Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1939
Page 3
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SOCIETY a. Sid Henry Of Unities Grieving, I rend of battles long ngi: Of hosts that met in sanguine ousels wild; Of the poor futile dund, the friend and foe; Of the beauty (if (all manhood's crncc defiled: Of Vnrus mid his legions fallen afar West Ave. B. All members are urged to be present. Miss Wnmln Collins left Monday for Little Kock offer a thanksgiving week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Collins. The P. T, A. City Council will meet In the teutonic wilds; of the red doom Of Harold; of the setting of the star Of Clcopatrn'.-, hopes at Actium. m , But daily, ,,,,(1 in our dangers nil alone tcrtu In more tlinu mortal combat we have' pnrt; And no historian has ever known Of the antagonists that storm the heart Tti'.-.sday afternoon nl 3:30 at the City Mull, at which time there will be nn interesting Book Review. HOPJBSTAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS RAISING A FAMILY Most Children Like Toys Keyed to Their Hobbies^ Children ask for things they know about. These should be given more thnn n passing thought, for, as '. explained in another article, often .some vitnl longing can be satisfied. But on the other hand, there i_._ certain toys and books calculated to enlarge their minds nnd experiences Die present that holds promise foi clay after Christmas is gone will be happily chosen. So I suggest, among other things thai you go to a book store, or get in touch with a shopping service /. you live loo far away and ask for the Mr. and Mrs Oliver Williams on f . ollowill >r Books on hobbies, both in••mined i. group of Hope fronds air 0 "' '""' ° Ut; lll ° SC °" » ;irlics wilh " group of very delightful Of the nrmics fled; of the dreiidnuughls of the soul, Sunk whore the grcal deeps of the spirit roll. ~ ' Dr. uml Mrs. Thos. rJrcw.ster hav< had as guests for the pust few clays, Mr. jind Mrs. VV. P. Snv;iRr and d;ui«h- Icr, Jane Wnrren of Mundfordvillc. Ky. -O—' Mi.ss Frances Gwc-n Williams spent the week uml with relatives and friends in Little Hock. Mr. nnd Mrs. Troy Asl'm of Mat;nu- )i;i were week cud «ut-.sls of Mrs. Aslin'.s pnronus, Mr. uml Mrs. Thus Heard. . i^i'Jb The 13;..v View Heading Club will nice! at.three o'clock, Wednesday afternoon HI the home of Mrs. Kenneth L. Spore. S. Fine St. with Mrs. Fanny Garret! in, joint lui.slcj'S. The last meeting of the ycsir for Circle No. 3 W. M. S. Kicsl" Methodist church will be Meld with a Group luncheon, Tuesday at one o'clock, at the home of Mrs. \V. G. Allison. 210 all - Thursday at their home in Sheridan. Hope guests "•-'re Mr. nnd Mrs. Sid Buncly. Mr. . , . nnd Mrs. Kdgar Cargilo, Mr. .and Mrs. Max Cox, mid Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Hobbs. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmic Cook, Mr. im d Mrs. Terrell Cornelius, Mr. find Mrs. A. E.-Slussor, nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. Jjmmic Derris. Miss Ik-ttio Jean Lascler has returned to her home in Little nock after a w suggcslions for u\\ occasions; book.' with suggestions for making things and keeping busy, and there many, even for the tinicsl child. There i.s a new one oh the stands that will interest small boys and girls for days to come. It is the firsl in ii series of "talking books." With it comes n phonograph record which rc- cilics the Mother Goose stories, nnd tells when to turn the page. Alice Hcmscn sings the stories and Ihc e.J^it.iUrr^nU^r^rT-Sl^f-^".^- W.oc Circle will "Mother _ Many books give the sure only when rend, but others "hold nt the Woodman llalll. A Group luncheon will be held at Noon. All members an; in-Red to he present Mrs. M. M. AtcCloughnii and son, Merlo Kdwnrd have or two of these will provide amusement all winter. As for hobby hooks, to own one without the makings is like having ' receipt without sugar, flour, salt How To Relieve Bronchitis Bronchitis, acute or chronic, Is an inflammatory condition of the mucous membranes lining the bronchial n visit with relatives in Texnrkana, where they attended the wedding of Mrs. Mi-Cloughnn'ij niece. Miss Noble- forenc- Simmons, only daughter of Mr. :md Mrs. Leon Simmons, to Britton Hoiton of Jono.sboro. L;i. "flic mnrrhige wa.s solemnized at MO Sunday afternoon at the First Melliodisl church. returned from and linking powder. Mis Lpinloy iiiiti relumed to Fort .Smith, after a week end visit with her pan-ills, Mr. nnd Mr.s. Ken- dnl Lc-mley and other home folks. