Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 5, 1942 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1942
Page 6
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ji. You Can talk to pnly qne man Want Ads talk to Thousands SELL, RSNT, BUY OR SWAP Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone Hm*—Je wonfc minimum 30e Thro* Hates — Sfte word, minimum 50e tim«*—5c word, minimum 7 5c One month—1 Be ward, minimum $2.70 HUI*» or* tw continuous irwar*«xw nni» MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" For Sale '-NICE REGISTERED COCKER pointer puppies. Padgitts Ken- jhels, 3 miles South on 29. 18-30tp SEED, D &PL 12, STONE- '2-B, first year from breeder. , Alfalfa, Lespedza, and oJhn- grass. See T. S. McDavitt. . 7 to ** ' . 6-lo-tt IJjjOBSES & MULES. PART DOWN ..^"•balance in fall. All sizes and ages. feCiSee./Dorsey McRae, Jr., at McRae """*•--'-•-•-• 'Co. 23-Mtc FOR HEATING. PHONE 50. •' • 28-6tp _ DAKOTA CERTIFIED TRI- fifumphs. Cptton Seed, Stoneville 2-B, and ROWDEN 41. See me buying. J. W. Strickland. ••• - 26-12tp TIRES & TUBES, . Call at 102 South Wash- rear. 4-3tp FARM, 4 HOUSES ON 29, 1 mile from Hope, Mrs. J|isabeHe Brown. 3400 Hearne, Shre- La. 2-3tp . r SSEast McCaskiil. IPfe- " " " " STALLION. 6 YEARS OLD, Ibs, J. W. Harper, 2 miles 4-6tp JERSEY COW. SIX YEARS giving four gallons milk day. milker. No bad habits—White- •|§s;fac«l. Calf three weeks old. S100.00 "*'"*"- Ward, Rosston, Ark. 4-3tp Lost BLACK MARE MULE, WT. ABOUT 1100 Ibs. and black horse coll, 300 Ibs. Please notify Will Muldrow, Hope Rt. 3. 3-3t HEFER LOST BY RAY WARD HOPE Rt. 1. 10 month old, light red solid, mully head. Please notify owner. 2-3tp LIGHT RED COW. HAS HORNS. Tip of left ear cut off. Metal tag in right ear. Wt. about 850 Ibs. Chester Daniels, Bodeaw, Ark. 4-3tp BOY'S KELTON WRIST WATCH. Gold with tan leather band. Friday Hope High School. Reward. Call Bob Elmore. 210 S. Elm, Phone 174. 4-3tc. HOP I STAK, H6M, Aft KANSAS Hope Star Stot of MOM, 1899; Pr».» I92/, CiKWoll- doted January 18, 1929. Publish*) every w««k-day after noon by ,~ , J 5 '. 0 ' Publishing Co. Inc. (<-,. E. Palmar and Alex H. Wd*hbum) 0} th* Star bulldlno, 212-214 South Wdtnuf street, Hope, Ark. AllX. Entered as seconrf closs matter at the Postoffice at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. ,.... % (AP)—Means Associated Press (NEA)—Moons Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n Subscription Rote {Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week I5c; Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Lafayette counties, $3.50 cor year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated fna: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to. the use for republkotion. of all news dls- PjiJ"!! f^i.',"* 1 fo » or not otherwise credited iri this paper and also the local news published herein. Notional Advertising Representative— Arkqniqs Dallies. Inc./ Memphis, Term. SJerick Building; Chicago, 400 Nortri Vu 90 ." Avnue i New York City. 507 ith Avenue; Detroit, Mich., 28^2 W, Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal 3 lag. Charaes on Tributes, Etc.: Chorae will be mode for all tributes, cords of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to his policy in the news columns fo pro- ect their readers from o deluge of space- taking memorials. The Star disclaims r«. ponsibilify for the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts Notice DON'T TAKE A CHANC1! BRING us your abstract work. MONROE ABSTRACT CO. Phone 10, WASHINGTON, ARKANSAS. 