Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 1, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1939
Page 4
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rT HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS , Frito, tteaemter 1,1939 ansas Tech Is New State Champ >£Wonder Boys Get Tie &* )V1th Teachers, But Annex College Title t '' . ,» 'KUSSELLVTLLE, Ark. -</P)— the •'(Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys held the Teachers College Bears to n tie in a slow but steady " 'ddwnpour of rain here Thursday bc- .,ft*e apptoxlmately 4000 fans to an- jitx'the state college grid title,. • » After the first quarter, both teams - apparently recognized the futility of / * scrimmage plays on a muddy field • and the rest of the way it was a t punting duel betwen Tech's newly developed kicker. Mibrey Fowler. -<lreshman from Dxunas, and Heath and Hooper. ' ' Fowler .not only shone on his punting, but also on his nice returns of punts. The stellar freshman also 1 in the opening minutes of the game, a 22-yard dash in the first quarter. Teachers missed a chance to score • •• in th opening minutes of the game, Pine Bluff Zebras (Continued irom P.age One) when they were thrown for successive at center. played in Hope territory most of the third and fourth quartets. EMOH Star In Defeat Captain Jo* Eason, fullback, played the best ball for Hope, turning in an outstanding game of a four-year career. He was brilliant on the defense, continually: tossing Pine Bluff backs for losses -yv' the mud. Norman Green was also another star in defeat. He was on the receiving end of several passes and played a bang-up defensive game. The entire Hope line played well, holding the Zbras to four first downs. Pine Bluff's other first down was made through the air. Total first downs were Pine Bluff five, Hope seven. The Zebras played without the services of their regular fullback, Meroney. and Raymond Hutson, twin brother of Robert Hutson. The two Zebras ball carriers saw the game from the sidelines becaus of injuries. Carrying the_ brunt of the Zebra attack was Robert Hutson and Tommy Leftwich. Lafitte played a good game at end for Pine Bluff as did Kennedy PETER AND POLLY IN TOYLAND Chapter 1—Letter* to Santa A Christmas Adventure With Sftitta Claui GOODNESS KNOWS: TERWWCAtt* WINOV UP THERE, NOT PLANE HAS LEFT FOR THREE PA,V<? THE NSXT PLANE CEftVfc FOR TOVLASJP. MR. PMKTOR? MOORE? C WANTED TO "6IV6 HIM OUR AIRMAIL LETTER* TO SANTA CUAUS.' ItL WHIZt RI6MT OUT AIRPORT AND P01UY, LITTLE TWINS. P WISHED WRITING LETTERS TO SANTA CLAUS AND MADE A WILD DASH FOR THE CORNER . MAILBOX losses by the Tech line after advancing to Tech's 13 yard line. The drive started from the Tech 26, where Teachers recovered a Tech fumble. Hager, 'Teacher right half back and Pine Bluff Hope Lafitte Green Left End Bush Calhoun Left Tackle • once a star player on the ech team. | F- Wenzel Breeding ripped off 12 yards around his own j Left Guard right end. On the next play Hager- Kennedy Bundy picked up a yard on a spinnr to reach the thirteen. Heath was then swarmed for, a six yard loss to the 19, Harris lost five more and Heath's pass was .incomplete, giving Tech possession on downs on her own 23. Fowler's 22 yard run came about midway in the opening quarter when "he led the Teachers to believe he was going to punt and then tucked the ball under his arm and splashed from the Tech 38 to Teachrs' 40, before being ' brought down. Tech blocked a Teacher kick in the third quarter, but the Teachers , recovered on their 13, and punted out of danger. ," In the fourth quarter, Tech, capitalizing on Fowler's punts, and aided Center Atkinson Quimby Right Guard Ferguson Simpson Right Tackle Stallworth ' Jones Right End Robt. Hutson .'. Ellen Quarterback Ha rt Baker Left Halfback p rine Colcman Right Halfback R. Wenzel Eason Fullback Pine Bluff 067 0—13 Hope .• o 000—0 First downs: Pine Bluff, five Hope, seven. Penalties; Pine Bluff, six for AW, WHY DOES THE OLD WIND HAVE TO BLOW SO HARD UP WHERE SANTA tlVEST HI, THERE; TM TRICKV FROM TOVLANO: WHY ARE YOU FROWNING? JUST STUPF VOUR LETTERS IN ONE OF THOSE SACKS AND THEN HELP ME TIE ALU THE t SACKS TOGETHER ~S GEE... SUPPOSING OUR LETTERS REACH HIM TOO LATE.' WHAT'S THE USE \ OF THIS? SANTA'S^ MAIL WON'T LEAVE TILL THE WINP AROUND TOVLAND DIES DOWN 1 HA HA! THAT'S WHAT "fOU THINK! CLIMB ABOARD ONE OF THE SACKS NOW... MAKE IT SNAPPY.' AND AWAY YOU &O! HANS ON TIGHT-YOU'RE HEADINS NORTH I'LL SEE YOU LATER corn. w» HY nt» &CBVICC. INC.