl, Mrs...John W. Meyer, Mrs,' Rodney L. -Banister and Mrs. P. L. Englcr are spending today in Memphis. aper on the settlement and early nistory I Hotr s l )rill es. of - Georgia placing pnrtlcitlnr cm r • - --- : - : - - phasls on the growth of ufhpranc Tn HnlJ tutncrans lo Hold who were interested in seeing a new church building at the corner of Sixth and Main streets. The sanctuary, which will be rectangular, will have a sealing capacity of 250. Entrance to the worship room and the adjoining; educational unit will be on Sixth street. Features of the sanctuary are to be its simplicity and Ihe bler.ding of rich colors nt the pulpit, The communion- table and Baptistry will be in the center of the pulpit with the altar on one side and the choir loft on the other. The pastor's study nnd robing rooms will be «dr jacent to the -chnncel. A combination- heating and cooling plant is being planned for the building. While the cinirch is under con- w,s. B. s. Mott a 1Mper on "The First Memorial Day." The hostesses served' a dessert course. Their guests included one visitor. Mrs. Antonia Thompson. School Band To Present Concert On Monday Nigh I ^A co," cert band will be night at 8 o'clock nt the high scliool auditorium. The public is invited to attend this free concert which has been arranged by Charles G. Morehead, director of the band. The program will open with the overture, "Dreadnauglit" by Holmes A clarinet e::scmble, "Uerceuse" by Iljlnsky, will precede the next overture, "Mantilla" by yodev. The cornet ensemble will play "Three of n Kind" by niichtel, after which Ihe b.-inrt will pjaj- Sousa's march Confirmation Rites Special confirmation services will be conducted nt the Lutheran church, Sixlh and Walnut streets. beginning at 9 o'clock. A class of four catechumens, consisting of Koy Crawford, Margaret Mitchell. Mary Rciciiel and Madge White, will be. presented for con- i finnation. I In the Lutheran Church, accord- H. J. Klcir.dlensl, the rite of confirmation is preliminary to the admission to the. Lord's Supper and as such signifies entrance into communicant membership irt the Lutheran Church. Its educational value lies chiefly in the course of instruction preceding confirmation and in the vow niadc to continue In the faith. slniclion, the Christian congregation will have services in the annex. 267 Eighth Graders To Receive Diplomas CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., May U —Eighth grade diplomas will be awarded to 207 students in Pemiscot County grade schools guidu- ates lor the 1930-40 school ycav, Harold S, Jones, county superintendent of schools, announced yesterday. Some schools have already held their graduation exercises, others \vlll do this week, niul all will be completed within the next two weeks, lie stated. •'El Capitnn." "Stars In a Velvet sky," by Clarte, will be Bill Morse's bariloso solo. Jim Dates. Harry Carter FSur and Jimmy Lowe, grad'e school band students, will each play a solo. A march. "Normal," by Bennett will precede Hie other solo on the program. "Waltz in C Sharp Minor" by Chopin, played on the accordion- by Joe Evrard. The band will conclude the program with the following numbers- overture. "Ambitinn" by nennelt' March, 'V. Pliiribus Uniitn" by .tcwell. a::;l nmrch. -'nie Boaster" by Klein. To Hold Service For Deaf Monday Night j The Lutheran service for the deaf of Ulytlicvllle fc r n>r. PIG SANDWICHES Ole Hfckory Inn 4rrnw Prnm Monday night, the Kov. H. J. Kleindienst. pnstor, amiouiicni today. The Rev. Waller D. Uhlig of St. Louis, who will speak, will imve as his subject. "The Miracles Attending (lie Founding of the Church." The Boulh American ovcu-blrd's ' nc.M oi mud frequently weighs -is 1 much as nine pounds. ' .