Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 22, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1952
Page 13
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~*n *OfISTA*> UQtt, ARKANSAS AD RATES A*W|H|W Accaffl* !/'j« 'm P«H »«» MM* J t .M l.M 4.W »SK -" - H £,00 0.M 10,60 1100 1SJO 15,00 ; I6D DISPLAY jut.**)***, 7wO JWF tuuD M Wo p«r inch ^.HM. We per Inch iWWVf tffi fOf 800* Ib Trrfgulor or tklp* rat*. copy II » p,m, for doV, th* fight to HOUMI •MMf at «rw HI n*t b« rM«««v> Wont Ad« unltM our ot(«nllofi od end lrtcwf«l 7-343) STAR 1IN| IMT 1*1* tllHI.Hp.jBO. w by ' OHI.. Vt •» I, 11*7. •f Mil Audit •» H«t« (payohlt In od- In Hep* and n»lahbor« M v ,*S 13,00 ^H«7M^«M»: ftlhi . 0) thi AwtmlaUd rl , .J«l«t*il Pttu It •ntltltd — 1 J« lh» ui* tor rtpubllGQtlon l««l rwwt prtntid In Ihli ot wtll at el Al» irvlcti Offered Wnttd ot high qunllty nph work; coutnct Clar- dtiutotii Phone 7*9014 or J-SD-lm Utl told watch in vlctn TttbernHclo Jun« S0-3t UdtWtton 5 ana 0 nioi 810 South Wellington ~_ Portirtt THKJ8B room jpiHftrtM, Wfciljr furniihwl. Electric box. miu pild, 2f)t Banner, Mr», A, R. Bnbb, A-llf VACANT now* 3 room fumUhed *p»rtm«nt. Clmncln. paid, Onrogtf, Phone 7-44HO. H-tf ItOOM furnUhed apartment, 1'rlvat^ front, brick entrance*, hdlh. Kloctrlc refrlRwntor. Jid Donnnr, Did) 7-3M.1, 20-31 FHONT bedroom convoniont to bull), Within I block of Bnrlow Hold. Phune 7-214,1, Zl-tf garage apartment, 3 block* from town. Dlnl 7-220I5, 0 ROOM unfiirnlKhnd bmiup, Minn l.llllc MlddlPbrookn or Mtddltt- brook* Grocery. aa«3t O-TIOOM hoiue, Can be liicclI «* duplex, lOOa E. 2nd. 110 per month; Call Cnrl Druner, 7-4348, WonUd AB81ONMBNT8 for used furniture of all kind* nnd anything of value, Mid-South Aticllon. 7>437l5, — J~», I0 ' fll HOU8R to wreck or ^o<>d" TuniboT, J. L, Anctarion, 410 N. Elm, llopo. and truck drlv or, Apply PUmkoll-Jarrell Oro. •Co. aa-at For Sola r*l .AiWobp jrecomhi — $70 per M, •••'fllxe »i" to %i" x 4' x 8'. Hultiiblc for wnll pnrlltlona, *heolhlnji. clonet llninnn, iihot- vlng, ttlc, SOUTH KRN PLAS- WOOD CORPOHATION, S. W. J'HOVINO .GROUNDS, 10-Ot . B-I noro* (tood or f«rmln« land, VM\ nnd wtoclt pontl, Z llvo HprlnuM, other von- vi'iilcnoon, J, H, AiHtornon Spring IIIII, plnlet clnrlnct with In tlood nhnpi'. AH N, \VnnhliiK ton. I'honn 7-2071, aO-3t ItlMlnviiy. Flruhouse, barn, a uprtnHH, 82 ocroi In cultlvnllon, ISMi In Hihber. |4800, Uwnlltut rind Collar, ii|.;n tt HOW John Dlvta iractoi 1 cotton Pltn tiny tractor, A. K. MIU South. Cotton Sup- Real Estate >or SaU NKW 8 room House, 200 X 810 lot LllZhts, «iis niul water, Cun be Hcmi unUl 8aturndy. WIU nftcrl ftco for quick »nle. OlHo Lo Qrhnd, Kant 33rd Street, atwu 50 Candidates Out for 1952 Football Team Conch Jor En«mlna«r hn« SO cltndlrlntnx nut for pr«c||pp n« thn IBM footbflll »i*f)R<m rniifKld nut IU flmt thri»c d«yn of diillln«. Thp nutnb*r in «fXf>»*olPrl to Infrt-nup by the time school ntnrtu Ivsroy Cooley, llw Iptifrmnn, Will Iw lo»t to thp ««|iind for nt lenm two month* Imcnuiitr