Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 5, 1942 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1942
Page 5
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Peanut Crops Important to County Farmers Close Spacing, Use of Shelled Nuts Are Ways to Hike Yield Close spacing and the Use of shcl- or! mils are two ways of increasing he yonld of permits, reports Oliver I-*. Adorns, county agent. PcHunts, the c'oimly agcnl poinlctl ""I. m;o «nc of the best sources of nil lint is vital to America's victory tlnvc, and S i ncc Hompstead County farmers have accepted a war goal of 4JOO acres of permits, he urged tJiom o take every effort to produce as Infill ycalds as possible. Pcmints should be spaced a.s close together as they can bo conveniently cultivated, reports Charles F. Simmons of the Universally of Arkansas Col- IOKO of Agriculture. The best ycalds usually »re obtained when the pea- imtj; arc spaced about •! inches apqrt in U inch rows, the Ex teas-ion argon- oinifit said. Tests have been conducted which show that peanuts spaced 4 inches apart in 24-inch HOWS may outyenld peanuts spaced 4 inches apart in 36- inch now.s liy 30 per cent, other factors being equal. Spacing closer than 4 inches apart in the aow or rows closer than 24 inches apart makes cultivation difficult. Eathcr shelled or unshcllcd peaimt.s may be planted, hut quicker germination and heller stands usually results from the use of shelled peanuts. Simmon said that the use of shelled peanuts may result in 50 ( 0 mo per cent greater ycalds over unshcllcd peanuts Peanuts for planting may he .shelled by machine or hand, However, machine shelling may result in damage to thr kernels and for this reason hand shelling is recommended. In shelling peanuts, care should be taken to nd- void breaking the skin or kernel. The quanity o f the peanuts for planting dcpands on the .spacing. Where .shelled Spanish peanuts arc .-paced 4 inches apart in 24-inch rows about 50 pounds of shelled peanuts per aero are required, Simmons said. It required about 65 to 70 pounds of peanuts in the shell to produce 5(1 pounds of shelled peanuts, since Spanish peanuts have a shelling percentage of about 75 per cent. If unshcllcd peanuts are planted n{ least 3 bushels per acre should be planted if planted 4 inches apart in 24-inch rows. Of course, he said, rates of planting should be decreased if wider spacing is used. For information on obtaining seed peanuts, formers arc advised to consult the county agent _„., ^_ — —, Since 1919, motorists in the United States have paid more than ?il,000,000000 in gasoline luxes. MOPE STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS On the European Front Edson in Washington Your Chance to Show American Decency It's always like J.-.J__ ^ —\ When your old dress becomes young again! No wonder you're pleased! it does look like a brand new dress. But that's not unusual for anything cleaned at Hall Bros. The same care is given to every article — whether it's a rayon scarf or a lame formal, the finished results spells "Perfection!" HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters Phone 385 WASHINGTON - Inconvenient ils , this darn war indubitably is, before it's over it may offer a greal opportunity for the restoiation of simple American decency, even if we lose, which i.s a possibility. Perhaps this idea has been said before and il may have been said hel- ler, bul it can't be said loo often. If il sounds a litllo bit like a sermon, thai must he pardoned for it i.s also news. The underground news of its is that war offers unlimited opportunities for petly and grand crookedness, selfishness, and every misdemeanor on lh.e calendar of crime. Hoarders, pro- When the rationing books arc passed out, will you make an honest return on your family—or will you cheat a little lo find ways to get more than your share? When your tires wear out, will you walk to the bus line—or will you- pay a premium price to some tire bootlegger or fence for slipping you a couple of hot ones? If you're a merchant, will you mark up the prices of stocks on your shelves just because the next con- signmcnl is going lo cosl you more —or will you do your bit lo prevent inflation by .keeping your prices filccrs, gougers, chisclers and rac- as low as possible? ketccrs of all kinds have a chance to gel their and gel the other fellow's too, in wartime, Overcoming Ihc temptation to