Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1939
Page 4
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Bobby Ellen Wins Scoring Laurels ""*""" —-•• HQ»e Star Noses Out Robert Hutson By 1- Point Margin HOPE STAIZ, HO*>E, ARKANSAS Monday, December-1, 1DP>0' U. S. Army Molds Reserve Officers and Men Into Shape of 'Regulars' Bl THOMAS M. JOITSSON [ ?fEA Service Staff CorHfrsptmrieiU UTTLE ROCK -i/P.— Bobby Ellen, I WASHINGTON — Qn/thhe village sis-foot. 165-poumt senior star i\f the'^reeo they thronged,^A'lad in buck-, Hope high school Bobcats, earned not stcin nnci fustian, aWiied with shot<a\\y a berth on The Associated Press 8"" s and fowling/pieces—a motely All-Conference fc.otbtil team hut first " ew - iln awkward squad—America s (dace among 'ho conference's leading militia ; " annual.fouster. > scorers for l!)39. they were not minute-men, but Final statistic release!! bv Statist!- cr^-day men. for one day a year was cian Clifford Shaw showed a sin?b a)! 1hfc military training they had. peint-after-touchclown save Ellen the lnut WiIS a hundred years a^o. But top scot with "a ssasow's total of 55 even '" 1917 - reserves nearly as clis- points. He nosed out Pine Bluffs C1 'g"nized were drilling in parks with Rob Hutson who had tttlliert 54 points.! wooden guns. Each chalked up nine touchdowns. j &mce then - one tlf the.Army's im- Another Fine Bluff hoy. Tommy, Portant achievements has been th.it Leftwich. climbed f:u- up the ladder! lhe disorganized reserves now are t« win third place with 51 points,! >»P«Ny being prepared lo step for- and Hot Springs' Jay Rowland was • wal ' (1 antl -* oin tf >e Regulars and Na- fourth. J. P. Moore of Benton, who led '. Uonn! GUH "> " n » solid wall of near- the league for several weeks, iVll toi'- Y >"» million defenders, eighth place as his team met stifferj Man >' new plans are being consid- competition. j ered, and already some 1500 Reseno Final standings showed that for the. C / ficers al '. e '» service. The 50.000-odd stcond ct,nsecutive year no conference, es6rve Lieutenants are being askexl tc«m went undefeated ad utied. Pine! which of tne '» would like to be among Bluff won the championship with a' 13( ?° - to lcave ^^\\\ofi life ancl help ,944 percentage. Fort Smith climbed! , cer the Regulars' swelling ranks into second place. Little Rock was 1 or slx mon *" s beginning January 1. third ancl Hope fourth. i Later another 1300 will be chosen. Hopeless Fordyce. once one of the! us doul >ling the reservoir of sub- Mate's strongest "team?, was (he onlyj alterns accumulating this invaluable league member that failed to register". e - x P e '''' er >re. p. victory. . j Reserve Officers vary in Ex- The final statistics:.. ! _. pcrience ABOVE; This <1<I print of "A Mililhi Drill' affords re L-iVcs a century ago. icsight lute UK- quality of AiiKrlia's "(Ifsiirgnnlzcil Team—Fine Bluff .. Fort Smith Little Reck Hope • Standings j The W5.000 reserve officers, keep W. L. T. Pet. ; Ur 'Sacfier General Charles F. Thomp- Bjythcville North Little Rock Hot Springs Clerksville Kussellville Forrest City Eenton Joneubcro Camden • 1 6 Lending Scorers Player— Ellen, Hope Hob Hutson. F. B Leftwich, Pine Bluff Rowland. Hot Springs Fortner, N. L. R E. Keeton. Russellville .. . Mosley, Blytheville Moore, Bentou • Warrington, Blytheville .944 son . anti a staff bus >" handling their 0^.3' affairs, .818 ' ^ e reserve officers mostly are young .714 'hough some are cider men of con" .714 sjderable prominence who. from pat- 571- riotism or military interest, keep them 450 relves r -? ad - y to ste P in as regular 444 officers if needed. Their militaiv 3n ' ex P e 'i e nce varie.s, from the 13,500 who 333 saw Worltl Wa i" service and the 2400 .250 r:c r'-- ticrnmissi oned officers with Reg- '259 v ' ar Army backgrounds, to 53.000 166 " ou "Ser men commissioned in the ' 142 Reserve Officers' Training Corps. i In wlntei, these 'mail-order of- Tcl Ft T'l 1 ' cers " study by correspondence and 53 !f c , tu! ' e - Last ^ummr 30,000 got such SOI 5 1 6 1 1 5 2 5 2 ... 