Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 23, 1952 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, August 23, 1952
Page 2
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KAMI left *1u> left Wedin Knnion THOU- Bu>*. Wfff r<«i«th», 'WJ|l lhf« her fitther, f, J. Bur drt Mutori Jonp, They Sunday ntternwjru Mr*. Olft Smith nnd Mr*. M«ud of flops niwnt In at wwk with Ihfllr *Ul«r, Mm. Joile ana family of Spring mil, Mr, nnd Mr*. Angu« Dod»on nnd children, Jim nnd Jerry, left thin mowing for 8r>rlnnhllt, L«., where they will m«k» tholr horn*, Mr, find Mm, Jftigh McKcc nnd children, Jim nnd r«m, of nortlex- Okln,, are vlnltlnit Mr, Ke»'» mother «nd dtlmr r»»lttUve«, Mr, and Mm. Frank Mt'f/nrty rind noil. Mnr, left Wodneidfiy night for n vlult In St, I.ouls, Mo,, and Dr, nnd Mrs, Jud Mortlndals will «p»'ml thft wncknnd In Little Itouk with friend*, They will ot* tend the pro fnotbril gam® between IGER • LAST DAY • Mt* gftltt* tnd ttot ttertt tonight Mtt, t, B, Anllii of 80UWI Kmt**, MR, ift vldHfng h#r *Ut»r, MM. __ KUI THIS Kia*TICKL!NG COMEDY ( i S« W Abbott & Lou Costello I f prdon My Sarong" COLOR CARTOON Chap. 6 "Radar Men From Moon" DAYS ONLY! SUN.-MON.-TUES. Regular Admission Prices! r II 'JR. JANEWTMAN • FINAl SHOWING • 2 ~ FEATURES - 2 WU WtlUAW WLINO WANKMtHUOH A.MD/ » If, ftrtrfHtUj flock I* Vl»IU««e hid muter, MM. Chnrlle Robert*, nnd other relative and ffttftdU, f Hospital Notes Admitted: Mri, Hurry Lauter* hick, Hope. Dt«chKrgfd! Mri, E«rt Wllvm, and bAby, Waihlnglon, Ark,, Mr*. «. L, Bym, Hopt, Mrs, 0. 1* " " Hot*. Hop*. Mr. Don Cox. Puttnot JulU Ohtittr Admitted: Patricia Ann Vslon Utnij, tfapp. DUchorned: Mrs. Enter Pffirirm, Hup*t,_ JatnoM Burnett, nt. I, JCopo. Doyle RBOVOK, Hope, Johnnie I Holt, Hopo. Sun. Men. Tues. at the Rialto JACK BURTFJ. I* r«dy to thoot it <HK » MALA POWERS look* on, in s Urn ic«c from "ROSE OF C1MARRON," ttlttacd by 20th C«ntuty-Fox i Clubs Columbu* Tho Columbu* Homo Dcmonittrn- lion Club hoM IU Au^uit meeting In th« home of Mr*. J, C. Hipp with eight members present, The vlod'pronldont cnll«d the rnenting to order In the abHanco of tho jirflnldpnt, The Hroup repeated the club- cr«ed. Mr». Horace ftllon lud «ong "Count Your Many Mm, J, K. Unlnney Uio devotional and led the nrd* Prayer, Hoi I cull wn* (inRWcred with each truimbi-r unxwarlng with her child hood rccolltictlon of family PRESCOTT NEWS Monday. Auguat 20 Tho Womnn'a Association of tho Prcubytt'i'inn Church will meet on Monday evening it '. :30 In the home of Mr*. Joe K. Hamilton. Vltltora Fet*:l Mrs. Adnm Gulhrlc entertained on Tuesday murnlng nt her home with on informal party for th« Will Rogers Story to Open at Saenger One of the most popular Amori- r»njt of this century, perhaps, Is of Mia* Ann Outhrle nnd that immortnl homespun pliiloso- Mln* Lucille Constantino of Ddl-l phcr, cowboy. Zleflfcld star, humor Inn, Ttixnts, who lire the >tut>sts Mr. lind Mrs. B. A. Oehnmur. Bouctunt.i of summer flowers wori> placed nt vantage points throughout tho hnuno. ' Diilnty refrcshm'i'nts wore serv- Mlfiutcn of taut mopllnn were rood and 8taod upprovi-il. During tho bunlneiis mooting Mm. Di-luncy J(»v« a report of tlu> health nu-otlng Nhi? utttmJ.'tt In Little Hock, Mrs. Ullly Wobb Intl the K rou|> In H limits with prize doing to MTH, B. C. Wuhli- Th«i ii«xt moctlfig will be in the lunch room. Boyle ed from the dining table cnntertiU with pink mspp myrtle In n crystal bowl. ist, politician nnd world traveler friend of nr<mt nnd small, Will Honors. And it Is the story of this versatile man that is playing at the Sncngcr Theatre Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, "The Story of Will Rogers." Starring the man's own son, Will, Jr., who plays his dad in the -. .,,,,,., , , , title role, with Jan« Wyman as Otit-sts Included Misses Judy nnd M| . s wm Ho( , crSj tho m m ta kes Joan Gilbert, Pat Lynch, June Whlto. Pnt Griffin, Gene view King, Kroddin Mobcrg, Claudntte Snillh, Jn Carrlngton, Martha Ann Jcwvll ili-rrlni: of Nashville, Mltfholl, Mury and ^'llt^sy