Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 29, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1939
Page 3
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WgdtieSday, November 29, mm STAR, mm, ARKANSAS PAGE f HIM SOCIETY i\irs. Ski Henry Telephone 321 TlmnksffivlriK to row; tho lime Gone is Ihe thru to reap Is past, Now, from the fields of earth, plow-loin. And scattred wilh fine seed ^lirou spring-soft flays, Down fall-crisp hours, the harvest has been borne. The morning of Ihe ycnr nnd otter- noun Have fled. Now, once again, its twilight cumes-— Novcmbre, gray of jikiivs and trees and ground Streaked by th torchlights of Chrysanthemums. Now is the time for men to gnlhei close In homes where woodsy hearthfiics, flame and there. | Heeding the year's hushed vesper hour | lo rriiso. lord MrUac and Mr, nnd Mrs. Billy DucUctl and son William will see the ['oolbnll gnme in Pine Bluff, return- inr; vin Mnlvern where they will be 1'iiankfgiving dinner guests of Mr, .nut Mrs. William Glover. Mrs. L. M. Lilc, Miss Mary Ann Lite and Mrs. K. G, MeRiie were Tuesday visitors in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Kinser will have as Thanksgiving guests, Mr nnd Mis. Al Park of ElDorado. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jewell Moore and Mr and Mrs. Don.'ikl Moore will moto Ic Pine Bluff Thursday to sec On football name. -O- Misses Evelyn Brianl and Len Mae Robertson of SUite Teachers Col II. % KC, Conwny will arrive Wednesdii night In spend the Thanksgiving wee From gniti-tul hearts, a i-Uitl Thanks-'end with home folks. giving prayer " i —O— For all hie wonder of th Living Love | After a few (lays visit wilh That, from one grain, lifts fruit of i sister, Mrs. Tom McLarty and Myriud seeds; That iiuikcs man out <if God. G of limn, And, in frail dreams, sees harvests uf -strong deeds. —Selected. i McLarty and other relatives, Mrs. Bi d out [O'Brien loft Wednesday morning fo 1 her home in Shreveport, La. Makes All-America But He's Squad's Laziest Man Miss Mary Delhi While of State Touchers' Col )<.>/.;<•, Conu'iiy arrived Tuusiliiy ID spend tho Thanksgiving week end with home folks. Mr. and Mrs. K. G. Mcliau will Imvc as Thanksgiving guests, Mrs. J;,cl: Meek nnd daughter, Cmolyn of Bradley. Ark. Mr. and M "YOUNG DR. KILDARE" and SHIRLEV TEMPLE "Susanna, of the Mounties"' Wednesday "FAST & FURIOUS" THURSDAY - FRIDAY NOTE: We will run continuous ji Thursday from 1:13. AH score- J Ing anil per'nils stiMuling of the 'j Hope-Fine Bluff f.umo will be j. announced. I Matinee Kl-'Zfic ( NUi- regular price I The howling hit that has America in stitches!... HAL ROACH presents 'S DAUGHTER MlL starring ** JOAN BENNETT ADOLPHE MENJOU with PEGGY WOOD' JOHN HUBBARD WILLIAM CARGAN DONALD MEEK Releaied thru €? UNITED ARTISTS We Hope You Never Need a Prescription! Nil Mr. and Mrs. R. V. McGinnis will have as Thanksgiving guests, Mrs. McGinnis' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cornish u( Proscolt. * Mrs. Syrl McMath and son Sydney will .spend Thanksgiving wilh relatives and friends in Arkadelphia, Mr. McMath .will attend the foot ball game in Pine Bluff. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Williams ancl daughters, Nancy Kae and Patricia Ann will be among the foot bal'i fans motoring to Pine liluff to. sec Ihe game on Thursday. Mrs. Neely Black who has spent tile past few days visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Ous Hayns and Mr. and Mrs. Ten-nil Cornelius left Wednesday for her home in Slircvcport, La. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Houston, Miss Martha Houston and Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Cain will see the football game at Pine Bluff on Thursday. Miss Mary Cornelia Holloway of Texas Touchers College for . Women, Itoilon, Texas, will arrive Wednesday And in the Front Yard He Planted Onions SAW ANTONIO, Texas-W)-Maury Maverick, peppery Mayor of San Anonio and former Texas representative n congress, thinks vegetables are as asy on the eye as most flowers and i great deal more profitable. He raised a crop of onions, radishes, :arrots, collards and string beans in lis front yard this summer and then in a second planting of •winter onions. So far he hasn't convinced Mrs. Maverick that roses aren't prettier. special Thanksgiving selection, and VIrs. J. E. HamiH will play the offer- Lory. The offering will be taken for Christmas charity. It is urged that all come on time in order to enjoy the full hour's program. io man Who put the Duke aiiii Duchess of Windsor on a diet of SJM* * nach and garlic juic': is said to be engaged to Greta Garlin. It's all right if Garbo wants to look fi,: ward to that kind of life. Only tall men are being acceptrfU tot United Slates Army duty in Panama because of the heavy underbrush. It can be mighty embarrassing losing an army somewhere in the grass. WHAT CAUSES \ GETTING UP NIGHTS? Getting up nights may be nature's warning of sluggish kidneys. If excess acid and other wastes are .not regularly eliminated other danger signals that may appear are burning, scantly or frequent flow, backache, leg or rheumatic pains, headache or dizziness. Kidneys rteed occasional help same as bowels. Get a 25c box of BUKETS from any druggist. If not pleased in 4 days your 25c back. Locally at Briant's Drug Store, Jno. S. Gibson Drug Co. QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising from STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID Free BookTells of HomeTreatmeftttMt Must Help or it Will Cost You Nothing Over one million bottles of tlio WILtiABD TREATMENT have been sold for relief of symptoms of distress arising from Slomcch and Duodenal Ulcers dun to E»ce«« Acid- Poor Digestion, Sour or Upset Ctomach, G«ilneM, Heartburn, SleepleuneM, Me,. due to Excess Acid. Sold on ISdays trial! Ask for "Willard's Message" which full* explains this treatment— tree—at BRIANT'S DRUG STORE RE AD AND WANT-ADS llarlr.v iMcColluni. Tnlanc's All-America tackle candidate, phones for a date, above . . . and gets it. The attractive young lady with, him, below, is C'o-ci) Maylec Kinbcrgcr. Hurley admits he's la/y but it doesn't prevent him from spending- plenty of time on. the books. Hy JKRItY BKONWIKL1) ' NEA Service Sports Writer Harley McCollum. biggest tncklc night to spend the Thanksgiving holi- I Tulnnc history, is a native of Okla- iay.s with her mother Mrs. A. K. Holl- ' homa, where he played high school ball at Broken Arrow (mostly with Indians) and at Wagoner . . Now lives in Stillwoll ... Is 21 years old, stands B fei-t G inches, weighs 235 IJving The Way We Tray I Knelt to pray when the day was pounds, lone, aiul prayed 'O Lord, bless every , Srlemlit d horseman and expert with d one lift from each saddened heart fj,- c 'arms, the result of sessions with the pain, and let the sick be well Nnticnr.il Guard and Citizens' mili- ag.iin." and then I woke another day, lflry Training Camp at Fort Sill . . . and carelessly went on my way. ; Adept in use of rope, trick lasso- The whole day long I did not try j n g stuff, etc. lo wipa a tear fro many eye' I did McCollum loves to hunt nnd fish not try to share th load of any brother Goes on such trips after every home boat for backwoods swamps in Achn- falaya country where he takes pot shots at alligators . . . Green Wave's All-America candidate marvels at the palmettos and cypress trees of Louisiana . . . Trappers, fishermen and mr.ss-gathercrs marvel at McCollum's stature. Frequently dives overboard into eight feet of murky water for oy- tlers . 