Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 2, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1939
Page 3
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ivtra. Sid Henry Telephone 821 Iliil/micd Si'iison I'm i.{lml Ihc little Christ was born Upon n winter night. When all the frosly slurs nbove were shinning .still mid brigh'.. And (ill tin,' brittle g'.i.sses stood In hushed array, while then Tin? itic.ssa^c came from heaven, "Pence iin earth: good will toward men." Earth seems so cle.'in in svinlerlime: Tlio dust lies virgin while. And icicles funii rullugc wives Arc clear as crystal light; The li;a flp.v trees lift pleading arms Will) barren limbs ht-ld high To nmke nn clchin/,' like n prayer Against I ho winter sky. Anil )ii>;ir|y an- free In inodilalc Along the quiet ways, Tti nurture lovu and hope nnd faith Atfiiinst Ihe luirvi\sl days. It could hiivt. 1 bren in spring or full. tiiil. oh. it .'.oi'iiis wi right 'I hut .Je.su.s' should liiivf. 1 cnine to us Upon ;i winter ni«lil . . . IjC-xic- Demi Hohi'itsnn, Poet Liiiircato of Tt.-xas. —W> ft *3t*~ Circle No. .(; W. M. S. First Mi'lho- <lisl church will hold its tic-comber nuM!tiiu> at three o'clock Monday nflcr noon at the home of Mrs. O. L. Htvd f.outh Kirn stii'i't. -O- Mi-s. John Kuwr and little duunli- Irr Cit'uri'.!. 1 Ann returned to their home in Monroe Ln. sifter spending Holiday with her parents Mr. nnd Mrs. Pink Taylor. Weldon Taylor nttcnding A nnd M college Miignolia, is homo foK the week end he attended (be Ballgnmc nt Pine Bluff. Mr. and Mrs. W,' O. Washburn of Wi))u;s-B;irre. PH., left Thanksgiving day for Philiidelphin after a week's visit in Hope with their son, A, H wash burn. Slur publisher. They drove East accompanied by Mrs. diaries A Hiiynes, who will leave them at Philadelphia to visit her son Charles in Uo.slf.ti and her daughter Mary in Washington. D, C. The Y. W. A. First Baptist church will meet at six o'clock, Monday evening at the church. Miss Haltie Anne Feild and Mrs. .1. T. West had as Friday night guest, Mi;w Muc Reynolds', of Hollywood, Calif. HOPE STAft, ifbPE, ARKANSAS As the Masons' Grand Lbdqe Laid the ^^*. C7 • Cornerstone of Hempstead Courthouse 1111- son, Nnv. Trent Ytiiirsclf to the Ocst I''rl<'tl Chicken you ever ati- l /i Fried Chicken . Checkered Cafe Starts SUNDAY TYRONNE POWER SONJA HENIE in Irving Berlin's Rudy Valee Edna Mae Oliver Plus ODD OCCUPATIONS and OPENING DAY HIGH 'SCHOOL iOLLECE STUDENTS! rr~Mir now Keiiiiii^ioii Premier .1. will save, you hours of liuweuorlv•—ifi\ c you Healer M'liool |};i|»TS -help .you kf('[» notes lemlil v for easy reference. Mr. and Mrs. Xcylon Holly uouiicp Ihe arrivol of » little Hfiiry /ie.ylon II, Wednesday. 2!!. at the Julin Chester llospit-il -O- Mi™ Lenora Roiilmi ul Shrrveporl. La. is S|x'irdiin; the wi'clt end with her mother, Mrs. Rulpli Ru\i(on unit iilber home folks. _O- In celebration of her seventy fifth birthday iinniveisary. Mrs. George D. Middlebrook cntertnined al a family re-union Satui'day noon Dec. 2 at her home on South Main street. Out of ti.wn visitors enjoying this delightful occasion were Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Kinnear and Miss Pearl Middlebrook of Okmulgee. Okla. :md Miss Edna Middlebrook of Little Rock. Mrs. Mid- dlchronk has lived the tjrealer part of her useful life right here among us. and we rejoice today with her children that she has been spared to them and us for so long n lime, Ood l bought lo give the swcetes thing. In His almighty power, and deeply pondering What should it be—one hour In fondest joy and love of heart Outweighling every other, He moved the gales of heaven apart. And gave to earth—a Mother. Announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Dora Guntor, daughter '••( Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Gunter lo Mr. Prank King of Pre.scott. The ceremony was read by Dr. W. R. Hamilton, pun tat- of the First Baptist church on Thursday. Nov. 30, Attendants were Miss Lois Garner, Hal Gnrner and W. A. Mudgitt. -o— The Womans Missionary Society of the First Christian church, will pro- rent the following program at Ihe even, ing service Sunday at. the church: as its annual Womans Day Program Open Hymn, "Onward, Christian Soldiers" Devotional by Mrs. Fred Delzell. using n.s