Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 22, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, August 22, 1952
Page 7
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titiy ')"r" *J » n MOM *TA», MOM, ARKANSAS FrlJoy, August 22,1954 rms ,„ '•(**•* th* Mutual 6y (M»A», in n now fHrtl**tln« ttnfttor*, "" *U> 8, oil ffam- bur " fnr Oft of , Soc. tne by t«« Cornmlt nnd Itftc dlMrlml/iatlon nn n kft, j ',Jt <nlU they ffl< inlpppd front the Mldrtlp En it to Europe*" ni- ilnn* tf-M'lviiiR MArnhftll )&n nirt, Tf»« ./u«t|p» OftpftrUnoM) Bt M«A'» fvqiK-tii, atratidy MI fflwrf Wilt t« rw»v*r 50 fnHliflii'Airtffftjjt from Ihe hv<- fompnnle* wi irwiww »f nvcrchnrtf'** on bill* pdM wltR Dr. Walter A»)rtm*, P e o n o roMI eminnol lo thr S^nntn romrnlttnd, tbld n reporter MSA, which nd* ttilrtldtom fort-Inn aid, eontcnd* thp li»y»j rtv££$h<irtti'ii wftuM be rflflfo hsfi 00 Trillium, bul that HP no) know hftw much Thp Iftftt prlaw" foe oil, fur highrr th#y ch«r«!»d for dHlvorle* to t Unltcfl Atjitnn frnm tlm imnw Mid tll<( Knu^srn fleldd, "OwaiQki of <hl« lwo-prle«? •$**. torn nnd the AbnonnAUy ni)(h prl fcltftj-HTod Irt RtirotHiAn m«rk«W, ift undiln UtlMlrrn wws hlft^wl on th(» American taxpayer. wh'> wn» foot IhK t»« Wll for Miir«h«n I'lftfi fliia.' thd fommlttpc sold in a ft s7 I f." I Congratulations to the New WEN'S £lr*ARTMENT STORE at 119-121 W. 2nd St. the open Ing of your B«'gutiful New Store lEKBERTBUkHS *t*t*ni<m( quoting Iht r»part. It *tiid MSA alftn reported that Arabian- Am-rlcim OH C n m |M nf JftWttlr t* four of WW flvu Bffri*. 6bt»lnt6 ftftitwnr t(««i fil!o «rtt pli»o IMe wlttt lit unrfttffbmillni Uint Ihe ttr.lt i)d WWi? |h* trftfiffrtrtfltton t >«• thp Kilrop>»n notion*. Savln*< V'ctn n«t p.iiu«d on tn the Kiirnpe- *irf». It :itli'rjpd, ridding: "Ttw» only rtffr-fiiM* nrfierwt by ihr eomfiiinlo* for (hi* »ltnu'tlon wai thai Ihi) l«r«(P rl»k« inherent In Mjddle K««t«rn operation* rnnde It MCodditry to *rnorll/<> thr> n«>w pipe JlriB n* quickly n» poMifolf " JtnamtKl thtfmir emnpnnlm own f ,Ar.ibl«n-Am»Hci»h •* the two nndarrli, Siwony-Vncuufn »wl th* ffxn» Company. In New York, «p»!«r>«mrn for Standard of NPW Jcrm-y and thp Company «old th«y would nlond on Ihi'lr provlmia f.tntnrnontn, Which Wrfc* Kimllor, Ni»w JftrWy Standard'* nUtti'- rhfnl, Uiuoil In April, »ald K»»n 'WCporl c'Ofportillon urtlm huvi* nl- V/&y« bct-n nt curnpfltllivi! price*. U sold th0»o pt!ar» wciv* well known nf»d have not boon prp|cii«(l ty flny of Ih* conntrk-i coneorncil. , The subjoct ha* been thoroughly di*cuM«d with .the Econornli; Co- qfprnHon Ail mini* triil Ion JCCA, proto MSA, tiio ntntfiTient told, And the rCmo firm wmplnlnod thnt "RCA w.it utlPiiipUri;; to Interfere with normal competitive Adnmn dencribcjd tho MSA report ttn covering .'only one very ninrrijw phaie" of a wide field of acctun- tlond the K«tJ«rul Trade ConimU- *lon fTC hn8 olrtwd ut the five U 8, (Irrnii and two forclun coin pnnloi — Anglti-Iranlnn and Royal Dutch Shell Oil Cornptmle*. Th« FTC report U dm- to be rr.udn public Monday, following truhihx of hot controversy over lt« »Uppr«i«<tl6n, It hag been billed an 0 dtmunclnlbn of ullfgcd monopoly prucllcitx by nil srvi'ii coinp.uiios. Duvlil Proctor, vice president uiu 1 tfrmcrnl counsel for Gulf Oil Corp. «okt In t'lttitlmrHh: "Ax fur nit 1 know thorn hns been no claim rnudc aKulntit Gulf Oil by tho MuUml SccHfily AKenc)(. That' .all I huvc to siiy." The wotfrrn^lnn growpr crop dnngi*r from fnn«iui (l. na w'lill nil Intti-ct POMIS Htich UH cu- cuinbeT b«H.>tU»», melon aphlds, ou woririH iind \vlrowormH, miys thi Nntloiuil GitoRniphle Society. »* it,*- *t i j &t:,; OPENING 0 SHARP TOMORROW MORNING SATURDAY, AUG. 23 PRESCOTTNEWS I _^_ J __> < .' jiii. ..-f. •• A.— - ,-j./:..;..._ ;•.*.