Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 5, 1942 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1942
Page 4
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T 1$ "fev •, ' Icisive Good Factor '•> •'"' "*- • -' ' £ Correct Vitimins :| Aid Nation-Wide ^t Food-f or- Victory ? Campaign ;: :.-_ Merit five times a week is ;i menu :j. ; '''must'*.for proper nutrition and goo 1 h-:;ti!h, M;.« Mary Claude FU'tclisr, county home demonstration Hgcnt, i«i- vi;--s:d Hemfwtcati county cooks niui hoitifwakers in discussing the nati»n- , \vicifttiri\-e fnr betler nutriiuM to su- y .sJniti-jnturak' during the war 'emerg- '-. • ency.' :. : ;-'•; Me.'t is important, to health and . thereby morale because it adds iron. ; ; -..pbusptiouis the "B" vitamins, and pro•'•. tern to ikiily meals. Miss Fletcher said. ; The w|l-b;il;mced diet, according to ths home ds:moitstration agent, calls for one serving of, lean meat every day. tn- .it leHst five times a week. .--\Mort meat may be safely eaten from . the health standpoint, she said, if it dccs_ I'.ot replace other needed foods : < ln ,?l >£ the 'food budget will permit the additional amount without cutting vdowiv on food equally as important to i^Pul-'rity of meat in the diet, '- • Miss Fletcher pointed out, ~~~— ---- OUR BOARDING HOUSE MOM tTA*, MOM, ARKANSAS •.•- -. • . ' fileib Women Over 40 Den't Be Weak, Old :.: Fee], Pfippy, New, Years Younger •• TrJS^TV V™ ta!ns , ct ' ncr! > 1 tonics, stimulant* often dnyltM af'rr 4U— hv hmjfe.i lacfclnz Iron ril- rtiim' (rtiiw^hm. 'ami Vitamin Ui " A-yeariw jIoHrtr.MTltn,: -11,11,1 » n.urh [or patlent.s. ftSik : " iK r£ r^'2'"? T 4' r l, llne -" Sl "' cinl Introductory "' J!JV,v ,"" 1 ' 1 " 1:)hlf< -' cosu only 33c. stun tecllnu peppf-.T.and yews vounsrer. this v-cry day. c! oil good drug, stores cvery- Sj CLANCY/ t NOTE YOU L NOT SO MUCH I L\FTED A FINGER TO FOR "fOUR. BATTLJE, GooGANi/^***'X'VH WAGERED A KING'S RANSOM, ON vou/ ^^ WOULDN^T A UTTLE f?OADWOR\< DO MORB FOR VOUR STAtv\\NA TR .. , GROPING AROUND A POOL1 TABLE IN THIS MURKY ATMOSPHERE with . . . Major HoopU ~ GET A MACTOR/ I'M ALWAYS IN SHAPE LIKE TRfe CUE BALL/wv- POOL KEEPS IvW AIM AM' „ TIMING A<=> SHARP AS JAIL COFFEE- /^ucX' STIFFEN GOOGArvi LIKE A YESTERDAY'S FRIED EGG " Prescott News By HELEN HESTERLY Telephone 163 Gurdon. Magncss Is in the Cora Donnell hero, where it was said he had four Fractured ribs, but his condition was not believed serious. In the car with Dr, Magncss were two negro women who had volunteered to show him the way to the home of a negro patient. They are also in the hospital with severe cuts and bruises. Dr. Magncss had been called by 70-Hcre farm on the Hudson river. He was born 51 years ngo in Glen* f alls, N. Y., birthplace of Charles Evans Hughes, on Lincoln's birthday. He was appointed a federal judge of the Southern New York district by President Hoover in 1930. President Roosevelt promoted him to' the circuit court of appeals in 1939, , The Washington residence of the | country's No. 1 spender is an unpre- j tentious Georgetown cottage, painted ' yellow. The Pattersons have four children, ranging in age from 4 to 18. Phjmlehn Injured .i Rail Crossing Smllhton to attend n negro empl Dr. w. C. Magness, young Gurdon 'who was ill ' • physician, was injured about seven o'clock Tuesday night when his automobile WHS struck by a southbound MiMouri Pacific freight train at the Smithton crossing, two miles north of wcro nl the commissary offered to point out the pnticnt's home. Dr . MngticSs is n 1938 grnduntc of the University < Medical School in Little Hock. He came to Gurtlon in February fropi a Vnlhnll, New York hospital where he was an interne nnd Idler resident physician. Tile Pctinlfs Issued Uist Week Tire permits were issued last week In tho following: Nevada County, Present!— 2 jj rcs 1 luho. Fred Stanley, Prc.scoll, Rt. 1—1 lire 1 tube. Reverend James Howard While. Ilos:ton Rl, 1—1 lire, 1 tube. W. C. Wicker, Prescolt, 111. 6-1 tube. Methodist church met Tuesday night nt the home of Mrs. Lee Lemfrterhirt. The devotional was read by Mrs. Hartwell Greesoti. A short business meeting was presided over by Mrs, Lemmerhirt, president of the guild. Mrs, T. M. Honea save nn interesting talk on "The Health of India." Delicious refreshments were served to the 14 members present. U. S. Automobiles Only about 30 types of automobiles are manufactured in the United States at present. Mori- than 1HOO different types have been produced in this comy- try in the history of the industry. C Society U'cslcyaii Guild Meets Tuesday The Weslcynn Guild of the First Horace Bcmis was n Wednesday business visitor in Texarkana. Miss Mni-y Gnil Whitakcr, student at the University of Arkansas, Fnyet- Icville lias been elected Hush Captain [ of the Chi Omega Sorority. Mrs. Lillian Shnuvcr of Emtiicl spent Tuesday in I'rpscolt. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Piltman al- tr-ndptl tlie races at Oaklnwn Park in Hot Springs, Wednesday. Miss Maxine Martin' of Cmmlcn is Ihe guifsl of her mother, Mrs. Jdii Martin this week. Mrs. W. C. Miigncss of Gurdon is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Jack Harrell. There arc two tropics: the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. will depend to a great extent upon its preparation. Almost any piec of meat can be made tender am tasty if the right methods of cooking are used, or the best cuts of mea can as easily be ruined, she declared. The general rule for cooking any dnd or cut of meat, she said, is "cook at low temperatures." More detailed instructions as wcl *...