her. scripture references, llth to the 17th verses of the 72 Psalm, nnd the 11 to the 15th verses of ths 10th chapter of Romans, closing with prayer. .Special Music by Thomas Kin- .ser Jr. Wallace Van Sickle and Bobby •Re.vner.son. accompanied by Mrs. Alva Keynerson. Short talk by Rev. J. K. Gregory, pastor. Offerntory, Mrs. C. S. Lowthorpc, president W. M. S. presiding, closing with the benediction. Circle No. 2, W. M. S. First Methodist church, Mrs. John Arnold leader will meet Monday afternoon al three c'clcck at the home of Mrs. Goo. Ware at the Experiment Station. Mrs. F. G. Hiiltom entertained Wednesday, November 291 h at her home in Emmet with an informal reception honoring Rev. and Mrs, O. C. Bridwell. The guests were greeted nl the door by Mrs. Hallom and pre.senled to the receiving line which included Mr. Ifiillom, Rev. mid Mrs. Bridwell and .Mr. J. B. Lomnans. The rooms were bright with lovely flowers in graceful arrangement and the Tea table was spread with an ecru lace cloth, and centered with a bowl of colorful Autumn flwocrs. Presiding a t the table wore Mrs: Alyce Thornton and Mrs. John Jones, assisting in the NEWS TIKKT CIIKISTIAN .(dim Kcilh C!i'i'K«r.v. iVIinisler Bible school 9:45 a. m. Morning worship service 11 o'clock. Christian Endeavor Society 6:H(I p. m. Evening worship service 7:30 o'clock. . . -ww (ft 4Z^. K1RKT 1'KK.SBYTKIHAN Tlios. ltrc\vs(cr, Minislcr Siuulii.v schonl !l:-lf> a. in. Murning woi - s:biji U^fifi o'clock. Yiiunj; Peoples meeting (!:ir> p. m. Vesper, service fi p. m. N^> mirl week service Wodncs:d;iy, ii.s the Pastor will be attending a ministers Institute in Austin, Texas, one of four annual regional institutes under the direct ion (if the Assembly's committee of Religious Education and Town and Country Church work. -«3» O iff*,— KIKST PENTECOSTAL Mis'. Daiiit.". liii'iiinn, I'aslur Sunday school !):-l;i. Preat.-hing al .^ n, m. Evening service begins at 7:.'!fl. Mid week services Wednesday nnd F I'iday nights at 7:!>0. The subjects fur the morning and evening .services will be "The Fruitful Christum" and evening service. "The Exposure of Sin." The pastor will preach tit both .services. Young peoples service at fi:.'ifl Sunday evening under the direction of Johnnie Bell Cox. The public is cordially invited to attend these >erviee~. -- —sm* o «r»- UNITY HAPTIST "ill Elm Slreci C. 1). I. a Hoc P;istor "Spiritual Alertness," pastor's subject lor morning worship hour at 11:00. Sunday School 10:00; B. T. C. flrlid. ''The !<oe Within.' 1 subject fur worship hour beginning al ?:.''!) p. in. Come let us set our minds on heavenly things and worship together. We tend to become like the things we think about. If we fi:; our mind.-; This piciun> Liken shortly after the Grand Lodge of Arkansas Masonry began its program laying the cornerstone of HemnsU-ad county's $200,000 courthouse Wednesday. Xovembor 2!>, shows the: group on the speakers' program : Identified from It ]'l to right: W. N. O'Brien, Okay (sU'.iiding at extreme left) : A. A. Albritton. Hope; John Kent, Hope Route One: T. R. Briunt, Hope (standing on ground in front of platform) ; Dr. J. II. Weaver, Hope, (seated on platform) ; [Tarry Shiver, Hope (head bent, muling ritual): J. A Sullivan, Hope: County Judge Frank 'Rider (far back against \vall of building); W. W. Compion. Hope (\vi1h hat in hand) : S. A. Kemp, Hot Springs, pa.st Masonic, grand master (far back against wall of building) : R. !<]. Shollon, Camden. Masonic grand master (at microphone) ; Henry Taylor, Hope (seen just over Mr. Shi lion's shoulder) ; and, extreme right. Hoy Anderson, Hone. —Hope Star photo •) .--. i : type of food or drink that • distress. 