Term, Mrs, Clulhrto Mrs. Continued trotn P«M On* "Out It wild ntmoRt ns hnrd for my doctor to toll me ns It wa« for flu' to tutor it. Hit hiitod to, "But I'm uluil ho did toll mo. Pusny-footlng, . . bumftm/llnR. . , iloi'un't do uny good II'M liko the «poclullat suld about your K»rn«ti. H ll'i) qn flru, you wunt to know U — and do jtorncthlnu ubout It quick." Cooko Is tilao grntnful for mony now«pap«!t* edltoriuls and luttci-8 from hid rcadorR praising him for Ihu forlhraiht iirtlck 1 ho wrote ubout his own cnnccr cnso. "It win* flno of you to Uolclly and frankly tell, ol- your illness and WMrn othorx o( the need (or von- wrote n Florida judge, ha,8 b.p«n too much 'hush . Articles Ilko yours will hdlp arontly in the early <iott>ctian nnu treatment of this Bishop Jury Adjourns Indefinitely was osslKted Penny McLelland Complimented with Britlny Shower Monday Mrs, Hubert Pt-nchcy, Mrs. So- the sago from his early rip-roaring duys as n cowpuncher on the Oklahoma range through a career that found him riding broncos, twirling a rope in the ?.k'gfc;ld Follies, and ,"uldn'ssi»|; national political conventions as a presidential contender. Such was the career of Will ROKPI-S. U was while appearing in the /.ii'tlfeld Follies with Kddie Cantor that Will Uogors became known as a man who could tell the American people what was ailing them, but well Miinn and Mrs. F'oy Box en- In the humorous kind uf way they tertalned mi Monday ovnulng ln|U>vod. When President Wilson the home of the fontu-r with u mixcollanvous bridal Hhowcr com- |)liriu>nting Miss Peggy McUclland bridv-flcct of Douglas Burk-y. Zinnias and inurlgoUts in grace- tho asked Will to become the voice of the people and write for newspapers, Will shied away and went to Hollywood whore he became a movie star. Later he did star writing and his everyday colmun Editor Tells About Quake at Its Peak By JIM DAH Managing Butter Bik*rtff«fd California BAKEHSFIELD, Calif. (*t —I was in the precise center of Bakcrsfleld when the earthquake «truck today. That's where It hit the hardest. And. despite the seismograph reports, as far as we of thin city arc concerned, it was a much more severe quake than that of July 21. 1 remember first of all the automobiles bouncing up and down on the streets, the people bouncing as they walked along, canopies and signs on stores shaking, cornices and windows shattering and falling — and in the background, a rumble, low and deadly. I knew what It was immediately and looked at my watch, it lasted just 10 seconds. Ours is a busy city and there were literally thousands of people in the downtown area. Automobile traffic -stopped almost Immediately. People left their cars to stand in the street and look around them. I sow no hysteria. I heard no screams. People streamed from the sidewalks and from stores and other buildings and raced to the center of the street. There, they stopped and looked around them — and waited. Bricks were falling and cornices from buildings and broken glass was spraying from shattered store windows. I don't think I saw anybody hit by falling debris-buried or injured. Not at that moment. A few seconds later, when the tremble had stopped nnd the rumbling was an echo. I saw Injured people stagger into the street. By then the dust had begun to Hsu, It was a groat pall of gray dust — in itself a terrifying thing. This had been a bright, sunny day and this dust rose and blotted out the sun and sky, By then I could hear the distant sirens of ambulances. And the police were at work by that time, clearing tho streets of automobiles and the jam of people, so that the ambulances could come through. DOROTHY DIX Bad Temper Dear Mtos Dix: Bob nnd 1 have been going steady for two nnd 1 expect my engagement ring »hOrtly. During the two years I have been true and faithful to him. Recently I learned that ho had taken two girls out during this time. Needless to say, my heart was broken. He admitted it was true and promised it would never happen again. He remind ed m'e that on both occasions we had had a quarrel and 1 