Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 6, 1942 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, March 6, 1942
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BUY WED STATES7 DtrENSE BONDS World-Wide News Coverage Given Impartially by Associated Press WUJME43-~ NUMBEiTl22 Hope Star of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929. Star The Weather ~ x ARKANSAS - Warmer Friday afternoon and Friday night except slight ° ng ° in ' h Newspopor Kimmel and Short Republic Looks for a Goat 3r view but, in the interest of justice r ^^!£!^^~rr u 7SH± eer ,; t t yJaponese As you know, General Short and Admiral Kimmel are now in retirement but are scheduled to face -i court martial on a charge of "dereliction of duly"-and if convicted stand to lose their retirement funds. There arc two views of the Pearl Harbor disaster. One view is that America was "doing all right" but a couple of professional commanders "let us down " Naturally this section of America needs to find a "goat" lo save its own self-respect. But there is another appraisal of our country-an appraisal held by a great many Americans including your correspondent. And that is, that Pearl Harbor was an eye-opener for a complacent and dilly-dallying nnt i 0 n. If tins be true, Short and Kimmel were 10 worse than the rest of us. And they ire career soldiers, barred from private business their whole lives, and low utterly dependent on the re- niblic's sense of justice for support n their old age. I think all of us should look quarcly at this problem, Idling Ihc blame fall as much upon Ihc citizens ind their duly-elected government as "i their military and naval com- nanders. Short and Kimmel have -ilready suffered plenty, being dis- iraced in their summary removal from ommand—which was a necessary novc. I don't need to mention anybody urthcr back than the late 'Billy Mitchell lo remind you that the sclf- ighteousjieople of a republic are as 'Poinsett County .Circuit Clerk Short $37,264 n James A. Smith Resigns Post Last Week to lf _ Join Navy LITTLE ROCK _ (^ _ A ,, cgccl shortage of $37,264.70 in the account of fdrmer Pcrinsett cjounly circuit clerk, James A. Smith, was shown Friday in an audit report for the rneriod of January 1, 1941 to March 1, 1942 as released by Deputy Comptroller J. B. Sims. Smith resigned last Saturday announcing in a letter to Governor Homer M. Adkins that he was enlisting m the Navy. '.')_ Sims made formal demand on a t. Louis bonding and insurance company for 513,004.55, the only part of the alledged shortage Smith said was covered by surety. Prosecuting Altorney Marcus Fielz, - of •• Jonesboro, announced at Hnrra•» burg lhal he was preparing to file a suit against Smith. Sims charged that on the day before his resignation Smith withdrew 52,948.31 in Chancery court funds duo minor heirs for land sales which he :£lopositod lo his personal account. Most of the shortage was represented by collections for current and delinquent laxes on improvement districts. Tlie audit said Smith was due his accounls $15,514.72 for regular collections of District 7 and $-1,371.17 for the St. Francis district and 511,233.03 in delinquent districl 7 laxcs, collected from Landers Brothers of Hurrisburg. "Contracts for -Houses Awarded Frankel's Burns No. 1, in 10-15-24, Is Successful Producer By Special Correspondent STAMPS-Production in the new Midway o, field was brought within •i mile of the Hcmpslead county line Fuday when Frankcl's Burns No 1 was reported a successful well Location in the extreme northwest corner of section 10-15-24, it began flowing late Thursday afternoon after r ""'"" " perforated between 0,490 Oil Promotion Tom Mooney, i'y Bread Japs Move Nearer Java Headquarters Sliced Thin by The Editor ALEX. H. WASHBURN Within a Mile Famed Labor of Hempstead Leader, Dies ._. by Japs — .