Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1939 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 4, 1939
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World-Wide News Covera f e Given Impartially by Associated Press Hope VOLUME 41—NUMBER 43 Star The Weather ARKANSAS — Fair, slightly warm* or in central and extreme north portions Monday night; Tuesday fair. HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1939 PRICE 5c COPY RUSSIANS REPORT ADVANCE Bobby Ellen, Wesley Calhoun Picked on All-State Grid Teams By the Associated Press First team: Player School Pos. Liifittc, Pine BlufC L.E. Goclzor, N. Little Rock. L.T. Rnyburn, El Dorado, ....• L.G. Godwin, Blythcvillc '. C. Atkinson, Pine Bluff R.G. Wbitlaker, Fort Smith .. • R.T. Maack, Little Rock R.E. Bob Hutson, Pine Bluff Q.B. Ellen, Hope , R.H. Moore, Benton F.B. Second team: \Varrington, Blythcvillc.' L.E. Muse, Hot Springs .- L.T. Gardiol, Little Rock L.G. Satlerfield, Rus-scllville .-... C. Hcndri.x, Fort Smith R.G. Ferguson, Pine Bluff • R.T. Tibbilts, Pine Bluff R.E. Bliickwcll, El Dorado Q.B. Rowland, Hut Springs L.H. Jones, Fort Smith • ...R.H. Curler, Little Rock F.B. Honorable mention: Ends—Green, Hope: Hickey, Clarks- villc; Osmcnt, Joncsboro: Stallworth. Pine Blurt, Barringcr. Joncsboru; Bra- wncr, Hot Springs; Black, Joncsboro. T.ieklcs—Calhoun, Hope, Parncll, El Dorado; Donaldson Little Rock: Allinson, Clarksvillc; Justice, Blytheville; Balcn, Joncsboro; Wilkmis, Forrest City; Simpson Hope; Bush, Pine Bluff; Hays, North Little Rock; Harris, Forrest City; Ising and Gilbert, Rus- .sellviH, Guards—Quiinby, Hope; Sinlcr. Fort Smith; Childs. Hot Springs, Franklin, Fort Smith Buttry, Joncsboro; Crow- O • (j) Arkansas Dcmocrul AlI-Sljilu Flayer School Pos. Maack, Little Rock .'. L.E. Goclzcr, North Little Rock L.T. Rayburn, El Dorado L.G. Slatterficld. Russollvillc C. Atkinson. Pine Bluff R.G. Whittakcr, Forl Smith R.T. Lafittc, Pine Bluff R.E. Hutson, Pine Bluff Q.B. Hughes. Little Rock L.H. Ellen, Hope •, R.H. Moore, Benton F.B. Second Team: Warrington, Blythcvillc .... Ferguson, Pine Bluff Gnrdiol, Little Rock Godwin, Blythcvillc ...« Quimby, Hope Muse, Hot Springs Tibbclts, Fort Smith Jones, Fort Smith Forlncr, N. Little Rock Blackwcll, El Dorado Rowland, Hot Springs Third Team: Brown, El Dorado Hays. N. kittle Rock ... Franklin, Fort. Smith . Hinton, Little Rock . .. Williams, Forrest City Cnlhoun. Hope Green. Hope Daughtcry. Joncsboro Kcelon, Russcllvillc . DcljjHwjcgo, CJai-ksville Carter, Little Rock .. Honorable Mention: Ends—Osmcnt, Joncsboro; Bnrring- cr, Joncsboro; Stallworth, Pine Bluff; Williams, North Little Rock; Free- L.E. R.T. L.G. C. R.G. . R.T. R.E. Q.B. L.H. R.H. F.B. L.E. L.T. L.G. C. R.G. . R.T. R.E. Q.B. . L.H. n.H. . F.B. rort annul tsutlry, Joncsboro; Crow- "•••••""•->. ""im i-muu nucit; rrce- son Little Rock; 'Smith, Fort Smith; I lanfi ' Liule Rl)ek ' Eason, Hope; Pip- Gutlry, Camdcn. kin > Hot Springs; Hickey, Clarksville. Gutlry, Camdcn. Centers—Hinton, Little Rock; Mabry, Jonesboro; Wooclcll, Pine Bluff; Wo- jJiack, North Little Rock, Kennedy, Pinu Bluff. . Backs—Eason, Hope; Lloyd Blylhe- villc; Daughtery, Joncsboro; Fryer, Russcllvillc; Lcflwich, Pine Bluff; Kceton, Russcllvillc; Turk, Forrest City; 1 Johnson, Fordyce; Durham, Jon- L'aLoiu, iU-cvcs, Wdn/i Little ' Rock; Ray Hutson, Pine Bluff; White, El Dorado; Mcroncy, Pine Bluff; Fortncr, North Little Rock; Dclmoncgo Clarks- villc; Moslcy, Blythcvillc. Yerger Grid Team Is State Champion Tigers Defeat Corbin High of Pine Bluff, 14 to 12, for Negro Title Thy Verger High School football loam Saturday defeated Corbin High of Pine Bluff, 14 to 12, to win the negro high .school championship of Arkansas. The game was played at Pine Bluff. Both Iwitns entered the game undefeated and unscorcd on. The game wa.s hiird-foiight all I he way. Outstanding players for Hope were Car- rigun, Shaw, Williams, Carson and Poindexlcr. Best for Pint Bluff were Pcrryman and