The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1940
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WnoK Mto* cv*mi IWTIUUMM mi I Bity a Button Be a Sponsor THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHXAT ™™ ^ ^ "" * T O VOLUME'XXXVII-NO. '17. niylhcvlllc Dally News lilytlicvlllc courier . Mississippi Valley fflytlicvlllc Hernld Re a Sponsor Biiy a Button KViu B, ARKANSAS, SAT many's Mighty Air Armada Continues Bombings And Drops Parachute Troops- AlliesBkut At VitalRhinelandPoints ^^_ n • 11 rn m»>..M ~~— j. •• fc^ Germans Float From Skies; Dutch Battle Stubbornly ?oun a t5fes. t0day Jn a ™ UC ' ue ' r ' a " 1 " fo^tai'VTlow Dutch and Belgian troops-backed by fust Allied mechanized columns-bent off the sweeping German land attack •' Imur "'""• r " '-' "--' airplanes tilled the skies in by bombardment •t' tft' 1 '' fl ; ontlers , •>»«• n Li »1?,» Ve f slK1K!tl l .° ami seizure of communications centers "' "' e Netliellll » ds ' «"«> impovlnnl were klllett by lhc bowb ^Plosions in Am- to m n • 'U he Ce " mn air , ° dr ° P ' li "' TCh '"« ' " WCre i)arcl prcsscd " Allicti coUlm "s '» OT W-s flew low over Dutch at points where previously lhc Dlllch defenders. c eeners. to Amsterdam and "radio warnings broadcast by (lie Dutch rte " ro warnngs roacast by ( military reported that six German planes unloaded 200 parac Dutch ol- ha I ecaotu «, ™- 'The Dutch resly ha I recaptured the Rotterdam and The Hague airfields from the Germans " ' ' no- 5 al^T' 15 , 1 ?H iCatea NRZb lleW the and that a big battle was in progress.) About 80 German parachute soldiers were reported to have landed C^rVLfT™' 11 ' ak ° ncllr Rotterdam. . Toww around The H,ieue icported that c.erman. planes were flying i ow and some of them dropping troops m what appeared to be an effort to encircle the capl- vi 'i - q -? * , QUe "' Wilhellni "a today issued an appeal to King Victor Emmannc of Italy to aid in obtaining the respect of Uclliger- ent.s for tha rights of ,c(rtUans In war linjes. .'....'.. ..' '• . <treOmf ° smterM <«W"s- iii-'Hoilnnrl said .that planes had Bui Announcements hx- pecled Momentarily; Ad- kuis Speaks In County LITTLE ROCK, Ark., May 11.— No announcement hnd beeii made early loday by Oov. Carl E, Bailey or Homer Adklns, who are generally expected lo oppose each other In the gubernatorial primary race tills summer but the approach of the May 15 deadline round Rank B. Wilte of Magnolia, nn- mentloned In political speculation ns a candidate. Mr. Adktns mnde n speech last light at the commencement exercises or the Mississippi Coiinlv School at West Ridge while Gov. Bailey spoke lo several thousand farmers who attended the first an- iiial Visitors Day at the Bates- il!e branch agricultural esperi- nent station during yesterday atl- rnon. Mr. Wilte, a former investigator lor the stnle Revenue Department during the administration of Oov .1. Marion Fulrcll, filed his party pledge and paid the $112.50 ballot lee lo the secretary of the Democratic State Committee. The Magnolia oil man Nazis Expect To Strike Main Dutch Defenses Today . were >• >""'" h " C ° f '' osislim « ! In Holland lodnv K , S f C " C A"' 0 ^" iiKlltil * of Ulis w» r line whic'h tlie Cermims claimed already to hnvc- U down Ihu river to the Mans river, ihcneo to Tllc of Ihio «l-l ' ' lc ««««« o this hue, winch Germans were snid to litive penetrated is- n • ,. ' >« in tie Im^ei'-likc projection of Holland | v in K tweon Be«f.uiii mid Germany in U 10 S0u lli. > ** Bell ml Us line (lie Diilcli have Inundated vast, ad r ,± l! U> S'i ,'*" 0rU ''? nC "'A lg ' m the r i n Mn , i > ,""° C ° nsl ° f " 1C lllle wlllcl1 ' the city of Mnnstrlehl, wns loosely gimrdcd The Dutch line connects will) Ihc nclglnti which bcnln-: mi Hie 'S , mil m nscfoi) 1 ?- s (o nrutcct, Q r a, 1 il inclmlrs c cgnti w German-Belgian homier and U was believed that , ' " found himself the only qualified candidate far governor with the ticket for the August, primary elections scheduled to close at noon Wednesday. Oilier potential candidates remained silent wlillc riimore' became .thick aiitl-jiolitlcar '-'experts'.', work i . — n -* «" iiviiuuii .