of nrt operation. Bcxldcii (:<«)l«-y ninn I<H termen arc l.i»c;k thin in>n«on; Co-Coylnln nrul l)»«rk, t,'lyd<> Arnold, Tom Bd H(iy«, Kiiymrm-l CHiirfhwdll, Ki-nnct!: Stone, D. Cof tee. Tommy Doyle, Co-Cupinm; Kill* Rothwoll, Jim Yucdiii. Bobby Bruce. De*|jlt^ tho liilon*o he'nt thf «(|Uttd, workinj^ tail twice dully. \n Ji»nkln« pi'o«r«»d, Krumlnucr mild, The coach Indiqak-d the (lr»t neilm mane BcuBlon will utiirt Monday. Hopu op«ttji thi- Kfinoii h(tr« on 12 with Stnmpi. The , Au§»«» 22, "The Story of Will Rogers" Sept. 10 Sept. »fl Ot;t, 3 Oct. 10 Oct. 17 Ocl, 24 Oct. 31 Nov, 7 Nov. M Nov. 31. Nov. 27 DcQuocn, , El Dorndo, here. Prgncott, thor«. Hot Sprln«», there. r'wlrvk'w. hero. Ninilivlllt!, there. Cnrndon, thvre. MiiKnolln, hyrc, Arkfldelphln, li<?rc. Srnnckovor. thrift'. Tcxarkunn, IHTC, Baseball Pacific Count Lenuuo San KranclKco 5; Socramcnln 0, 10 Oakliuul 2: Seattle 1 Log An«oUt« 4• Portland 2 San Uleito 10: Hollywood 0 American Atsoolatlon Lontitvllli! 4: St. 1'iutl a Milwauki'i' U: Chnrleston 2 Colunibuii 7: Kimsn« City 1 Mliineaiiulift (I: IiullnnuiiulU 3 Southern Aitoclatlon Mobile 13: McmphlH S Nashville- 3: Atlanta 'i nii'inlnwhiiin 14 :('hattnnooi!a I Mtlle Iliti'k lit New Orli-an.M not Tuloii I: ShrcvoDorl 0, 10 DnlliiH 2: llouiiton 1 •Sun Antonio I): l-'ort Worth 4 Okliihomii City 10: Ilemimont 1 Western Loague Omohii 4-» Wichlln 1-2 Sioux City 12: l>mvr I) Colorncln SprlniiH 15: Dos Molmvs y Lincoln 2: Pnchlo o Fights Last Niqht By The Atioolnted Pren HAHWOItD. Conn, -Vic CnnU'll •GciorNt) Dunn Bout ponlpuiu'd to Frldny -nlwhl, SAN DlliiGO, Cttllf. — Jimmy 13iiiu\-Luvils Adnms bout postponed lu Frldny nlRht. «* After two year* of riding the Texat range, young Will Rogers (Will Roger* Jr.) come* hmoe to Oklahoma. However, he I* more lnt«rt«ted in doing rop« trick* und rodt'o itunt* thin he I* In mnnaolno * rinch. Married to Betty Blake (Jane Wyman), hi* boyhood tweetheart, Will aim* for a career In show builnes*. He ingagei the service* of a"ent Bert Lynn (James Gleason) who start* Will at a vaudeville entertainer. Following a succession of stage appearance*, Will Introduces comedy chatter with hi* rope act, Is an Instant hit. He noes on to become a star In the Zlegfeld Follies for four consecutive years. Will's homespun humor earns him fame as a cplumnlst, radio and screen personality. Height of his achievement is reached when he receives the "favorite son" nomination at the Democratic convention. Indians Are Making Try for Comeback By RALPH RODEN Allocated Pren Sports Writer A month ago the Cleveland In) dlims were pronounced dead as BO I American I.erigue pennant threat. Iliver Prides .ticet for tin; hist Legion, Prides Play Final Game Tonight Hope Legionnaires nnd the V<cd Today, the Indians could well ru- c-iill Mark tlon; Twnln's famous quota "HumorH of my death arc Brent Tho Indiana appeared to be knocked from contention on Block Tiit'mlity July 'i'i nn they dropped ii dutiblchcadcr to tho New York Yankct'fl and fell 7'^ iiameB behind the