1 . Another favorite pastime is shark fishing, but sport he enjoys mcst is fishing for alligator gars in the freshwater bayous which lead into the Gulf of Mexico. Verx difficult to catch alligator gars cm hook and line because long snouts snap cord and sets them alont, the load; I did not go to see &m c . . . .Often shoves off in motor j f,. cc , . McCollum has mastered trick Ihe sick man just next door to me. .—. . • — Yet, once again, when day was done,' ti, 0 t serve Him here below." I prayed, "O Lord, bless everyone," ' And then I hid my face and cried, Bui as I prayed, into my ear there "forgive me, Gocl, for I have lied. C-..ITIC a voice that whispered clear: Let me hut live another day, and 1 i.-Puse, hypocrite, before you pray— w jll live the way I pray." whom have you (rid to bless today? Arthur unknown. "Odd's sweetest blessings so by Hands Taint Marks Episcopal Church h'oliy Communion, Thursday morning (L'oint Andrews Day and Thanks- Don't Sleep When Gas Presses Heart'' giving Day) nt 7:30, Rev. Harry If you can't eat or sleep because gas' tcimeycr, rector. bloat;; you up try Adlerika. Quo dose usually relieves pressure on heart from stomach gas due to constipation, Ad- li!rik;i cleans out BOTH bowels. John £. Gibson Drug Co. Will he in town for the next fc\v days. Have your Pluno tiiiu'tl hy Fai'lory Trained tuner, R. D. ERWIN Plume 1155 Card of Thanks We wish to express our appreciation for the many deeds of kindness and sympathy shown us during the illness and death of our dear wife and mother. For the many lovely flow- of catching them with piano wire loops. He tries small., knot at end of wire, then passes wire through until he has noose. On noose, at opposite end from knot, he ties fishhead . . Alligator gar l:ites at fishhead and starts off with it but in so doing passes his snout through noose, and lower jaw gets hooked Gars can't be eaten but it's great sport. Carefree McCollum is known ns laziest and sleepingest man on squad t-oft-spoken and milfl-mannered Has strange habit of laughing through out a game . . . without clowning. A junior, majoring in physical education, McCollum would prefer to en U'r medical school if l)e . can gain admittance . . . Doesn't burn up ers and for the nice meals prepared j c l ;i£ . s room but fuel that he has grad. es of 90 in anatomy and 91 in* physiology (two important pre-med cours es) indicates real ability in subjects he likes . . . Inseparable chum of Gerald and brought in by our neighbors. Edgar L. Paul and children Red Cross Quota (Continued from Page One) Mrs. C. J. Weisenbergcr • 1.00 Elsie Weisenberger 1.00 James Butler 1.00 Abbie Gibson 50 Dudley Huckabce 1.00 Anonymous 1-00 Robert Turner ..: 1.00 Ca-.li '. 03 A Friend 1:00 100 per cent, Teachers of Liberty Hill School and Spring Hill Elemen- try School grades. Attempt Escape Is Foiled at L R. Clifton Davidson Fails in Effort to Break From Jail CHANGE IN TIME A change in schedule of certain Frisco trains will be made effective December 10, 1939. For detailed information inquire of the Ticket Agent. FRISCO LINES J. W. NOURSE Passenger Traffic Manager Saint Louis ST.LOUIS SAN FRANCISCO RY. When the tungsten filament of an incandescent, bulb reaches tho temperature where it gives off light it is twice as hot as molten steel. LITTLE ROCK—i/P)—County jail officials Wednesday disclosed frustration of an attempted escape of Clifton Davison, fugitive Texas convict, held here on a murder and kidnap charge. Legal Notice NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the books showing the assessments of Street improvement District number Three <31 Hope, Arkansas, as fixed by the assessors of said District are now in my hands subject to inspection by any person owning property within said District. This 22nd clay of November 1939. T. R. Billingsley, City Clerk. 