-, mm ,„. - —- _f«-—j-*"- wi « i ujjuum; arc ;)S pt to bo wrong as right in exercising nap-judgment, on their military com- innrloi-c landcrs. Billy Mitchell half a generation n«o outlined what is today the accepted theory of the pan aircraft shall play m warfare. The Germans alone listened, and learned the lesson so wel that their Slukas conquered France and imperiled the safety of the whole world. But our own government rich, middle-aged and compaccnt court-martialed Mitchell, reduced his rank and sent him into retirement. It was your correspondent who, in Ihis column, lhc week Paris fell and France collapsed, recalled lhc smirch upon lhc name of Bill Mitchell, now dead and buried, and suggested thai a humble republic recall the record and correct it-making restitution so that history should not chalk up another black mark in the well known annals of the ingratitude of repub- 'cs. Congress did this for Billy Mitchell The actual court martial of Short ind Kimmel is lo be deferred, possibly until Ihe end of the war. This is well. They made mistakes for which any soldier or sailor is always •emoved from command. But whether they were any more lax than the rest WASHINGTON ^- The Federal ,' m^uS^Lj^ £ % E. L. Bruce Co., Memphis, to Build 100 in Hope The next Midway completion due in :s Barnsdall's Bond No. 3 in seclion • , i, Pomsi '.V was topped at 0,370 eel. The Icsl is lh c south offset Completion is due Sunday, but the M ° dl , may bo flovvi "fi by late Sal- Commission Report fllirWAV (40 acre spacing) ijtii nsdall: B. H. Dobson et al No J;,, 1 "'' 2?3- Gauge: 20 bbls. / hr on 'A chk; T. P. 750; No wtr.; B. H. Dobson et al No. 2, Elev. 282, D S T M bbls. /hr. on 3/8" BHC.; and' 'XT' 2° P FI 1 •"" Wt '"' ; Ed8ar Boncl No - rJc7 ^ , 27 ' ! ' Corln 8 G ' )GO ; Top Porosity Mbl; bdgar Bond No. 3 Elev 272 Prep, to pert. 6450-70; Edgar Bond No. 4, Elev 2GG, Drlg. G192; Wayne G n'r," ^ ' S 1C X' 2 ??' D !:'S-JK°0 : To,: 2G9 , , .-. — .».*,^j j.\_ni \t\ j 1 IIU J 1 i Works agency Friday awarded contracts totaling §42,296,391 fo,- 14,315 prefabricated, demoi^Hable defense houses, bringing to 45,708 the number "f such dwellings purchased in 45 flays. A revision of contracts previously awarded were announced by the FWA as follows: E. L. Bruce Company, Memphis, $3,176,657 for 1,100 units. 200 to be erected in Shreveport-Minden, La., area, 200 at Slircvcport, 100 Hope, G0( Little Rock. an we o is something for lime to determine. And a republic which puts justice and fair-deahng first foremost will do well lo take time in studying their Committee Approves Rising U. S. Debt WASHINGTON ~(,P)- The House Ways and Means committee approved Friday legislation to increase the Federal debt from G5 billions lo a record lircaking tolal of 125 billions. Action came quickly after Secretary Morgenthau that the treasury expects to run out of borrowing power nexl month. .England and Wales are eslimtcd to have a total population of aprox- imatcly 40,467,000. »••» Cotton By (he Associated Press NEW ORLEANS March May July October ,4 -.December January March (43> NEW YORK March May July ^October December January Middling spot 20.15. Close .. 18.41 . 18.57 .. 18.69 -9.W .. 18.93 ,. 18.1)4 .. 18.9U 18.30 18.52 18.71 18.73 18.75 * * * By WILLIS THORNTON That Far Off War The people of the United States are at war. Riyht now (hey are losing the war. They say they know their owi continent is in danger of attack, theii own nalion menaced. But do thej know it? Do they admit (he possibility thai one dark night a bomb may drop on their children a.s the\ sleep, that one fine day the Japs maj come marching or "Filtering" down Ihc street in front of their office? Do they honestly tell themselves that they may have to meet, personally the physical dangers of war? No, of course not. The war is still fi'r "fl. It is -something happening to MucArlhur's Magnificcnts on Bataan. to the doughty Dutch in the Indie.