* 11-19 mcht had removed the legation's tele- . phones nnd thnt the slnff was still unable to obtain passports for do- m- pnrture. ""Oftlelhls of the legation were unable to say when they would leave for Helsinki, but it was thought possible in some quarters thnt permission might be refused unti Uhe staff of the Soviet consulate in Helsinki reached Moscow. Soviet newspapers gave no details of fighting in the undeclared wnr in which Russin Friday charged Finland with having taken the initiative. Chilm 191 Vessels Sunk BERLIN, Germany—(fl 1 )—DNG, nt- ficinl German news agency, reported Friday thut from (lie beginning of (lie wnr to November 28, Ihiil 19<1 vessels, totaling 735,768 tons—both nllicd iiml nculi'iil—hcuclcd for Great Britiiin, hnd been sunk by German submarines and mines. ( WHY suffer from Colds? 666 Kor quick relief from cold .symptoms lake liCli Liquid - Tiiblets - Salvo - Nose Drops t j • 1 . '« — --... -, ^.iwm^j, * im, JJIUH, J»1A iUJ by two nice ^ plunges^ by_ Co-Captain j 50 yards: Hope, two for 10, Passes: line. Beeson, .got to the Teacher 23 'yard Pine Bluff, five atempted. two'good for 57 yards, one intercepted; Hope, i 15 attemptd. six good for 73 yards Roses may be planted any time j £ u . r ^tercepted Punts: Pine Bluff, during November. The plants will re- ! - f ° r avcra g e _ of 3° vards : Hope,- 14 ° £ main domant in winter and will bloom i t,° lf " vu ^? c ° l ?. J^ Yard f « aincd in the spring. i belore belr| g pulled down on the one- Gov. Dickinson Doesn't Like to Be Swapped; Offers to Trade Motor Strikes for Cheese Wisconsin Republicans Offered This as an Even Trade: We Hope You Never Need a Prescription! i But if You Do... We will be glad to serve you! •Only highest quality ingredients used in compounding. There is a graduate pharmacist on duty at all times! When sick see your Doctor and when Prescriptions arc needed caU ... WARD & SON ' The Leading Druggist "We've Got It" Fhonc 62 Motorcycle Delivery trom scrimmage: Pine Bluff. 146: Hope 122. Substitutes: Pine Bluff, Woodell. i Galloway, T. Leftwich, T. D. Davis,) A. Davis A. Leftwich, Jordan, Smith. Lambert Rogers, Gibbs, Glowers, Hoiden McEntire and Bodie. Hope Sims, j May, Oliver. Officials: Mackey Whit-' ten. referee: Jim Hammond, head lines' man: Ed Cole, umpire, Boots Cole- { man, field judge. Bowling Results f«r Wednesday November 23, 1939 Willis Zimmerly ........ 115 Waller ................ 161 Smith ................ 116 E. Frisby .......... . 181 Huckabcc ...... '.. 78 Feeders' Supply 115 S6 93 — 310 65 152 — 332 129 131 — 421 152 153 — 421 121 136 — 438 155 109 — 342 Governor Dickinson Will he In (own for the next few (lays. Have your I'lano limed hy Factory Truineil timer. R. D. ERWIN I'litme 355 Total Bruncr Ivory A. 2264 Bcardcn 108 99 Womack 158 73 Ramsey 125 137 Coleman 75 Fountain 137 141 Roberts 119 111 Secrest Ill 51 — 258 — 231 130 — 392 93 — 168 158 — 436 102 — 332 146 — 257 Total 2074 Guntcr Bros. Milwaukee Athletic Club Michigan Governor Made This Counter Proposition: ; .• TODAY f: h*- ^TOMORROW FORDl HIGH SCHOOL ',lcOLLEG£ STUDENTS! rpHE new Remington Premier J.-will save you hours of homework—give you neater school papers—help you keep notes legibly for easy reference. Touch Xfethfxi Instruction Booklet complete A*till actual leadoni, key* bojrd chart, and exercises to help teach you typing uith CAM. Heauiifulljr bound Carrying Case — tturdiJj made of 3-pty wood, in- dmled in the tow price of thii wonderful writug machine. AUTHORIZED REMINGTON DEALER O.W. MILLS 218 So. Walnut O. Luck King J. Gunter D. Guntcr Mudget ... Reynolds .. Polk Johnson Total 103 83 127 141 100 26 133 125 122 127 97 ! 