Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 5, 1942 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1942
Page 8
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New War Tax Hit Everyone HOPE Morgenthau Asks Committee Approval of $9,610,000,000 Bill WASHlNGTON-iWj-A. S9>610.000,- 000 War tax program "to be felt in every American home" was laid before congress and the nation Tuesday by Secretary Morgenthau. The new taxes will be severe and the empact will be felt in every home, the treasury chief told the House Ways and Means committee. "War is never cheap but it is a million times cheaper to win than to lose," he said. Additional taxes which he proposed would by themselves be greater than any ever collected by the federal government in a single year prior to 1941. "As a down payment on victory Mor- genthau asked doubling of most individual income taxes with the rates so stiff that a single man with an income of 52,000 would pay a S230 tax, and if he made a million he would only be allowed to keep about S100,- 000. Part of the tax probably would be deducted from paychecks. He recommended higher taxes on corporations, plugging so-called loopholes, higher excess taxes, covering cigarettes and soda pop, stiffer estate and gift taxes, plus two billion dollars in additional social security taxes. Together with existing federal taxes this program would fulfill President Roosevelt's request for 27 billions in taxes in the coming fiscal year, the treasurer said. Morgenthau said the money was needed not "only to pay for war materials but also to check inflation. -We should tax so as to withdraw the greatest possible volume of purchasing power at this time." He reiterated his opposition to a general sales tax and declared the new program should be fair and imposed in accordance with the ability to'pay. "The cost of this war will have to be borne by everyone," he asserted. WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP ' 75 Cents per Hundred ~::, Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas China Can Tote Supplies Over Three Other Routes If Burma Road Is Lost FOUOOADS INTd CHIR Jap Soldier Is Small Fellow Gen. Mac Arthur Finds Average Prisoner Weighs 125 WASHINGTON-W-Gencrnl Mnc- firtluir's headquarters staff luis compiled a set of statistics on Japanese prisoners. In the last four weeks, Mac-Arthur's forces have repulsed a major enemy offensive afiainst their lines, broken up a Japanese attempt to land on the west coast of Bataan, retaken advance positions of the enemy, sunk 30,000 Ions of Japanese shipping, ;m d figured out that the average Japanese prisoner weighs 125.8 pounds. He is 2J.9 years old, has something less than a high school education, has been m the army 18 months, and is more likely to be a farmer than, anything else in civil life. The youngest prisoner in Batnan is 19 tand the oldest 31. Of the total, 60.5 per cent are infantrymen, 70 per cent have the equivalent of grammar school education, and 15 per cent have completed schooling of high school standard. Fanners constitute 30 per cent of the prisoners, mechanics and skilled workers, 25 per cent, and clerks, 20 percent. The total number of Japanese prisoners is still a secret. If the Japanese, attacking from French Indo-Cliijia mid Thailand cut the famous Burma Road, China can open up three other supply routes Marling" at Scmipalatin.sk and Chita. V. S. S. R., and Calcutta, India they converge on Chungking'. China's capital. ' By AULTON BRONNER 0=) NEA Sen-ice Staff Correspondent ! other routes for her military supplies- WASHINGTON — The Japanese of-1 ( 1> The north road from Russia! t'ensvie against British, Indian and Chinese forces in Burma is not so much a threat to India as it is a thrust to close the Burma Boad and choke off supplies to China, hoping thus to force that vast country to give which connects with the Trans-Siberian Railway. (2) The northwest road from Russia, which follows the old silk route of Marco Polo. (3) The back road from Calcutta, Glamor Girl GInmorizatfon of Shirley Temple begins with this photograph by liiirrcll. ace Hollywood lonsmnn, and will continue in her forthcoming Qlni. ., . ... ft • —«».«» I Wit i I VJlll Vj(ll up after nearly five years of heroic : to Chunking, which is not yet corn- resistance. But closing of the Burma p i e ted. Fart of this route is through mountainous country and Koad need not spell defeat for China. China has y. habit of not putting all her eggs in one basket. She has been fighting long enough to be ready for any eventuality — such as the smashing of the Burma Road. In a pinch, China can fall back on three SKIN IRRITATIONS OF EXTERNAL CAUSE acne pimples, bumps fblackheads), and ugly broken-out skin. Millions relieve miseries with simple home treatment. First'touch of Black and White Ointment goes to work at once. Direct action helps healing- by killing germs it contacts. Use as directed. 