1-23-lmp Salesman Wonted MEN OR WOMEN FOR RAWLEIGH Route in Hempstead County. Line includes over 200 daily necessities Employment situation best in many years. Exceptional opportunity for hustler. Write at once. Rawleigh's Dept. AKB-118-213B. Memphis, Tenn., or see Lee H. Boyett, Stamps, Ark Feb. 19-26, Mar. 5-12 Air School For Rent IONE^ALF OF MODERN FURNISH*'* v ed house. Close in. Private front t ^and back entrances. Automatic hot , -wafer heater. Mrs. Tom Carrel. 26-tf , P % hone * <• MC^PERN" s ROOM HOUSE. GAS, lights. Water. Complete bathroom. ^t^fiirnished J20., furnished $40. r iper month. See E. W. Beaty, Emmet, £', AfJcwsas or Phone 784 Hope! 3-3tp gTWQ-HQUSES, PNE g ROOM AND •AVone'5 room, mile from HiehvSchool ;,_»See a,F. Baker, Phone 30-J-H " * ' ' -I'-V; 26-6tp iljflCE BEDROOM THREE BLOCKS " ^from down town. Private entrance 'and private conveniences to couple f without children, business women or « l ?men. Men preferred. 116 West Ave. : </ D ' 24-3tdh PURNISHED APARTMENT. TWO »,roomc t , kitchenette. Large closet. 679. 5-3tp RENT—2 ROOM FTJRNISHED y,-w' unfurnished apartment. No chil- %en, 704/ E. Division. 4-3tp 5' FURNISHED CABIN. APPLY, 2 Foster Ave. 2-3tp v C ROO^I HOUSE, FURNISHED. S v.Dorsey; McRae. Phone 118 or 75. '"' ' 5-3tp t QNE THREE-ROOM HOUSE WITH * >, bath. One block south of Park Drjve. ?V See .Lile Easterling. 5-1 tp 'f ROOM HOUSE, REDECORATED. ' Inquire at Snack Shop. 3rd & Shov- ..er. Water furnished. 4-2tc Found MARE. SPLIT RIGHT EAR. Wt 600 Ibs. B Z on rght fore should' l er. 5 or. 6 years. F. L. Douglas. Hope Rt I. Box 10. 23-10tp 1 ~ — Furniture For Sole jFRANKLIN FURNITURE CO. 117 ,/ISoufh Elm Street. We are selling 1 " out and all furniture must go. 'Many outstanding buys. Come in All sales final. 20-tf IPEAL FURNITURE STORE HAS next door to Saenger Theater • better prices on furniture see . 4-3tp MEN AND WOMEN, 18-45 VITALLY needed by aircraft factories. You must be trained and in good physical condition. See our representative Mr. Mills at Barlow Hotel, Thursday or Friday for full information. AIRCRAFT TRAINING SCHOOLS, Dallas. 3_3t Political Announcement The Star is authorized to announce the following as candidates subject to the action of the Hempstead County Democratic primary election: Sheriff & Collector FRANK J. HILL Answer to Cranium Crackers Q"es"ons on Paffe One 1. Four famous Irish breeds of dogs are Irish setter, Irish water spaniel, Irish terrier and Irish wolfhound. 2. The greyhound is swift, the bulldog tenacious and the German police dog makes an excellent watch dog' and generally makes friends with few persons. r>. Dogs are raced, used in hunting, pull sleds, star in , dog shows and are entered in jumping contests. 4. Senator - Vest delivered his-' famous eulogy to the dog during a trial. 5. Buy a beagle if you want a rabbit-hunting dog. Conserve Sugar for Government Restriction Needn't Be Kitchen Tragedy Restricted sugar purchases may be inconvenient at first—but they needn't be a kitchen tragedy, believe Miss Mary Claude Fletcher, county home demonstration agent, and offers the following suggestions , for conserving sugar to prove her point, Keep a weather eye out for sugar wastes. One of the most obvious is the undissolved sugar in the bottom of a cup of coffee or tea. Others are over- sweetened foods, cajke failures—or failures of any product containing sugar. Next, cut down on sugar in least noticeable ways first. Experiment to see if the amount you've been putting County & Probate Clerk LEO RAY on your breakfast cereal or in coffee and tea is a matter of habit—whether you'd be just as happy with half a teasooon or so less. Naturally you'll need less sugar on a cereal that is topped with dried fruit. Try