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Williams had as Thanksgiving holiday guests, Misses Hosalyn Mary Lou and .lack Morgan of Little I?ock and Ralph Word Icy of Kansas City -O- ^MI.SM-S Matilda McFaddin, Jessie Clarice Brown, Alice Lorane Heard, wind So in <J 1C se hobby books, all about mdow gardening, fish raising, photography, airplane construction, sewing knitting, bugs or building, it will be necessary to provide things to work with. i Some subjects, usually loved by older boys, need a microscope. Don' think that lad crazy who begs for one and says- seriously that he wants nothing else. I hope he really doesn't want much else, for such things don't sell for n dime a dozen. Yet there are microscopes for bcgincrs that do quite well and arc not to expensive A cnrpcntcr sel without boards anc nails is merely something to admire Trile, (here will Ijc time enough to get this malcrial uflcr Christmas but something simple to start on will make it n grand lime. Try Surprising Them Now, the children won't always know what to ask for. You won't know, cilher, perhaps, whal new road to start them on. Bui a slifdy of Bees or Benny and their natural tastes will be rather a good guide. So start them on hobbies you think they'll lake to. The stamp collector usually gets something dear to his heart, because he knows what to request, and others know it, too. The athlete gets his baseball outfit, his racket, football, or gym exerciser, because ho has advertised for it. But other children might like lo begin. Jim may love a punching bag; Joe, some Indian clubs; Bessie, a pair of tap shoes. You sec. Christmas might be a turning point to new and satisfying things ihcad. Listen to hie suggestions of your children, but don't forget, either, hat something untried and different nay be the keynote to future ambit- ons and many happy hours. PAGETHKElB SERIAL STORY 5 WOULD KILL BY TOM HORNER COPYHlttHT. (•»•. N«A • KMVICB, INC •?«"*•«• «••« dork. " lnce «° •"•«" «liem, onl (he window. Joey o" *«w he hid In *he '«>•"". then heard „,„. « fhont and nt Itint the «f i looked ..round the cd K * of the doorway like <hl». nnd • HARRISON IN HOLLYWOOD Fields-West Film Has Quiet Start; Mae Rewrites bcnpt, Bill Ignores It tubes. Creomulsion goes right to the 1 Ij -' ll "'» Ann Garinflo, Kathennc Ris- seat of the trouble to loosen germ ' " " ' laden phlegm, increase secretion and aid nature to soothe and heal raw tender. Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding that you are to like the way It quickly nllays the cough or you are to lmve>your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis 2 and Betty Ann Benson were Thursday dinner guests at the Hotel Barlow. The_ P. T. A. Council will meet at .'!:,'!() Tuesday afternoon in the council «>• PAUL HARRISON NKA Service Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD—Short takes: Wonders didn't ease when Greta Garbo turned comedienne'and Marlcnc Dietrich assumed a new on—and off—• stage personality while slurring in a western. Mae Wcsl has reduced to 120 pounds mid no longer is so rigorously corseted that she must waddle and get short of breath. She wears her hair down, too. and '.'.f J, ewo ': J°, wi; ' s - »' lllis P^ture with W .' C ' F ! clds ' Wl "'!"»