4 3 4 5 1 3 4 2 1 2 1 2 4 1 3 1 3 1 5 1 3 Yerger Players On All-State Team 9 54 f 'v C ' W0rk as commar >ding 35.030 boys , 8 3 51 w ™' VQ lunteered for the Citizens' Mi- j - 2 44 litary Training Camps. j J2 Reserve officers made the C. C. C. •jg 8^ and 1623 are now becoming per- 33 ;-manent civilian employes. But al- 3S' !' eacly "early 1500 officers fill chinks in Regular combat, ordinance and , medical units, and to the Air Force ! this spring will go another 1500. The i Army wants to augment the handful I that is now getting- special training j as staff officrs. , Modern War Demands Swift Mobilization 33 Carrigan, Poindexter and Coleman Placed On First Team .; LITTLE ROCK — Yerger High School of Hope. Corbin High of Pine Bluff ancl Langston High of Hot Spring Eocn * as each placed three men on the Arkansas Negro Athlelic . Association all- state football team. Camden' and Fargo wen one place eac-h. First Team "\S[est, Corbin L.E. Hughe?, Corbin Tatum. Camden Ahderaon, Langston Bonner, Langston Coleman, Yerger Fennington, Langston Pennymcn. Corbin Carrigan, Yerger • L.H. Foindexter, Yerger Today the Army looks upon the reserve officers and men as pegs to fill the. many holes that would yawn in the nation's military framework in the event of sudden mobilibation. Camps,, posts, arsnals, depots, schools all would need officers. And instantly. A "Lightning War" would allow no dawdling like ours in 1917. So, as Aggies Reported Favor Sugar Bowl Kitnbrough Badly Shuken Up in Game With Longhorn Team DALLAS, Texns— </Vi— The ecl Texas Aggies will re-itx.»emble ;il College Stntioii Tui'sdny to .settle Ilio tyew Year's Day bowl mater. rteporis nre thnl the Aggies are primed u. shout "Sugar Howl" when the poll is Inken. Convinced that Tennessee! is (lie prime Rase Bowl favorite, tho lire agreed that perhaps Tuliine at New Orlenns would be just about the football team that anyone would euro to meet. Aggie f|tnirters hinted that Tulime probably \voiiUI bo stiffcr than Tennessee. Still deluded by doubt was Dallas' Cotton Bowl guinea Definite approaches wc-re made to A. & M. and Tennessee to meet in Dallas ui\ i\ vath- er colossi)) giinrndteu, but (he Aggies loft the impression they would not pay in Dallas. Three weeks ago the Athletic Committee of the A. & M'. Hoard of Directors announced Texas A. & M. would not piny in the Cotton Bowl 'under its present setup." However. the Tennessee- Aggie talk u-nmo from parties not directly interested in (lie Cotton Bowl. | Only one blue note was sounded at ( Aggielnnd after the 20-to-O licking of j Texas that wound up a grand season I of 10 victories, no defeats, no lies. I John KiinbrnuKh. tho great fullback who hadn't been injured all season. was badly .'haken up. One car- drum was punctured in ;, scriinma.iir pileup ami his leg bruised. Physicians <:aid the eardrum injury was mil serious and thiit Kimbrough would be in shape after a tew days. No other injuries were reported. The Agijics amusttd 1!)8 points and permitted only twc touchdown;:, one on a pass, one safely and one 'field goal in knocking flat Southern Meth, odist, Eayloi. Texas Christian Rico ! In.Mitute. Arkansas, Texas. Santa : Claia. Villanova Centenary and Oklahoma A. & M. i Next Saturday winds up the The Methodists lor the .second 1111MIVIC1YI l*-^', V'MI.'VI 4) I »-• *-J Two-in-One' Beauty Habits Bring Double-Barreled Benefits * x> - ^'" J*SBfceli.v i" '--» *®A?