-_ Cull Miftln* to be Held ir * A, 1 / i jr V > -* 119-121 West Second I MAYOR JOHN L WILSON lie ribbon that will officially open OWEN'S big new y formerly George W. fcobison & Co. You are invited to be here,. are bigger than ever. The store is newly AT 8:30 . : vs «•* , ^ ^ IR FOR S10Q.OO t, .Y SATURDAY, AUG. 23rd "_/ _ /flyfc t ' _ ' z_ ' _^ _ There will b* a call meeting of thr Mothers of the girt* Of the Order of the Rainbow A<i*embtr nnd of the boy* nf the Order of moUy at the Msconlc Haiti* night (Friday), at 7:30 o'clock. All mothers are urged to be present. WMf Clrela 1 It 6ntert«ln«d by Mrs. Circle I of the WMS of tho Fir- At Bitptlit Church wan entertained on Monday afternoon by Mr», Otle Colemnn ot her home on Enut Kim Strocl. The meeting wan opened by the president, Mm, J. T. McRnc. Th« minute* were rend by lnc accr« tdry. Mm. Nat Wnoiley. The second and third chnptci-s of the Ktudy book, "8t«wurd)ihlp Ap piled In Millions" was presented by Mro, Hurrell nine*. Mr§. Me HOP floxitd the meeting with pray er, Frodted drlAki and cookioj .vcrc Kefauver Mia Put OM trlcl Court ruling that the tax Is unconstitutional, gamblers had de elded the Supreme Court will overthrow the law and had held off buying stamp*. Kefauver, sold that, In response U> Inquiries from him and other former Members of the committee, Ihr Justice Department reported: 1. Special "rackets" grand juries ((•commended committee. served by the doc in I hour. hostess during the Mn. Hody Butler Hottest to| W M 8 Circle Z Mrs, Hody Butler was hostess to Circle 2 of the WMS of the I'irbt fluptlst Church ut her home on Monday afternoon with seven mem burs present. The meeting opened with prayer by Mrs. Kenneth Cofleld. Mrw R, y. Murry, chairman, conducted thv business. In the absence of the leader, Mrs. L«roy Phillips, Mrs. Wesley Llndsey taught the 2nd and 3rd chapters of the book, "Stewardship Applied in Missions." The meollriu wuu closed, with pruyur by Mrs, Thomas Buchanan A ilnday .salad course was served by the hostess. culled In 66 of the 04 federal Judicial districts. Of these, 4 concluded their (tensions nnJ n arc Kill active. 2. These grand juries have returned at least 2SO indictments, charging offenses against lnc income tax, liquor, narcotics, slot machine and gamblers stamp tax JbWS. 3. A* of July 1, some 33.1 case* arising under the gambling lax low were processed. Under the act prohibiting tntcrstale shipment of »lot machines, 035 manufacturers registered, 82 indictments were returned and 40 persons were convicted. W. M. 3. Circle 3 In Smith Home Meet! Circle 3 of Urn WMS of the First Baptist Church met on Mon- duy utl*moon in Iho homo of Mru A, .K. Smith for the Tegular rneot- ing. Mr*. J, M. Ingrarn, chairman, ii|)rn.'tl tlu» meeting by reading the 23rd Psalm. Mrs. Smith led In prayur, *• After the business session, Mrs. Jack Cooper tuUKlit the lesson from the study book, "Steward ship Applied in Missions." A delectable frozen salad cour su was served during the social hour by the hostess. Mrs. Harry Moore Hottest ' to Christian Fellowship . Mrs. Hurry Moore was hostess to the Christian Women's Fellowship of the First Christian Church nl her horne on Monday afternoon. Mrs. C. K. Johnson gtwe the Inspiring devotional talk from Luke. Prayer was offered by Mrs, Dennis Lttdbetter. Mrs, Johnson gave an interest- lug, talk on Swiinee Out), Missionary to Hindu. After the buslnoss, conducted by tlu- president, Mrs. J, W. Bradley, the hostess served delightful refroshnH'Uts to ten members and. Mrs. C. O. Wuhlquist. who was welcomed as u new member. Expense Nothing, Candidate Loses LITTLE ROCK Wl—Bob IJailey, unsuccessful candidate for judge of ,.lhe Nlnlh Chancery Circuit, listed his campaign expenses with Secretary of Slale C. G. Hall loday a? follows: "Nothing for political influence In Faulkner County. "Nothing for political Influence In Conway County. "Nothing