Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 2, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1939
Page 2
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^^ ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER star •Ar ptHope, 1899; Press, W7. Consolidated January 18, 1929 O'Justice, Deliver Thy fferqld From False Reports Publish*^ every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. K. Palmer and Alex H. Washburn, nt the Star building, 212-214 South ; Walnut street, Hope, Ark. ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; per month Sac: one year S6.50. By mail, in Hempstead. Nevada, Howard. Miller.and LaFayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of Hie Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for repubUcation of nil news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes. Etc.: Charge will lx> made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolntions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial .•|ewspapershoM}o this policy in the news columns to protect their readers mv fm . m ViUnhle i-iiile on rmre front a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility B ~ c Ltnv j s shovvr Sprint 29-It ' or the ^are-fceepmg or return of any uiuoKched manuscripts. i ' " ~" Questions on Cage Om % 1. Barber of Seville. 2 Fencing Master 3. Bride of Lammermoor. 4. Yoemnn nf the Ouiird. 5. Tvistiin and Isolde. _»» « <B_ Helpmate [ GERING. Neb.—1.4't—Fourteen times [ in 17 years a Bridgeport. Neb., husi ' band noted in ;i physician's cnpacity i while his wife gave birth to children.: All but one of the children lived. The' husband brought all the birth cortif- • icates to the court house in » batch. ' He is 36, his wife ;!7. j • "Ths More You Tell the Quicker You Sail" • • Von Can Talk to Only One Man 0 Want Ad* Talk to Thmiaandt SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone word, minimum 30c Three Umes-3«, c word, minimum SOc word, minimum 90c One mouth-Jte word, minimum Rates a:e (or continuous Insertions only. One bix NOTICE For Sale A Deal Is a Deal GRAND RAPIDS,' Mlch.-(/n~Hen- ry W. Walstrom, receiver for the Grand Rapids Savings Bank, wanted to sell 166-400 of one share of "Bights to Subscribe" In the Panhandle Enst- ern Pipe Line Company. The amount involved was 5 cents. Circuit Judge Cornelius Hoffius .gravely gave the required authority. Gold has been discoverd in Geor- Ki:i. All that glitter ore not poaches. USE \ Monts Sugar Cure When Butchering I This Fall and Winter J. For sale by the leading merchants jj in every community. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople Services OHered SERIAL STORY 5 WOULD KILL I'GR SALE--A few good used El'ec-i SERVICES OFFERED-Sei.- Hemp..,.„„.,., . . ; trie and Buttery Radios. Automotive i stoacl Mattress Shop. 712 West Fourth NCmCt-l-osmvoLy no hunlmy on. £upply Company. l-3tp i for new ami re-built. Phone Faui "roiTi/Zil^ii^^nTyoi, I Cobb m ' J ' Soilt - 2C 1M need in Now and Used Furniture at j the Lowest prices. See us before you } buy <.r sell. Frmikliu Furniture Store. J WA.NTED.-;Hoaiders. ~Gt,(xl home _ N2-1M : cooked meals. Reasonable rates. 1022 ~ •• i Foster Avcnuo. l-.'ilp BY TOM HORNER COPYRIGHT. 1939, NEA SERVICE, INC. For Rent WANTED-White "or colored K irl to Joey ill Turin hunts . (or a r«n»un why Uuwton should ' wuit to take hts rlKiirrtM. Then . *• nuhes to admit to Ua\v.«uu , <bnf kc; wax In th« hon.te >rhvn Benthprne wnt killed. Xro. Ren• thane krlocx ci«nret» anil then t luuehm ax tk«y Ilitht three on n niatch. She arrange* for Arn lu iff a Uttl* rett. CHAPTER XVI SOrlrt DOUGLAS wuitcd xintil he ~ -.^-.