West. Pine Bluff won the toss ;ind received. Several line plays and a triple reverse were good for a quick touchdown with West scoring. Yergrr took (he next kickoff and with three plunges went down to 11 it- Pine Bluff one-yard line, but was unable to .score. Corbin kicked out U; the 25. Two plays later Poindexter pitched a long pass to P. Grady who scored. Shaw booted the extra point to give Hope the lead, 7 to C. In the .second half, Corbin kicked off \» Hope and recovered the hall on Hope's 32-yard line. A punting duel followed and then Carri«;m of Hope scored the second Tiger touch clown. Shiiw again kicked the extra point and Hope led, M to 6. Corbin received and immediately took to the air. A pass from Ferryman to West was good for a touch- Arkmisas Gazette All-Stiile Player School Pos. First team: LaFittc, Pine Bluff L.E. Goclzcr. N. Little Rock L.T. Rayburn, El Dorado L.G. Godwin, Blythcvillc : C. Atkin.s-on, Pine Bluff ; R.G. Calhoun, Hope R.T Maack, Little Rock ".'.. R]E Hutson, Pine Bluff • Q.B Hughes, Little Rock L.H. Jones, Forl Smith .• R.H. Moore, Benton '. F.B. Second team: Osmct, Joncsboro L.E. Ferguson, Pine Bluff L.I Gardiol, Little Rock L.G. Tackles—Allison, Clarksville; Mc- Guiro, Camdcn; Priddy, Hot Springs; Justice, Blythoville; Gilbert, Russcll- villc; Ising. Russctlvillc; Donaldson. Little Rock; Lamkin, Fort Smith; Simpson, Hope. Guards—Slater, Fort Smith; Harris, Forrest City; T. Davis, Pine Bluff; Childs, Hot Springs; Guttry, Camdcn; Honcycutt, Benion. Centers—McMahon, Forrest City; Wo muck, North Little Rock; Hcndrix, Fort Smith; Woodcll, Pine Bluff; Kennedy, Pine Bluff. Backs—Raymond Hutson, Pine Bluff; Tommy Lcftwich, Pine Bluff; Steed, Little Rock; Bell, North Little Rock; Rccvc.s, North Little Rock; Turk, Forrest City; White, El Dorado; Bock, Clarksville, Drchcr, Joncsboro; Lloyd Elythevillc; Moslcy, Blythcville; Duck worth, North Little Rock; Recce, El Dorado; Fryer, Russcllvillc; Johnson, Fordyce; Mann and Smith, Cuindcn. Negro Amateur Program City Hall Tuesday Night A negro amateur program will be given Tuesday night at Hope city hall, beginning at So'clock. Included on the program arc latest song hits, harmonica .solos, quartet singing and jitter-bug dance. The program-is sponsored by the negro recreational council of Hope. Reserve scats will be available for white persons. On account of the large number of tourists entering the United Statci: from Mexico this ycra, additional customs inspectors were mploycd at international boundary bridges. (Continued on Page Three) • CRANIUM CRACKERS That. Other War Although (here- wore 1C nations involved directly in the l'JU-18 World War. You'll be able to classify four of them—the United States. Great Britain, France, and Germany—without any trouble. But how about the others? Place an initial "A" after those- countries which were with the iillies, and the initials "C. P." after those which comprised the central powers: IUi.sM.-i, Bulgaria . France , Italy , United States . British Empire , Germany, , Serbia , Greece ——, Montenegro , Auslro-Hungary, , Belgium , Japan , Turkey , Romania . Portugal . on Piigc 'f\vo Christmas Carols Through the Age$ COME, ALL YE SHEPHERDS "Come, all yc shepherds, and be not afraid; Sec where all lowly the Christ-child is laid ..." This shepherds' carol originated in Bohemia, where peasants tending their flocks sang it to the accompaniment of flutes and reed pipes. The shepherd theme is found in so many carols because the singing of Christmas songs first began among devout peasant folk. -i fj Shopping Days 1 / Till Christmas Saltcrficlcl, URusscllvillc C. Slater, Fort Smith, ;,... R.G. Whittaker, Forl Smith R.T Green, Hope R.E Ellen, Hope ." Q.B. Leftwich, Pine Bluff L.H Blackwcll, El Dorado R.H. Rowland, Hot Springs . ... F.B Third Team Warrington, Blythcvillc L.E H«ys, North Little Rock L.T. Guttry, Ciimdcn L.G Hinton, Little Rock C Childs, Hot Springs ...R.G Muse, Hot Springs R.T Tibbctls, For tSmith R.E. Dclmonego, Clarksville ....