for political influence In Johnson County. "Nothing for personal workers in Pope County. "Nothing to get my name on prnffered lists In either county. "I figured the office of chancellor was not for nalo." Bailey added that hf> spent $1,20H- ,50 for filing fees, advertising and travgl expenses. Congressman Wilbur D. Mills Who was renornlnuted in the Democratic primary without opposition listed expenses of $750, for ballot tees. Schumaccher, Foe of West Germany Dies BOWK, G*rmsnyM&— The strong out foe of West German rearma mcnt nnd alignment with tho West, socinll.it chief Dr. Kurt Schuma- thor, died here Inst night. He was 50. The fervent leader — second only to Chancellor Konrad Adenauer as a political force In postwar Germany — succumbed to a blood circulation ailment. A cripple with only qne arm and one leu, he had been fulling ever since his health was- ruined in Nazi concentration camps. Quiet, soft-spoken Socialist Party Vice Chairman Erich Ollenhaucr Is slated to inherit S c humacher's party leadership'. Gllonhaiier Is expected, however, to keep pushing the Socialists on the same nution- ollstlc course opposed to communism on the one hand'and European federalism and common de- tense on the other. The son of a Prussiano official, Schumacher studied law and the Inbor movement and entered politics as editor of a provincial Social Democratic paper. His life was a stubborn battle against chronic'ill health and politico! enemies. Lt. Gov. Nathan Gordon, also unopposed, listed $250 for filing feijs and $103.75 In miscellaneous expenses. Rodney Parham, nomihated for Klrst Circuit chancellor, First Di vision, sa|d his campaign cost $2,084.00. Congratulations to BEN OWEN On the opening of your Beautiful new store OWEN'S s •. •. • DEPARTMENT STORE Located at 119-121 W. 2nd St. BARWICK'S ELECTRIC SERVICE Mr. Owen, We congratulate you on the opening of your new store and sincerely wish for you every success. We welcome you as a neighbor, and we are proud of you and your faith in Hope. BROS Miss Ann Outhrie and Miss Lucille Constantino of Dallas are the housaguesls of, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. DeLamar. MUs Kay King U Ihe guest of Mrs. Ira Ward and Mr. and Mr?.' Jim Bush in Little Rock, Walter Tutu, Jr., of Cumtlen Is spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. J. Mi Ingram. Mrs. Hervey Bemis and Mrs. Josephine Corrington were Monday visitors in Texurkunu. i Grueling Stock-Car Competition Proves HUDSON BY FAR! Mr, and Mrs. Jim Nelson have as their uuests, Mr. and Mrs. W. J, AUcu imd family of Marshall, Texas. «. , Mrs. C. D, McSwaln motored to £1 Dorado Monday and was accompanied homo by her daughter, Mr*. Pitt Combs and Jan who are h*»r guests this \yeek. Bill D«nmpn, Jr.. visitor lit Uttle Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Horace CottiRg- ham of Littlo Hook have teen the euests o! th«ir parents. Mr. And Mrs. Elmer Ttyitttt and Mr. Mid Mrs. Mr*. Bill Stone and children, Susan and Jimmy ot Oklahoma City; Okla., ure the housegvwsta of Mrs. Clara U. Stou* and MUs Uv- Stone. British Princfis h 21 Year* Old Scotland cm MarMrrt I? *l today — a many another British *~ , she's *P«udV>* her Wrtbdiy # wife tfee family. The p*UI* Process, on* of tha r« of London's smart her WOOF OF HUDSON SUPfilORITY IS HERE FOR YOU TO SEE! ..Jan. 20...,Hudson >r<t i M». 1*.. .Hudion flrd ... April «,...Hgrf»on««l M»HI27'.',!Hu«M«r*l MMJO-.-H^wM. «M ).....£*«** O««**«liM, N. C. . ianf $ ... .Hudion first CMri«M«, N. C ...... Jvn* IS ... Hwd*«n Aril and ttrand MraN. Mich ........ Jun. 29 . . . Hudion AnJ, Hcond and third )*••«« Pall*. Oia.. .July 1 ..... Mwdton finf and i»cond Wt*fc QW« ....... J«|y ^....iHudieo Ars>, ttcood, third OM fourth Ow*t*. N.Y ........ July 4 ..... Hudion fln» f tteand, tklrdtfid /oorth uly« ..... Hudwnflrrt, iKoad and third Wy 4 ..... Hudion Ard • • • Hudion «rd ..Jv|ty W....H«dio« fira . . . July 20. . . .HwdKMi firtl withe* AS YOU know, it is impossible for a prospective buyer to accurately judge the relative merits of various cars through a casdal examination or on the basis of claims. Therefore, smart buyers are taking advantage of the record established in stock-car racing which affords an • impartial test of the important ' features of competitive makes—features which largely determine owner satisfaction. In this rough, tough competitioB between cars just like you can buy from dealers, every make of car is compared for power, durability and safety—vital qualities in your daily driving. With 30 victories in 34 starts altoady this yeax, Hudson proves,, it has these treat qualities in mew- vres no other car can match! \ Hudson's rugged high-compression engines are famous for terrific power and performance. But more important, only Hudson'has "step-down", design with. America's lowest center: of gravity, A Hudson hugs the road- lilte it loye» it and almost $teer», itself, MpaobUl body-snd-frame* i» the most durable, safest known! ' * Visit us and try a Hudson, or if more convenient, phone and a Hudson, will corns to your door. . ! nt*d*-i»uk. Ptuut M041M. TOL-1-TEX COMPANY 3* i'. Friday, Au§ult 22, If 52 5AENGER • TODAY & SATURDAY • ALSO BUD ABBOTT LOU COSTELLO "Pardon My Sarong" SHORTS Color Cartoon Chap. 6 of Serial Radar. Men From the Moon' STARTS SUNDAY Say "Will Rogers" and you're talking pleasur*? — the kind that put a grin on the face of the world.'With a twirl in his rope a twang in his joke, and a twinkle in his eye — Will had a wonderful knack all his own of making folks^ feel cjood. That's the good feeling the Motion Picture Theatre stands for. We're mighty proud of the artistry, the technical perfection, the allover bigness of today's motion picture screen. And we're especially proud of the glittering abundance of deep-down enjoyment it's bringing you now in "THE STORY OF WILL ROGERS" HE PUT A GRIN en the FACE of the WORID! • TODAY & TOMORROW • 2 - FEATURES - 2 ALSO — ROD CAMERON "TRIGGER TRAIL" • • JR. HITS • Color Cartoon Chop. 5 "Pirates Harbor" Premature He: I'm not long for this world. She: Really? He: Yes, I bought one of those lifetime fountain pens — and it has worn out. —Nancy Hampton, Blevlns, Ark. Submit jokes for this column and win passes to the Rialto. For every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to 50 words or less, and must be suitable for publication. Leave at theatre boxoflice or mail to: Manager, Rialto Theatre. SUN. - MQN. - TUiS. Friday, AugU*t 22 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Archer, Jr., and Mr, and Mrs. Moody Willis will be hosts and hostesses to a formal dance Friday night, August 22, at 8:30 at the Country Club for the high school and college members of the Country Club and their dates. The Green Lasctcr Home Demonstration Club will have a family picnic at Fair Park at 7 p. m. Friday, August 22. All members are asked to bring a picnic lunch. Mrs. Jewel Burke, Mrs. Wayward Burke, nnd Mrs. Buck Faulkner will sponsor a community gathering Friday night, August 22, at 8 o'clock in the club room at the school vited. Monday, August 25 WSCS Circle No. 5 ot the First Methodist Church will have its annual treasure hunt and picnic Mon day, August 25, with Mrs. Jones, Mrs. J. W. 