Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 28, 1939 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1939
Page 12
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Section B—"Page 6 Masonic History (Continued from Page One) New Fire Station fe Modern 2-Story Mission Building $26,681 Construction Job Completed, No\v Is Occupier! O'NEAL, CONTRACTOR Building Constructed During Mayor Albert Graves Administration One of the most modern fire-station buildings in Arkansas is that of the City of Hope's new building at Second and Laurel streets, completed this past summer and now being occupied. The station, designed by Clarence \V. King, architect of Shreveport. La., is a two-story mission type building more he^vrly resembling a private residence than a public building. Constructed in a residential section and close to First Presbyterian church. is blends naturally with the private architecture of its surroundings. Cost 526,681 The new fire station cost S26.681. j field Lodge were: Arthur Gibson, and is a joint project of the City of KWorshipful Master; John F. Coffee, Hope and the federal Public Works i Senior Warden: and W. D. Vance. Administration. The main building i Junior Warden, contract was let December 16. 1938. to J. M. O'Neal. Hope contractor, for 522,500, and construction began a few days afterwards. The building really "fronts" on Laurel street, facing east, with the two HOPE STAR, HO^E, ARKANSAS whose home was in Camden, Arkansas. He was a very distinguished man and Mason and beloved throughout the state. He had a son named for his father, E. B. Whitfield, who moved to Hope and became a member of this lodge. The charter was granted by the Grand Lodge of Arkansas. Colonel Sam W. Williams, a noted lawyer of Little Rock was the Grand Master, Luke E. Barber was the Grand Secretary and Dr. R. L. Dodge was the Grand Treasurer. These three officers of the Grand Lodge signed the Charter, which was dated the 22nd day of November, 1870, and numbered 239. That was 46 years ago and today there are between 600 and 700 lodges in Arkansas and near 25,000 Masons. The charter members who applied for this lodge are. or rather were: Judge A. A. Gibson, John F. Coffee. W. D. Vance, Thos. H. Thompson, T. J. Wylie, J. B. Powell, James W.-Stephenson. J. M. Hanegaii, W. J. Sutton. John Taylor. Martin Mouser and J. D. Hardy. The old settlers of Hope will recognize this dozen men as of the prominent citizens and farmers in and near Hope. The Grand Gtficers named in said charter, as the first officers of Whit- fire engines being housed at the south end, where they emerge on Second •street. Gn the Laurel street front, as Preceded Railroad The- Lodge was organised traout two and a half years before the railroad leached Hope and its meetings were , held in a school house which stood near where J. H. (Henderson) Allen now lives, but was moved to Hope just as soon as an upper room could be had. For a good while the Lodge room was Hope Completes $26,OO Fire Station shown in the architect's drawing pub- J on the corner of South Elm and West lished elsewhere in this edition, the ] Division St.. the corner now occupied -Hope Star photo large doorway shows the location for a hook-and-ladder truck, should the city buy one, as it probably will some day: The ground floor of the building bv the Patterson & Co. Store. J. R. Giles, the father of Lee Giles, had one were all in the Lodge soon after Hope was platted. The commitce appointed to look for ja locution had the good fortune to rc- ! ccive the gift of a lot from W. Y. Fos- I ter and his wife. Zora C., Henry W. , ., , . . , . , i i. ., . ot the largest stocks of general mer- 1 ,. , , , . „ . . , ', .... , ,. ?,, . j . ,. i . Myers owned lots 1 and 2 in block JS nhanrii'vo nf tnnt Hnv in tno m\i.'nr ctnrv chandise of that day, in the lower story, and rented to the Masons the upper and a long frame store building run- allev next to the Post Office houses all fire trucks, and a shop for room. The building was burned and the j repair work Lodge had to begin over. One of the; _, .... . . . . .. The firemen's living quarters, or losses sustained by the Lodge through I ?" ll f'"f/" 5 "' '°1? S T,™ "''of Tore dormitory, are on the second floor. I that fire was a very handsome sword i ^ bv 1 m md 1 is wife L -.ri to W The perpendicular structure appear- ! whichC. A. Bridewell brought home i ™ CF -'."'" ^ K V*7' L f ,7"'' t " tl ' ,ing in the picture is a house-tower. , ;«m the War. It had been loaned j ' '' ^ '- ' ' £ » '; , Leave Crowded Area i omporar.ly to the Lodge for use- by, thc (o A Construction of the ,.cw fire station | * e . TlCr ' ™ e .