told him never to come back. He is right about the arguments, and I do admit I have a terrible temper. I forgave Bob for his two lap ses, and have promised to t>y to conquer my temper. Do you think we can have a successful marriage? ALICIA Answer: You and Bob seem to be a trifle confused as to who forgives whom. Since, on the two occasions when he went out with other girls, you began the quarrel, turned him out of the house nnd refused to see him for some time, I would assume that he was in a better position to dispense forgiveness than you were. Actually you have two terrific faults to overcome. A hasty temper is a human weakness and an honest effort to overcome it would be commendable. However, if you make a habit of forcing others to take the blame for your own short comings, that is a flaw in your character which needs considerab le repair work. If Bob is going to continue to permit you to forgive him for your own faults, he'll make a very soggy doormat of a husband. Real Resolve Needed A promise to try to control your temper isn't much in the way reformation. You need n definit determination to conquer a fier temper and >n very bad disposltu.' You must also learn to accept th responsibility for your own shor comings and not foist the blam for them on innocent bystanders Bob was completely right to g out with other girls when you ha broken off with him and It germ to me. he was o little too clocil in coming back on your terms Bob's backbone needs a little r( inforcing. (0 Dear Dorothy Dix: Though m mother doesn't approve of my gc ing out with boys, since I'm onl 14, she did make an exception rt cently and allowed mo to go o a blind date with my girl frlen and two boys. Tho boy I wor with came from another state, a considerable distance away, liked him very much and hate th thought of not seeing him agair Answer: Since the boy does llv such a great distance away, yoi realize perfectly that the chance of seeing him again are small However, since he did manag to make one trip to your city, h might make/another. Natural!) since he wa K your first date, h has made a big impression on yoi but there will be other boys jus- as nice. bits became regular household ROCK - Tho Grand the Tuck Bishop Jury CUDO renopvehdd for n 1-day session yfstoidny, and then on a llHlay uoltdny (vir world lik» Htnry fetwrtl* -Is hi? oj vlw«d ft V»« h»*rd o| indeflnltoly -Without, handing down n fvport, • ••' ' The Jury wiu cnllod back Into session by Puluskl County Prosecutor Ton) Dowuii, 1 , and heard report* from Dtiwnii- nnd two of his ticputloM, James N, Dovvoll Jr., and John W, Dalloy, Three Negro employes of a kittle Rock Orncty Maiming Hotel njso testified, No reason was glveju by Jury Foreman J, J. Scluu»l*e« for th« indoflnito roco«». Tho jury was ompniu-led to hear evUlcmjo on « charge by Bishop, « condemn^! Klllpr, that he bought his freedom from a lifo sentence in tho Arkansas penUonltiury for 11,500, It first inet on Aua> 8, and then rwessetl until Aug. m — the da* after Bl»hop U to t1l« bofcu-e a Ut»h firing squftd fw murdur. The hotel employes h«ur<l Uy tho Bride-elect Honored Miss Peggy McLellatul, bride- elect of Douglas Hurley, \vas honored on Tuesday afternoon withHa miscellaneous shower given in the homo of Mrs. John Hulun. Assisit- ing hostesses were Mrs. Edgar Andrews, Mrs. Lloyd Haynie, Mrs Johnny Hooks, Mrs. Fred Boles, nnd Mrs. Orndy Cox. A variety of summer flowers fill ai'rnrigcments decorated rooms. The honorco chair was, . ., . . ,,, , . marked with white ribbons ami ?_ h ,™«°.? ±? vc l£™'•'?.;,",',* !