'JFranks, Thomas Cannon, and Mrs. Wilson, Jr., as hostesses. All members are asked to meet at Fair Park promptly at 6:30 p. m. HCM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS SOCIETY tot*M 7-MI1 ••*»••* I A. M. and 4 *, M< Calendar house. The public is in- Mrs. Hospital Notes HOSPITALS Branch Admitted: Mrs. W. B. Smith, of Hope. Josephine Discharged: Mrs. Roy Dudney, Hope, Mr. Eldridge Cassidy, of Hope, Mr. D. C. Morgan, Hope, Mr. A. R. Bennett, Wasnlngton. Julia Chester Admitted: Miss Johnnie Elliott, Hope, Master Jerry Walker, Hope Mr. Thurmnn Ridling, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. D. J. Cornelius, Hope, Mr. Jesse Burke, of Hope. Clubs Centervllle The Cenlervillc Home Demonstration Club met at the church for their annual family picnic on Thursday evening at 7:30. The din R«d, Short Guns . Hit Minesweeper ' TOKYO t« — Communist-Shore guns Wednesday scored their second hit of the Korean War on the DOROTHY DIX Harsh Words Dear Miss Dix; Recently I had Four crewmen were killed and four wounded. The Navy said the Thompson was hit the first time on Jvme 14. 1951, by the same coastal batteries at Songjin. Northeast Korea. Three crewmen were killed and, four wounded In that shelling. The Thompson continued to fire on the shore Installations Wednesday after one large shell hit its Hying bridge and several others fell nearby. It transferred Its casualties to the brfttleshlp Iowa, Other Allied ships hit twice In tho Korean War are the heavy cruiser Helena, the auxiliary minesweeper Osprey and the British destroyer Cockade. some things for which I am very sorr.v. He sold he never wanted to spoak to me again. Twice I have tried to make up, , I hove admitted I was wrong, but he says he doesn't want to speak to me. How can I not him to listen to me? T. R. Answer: You must have wounded your father's feelings very deep ly for him tu refuse so steadfastly to speak to you. All you can do is renew your apologies at Intervals until the hurt wears off a little. In tin; future, be more considerate of him iinii more careful of the tbliiKs you say. ny for Israel and "The Juggler." I think she'll be back, lovely to lose. He's Not Interested Dear Miss Uix: Foi have been going two months a boy I . ' 0 u<! "' lu ' d U) lovc vol '. v deeply. She's too' Ncllu>1 ' of . us l>ns K° lu> witl > any 1 Quite a scoop pulled by Columbia Broadcasting System by way of launching its highly successful "Suspense" radio shows this fall. All four stars of the drama quartet — Agnes Mooreheod, Charles enn n :. e n- , spread under the pines Lau( '' nton ' Charles Boycr and Sir - nor was John on the church grounds and enjoy-, ed by about 45 members and' iot guests. Mrs. Sid Skinner gave the open- All circles of WMS of the First Baptist Church will have a potluck family picnic at 6:30 at Fair park Monday, August 25. Miss Linda Foster Complimented Wednesday Miss Anita Copeland and Miss Caroline Hawthorne complimented Miss Linda Foster, bride-elect of Lawrence Albritton, with a luncheon at Hotel Barlow 4 August 20. The table held arrangements of summer flowers and white satm streamers. Gifts were presented to Miss Foster and Miss : Norma Jean Franks, bride-elect of Bo$ Shaddox of Nashville. A bride doll marked the places for the following: Miss Foster. Mrs. Corbin Foster, Mrs. A. A. Albritton, Miss Gayle Foster. Miss Norma Jean Franks, and the hostesses. Miss Norma Jean Franks Honored with Canasta Party Miss Nancy Camp honored Miss Norma Jean Franks, bride-alect of Bob Shaddox with a canasta 1 party on Wednesday night, August 20. Arrangements of 'roses were placed at vantage points throughout the Camp- home. The honoree was presented a corsage of asters and a gift of crystal in her chosen pattern. She also won the high score prize. A dessert course was served to the guests. Commcj and Going Mr. and Mrs. Edmond White and children, Cherry, Edmond. Jr and Edgar Watson, arc visiting Mrs. Mrs. Eamond's 'parents, Mr. and Ed VanSickle. ing prayer. After the food and ice drinks were served games were enjoyed by the group with the prize going to Mrs. Freddie Stewart. The next meeting will be held at the church. Mrs. Carl Richard will be hostess. Will Rogers To Make More Pictures By DOROTHY MANNERS iWhilc Louella Parsons is on vacation