eating fewer rich desserts—fewer pastries and ' very sweet cakes. Fresh fruits are among the most nutritious and desirable of desserts— and they carry their own sugar. Canned fruits come in the class of not- too-rich desserts. Dried fruits are one of the best sources of natural sugar. Custards and simple puddings are other desserts that use smaller amounts of sugar. When you sweeten sauces, such as applesauce, put the sugar in at the end of the cooking time. It will take less sugar to get the same sweetness if you don't cook the sugar so long. And remember that most of us can get along on a lot less sugar than we have been eating—and still have nutritious meals that taste good. Sugar supplies food energy in an exceedingly palatable form. But as far as energy from food goes, any reduction in sugar "can Easily be taken care of by increasing quantities of their energy-giving foods in the diet. There are many other inexpensive energy- giving foods that supply, in addition, valuable vitamins and minerals. Whole-grain cereals are one such food group. Starchy vegetables and dried fruits are others. How to Get Around No-Parking Laws SALISBURY, Md. -(/P)— Police Sergeant Carl Wilson stopped his car in a "no parking" zone near the police station and a fellow officer immediately tagged him. Sergeant Wilson figures that won'l happen again. His car is in the garage now and he's walkin. Reason: He can't get a new tire. The eyes of insects are made up of thousands of small facets. RENT/ WANT-ADS OUT OUR WAY By J.R.Williams WE WAe MELTIKi' eTUFF TO SEE IF= VME COUL.DMT IKJVEMT SOME KlrODA SUBSTITUTE FEE, EUBBE<2./ SOMETIMES VOU HIT THIKJG^, BV ACCIDEWT.' VOL) VOU'VE IMVEKiTED EIOAMEU — A SUBSTITUTED -^—.: . THE HARD PAM "* . eon. iui >y xtA «»vict. me. T. M. DEC, u. 9. PAT, off. WASH TUBBS Thursdoy, Morch S, 1^4St HB WAS JW00TIM.5 IM COLD BLOOO I SHOT IW SELF OEPEMSEi THERE'S A DIFFERENCE, LISKA POPEYE HCXJU UXXJLD VA LIKE Tt> SAIL. OM THE-SEA OF ' MATRIMOMIKV BE Torn Between Two Loves Thimble Theater . l»n. tint Fnnu,. SrnJIcjM. Inc, WokJ ri^a DONALD DUCK magine Seeing You Here. Officer'" 1(1 "" ' ' " WL'M ' t^*. i_-).' • •HI.". ——- __* By Wolt Disney a#f&t*t&. fctjyy r- vr? •"•=. '>'*$• - V v^7 >; T^w^&v&lfti * ..* _^.^3 £jMfc<^ BLONDIE •f Service De Luxe! By Chic Young MERE. MV GOOO I MAPE A SANJPMCM WILL YOU PLEASECUTTME CRUSTOFF THE BREAP AMD TAKEOUT THE TOsJGUE AMP SERVE THE SASIPWICH ON) A PLATE?, „< SJOV/6ET ME A MAPKINI I9<j King IValumSyroUau. Inc. WocU rigtmraemd/t'' -<f ' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Hm-mm By Edgar Martin RED RYDER Aid for the Enemy By Fred Harmon V1HOA--VJHQ\ YOU <£ / ON "DIABLO CONtttf )/ '.==- VJIU5 STALLION , LITTLE * * - rKTfe; , , con. iMa ay MA stiivicE. me. T. M. BEO. u. s. PAT, Not Over Yet OptjVDUlRE.. A GENIUS/ ) ^ ALLEY OOP S%t^'> ._ h > ^-£^'%^-~-^CN :M*M&?^ lisauafls you MEAM THAT > WAS K.IMG JOHKS? OH.., i TOO BAD VOU MISSED HIM / YEH, AN' THAT ,„-,MY LAST COCOKJUTTOO BUT I'LL GET'IM/ ' ^ COME OM, OOQLA...WE > GOTTA FLY BACK AM 1 GET SOME MORE AMMUNITION/ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS YOUR AIR ATTACK PRACTICALLY /^ 7=n... 0 ui • RUIMED KIMG ( UWTIL. WE GET GOME ON.SELW/N — vi THE DISTRICT SHELL OUT WITH A WARRANT/ Baiting the Trap tn WE'VE GOT 'EM / SELF, WE'VE THE RUM / STILL NOW.' ^S\ WAR. HANDS I'LL FlLLONS- OUT, SELVJVN BUT TMIS I ISNT THE By Merrill Blosser ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^5^^^^^^ , FELLA-WANT^ SOMETHIN& / NEED THAT'LL SCAR? , __ MR- HEDGES ^J TO INTO . / nniA/M WHAT ii^.vx , U«JVV£< WnA TALKING/(HE $AY3/ i

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