£ title is 'My Fox is brewing a cavalcade of westerns titled "End of the Trail" and starring Gene Autry. It'll run the gamut from the six-gun to the six- string guilar. Musicians Protest DNclosurv of Tricks Tlic oomph-girl ballyhoo for Ann Sheridan has been squelched by her studio . . Eddi Albert and Jane Bryan may have been seen cantering together, but they're not on the bridal path. She's too career-conscious . . . Lorctta Young and Robert Riskin are I CHAPTER XVII J)AWSON'S automatic flashed into his hand as J>D leaped over Joey s body and ran up the stairs two at a time. "Krone!" he shouted as he ran. The door of Mrs. Benthorne's room opened as he reached the upper hallway, and Ara peered out She had taken off her dress and shoes and apparently had peon asleep— or 'almost so— when the shot was fired. "Wh-what happened?" she asked hesitatingly. "Get dressed! Get downstairs!" Dawson roared, and ran on to crash into Alston's room. The old man lay on the bed, as before, sound asleep. Dawson shook Alston. "Wake up! Wake up, man!" Alston stirred and Dawson shook him again. "Damn sleeping pills." ' He slapped the old man sharply across the cheek. ..A^ton's eyes opened, slowly Get up, get downstairs, at once!' Alston looked up blinking, as con- eciousness slowly returned. "You heard me, get out of there!" And Dawson hurried from the room turning toward the back stairs. He collided with Helen Ben- thorne, running up the steps, at the landing. He grabbed her arms and together they struggled to keep from falling headlong. She screamed and Dawson muttered a few choice observations on women running without looking where they were going. "What—What's the matter?' room at The 'city' "hall'• ' AlMncmbors ' Lilllc Chicki «l cc >" amf'Miss West," as f ' wori l e s in the matrimonial derby . . are invjcrl l<> be indent. Mixa Mary ' usuil1 ', has 'written the script. Filds ...''° f , cs ? lonal . magicians have reached j^. —..._.,,., ill |. 1 L1 *Vl(ll > I i , . . review "My Country and tlocsn l mmd tha ^ in the lcas( ; he never pays the slightest attention to scripts anyway, and will do his own DraU My People." Visitors are cordially invited. rewriting as he goes along. I r J M fc flj TUESDAY Wallace Berry as "SERGEANT MADDEN" with Tom Brown Alan Curtis Loraine Johnson Father vs. Son in Underworld War! John Garfield and Lane Sisters "DAUGHTERS COURAGEOUS" Dr. f. C. Crow and family left i T ' IC! ' C '"'« been so little friction '"untlay for LoiiRview, Texas, where ' on " lu sct " lat " lo co-stars, aware that everyone expected to sec fireworks, may try tossing a few tantrums or some arc lights so that nobody will be disappointed. With Dcanna Durbin permanently and happily installed in screen romance, Edith Fellows is to be al- dodor Crow wa.s the speaker on the priigram of District No. li of the Texas Chiroprnclic Association. Christmas Thought The economic ills of cotton nre .'till with us. It may be thai little lowcd to 8 row '" "June Mad." And can be done, so far as federal remedies are concerned But (he in- divicluiil can do his mite by getting into the .spirit of a cotton Christmas. The Memphis Press-Scimitar uug- gr.'.ts: live at home diversify-yes fine Bonila Granville, snntchcd recently by Melro when Warners let her go, is about to piny a feminine lead and get her man. The Al Jolson-Ruby Kcclcr divorce, friends believe, was due mostly lo in their hat and pulled out a protest about movies exposing their tricks. The .hocus-pocus experts will be told lo go climb a rope. In ."Remcmbr?", Lew Ay res gives Robert Taylor and Greer Carson a drug which makes them forget everyt- Oiing that recently happened to them. The picture is very bad. After the preview Ayrcs said, "I wish I could have passed out samples of thai drug to the audience as it left the theater." — u ...,,j,, IU| i i*iin.-^£ VVL; *!(,(. 