her column will be written by Dorothy Manners Ccdric Hardwlckc have been signed four of the shows — but not together. The foursome that made "Don Juan In Hell" thcalrical history on the road will star in Individual chapters. Miss Moorchend starts the first one September 15. I honestly didn't think it could happen again. Polly Bergen, one of the best of the nightclub singers, gets the lead opposite Vittorio Gassman and Barry Sullivan 'in "Cry, The Hunted" — and she doesn't sing a note in the MGM inovic. Polly was singing at the Chez Parec in Chicago when she got the word - » nd . im " 1udiat ely she and in that time. The last were out together, he then told boy me he was jiolng one rise time we took me horn friend to tell to school again and wouldn't see me for some time. I love him so much 1 wouldn't cure if we could not HO 'out. I have called him, have'had my nirl friend call him him to U), and cue or not is another thing, Dear Miss Dix: Which comes first — n man's wife or mother? My husband goes to sec his mother every day during lunch hour, and often stops there on his way home from work. When he comes homo, there Is nothing but faultfinding. I know he loves his mother more than he docs me. I am 20, lie is ,27, and we have no children, since I have lost several since our mnr rlnge six years ago. Now 1 don't think I will ever have health Isn't good, but band doesn't seem to, care. one. My my bus. ._ ^ care. I*)o you think I should send him ont'k to his mother? BAH UAH A 1, Answer: Are you sure that none of the fault lies within yourself? Your 111 health may have made ytm too demanding—too prone to Markets By The Asiofilitted Pr«i» Grains tried to push higher In early trading today; but the attempt failed AnjH most of the grains turned Into losses. Wholesale nients Wote steady to weak. Hogs were sitondy to 25 cents lower nnd nlftitghter cuttle wore steady to weak. Cottoh futures opened 15 n balo 4ower to 5 cents higher. Hero Is tod.it.Vs commodity report, furnished by the USDA: Hogs opened steady to 2fi cents lower nt major corubelt markets. In tho Bast half of the cornbelt 100 to 280 pounds butchers are sell Ing from $21.75 to $23.2.1 with the bulk up to $22 or more. Weights around S70 pounds arc upward from $31,80 nt Chicago but down to $21 nt Enst St. Louis. Tops flfo $22 nt Chicago, $22.25 nt Rnst St. Louis and $22,35 nl In- dlannpolls. Sows nlso are steady to 25 uc-nU nag. \Vlth no children to cure "for"' lrtwor wltn tno bulk soiling from you havo too much time to brood! Ur0lln( ^ $1B.RO to $20 In tlu> East and you dwell on your husband's love for his mother lo the point where Jealousy has become an obsession with you. Your husband should ii If of the bolt. NEW YORK ton 30.70. Noon Ocl cot- be more ballon hearing after she Second'o Quints in Brazil SAO PAULO, Brazili/tK ond of Mrs. Mhrl« "$ quintuplets died at the" Maternity Hospital was to have been Tcreza. , . ' The five babies 'were' Mrs. Albano, 38. oh T,uc. and were plo'ood In an/ One died yesterday, . The anounccment. of death last night cb'hj8il,.w* 4 , formation on the condition 1 survivors. • .-.'->'.;• \.a •.am One JnpnncRe v'hrloty melon Is prnctlcnl'ly pleaded the do ve written asking change his mind, t am he is three years older. JOSEPH1NK Answer: Heller start at Ihc bo- glnning again with u new beau, , Josephine. This one apparently has other tent them way. intentions, and your persis fforts to make him change are driving him further a« After a friendship of two months, he can scarcely be ex peeled lo take a pledge of eternal devotion. You probably were allo- gether loo possessive and demanding even during Ihe brief two months of acquaintance. Tho chances of gelling him back arc very slim and, whether you believe it or not, I assure you your heart is not irreparably en. willing to help you overcome