25 years success. Money-back guarantee. £3T Vital in cleansing is good soap. En.loy famous Black and White Skin Soap daily. presents construction problems as tough as those of the Burma Road. Back Road Would Tap Sources of India The opening up of this alternative route from Calcutta, if it can be done in time, would bring the vast resources artd man power of India directly to the Chinese fighting front. In the last few years India has developed quite :n armaments industry in everything except the biggest guns and airplanes. What they have right now, backed by trained soldiers, would be of great aid to the United Nations. Russia is China's other big source of war supplies, if the Burma Road is cut by the Japanese. Some materiel has been -and still is coming Buy Defense Stamps and Bonds Bulova Watches Choice Ladle's or Man's 17 Jewel 0*29 75c Weekly DIAMOND SOLITAIRE 0*16 50 50c Weekly DIAMOKD WEDDING BAND 6 DIAMOND PAIR Brilliant center diamond and five fiery complimentary dia- in matched mountings. $1.00 Weekly DIAMOND SOLITAIRE O $ 49 50 $1.50 Weekly 3 Diamond SOLITAIRE Rialto Theater Copyright 194A Sirnons-fAichclson Co., Detroit Mich Laugh at War and Like If Comedian Eddie Cantor Looks at Funny Side By EDDfE CANTOR Wide World Features I understand that the government is worried about a rubber shortage in the National Defense program. If Sophie Tucker will give her girdle to Donald Nelson, his troubles will be over. Even if all of our women have to give up their girdles, don't worry, they'll come through. Even the school kids will do their part. They're willing to give the government the rubber erasers off their pencils as long as they help to rub out the Japs! A lot of people are asking how come we're not hearing of any shortage of rubber in Japan. Practically every person in Japan wears rubber, heels, and they had a lot of heels tp start with. You can tell how valuable a rubber tire has become by talking to the Broadway show girls. They used to brag about their mink coats find 1heir ] diamond and platinum bracelets. Nowadays, a girl walks in with a brand new rubber tire as a lavalierc and she makes the girls with the brabc- Icts and fur coats green with envy. The lack of rubber should have the lives of millions of pedestrians. For years the automobile manufacturers in Detroit gave us good brakes, a good clutch'and beautiful bodies but they couldn't do a thing about a nut at the wheel. Now the reckless drivers will have to stay off the streets. Even though the government takes automobiles away from the people, do you know a better way to get the American people back on their feet? The girls in my show, "Banjo Eyes," loll mo that there's a shortage of rich young men to squire them H- round town. It's serious. After- all, Tommy Manvillc can't marry everyone. Speaking of Tommy Manvillc, the trouble with him is that while he says "I do" to one girl, he's looking around the crowd to sec if he can do any better. Incidentally, there's a shortage of new jokes. As » matter of fact I'm having several of mine rctrcadcd. music. Talent scouts sit around, resigned to listening—just in case. A girl from Savannah, name of Mildred, comes out and touches the irop "lucky tree." After some pat- er with the cmccc it develops, un- oftunntely, that she is to sing "Blues n The Night." Ella Fitzgerald, who is leading the stage band', gives her the music. The audience gives her the bird. But Mildred is game. She finishes in n dead heat with the hook. The hook nt thVAiiollo !& n few bars from "FUil Foot Floosie." Mildred is applauded upon—and for—her departure. Next is a sailor from Los Angeles, a Harmonica Harry who stirs up rhythmic clapping with "Stardust" and really sends 'cm with "Honeysuckle Rose." But he doesn't get a week at the Apollo because he is under previous booking with Uncle Sam. Comes n boy from Atlantic City, nnmc of Willie. It scorns Willie lap (lances. Every once in a while he remembers to shout "Yeah, man!" But his ears nrc sensitized for nn encore nncl he makes n quick pivot and is back again before the audience can defend itself with silence. Then a boy of 15, named Al, with miall hands. He plays boogie-woogie on the piano, "Chiittnnongn Choo- Choo," apparently. For nn encore, norc left-handed music suggested by 'St Louis Blues." Balconyitcs bc-it time on the brass rail and the agents stop talking to friends three aisles away and listen. Al gets a week's engagement. Helen next, a girl with lots of shoulder motion and eye-rolling who sings "I've Got It Bad." She sure has. Ella gives the cue for "Flat Foot Floogic" but Helen fights it out to the last "I've got it bud and Hint ain 1 good." The audience is in one hundred per cent agreement. But what Helen got and what Mildred got is mild compared to what Eddio gets—as who shouldn't for singing "Trees"? There is not only the most discordant "Flat Foot Floogic" in the Fitzgerald repertoire, but