- 1 could no longer hear Jameson's | whole thin g- Ha d 'voice as the butler led \ra UD-' he might have had some indica- ' ceipts. Notations. Memoranda, tion of where to search. But that'And almost on the bottom of the all-efficient butter evidently saw., pile, a. letter from the Great to il that the maids didn't miss ' Northern Mining company, dusting the study regularly. j Douglas shoved the clock back That passageway to the .street, j ' in P^ce, gently started the pendu- Why hadn't Ara told him about it? i 'V m on , ce mol 'f T '<-'- 1 '^ tic-lac. T^nf ,„„,!) », • i... , , tl " in y I'fw soft it sounded now. Tnat would have simphhcd the! \ V here could he hide this stuff? „ , ...».!. i ui^—iniuc or colored girl to FOU HKNT--2 roiim furnished npart- I <'" housework. B. E. Stephens North iiiont. bills paid. Phone 908-W. Mrs. Hover St. 'j.Gtp B. M. Jones. l-3t>> - .._ FOK KENT or SALE—My metal |nt ^ N , J ' l ?. D: '~ Hl5s ! u " i ! .!'!' :cos I 1 " 1 ' 1 f " r .store building 35x80 Ct. with good store ant ( fixtures nil in 1st class condition, at Store Oan. Ark. F. P. Citty, O/an, Ark. Dec. 2. Gtp For bale stairs,' then swiftly went to work. t ".AJ-a had- said B.enthorne put the seconds quicker .letters and the photographs in a . - kepi silent ; Mrs. Benthorne might know of the about ft because she intended us- .'mantel hiding place, but. he doubted it. No use taking any FOK KENT- -Ik-dronm, private entrance, private htilii ' iiiifl garnge. ttoiiMiiiiihlc. Phone H!!G-W. Mrs. Theo Witt. l-.'Jt ; S'C.'R SALE— Four room house and 'bath, pantry, built-in cabinets. Newly P".»<?rcd. Ivory woodwork. Part ' terms. 4H W. Avo. G. ' 2-fitp ing it herself? If lie had been 30 -book. In a hurry, a man would select a book within easy reach, Douglas-reasoned, and replacing it •on, a shelf, he'd pick out one of the middle rows. Thai eliminated the two top shelves.. Too high. And the bottom row too. Douglas knew that the pflpk he sought was not on the left of the fireplace. He turned Jo the right, hurriedly pulled vol- ume.after volume from the cases, flipped through the pages. . He could hear Dawson's voice, and the Italian's, just outside the door, but he couldn't make out the words. If Dawson should come back! ^hat was a chance he had to take. ' As he worked he pondered Ara's reaction .to the detective's accusation. Had she actually planned to blame Benthorne's murder on him? He; recalled, unpleasantly, that she had suggested coming out to Benthorne's although he! had 'insisted the idea was his own. But Ara was in love with him. He was sure. Her kisses. She had kissed him before, back in Salt Lake, when she thought—before she ksew her father wasn't the real John Douglas. It didn't add up. That passagewsy passageway. He couldn't foi-get Benthorne had build his with (hat—why—? There was the answer to the whole thing, Douglas realized. Benthorne had some secret hiding chances. Better get it outside. IU moved over to the window, slowly raised the shade. Male Instruction it. If A policeman was still at the house Sate. The windr—.- was in full I view, but Douglas would have to take that chance. If the cop just went on talking to I" didn't, turn around. He glanced around tho lawn bc- Unlucky Crow ! NEWHAVEN. EnK.-i/Pi-When a j crow lighted on n power pylon here. ! men to | lc caused n short circuit, cutting off and , t j,e town's power. He himself burst men into flames and fell on a sheep, which Male, Instruction. Reliabl take up AIR CONDITIONING Electric Refrigeration. Prefer ...... ,, lu) llumus ana , now employed and mechanically in- w;1 , n , so bunlc(1 — r .,...,„ . elined. with fair education and willing; -^.n^ _ went on talking to Nick Smith and , tc train spare time to become experts | A proposal to let'pcfle^nnns in ;nst:ill:itUm and service work as trol traffic" lights bv m-ans' of but- well as planning, estimating, etc. to,, U uncle;- consideration in New _,. .. „ 6| .. .. _ _.. 