--, to the fighting Russians and Chinese. Yes, and to the bombed and beleagured British. In India last year and the year before Die debates in Calcutta and Bombay did not cenlcr on the defense of India. Sflfgovernmenl was the main subject. The amount of aid to be given lira lain was another. But the defense of India herself was not seriously considered. Now the Jap is next door. He i.s "ighting in Bruma, more than two :housanrl miles from his home is- andy—and little more than two thous- iiul miles from ihe eastern fringes if India. Tokyo talks to India of "India for Indians," but Indian leaders well know thai the Jap will come in and bomb tlicirbabies and rob them of their riclus it he can do the job. They know it now. But they did noi know il last year. In Australia last year and the year Arkansas F. O. Co.; W. G. Creek No. 1, Elev. 269, Gauge: 172 bbls/12 hrs. on 5/32" chk.; T. P. 750; No. Wtr 1 . R. Rutherford: Stamps Land Co Inf., No. 1, Elev. 287, D. & A • T D' G579. ' J. I. Roberts: Edgar Bond. No. 1 tlev. 274. On production <?/. 200 bbls, day; No wtr. »qB e , 29,!, Set fa-5/8" csg. r,i- T. D 6490-6500 with 56 shots; Pcrf ' .. DORCHEAT (40 acre .spacing) G. H. Vaughn: Jeff Hunt No. 1 n°K N M SW H ' 18 - 22; C - H - L >'™* Dobson No. 1, M. I. R. Buckner (40 acre' spacing) t. G. Bradham: Sue Key No. 1, MT. HOLLY (40 acre spacing) °' *' Cori " B McAleslcr: } cffui . No r Hygradc Oil Co: (Sylvan), Ford No 1, Loc. C-NW NW, Sec. 32-14-2.')' Served 22 Years in Prison for Prepardness Day Bombing SAN FRANCISCO-Wl-Tom Moon oy, J8, labor leader who served 22 years in prison for the 191G San I'rancisco Prepardcncss Day bombing died here early Friday. The gray-haired Mooncy was released' in 1939 from San Quintcn where he had grown old. He underwent a fourth major operation last Monday and was believed recovering satisfactorily only Thursday, but lap! sod in unconsciousness and died His sister Ann and brother'John were at his bedside. Mooncy and Warren K. Billings were convicted respectively of first and sectond degree murder in Ihe Market Street blast which killed 10 persons and injured 40. President Wilson intervened and Moonoy's death sentence was comut- led lo life imprisonment Throughout the years he fought for rceclom contending thai he was framed by perjured testimony because of "S activities as a labor organizer. Labor and other groups clamored .or his freedom and his case went be- o'-e the U. S. Supreme Court four mn CS i £ , W; ' S 1)arclon «l January 7, W9 by Cal.fornia's new Democratic Governor, Culberl L. Olson JAP THRUSH JAP OBJECTIVES & MADOERA k^ '.J^X • I i Lj*U J*J DJONEGOHO& Indian Ocean Pacific Octa* "VdK'OH WAJCE.MAICUS 7" LONE ENEMY PLANE MOTS IOMISNEAI HONOLULU PHILIPPINE IS. - MARIANAS IS.) CAROLINES. • Blevins Farmer Buried Thursday Fletcher Mayfield, 53, Dies Wednesday Night ices for Fletcher Ma y - istead farmer, who died Blevins Wednesday jf.. fifiht n Bit m lei northeast of Blevins Thursday Jrncon with the Rev. J. O . Leetfl Man uses the milk of the camel, Oil and Gas Filings Hempsfeod County Thursday, March 5 I'l-cpai-ccl by Jcwclle Barllcll Warranty Deed. Dated 12-4-42 Filed 1-.J-42. O. L. Reed, ct al to USA T - w W. NE'/i acres. • ^ ,-•> T- ,? epcl - D;i(oti 3 - 3 - 42 - F "ed n i ^ ckl cl llx t() Southland loyalty Company. Pt. SE'/i SE", Sec I f. 13 S. R. 24 W. 39.1 acres. 17.5 loyally acres. (140/2502.4 inl. Royalty Deed. Dated 3-3-42. Filed n i J '~ R ' ZU ' k ' Ct Ux tl) Southland Kayolty Company. EVi SWU; NWu MV','4 Sec. 23 T. 13 S. R. 24 W. 120 acres. (7.128 int.) Warranty Deed. Da led 2-10-37. Filed 3-5-42. H. 0. Prilchell, et ux to J. D Barlow. Pt. o f Lots 8 & 9, Block 35' Hope, Ark. Also an undivided 1/2 interest in Pt. Lot 8, Block 35, Hope Arkansas. ' Warranty Deed. Dated 1-14-42. Filed Lafayette County March ,|, jj|^ ' by Eunice Tripled , Arkansas Royalty Deed: 7', r )12 Int bo lo Expect Early Dam Completion T 7 - tin S'EI/, of Sec. 24 West. 4-42. D. A. Ross and wife to R B Martin. WV. and S',4 of NE>/, of Sec.' 9, Iwp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. ^Royalty Deed: 312048 Int., book T-7. i''jv"' rl 8 ' Atl; ' tet ' la - ;il -41, recorded ,'J »» n " ss aluj wife to R B Mart,,,. SWVi, and SW'/, of NE"i , Sec. 10, Twp. 15 S., Rgc. 24 West Royalty Deed.