- mcBtm ,S , P lBCC , was I Bridewell. 'Trustee for the Masons. A few of the earlier members, in ad-! department from West Third street quarters on traffic-crowded Third street (U. S. Highway 67.1 to a larger and more advantageous location. ' The large property at Second and Laurel streets was bought the middle of 1938. The world's smallest country .. Vatican City, .which comprises "l08.7 dition to those named before in this chapter will show names familiar to ! named eibove, borrowed the ; S1800.00 from James H. Stewart, a those that dav. who still live in Hope; I ^"^ Stewart sometime after J. R. Jones. Sing E. Giles, T. M. Abbott, i ^'f to movc lo lox; ' s ; " ul lhe dectl B. F. Wilson. H. C. Powell, J. F. Fair, i " J. J. Mangum. A. J. Older. W. V. Howard. J. P. Seawcll. G. W. Sandefur. P. F. Finnley. Thos. Brandon, Alex Mitchell, John Brazier, J. R. Gibson, C. A. Bridewell. E. B. Whitfield. T. J. of trust was bought by Dr. K. G. Mc- Rac. The Lodges did their best, as we saw it then, to meet the intciest and reduco the principal, but could not. and in a few years deeded the property to Dr. McRac to satisfy the lien. The . U....UI. >«iij, .wmun comprises lUo t ^-. *• ^ tut • --*'• *-*• "• »» utiiivn-i, A. u. .... .,,- . . acres. Tlie world's largest country is i Treadway. J. M. Summers, W. D .l brick bu.ld.n« is iht-one now the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist i Brady, J. A. Courtney, T. C. Black, Republics with an area of 8,144,228 Chai les White (father of C. T. White), square miles. i T. W. Doyle and John W. Albert. They Keep on orowmg We Congratulate- The County Judge, the Board of Com- pnissioners and the Citizens of Hemp- stead County on the new Hempstead County Courthouse. Temple Cotton Oil Co. Hope Arkansas We own and operate (9) nine houses in Arkansas and Louisiana by the Lee Grocer Co. and the Tele- I phone Co., more familiarly known to the old timers as Foster Hall. New I comers, by looking at the top of the front, will sec the name put there when the building was erected. , The Lodge rented the hall from Dr McRac for ;:ome years and finally mov- cd to the City Building, occupying the • room back of thc mayor's office and thc Lodge is meeting there at this time, i Some years later the three lodges ! named heroin concluded to try again \ together and bought a lot from P. A. ,'Tharp, f2(J9 South Elm) 30x150 just at ! the south of thc stores now occupied by Briant & Co. and Johnson & .Eillingsley. We- endeavored to get thc two other Orders to help to build, but after some years of wrangling and a .suit in court, the property was sold to R. M. Briant for $2.000.00 and the money divided and each went its own way. Buy Present Site The Masons then beg .1.1 to hunt for a new location and succeeded in buying the lots now owned by the Masons. Lots No. 9 and S >•• of Lot .No. 8 in Block No. .1.1. This is a part of the- Adolphus Anderson entry. He sold three lots to Dr. Berry Beard, and Beard to F. T. Wriijht and Wright to Mrs. Sallie- DcLoney. who married T. C. Jobe and Jobe and wife to James L. White, and Whila to H. C. Ye-rge-r. and Yerscr to the Masdiid. The deed was made to Dr. J. H. Weaver, S. \V. Lambeth and K. N. Bacon, the three principle officers of the Lodge and their successors. It is dated December 28th, im'J. The ground is 75x150 and fronts on Walnut and East Third Avenue and i.s regarded as a very fine lo! cation. There wa.s a dwelling on the South i west corner of this property, used as a I boarding house at the time'it was pur- j cha.sed by the Masons. The price for ! this property was $2,500.00. Sometime ' after buying the house was burned and the Lodge collected some insurance money for damages. The portion of the- Mason.s out of the 52,000.00 received from R. M. Briant. the insurance collected on account of the burned house and the surplus funds on hand in the Royal Arch Chapter and in Whitfield Lodge enabled the Lodge Trustees to pay the property and to begin the erection of a building. A foundation Hug down five- or MX feel and filled wild concrete about five feet thick at lite bottom and narrowing as it came lo a final eizh>.i;en incJr thickness- at Ihe end on this foundation wa.s built, the brick wail eighteen mcde.s thick and abom four feel. high, cove-ring" a space 47x132 feel. When Ihis was finished the funds on hand were exhausted and lhe work ceased. The- Lodge had adopted a bond .scheme and the bonds made in lie-nominations of $25.00. S.IO.Oll anil .