^iiiLi iiiti i jjiiini-v> HMO • •.•••11. }jvji vLiui uAjjti is, worx- , .,} I, -Nil 0 ? 1 * . Wassenaar, near The Hague, at Wiinllinven airdrome I ?. d themselves into a bad case ol ana ,,l Tilburg m southwestern Holland. : jitters. « the Jay 11 (UI')—British advance troops have arrived in ish consulate general here announced today. BRUSSELS, May. 11. (UP)— Bniwels, startled by the crash of five bombs. Inn -German .dawn airplane attack, Heard reports today thai German parachutist troops were landing in military areas, 10 cut barbed wire entanglements and set up concealed machine gim posts Airplanes were landing in ifreas enclosed by barbed wire entanglements and disgorging troops who ran to cut the wires and set up machine guns on the edges of forests or under tree-branch camouflage;. If the German, planes found themselves in a. position' where they could not take off again, their pilots burned them, it was said Brussels WHS quiet between dark last night and 5 a in today but few people slept. Hourly (lie official wireless instructed the populace what to do. It gave frequent warnings Hint enemy planes were over vnrious points and told the direction in which they were heading. The first air raid alarm of the day came at 5 a.m. when enemy planes were sighted here. They dropped five bombs and left. Despite the bombing normal life continued here, street cars and buses operated, public markets opened as usual and workmen went about their tistial tasks. . Many refugees began arriving from frontier areas on their way to previously designated shelter areas. It was asserted by the nations! defense slnfl that German troops were being held at all points and that parachutists were being neutralized. Bombardment of Belgian airports had been unsuccessful, it was asserted, though German planes continued their nights over Belgium and air raid alarms sounded frequently. The bare disclosure was permitted that British and French troops had arrived in Belgium Friday afternoon and were welcomed by the people. with flowers and cheers. Stock Prices A T & T 171 1-8 Am Tobacco 85 Anaconda Copper 30 5-8 Beth steel 88 3-4 Chrysler 81 1-2 Cities Service 6 Coca Cola 125 General Electric 35 General Motors 52 5-8 Int Harvester 54 5-8 Montgomery Ward .'.. 455-8 N Y central 1+ 1-2 North Am Aviation 23 7-t. Packard 31-8 Phillips 38 5-fc Kadio G l-l Republic Steel 211-8 Socony Vacuum 101-4 Studebaker Standard Oil N J ... Texas Corp U S Steel 9 1-2 42 3-4 45 3-4 61 3-4 New York Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. open 1021 . 388 , 957 947 941 . 928 high 1040 1005 91G 963 %1 948 prev. low close close 1021 1035 1021 1001 986 910 959 954 348 951 945 943 930 981 957 947 941 928 New Orleans Cotton May July 04t. pec. Jan. Mar. open 1032 997 968 953 247 936 high 1048 101G 981 965 952 MS low 1032 997 96G 953 942 D36 prcv. close close 1045 1010 916 965 952 946 1033 997 967 953 947 939 Germany's Man Of The Hour litters. Tlie Hotel Morion lobby, usual scene of much propaganda, was singularly empty of politicians Lieut, Gov. Bob Bailey checked out of Ills room yesterday morning and returned to his home at Rtisseil- villc. Former Congressman John L McClellnn or Camden remained in his room at the hotel as many friends called during the day ntut most ot the night. Attorney General Jack Holt, who is believed (o have foregone the gubernatorial race to seek re- nomination, addressed the graduating class nt Melbourne laurel Bounty, last night. Melbourne M. Martin. Little Rod- lawyer who filed a corrupt practices pledge ns a candidate for attorney general several days ago, In a statement yesterday said: "I seek the whole-heniicd support of the people and voters of Arkansas and, if you will be kind enough to elect me. I make my pledge to not seek a third term for the ollice." Entombed Miner Recovers And Beats 1,000-1 Odds NEW WATERFOIiD. N. S (UP) -Miner Bob Davis is back from death's door nrter « miracle rescue in lhc Dominion Coal Companv's No. 12 Colliery here. Other workers gave him up tor dead when he was burled under tons of falling coal awl stone He did not have a 1,000-to-l chance of living, they said. Yet when Davis was dug out of tlie debris by draggermeu he was still alive. In hospital where he was revived, it was found only a small bo.