60 187 — 423 136 — 219 111 — 363 — 122 81 — 349 92 — 298 53 — 79 — 60 1913 Tolleson C. Stuart Stubbcman Poo ; Cross Petters'on Kiwanis Club 83 68 69 149 52 68 190 162 — 435 111 123 — 302 116 62 — 247 129 10-1 — 382 111 77 —• 240 68 74 — 210 Total 1816 Sic Transit Gloria HONOLULU-M>;-Luke field, army air base, has been turned over to an expanding navy and is expected to be known hereafter as Ford island. Service people are looking for some other station to be named in honor of Frank Luke, who was a World war American aviator. Luke was killed in action after victories over 18 german planes in 17 days. WISCONSIN BRICK i CHEESE] Pounds Wisconsin I FOOTBALL SCORES' Collcg Arkansas 23, Tulsa U. 0. Hcndrix 6, OiuichilJi 0. Teachers 0, Tech 0. Henderson 20, Northeast Oklahoma Teachers 0. Missouri Teachers 7, Arkansas A. (/I 1 ) M. 0. High School Pine Bluff 13. Hope 0. . Little Rock 6, North Little Rock 0. Malvcrn 32, Catholic High 0. Fort Smith 3,'f, Hot Springs 0. Elaine 13, West Helena 0. Jonc.sboro 7. Puragoulcl G. Magnolia 39, Mena 0. El Dorado 31, Cmnclun I). Batcsvillc 33, Newport fi. Rector fi, Piggott 0. E;rryvillc 0, Cassvillc, Mo. 0. Muriimnn 27. Helena 0. tearcy 20, Augusta 0. Bcntonvillc 32, Siloam Springs 0. Marked Tree 33, Wynne 0. DcWitt 0, Monticcllo 6. Texarknna (Tex.) G, Texarkana (Avk.t 0. HMiirrisun 7, Faycllcvillf 7. Crossed 25, Hamburgh G. Warren 19, Dcrmott 0. Dierks 0, Horatio 0. Gentry 42, Colcord (Okla.) U. Springdalc 6, Rogers 0. Hcbcr Springs 20, Newark 0. Stuttgart 32. Brinklcy 7. Bauxite 24, Walnut Ridge 13. Bitter Fighting Is (Continued from Page One) man for the Finnish legation said Friday that the Soviet Russian govern- 100 SUITS and COATS SACKIKICKI) AT Vz PRICE (Ki'Kiiliir 1'rii-i; 515 ID $7I)J LADIES Specialty Shop Something New Sec Our New Sun l-'lamc Display of GAS RANGES •Triced 552.50 and $59.50 HOPE HARDWARE CO. flume 45 / Michigan Saloons j Get out the marbles and chalk, boys ^ a swa p of governors between Michigan for there's bartering to be done up, and Wisconsin, but Luren Dickinson Wisconsin way. of Michigan doesn't want to be swap_The original idea was to arrange | pcd, and is more interested in making a deal for Wisconsin cheese. For a 4800-pound hunk of Wisconsin brick, he announced he would gladly part with all the auto strikes and OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople Kansas has approximately 1,100 miles of state highway surfaced with concrete or brick, 4,122 miles surfaced with bituminous products and 3,063 miles of gravel or crushed stone surfacing. NOTICE About 160 Head of Cattle, being the entire herd of the R. T. Briant Estate, will be Sold at Auction TUESDAY DECEMBER 5th Sutton & Collier ASTOUNDING? WHY, AS EASY A6 SWAUUOWIWG A DIME?-****- THE OMUY THIWG I CAN'T UNDERSTAND ABOUT TMAT MAIL-ORDER. TRICK 1-5 HOW TIM HAPPENED TO HAVE OM A / ASTOUNDING YOU SEE"REMOVE WiZZOUT UNJBUTTOM ZE POOF/? NOW ZE GREAT GT?|Z|Nll V-JEEL •DO ZE "DEEP!CULT TREEK / WUEKl UE "DOES THE •00* TRACK., MAvTOR, LET ME TIE THAT AMD rA-E WON'T BE OUT INl TIME TO RLE HIS INCOME OUT.GRIZIMI, IS IN THE HOUSE-: I saloons in his trouble-ridden state of Michigan. '•In fact," said Governor Dickinson, "I would throw in the saloons in any kind of a trade I could get." It all started when Governor Julius J. Heil of Wisconsin said in a Chicago speech that he just wished HE were governor of Michigan so HE could deal with the auto strike by "strong methods." Douglas county, Wis., Republicans thought it was a good idea to give him the chance, and offered to trade Governor Hcil for Governor Dickinson, and throw in the Milwaukee Athletic Club, of which Hcil is a member, for good measure. It sounded like a good offer, but Governor Dickinson smcllcd a rat and objected to being swapped. "You know as well as I do why they made that offer," he said, suspiciously. "I haven't Ihc lime to pay much attention to it." So unless someone pops up with a little stronger bid for the governor of Wisconsin, it looks as if all deals way be off for the present. Overcrowding in Ihc Campo Santo cemetery in Genoa, Italy, resulted in the erection of rows of marble tombs on the flat roof of its great public niaiLsoleum. FAKY PRINTS Colors, Beautiful Patterns Singleton's Fresh Roasted Coffee t t T T t 1 Pound lOc 2'/ 2 Pounds 25c 5 Pounds 50c 10 Pounds $1.00 W. P. SINGLETON 113 South Elm Street Hope, Ark. JLBEST PLACE IN HOPE TO BUY COFFEE T T T T T *..

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