th<- i guilty to conl.r.ibutlnn lo trouble than to spend so much: linqucncy ot n minor, time at his mother's. He should ntj Juvenile authorities had Indicated least como home to you directly they woiUd relensn Jimmy If ho Irom work, and try to cheer you nnd the blond mother of n 12-yenr- up until your health improves lo old son nRroed not to sc-u each nth- the point whore you hnve a more, i'i' ugaln. Now they weren't so sure, wholesome outlook on life. If neither you nor your doctor can convince him thnt he owes » duty to you, perhaps the best so- lullon would be n temporary separation. Released By The Bell Syndicate, Inc. HOPE 8. Main A UA8f 7 .DXV Clark Goblo - Ava .In _ ,.. Farley Sholloy Mrs. Owen Nix, Wanzcll and Johnnie have returned from Fay- ettevillc where they carried Edsel who will enter the University of. Arkansas. HOLLYWOOD. Aug. 20 (INS) — After saying he would v not make any more pictures and that he was icturning to his newspaper career, Will Rogers Jr. put his name to a contract to emote again in "Life, Liberty and Orin Dooley" for Screen Gems. Screen Gems is the name of the company making the Ford theatre productions for television. Mary McCall is writing the script — a "natural" for Rogers Jr., — about a G. I., back from Korea, who takes up his schooling where he left off — in Ihe fourth grade ' It took a heap of doing lo convince Will Jr., that he should ; slar in "The Story of Will Rogers," the screen biography of his famous father. Bul once bitten by the acting bug — it's hard to get out of the system. Those every day luncheon dates Lex Barker is having with Tony Hartley are about Lex starring in "White Hunter," the adventure film Bartley is going to make in Africa this winter. With all Ihe "Tarzan" movies he Mr. and Mrs. Louis Howard oil Dallas, Texas, will arrive tonight lo spend Iheir vacation with Mrs. bad made. Lex rica only once. has been to Speaking of Af- the Howard's parents, Lloyd Coop. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Katherine Arnold of Arlington, Va., will arive Monday for a visit with her John H. Arnold. mother, Mrs. Miss Ethel Beasley of Stamps was the guest of Mrs. Edwin Ward and other relatives Wednesday and Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Bryant and daughter, Betty, and Mrs. O. C. Sutton left Tuesday morning for a vacation trip in Natchez and Biloxi, Miss., Mobile, Ala., Pensacola and Miami. Fla. "Tarzans," Sol Lesser, who produced them, probably won't be too happy to learn that Lex has this "White Hunter" deal on the fire. But Sol hasn't come up with another "Tarzan" contract. Tony Bartley got Ihe ide'i of the African picture When he was there with his wife, Deborah Kerr, on her "King Solomon's Mines" Safari. Snapshots of Hollywood collected at random: After throe weeks of silence, resting her vocal' chords, Betty Hutton is back rehearsing with Ihc skylarks for her palladium date in London. The devoted Fernando Lamas went to the sneak preview of his lady Lana in "The Bad and the Beautiful" and hurried immediately to long distance Lana Turner in Tahoe thai she's all beautiful, not bad. Norma Lancaster has joined Bert in the Fiji islands with their eldest son in tow. Bert's moved thorn into a thatch-roof cottage, one of the few with plumbing. Carol Brewster with lest pilot Major Speed Chandler at th'e Kings. Mrs. Johnny Weismullor under- gtfes her seventh operation fqiv plastic surgery on her face to remove scars resulting from a serious automobile accident two years ago. Former child star, Cora Sue Collins, married to Jim McKay, expects their third child for a Christmas present. • ,. ( Joel McCrea's 19-yCar-old sori, Jody, made his movie debut in "Lone Hand" with his old man — and Jody wants to keep going. Bul Joel says, "college this fall," and he means it. Hhat's ail today. See you