-.c in his back had been broken. , . Herman Goeriirg (designated by Hitler to be his successor In case of the fuehrer's death) came into his own as commander of the mighty.German air armada when Hitler gave the word for the aerial fleet to show the world that it carries the balance of power In modern warfare. If Ooetln^ make good his frequent " ' ' vivinvj \ji i,i$ Germany can well expect !,<* tu. r,-. . . ___• '* ___ , $ ee the Second World War. a sophomore at the hv" . r V,'" UIC , M " g " 101 "' lc '" fouiowhl » dnvest of Liege to the French frontier CVSIrSSn " K 01 a.ul l n rtrons, sappers, antl-alrcraft nrtif, n , J' 0011 ? 1 "" <1 (lrlve " flcross Ule MansWchl "nngcr" nn hed the Delglnn frontier on the Ufa as I,, one hour yeslerday, meet ing almost no resistance from tl,e screen of Dutch troops. U vm ad miUed, however, this force had suirercd wrae losses wl,™ it (,"" to c oss the Mnns at Mae.sweyk and ran Into Bclglm, nrc o . cgm, rc No official clainu had been made or the occupation of Tlie Hngu or other cities behind the Dutch defense line and it, was believed lliu were °° 11S IUl<l lf ""' e(1 bchlnrt ' Ulc Unc ' lhclr I1Hmljcl Cie ™ 1 "" • with ' Mlcvecl ttmt the tempo of air fiehlinc would In of ground fighting. The official news auencv wnrnc ' . ,, ° •>(>•.v'.ife. im; uiLumi news uKciicv wanic shar!> : y Unit the alleged Allied:bombing of the German town'of Pried burg. 12 miles from the French iborder. In which 24 Clernmn- civilian mere, said lo, killed, vybuW bring "llve-rold" relDllntlon fron the German air force. ' ...: , The news agency said the bomuing occurred May 5. German' wire less broadcasts heard In New York -said it occurred May 10.) (In London It. wns officially denied that the raid hnd ever occurred Tiie charge was termed "Gcrmnn menctaclfcy.") Despite Ihe talk of open city bombings, "however, no special nir rale precautions were nollconble.ln Berlin. A siren test, scheduled for yes terday, wns canceled without explanation. Dunce. 1 ; were forbidden "because or the gravity or the times," but Reich sports Lender'hiimmei nnd Ostcn announced that sports events would lie carried out on schedule "because they serve the Cerin&n peoples' strength." BERLIN, May 11 (UP)—The German official news, agency alleged today (hat nllied nertal bombardment of Freiburg on Friday hnd killed 13 children when bombs struck n playground, 'flic .children were -sntd lo be from five lo 12 years old. Tvrelvc adults also were reported killed. BERLIN, May II (UP)—The high command said today Hint Gcrmnn reaps were attacking strongly nfier smashing Belgian nnd Dutch fron- ler defense forces and Nazi sources reported severe bailies were In noercss for possession of slrni.eiric nir fields in the low countries. The agency denied British reports ot "successlul attacks" by rdr ngnlnst Germans In the Rotterdam ami The Hague areas. It also denied a number or British nml French charges that Germans had bombed tion- mllitnry objectives. "All thest! arc atrocity and propaganda stories," the agency snW 'there Is no question at total war such as the enemy attributes lo Germany but Oennnn's air force will repay many times every attempt by the enemy to nun this into n tolnl wor." British Ambassador Rescued By Rome Police I'rorn Youthful Fascists HOAIE, May II. (up) _ . n ,,> British embassy protested to the lliillnn Koranincm today u S! ,lnst inll-lJrll!3!) ilrmomlrntloitt In Homo after air Noel CJmVles, British elini-BC d'affaires, hm! been' rescued by police from n throng of demonstrating