give in to Ihis naslincss i.s whal can restore the character America to ils best. of While unconscionable war pickings are good, there is a premium on meanness, as there is in. nil boomlimcs. To pul something over on someone else i.s considered smart. But once let the country get in a tough spot, once let a lokcn bombing or air raid .hit the mainland and 'a different scale of values appears on Ihe book of etiquette. Sharing, sacrifice, ncighborli- ncss and fair dealing then become Ihc virtues. What Will You DO? To quit pitching warm-up round house generalities and to slam a few -specific strikes over the plate, catch these: Are you going to hoard sugar—or arc you going to get along on less than your ration? RADIOS - BATTERIES BICYCLES and AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES BOB ELMORE'S AUTO SUPPLY Bob Klmore, Owner FINE WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIR WATCH CRYSTALS 35c vSTAMP NEWS V87ARTIME secrecy provides a new item for cachet collectors. The American Export Lines has announced covers will be carried on the maiden voyage of a new freighter but the name of the vessel, the date of sailing, ports of call, and date of return will be kept a secret. The covers will bear stamps, high seas cancellations, censor marks, and will be returned to collectors next summer * * * Additional designs of the embossed-stamp envelopes will be placed on sale in February. The envelopes had been scheduled for release late in 1041 but were deferred, A 6-cent airmail envelope has been added to original designs. * * * A word of warning is the slogan cancellation of New Zealand. Most prolific among nations urging adoption of war slogans on postage cancels, New Zealand's latest is, "Lest We Regret—DON'T TALK " * * * The sale of postage stamps for collection purposes through the Philatelic Agency v amounted to $1,158,000 in 1941, representing an increase of 5.2 per cent as compared with 1939. * » * New issues: Australia is report- fd considering a war propaganda ?cries on the order of that of the Union of South Africa. . . Guatemala overprinted "Medio Centa- ls" on ils 25-ccntavos brown- irange. The stamp, picturing a statue of Barrios, has also been twice surcharged "%" in black. . . The Airpost Journal of Cuba reports that country is consid- !ring an issue of 5-centavos and 10-ccnt airmail stamps to mark :he 450th anniversary of the dis- If you're H landlord, will you raise Ihc rent just because houses or apartments or rooms are getting scarce— or will you keep your previous rates? If you're in the supply business, will you make side deals through false statements on invoices—or will you keep honest books? If you're a manufacturer, will you conceal price increases .by lowering the quality of your product—or will you reduce prices where substitutions of cheaper materials make that possible? If the stuff you buy or sell is under government price regulations, will you abide by these ceilings—or will you find ways to beat the maxmiums by hidden bonuses or commissions? If your raw materials arc under priorities control, will you abide by those limitations—or will you conceal inventories, take care of your old customers and thumb your nose af> the governmenl? Will you stick to business as usual as long as you can—or get oul afler the war business and convert sooner than you thought you could? Will you dodge the draft—or do your 'duty? If you're more use to your country on a technical job, will yo stick at il—or go have fun? It's Everyone's War If you're in 2 war produclioh plant, will you slow down, go on strike-or otherwise jack the job—or will you give it everything you have? If you're an employer making such profits you can't sleep good nights, will you ask Ihc government lo renegotiate your contract—or will you kepp ori. J vying , to ; ,li,vc^ with youn guilty conscience? If you're in the governmenl, wjll you serve your country—or will you keep on playing politics? Will ou do your bit for Ihe Red Cross or the USO or Ihc OCD—or will ou fritter away your spare time like a social parasite? Enough? The point is that this is a war for everyone, and nol just the other fellow and the other gal. And if this sounds a litlle bil like Ihe old Tcu- lonic philosophy thai war is an ennobling institution, cauterizing the soul with a white-hot fire, maybe il is. There are some people who fear the United Stales may not be able to out