** sho was presented a clever miniature bride corsage by Mrs. Hilly Joe Cilst of Little Rock. Mrs. Siinlis Groeii had charge of the bride's book. 1 Wins Helen Marie Holt recciveM the prl/.o in tho bridal games. Miss McLellund was presented n container decorated in white and tilled with many lovely gifts, Dainty refreshments were served to tsvqnty-four guests. Kether with famed flier Wiley Post. "The Story of Will Rogers" is the story of a great American who left his mark on the life and times of America In the glorious period In which he lived. Sidelights in California Earthquake BAKERSFIELD. Calif. UP^-A possible panic m a movie theater was averted during yesterday's quake when a Boy Scout brought calm jury in Us se«slon yesterday w*r« Herbert Crovby. Emrnett Hampton ana Quy Cyviivuui . w»8 no report on their testimony, «D yycmau Schnu'ker ordered strict secrecy OB th« jury's iu-u. was secvlnff a )U« term tht tnurd^r of two to four men saot dowo on 4 Serinu rfc, street in 194$ when h* d frojn \^ stut* were used for decoration. The bride-elect's chair was decorated with a lurijo white bow. Shu was presented a white hand-crocheted corsage. Gumes were directed by Mrs. Vemon Stlnson, Tho honoree received her lovely gifts In a large container decorated in thu bridal motif. Detectable refreshments were served to fifty Kucsts. Hurley—McLelland Vow* Exchanged Miss Peggy McLelland became the bride of James Douglas Burley in u ceremony performed on Tuesday afternoon at ti o'clock in the First Baptist Church in Prescott The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morrison McLelland and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. B. James Hurley, The church was decorated with floor basttsots tilled with white slock and mums. Tho Rev. Wesley Lindsey, pas tor ot the church, officiated aj the double ring service. Mrs. Art out of chaos. When the building began to shake, people started running for 13. re- the xits. Bob Shaffer, by his seat. "Take it easy" he yelled. The patrons, many of them adults, calmed down. Tho theater emptied in an orderly manner. The building was not damaged. BAKEUSFIELD, Calif. (.I 1 !—Time linnlly tun out yesterday for the city's 40-year-old clock tower, u historic mldtown" landmark. The earthquake toppled one of the four faces of the clock into the street. Hundreds of pounds of heavy mechanical workings fell, One wall of the tower cracked. The July 21 earthquake had stopped tho clock. organist, tumislicd the nuptial music. Given, in marviuge by hor fath- pr, the brid«> wore a street __ tee 4to*i >** th* tairtUa •^diSiiffi Wi^^PF_ VP* » Wo model of \vhito oruandy fashioned BAKERSFIELD. Calif, tfl Eleven members of the Fountain of the World order, a religious sect, aitcK'd to the bizarre scene down' town following yesterday's quake. Dressed in long robes and bore fooled, the seven men and four women acriVed here from Canoga Park, CttlU., to offer their assist- once in disaster relief. The men wore long beards. Members of the order are a Janiiliar sight at disasters u Southern California and elsewhere BAKERSFIELD. Calif. I* —No Texans Have Questions for Stevenson By DON WHITEHEAD SPRINGFIELD, 111. (IP) — Gov. Adlai Stevenson faced a sharp quizzing today from Texas' Gov. Allan Shivers on whether he favors federal or state control of the nation's rich off-shore oil deposits. Shivers was due here for a conference with the Democratic presidential nominee at 10 a m. EST. Their talk could have heavy political repercussions in Texas and other states fighting for control of their so-called tidelands oil resources. Stevenson returned to his headquarters here last night from a three-day rest in the seclxision of a friend's home in Minocqua, Wis. "I feel fine," he told reporters. And then he quipped: "I am partially restored to health. I got a lot of sun and a lot of rest." Asked about the fish he caught, Stevenson confessed: "I didn't atch any," GOP presidential nominee wight D. Eisenhower has said he •ould favor legislation by Congress estoring full control of the tide- ands oil deposits to the states. The Supreme? Court has ruled hot the federal government holds paramount interest" in the off hbre deposits. But the states rights proponents ,ave continued to fight against the ecision — seeking undisputed tate control through legislation, uch legislation has been passed y Congress twice, and twice it as been vetoed by President Truman. U.S. Sues Continued from Page,One . t, abroad "arc in the best interests of the United States and its