youths. The filing of' the protest coin- 'Ided wllh nnll-llrUlKh dcmonslra- lons, which occurred In Home al- er Pi-ciulvr llonllo Miissollrl hud «l applause In tho senate where Admiral Domcnlco G'uvngnnrl said hat Italy's position In the Mwll- ermncnn must be changed. Sir Noel became Involved when n British resident of Home, ivho hnd been ussalled Iry Uiillnn youths he was (caring; down anll- Jvlllsh posters, called the embassy ror help rrom a hotel lo which he Had ricd. With n companion Sir Noel responded, when he arrived life milo- moblle was surrounded by youth- shoiillng iiiill-nrllLsh threats nui. •Sir Noel wns nble to leave his car only alter pollw had pu.shed buck Hie demonstrators. Upon leaving tl»> hotel the British diplomat again was surrounded by the crowd. Police again rescued him and then Sir Noel foun'd thai his car, boa ring .diplomatic registration-plates,' had licon plastered with aiilt-Hrltlsh posters. On l|i spot lie demanded of police (his. UIB posters be removed and police forced students to lenr them off Upon sir Noel's rcltirn to the embassy thu Hellish protest mis lodged with the government. The neighborhood of the! embassy wns plastered wllh wall stickers saying "England Missed Put Your One Of Modern World's Biggest Battles Begins i ouy on n nw-Woatern ! o lulu 6 '' 0 ? Ullt T y inr ° l>m » lll « forcsnw CMC o£the S- tjos. ImltloH ol inodoni timc.s {Icvolopinjj ../; K L ! 10 ai<l 0( ' »''iti«l« IJombi.ig pinnes au-poil and were ronoi-ted pnnnn.s on n lino about 5 li-onlicr-stiii i tftln reported ihnt German plnnes were nllncklng ndvanecd Allied in Helium and that lidllsh machine., were ?ctoK forcbfy ' Expert Debunks Pearls In American Oysters CHICAGO (UP) _ Don't expect to get rich from the pea ,i you find in an oyster, even If It hasn't already been mined by cookln" The reason' you won't get "rich according to Clifford I Joseph-' son. president of the American Gem Society, is "because no pearl of any real worth is ever found in the North American variety of edible oyster. They | ach the luster of the true gem." I'alhcr and Son on Campus TUCSON, Ariz. (UP)-Llke many business men, c. Leonard Pfelffer •M-ycar-oId vice president of a New York perfume firm, thought it would be an excellent idea lo re- college. „„ something about men, e boasts tlie University of Arizona «»»• of'studs Bachelor of n : son la suiirs Republicans Hear Bailey Applauded For Criticis- ing Federal Government LITTLE ROCK, May 11. (UP) — Convening to name n state ticket for the November general election the Republican parly ol Arkansas today heard praise given Oov. Carl K. Bailey for. his recent criticism of the New Deal. Osro Cobb, chairman of the stale Republican committee. In opcrlirg the conference praised party members saying: "U takes courage lo be a Republican in Arkansas but our party morale is high and we share with the national organization Ihe belief that this fall's election will see a government of the jwople returned lo power." After hearing Representative Joseph W. Martin's address the conference recessed until two p.m., at which time formal acceptance of Die committee's recommendation for a state ticket, Including the name of Mayor Hurley Sluck of Stuttgart as the party's gubcr- natorlal nomlrcc Is expected. Seventeenth Street House Is Damaged Fire of an unknown origin damaged thfi residence of Henry Collier on South Seventeenth street at 3 o'clock this morning. Extent of the damage was estimated at $400 by Fire Chief Roy Head. - "Last Call" For Census Lisling Ts Announced The re|)oit"of the 1940 census for Blylhcvllle will not be announced until Tuesday, according to Rupert Blalock of Joaesboro, district supervisor, who spent today here In n check-up. It is known that a number of Blythcvlllc residents have been missed In the census and these persors may, be enumerated unit! Monday, Mr. Blalock said todny. The Chamber of Commerce, sponsors of a movement to make the census 100 per cent, Issued an appeal for each citizen to be sure that he was enumerated. If you have not been, please call tlu Chamber of Commerce, 291, by Monday so that every name can bo Included. It is hoped to have Blythcvlllc In Hie 11,000 column ns compared lo 10,090 for 1930 but this goal will not be reached unless mnny names are added over the weekend. Removal of families lo suburbs few years and the city limits • lhc past failure (o extend lo Include I'rlcte Sub-Division and other suburban points will keep Blythcvllie from being a city of more than 12,000. It is believed by Ihe census supervisor. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair tonight art! Sunday, slightly wanner In norllieasl portion Sunday. Memphis and vicinity— Fair and continued cool tonight, lowest temperature about 54, Sunday (air, somewhat warmer. Mrs. Earl Quirm Of Osceola Dies On Friday Night OSCEOLA, Ark., May II.-Mrs "Dntchlc" Tanner Qutni, wire or Enrl Qulnn. died at Memphis Hnp- llst Hospital nl 10 o'clock last night lifter having bcrn stricken ill with mi acute condition: of Hie brain several days ago. She wns M. For somo time Mrs. Qulnn hnd suffered rrom severe headaches but did not become actually ill until less than a week ngo. She was removed (o the hospital Tuesday where an operation wns iwrfoimed Wednesday and another on Thursday In nn effort to relieve the pressure. Funeral services will be held Sunday nrternoon, 2:30 o'clock, from the Quinn residence which wns completed last year, with burial In Ermcn Cemetery. Mrs. Qulnn. who wns the daughter or the late Mr. nnd Mrs. Luther Tanner, was reared In Mhslsslppl County, having lived at lllythevltle when n girl nnd later moving to Hie Southern district of the county. She Is survived by her husband] also n member ol nn old Mississippi County family; four daughters. Mrs. Jack Wilson of Wesl Memphis; Mrs Melvin Speck or Picmch'mnr'.s Bayou; Miss nixie t*c and Miss Jean Qulnn. both of Osceola- three sisters, Mrs. Wils D.ivis or Memphis. Mrs. Vfrgll Greene of Blylhc- vllle. and Mrs, Finlcy Cnrtwrlght of Osceola; one brother, Joe Tanner of Memphis, nml two hnlf- slsters, Mrs. Jutmltn i\fcAtillff of St. Louis nnd Mrs. Louise Wilson of Memphis. Included In Hie large number of out of town relatives who will attend the rites will be Mr. and Mrs Virgil Greene and daughters, Miss Elizabeth and Miss Evelyn Blylhe of BlylhcvlUc; Mr. and Mrs. Wils Davis and family and the Joe •runner family and Mrs, Louise Wilson- of Memphis; Mr.'and Mrs. Jack Wilson of West Memphis; Mr. nnd Mrs. Mclvln Speck of Frenchman's Bayou;.Mrs. Junnlln McAH- urr or st. Louis. the f'l'llllr'' Clnl1 '»«'}"'>wvc shot down more than loo German one .•ec^d'ilirdJome!''' 11 "" U " m9 ™ Wte S " ZC " """ n ™* C(1 al A Belgian communique llils nflwnoou said IS Na/.i bombinc nlaiics ed'on rl'T', 1 '"ii 1 " 16 '"' Pmls Mmclt « OrmiarllhlTw e fc cd on Mcnch, lerrllory. The Krlllsli nir ministry announced that 60 ola ""U ,' T", WC ''", (lcslll « tc(l -i'tstcnlny ami | fts t nlghl, 20 Bri ISh planes were missing, the ministry said '<Arf,u"tr ! ili W ' rc ,''T'' t<; " lo h ° UI Arl011 '" soutl'cm Luxembourg.: (Adoir Hitlers hcadcmnrlcrs hi tlie field asserted that German for- w.f were ndviiuclns rapidly in both Holland and Belgium. It \vns as-' .01 led ilmt 12 nlrdromes In' lloiimul, Uclglum and Frmice had been bombed nnd 300 lo 400 plnnes destroyed t n,,| l n", Cl r r K " u' , V "!' Klclrclw ' Nellierlunds foreign minister, said Diilcn Hoops nltackcd at 11 n,m. today nl Hotlorrtnm nlrnm-t ami ri> took tt after a costly nghu Van Kle.rens .snid .hat Dortc't n« ^ Rol vvlplTout" ™«>l>lurcd nnd ..Hint a Oerman conlingcnt ),ad Despi'ialo Ciermah "Trojan lioi'se": troops 1 were "reported itirtdmi neigiflii military urenVih airplanes, culling barbed'wire •cntaliglcmt niic! selling lip eoncrnlcd machliii! gun nests. • , ' rjnni'.'i landed In places where they could not lake'oft were b nl once, It wns reported. . • • Military (imirlers hero nnd nf Paris as well us al Brussels and