^ ' JNMht Slie r-e-»-c-I»-e-s way back to her shoulder blades to apply after- bath lotion, giving muscles of shoulder and side a good wurkout. She s-t-r-e-t-e-li-c-s her heart far back while slit- ma.ss.i«es tonin? lotion into her throat, another double-barreled beauty routine.'^ at Dallas S. M. U season ayainst Hicc must win U. tie Buyliiv position. EiU.OW: Well-trained and modernly York. - equipped C. !VI. T. C. trcv|i.> man a howitzer at Madison Barracks, New • HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS With studied objectivty, Duncan Aikman and Blair Bolles set out to analyze the United States in 1914 and in 1939. and their results, together with some optimistic conclusions, are collected in "America's Chance of Peace" iDoubleday. Doran: Sit. The authors have carefully examined the records of America's part in i the 1914 struggle and have laid them nat " i beside the known facts relating, to th present European war. They are Congress declares ft ional emergency"—not the "limited emergency" now in force—call out; , ., . ., • , .• the Aeserves! That is the idea now. ! ctinvlr »-'- d lhat the " atlons entlre 105,000 Besides . the is a small—too small- officers, there] -non-commi.ssion- States policy-making today to emphasize their points. It is an old political trick to throw back at the speakers statements.they made in the past—but it is used with scholarly effect. The book is one you ought to read in the light of present conditions. ' i ^^ officers' reserve; also a growing reserv L ' T ' of enlisted men, ex-Rgulars, now civ- t ' r 'l ilian ghost-soldirs of whom 75.000 will Ivan T. Sanderson is a rare combination of naturalist, writer, artist. As a result, when he returns from an exploring party to write a book, he I could brings the jungle hack alive. He did i .so two years ago in "Animal 'Treasure;" now he does .so in "Carib- i bean Treasure" (Viking: S3), the story ! of his fantastic foray through Jamacia. i Ttinidad, Haiti and Dutch Guiana. The book fairly crawls with mamals and adventures as strange as the mam- red howler monkeys, roaring their defiance of my intrusion. After several minutes of consorted i oaring, the great white fellow rose on his four feet and gave two prodigious "Ughs" whereupon the asemb- led company roared its approval Ike a Nazi salute: then the precentor gave another "Ugh" ant! there was absolute silence. The whole company, having got that off their chests, looked down upon m with what I have sworn was a communal I ! Orange Bowl (lame t MIAMI, Fla .--i/IV- Announcement lhat Missouri's once-defeated will clash here on Tigers . r uw Year's Day with Georgia Tech's Yellow Jackets m the Orange Bow! football classic is expected shortly. Everybody who has kept an eve on the Bowl Commitee's activities is willing to wa.ger the bid will go to the Midwestern eleven featuring the flashy backfield star. Paul Christman. Definite word, is expected early in the week. l!y ALICIA 11AHT NKA St'i-vicf Staff Writer T'ne woman who has little time for l.cauly routines but a yreal determina- lion to remain youthfully altractive (hrough the years has learned to make time for many a single beauty routine allow for the work of two. She always liav a manicure while her fin- •jicv-wave is drying, of course, but in addition, she manages In make the most of si-vsral other beauty rituwls. ?,hc gets double benefits from these "two-in-one" routines. Her daily bath, for instance. She has discovered that it's a yood idea To d(, hand and foot exerciese while .sit- li;i5. ia the tub t.r posture e.xecises while tnkini; a shower. Kxeni'e liiulv; the Shower Instead D! i'tandinn under the showc: wilh shoulders hunched I'orw.ird 1 ar.d i'toninch pi'titrudiny, site .•itiin.