1.11C example in he south where cotton is raised. Christmas is a good tune lo .'tart; in selecting .your gifts, see- how many can he made of cotton. Dollars spent foi cotton come back to the mid-south. Joy for otlmrs, prosperity for yourself, Select Christmas gifts made of cotton—Arkansas Democrat. Last Time Tuesday DAVIS BETTE _ and ERROL FLYNN in and in Technicolor DONALD CRISP VINCENT IPRICE ALAN HALE Henry Stcphenson COMING WED Edith Feliows- and James McCullion in "Pride of the Bluegrass" advice, hut we must use more cotton h ! s ""Patience with her social as- at home. How can we expect the ' l lil '; lt ' onK - • • After very local gossip North, East and west lo increase their I w '" cl ' n " ci chalked up a romance for cotton consumption unlcif we set Ihc ycia " Ij - vs • an< * Reginald Gardinald ' ' ' ' Gardiner, the two met for lite first time. He suggested; "We might take shotguns and make our press agents get married." Double Features Do<m\ Is Expected Producers are genuinely worried about Ihe 10 per eont wage incrca.sc granted .under strike threat, lo some of the studio crafts. All other crafls now wanl the same treatment, naturally, and the added load would amounl to about 515,000,000. The unions are being asked, pretty-please, to shelve the agreement . . . Hollywood fully expects passage in Washington of They Produce For II Duce HOME—MV-Births are keeping far ahead of deaths in Italy. births and .11.383 deaths in 98 provinces the month with block booking and, conscqucnl- , f September. There ly, should wipe ouUloublc features. were 2!),;)8G marriages. Italy's population presently i.s li.slcd at 4.1,417,000. Ten mimiles after a judge suspended .xenic-ncc mi a woman tin- disturbing peac-c, the complaining witness married her. That's taking a hair the dog that bit him. off Lasit Tunes Monday — T IRENT rciJAinir DUNNE BOVER l-Uis—L narlie McCnrtliy "Siio'r't~ fUESDAY ONLY— Revealed for the first time—the professional .secrcl« of a "WOMAN DOCTOR" (•Yiedn liu-scort, K 0 |,t. Wilcuxon AI.SO-COIMKDV & NOVELTY \Vlil). TIIUK. -FIVE CAME BACK' Saw Joan Crawford .shopping the other day, with a pac kof autograph hounds baying behind her. Few prominent players even ill tempt to do Iheir own Christmas buying any more. Most depend on their secretaries; some use commercial shopping services. Carole Lombard has the stores send out everything on approval . . Warners suspended John Garfield. He refused to play in "It All Came True." Few Technicolor pictures were to have been made next year because of their high cost. Instead, by the end of 1940, more color movies than ever before likely will be .shooting. The company has a nvw process- three emulsions on one film to be used in standard cameras,' instead of three negative films and special cameras costing 545,000 . . Twentieth- Louisiana Nibbles at the Carrot Trade AJ* Feature Sen-ice BATON ROUGE, La.-A new com- Helen Benthorne panted after she had regained her balance. His face was flushed and she gasped lor air. "You gave me quite a fright, Captain. I thought I heard a shot." "Sorry I bumped you, Mrs. Ben- Ihorne. I was in a hurry." She was staring at his revolver, still clenched in his hand. "I wanted to see you and Douglas and all the rest ; Will you come with me, "My father—he's all right?" "He's been asleep," Dawson reassured her. "Come, now, let's get back to the front hall." "Captain, what is the matter?" But Dawson ignored the question. When he reached di Torio's body, he found Kror-e standing near. "Just like Benthorne, Captain. A well placed shot, in the center of the forehead," Krone explained. "He was'dead when he hit the floor." "Get the coroner's office and tell someone to come back " Dawson ordered. "Where'n hell i Flynn? Did he think I wanted him lo take a vacation?" The cap tain looked up. Douglas wa framed in the door of the study Mrs. Benthorne was standing nearby, terrified and awe-stricken * * * A RA, dressed again, and looking a little more refreshed, was coming down the stairs. Alston followed her a moment later. Al of them were staring, with varying expressions of fear and bewilderment, at the body o£ d Torio, stretched across the archway opening into the living room Joey's sightless eyes were fixed on eternity above the ceiling; his mouth half open, as if he were trying to complete his unfinished story. , /'There's been another killing, right under our noses," Dawson 3egan, as his eyes searched first Dne then another of the group. "Di Torio was giving me some im- jortant information. Someone, icre in this