- 317(iS Int., book T-7 P«ge 218, dated 11-28-41, recorded I!4-42, D. A. Ross and wife to R B S?" rtl £ » E ' ;I ° r Sec - 10 - Tw i'- is s. Rge. 24 West. Royally Deed: 3 153P Int., book T-7 , Engineers ,Di«cuss White River Project With Committee WASHINGTON -(/P)- Army engineers estimated Friday they will obtain initial power from Bull Shoals and Table Rock Dams on White River in Arkansas and Missouri by December 31, 1944 and May 31, 1945. Major General Eugene Reybold chief of army engineers, discussed the prospects by the House Appropriations Committee which submilled lo Congress Ihe reporl. He lold the commilteo lhat engineers contemplated starting both as soon as funds were voted, spending $2,000,025 this year and ¥23,200000 during the fiscal year beginning July Complclion dates were estimated at April 30, 1945 t md June 30, 194G respectively. Power from the dams would be fed nto a general power pool of the en- .ire area including Arkansas, Oklnho- na, western Tennessee and Missouri. ol. Miles Rcber told the committee. Col. Rcber said the first power from he Norfork Dam in the White River wsin in Arkansas will be delivered J.v June 30, 1944 and predicted com- >letion by December of that year. • <•» Tlie whole Pacific theater of war successes on Java are Honolulu. Jap' and Marcus ,, v off wltli losses 1,1..,„ i • i , (NEA Telemap) l)la/.cs bright as continued Jap a lone bomber "unloads" over .— ... "raids" on the islands of Wake planes winch are said to have been driven Attack Ruins Japanese Plan MacArthur Says Enemy Planning Renewal of Drive WASHINGTON -(/P)- The Wai- Department reported Friday that the bubtc Bay air atlack announced two lays ago was believed to have dis located Japanese plans for an im- ncr.ialc renewal of the offensive a- jfamst General Douglas MacArthur's forces and lhal enemy activities in no last 24-hours in Bataan were negil- ablc. The department said also thai a Japanese army order directing Phil- ppmos in occupied areas to surrender guns and blade weapons was in- crprclcd by MacArthur as indicat- ng lhal the invaders were afraid of in uprising. Japs Release Propaganda John D. Barlow to Clay "M! I P"g<-' 220, dated il-^rVocorcM V Hanston. N35 feet of Lots 1 and 31 <-«• U. A. Ross ; ,nd wife 7d R B Martin. EM, of £E' 4 of Sec. 1C, Twp' 15 S.. Rgo. 24 West. Royally Deed: Five acres interest, book T-7, page 221, dated 3-2-42 Recorded 3-4-42. A. G. Griffin and'wife to Ode-11 Honson. SVa of SW'.i of Sec 2. and SE'.j of SE'.'i of Sec. 3, Twp Is S., Rgc. 25 West. *,. .»MJueiiia lam ^t_:cu aiicj uie year before Ihe debales in Canberra' did (Continued on Page Three) —„ ii.v.1. uj 4_«ui;, i anil and all of Lot 3, Block 27, Hope, Ark. Warranty Deed. Dated 1-27-42. Filed 3-5-42. J. H. Hester, ct ux to J R Hester. W,-, SE% Sec. 3 T, 12 S. R. 27 W. 80 acres; W 5/12 NW'i SWU Sec Qw;- 12 « S> V 7 W -= W512 NU SW", S>W'/, Sec. 2 T. 12 S. R. 27 W "i acres; S.x SW',i SW',j Sec 2 W 1 - W'i SJ.i SEi;, SW'4 Sec. 2 T. 12 S. "R. 27 W. 50 acres in all. Reserving ", interest in and to all oil, gas and other minerals. Warranty Deed. Dated 10-U-41. Filed 5~32- Alex M. Purlell. ct ux to Tilton Foster, et ux. Lo't 9, Block C Hope, Arkansas. Warranty Deed. Dated 2-27-42 Filed •K r )-42. David M. Finley, jr. to Junios Lindscy. Lots 5 and G, Block 4, Nichol Addition, Hoj*, Arkansas. WuiTHiily Deed. Daled 2-15-23 Filed 3-5-42. Randolph Crutchfield ct ux to J. D. Barlow. Pi. of Lots 1 and 2 Block U. Hope, Arkansas. Warranty Deed. Dated 10-2-40 Filed 3-5-42. A. M. Purtell, ct ux to Tilion Foster, et ux. Lot 10, Block C. Phillips Addilion, Hope, Arkansas Mineral Deed: >\ Int., dated 2-19- U .filed 3-4-42. Alfred Reynolds and wife to Pat Robinson. NE',4 of NW'i 23 wS " f S ° C ' *' TWP ' 1S S " Ri}V dated '>- 7, Twp. ]5 S.. Rge. 2o West; and NE' 4 ° M >L '' ^ TWP ' 15 S " Rge ' -* Wesl •>n i" C r''t ed: 19 76SO IlU - datcd **-42, filed 3-4-42. J. D. Hedley and wife to A. E. Jordan. NW'-:, of Sec. li>. Iwp. 15 S.. R gc ,. v a Wt . !it Dccd: ] 3 « Int., dated 2«•!