- i I Dr. Floyd Webb Eye, l-;ar, Nusit & Throat Spceiulisl has moved his office to the Lynch Imiidiiirr OVC| . Grabcr's Store. A cordial invitation to attend this special service has been extended to the general public by the pastor. Pemiscot Legion Post Picks Boy Delegates CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. May U —Three Pemiscot County high school boys and n. fourth from near Portagcville in New Madrid county have been picked by representatives of Pcmiscol County American Legion Post No. 88 to attend "Boys State" June 32-29. it ivns announced here yesterday. The boys arc: Ancil Robertson. Camlhersville: Buell Weathers. Wardell; Rnlpli Jones, Cooler; nnd Leroy Wider, PorlnECvIllc. Members of the commlUcc which selected the boys were Supl. R. IU. Cnrtilhersville.'; Supl. L. o. i. Portagevllle: Supt. B. E. SimiBon. irnytl; and Harold S. t J01JCS, PPIllISCflt' CQUHt V SCllOOls *>(tl)- month orjeriHtcimeni,. "Boys Stale", sponsored Legion lo give Uncut lunc- -.- ... Missouri at Fulton. Mny will be conducted „ I e P T" n 0 °'' ^ 8tal ° ' B'-lm Lutheran church SK -uid , y ll , 1C , A . lncrlc<m Lc E'°> Walnut streets. a , y-TO o'clock "^ lral »'"8 I" govtrnm, Monday DK.1.1 .,. V;l, „, Ho". «1" he held hi Ml Read Courier New., v\nnt Luxora Church Plans Mother's Day Program The first Assembly of God church of Luxarji is sponsoring a 'special Mother's Day program for simdny n'liieli' Is being arranged :by Mrs. Andrew- Miller. - Songs, verses and playlets i..._ inake up the program. Those in charge issue an Invitation to all to attend this service. Dell !\ews W. M. U. Meets Sixteen members of the Woman's Missionary Union of Ihe Dell Baptist church and two visitors attended (lie meeting of the group nt the home of Mrs. F. H. Gill Monday afternoon. Mrs. Gill gave the devotional which was followed by the business session. Prayer was offered by Mrs. Hart. Tlie hostess served refreshments after games had been played. The next, meeting will be for a Royal Service program at the homo of Mrs. C. H. Downs. James A. Overholsw, minister Church school 0:45 a.m. Momlne worship ii:00 am Young People's meeting 6:30 p.m. Eveniiig worship 7:30 p.m. Theme, 'Christ and HIP Rich your.» Ru" Everyone is invited to attend the CALVAKV EPISCOPAL OSCEOIA CHURCH ' Matthew A. Curry, priesi-fn-charge Evening-prayer ar.d sermon, 7:30 ST. STEPHEN^ EPISCOPAL CHURCH Matthew A, Curry, reclw Church school' at 10:00 a.m. Morning prayer and sermon, 11:00 a.m. Theme, "The Power of Witness." FIRST METHODIST CHURCH E. B. Williams, pastor fl:« a.m. Church school, S. K. Gorrett, superintendent. We have . class for every age. 10:55 a.m. Tiie regular preaching service. The He;', c. W. Good, our pastor at Lepanto will bring the message at this time. He Is a nephew of the Rev. W. V. Womack, a former pastor of this church. You will want to hear his message. . 7:30 p.m. The Rev. M. N. Johnston, our pastor at Dell, will be our guest preacher. Brother Johnston is a former pastor of Lake Street church, and you will give him a good hearing. The: pnstor of this church will deliver, the scrmoa 'or Ihe clovcr- bend Consolidated High School in Lawrence County Sunday morning and for the Leachville high school Sunday night. LUXOHA METHODIST CtlUKCU R. E. L. IJeartlen Jr., pastor Church school at 10:00 a.m. Mrs. -Sue Brown, general superintendent. There will be uo morning worship service because the Baccalaureate address will' be given at the high school by the Rev. Ralph Douglas at 11 o'clock. Sunday school will be dismissed in plenty of tme for us to go to the Baccalaureate service At the evenin observ o'clock, the church _ Mother's Day with appropriate music, and a sermon by the pastor, "The Challenge ol Motherhood." LAKE STREET METHODIST CHURCH r. M. Sweet, ps'^lor 9:45 a.m. Church school. Iccrson Morris, superintendent. 10:45 a.m. Preaching""Jcrvice. 6:30 p.m. Young People's meetings. 7:30 p.m. Preaching service. ice. 3 p.m. Alother's Day program .iponsored by the Sisterhood. Following the program a soda! hour will be held. \ Everyone is cordially Invited. FII.GIUM TAHKKNACL15 110 Cherry street O. W. Doss, paslor 0:-I5 a.m. Sunday school. Mrs, O. W. Doss, superintendent. 11:00 a.m. Worship service. Special Mother's day service. 7:00 p.m. Young People's service. 7:45 p.m. Evangelistic service. 7:15 p.m. Wednesday, prayer service. FULL GOSl'KL TABERNACLE A. A. Jenkins, pastor 0:45 a.m. Sunday school. 11:00 a.m. Morning service. G:30 p.m. P..Y. P. A. 7:30 p.m. Evangelistic service. Tiie evangelistic meeting which has been going on for three weeks contlcues. The Rev. Mr. Thatcher of Little Rock is In charge. ASSKMIILV OF GOD CHURCH Seventh and Ash Strcels S. A. Merrill, pastor 8:30 a.m. Radio program. 