-ls i !'i:cl wilh backbone in as rtraight r. line as possible, chest high ancl xtomat-h in. : Instead of crouching and making the water, so to tpeak, come down to ' he., she stretcbeii up to meet i'.. And I s<> pulls bur torso up and away from I hipbone .sockets, giving waistline mus- ) ties a much-needed stretch. I She bends and stretches while she I drie.s herself vigorously with a corse towel. Antl again when she applies a iriclion lotion for a post-bath rubdown. She bends from the wasitline j and dries the back of her legs wilh 1 i lung sweeping strokes. ! ung sweeping She reaches wal back to her shoultl- J L.G. ! C. be getting S12 a year for standing by to materialize on demand. And behind all these stand the sha- »v t, • ^ owy ' 3Ut substantial forms of hun- Q B i dreds of thousands of young men with R.G. . R.T. Smith. Fargo Second Team Grady of Yergar and R.H. . F.B. Hearne of some military training, mainly R. O. T. C. graduates not in the Organized .Reserves, and C. M. T. C. graduates. Tliey and the younger war veterans .are our only "disorganized reserve" Corbin. ends; Gipson of Langston and ' lod - ay ' but com P ared wi 'h the yokels Lumkins of Fargo, tackles; R. Perry i ancl back woodsmen who mustered one -* " ' *- - '-- eeday a year on the village green, they are veterans. of Con way and Kountz of Yerger, guards; Wright of Yerger, center: Sloan of Langston, quarterback; Cummings of Camden ancl BrLscoe of Fargo, halfbacks, <md Edwards of Corbin, fullback. >i JVjl|;.l>c in ; town for the next few days. Have your Piano tuned by Factory Trained tuner. R. D. ERWIN Phone 355 Police in Springfield, Mass., hold the key to a night club every night and give it back to the proprietor every morning to make certain the operator won't violate the closing laws And who watches the cops? Judges of the World Court will continue to hold office without an election this year. It's one of the jobs today for which there is a short- 1 age of applicants. course of action today is as far-removed from the war-inviting tendencies of 1914 as any intelligent guidance could make it. This is not a pedantic j mals. Just a jot of in? adventure, volume, laden with unintelligible s'ta--i about the monkeys who Rave a Nav.i It is a dramatic picture of the salute, e.xcerptqfl here: Half a dozen cvoak* began vit once, coalesced into a gargantuan roar, rising in a crescendo of sound far sur- tistics. tw< Americas with 25 years laid between them. Admittedly sympathetic to Roose- vc:l''s neutrality policy. Aikman and Bolles steer their way through the passing that of the lion house at feed ; ing time. The whole forest seemed to r to show that the nation's preparations I tor war are the most vital inst.ru- ! irieuts ;..( hand to keep u.s aloof from j ihfc conflict. They develop the thesis that to keep out of w-ir. this country ! neerl unly study the record of United ; S'tiites diplomacy and policy preced- infi 1917—ancl do just the opposite. • : Not quilf as convincing, but eciually :nass of data that has been assembled ' come to life. I seized up my gun. What 1 saw above ms Was a sight that I doubt if anyone else has had the good I'orlunte to witness. There, upon a. great branch, s;il a person clad in a fur coat of a whtie- ncss equaled only by a pur snow field under an Alpie sun. but twice a;, vivid as that since it wa* as shiny •i.s the finest «:atin. Around ihis maj- firicer^- in its view-point, is "Keep | estic personage prowled some two do/.America Out of War" by Norman Tho- ( tn great monkeys with black faces m;!-' and B:rtram D. Wolfe i Frederick i and Icmy beards, all clothed in simi- A. Slokes: Sl.iiOi. Thomus and Wolfe.! larly shining coats but of the rich- far from being satisfied with present ' esl, reddest, most burnished. wine- United States policy, are openly alarm I colored copper. sd at what they recognize as the first] These animals were abov the mist steps toward American involvement, j in the dazzling morning sunlight. Half Thomas, ancl Wolfe have relied less i of them sqt.