Bombers. Cleveland, trailing tho Yanks by one ttiinie, could lake over the lend by one peruontaRo point by bent- iiiK the riombers In a 2-Rame series opener Kriclny. Ilii; Mike Onreia ir>-fl hnu been noiniiuttcil to face the Yanks' Allio Itiynolih; I.V7 In the first Kami', fclurly Wynn 10-10 IK sehedulecl to flu ti|taln.Mt New York's Vie HiiHehi M-;i In tho Sa tu relay. Both the Indians eoneludinu KOIIH* and Yanks suf 'circuit's oijly ni{{ht Hiuiu', St. Louis nipped Boston, 3-2, for its sixth ^straight victory. ; Sid Hudson .scattered seven hits in beating the Tribe's "spot pitch cr," Steve Gromek. The Red Sox nicked Gromek for nil of their ,cl|iht hits and runs in seven innings. The Yanks conserving their bust pitchers for Cleveland, opened wilh i> second liner for the third straight, time and failed, Rookie Tom Gor- mun was beaten in the first inning uhd had ,np one to blame but him self. pennant bid by splitting a double j. Qorman walked home one run i hi.'iuler with the Giants, winning thi\|undUiis wild throw permitted two i first game, IUO, but losing the secij.more White Sox players to score. ond, 10-5. The Mcocican standoff|The^,three runs were more than I kept the Glnnts seven games be'Hilly Pierce required. lireil defeats Thursday. The third place Boston Hod Sox knocked off the Indiims, 4-1, and the Chicago White Sox upset the 'Yanks, 81, to sweop a three-game series. Wash- hiKton and St. Louis divided a Iwi nitjht doubleheader, tin? Senators winning the first Ktimt>, H-2, and the Hrowna the socond, ll-l. ' In the National League, the Ciil Cubs Impeded Now York's tiiTu 1 this season here tonight nnd thi 1 winner will go into the playoff finals against the winner of th< Mineral Springs-Nashville nories. The Prides shut out Hope 5 t:> 0 in the first of the series but the Lutjionnalrcs came right back to shut out the nrrny nine 7-0 Wednesday night. Again tonight Hope will probably face lid MeLish, the league's lop rated hurlcr, who limited them to one hit in the first game. Donz Stevens Hope. will do the hurling for hind (rontrunnlni; Brooklyn. The .Duditcrs' game with Pittsburgh was 'mined out. Philadelphia and Cin cinnatl weru idle in tni n by VUI boftt a »»Ut ktttt i? i ' <\ > l «?, will i „._ 1ft to 80. i *ehool groduale, i'Branch Q«i\> ..... ,J SCHOOL, ut 300 Kast IQth. 3-b(jdrooni homo, hni'dwooi llooi'i, bnth, uttlo fan, floor fur. « n«ce, built-in cnblneii, tisncod. buck yard, gHvago. i-'HA llnan> cod Hiui vncnnt now. ON 130 X 150 COHNER lot, Pavod •UJi'Ot, plenty of bvtuitltul .nhttOe ti'«««, this cxtrn largo 3-bpdroorn a-buth hotno ha« a living room*, (lining room, combination kitchen and brexkfait room with c»b- IncU ««lore, Ini-ge pantry, back porch, nttlc itot'mg, aUlc tan, 8 floor f\i»'i)nca», «i\d floors arc covqnjd with carpel und llnul- cxtiu. Qtu'uuo and cufpoi'l, Idc^l for titinlly wnntutu plenty of ulbuw room, Inmmedlnto 1'osaos- ion, FllA financed, $3,000 down, $750,00 FOlt Gl EQUITY In 5- room ifiodcrn homo with laruu aoi-»imed buck porch, ttarage, parlb' fenced