- Q.B. Huf.son, Pine Bluff L.H. Lloyd, Blythcvillc R.H Carter. Little Rock F.B, Honprablc Mention: Ends—Pipkin, Hot Springs; Williams. North Littlie Rock; Barringer, Jonesboro; Frecland, Little Rock; Baxter, Blylhcvillc. Tackles—Donalds'on, Little Rock Williams, Forrest City; Allison, Clarks ville; Justice, Blytheville; Simpson Hope; Bush, Pine Bluff. Guards—Quimby, Hope; Skinner North Little Rock; Crowson, Little Rock;'Davis, Pine Bluff; Harris, Forrest City. , Centers—Hcndrix, Fort Smith; Kennedy, Pine Bluff; Womack, North Little Rock. Backs—Johnson, Fordyce; Daugherty Joncsboro; Reese, El Dorado; Keeton Kussellvillb; Jabcr, Fort Smith; Fort- ncr, Reeves, Bell, North Little Rock; Steed, Little Rock; Bock, Clarksvillc; Turk Forrest City; Smith, Brown Camdcn; Eason, Hope; Mcroncy, Pine Bluff; Hunter, Elliot, Hot Springs. Hendrix Debaters Win Tournament Edward Lester of Hope On Winning College Team' CONWAY — Hcndrix College won first and third places in the men's division and Ouchita College won first place in the women's division of Mil- Isnps College's annual "warm-up" debating tournament concluded Saturday at Jackson, Miss., Robert B. Csiplc, Hcndrix debate coach, said on his return from Jackson. Some 50 teams from eight Southern states entered the tournament. The Hendrix team winning first place was composed of Bryan Harris of Monliccllo, and Edward Lester of Hope. Edward Dunlap of Pine Bluff, and Mougon M;jn« of Buckiicr com-' posed the team winning third place. The Ouchila team was composed of Louise Burns and Ida Nclle. Daily, who won the women's title at the Millsaps tournament in IflliS. They defeated a Wintrop College team' from Rock Hill, S. C,, in the finals. Charles Pctillo of Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway, (he only other Arkansas team entered, was runner-up to Horace Haseltine of Springfield Mo. for individual men's debating honors, Bertha Louis Crow- dor, Louisiana Slate Normal, Nal- chitochcs, was the individual women's champion. Edward Lester is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Lester of this city. He finished high school last year, find while a student wa.s ;, member of the debating team which won all-slate honors at the University meet in the spring of 193'J. Lester entered collcue (his fall. Basketball Rules to Be Explained Here Basketball coaches of Hcmpslead county will meet at Hope city hall Mon clay night ;it 7:30 o'clock .Rules for 193!M() season will be explained by Paul Philbriek. All interested persons are invited. St. Patrick, favorite saint of the Irish, was a Roman born in Wales. Cott on NEW YOHK-W—December cotton opened Monday at 10.15 and closed at 10.12. Middling spot 10.31. Schoolmasters of Southwest Area Will Meet in Hop? Ben R. Williams,: President of A.E.E., Will Be , One of Speakers DISCUSS 1940 POLICY J. H. Jones, President of Southwest Club, Announces Program The Southwest Arkansas Schoolmaster's club will hold its annual meet ing at Hope the night of December llth, 1939. The Hcmpstcad county chapter of the Schoolmaster's club wjjj act as the host Tor the meeting. i J. H. Jones, Hope high school Principal and president of the SoutV)- west Arkansas Schoolmaster's club, announced that an interesting program had been arranged. ' Mr. Jones said that M. R. Owens, .state high school supervisor, will lead a discussion on the evaluative criteria and its use and application in all Arkansas high schools. Ben R. Williams, president of the Arkansas Education Association, will discuss the propose*' objectives of the A. E. A. for the year of 1940. Other speakers will be State Senator James H. Pilkinlon, Hope, and George W. Ware, director 'of the University of Arkansas Experiment stalion located near Hope. The program and banquet will be held at the Hotel Barlow at 7:30 p. m. Mr. Jones said that in addition to the speakers a social program has been arranged and will be presented with musical entertainment at the banquet. A business meeting will be held after the program at which time officials Cor 1940 will be elected. Present officers of the association are J. H. Jones, principal of the Hope high school, president; Bruce Wright, superintendent of schools at Foreman- vice-president; A. G. Shannon, super'- intendent of school at Stamps, sk- i-clary. 