0 VV1JJ; Jloll write giving age. present occupation. York. Looks like n Ion "-awaited'op- panel, a hidden safe. Benthorne i hidden behind a clump o£ ever- Utilities Ins-... Box 98, Hope Star. , portunity for strollers with vengeance • - - - - I wpBnc 2 -3tp in their hearts. ™« Even if she had put him on the "spot," he couldn't stop loving her. He'd loved her from the first.moment he spoke to her, in the coffee shop. They were planning to be married, too, as soon as she saw her father. Her bags were packed. Trie porter at her apartment had told him she had wanted to catch a train. Did she really intend to run away, never see him again? Love battled doubt as his thoughts raced on. He couldn't hope to go through every book in the room. There were hundreds If only some of them were dusty, The desk? Dawson had probably searched it thoroughly. Modern desks weren't built with secret drawers any more—at least, they were, Dawson would know where to look for them. How about the wall panels? He tapped several, cautiously, afraid that the detective might hear him. No hollow sounds there. The fireplace? Ke pulled at its projections, pushed its ornaments, hoping against hope that one might give or snap open a concealed strong box. The clock ticked on, above his head. Dawson might return any minute now. That damned clock! Did it have to tick so loud? It was getting on his nerves. Imagine, John Douglas, with nerves. Tic-tac, tic-tac, tic- tac! place here in his study. A sliding | low him. That watering can, half panel, a hidden safe. Benthprne' hirlH "" v^-.' - -' -< had had plenty of time to take Ara's proofs out of the book, | and dropped to the°ground. 4 # <;-• »'T WAS just coming in the doorway here, when 1 heard the ".; j c °P's whistle," Joey was explain- 11 ing lo Dawson as they stood at THAT'S WHAT WE 1 TIED UP TI4AT DRUG WINDOW HOW CAM BE SO COCK9U15E ONCE WHO COULD BULLETS ON A PLATE , BUT IT ' DIDN'T DO HIM NO GOOD WAS GREAT GRIZINI «SPiK YOD PROiNA INSIDE M4\IL ZE BOX, PRAM FWE 2E BOX AGAIN ZIP/ POOP/ WILL MOT ESCAPE ? THE MAM IS AN) EXPERIENCED PRESTIDIGITATOR AND SHOULD BE LIGHTLV HVCE AM INSOLVENT WEEL NOT WIFE PLUGGED WITH A BOW AN ARROW/ lAJlG&S TRIMKS THE WILL. STAY 'PUT/ AND HER BUDDIES Just Wait And it was getting louder with every stroke. He'd fix it, stop it. Maybe Dawson would not notice. Anything to stop that infernal racket. Tic-tac, tic-tac, TIC-TAC! He reached up to the mantel, pulled the clock away from the wall, reached around to stop the pendulum. * * * f^ MOMENT later he was reading through Ara's letters, her pictures and the marriage certificate were in his pocket. Clever of Benthorne to have the clock over that recess in the mantel. There were other papers too. Re- the street entrance of the passageway. "I knew something was wrong and I thought the cop had seen me duck in here. I tossed away that cigaret Alston found and ran to the hall. but there was _. I figured Ben- thorne was in his study then, but I didn't want to see him right away. So I clucked around the foot of the stairs and into the living room. Come on, I'll show you." "It was dark, a light upstairs. A-b . OR. \<b By Edgar Martin Dawson followed Joey into the ! ALLEY OOP hall again. IL would have been simple for Joey to have stepped to the study door, killed Ben- thorne and dashed back down the passageway. But Joey had said he thought Flynn had seen him enter the house. Better hear Joey's story out. "I knew I could go out a window as soon as the cop got away from the gate, so I crouched down here in the dark," Joey went on, when the detective followed him into the living room. ''Then, while I'm waiting here till things quiet down and I cap get out, I hear Benthorne shout "You!" and someone answers him, very soft-like. Then, after about half a minute, the shot! "I already had my gun out, and I stuck my head out around the edge of the doorway—just like this—to get a look and—" A shot ended Joey's story. With a queer look of surprise he swung around to face Dawson again and fell full on his face. (To Be Continued) SAY; AIN'T THIS TH' WHERE TH'TIME DUMPED US IN TROY NOW DON'T POTHER ME-I'VE SOT WRITE MOTE WONMUGi SOS BAvCK IN THE TWENTIETH CEMTURV PR. WQMMU&'S LABORATORY By V. T. Hamlin WASH TUBES ITS TIME FOR ANOTHER ROUTIME V CQNTACT WITH TROV, DOCTOR... SHA.U. The French are being urged to con- | Two girls announced they had found tinue smoking as a "yarvicotic duty." j ?, turtle marked "A R M 96", and Rxhale in. the direction of Berlin, I immediately they received a lot of l-.ea.'