back yard 'on 74 x Ifltt foot lot. Monthly puyiDuuvs ot $38 include- principal, interest. , ttOd ' WK have « 8«od demand tor laud. SO fttjroi up t6 8,000 with or without' improvement*. Rw*i- doiUtul, Commercial, Property M4n«tt«m«nt, FHA, 01. Conventions! Loan*. See Vincent W, letter. Farm», Ranchua, See Charles F. Baker. FOSTER-ELLIS REALTY CO. ii» E, »nd, l»ho. 10 AORK stuck farm, all l*ne«f. Good residence, stock banu. farm, SOO 4tA ACRS SPANISH RANGE, LEE WELLS (>l>rii|iUt. IMI,hjl*»K Well*. DiMliln>l«lby l\i.i»Knluiv«SyiulKil CHAPTB3U TWENTY N1N13 LEON1S culled four of the near'•it men dud Hal led tho way to th«,llvory aUble. Ho detected an old wagon, loaded it high with hay from tho stable loft. UIHIKP, Lcoiiis ,*nd Thatcher watched him for a racjnent and Uicn Leon la aluppoil hU leg. "Flro wagon!" Uo rumbled. "I'll get back to my men BO they'll be lint paused. "U I u I s o, you und Thatcher bolter get our boys ready. U'» going to be hot tor (Ivo.ot ua to handle thli and •Vannuoz, too," Thatcher aim Ulaiso tttirrlod to th« «toro, orouchlng beatdo lUlkea and tolling him to bo ready. Soon after Ual and the four Scorpion a»«V came putling the loaded wifbn to tha far corner r- Uu> •tor*. Hat studied Uio building, wh»led the wagon around, taahod the teuyjm to the body ao that the wheel* would not turn. "Well, here'a for It," he said to «TT ACttK f»nn, Nice W Ap«R stock tarnxsinU fenced. Tt»rt» feouse*. TOO ACRE slock' houses, two barm. Kl«e- and «r«s». U PORTERFIELO Ac SON. ^ ^Pft ^^^^P^'v T^^ JBp^BWW Air 4 match utruek, flamed and died dP\vn. and then a small name lloktd at th* hay. U greedily fanned upward, a do sen flamea aprlnfftnc into being and then the whole load burst Into rtre. •JLet 'er fol" Hal yelled and the Axi men pUW«d the wagon directly toward the barn door. toatantly every outlaw gun Waited at the wagon. U rolled agomumfly alow. Blaiso reared that Hat and the other* would be cut down before they could covar halt the distance. But they were protected by the wagon itself and the vehicle gained momentum. It bowled along the last few yards and crashed into the barn with a thunder that sent the doom t ling, while flames leaped up to Und«r-dry wood ol the building, LtonU and Scorpion closed In. H« lungtd forward with Mon- UWM «* Ow r«n«gade« Jerked th» door back, tearing them from ruaty Tbjsy came atreamlng out er aid* Of the naming crouched, tow, guna bt«at- Colt dropped with a swift, chopping motion. Blalso flung hlmsuif to one side, firing from the lup. Vasqucs' bullet whipped by him. but Ulnlgo'a bullet ataggerud the outlaw. Only tor a second. The man wheeled ' with the speed of a striking snake, sending another aliot at Ulalso that cut so close BhUtio fell sprawling. In another second the outlaw hail vanished be- j'ond the reach ol tha Homes. Ulal.so scrambled to his feet and ruocd alter htm. lie wanted Vasquez, wanted him alivo and able to talk. Ho broke through the ring ot townsmen and cowboys, catching no glimpse tf Vasqucz. Uun thunder atlU