$10000 to aggregate of $20.000 expecting of course, that every Mason would buy ,,nc. at least. The members did not ric, so. and the word done- at a cost of $1.10(1 stands a.s a sad memorial of the won't of inlere.-.t on the part of the- L-i'lge in finishing the- building. The building committee has been changed a lime or nearly two years. Kceord of Officers Since the 01 gani/.alion of this Lodge, A. A. Gibson was Worshipful Master ten times: J. R. Jones three time; C. A. j Bridewell three limes; Dr. T. 11. Green I once; J. W. Kinser twice; Rev. W. T. an once; W. W. Ducked twice; J. F. Saner once; Capt. Thos. H. Simms once; Jas. R. Gibson once; O. A. Graves once; Dr. J. H. Weaver four time's; F. N. Porter twice; Jno. A. Sullivan three times; and E. N. Bacon once, and he is the present master. All of those who arc named above filled either the- Junior or Senior Warden's office, or both before being elected Master. F. T. Wright has served fourteen years as Treasurer, and B. P. Hayncs as Secretary of thc Lodge for twenty-three yc.'irs, have a record not r.ften surpassed. At thc recent.session } of the Grand Lodge of Masons, held in Liltle Rock. November 21 and 22, 1916, during the election of officers, when it came to the election of Grand .-icciclary. Fay Hempstead being thc only candidate, Brother B. P. Hayncs was" called'upon to cast the entire vote of the Grand Lodge for Fay Hempstead for Grand Secretary for his thirty-sixth year in office. This honor was shown Bro. Haynes. as he held thc record in the subordinate lodges in number of .'.ears as Secretary. During thc existancc of this Lodge. the Grand Lodge has honored several of its members. For many years Arthur A. Gibson wa.s a member of the Finance Commitce, being a member of said committee at thc time of his death. B. P. Haynes for several years has been on tho committee on Secretary and Treasurer's Books; C. A. Bridewell seived on thc committee on Ap- pcal.s and Grievances, aho as District Deputy Grand Master of this District, as Junior and Senior Grand Warden, a:s Deputy Grand Master, as Grand Master and as Grand Orator; F. N. Foricr has served one term as District Deputy Grand Master and was re-appointed for thc coming year. Thc Lodge is in good condition and continues to confer thc three degrees upon good material. It is aiT instructive lession to read the proceeding covering two meetings each month, telling of the things done, recording the death of its members, sending some of them to thc corners of the earth, aiding the needy, contributing to the Masonic Orphans' Home and School and other things too numerous to mention. The membersrip at the present time is about two hundred. Contract to Build (Continued from Page Onet Ilislorv of Whitfield Masonic I.udjfi; No. 23.'), Located ill Hope, Arkansas from 191(1 to 1939. liy HARRY \V. SHIVER, Past .Master. The year !9,'J# being- I'nr centennial your of Arkansas Masonry, Grand Ma.ster Stucl.y. requested the .subordinate Lodges to search their records and obtain us near as possible their own history, and file a copy with the Grand Lodge for a permanent record. Whitcfield Lodge No. 239 was very fortunate in having its early record from 1870 to 1916 compiled and published in the local paper, by Capt. C. A. Bridewell along in 1916. This was mentioned to the Lodge by Bro. Harry W. Shiver and it fell to his lot to obtain a copy. The only copy that could be located was in the possession of Capt. Bridewell's widow, and several copies were typed by Bro. F. C. Crow. Mention is made in Capt. Bridewell's history of the number of efforts made lo build a home for the Lodge, and of the location of various lots that at i;ne lime or another were in thc possession or control of the Lodge. Each cf these were disposed of before 1918. and evidently, for .good reasons, which were logical at the time. With the advantage of looking back from li)3U. where the Brethren at the time were handicapped with judging the future, it is profoundly regretted that the sales were made of thc several locations, as some have since proved lo become of much value. It is noted in the