> , ., iled 3-4-42. J. D. Hedley and _. _-, -U^UJV,) | 1" A. E. Jordan. N 1 -, of SW , of -£• -I. Twp. 15 S.. Rge. 24 WoM." , ,"7 a ]V Detd: 1 15JG lnt - dated *1-42, filed 3-4-42. J. D. Hedley and Claim Pearl Harbor Attacked Night of December 7 Also TOKYO i/l'i— Imperial Tokyo head quarters said Friday that a' special flotilla of (he Japanese fleet delivered a seaborne attack on Pearl Harbor oil the night of December 7, more than 13 hours after the original assault by air, .sinking ;i battleship ,,f the Arizona class. The assertion came in an after death citation and promotion for 9 officers of ihe flotilla which never came back—presumably blown up by their own hands or by U. S. forces (All official U. S. accounts of the episode indicated all damage afloul and on shore was done in one swift co-nrdin.-.ted attack by planes and two-man submarines. (The Japanese report of the night attack u-ould be a natural line for propagandists to take in attempts to cause confusion and create doubt as to the accuracy uf accounts made pub- tic by the U. S. government) Mission to Study India Base Prospects ^WASHINGTON -„?•-_ The united he SUte Department announced Friday lo explore the possibility of Library Report for February Blevins Leads System in Number Books Circulated The Blevins Branch Library led tlie Hempstcad County Library system during (he month of February in circulation and 954 books and magazines were circulated through this brand! last month. The total registration is 535 members. Washington Branch Library circulated 731 books and magazines and have 479 registered borrowers Columbus Branch Library circulated 307 books and magazines to 193 registered borrowers. Fulton circulated 319 books to 378 registered borrowers. The Hope Headquarters Library circulated 1567 books and magazines lo ^«2 registered borrowers. 840 books were circulated through the schools of Hope and Hempstead county. Throughout the county 4781 books and magazines wcre circulated to 3017 registered borrowers. The Victory Book campaign is now m progress and the Hempstead County Library system is anxious for the county to reach its goal of 1.000 books lor tlie men in uniform. Your gift book can be taken lo any of lhc county library branches, the Headquarters Library at Hope, the churches ot Hope, tlie schools of Hope and Hempstead county, and the theaters. 11 you do not have a book (o give vuu can send money to Miss Elsie Ucisenbcrgcr, county librarian, city lull, Hope. Arkansas, and she will be glad to buy a book for you to give. Egypt Threat Is Lessoned Asserts U. S. Arsenal in Eritrea Is 'Whacker' LONDON-(/p,_ Germany's threat to Egypt has been lessoned by the British campaign in Cirenaica, Oliver Lyttleton declared Friday on return trom his post as minister of stale in the^ eastern Mediterranean area. ;aid that between 50,000 and tons of German ammunition was captured and added that this plus the desert barrier over which the Axis orces would have to attack, put the British in a far better defense position. Lyttelton asserted that a base established by (he United Stales in fcntrea "is going to be a whacker." He praised the American material help and said U. S. officers and men sent out there get down lo the job with typical American thoroughness. -»»«Hempstead Severance Tax Fund Is $381. 