Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 29, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1939
Page 5
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November 20/lfl09 "The Mure You Tell the Quicker You Sett" « * You Can Talk to Only One Man • Want Ada Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ada cash in advance Not taken over the Pkon* Sta Six ' m ' n ! mum %°° Three «me»-3V4c word, minimum word, minimum 90c One month-lBc word, minimum i RatM are for continuous Insertions only. For Rent Service* Offered , ARKANSAS Bowling FOR RENT-Soulh bedroom, nd-i , , X 1 ?, 158 ^"^Pr?" Mem P" joining both, gnniKo. $10.00 Large i , d Mnltress Shop. 712 West Fourth, double? bedroom, 2 closets and beds ! I? r , .""P™ ? nd "'bulH. PhoM Paul complete fur 2, $7.50 each. Phone I _ o "".' >g ' J S*" 1 - M ?"• G57-R. 801 Sotilh Mnin. 27-3tp. FOR RENT—3 room unfurnished apartment. Private entrance. No children, 919 South Elm. 27-3tp. FOR HENT-.1 lir 4 room unfurnished apartment near Paisley School. 102 So, Fulton St. 28-,'itp FOfi KENT—South bedroom, adjoining bnlh, garage, S10.0I) Large doubli' bedroom. 2 closets and beds, complete for 2, S7.50 each. Phone G57-R. 801 South Mnin. 25-3tp FOR RENT—Furnished Private bath and KMI-HKO. Cluirdler. Phone 90B. (tpnrtmont, Mrs. W, R. 2l!-21c For Sale FOR SALE — Six room home on n three acre lot. iilso one hundred five acre farm at DeAnn. Leroy Samuel. Hopt-, Ark., Route IS. 22-fitp FOR SALE-One 1935 V-8 Ford. Ncw motor, good tires. In A-l shape. Cheap. Write Bensley Music Co. Texnrkana. or Harvey Odom, 610 West •Ith St., Hope. 28-3tc WANTEDi-Hlghosl prices paid for men's .ladles, and children sweaters and children's coats. Patterson Cash Store 27-6tc. VVAf^D^Wdo"w ~ with 2 small children wants position as Infuse keep or. Box 76, Okay. Ark. 27-3tp, Lost STRAYED—Two Setter bird dogs, black ears, white body black ticked. Collars with name piuto. Reward. V. R. Johnson. 27-Stp. FO R SALE-sTiglitiy~"iis«r"Gnmtl Piano. Good as ncw. 30 months to pay. Write Bi-nsley Music Co., Texiir- kanii, or Hnrvc.v Otinm. 610 West 4th St-'H"'"'' 2S-3lc LOST—Block horse mule, wt. 750 Ibs, trace chain around neck. Notify White & Co., nt Hope. 2g-3tp Ksiilts for Tuesday November 28, iint) Court lions Stuar.t 85 80 13» - 304 "ill 102 131 124 - 357 A. Davis 166 123 75 — 354 Fronlm 104 145 105 Ward 138 128 darker .u 127 172 To t n l« 2100 Home Ice Ramsey 129 103 115 —-347 L. Davis 81 80 72 — 233 Hartsfleld 44 123 149 — 316 Bowen 103 137 122 — 362 Logan 53 149 Andrews 78 111 99 — 298 150 — 339 Kraft Phcnlx Chce.se Jones ................ gi 129 98 _ 308 Taylor ....... • ........ 113 140 116 — 369 Alexander ........ 125 136 113 - 374 £«t« .................. 158 151 Ferrymen Rettlg 122! - 431 87 131 103 — 231 102 107 87 — 290 Totnls ............................... .« ..... ,;.; ...... 2099 Soil C. {ten-lift Boyd ............. :... 162 128 v 189 -429 Henderson ........ 174 108 '132 — 414 Roberts ........... 116 125. 141 — 382 Denningtnn .... 57 58 59 — 174 Gordon ........... 68 48 108 — 224 Johnson ........... 