22-29. Union Service to Begin at 9:30 a e m. One-Hour Program Tlrurs- at Hope Gospel Tabernacle Church THANKS I wish to thank my friends for Ihe splendid vole given me in Ihe pri-feri'iilial primary and I .solicit Ihe support of all voters in the run-off decDon, December 12th. •Jesse Brown DO YOU LACK PEP? I F you feel weak i i j • _ :i.. j Joseph, interne in New Orleans hospital. This rousing giant does terrific job on defense . . .Record shows that not aud live eusilv ' Olu> ^'''^ down has been made through 3'fni will line! Or.' I' 1 ' 1 " this year ... As bloeker on of- j'iorco's (i o I d e ii ' f° llse ne clears gaps through which Mi'dir.'il Discovery i Eobby Kellogg, Buddy Banker and a beneficial tunic, j thhe. rest of the Green Wave backs H stimulates the i romp for plenty of yardage, appetite and in- Uow gastric, juice, thus lending to improve the difics- lion, ;iwl Kit it ]ir!|>> bniJil vmt iip ,-jjui make you feel "pe|'i>y." .Mrs. Kriu l.:i- HHlitc, 2JHJ (l.ir.Icn Si., All-tin, T«:is says: ''] }j;jd h:ti<l!y any sjicn.ylfi, scarcely :Uc anything, U;nt lo*t v,vi^ht. ;\w\ Mi mis- n-ablf. I UMC! Dr. I'imV.- Imlilru Mr<lu-:il J)i.-<rrMTry .'tiid soon icli>h(-(l my menfc, in \viiuht and Mirnulh aiul it-It us Bobcats Reported i Continued from Page One) high school football is the lasting friendship it carries, he said. Hefer- ing lo the pending Thanksgiving game NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the undersigned, as executor of the estate of W. S. Duckett, deceased, will apply to the Probate Court, in Chancery, within ancl for Hempstead County, Arkansas, on the 6th day of December, 1939, or on the first day thereafter that said court is in session, for authority to sell all the lands belonging to said estate, or so much thereof as may bo necessary, situated in Hempstead County, Arkansas, and described as follows, to-wil: The northwest 12.10 acres out of the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NE'/j SE'/A the southoasl 14.60 acres of the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NW 1 /! SEW Ihe southeast 15 acres of the Soutbeas 1 Quarter of the Southwest Quarto (SE'/t SW'.j), the Southwest Quartci The annual union Thanksgiving service, to be held this year at the Hope Gospel Tabernacle, will begin promptly at 9:30 a. m. Thursday and will con- ,inuc for only one hour. All the pastors and churches of the city are expected to participate in this real service, with Rev. Kenneth Spore, jastor of First Methodist church de- ivering the sermon. Rev. James E. rlamill will preside and the other pastors will appear on the program in various capacities. . In addition to congregational singing the First Baptist Quartet will render a Bring Your Next Prescription to Gibson's u arc always assured prompt and accurate service ASPIROIDS For Colds 36 Capsules 49c TOP THANKSGIVING IHVVIll WITH ns over." i lit it in tahUis or liquid t between his Zebras and Hope he said } of the Southeast Quarter (SW'Xi SE'/i) ui < nif M.-.U* i..ra>-. p inc B i uf {' s p ros p cctji .„.,, nonc to 18 acros (nll fjf , hc sou ,i lw est part of 3 5< quality Klenzo TOOTH BRUSH Strong, tough bristles give long wear and thorough cleansing. VICKS SALVE 29c But if You Do... We will be glad to serve you! Only highest quality ingredients used in comiioum.'.lng. There is a graduate pharmacist on duty nt all times! When sick sec your Doctor and when Prescriptions are needed call . . . 