nm- sterdnin seemed to believe that the present position wns. satisfactory with the great lest still lo come. Vim Kleirms nnnoimccd Hint the Dutch cruiser, Tlie Sumatra now wns rnroule to Englntul "to do Its bit" ''••'•• Upon attacking Holland the Hist act of the Germans was lo sow magnetic mines In all Dutch harbor entrances but lhal the harbors hnd been sivcpl clenr by Friday evening, he said. ' •IVu-lhlrds of llollnnd's gold dcjioslLs tind ticcn sent away before the German Invasion nnd "the remainder Is being sent iHvrty." LONDON, May II (UI')-Alllud milts have landed nl Ihe Dutch Wesl indies isluuds of Cmacao and Arubn lo prevent poMlblc Oermmi sabot"•'- of oil irdncrlcs It was slated aulhorltntlvely today. LONDON. May II (UP)—Winston Churchill wns uiidc-riioou today lo hnvc chosen a small war cabinet which may be announced Ihls eve'- iilng. VATICAN CITY, May n. (Tji')-Pope Plus Iras sent a message to King Leopold of Belgium, Queen Wllhehnlnn ot llollonc 1 and Grand Duchess Charlotte or Luxembourg that their Is Ihe cause of right and Jiisllcc. the Vatican announced today. ; The Pope told ihe king, the queen and the grand ituchc'ss that he would prny God lor divine Intervention In their behalf. ,. This mornini; the pope received first, Myron C. Taylor, President Koascvolt's upcclnl representative (o Ihe Vatican; Audrlcn Nleuwentmys, Dclglnn nmbnssndor, and Francis D'Arcy Oodolphlii Osborne, British minfilrr to Ihe Vallcnn. (Ilollnnd is not represenlwl at llio Vatican, nor is Liisembourgh.) John Bearden Hurt Seriously In Accident John neimlon, widely known L«ichvllle planter, wns seriously Injured Monday night In a highway accident when n the blew out to cnuse an automobile to overturn, lie a fractured hip. a frac- lured pelvis and severe cuts nml bruises on his head nnd other parts , of his body. I The nceldent occurred in; Western Mississippi County when lie was riding • x Robbtns of [.eachvlllc. Removed to the St. Bernard Hos- Big Crowd Attends Musical Festival The crowd overflowed the City Auditorium last night when not- even standing room was left for the 1'nn American Music Festival presented by eleme.-tnry students of the city schools. ' Special features of Ihe projrnm wero the unusual costumes, the cf- icctlveness or the portrayals and which provided an for tiic choral _ . _ .' and folk darjc- _ in which 300 students participated. The festival is nci affntr given ,. . , • *«"- *i-o**«»i is im tiutur given pltal In Jonesboro. he Is resting I nnnmlly by members of the fourth VPI't* u*SMl nlH\niinU II ,.,111 I,« -„».* *,,», .... . _ " very well although II will be some lime before he can be placed In a cast. When this Is possible It Is planned to remove him to hts home, Mrs. Ucardcn said today. Woman Judge Defends Feminine Job Holders CLEBURNB, Tex. <UP)-Mrs. Sa- wli T. Hushes of Dallas, Texas' only woman district judge, pooh- poohs Ihe suggestion that job- liolding married women atiri to the list of the nation's unemployed men. She tokl io:al members of the Business and Professional Women's Club that most of the 3.000,000 married women who work hold some kind of domestic Job. Nearly all unemployed mery come from Industry, she said. "A steel worker would not push ft baby buggy for - someone else," she satd, fifth and slx^h grades of Central and Sudbury schools and the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades of Lnngc school. Three Sisters Celebrate Their Golden Weddings CLEVELAND. O. (UP)-Golden weddings have become commonplace to the Riley sisters ot Cleveland. They have celebrated three in the last three years, first Mrs. Maggie Slebenharr, next Mrs. Grant Williams nr.d recently Mrs. Frank Body. The sislers have one brother. Jeny. He is a bachelor. Third Teeth Cul ol 86 KELSO, Wash: (UP)—John Gantenbein, 86-year-old shoe repairman, has cut a third set of le«th. The phenomenon, ho said, was 8(j- companlKt by te*thlng pains common to babies. ' :

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