.e. ^ letters from people telling how they I no- j)ii.-.-e of men's .shirt's is go-j hari made the marks. Saems as if u r---' «-. G'.rittcm.'n will bo less in-• lot of people didn't have anything dined to lose them on the stock better to do in 1890 than carve their initials on turtles. Legal Notice NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE We will sell at Auction Tuesday, December 5th.,, between ISO and 200 head of cattle of the R. T. Briant estate. This includes registered cows, heifers and bulls. |Singleton's Fresh Roasted Coffee! 1 Pound lOc 5 Pounds 50c £'/ 2 Pounds 25c 10 Pounds $1.00 W. P. SINGLETOH 113 South Elm Street Hope, Ark. PLACE IN HOPE TO BUY COFFEE T J T T t T J f T T t T T v- ' NC-T1CE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the imder;ii.c;ned, as administratrix of the estate of Robert T. Briant, dc- ceased, will ui'fer for sale ut public outcry, to the highest and best bidder. tor cash, between the hours for ju- ' dicial sales, on Tuesday, December 5, \ 19.'i9.at the ;:ales barn of Sutton & Col' Her, in ih-_ CH; 01 liup£, in Hemp| .vtcarl Coi..:uy. Ark-.i;v:;;';. all the- cattle I belonging to the ;:aid Robert T. Briant at the time 01 his d'.;air.. being about 165 head, consisting of 78 cows (2 registered), 43 calves 12 registered). 11 11 steers. 33 heifers. 2 bulls <1 registered. VVitnei's my hand on tni.v 2nd day of December. 19!i9. CLARA M. BRIANT Administratrix of the fctale of Hubert T. Briant, Deceased It-Dec 2 Warning Order IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT CALLIE MeFADDIN plaintiff, ALEX HARRIS ET AL Defendants The defendants Emma Harper. Quint iVIcQuillian. Harry H'.ibbard, ' Mr.-:. Harry Hubbarci. lii>: wife, Mrs. | John Biake. the unkiiov/:i hc'ii'o of j John Blake, deceased, the unknown ! !'.c;,r.. f.l 5aiv.ii t-oinile.vlc. '^•••ei'sccl. 1 { f-u!!ir.le:;l'-.. fUrx;:."..-^.. aix- hereKy j Wij.iiod tu appear in thr; (.••..•mi willrn I Iliirty-ilay.; and ;»i .v.'cr ll.e coiji^lainl, '-' i-JK 1 j ill'illtif f I 'I.-'. (-'.I :. I jl a:, clerk • '::v 1,1 No- ; VJHW'S \ VOHV, VT£ THl^> WAV, J.P., THEV SMERE THIS ASOUT \ ABOUT THE -SOUTH SEA* OU A B\fi VOU FIE1W6 Wt ACCOUWT, PRODUCES WOTH\ViS. 60 TU686AWD ' *^ ; , OQTtHEV VMEMT / Yes, He Put in a Good Word WELL, WELL! WE STRUCK OIL THIS TIME! HERE'S A MESSAGE FROM BRONSON HA.VIMG TROUBLE WITH CVCLOWE? / pROouawa MOTWMS, MY S1ECK'. HAVE TWE\R BEAUTY SECRET FILED AWAY 1M VAV SAFE. SEUD TH\^, JAR OF YELLOW LAVA TO THH RESEARCH DEPART- FOE AUALYS1-S - By Merrill Blosser HERE6 MOST OP THE EXPEU^E THEY TOOK... TURW \T OUEE. TO THE CASHIER, AMD PUT THOSE BOYS BACK TO ~ ~ WORK IUK\ED\ATELY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BUT WHAT IS THE PRIZE,. LARD? SEARCH BUT I'LL. THINK OF. SOMETHING/ CONTEST, EH? ARE ^COU ACQUAINTED WITH THE RULES GOVERNING PRI2F PUT IW A GOOD WORb TO MR. FOR YOU AMD YOUR FRtEMD. AMO HE'6 VMILLIUG TO 6IVJE ^ —>—i'^i YOU AUOTHEP CHAWCE / ex* The Law Steps In Roy Craiie 1 SUPPOSE You HAVE SOME SOPT OF A PRIZE TO BE AWARDED THE WINNER ? CERTAINLY . WILL. YOU WALK WITH Me DOWN To STATlOM-HOUSE ? RED RYDER Red Takes Charge By Fred Harman Nov. 25, Dec- 2, '.I, Hi UA1LKY. ( "n rk WHOA*.' VJHOA.' f?EO—POOR MRS.WnHEf?S / WE MUSTN'T -TELL.HER <S)0— rAAKE UP OMETHlNiG \\JH1 LF LOOK FbR WITHERS _ A BULLET TRW LAW-' ALL . RECOLLECT.

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