-atted on the branches, op statistics, more on quotations from i taking deep breaths, sticking out their speeches of the principals in United bearded chins, ancl roaring. Thc-y were Charles F. Baldwin, committee chair„.,„ — ma "' an "'woced that Tech had ac- Icok of utmost scorn. Then the troop j p e Pted,_ subject to faculty approval, an began to move, croaking to each other j invitation to represent the South. The I fired at the last big adult 1 i °°'* "W''"™! was expected after could sec ancl there was a roar and j a mect ^S Monday or Tuesday, a crashing like mighty surf. i -«•»«»I How About B<is Drums? MIDDLESBOR'O. Ky. _ ( /)>, _ W hcn attendants ot a Midcllesboro hospital lost a needle of radium, wortl, S800 they thought the job of finding it would be .something like hunting a needle in a haystack. But an insurance company agent produced a radium- detector, went over ashes city dump and found the substance. It had been tin with the garbage. Bowling iMomliiy, Dcfcinlier 4 Hope Basket Co.—Home Ice Co. Standard Oil—Feeders Supply Co. Tuesday, December ,1 City Bakery—American Legion. J. C. Penney—Kiwanis Club. Wednesday, December ti Kraft Cheese—Geo. W. Robison. Brunei- Ivory A—Standard G'il. Thursday. December 7 Home Ice Co.—Rotary Club. Brunei- Ivory B—City Bakery. Kritlay, December S Gunter Bros.—J. C. Penney. Geo. W. Robison—SCS. Monday, December 11 Court House—Kraft Cheese SCS—Brunei- Ivory A. Tuesday, December 12 Feeders Supply—Brunei- Ivory B. Rotary Club—Court House. Wednesday, December K) American Legion—Gunter Bros. Kiwanis Club—Hope Basket Co. m ii precious en thrown out ! Cat Tale i BATH, N. Y~.-W.-AtM "cat game ! back ' stories: Mr. and Mrs. Robert jWilcox took Sir Felix i,-i .stray kitten : when they acquired h.im a year earlier) ; to relatives in Fillmore, 60 miles away, ; »» ii gift. Three months after their re: turn. Sir Felix was home, apparently unassisted.. or blades and rubs after-bath lotion into them. She figures that the far- I their .she reaches, the fewer arm and ' neck exercises she'll have do that clay. ' She tries to keep her knees stiff while bending forward to dry feel and , ankles. She stands erect wilh head | high and stomach in while sce-sawinn I Iht towel across her back. She lol.s hi'i- head sink forward, perfectly re! laxed, while drying the back of her neck. She does more limbering ancl stretching exercises while she brushes IHT hair. Sometimes she sits wilh head I hanging forward. Sometimes she .'lands with body quite limp, letting head hang us far forward as possible, twi-sting ancl turning ut waistline while brushing. In other words, she gets must of her daily exercises while doing oilier beauty routines. Furthehmoro. sho U'ani'jcl long ago that typing is less tiring if one .sits hack in the chair with base of lhe spine—not shoulders-touching. Ancl that even housework i.'' equally less tiring if one- maintains K»oi\ po.ilurc' hour in and hour out. THE THEATER I The British i i-'inoked eggs are experimenting wilh mutton as a substitute for bacon. It will now be lamb lor breakfast. A bee sting won $8000 for ; , mim m a court suit. On a proportial bas- i-'-. a dog bile should be : , gold mine. PETER AND POLLY IN TOYLAND Chapter 5 —Going Around in Circles A Christmas Adventure With Santa Claus SORE! THE TOYLAND TOOT-TOOTER (XT VOUR SERVICE, PILE THE MAIL BAGS ON AMD HOP OF ALL THE TOYS \ X'KA ALLOWED TO 1 USE, THIS \S THE THANKS FOR THE UMJ6H... AND DON'T WORRV ABOUT THE LETTERS-HERE COMES SANTA NOW.' TOOPLE Atu Toy ELECTRIC TRAINS OUST GO AROUND IN CIRCLES. HO, HO| THE JOKE'S ON VOU! We Hope You Never Need a . Prescription! WE'VE STOPPED; AMD WE'RE RIGHT