roared. Bluise caught a alight move In the shadows ahead and he raced toward it, gun held roady, but Vaa- quo» had escaped. After this defeat he would not cqme back to Cuiftbaaas. He waa gone wid, with him, the chanco for Blalse to clear himself. Blalse wearily shoved his gun in the holster, turned and walked despondently back toward the town. Ho passed the first house of the village, plodding, discouraged. He might play a part in Ui» future of this land but there would always bo that stigma against him. Whoever killed Chavei would never be revealed. If U was Mark Davis. he had only to do nothing and the murder trail wa» lost. Visquez gone beyond rooalt, out Into dark stretched of the night The game had been played , . , ami Blalse had lost A gun btaatedi just behind htm with a jarring thunder that jerked Blalse halt v Around «a the buUtt whipped cloae. He completed the spin and drooped M though Ul4 slug had found its mark, fie jerked til* Colt free M he fell sprawling and lay Inert Then a •h*4ow moved not far away, Blalse tensed waited, thumb inching up to the hammer spur. Nearby Hil King shouted. Ttoe a&adow frow. Hal «am* blunder- tag ou, Called again. Blaise slowly «P &* («•*, ready y» - ' ' A figure, was silhouetted momentarily against the light from the street. Evidently he realized that only one man was close but that others closed m. Ho svhirled about and the, gun spoke again. The bullet caught Blalse on the collar bone with the force of a sledge hummer. He hit the ground, rolled over, twisted toward the gunman. The man still stood, tense, poised. Blalso lifted ills gun and flrcd. The man jerked. Blaiso caught the glitter of his weapon oa he raised It. Then he turned and faded into the shadows as nausea gripped Blalse and the world started spinning, Hal came pounding up, helped Blalse to his feet. The street was tilled with Scorpion and Montanas riders, men and women of the town, wide eyed with excitement and the swift pace of events. They parted to let Blaise and Hal through, and finally they entered the hotel. Blalse stopped short just Inside the door, Paul, Walt and Melanie turned to face him. Melanie searched hla face, then her eyes dropped to his bloodstained shoulder. the Injured arm. "Blame!" She rushed to him, all solicitation. She helped htm to a chair and he sat down, grateful. ••you're hurt! Get a doctor!" *Here. Mel." Paul pushed her aside. "I'll see what It Is." He unbuttoned Blalsea shirt and gingerly pulled U back from the wound. "When did you get here?" 'Just when things were break- Ing Wide open. Mel told me and Mark about Vasquea, and that you (WO «ome of Ms men here. We thought you might need help, what Wjjlb Jitm and Uowia, Mel said she «<a* coming and, for once, we muldnt k*ve her at home." . "Mark wanted to come?" Paul carefully ripped the shirt away so that there was no pull or pressure on the shoulder. "You may |av« a smashed bone. Blaise. Flrat tiling U to stop the Weeding." He bunt down to the wound again. comln. The Ue had bis ftftt ft»eUo« cUw«« into