history of Capt. Bridewell that the Lodge was meeting <-n the second floor of the building ut. 117 West Second St. The rooms were small, and the Lodge growing and prospering: so the need of a new location wa.s felt. This wus obtained in 1917 on the second floor of thc building at 112 South Elm St., and this is thc present (oration of the Lodge. During the World war, there was much Masonic activity, and many brethren received thc degrees. A cash reserve was built up by the large amount of work being done, and through the sale of thc lot on the north east corner of Third and Walnut streets, about ?1400.00 was invested in War Savings Stamps, and these were held until the government called thc issue. The cash was placed in the Arkansas Bank ty Trust Co. on interest 4:30 p. in., it was an. historic moment for Hempstead county—as County Judge Frank Rider broke ground for the new courthouse and jail by pitching the first shovel of dirt as Mayor Albert Graves looked on. The Second Contract The second ot thc series of five contracts for construction, was let February 16, 1939. to thc firm of De- Laughter, Parker & McDaniel of Prcscott, Ark., the lowest bidder. The contract called for general foundation work up to the first, floor line of thc building. The contract price, S7.983.33. Work was to begin after the completion of the driving of piling. Five construction firms were bidders for the foundation work, others being J. M. G''Neal of Hope; Higgins Construction Company of Hot Springs; Lincburger & Frazier ot' Camden and Basil Edwards construction firm of Texarkami. Bids were opened at a meeting at I! p. in. Thursday, February 16, 1939. at the Hope city hall, presided over by County Judge Frank Rider. Others atcnding the meeting were thc County Courthouse Commissioners, R. M. LaGrone, Lloyd Spencer and H. M. Stephens; and Mayor Albert Graces, A. N. McAninch of the firm of McAninch ami Anderson, architects ol for several years, and in this form was a constant temptation to be used in many different ways, several of which proved to be unwise. An effort was made by thc Master in 1930 to have thc members authorize thc purchase of a suitable lot'for a future home with the thought in mind, that a lot would also increase in value, and be an incentive to build, besides safeguarding the cash on interest in the bank. The past history of the Lodge in trying to own a Home was-so tragic and disheartening that much opposition developed and though the subject was brought up again by the Ma.ster in the early fall of 1930, sentiment of the members was too strong against the purchase of a lot. In a short while the bank closed its doors, the depression set in, in earnest, applications were few, and dues fell off as members dropped from the rolls. The bank paid dividends in small amounts over a period of years until over 85 per cent was recovered by the Lodge. But, the Lodge received such a set back financially during- thc depression that these dividends were consumed as received. Dr. J. H. Weaver and J. A. Sullivan were honored in 1938 by being presented with gold buttons for having been Masons for fifty years or over. In April of 1939 it was suggested that arrangements should be made if at all possible to have the Masonic cornerstone ceremony at the new courthouse to be constructed in Hope. A committee was appointed consisting o'f Harry W. Shiver, A. L. (Louis) Carlson and A. A. Albritton to. ask permission of County Judge, Frank Rider and Courthouse Commissioner Lloyd Spencer, R. M. LaGronc, Sr., and H. M. Stephens, of Blcvins, to have this ceremony, which was willingly granted. Further permission was obtained from the District Office of PWA in Fort Worth, Texas, this being required because of thc funds furnished by this agency. Thc present membership in good standing is not quite a hundred of which about twelve are honorary members and are required to pay only Grand Lodge dues of $1.50 each. Worshipful Masters and tlicir years of service since those mentioned in thc history until 191C have been as follows: E. N. Bacon, three times. • G. A. Linakcr. twice. John P. Cox, twice. Leo Purdue. Paul Kaiser. Syd McMalh. Frank Hicks. Ira Hiilliburlon, hvice. , Harry W. Shiver, A. J. Neighbors, twice. Ernest Shiver. C. O. Fricbold. Robert Morris. Eurl Cr'Ncal. A. A. Albritton. P. A. Dulin, Jr. W. W. Compton, (installed* June, 19M). Little Rock; Harry C. Schwehkc, engineering-inspector for Ihe PWA. Tin- Third Contract On the afternoon of Thursday, June 1,1, 1939, the municipal court room a tHope city hall was jammed to capacity as interested persons gathered for the awarding of electrical, plumbing and the general construction contracts. The crowd gathered early and an hour before bids were to he opened the city hall was jammed with representatives of construction firniB, electricians, plumbers, brick layers, carpenters and other representatives of the building trades. Work on two previous contracts — pile driving and work up to the- first floor line—had been about completed at this time- June 15. 