1 More llwn one hundred men infm schools in southwest Arkansas dtc expected to attend. Japs Treaty Offer Trade to U. S. A. Japan Worried by Expiration of Present'Treaty January 26 TOKYO, Japan — (/!')— Sources close to the Japanese government indicated Monday that Foreign Ministei Nomura had presented to the United States ambassador a tentative formula ior settlement of the principal Japanese-American problems; It was understood reliably that Nomura and the American envoy Joseph Grew, had surveyed the whole field of relations between the two nations in a conference which lasted nearly two hours Monday afternoon. Official sources were silent on whc- thcre the diplomats discussed the approaching expiration of the Japanese- United States treaty of commerce and navigation, on which Washington MX- months notice of abrogation last July 2li, and prospects for commeixuil .relations aficr January 2G. Sustains Broken Leg in Accident Sydney McMath, Jr., Hurt in Accident at Arkadelphia Sydney Mi-Malli, Jr., 5-yeur-old .son of Mr. and Mrs. Syd McMath of Hope, sustained a broken right leg in an accident Saturday at Arkadclphia where young McMath and his mother were visiting relative*. Young McMath and a playmate. Joe Charles Noal, were riding ;j tricycle and wagon down an incline when the wagon in which McMath was riding. turned over, breaking the right leg above the knee. He was taken Townscnd hospital at Arkadelphia. Sunday afternoon he was removed to e in Hope, mid his condi- Atlantans stand in lines blocks lone and still can'l C el tickets to the hie, ball or the premiere. Ol By NEA Service ATLANTA—Gone crazy with the wind! That's Atlanta as the world premiere of "Gone With the Wind" approaches. Not since Sherman's men marched out in '64 and left ashes behind them has the city been so completely ablaze. The movie premiere has been turned into a three-day civic celebration that will bring every hoop-skirt out of every attic trunk in Atlanta. It's a movie press agents' paradise. People are screaming for tickets to the opening show at $10 a head, proceeds to go to the Community Fund. People are trampling on each other in lines foiir blocks long to get tickets to the Junior League ball the night before the big, show. The National Guard will be out on opening night, December 15, to preserve order, and they'll see more action than^some of the troops .in the Maginot Line. They Can't Hold Them All Because the theater' seats only 2031 people, and the city auditorium can admit only 5100 to the ball, most of the to bis hom , - tion is reported satisfactory. The leg will remain in. a cast about six weeks. Dr. Crow Invited to Be Homecoming Speaker Dr. F. C. Crow received a telc- . ram Monday inviting him to speak on the Homecoming program of the Cleveland ChropriiMie- college in Kansas City on Saturday and Sunday December 9tli and 10th. Tlu English language has only 2li letters to represent 40 or more sounds. Old lamppost: Marked by Yankee shells at the base, it's jroinsr to be equipped with gas and au "eternal" flame. milling thousands will get no closer to the visiting actors who played Unloading roles in the movie (hat ;< street parade will permit. How to get tickets was front page news in Ihc local press. Vivien Leigh, the screen "Scarlett O'Hara" and Clark Gable the screen "Hhctl Butler," together with uiher stars of Ihc film and even Kay K.VKCT, who is playing for the dance, will ride in triumph through the Atlanta streets on the afternoon of the 14th. That evening, Gable in person with dance with some lucky Atlanta debutante whoso physical measurements have solemnly been found closest (o those of Vivien Leigh. She will wear the same $f>OflO white muslin gown Miss Leigh wears in the picture. They Can't Interest .Margaret Mitchell Almost the only calm person in Atlanta is the one who is at the vcr.