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AUTHORIZED REMINGTON DEALER O. W. MILLS 218 So. Wcluut Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to loosen germ laden phlegm, increase secretion and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. No matter how many medicines you have tried, tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding that you are to like tbe way it quickly allays the cough right. "Some of the boys are crippled, some ick and a few of the best players are lot. likely to be in the line-up, lie aid. "If we get the breaks we may able to hold Hope to two touch- lowns." Negro Teams to Meet PINE BLUFF —Two undefeated earns will battle for the negro high ichool championship at Arkansas A. VI and N. College here at 2 p. in. Saturday, when the Corbin Cubs of Pine Bluff meet Yergcr High School of Hope. Botli teams are unscoreri this year. Corbin has made 224 points, while Ycrger, having played me more opponent, bus scored 247 points. Corbin defeated Camclcn. 28 ID 0; Dimbar, 27 to 0 Mariannu, CO to 0; Hot Springs, 20 to 0; Helena, 26 to 0. Yerger defeated 'Wright City Okla. 15 to 0; Clarksville, Tcnn.. 51 to 0; Nashville, 41 to 0; Tcxarkana, 7 tofl; Dunbar, 47 to 0; Camden, '$) to 0; Mcndiii, La. 20 to 0; Con way, 27 io 0. u, „,.-,« i,^ ,,,,.,.. ^,,,,vv^ , Jt ,., ., t h .he Southeast Quarter of the South- ^ ^ ^ ^^ i ^ • i • War-time expenses to German citizens rise and vending machins for gum and candy have been eliminated. No more nickels in the sock or in the slot. King George and Queen Elizabeth relaxed from war strain by seeing .'M\ animated cartoon in a London theater. Mickey Mouse does his bit for the Emjiiro. east Quarter (SEVi SEli), all in Sec,ion 20 (and being all the lands in said section 20 owned by W. S. Duckett at the time of his death except 10 acres :icrcs set aside lo his widow as part of ner dower); the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (SE'/i NWU> and G acres out of the northeast part of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (SE'/i NW'.i> of Section 21; the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (NW'i NWW of Section 28; the North Half of (he Northeast Quarter tNVi- NEV.il and the Northeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (NE'/i NW'Vi of Section Twenty-nine (29)—all of said lands being situated in Township Ten (10) South, Range Twenty-four (24 > West, and containing in all 305.7 acres, more or less. Also the West Half of the Northwest Quarter tW 1 ^ NW'-.|) of Section 28, Township 10 'South. Range 24 West, containing 80 acres, more or less, subject to the homestead interest of Mrs. Julie A. Duckett, widow of W. S. Duckett, deceased, said 80 acres being the homestead of the said W. S Duckett, at the time of his death. Said sale will be made for the purpose of paying (he debts of said estate and for a 'more particular description of said lands reference is herein made to the title deeds to said property. H. M. STEPHENS Executor of the Estate of W. S. Duckett, Deceased. Nov. 9, 16, 23, 29 CREOMULSION For Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchit LargetubeBriten Tooth Paste Pleasant flavor refreshes the mouth. 100 PURETEST YEAST TABLETS Yeast this handy Obtain benefits of Yeast this handy way 50c Specia* FLAT IRON NlCKSl PlATfD , f flj/) BACK-SLOPING SJ&7 HANDLE ~/0 CHOCOLATES | A jte*s« PRODUCT 50 PER POUND Regs Chocolate Flavored Laxative Contains Vitiman B 24 Squares (Ill 13 25c Rack 5 double-edge k'lerzo SUPER-THIN 19* Shaves THE NEW QUICK WAY COLD RELIEF VAPURE Just a drop or (wo on your handkerchief. Snuff it—and feel the head clearing at once. 50c JOHNS. GIBSON South Elm Street Hope, Arkansas DRUG COMPANY Phone 63 — Free Delivery Going Out of Business WE MUST CLOSE OUT BY JANUARY 1st Sale Starts Friday Morning 9 O'clock CLOSING OUT THE ENTIRE STOCK REGARDLESS OF PRICE COME EARLY AND GET FIRST PICK OF THE BARGAINS WALKER'S ALL SALES FINAL — NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES

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