5. Establish and maintain regular habit of ridding the body of waste materials. Season Begins on Quail in Arkansas State Game Wardens Report 20 Percent Increase in Quail LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas sportsmen, disappointed because of comparatively poor duck hunting thus far, turned their Httention to other fields Friday fisrl day of the "open" seasons on quaii and fur-bearing animals. Secretary D. N. Graves of the state Game and Fish Commission said a check-up with game wardens in all sections showed an increase of about 20 per cant in the number of quail over last ye;ir. He contributed this to an ideal growing season, work of the Soil Conservation Service which had resulted in better "cover." and the Agricultural Adjustment Administration program which has resulted in decreased acre- ' age of cotton and increased acreages of pastures und legume crops. The quail "crop' 'is the best in many years. Mr. Graves said. The season will extend through January 31. Bag limit is 12 a day. Hunters may have two days's kill in their possession except while hunting or returning from a one-day hunt. Violation of the bag limit law is punishable by a fine of; not less than $10 nor more than $200. The open season on fur-bearing animals also extends through January 31. Trappers are allowed until Fcbru- ary 10 to dispose of their pelts. Traps must be visited daily except Sundays and any "catch'' removed. Deer Hunters Warned Reminding hunters that the second half of the deer season opens Tuesday and extends through next Saturday Mr. Graves warned that the bag limit of one deer applies to the .full season. "If a hunter killed -a deer during the first half of the season last month. Simple Case of Provocation ALBANY, N. Y.—OP)—A husbartd who will not leave a saloon when fels •wife calls from outside is equally tt» sponsible with her if she tosses a btick ' through the window, according to I-olice Justice Edward S. Kampf. Kampf made his ruling when Ac* woman in the case pleaded guilty to breach of the peace after the brick slightly injured the leg ot anotfltt woman inside the grill. He suspehded the sentence on her, reprimanded the errant husband and ordered him to settle for the damage. "Sam" who live in peace with his dog named "Butch." What's more, they take their food out o£ the same plate. -J I PREVIEW SATURDAY II p, m. SUNDAY & MONDAY incur DUNNE Baibaca O'NeUJ ." < Nydia Westman * JOHNM.51AHI G. Avoid tight clothing which rubsj' 16 cannot take another one until : or chafes next year." he explained. Violations 7 If a woman has borne children °f 'he deer laws are punishable by i she should check with her gynecolo- i gist to be sure that any tears or in- j juries to the womb have been re- I paired. J 8. Drink plenty of water to avoid I the unnecessary irritating effects of overconcentrated urine on both the kid neys and bladder. Modern medicine has much to offer for the prolongation of life, when cancer is diagnosed, by the use of radium and the X-ray, by proper sur- fines of from $50 to $300. With 17 days of the 45-day open season on ducks gone. Secretary Graves said he believed the best part of the hunting season lias ahead. "There has been liille or no freezing weather." be said. 'Reports indicate most of tho ducks still are north of UK; Thus far there has been no major flight this far south." He said factors other than lack of water accounted for the scarcity of T. M. REG. O. ». PAT. OFf »y »B, MORRIS ^FISHBEJN < <: 'turnu) of (he 'American SIcrlicnl A^aecUttos, acd liygL-la, (lie Uenltli (This is (lie sixlli ci ;i M".'ios uf !•! iirlicli's liy Dr. fishlicin on ihr iiiiu- iirim ipal cr>isi's of dculli in (In- fulled :-'l;ifcs.l 1. Form maintain habits of hygcine. Wash the mouth, clean and gums. Remove or cor- K'L'lh dinning room courtesies I\liss Kuby Mae Crumby ad Mary Pniikey. Miss Ruth Ann Townsond bad cliargc ul the guest book. .Many guests called during the receiving hours. I" nv cular _ liiilled. D.-nti^l'v will dimin I't.'r of tilL liMU'.t'f .'ii'.ri rr.oiuii veiilin;.; irrit;i\iou from ri'iii' Ulcors v.'liifh develop in ;my tilt? body i-iiouUi lr,\'e [.riivni i Xw. j;i(Tced u-ctb. Correct all arlific- >:•' rk'iitnre thrif presses, rubs or chaf- t: "j c; U, smoking irritates your lip or "•I j tongue, stop il temporarily or peril- j manently if necessary. i'. Discuss with your doctor the acl- vk-ability of removing warts or moles. <..-.;:ecinlly deeply pigmented ones and those that are rubbed or irritated by clothing or during shaving 3 Keep (he skin clean and pro- K'i.-i::d Irom undue or excessively pro- ii w I hinged exposure to sun and wind. u: ; iit I 4. Do not abuse your stomach.Avoid | I'.xlrc-iru'ly hot food, overeating or any upon evil. \ve become evil. If v our mind upon \vorli.ly tliiii!. become worldly. If \vi> fix our ui'on things thiil. nre al;ovr. Christ is. \ve sliiill Ijenune ninr r,'!tST [JAi'TiST \Villi.ur. ii. Hi!m!ll:iii. I' Sunday i:. lo b,-> an impor Alonr \viOi iinv:! Souiiirrn tt.ii'i cluuvhc!;. Kii-.