112 178 130 — 421 RAISING A FAMILY Dad Should Come First On Children's Gift List By OLIVE ROBERTS BARTON f^ s flying away to the mmc old It won t do lo put the children al- I grind. He can't lie down when he together on the receiving end of | line a henelsche. He can't takp time Christmus. They get ns much kick out: off for a party to relieve the strain at giving nncl planning presents, as; Unless he is aold on his job and in' terestecl to the last inch, he is caught we do. Now, I am writing this article with one person particularly in mind. The forgotten man, Dad. I expect to receive a nice note of thanks from the men folk for saying this. But, it is their clue, whether I got a rousing cheer or not. All through the year Bob and Bernice seo their Mommy spend money. They see her purse open a dozen limes a day nncl out of it usually come their nickels and dimes. Thus the source of all good and most needs si-cms lo he Mother. And she is, too, for it is Mommy who has to manage and on her depends much of their good and happiness. The family thinks he isn't interested i much in gifts but that's just where 1 they're wrong. He is only a loll boy. | and when did boys stop wanting pre- ] eents or heing remembered? I Gruffncss May Hide I'lcnsure Maybe; he won't say much when he gets his package or packages. Maybe he will huff and say, "I'd rather pick my own ties." I hope he doesn't, because the truth is that lie himsell iS largely responsible for whiit love *....,.,..1.*, i,, i,n_- , dBL mud, lie IK caugm m 'ti'ts«j,y i capuiiHiuiu HJI wiitn love and held by chains. Besides, his rs- I his children hold lor him and words ponsibility works two ways. He must bo good at his work. And he must work constantly, so the family will like this won't help any. But men get embarrassed when they receive presnts, very often, and don't have a roof, food and clothes. , know what to, say. They turn gruff Mommy may work, at an outside j a "d put their' feet in their mouths job. In that case Father i.s still worth j trying to say the right thin/;. his while, for he breaks even on the whole and still deserves gratitude. Maybe he is out of work. Well, he is still Daddy and he needs to have his pride bolstered however simply. Put Dad at the top of the list. And Dflddy, in your turn, tell the children lo put Mother there, too. Next come presents to each other, relatives and friends. Thy can make some of their . - — ..~.-, ,,..,,,,,,,. ifjciiti.^. i fly Lull IIiaKi: KOIIIP OI UlCll A man out of a job is likely lo get presents. Tlml is half the fun The that awful old devil, inferiority com- olher half is doing their won buying. pi ex. Here comes Christmas. That's the I or at lensl purl of it, with money they j have saved or earned. . , day we give to people we love and like. | But hers is only half the credit. She i Where is Dad's present? Still in the | Delivery of milk on a house-lo-hluso ets her house mone fro 0H0"MM$H$>$^»4M$H0H6» |SingIeton's Fresh Roasted Coffeef A 1 Pound lOc 5 Pounds 50c A 2 !/ 2 Pounds 25c 10 Pounds $1.00 I HI. P. SINGLETON , *j* 113 South Elm Street Hope, Ark, A !£BEST PLACE IN HOPE TO BUY COFFEE*-* W< *I» . n every o m on a ouse-lo-hluso gets her house money from Dad. ! store to be hurriedly chosen from ; basis was begun in the Middle Ages -he. what's left nt the last minute? ' Cow? were driven to each domiele and ! arie works for it, but so does . up in tlie early hours and BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES In some cases this is only Icio true. ! delivery was made on the spot. Monts Sugar Cure When Butchering j This Fall and Winter For sale by the leading merchants in every community. **-•** ..... ...... ,.,.. , . ,,. , . . mj,j,.m ......