\ center of the hullabaloo. She is Mar- garclMitchcll. girl who wrote the biy book. Miss Mitchell in ducking out on most of the festivities that have turned Atlanta upside down to make a Hollywood Holiday. She slipped to one of the S™ Islands to try . bathing for a cold. For three days the town will Hollywood. You may find "B (Continued on Page Three) To Prosecute for Delinquent Taxes Sheriff Baker to Take Action on Personal Taxes Tuesday Sheriff arid Collector Clarence E. Baker announced Monday that beginning Tuesday, December 5, he would begin collecting either in person or bydcpuly at the Arkansas Bank. & Trust Co. building in Hope the delinquent personal taxes in Hcmpslead county. 'Notice was given in a legal publication in Hope Star November 25, and again on December 2, to 1,685 delinquent personal taxpayers, and I am starting'action agaist them Tuesday," the collector said. "These delinquencies represent tho\T- sands of dollars in taxes due the county government and the public schools—a great deal of it to the schools. "I all fairness to those who have paid their taxes I must make this collection promptly and in full—and 1 am to do so. "It will be cheaper for you to come in than for us to have to go after Negroes Fined for Carrying Pistols Jim Goodwin and Timmothy Powell Draw $50 Fines Each Two negroes, Jim Goodwin and Timmothy Powell, entered picas of guilty to charges of carrying pistols ;md each was fined $50 by Judge W. K. Lemley in Hope municipal court Monday. Results of other cases: Loyn: Lee. drunkc-niicta, fined $10. F. T. Toinlin, negro, drunkenness, fined ij.lU. Johnny Lcc Walker, drunkenness, fined $10. « Bartha Wray. negro, drunkenness, lorfeiteil $10 cash bund, Coleimm Jones, drunkenness forfeited 510 cash bond. Em-Jin Quillcu, drunkenness, fined R. V. Smith, speeding, forfeited ?10 cash bond. Joe Sell. Krand larceny, held for action of Hempstead circuit court under $200 bond on a charge of stealing ;i bicycle from Johnny Withcr- >'pi>on. llu; value of $25. Minnie Woodfork, forgery, dismissed. T. W. Ashworth, killing a cow, dis- Luther Gates .assault with intent In kill, dismissed. George Thomas, carrying a pistol, dismissed. The total value of the chemicals tuund in the body of the average man is ( J8 cents. 11 Aldermen Are Given Jail Term Ruled in Contempt of Court for Refusal to Levy Tax LITTLE ROCK -{/Pj- Eleven Little Rock aldermen were sentenced to 10 days in jail, and a 12th, Mrs. C. C. Conner, was fined ?50, for contempt of court Monday as the result of their voting down a tax which Circuit Judge Lawrence Auten ordered levied to pay a- judgement against municipal improvement districts. Judge announced he would suspend the remaining portion of the men's sentence and remit a proportionate part of Mrs. Conner's fine it a council meeting is called with 24 hours and the mendated tax is levied. May Sattorfield called an emergency council session for 2 p. m. 5-M111 Maximum Tax LITTLE ROCK -W>- The Arkansas Supreme Court held Monday that five mills was the maximum ad volorem tax a city could levy for any purpose other than for payment of municipal improvement bonds. The decision, reversing Pulaski chan eery court, invalidated approval by Little Rock voters last April 4 of a one-mill tax for police pensions and five eights of a mill for firemen's pensions. W. Tiller Adamson, a.s a taxpayer, brought the test suit to enjoin the city from collecting the tax. The supreme court directed the chancery court to issue ;,n injunction. Night Session for P. T. A. Meeting Fathers Urged to Attend Meeting at High School Thursday Night The entire Parent-Teacher association membership, and most especially the fathers, is requested lo attend the association's meeting at the high school auditorium Thursday night, December 7, at 7:30. A program