-.i r ! .:,.pii:t Chureh \ (.b=ei'\e Ih::- a-: "l.'.,a';',y Sur-,d.i.v." pm 1 ll.'iily 'A'ili he ;^ivi'ri the lii-.'iiilr ;;!!! and the financial program. His work at home and abroad. Sunday school will open at 9:45 and elo.se at 10:-{(). The beautiful "Loyalty ri:xl(;ing Service" in the auditorium will open at 10:45 and close at noon. The pastor will deliver a short mes- ;a;,e on "Jesus Watching the Treasury." All members of the Sunday M-b.ini and church are urged to attend. n:iptist Training Union meets at G:30 I'dlliivved by the preaching service nt V:::0. The Pastor's subject will be gery applied under suitable condit- , ions and by the use of other methods', d .' explaining there were coin- applied particularly t o cancer of thei P iirative 'y few ducks even in the Stutt- skin. ' jean area, where there are several No longer need it be said that the !arge reservoirs, appearance of caner in the human body indicates a hopeless outlook. There are far too many records of Added Joy — Charley McCarthy —in—The "PINE FEUD" NEWS Will be in town for the next few days. Have your Piano tuned by Factory Trained tuner. R. D. ERWIN Phone 355 SUITS and COATS SACRIFICED AT En rape: Please Cop ROCK HILL. S. C.-W)—Policeman W.^L. Sapp has a rabbit named "Bunny" and a one-eyed 'possum named persons still living five years after a cancer was discovered and treated scientifically to warrant any such a depressing point of view. There must still be a warning, bow ever, against the charlatants who claim "~~ ~~ that they possess new techniques' a -nowbank. The wolf, seeing this that are unknown to the rest of the • strange apparition, was probably ready medical profession and who promise lo cl ' c treatment without radium or surgery and without the X-ray (Regular Price §45 to §79) LADIES Specialty Shop NEXT: Inflammation of the kidney;; Bowling BARBS Results I'm- Friday December i, ima Police in Omaha found slugs in the station pay telephone. Mugs use slugs even in jugs A Nashville, Tenn., councilman proposes to do something about 1H4 duplicated street addresses in the city. Postman will again be able to go over their routes without headache powders. Sacramento, Calif, fire department applicants must do u mile run at a pace that would be stiff for a trained athlete. At last, someone is doing some thing about all the track stars who can't get coaching jobs. Phoenix, Ariv. , is a city without demts As soon us the word gets | around, the mity hall will be jammed with salesmen. Raskct Andrews .... West Bowden Johnson Crutchfield Chambless Factory . 0.1 129 % 112 123 1-13 99 87 73 Ifl3 1G4 132 114 — 2G8 128 — 344 126 — 300 130 — 345 146 — 433 62 — 337 Total Wilson Graves V/ray Fatten Cook Williams . Jones . Riiliuy Club 132 44 94 7G 111 SO 07 18 ion n n -..• 2027 125 — 368 189 — 313 5! — 212 — 9! 117' — 2Sfi 133 — 357 197 — 197 The Bi uner Ivory B (cum forfeited lo the American We Hope You Never Need a Prescription! But if You Do ... We will be glad to serve you! Only highest quality ingredients used in compounding. There is j a graduate pharmacist on duty at all times! When sick see your Doctor and when Prescriptions are needed call . . . The Leading Druggist "We've Got U" Phone 62 Motorcycle Delivery Visitors 1 arc cordially welcomed An Alaskan hunter shot a wolf at l.nr.i First Baptist church. disguising himself as Toiirli Mrllmil lion l(,»>Mrt illl 31 IIKll ICSM.IK, Icy. l.ari, an, I rirr- I'Ul-K lit lll-lp ll-ncl, y ull 1 1 piiif! uilh r;i*c. PETER AND POLLY IN TOYLAND Chapter 3— -A.ji }\\ V/ictl A Christmas Adventure With Santa Claus WE'RE -HEADINS iA/M/ PETER.' 71 TCVUND! THE MAIL. BAGS M/VS CAUSHT OM SOMETHING AND RIPPED OPEN!.' n.-aillifull Ih.uiul C;, r . riinil Cii-it — hliinlilv f :l-jily v,,,,,,l. ili- AUTHORIZED REMINGTON DEALER O. V/. MILLS Siinan, since the fellow from Dallas had to leave us, 1 hear that Willis Smith i.l llayiuv Bro.s. will handle their Auctions. ] am curious to hear him. Somelliir New . . Display (if GAS RANGES THAT WAS Y AND MOW... JUST FOLLOW ME., ARE • MOT ft WONDERFUL I HOW CAN \NITH A HOP, SKIP AND JUMP... AND VOU'LL BAD ONE, / liiii|.';c : V :v ';. .•.•' s '- x ': HOPE HARDWARE CO

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