„„„.. ... ... . Totals 2044 For .the second .time recently, the eastern part of the United States has experienced an earthquake, 'it looks as if the Japs are sending over their revenge for Ambassador Crow's utterances. A woman was sentenced lo thitry days in Cedar City, Iu., before the new women's jail quarters were com- Turkcy Has Meaning for Theaters One of the suburban dailies is soliciting u coverall ud for all the legiti- iiate theaters to hail the Thanksgiv- •ng Day matinees. But nobody on Broadway will buy, since the mast- Wad is illustrated with a large- ized turkey, the customary emblem of i flop show. Speaking of fiascos and turkeys, there's the tale about Charlie Wushburn. the drum beater, who wa>- in Chicago with a foregone flop"•-•a. It opened two nights before mksRiving and c | rew a roun( | of a reservation. its the best way to tell them apart. When Ezra Stone quit See My Lawyer artd went West the other day for u fling in the movies he gave up $1000 a week from his radio jobs. A new fireproof film will be placed on the" market in the next, few weeks. The noninflammable celluloid is said to guarantee against projection - room blazes. Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" WPS written with the idea that the scenes and props would cost a produce! Giddy Has 'Em Bothered FOR SALE-Everylhing tlint you need in New and Used Furniture at the Lowest prices. Sue us before you ....... - ., buy or soil. Knmklin Fumitim- Store i o' Vmg aml clrew a rountl of , 1>r ° 1)s Woulct cosl a Producer N2-1M" ' I-'" 1 "' '° atlver «sc the holiday Char- I aPPro.ximo.tely 525, if not l e .,- s . And _ . I "f wrote an ad which said," Have' the Physical production of the play NOTICE y ° 1 "' U " key fliner ul home. Then could n "l have cost Jed Harris much come (I °W" to the Loftp and enjoy more « h «»'that. But it is to be made another at the Theater!" A whim. I 1110 « picture soon and Mr. Wilder -sicai wire outfit is nrnrinnlnu n „.*,., is going to be surprised to learn thai NOTICE- Positively no hunting on my farm. Valuable cattle B. C. Lewis, Shnver Spring IN NEW YORK H.v OKOKGK HOSS NEW YORK — Mayor LaGuardin. who suddenly plunged into (lie movie whirl, lias :icceptcd the invitation of Ihe Film Critic* lo t-orvc- us master of ceremonies at their annual awnrd- «ivi»i( ."himlji; in |lu- R.-iinhovv Room. Jan. 7. In Ladies ;md Gentlemen tlioy puss the remark thai long- hiind writing i.s ;, l<isl ;irl like glassblowing, iiiul Gilbert Miller's office still is ward ing off the blows of protests .struck by iiclivc glass blowers. An ciitcrpri.sing prumotcr has dug out 111'- old Dompsoy-Willnrd fight |)ic- luro.s fi>r re-relc>ii.se. They once were forbidden by law. Phil Epslein, the Hollywood scenarist, i.s tclliiiff the .story about tin- two Indians who were debating whether I 0 join the A. F. L. or the C. I. O. One of the Indians grunted: "Me of • the Indians grunted: "Me no like A. F. L. Too many 'urns—maximum, minimum, minimum, inaxium. Me like numing on • i . -..-«,-^., •* WM,>U*- , , • —~ •* «••« «j.i, »uuti on rantre '" , W ' rC OUtfU is P^uOng a new *. ? O1 "S to he surprised to learn tbfil HS 29-3ti> ' w '! !< V :!b , cskel for editorial chambers. It his scencl ess play will be budgeted at • ' I is labeled around the rim, "Filing Cab- considerably more than the ordinary MMMK^_ < 'net for War Prnm.un.wi,, " B-picture. inel for War Propaganda." Noel Coward, who has been attached to the British Legation in Paris since the beginning ,,f the war, is aoing to have his two plays—those he completed before the bosli.litis— produced in London, anyway, with the ' .function of his superiors. Remember i th» Nazis' hullabaloo about "degen-' orate" m t which was replaced through