house, was afraid that ie would say too much. That person silenced him. "I believe the shot was fired from upstairs—from the top of the steps—but it is equally possible that it was fired by someone standing here in the lower hall, someone who jumped out of sight before I could get out of the living room. You'll all have to give an account of where you've been for the last 10 minutes . . . Miss Johnson!" Dawson barked out his words. The suave, sympathetic criminologist had given way tp a hard, relentless police officer dealing with a cool, calculating group, one of whom he knew to be a desperate killer. "I was resting, as you suggested, in Mrs. Benthorne's room. I guess I was almost asleep ... I jumped up when I heard the shot—it seemed to be- very close-^-then I heard you shouting and running up the stairs ..." "Would you have had time to get from the head of the stairs to Mrs. Benthorne's room before I started up? What I mean is, was here a sufficient interval between .he shot and the instant I topped he stairs, for you to have made it back to the' room?" Ara stared at Dawson in wonder. Did he think he was going o trap her? "If you're trying to nake me admit I shot Mr. di Torio—" she began. "Answer the question! Would sou have had time to get from he head of the stairs back to the oom?" ^Why—why, yes. I suppose so." Good!" Dawson's searching "aze focused on Alston. "I S up- 'ose you slept through it all, Mr. Alston!" Dawson said sarcas- ically. "You probably wouldn't have heard the gun if it had been shot under your pillow!" The older man smiled, a bit wanly, almost condescendingly. "To tell the truth, Captain, I didn't hear the shot. This whole afTair has This whole exhausted me. I've taken three sleeping tablets—" "That's right, Captain," Krone broke in. "I gave him the last one not more than 15 minutes ago. And I stayed there with him until he went to sleep . . . Mrs. Benlhorne asked me to." "I'm hardly awake yet," Alston went on, yawning. "Please ex- me 5 ,f 1 a PP ear frightfully "You were pretty sound asleep when I tried to awaken you, Alston." Dawson looked at Ben- thorne's partner speculatively, and his glance let it be known that there was much left unsaid. "You had to be, to miss a revolver shot, not 20 feet from your door." He went on to Helen Benthorne. "And you, Mrs. Benthorne?" gone to Jar "eson's quarto use the telephone ters there." "There are other telephones more convenient—" "Yes, Captain. But with so many people in the house, I preferred using Jameson's. It is on a in.e separate from Mr. Ben- horne's. It is also possible to cut off the upstairs extensions from ameson's room—" "How long were you there? iVhere was Jameson?" "I was there about five minutes, had talked to Jameson and the ook in the kitchen. I left him there." "Could you have made it, without being seen by either the cook or Jameson, from the butler's quarters to the rear Stairway?" Mrs. Benthorne eyed him icily. I don t know just what you mean, Captain. I suppose, as you suggest, that I could have sneaked upstairs without being seen. But I could hardly have run back down, then up again, as I wa« doing when we collided, without arousing some attention. That's silly!" "Not as silly as you imagine. . . Now, Douglas, where »rere you?" "Right in the study, where you left me. Haven't moved -out of Yerger Grid Team (Continued from Page One) 'own. Pine Bluff failed to make ih6 xtra point. The last quarter was scoreless, The score by quarters: Yerger I , 0 7 j Q Corbin 6 0 $ 0 Near the end of the third quarter, fevid Shaw was taken out ot thfe ame for instructions from the Yergec 3ach. At the start of the fourth .uarter, Shaw was inserted back into 10 game at fullback. In the final quarter, Hope started oh « 20-yard line and marched to the 'inc Bluff 15 on a series of running lays feafuring Shaw and Carrigan. It seemed Yerger was headed for •. third touchdoWh, but the whistle' •nded the game. This is the first time in the history )f the Yerger school that the Tigers "on have the state championship. Yerger