BACK WHERE WE STARTED ELECTRIC TRAIN! ONE i CHOO- CHOO-CHOOSE! T MADE THAT UP MVSELF.' But if You Do... We will be g!;id to sei v<: Only highest quality ingredients used in compuunchng. There is a graduate yhai rnaciat on duty at all tirne.s! When siek see yuuv Doctor i,nd when Prescri|<tioiij arc iietded WELL, THIS IS FINE! ; GREAT ICICLES! WHAT ' A tOT OF LETTERS', CAN 1 "? SAY, WITH MV NEW STREAMLINED TOV-MAKIN& MACHINE I CAN HANDLE TIMES THAT MANY; ,- -r" WE BROUSHT ALL THESE MAIL SACKS THEY'RE FULL OF LETTERS TO YOU CAN VOU TAKE CARE OF ALL OF THEM? ANP CAN WE STAV AND SEE ALL THE MEW TOVS •2 OH, MV,NO.' YOU'RE GOIN6 RIGHT BACK HOME, BUT FIRST I WANT YOU'TO DO SOMETHING FOR ME AT MY OFFICE' WARD & SON The Leading Druggist "We've Got It" Phone 62 .Motorcycle Delivery 'COM. 1»M «v MCA ««««. ma. Time-savin;; is tin- idea of doing exercises (luring and after the daily bath. Tin- mallei bciuls to lhe loft (<> nib invigorating' after- bath lotion im less and lliislis and thus MtrrU'lu's waistline and muscles. .•••[•reenplay of ,ici.-f'uh Monc'iire March. An uriitmai by Alice Altschuler and Mivi;im G; : i)',v\. ~ -*w, o «—-~ —And Sudden Life COLIJEL'S. .\. Y.—'.-T'-Philip Rynn lived I., toll "f tho crash in which the (•let-rim; posi of his in irk was back through the driver's seat. h.van wa( thrown to the floor and escaped wilh a bruised knee as the nii.clmif went out of control on ;i hill, took out two yuard posts, skittered alone a cUvp hank, ancl crashed into another bank where il virtually broke in two. "Women Doctor" bares the hearts of the Graeme family—the father a well-to-do airplane designer the mother a famous woman suriv.'on and their daughter, a lovely little' girl. utterly in love with her parents. Starts at the "New" Then're. Tue.s- day. Into this happy picture, the career t.f the mother intrudes. Her skill eon- stantly in demand at the hospital. .she is forced to neglect her duties toward family and home! However, a series of dramatic incidents awaken the mother sharply to the realization t,( having lost hsr luwhund and the probability of losing her daugh- tor. Her methods of coping with this situation are movingly and intensely depicted. \ Excellently etched performances by j Frieda Inescort in the title role of "Woman Doctor"; by Henry Wilcoxon OK the husband, and by little Sybil Jason as the daughter, are delightful. Each of the performances would have lifted any picture to the top-entertainment class. Combined, however, •vvith an expert screen play providing an excellent mounting for their char- aclerizations, it results in "Woman Doctor' 'being class "A" entertainment, a distinct tribute to Republic's producing genius. Supporting roles are capably enacted by Claire Dodd, Cora Wither- Fpoon, Spencer Charters, and Jill Martin, Sidney Salkow has endowed Ihis Republic production with in- lelligent and maslerful direction. He has carelully guided his able east. drawing the utmost from the fine REAP AND WANT-ADS rruiK new Itamiugion Premier JL will fiavc you liours of school |>;i|icrs- -liclp you keep nolcs Iciii'lily for ca.sy reference. Ti.urli Mrihod Inalruc< tii,n JIunLli-t ruiuplete' \\itU art,ml lr B don», key. liiilinl rlurl, anil tier- ri-rrt 1-, help iracll you I) |iin« \ulli r;uc. nlifiilly liminil C« r . ryiiiB Ca.-r. — tHurJUy niailr <tf ll-ply wood, iu- iliiji-<l in tlin low )irlue i>f lhi» u-unijcrtul wtiliuj lll.l,.|iiiii>. AUTHORIZED REMINGTON DEALER O. W. MILLS 'JIS So. Waliuit ^» ^ w vvTYvT'vvTvirv' * v v v T ^ T ^^^« |Singleton's Fresh Roasted Coffeet 5* I Pound lOc 5 Pounds 50c *f* 2'/z Pounds 25c w. 113 South Ejm Street Mope, Ark. «& PLACE IN HOPE TO BUY COFFEE^ ------- <*<»<*<vH*»X*^»>.<^jS T t T y V f 10 Pounds $1.00 Y T i: '}

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