193!). B. W. Edwards of Tcxarkana wa.s the successful bidder for the general construction of Ire building, the contract price be-int; Sl.'!7..'!70. The plumbing and hoalinu; contract was awarded to Turner-McCroy Company of Litlle Rock, Slti.2tiO. The electrical contract went to I. K. Klcctric company of Little Rock for S0.7G9. County Judge Frank Rider and thc Courthtiu: e Commissioners, H. M. La- Gronc. Sr., Lloyd Spencer and H. M. Stephens announced the complete list of approved bidders and prices. They were: CJenernl Construction B. W. Edwards. Tcxarkana. $11)7.370 William Peterson. Little Rock. 144,850 McGregor & Picket, Little Rock J. H. Lcvcc-k & Sons. Little- Rock Below's Construction Company Memphis .Jimmy C'Ncal. Hope R. T. Higgins, Hot Springs Linobargcr & Fni/icr. Camden.. Forcum-Jamc.s of Memphis Plumbing and Ui-aliiif; Turner-McCroy. Litle Rock. Harry W. Shiver. Hope Russellville Plumbing and Mealing Co., lliibsellville Patten & Daniel. Little Hock. Johnson Plumbing Co.. Tcx- arkana Pfeifer Plumbim- Co.. Little Rock Hinutedt Plumbing & llea'ting Co.. Little- Rock Kellnir Air Conditioning Co Little Rock .. If. S. La/.arus. Camden Klfctriful \V«ir/i I. K. Electric Co.. Little Rock Electric (.'on.Mrurlion Co ] idle Rock Frank Long. Litlle Ruck The Timi-lli Cmitnirt On Augiii-l 1.1. lft:i!l, C.\,unly Judge- Rider and lhe Courthouse Commissioners R. M. LaGrone. Sr.. LI,,yd Spencer and II. M. Stephens met at the- Hope city hall and awarded lhe contract for the- prison equipment for the new courthouse and jail. The- successful bidder was Southern Prison company of San Antonio, Texas. The contract, calling fur purchase and installation wa.s for $14,750, At this date, Wednesday, November 23, at lhe cornerstone- laying the uriuon equipment wa.s being 'installed and is about 75 per cent complete The prison is on lhe fjfih floor of the building. The prison is divided into two wards, for white and ne K ro prisoners lhe pn.-un also is divided for male and lemale prisoners. The jailer wil Ihave- living f|uartcrs adjomin-! ,!„, jail ee-ll. Thc.se quarters contest ,,] | WO | jot | rooms a kitchen living room, private bath. The kitchen will he equipped with heavy duly stove and heavy cooking utem;i|s. The Final C'niilrai-l On August 15. J!)3i). !)„, /m .,, of ;| j scries ot contract:, was awarded. This I contract went ,„ K,,^,,,,, of/j ! r-.quipmeni company of Texarkana for ! oil ice lurni.shings and equipment This! contract called for an expenditure of equipment is for 15 ' I eel office cabinets, ! e-qiupme-nt for the- circuit court room i which calls for the jury box and i .Miry room:;. Ihe circuit judge's bench • HifJ pos.sibly a press section The Liltle Rock Tent and Awning company wa.s awarded ,j,,, ,. ontl .. ict lo lurni.sh awnings and shades the I con (i act. being XI.'M7,1 ' i If yon can. get a contract lo Ku t o woik for one cent on t), r .. first day providing your .salary j. s doubled every day for thirty days. At Ihe end of the month yuur duv's pay would be . 150,350 153,383 153,700 156,873 157,000 166,350 $16.260 .. 17.295 17,487 18.3811 18,643 18.888 19,570 19,91!) 20.995 $6,769 6,774 . 7/114 55,108.17. This desks, chans. Tuesday, Novemb'er 28 The First National Bank Hope Arkansas Member Federal Reserve System We take great pleasure in joining with many others in Congratulating the Citizens of Hempstead County on their March of Progress. Southern Ice &Utilities Co. Phone 72 Hope Ark. The Hope Auto Company South Arkansas Largest Automobile Dealer 19 Years of Service We join the City oi % Hope and the Citizens of Hempstead County in celebrating' the laying of the Corner Stone for our Mag/ nificent New Court House, Your Ford Dealer in the same location since 1920

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