a dance travesty by a fat man who begins in n picture hat and pink gown and ends in n baby blue spot. —— ~«* • «•Belter Chtuicc Blood poisoning sufferers luivo twice as much chnnce of recovery today as they did six years ago, due to Thursday, Match 5, 1942 Peruvian Horsepower Pern is estimated to have .1,500,000 potential horsepower in its wntenvny.s, of which loss than 100,000 horsepnwe^ lin.s Iwoii tilili/ed. The Unite,! Slates produced 35 pel- remedies of sulfnnilaiiiide chemicals, f cent of the world's Mcel in 1339. MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD AT YOUR GROCERS and CITY BAKERY Harlem Has Got It Bad Only Two Verdicts, You Got It or You Ain't By GEORGE TUCKER NEW YORK - The master of ceremonies looks at Eddie and says he is sharp. That is a mistake. Eddie is flat. He tries to sing "Trees" but the audience saws him off at the first limb. It is a good, clean job of career surgery. The amateur night crowd at Harlem's Apollo theater gives only two verdicts. Either you got it is, or you got it ain't. Every seat is filled. They're three deep in the aisles. It's a night by and for Harlem and the curious—the show a melting pot heated with m by two long and devious routes irom Siberiu through north China Ironically enough, the recent supplies consist of booty captured by the Soviets from retreating German armies. Among these shipments are German Manser rifles, machine guns 37 mm. anti-tank guns and 88 nun. antiaircraft guns, which the Germans sometimes use ;js field guns. The Russians have little use for this material because Ihoir own factories arc geared up for the production of munitions lor Russian-made rifles and guns Fortunately for the Chinese in'this tri.sis, their armies were trained some years ago by German army officers and as a result China's soldiers are expcienced in handling Gorman guns. I hero arc actually numerous little ! factories .scattered around China that make- ammunition t u fit these cautur- j ed Nazi weapon:;. /MO. GUSHER of VALUES New Styles For Spring Smoothly Tailored JACKETS 3.98 Smartly tailored in boyish or b o x y s t y I c s. Plaid and plain. 12 to 20. Spring Colors! SKIRTS 2.49 Plenled, gored or swing style 1 .;, 1 l Well tailored. Casual SPORT HATS 1.49 Tailored BLOUSES 1.29 Cardigan SWEATERS 1.98 Nation Wide SHEETS America's best value in sheet.-;. SlxUU 4 .f Q Stock up now. I • I V Indies Spring PURSES Now pastel colors, match your <t .spring outfit. I « to Ladles DRESSES Idea! lor street, and Sport wear. New designs and materials. <t Get several I > Laclii-s Sport OXFORDS Brown and white combination, saddle or moc- wisin 3 typo C.. L'idies Full Fashioned HOSE Now spring colors. Get several pairs today 59c Lovely \cw Chenille BEDSPREADS In white or pastel colors, 11L ' W A Qfl designs "ViwO Colorful BATH TOWELS 22x44 block plaid design. Colors, peach, azure. Jade and OO*» Rose OtSC New Spring HOUSE FROCKS Desirable new patterns and styles, sizes 14 to 50. Fast 1 1 Q color I • i *7 Meit's Sport JACKETS New coat type sport jacket for comfort and 4.98 Outstanding Value! Men's Shirts & Short' Full Cut. Shorts sanforized* ca. Patent Pumps 4.49 Fashioned with ulfisticizcd gabardine. HudKct-PricctI COATS and SUITS 10.90 Fashion magic in every line! Superb' coats in wrap around reefer and boxy styles! Suits in long torso types. Gay plaids or plains. 10-20. New Jean Nedni* Dresses 3.98 Trim, know-it- all styles for business . . . . easy flowing sports types and gala fashions for after dark. Spun rayon and rayon crepe! <: Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. Dress Inspirations For Spring RAYON PRINTS MONTEREYS . . . Spritely figures! and colors! 39" y|Qc wide. . ™T>r yd. SORORITY RAYONS . . . Colorful prints that hit of magic CQ C Soft and luxurious! 39" D V yd. WONDERSPUN CLASSICS . Ideal for your casual spring costumes! Intriguing patterns. "7/>c 39" wide. /9yd. HEADQUARTERS FOR STURDY WORK CLOTHES Army Cloth Matching SHIRT and PANT SETS Men's Gentry* PAJAMAS Of Km ao t h broadcloth in popular coat or slip-nvcr mud- els! 1.98 Men's Dress OXFORDS 4.79 Right in style and quality. 4.98 Sanforized U. S. Army approved cloth. Button front SHIRT with dress- type collar, two button- flap pockets! Matching PANTS with b drill pockets. latching / )oat-sail / tt-t/, Other Matched Sets 3.01)*'"'^ Men's Big Mac 4 Bib OVERALLS 1.39 Sturdily built of Sanfor- ized heavy weight denim in graduated sizes to fit every build. Triple stitch ed main seams. Cotton Work Socks J5c I'racliciil Shop Caps 35c Sturdy Work Shoes 3.79 Sanforizc-d means fabric shrinkage will not exceed I',' Designs Toi- Spring BRIGHT, COLORFUL TIES In stripes, patterns, large and small figures! Moil's SUITS of ((utility .75 24 WE WILL CASH YOUR PAY CHECK J . C PENNEY CO., INC. Townclcid All wool. Wor- stoeclb ... Gabardines . New Pattern-. . • . Colors. We hove your i'ZC.

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