Uxht an dUaBDaaMd. ^^ "' TLJ*. ^9f^^ w»^w^ ^^^^w^^^^^^P^^p «»•-»-- B^AflBHl ftrta t " * u»e Ii ft* want out to and you. to «ee ld iMip.' Mel said hitf- auoked bar band alone "Ht'lWbo all ' By The Associated Press AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet New York 70 51 .571 Cleveland 68 51 .571 Boston C>3 53 .543 Washington 63 57 .525 Chicago 63 58 .521 Philadelphia 60 56 .517 St. Louis 51 71 .418 Detroit 39 80 .328 FRIDAY'S SCHEDULE Cleveland at New York —Garcia (15-8) vs Reynolds (15-7) Chicane at Boston — DoUson (11-0) vs Dclock (4-4) • Detroit at Washington — Gray (10-13) vs Portcrfield (10-11) St. Louis at Philadelphia —(2) twi-nitiht) Bearden (7-2) and Stuart (3-3> vs Shantz (2-14) and Dish op (0-0) THURSDAY'S RESULTS Chicago C; New York 1 RoMton 4; Cleveland 1 Washington 31; St. Louis 2-fl (iwi-nighu Only names scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet Brooklyn 75 31! .604 New Rork 69 40 .600 St. Louis 70 49 .5811 Philadelphia 63 53 .543 Chicagfl 59 61 .492 Boston 49 67 .422 Cincinnati 50 69 .420 Pittsburgh 35 I!7 .28 FRIpAY'S SCHEDULE Brooklyn at Pittsburg — (2 twl-nighO Labinc (7-3) and Landrum (1-1) or Wade (11-7) vs Dick son (11-17) and Pollet (G-12) New York at St. Louis —Lanier (0-10) or Koslo (8-6 vs Miller (2-0) Philadelphia at Cincinnati Sim mons (10-7) vs Miller (5-7) Boston at Chicago — Surkont (9-10) vs Kelly (3-8) THURSDAY'S RESULTS Chicago 8-5; New York 6-10 St. Louis 3; Boston 2 night) Brooklyn at Pittsburgh, post! poned rain Only games scheduled. COTTON STATES LEAGUE W L Pet. Meridian 74 44 .H36| Natchez 71' 50 .5871 Greenwood 57 54 .565 Vloilroo 62 59 .512 Dorado ' 62 59 .5121 Pine Bluff 57 63 .4751 iTenville • 45 76 .372! Hot Springs 42 711 .350 Last Night's Results Monroe 6, El Dorado 2 Greenwood 5, Greenville 2 Meridian 3, Natchez 0 Hot Springs 7,. Pine Bluff 2 Tonight's Games: Greenwood at Hot Springs Greenville at Pine Bluff Meridian at El Dorado * Natchez at Monroe, SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L Pet. Chattanooga 73 5SI ,553 Atlanta 73 63 .537 New Orleans 69 64 .519 Mobile 67 65 .508 Memphis 67 68 .496 Nashville 65 58 .489 Little Rock 62 70 .470 Birmingham 58 57 .430 Last Night's Results Nashville 3, Atlanta 2 Birmingham 14, Chattanooga 1 Mobile 13. Memphis 5 Little Rock at New Orleans, ppd rain. Tonight's Games • Nashville at Atlanta Birmingham at Chattanooga Memphis at Mobile Little Rock at New Orleans (2) Top Radio Programs NEW YORK ifl — Listening to- nif-ht: NBC — 7:45 One Man's Family; 8 Mario Lanza Show; 8:30 Music by Miintovani. CBS — 6 Robert Q's Waxworks; 7 Musicland, USA; 8 Big Time. ABC — 0:15 Elmer Davis; 6:30 The Lone Ranger; 7:30 This Is Yrur FBI. MBS — 7 Symphonic Strings; 7:30 Gracic Fields Show; 8:05 Magazine Theater. Saturday Stuff: NBC — 7:30 a.m. Howdy Doody. . . CBS — 10:05 a. m. Let's Pretend; 11:30 a. m. Stars Over Hollywood. ABC —10 a m. Junior Junction. . . .MBS, — 11 a. m. Man On The Farm Baseball — MBS Game of Day Network 1:55 p m. Philadelphia Phillies at Cincinnati Reds. Prehistoric Tree The gingko. a prehistoric tree, still survives today, being planted as a shade tree in the United States. The outline of its leaf frequently is found in Alaskan glacial deposits. 