out German by Die Nnzi notion of "elevating" art? Well, not so lonn ago a great deal of lhat "degenerate" an was sold in Switzerland at open ruction 10 bolster the German war che.st. Wliiteman Iteiilsin Paul Wliiteman almost got knock- i ed down by „ C ab outside the radio I station a few nights ago. Ten mm| utes later he was on u Red Cross 1 brcftidcnsv. A row among the members ol the Housing Authority (federaO threaten.': again. This lime'the quarrel will be over alleged discrimination against certain would-be tenants. Televised fights are going to make one sartorial detail compulsory for alt combatants. Ona i.s g onK ( 0 have to wear a bluck belt, Ihe other white- By Edgar Martin Agreed on One Point *•• . 1939 BY HIA SERVICE. INC. T.'lVI. KCC. U S. PAT. Off OUT OUR WAY WEAVER OF TALES HORIZONTAL 1, 7 Tremendously popular writer of last century. 12 Roof finiat. i!3To spout I forth. ' 15 Self. ' 16 Crucifix. 18 Some. 19 Flabby. 20 Suture. 22 Father. 1 23 Rodent. j 25 To intrust. '28 Small island. Answer to Previous Puzzle 47 Does wrong. 49 Pertaining to the sun, 51 Tribunal. ,30 A gratification 53 "David j 31 Lieu. 33 Sphere. 3511 is. 36 Tennis point. ! 38 Falsehood,', i 40 Mister. 41 Scampered headlong. 1 44 Mama. 40 Footprint. Copperfield" i.s the story of his own" 55 To make lace. 56 A set. 58 To observe. 59 He was an English CD Sheen. VERTICAL 2 Pronoun. 3 Disciples of Christ. 4 To iiscond. 5 Electrical unit. 6 Health resort. 7 Arid. 8 Neuter pronoun. 0 Parrot. 10 Ovum. 11 Wooden pjn. 14 One who ruins another 1C His well- known story " Carol." 17 Sorrowful. 19 Baseball .stick. 21 Intersected. 22 Cavity. 24 Stirring. 26 Preface. 27 Fur. 29 Each. 32 Dating machine. 34 Maudlin. 3 7 Tube cover, 39 Fish. 41 Condition. 42 Crease in cloth. 43 Scum. 45 Tree. 46 Slovak. 48 Mutton fat. 50 Indian. 51 Public auto. 52 Right. 54 Golf device. 56 Musical note, 57 Ell. THAT'S A HECK OF A PLACE. TO &LMLD A CLUB HOUSE --EIGHT IN TH' MIDDLE- OF TH' TOWN DUMP." f By J.R. Williams COPR. 193g BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T~J< ITS. IKi ONJLV PLACE WE COULD FIKJD A STOVE AN' WE C/WT A.'.QVE OR. KA: .. j. rr-- so Thi.C. '.S VS'HV THE ; •=:".. CC ,V\ES OUT THE EOOM MATE CAIM'T HOW AN ELK GITS THRU TH' THICKETS SO FAST WITH THESE HAWNS/ WE.LL, IF vou DOM'T PO A LITT' ['• BETTER THIS MEAT WON'T BE FIT TO EAT' SLOW POKE T. M. DEC. U. S. WIT. OFF $W WELL, WHO DO \AJE HAVE TO THAMK FOR LAST NIGHT'S ENTERTAINMENT IM BARTER'S YARD?—v~ I GOT JUST 12. COW^ECUTIWE MINUTES OP SMUT-1YE/ WHAT WAS IT —-~ A AAA6S REHEARSAL OF ANIMAL IMITATORS ? LAST I HE&-RD THE POLICE WERE TRYING TO BR^AK UP A REUNION OF STRAY CATS —THEY" CLAIMED BAXTER INVITED THE PARTY BY LEAVING • <3AL/v\OM CANS AROUMD({ THE YAPar: with Major Hoonle I DIDN'T QUITE CATCH ALL THE ANNOUNCEMENTS *> BUT IT J 6OUNDED LIKE A TRAIN "PEP MEETING TO ME./ DID YOU, HEATR THE RIOT; MAOTOR? 3EEtv\ TO "RECALL. DIMLY SOME OISTUR8AMCE u DOUBTLESS ^ FIGMENT OF-TUB SUBCONSCIOUS Ml KID/ L-Srl J ^^^CV ^ i: sjy^^ y E WAS HIDING IN A CLOSET AT THE Tltv\H- / _COPR. 1939 By ME* SEBWCE. ,M. T. M. BEG. U. S. PAT. OFF. //-jf J ESA1D, -. IT ALr/OST SLIPPED MY MIND, BUT GREAT GRI7.1N1 PRIVATE EycmemoM OF HIS MAGIC AT TH£ OWLS CLUB PMEVM/ CATS LAST NltSWT, PIDDLE: TOrsilGHT/ THIS WHOLE BOY, I KMOW I'LL FORGET TWOSE WISE GUYS' NAMES WHEN I TRV TO 6INJ6 TUA.T BV MEART-— (F t DO I'LL JUGT "SAY P/\T AMD ~ AND HERMAN / TOBE- DECLARED LE&ALLV. IKJ5AME/ SHALL ATTEND • > I I

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