tonior- ow. Aldo Ray is all over Hollywood with devastating Milly Vitale, the eyeful from Italy — bul before Harry Cohn gets his blood pressure up, they're just making publicity pictures. There has been an official quietus on romance stories involving Aldo ever since his divorce The story goes that his boss, Cohn, told him to skip the girl department until he is legally free. The Vitale beauty is here for a short look around before leaving with the Stanley Kramer compa- CONGRATULATIONS BEN OWEN On the opening of your new OWEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Located ot 119.121 W. 2nd St. WEST BROS '§ t Dear Miss Dix: What can a girl do when she doesn't want to go steady with one boy, yet all the crowd assumes Ihat she is? 1 have been going wilh u boy for six moiitns iiim, inouKh i like him very much, I would like to go out with other boys, as 1 think 17 is loo young to go steady. How can 1 show other boys thai 1 am available for dales? VIRGINIA P. Answer: This is virtually impossible within Ihe confines of your own crowd. The "going slcady" •custom of today limits a couple's date.*: lo each other when they've gone out together only three or Join.- times. The difficulty would be'thai other boys iii the group are probably similarly bound to otner girls. If you slop going with your present beau, naturally the friendship ends. A silualion like this is one oC •the pernicious effects of going slcady, yet, since It has become so intrenched as a teen-age r-is- tom, only time will change it — as it does all adolescent trends. You might try .inviting some other boy lo a school dance 01 picnic, or some other gathering to which you are supposed to bring an escort. This will lei Ihe other boys know thai you are not limited to one male companion, but whether they will lake up tho Divorcee Takes Youth on Tour LOS ANGELES Ifli — A revealing photo, a lipstick Imprint 'on the back, and a note to "blue eyes" have sent Mrs. Virginia LeTour- neon, ail. back to Jail. Mrs. LeTourncuu, the blond divorcee who admitted taking a boy 11 years her junior on a 10,000 mile trip, tried to get a juvenile hall jailer to take the picture and the nolc to tho boy, Jimmy Sherwin, J7. The photo was of Mrs. LcTotir- ncuu In a sun dress, Written on the back of It was, "I love you. So sweet," A lipstick Imprint was nearby. The note read; "Darling, hold out. I love you, Jlminy", more every day. Don't lot anyone tell you different. . . Life without you is terrible, I love you, blue eyes," Superior Judge William B, Noe- ley took^phc'ilflpk-at thtti.photo-. and note and ordered Mrs. LeTourneuu back lo jail. She hod been at lib- on $1,000 bail pending a pro Hats Off to Ben Owen's... On the formal opening of this beautiful new OWEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Saturday, August 23rd i Hope Sign & Neon Service Our Congratulations and Best Wishes to BEN OWEN On the formal opening of his beautiful new store located at 119-121 West Second Street, Saturday, FOSTER'S FAMILY SHOE STORE ... "* 101 1. 2«4 $*, Cwbin Foifer Phon* 7-6700 We Congratulate BEN OWEN -• t *«, :' VV On the opening of your- beautiful new store in ^ Hope Saturday at 119 -121 West 2nd Street. v- ..,.. >. .j.. REPHAN'S YOUR FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE FRED ROBERTSON, Mgr. Congratulations and Best Wishes BEN OWEN On the formal opening of Your Beautiful New Store OWEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE 119-121 West 2nd Street •Me He|M'f Pineit Department Store Our Best Wishes to Ben Owen » 4 t * On the Formal Opening 1 1 Saturday, AUg'gst 23rd of ' "* OWEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE In your new location 119-121 W. Jeiol Street. This is really a beautiful new « and we know that you are prpujd oi it,^

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