22 Qualify for City Golf Tournament Some 22 players have qualified for the Hope Country Club Cit tournament which is scheduled to start Wednesday, August 27. Garland Bradshuw announced today. The first tourney was held back in 1926 with Clell Dildy winning I and the last was won by J.' W. Smith in 1949. The meet is for residents of Hope only and is open to thi* public. Mr. Smith has again qualified — in fact he holds the lowest score so far — a 70, two over par. A 12-year-old lad, Larry Bruce, has qualified with a 72, four over I par. August 24 is the final day to ' qualify with match play starting the following Wednesday and the finals of all three flights will be played Sunday, August 31. Prizes will be given for med- alists, winners and runnpriip play crs. It is the plan of the club to make the City meet an annual event. Foreign Exchange Arttwerto Prevlou* Puttlt t J. HORIZONTAL 56pflp« Uapanese coin 4 Mexican coin 8 You spend francs in a French 12 Poem 13 Persian coin 14 Hebrew measure 15 Limb 10 Hospital attendants 18 Cracked ' 20 Confuse .'.'• , 21 Tropical ' plants 22 Goddess, of discord 24 Salute 26 War god 27. Musical direction 30 French schools 32 System 34 \fashes lljihtly 35 Fancy 30 Hypothetical forces 37 Repose 39 Chemical ; suffixes 40 Child's toy • 41 Deed i 42 Task ; 45 Slices of 1 bacon 49 Newspaper men ' 51 Former : Brazilian coin . 52 Prayer ending ': 53 Formerly , i 54 Finisli ' ; 55 Pronoun ^ rabbit VERTICAL 1 Peruvian coins 2 Paradise 3 Denials 4 Supports 5 Ireland 6 Sorrier 23 Send 7 Oil (suffix) 24 Demigod 8 Common 25 Sour ailments 9 Among • 10 Touch ,11 Gaelic 17 Reared 19 Medicated 31 Weirder tablets 33 Instruct e A t» e s K B S • T O R A T O K K • U A T e A N S A T • 1 S L. A N t> T O T • •• "V A 1 t_ R A S T d O LJ S e « s M 0 S a A K 1 T e "1 s A U T A R N O ft \ A T B si s B A r. s p> 6 L. U B <Z A b 1 1 ft B S V 1 A «». 1 4> ^ B E R A B V \ T S. P A M 1 IV\ A U e e P A ;r B N\ A K 1 N B T A <5 T r & A K 1 S 26 Item of property 27 Broke 28 Carry (coll.) 48 Curves 29 Fruit drinks 47 Nevada city 38 Calm 40 Danish coin 41 Donkeys 42 Stuff 43 Half (prefix) 44 Unclosed 48 Lateral part 50 Unit of weight 1 1^ IS 2H W * 19 iZ 55 Z • Hi * 41 - 19 n. H 13 Ib n 1\ IT 6 %•// •'/•'//, A !••: 50 b3 bb 6 2Z ''/'•:': -%• M US 7 m. & 3Z 34 16 17 20 HI a IH '^. '& 49 9 Z7 £1 5H 57 10 It, HI II 29' W 22 am deeply grateful "... the overwhelming endorsement of my candidacy is a real inspiration. "I Will not fail those who gave so liberally of their time, effort and votes, in behalf of government responsible to the people. "Together, we will work for the progress of our State." (Signed) FRANCIS CHERRY Working'Wives Eight million wives of tho United StatesT or nearly one-fourth of all married women, have jobs outside the home, with one-half of these working wives being mothers. Legal Notice No. 7426 in the Chancery Court of Hempstoad County. Ark. Ethel May Youngblood Plaintiff vs. Leonard Youngblood Defendant WARNING ORDER The Defendant. Leonard Youngblood is warned to appear in this court wuhta thirty d.ays and answer the complaint 9f Uw Ptewtitt, Ethel »y hand *n4 the sea) of said court this Si day of August . T^TW* ^fll 5flt r ^^p^ ^ *£ CAN A MAN DIVIDE HIS HEART? T. M. R<(. U. S. P«t. 00.