citizens, as well as of the foreign countries involved." Other defendants in the three suits had no immediate comments in the charges. Yesterday's litigation here camo just the day after the MSA in Washington said no claims concerning Gulf had been referred to it by MSA for collection. In another phase of the oil situation, a federal grand jury in Washington is deep in an investigation of alleged monopoly in the oil industry. \vith a tiU«d and gor?d Skirt, jK«v head dr«,>s« was a l»a«« deau of pleated net and ribbon and cluster* of (lowent fmm which a short illusion veil With ttoy white ribbon bows. curried u white BiWe topped two while orchids. Mrs, Sam A. Howe of Olive*, T*xas, sister ot th* bride. wa& matroit of honor. She wore a turquoise frock of sheer cotton with yellow Accessories and carried a cascade bouquet of yellow asters. Hay Brasher, o/ MasuoUa, ser\N ed the groom as best man. Mrs. McLelland, mother of the w«r« a street length dr«s* N»vy *M«r. W»tt> white a4 » corsage of c«i«»aU<MW. Mrs. ol Uw sroom. chose »»r where tlie groom is attending OWa hwma 4^t Smitjt of Magnolia was in vis^ with Mis. Whtt« to Mr«. Wai . lace Pemberioo were Tuesday vis Uars in Gurdon. Mrs. MUdred Dawson ls th« guest ot h«r daughter. Mrs. L, B. Willis and ftmiiy in Houston MISS. S»m A. Bo* «n4 soa of A> or* t*w KM***? ol tie «r. «9iw£wr.i T^^W "YEAH AGAIN" .SAN FRANCISCO I/PI — "Oh. no. not again," said liquor store op erator Thomas Lagios when a youthful gunman walked into his mission district store Tuesday night. The youth said, "Yeah, again," and promptly cleaned the cash reg istcr of $62. He then ordered Labios into the back room, tied him up, stacked beer cases around him, and strolled off — for the second time in two nights. were three of Kansas' leading Democratic leaders — Keneth T. Anderson, national commiUeeman; Mrs. Georgia Clark, national committeewoman; and John Young, Kansas state Democratic chairman. Stevenson also was scheduled to see Beardsley Ruml of New York, recently named finance chairman for the Democratic National Committee. Ruml was author of the pay-as-you-go income tax collec- lion plan. John E. Nickelson of Chicago, representing the American Bar Association, and Frank G. Dickinson of Chicago, representing the American Medical Association, also were listed as callers. --- C; Dear Miss Dix: Tho boy I g| with has a"Vory irritating habit ri doing things to tease me. Ho get very annoyed if I act in tho sam fashion with him, however. I kno\ he loves me, but his actions ar very upsetting. BLANCHE ( Answer: M(cn who have thi teasing habit rarely overcome i' To them it's a smart trick, an tho more they hurt others, th more enjoyment thoy have th selves. A man who carries iti the extent that your friend does will never make you happy. Per haps a good close of his own mecj icine will help. Break off wit' him, go out with other boys anj see if lie can take the treatmoii he likes to Rive. i 'Dortr Miss Dix: I go with a boil who is very well mannered whej with me, but my chums say th' J he speaks very slightingly of m! 1 to them. He is 19, I am 17. | JO-ANlj Answer: In any case of thi kind, 1 would distrust the chum rather than the boy. II he felt irj dined to disparage you to others; he wouldn't bother going with yoj at all. Jealous or vindictive chumj can cause a lot of trouble. I3| wary of them. Released By The Boll Syndicate; Inc. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main & Country Club rd. Saturday — Double Feature "Leave It to Marines" — Plus — "Montana SUNDAY - MONDAY 'Rachel and the Stranger" LORETTA YOUNG WILLIAM HOLDEN ROBERT MITCHUM CAN A MAN DIVIDE HIS HEART? Stevenson has not yet taken a lear and unqualified stand on the idelands question. He has said that le does not favor any private in- crests gaining control of such federal properties as grazing lands, national forests, and the like. But he also has said that he wants to know more about the idelands question — and for that reason would like to discuss the matter with Shivers. ' Among the other callers on