produce the axis unless the U. S. living .standard is reduced to a level as low as lhal in Germany or Soviet Capital Finds Sir John Unique Britain's Brain Trust' in U. S. Has No Nickname By MILTON BRONNER NEA Service Staff CorresponUcitf WASHINGTON - Field Marshal Sir John Dill, just appointed by Prime Minister Winston Churchill to the new Uniled Nations' military "brain trusr in Washinglon, stands out in the Capllal as a unique character because there arc practically no anecdotes about him and he has not even been tagged with a nickname. One British friend, who knows him well and also understands the character of the American soldier, said: "The soldiers, who served under him, like him immensely. If he were an American, his soldiers would probably affcctionalcly call him 'old Dill Fickle.' Bui Ihe British Tommies do not even refer to him as Jack." Tall, well-built, thin-faced, keen- eyed, he is a soldier and nothing bul a soldier. He docs nol care for high sqciely. His Btttdc-Weary Troo ps Cheered Him The ncaresl thing to a story about him is concerned with the campaign of the British and French against, the Germans in northern France in 1940. Sir John was commander of the First Army Corps. One evening at '10:30 he received word from London that he was to leave al 11 the next morning for England, where he was to assume the high office of Vice Chief of the Imperial General Staff. By some mysterious grapevine telegraph the men in his command got to know about it The result was that all the way from Douui, where he had his headquarters, lo Arras, 20 miles away, where he was to take .his train, the long roadside was lined by frantically cheering, if battle-weary, troops of his command. In 1936 when Palestine was in a turmoil, he won a reputation for being a "bulldog." Arabs, financed by German and Italian agents, were making hitler war on Ihc Jews. There were conflicls all over the Holy Land and two divisions of British troops were assigned to the difficult task of hunting down the Arabs. Made a Lieutenant General, Sir John was given the Palestine command. He proved so inflexible in his pursuit that the Arab rebel leader offered ?2000 for his capture— dead or alive. This sum may not seem much to Americans, but lo Ihe Arabs it When Field Marshal Sir Edmund Ironside was retired as Chief of the Imperial General Staff in the present war, Dill succeeded him. It was just before the epic rtreat from Dunkirk. The bulk of the battered but un- daunled British army got back to England, but all its materiel—tanks, big guns, armored cars, anti-aircraft guns —had been left behind. It was necessary lo rcfil this army, parlially wilh weapons America could spare. Wilhin seven months Sir John Dill had' the Jirniy back lo something "like its normal self. Stationed here in Washington now at Ihc direct request of Prime Minister Churchill, he is one of four Britons on the new "Combined Chief of Staff" of the Allied nations, which is coordinating the joint slralegy or action of Allied troops. With his practical knowledge of conditions in India, the Middle East and Europe, and with his experience both as a fighting soldier in the field and as Chief of the Imperial General Staff, he was a "natural" for the post. South Carolina's population jumped from 1,738,765 in 1930 to 1,905,815 in 1940. PAGE t iyi Russia. It's possible. 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AKRON, O. -</fj- An Akron man who counterfeited nickels and quarters to play the slot machines told police "I still didn't win." The man was captured in his apartment where police found crude molds for making counterfeit coins. He told police he had lost a large amount of money in the slot machines before he decided to make his own coins. More than 10,000,000,000 containers Ancient Chinese looked on c'omfettf 1 as ambassadors journeying /rom oti celestial region to another, and accurate records of them. were used by the United States cah*| ning industry in 1939. NOTICE • • • • W. B. WILLIAMS Has joined the personnel of the CAPITAL BARBER SHOP and invites his friends and customers to visit him CAPITAL BARBER SHOP Ladies' Spring GOATS and SUITS • COATS in Fitter, Box, Swagger Styles — In Pastels, Checks, Plains. Many materials and models to choose from. ' SUITS Fittingly Called The Finds of the Season — Best- Loved Fashions for Dress and Sport. 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