*- S Copr. 1852 by NEA &«vict, liw. "My now boy friend flunked- tvVo subjects last year—it'& lucky for my parents they dhtot kn«,v him then!'! MAGIC IS FRAGILE A LOVE-STORY YOU'LL REMEMBER by Ekie Mack Jeremy Ireland love* two women 0s different as the two sides of any man's nature. The first is Nance, his foster sister, who is blonde and sweet as q summer day. The other is Eve, whose passion and enchantment resemble a stormy night. Can his heart make a choice? • '' MAGIC IS FRAGILE Btgduitag Monday, Au0us» 29, in HOP! STAt IT WOULD BE V HIS IDSA VS, \[ YEH I'VE X AcSOODcBAO ) SOUND-YOUR J ALLUS SAID ^ TO TAKE HIM / C,A<3 ISN'T/ / EDUCATIOW UP AM' GIVE \ THEY'LL SAX \ 6R4&RS * THEM BRIGHT ' WELUTHERE'S^l IPEAS-BUT BOYS A LOOK AT / OME C.OOD TH' BIRD WHO \ \wo COWM u GITS 'E SUOGESTEP Sq,CH\ THERE.'" A GOOD IDEA.' JUST A MIWUTE, NAPPER-HE \\AV WAWT VOU TO 6O UP TO THE DR-XFTIW OFFICE , WITH ( HIM/ I MAP A e«*NP WHO A\INP IP A VVEAKV HOOPEe 1 LOOKING* OKIN WA9 JUST IN HBKS THIS EVBNJIM6. WASH TUBBS m ATPO you BJTPECT M* rb Y CAD 'SMO PA..Tfty TO <ser you OUT Of I WS WON'T ' i TMAT'6X_yOUWBNOT /6IA A BREAK \TOLKAVHTH' I MB^ REFORM SCHOOL,EH,SPIKEf is so. you c TROUBLE? IP x t)tft / «4ES VOU'P JUST THIMKI WAS SOTT// fflMB / •Wii^B&HHn. y<3U, MR. OUR BOARDING HOPSE Wim Major HoepM AT TH/KT*-^ BETTER IF CAM 16 THAT "TK& ^? TO A 6OFA ODDS BATTLE-M — VJHesJ HE PAlDjOR TV/ 6EE5 T'HN" PRICE HE'LL)} THAT K COLLAPSE// BEETL&, . LIKE A / WHV5HE, VJET .A \ WAMTA ) i^rr^- ' / / £3is ' /- VlCTORV \MlLL VOTE BOOTS AND HER BUDDItS 0y Edgor.M ALL OVER AMERICA.' IfkX DM f SHOULD A HOOPLt FOF3. PRESIDENT ^UGS BUNNT ASJD6H& WA6ri v T A FAVORITE 6O PICK (7RBW AN' PI*INTrBRQA FUNNY BUSINESS Ey HertTiberfer iy V. T. Haro ALLEY OOP VE0,9IR,i,BACK THERE "W f»BUT NOW YOU'VE TURNED IT IN TIME WE HAP 6OMB-I ILOOSB IN' OUR OWN SKIES, " rrt'snpONEQONE/OOplA jfi o ' FCJOZY WlfH ITr-^C f f AND 60 NOW REALLY GOT PROBLEM OUR HANDS; 6Y GOSH, AMOS, A MIGHTY SHORT FOR A MOMENT .\ MOMENT.' IT WENT THERE I THOUGHT / THROUGH THIS W6 HAD A 6URE-; ( WINDOW LIKE IT ENOUGH MAGIC \ WAS TIS6UE CARPET PENNED ^ FA.PER UP RISHT HERE IN OUR LAB! .fo, f r--> .«-••) i^ *^ !•' '!:::::, " Just a minute there, Ceorgel" - FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ly ll«tMr CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer ly Michael 0'MolUy ond Ralp WARN ANY ZTU laVER*'LANE ABOUT YA DUMB ox.' DID ) DONT YA HAVE TO PLAV I MAO, BOSS- CARDS WITM HIKA? 7 J. OKAV, Bur BOSS WONT LIKE THIS TO COME I WHERE/ /HEY, CUP/ DOLL/COME HERE/

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