the juvemur's calendar for the day c-ven an earthquake can stop Pan Cupid. Shortly after tremblor a couple yesterday's approached Kern County officials who were gathered on the lawn ot the damaged courthouse. "We want a marriage license," ie couple demanded. County Clerk Vera Gibson told them to come to her home later and she would issue it. An attorney hoping to file a complaint was not so lucky. No one had courage to re-enter the quake- damaged courthouse to occomodate Wm. BAKRBSFIBLD. C»Uf. l*-Arms «nd legs u\ grotesque poses jugged from tobrU p the show window of dr«s« shop following yes- beeu MAGIC FRAGILE -J& A LOVE-STORY YOU'U, REMEMBER by Elsie Mack 4eremy Ireland loves two women o* different as the two sides of any .man's nature. The first is Nance, his foster sMer, who is blonde ond sweet as a sum* m«r day. The other is Eve, whose passion and en* ehantment resemble o stormy night. Can his heart moke a choice? • •Read MAGIC 1$ FRAGILE no Monday, August 25, in ROPE STAR «•. <•, LJ* * EcJaLf * *> *• *—- • ^v^^Jb^*- ...y>lJ ^VL^*%I A BACHELOR IS AN MAN AniwertoPrevloui Puixlt Tf"""" Louisiana Hayride HORIZONTAL 1,6 Capital of Louisiana 11 Speaker 13 Princely residence 14 Bristly 15 Give as an inalienable possession 16 Distress signal 22 Certify 17 Bow slightly 23 Handles 7 Hops' kiln 8 Western state 9 Light (slang) 10 Lampreys 12 Leases 13 Surrenders 18 Correlative • of either 20 Leveled 21 Cuddle •f MMMI 0'M.IUf •«« Mlph 36 Small bodies 45 Hard fat ' ..—-„ of land about kidneys 19 Her Majesty's 24 "Good Queen 37 Arabians 46 Essential ship (ab.) 20 Implore 24 Indian warriors ; 27 Geological^' layers 31 Roof edges 32 Lukewarm 33 Confine 34 Facilitated 35 Genus of herbs 37 Flowers ;38 Louisiana has " of England 25 Proportion 26 Feminine appellation 28 Church part 29 Binder 30 Augments 39 Eye (Scot.) being 40 Brythonic sea 48 Follower god (pi.) 41"Emerald Isle" 42 Persian tentmaker ' 44 Rocky crags 49Naval air-* 3 station (ab.) 51 Pewter coin ,of Thailand j 52 Affirmative ' vote • I no 40 Lion ; 43 Meadow 44 African fly (var.) 47 Type of fur 50 Louisiana lias many 53 Lariats 54 Cubic meters 55 Withers 56 Small sip VERTICAL , 1 Overseer ! (coll.) 2 Go by aircraft 3 Makes lace 4 Sioux Indian ' S Numbers ; <ab.) 6 Raced 1 14 2, * S H m m B S m •w "W li n ^ m it B" m, %% %%,//.' •'•'^•;'> ..-.» : --v. . 15 n '#/, VZ 37 5") b W' ta JH % M 5b 7 '•^'•^ zT m il 8 *> 26 HI 9 Z9 H5. 10 U % J3 •v Dick Tpr*«t j ( * l\"She'$ so sympathetic, writing letters to all the leading , men in the movies who are unhappily marriedl" ", SIDE GLANCES By Galbralth .LOOK/ w< HftAK?TH9jr ftO.WHATfJ ^ MDU SBBM TO TAKI MUCtttff TMlft MAN WAf ON* OP OH, m FI6GERIN' • \ '•HERE \ OUT A RK30IM 1 HERE SO VOL) CAM'USE ALL \ O(= THEM THlWCiS AT * TH< SAME TIME. IF YOU EVER. WAMMA/ IT& <* SUCH A LOUSV DAV--^ I WISH IT WAS NICER WASH TUBBS I THERE I JT WOT IS THIS CHARACTeRY"jUSr WAIT' . SOHtaNOTBH? teCOt EXPECTIW...A TIN j J BET VOU'lL OK SOMETHIW QWWHIPAWyONBINMY LIKE SASYTOOl ME'S SUCH FUW... NOT WAir FOR EASX AMD A RBAU MVEHERO! WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY' ' OUR BOARDING Wtm Major Hoopla fGREAT CAESAR/ THIS IS IT HON\£ IF VOL) DONi'T ^ SHOULDN'T^ 15 A VMPvMT HEAD-yfeN HAVE 4 f.( PLAYED A'S, BAG BlLLiMS A£ J-^l HoOHV MA30R H LATE CAMDlDATeA TEACHER. II T51RTV MARTHA HER OR 1} \MA\TTtLLX GET HOM& BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES STACKS \T IttfTO HEE- PRESIDENT/ MULTl- PLICATION tfUGS BUNNY 16 AM ACTUAL 6CEME-— ' DID HAPPEM* rt'« TWB FI«*T TIMB BVEK GOT H6RB AHEAP OF ME, ANP OPBNBP UP THE £TORE/ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger ALLEY OOP OH, WHAT HAVE I DONE THERE'S ONLY WHY DID I DO IT? CAN PO? WHAT/;; AUUsY OOP WHAT CAN IT'0 TOO.MUC PUWSCJB 6COFFING A A FLYING CARPET IN THI6 MODERN DAY, DR.WONMUG DEFIED FAVE AND PULLED A, SWITCH CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS NOW EVERYONE ICup.p'VA \ You JUMPIM'CATPISHf PK,ft/p.,, J WAt UTS GO. MEM tii s f>r?j£!jsm > *>.*t, S'^i

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