9:45 a.m. Sunday school. 11:00 a.m. Morning worship. 11:00 a.m. Children's church. 3:00 p.m. Men's prayer meeting. 6:M p.m. Christ Ambassador's SATURDAY, MAY 11, 1!)JO Wednesday: All Church .Night V:00 p.m. Department 'meeting. 7:30 p.m. Mid-Week service. 8:30 p.m. Choir rehearsal. Baptist Ch»p*l, lily glreel 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. At The Hospitals Walls Hospital C. M. Curtis, Caruthersvillc, admitted. Mrs. W. D. I'ate, Braggadocio, admitted. Mrs. Royal Banders, city, admitted. Mre. J. W. WrUjhi, Dccring, dismissed. , Sylvia Hllhousc, Number Nine, dismissed. Sandra • Lyn Whltficld, Sleele, dismissed. Mrs. Guy Walls, Manila, admitted. Blythcvillc Ilospilal Mrs. Laura Robinson, city, dismissed. ' Glyn Toiuliu, liurdctte, dismissed. Read Courier News Want Ais. Sign the New Register at the Ritz SATURDAY j«, WITHERS. G~AUTRY SHOOTING CartAon & serial "The-Shadow" • SUNDAY-MONDAY 7:30 p.m. Evangelistic services. Tuesday, f:30 p.m., Young People's meetiuj. Friday, 7:30 o'clock, Bible study. CHURCH OF CHRIST West Main and Highway lil Denton M. Neal, evangelist Lord's Day services: Bible study classes, 9:50 a.m. Preaching, 11:00 a.m. Communion, 11:50 a.m. YmiC'g People's Bible class. 1 p.m. Preaching, 7:45 p.m. Mid-week services: Bible study and song practice, Wednesday, 7:45 p.m. Ladies' Bible class, Thursday, -3:00 p.m. . - : Radio services: ^<K'. ,••• Daily (except Sunday), ID: 15 o'clock. Sunday, 2:30 o'clock. FJUST BAPTIST CHIIRCII Walnut anil Eighth .....v »„ ,M. I'asior: Rev. Alfred Carrwnter services at 7:30 Sundny. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:40 a.m. Morning warship. Sermon: "My Mother." Broadcast over KLON. fi:30 p.m. Baptist Training Onion. 7:.'JO p.m. Evening worship. Sermon: "Religious Disputes." • EDWARD SMALL presents MADELEINE CARROLL BRIAN AHERNE LOUIS HAYWARD MY SON! B.Jtond Ihni UHlTtD ARTISTS Paramount News .fc Comedv Coniing Soon: Virginia. City Itebecca Typhoon Jolinny Apollo ROXY LAST TIMES TODAY . 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, prayer serv- FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Main at Sixth Gc0. W. Patterson, minister O'.IA a.m. Bible school, Russell EXPERT BEAUTX WORK Appaiatment Margaret's Beauty Shop ' Takes years off your — adds years to your lilc. VAPOR BATHS Swedish Massage 3-1V Gloff and- S&oiff Mrs, Ruth Lawtwn Wilson News i — i Dli Hull! cr lioni I A daughter «as born lo Mr. nnd Mrs. James Wilson Thursday. Mny 2. The baby has been named Evn Jane. Read Courier N 0 ws want, nds Peabody Hotel COMFORT ECONOMIZED AND UNEXCELLED Runulnc Water—Air Comlilioned Newly Dccnralcrf Innersprhij; Maltiisis Weekly or Monthly Rates With or Without Meals Rales Low as 50c up Daily 52.50 Weekly Mother's Day Flowers Ncxl Sunday Is Mother's Day—a day fnr love, and sentiment giving; a ilay made national by Florists in which In honor your Alollicr, living or dead, by wearing or Riving her flow- ore. Hcatmrs Home of flowers have, prepared for this Mothers Day lh:it you tn.iy give, her Roses, Carnations. Obdlolas, Mailp-l'p Boxes of Assorted Hants, n bcniilirnl yioKed I'vtch- M.I nr ll>ilran;fu. n eors.ijr of Gardenia!,, KO.SCS. .Svcctpcas or Carnation*. Kcmcinbrr the Mullicr wlm h.n jrotte oti by plating tut (lowers on htr SIMVO or A hloomin; plant. Kcmcmhcr Mother With Flowers From HEATON'S HOME OF FLOWERS MO i;. DAVIS AVI;, Every Washday is MY mother's day Mother's (lay is a grand occasion, h u l why slumldn'l cnnsidcrntion he shown more on other days of the year? Washday for example. It's jnsl as economical and a lot easier in .send washing (,> us (h.. ir , j n ^ Q ;t •<il home. Done so much" nicer and more .sanitary too. For Belter Laundry and Dry Cleaning STEAM IAUNDKY Fox News jt Comedy MONDAY & TUESDAY (TucMhiy is not ral Nighl This Week .STARRING .GENE AUSTIN The Hiiisins' [{iick;u-oo Also 4'clcclcrl Shorts LISTEN TO KLCN 11;00 ».m.— K-.K p.m. — 4:30 p.m. Ptont Kilt ZZ4 Phone Rosy j.r

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