of interest is beiuy prepared and all parents are urged (o attend. The program is short and the night meeting is especially held for those who are unable lo attend meetings held during business hours. Miss Beryl Henry, superintendent of schools, will di.scu.ss the methods of teaching, grading and other phases of school work not included in the three RV This is the parent's opportunity to become acquainted with methods by which school activities arc handled. Soviet Claims a Treaty With Red Finnish Leaders Invaders Attack on Land ; and Sea—Deny Aim Is Conquest . RIOTING IN ITALY Students Attempt to Mob Russians, and Cheer Finnish Legation. MOSCOW, Russia — (ff)— Russia reported Monday that her army was advancing in both the narth and south ' against the Finns, and hernavy, rnak- ig sweeping attacks in the Baltic had captured a group of strategic • Finnish islands in the Gulf of Finland. Simultaneously the press at home denied Russia intended to convert Finland into a dependent country, and attacked "the democracies," naming Great Britain, France and the United , States. . Pravda, Communist party organ, said editorially that a mutual assistance treaty signeofSaturday between Russia and the Communist-led "peoples" regime of Finland "eliminates forever the causes of mutual distrust, and lays the foundation for a firm and indestructible friendship." Russians Land Troops SVANIK, Norway — (/P)— Three thousand Soviet Russian soldiers were reported Monday to have been landed at various points near Fetsamo, while immense clouds of smoke were sighted over the nickle works near Sal- mijaerci. ' The report of the new landing was brought into Norway by I. J. Sim- . cox, American manager of the International Nickel Company of Canada. To Ignore League:,---, . -J.' ^- ' LONDON, -Eng., r-W— The Press, Association said Monday it understood Ivan Maisky, Soviet ambassador to London, president of the League of Nations council, would not attend the council meeting scheduled for next: Saturday in Geneva. (The council was. summoned Sunday to consdier an appeal frpm Finland for arbitration of the undeclared Finnish-Russian war.) Italians Stage Riot ROME, Italy — (ff>)_ Grenadiers and carabinieri guarded the Soviet Russian ' embassy Monday as throngs of students march on it to demonstrate against the Soviet Union. The students gathered first fa front', of the Finnish legation, where they cheered Finland. . It was the second demonstration in three days. Seize Nazi Exports LONDO...., Eng. -<£>}— Great Bri- ...., . -— a r- tain and France extended their block-. ade of Gremany to the seizure of Nazi exports Monday, including those carried by neutral vessels. Britain simultaneously announced she had put 33 German merchant ships out of action in three months' war on the enemy's sea trade. A Thought And the Lord said untu him, Peace be unto thcc; fear not: thou shdH not die.—Judges 6:23. Liquor Probe Is Ordered by Ragr Orders Investigation Shipments Into D' Territories . FORT SMITH, Ark. —(/P)— \ naming the company, Federa.' Heartsill Ragon Monday char' grand jury for western Arke investigate "a liquor firm h, Arkansas" which he said had' at Sulphur Springs and West • phis. r Referring to the alleged flow of uor from Arkansas into neighbor dry states, Ragon said: "If you find any stale, federal o. imici'iKi) officers involved in this in any way I demand tliat you in- diet them, if the testimony justifies." MrsjTWJMps Is Service* Held at St. Paul for Hempstead County Woman Mrs. J. W. Phillips. 86. died ;.t the home of her daughter, Mm. .!,„> Bland in Suratusn at 3:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon. Funeral and burial serviced were held at St. Paul, two miles west of" Onaii. at 2 o'clock Sundiiy afternoon, conducted by the Rev. Mr. Newell uf the Ozwj-VVashiiigtoji circuit. She is survived by one di:\vhter, Mrs. Joe Bland of Saratoga, ;;nd 1.1:0 brother, Z. T. Smith of Blcvins.

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