79 LITTLE ROCK-m-An all-time high of $fil,G78.04 in severance tax- turnbacks to counties was distributed by the treasurer Friday for tlie third quarter of the 11)41-42 fiscal year. Counties .sharing included Hempstead will. ?381.79. ~-«»»«»A mm I Apes There are no apes in South America, unless one classifies the monkey as an ape, but usually the word "ape" is used in reference to the large Old World anthropoids only. Allied Forces Moving Back to Mountain Lines To Try fro Duplicate MacArthur's Stand; Situation Unchanged in Burma By the Associatctl Press ? riday h th ^ adc » l ! artcrs acknowledged ioned the wrecked "capital" city" of Batavia and thai outnumbered Unit- down Kr e Xlu e plrTo C rj ab tnesr°™ nnt° n n f ° rCeS ' y ™^ "violeT'ltettte now flammg all over the island of Imperial Tokyo headquarters said Japanese troops completed occupation night °' Cl ° ck Thursd ay Virtually helpless under the lash of Japanese bombing atlacks the Ales were reported falling back into the mounlams-chiefly around the mUilary nerve center of Bandoeng ^aniay 1 ^ C ° Uld neht l ° bEtle " Bui it was cvidenl the picture was growing darker by the hour • the defenders far outnumbered Air, Land Superiority a result of enemy's 'I'lly and mastership of the air •• Dutch said, "our troops arc ex- un«n n a unable to rest fo r many days and are now overtired " Aneta agency said practically a ]l of western Java had been overrun by Brlt-r 8 ^ and Dutch ' America^ ?* II, 3 r d Ausu ' ali «" troops had fa "en back to new positions. . For all practical purposes the 622-* °c!n Sl ? d thus Was cut in ^o central sector. h c P mmu "ique declared the serious but still not hope! t *f d S t. id a fierce bat «e was rag, ng throughout the island with the AN n,A m ?, des P erate resistance. Dutch Retake One Point ine Dutch were reported to hav« recaptured one point * The thunder of artillery fj re heard m Bandoeng itself as the Other Japanese columns were pressing a heavy onslaught toward the big Soerabaja naval base. S Under Dutch rule since 1619 with a A h populati °" of 600,000 Batavia . JJr oe en already abandoned by the WU Colonial government. Dispatches from Bandoeng indicat- t ie Allies slowly were withdraw mg to the volcanic cast-west moun- iams chain, risimr as high as ee in I' - aS e as 10 .«"1 Jeet in the interior in the hope of duphcating General Douglas Mac Ailhur's epic defense on Bataan Peninsula m the Philippines. A Berlin broadcast quoting a Doemi agency dispatch said Japanese t,c£ ps were storming at the gates of Ban- doeng and that the invaders had advanced to within 31 miles of SoerabaJ 101 ' 1 a ' ' 'No Tires!' •Henderson Michigan's iron mines furnished 22 per cent of the domestic iron ore used by the American steel industry in the past 20 yours. Price Administrator Leon Henderson points his traditional cigar at a churl in his Washington office lollowing his announcement lhat the nation faces the immediate future without "a single pound of rubber" for 30,000,000 passenger cars and may be forced to take arcs from some private users. In Burma British military quarters said the situation was changed "»<-• m t he past , |lrce d &* clarcd that both Rangoon, Burmese capital, and Pegu, key rail junction 40 miles north of Rangoon, still was in British hands. British quarters said British sold •ei-s, and Allies, Imperial i nd ^ n ' .^ Uimesc forces, were pulling U n a magnificent scrap" although badly outnumbered by Japanese forces which crossed the lower Sittang river earlier tins week. Axis reports said Batavia fell uftei being encircled by four Japanese div- isions—aboul 60,000 troops. Large Appropriation Signed by Roosevelt WASHINGTON-OPi-A $32,762,737 900 appropriation-the largest in all history-was signed Friday by President Roosevelt to provide vast funds for army lend lease aid. Cranium Crackers About Bars Iron bars do not M prison make so you should easily escape the embarassmeiit of failing to answer these questions, 1. Is an oyster bar a place where oysters are taken from the sea. sold to be consumed on the premises or where they are opened for their pearls? 2. Who said, "Let there be no moaning at the bar when I put out to sea"? i'. How did Sloppy Juc's Bur of Havana, Cuba, recently figure in the news.'.' 4. U il still a priion if ihere art? no bars or. the \\ indows? 5. What kind* of literature can postal officials bar from the mails' Answers on Coutic Page

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