coach is T. T. Rainey. This s his second year at Hope. Before; Doming here he played nine years of nigh school and college football at Philander Smith college at Little Bock, •Te is considered among the best rieg. •o high school coaches in Arkansas. The negro young business men's club of Hope have started a drive to obtain money to purchase sweaters for the Yerger team. the chair, sure the And Captain, I'm shot was fired from above. I would have heard anyone who went by the study door." "So you haven't been out of the chair, huh? Just sitting around waiting for things to happen." Dawson's voice turned dangerously soft. "Then how do you explain that damp mud on your cllnae?9» shoes? (To Be Continued) plexion for Louisiana carrots is do- signed to. put the state back into a ?750,000 annual business. Two decades ago farmers had a thriving carrot trade, shipping as many as 2,000 carloads a season. Then sales slumped suddenly. It was dis- covered carrots from other states had superior coloring, indicating higher carotene content. Experts from Louisiana State University went to work. They found paleness in Louisiana carrots was associated with soils having an ex- tremely high moisture content. They began tedious experiments, breeding and cross-breeding as many as 200,000 carrots a season. Finally a rich golden-red variety was produced. Besides displaying a healthy new color, it showed a great- Business Is Still Business PARIS—f/P)—French firms, debtors of German exporters, have been reminded by the Ministries of Finance and Commerce that they are forbidden by a decree, issued September 4, 1939, to settle their accounts through intermediaries in neutral countries. French busincssmeVi who owe money to German export, companies have been receiving letters from their creditors informing them that facilities have been arrange!! for the payment of accounts through intermediaries in neutral countries, and in some cases even in Great Britain. er vitamin content, pnly a few seed of the new variety were distributed last year but farmers produced veg- vcgetablcs that found a ready market, some even selling at premiums. BABY'S COL USED (V 3 OUT 5 MOTHERS Easy to relieve misery direct— without "dosine".' Rub throat, chest, and back with .. . SUITS and COATS SACRIFICED AT 1 2 PRICE (Regular'Price $45 to $79) LADIES Specialty Shop F .,... <? THE ALL-AMERICAN CHOICE FOR Atlanta Goes (Continued from Page One) e Hardware Co. I'hone Watling" wailing on your table at the restaurant, or ''Ashley Wilkcs" driving your taxicnb, for all the old Civil War costumes in Atlanta arc going to blossom out for the fete. Slic-ll-IUarkcd l»o.s( to Give Light Dim amid the Hollywood floodlights, yet bright in memory and historic- association, will be an old-fashioned ; lamppost at the corner of Whitehall j and Alabama .streets. It wa.s there j when Sherman invaded the town, and ; still bears Ihe marks of federal shells. It will be ceremoniously lighted, and jil i.s planned to keep it burning for- jevcr with free gas dontalcd by the «as t-oi))|j;i;iv ,•« a;i c(cni;il flame iiicm- ori;di/.ing ih c Confederacy. A Confederate veteran, selected by lot, will accompany Miss Leigh to the theater. I Hollywood directors have taken over the square in front of Ihc theater. It will he dec-orated with antebellum scenery, floodlighted 1 , and roped off two hours before the first show so I that the 497,869 people who didn't get tickelii can watch the arrival of the stars and local dignitaries. AND BETTER TASTE IS CHESTERFIELD'S RIGHT COMBINATION of the world's best cigarette tobaccos When you ask for Chesterfields you're buying something no other cigarette can give you at any price . . . the RIGHT COMBINATION of the world's best cigarette tobaccos. All over America millions of smokers find that Chesterfields give them a cooler, better-tasting and definitely milder smoke. . Selection* "MY J says "must have »iore every one v; AM* yaw nex Copyji s ht 19J9, licojir&Mvau TOBACCO Co. SATISFy

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