- v,; ^.i, yuuvi t_i< uy ^luit^ every- AHV/IC uciaiicru uisu uuLiUUb HS WC1 .-.r, Hope, at Cox and Gibson Drug. 1 as recipes for the preparation of mea' Don't miss this... syrup M-M-M... You can't imagine anything more tempting on a cold morning—or evening, than waffles covered with this sizzling hot combination. You'll say the blend of ham and KARO flavors is super-delicious! Fix some tonight! SYRUP SUPREME 7 slice (about! Ib.) ham IVt cups KARO (blue label} '/» cup water 2 tbsp. prepared mustard V t tip. cloves Cut ham into cubes. Place in frying pan, brown . . . Combine KARO, water, mustard, cloves. Pour over ham. Continue cooking over low heat until ham is cooked. Serve hot over waffles. When you serve KARO syrup with waffles, pancakes or French toast, you're serving extra food energy. For KARO is rich in Dextrose, food-energy sugar. at" GUNS ehind'This Newspaper i *ff&4f&i88S8l&toltH'/f*' * ,_!.„! Two great services—THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and WIDE WORLD-provide this newspaper WITH tne world s most complete 'coverage of news, photos, features. No other combination offers so much—so fast—so accurately—to American readers Harrison in Hollywood •y PAUL HARRISON, NEA Serv.ce Correspondent Arty Directors May Be Rationed HOLLYWOOD — One of the bone-® fits that the war seems likely to bring to the movie industry—through tho demand for conservation of film —is the elimination oC several incompetent directors. Most of these men get big salaries and have posed as painstaking artists and dogged perfectionists simply because they're in the habit of filming scenes 10, 15 or even 25 times. Actually, they haven't enough perception to know when a scene is good, so they have been making numerous takes and leaving the final selection to the film editors in the cutting •ooms. Most of the pretentious, slow- moving, spiritless movies you have seen were made this way; when actors ire made to repeat each bit of action lour after hour, they behave with all the verve of a bunch of sleepwalkers. There's talk of limiting directors o three takes on each scene, though t's more likely that they will be -estricted only on the total film footage used on each picture. The gov- Jrnment wants to save sulphuric and litric acids, gun cotton, silver and other acids and metallic substances hat go on or into celluloid. Show Goes On Baby Sandy, a hag of 3 is washed , up at Universal ... As if. he merely wanted to prove that he 'could do it, Dick Barthelmcss established a new screen career, then tossed it away. He joined the Navy . . . Hcdy Lamarr, ordinarily not the shrinking type, has lost 10 pounds . . . Height of something are the "lipstick teas" that a few groups of gala have been having. They bring their empty lipstick containers and contribute the metal for salvage. New York Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers will battle it out among rival theaters this season. Goldyn's "Pride of the Yanks" and 20th-Fox's "Dem Lovely Bums" will hit the screen about the same time . . . The self- ribbing vogue continues in "My Favorite Blonde," when Bob Hope is seen turning on a radio and getting the Bob Hope program. He quickly dials to another station, commenting: "1 never could stand that guy Hope." Pass Protection On a night clubbing expedition, Nancy Kelley wore a hunk of costume jewelry fashioned like a traffic signal, with small, colored istop and go lights operated by hidden batteries and controlled by a switch. Worked fine in keeping the playboys in check—until the red bulb burned out. A story being told on most of the sound stages today involves an actor who deserted his wife in 1030. Friends reported having seen him in New York, but she had no direct word from him until he stalked into a local bistro a few evenings ago and found her dancing with another man. "I thought so!" sneered the ptodi- gal. "Just let me turn my back; for 10 or 12 years, and look what happens"! Clubs Bruce Chapel The Bruce Chapel Home Demonstration club met at the home of Mrs. Clara Self, Wednesday, February 25, for a call mcetign. The meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. W. L. Lcntz. Song "America" was sung. The hostess read tho devotional an dthe Lord's Prayer was repeated, led by our president. Roll call was answered by ten members and one new one, Mrs. Paul DeLacerda. Gathering scrap iron was discussed by the group and plans were made to attend the meeting at Mrs. Bitticks, McCaskill, March 11. A move was made to donate one dollar toward buying garden seed to be sent to England. Also new year books were discussed and it was decided for each member to pay fur their book. The meeting the nadjoufncd to meet at the home of Mrs. Paul De- Lacerda in April. Guernsey The Guernsey Home Demonstration club met at the home of Mrs. L. L. Cornelius, February 17. Miss Phoebe Harris gave us a very interesting talk on the value of food, and the different ways we can help in our national defense. At the close of the meeting we elected new officers for* this year. They are: President, Mrs. Bryant Anderson; vice president, Mrs. Olen Hughson; secretary treasurer, Mrs. A. W. Mclver; reporter, Miss Louise Cornelius, food and nutirition, Mrs. Irma Thomas; garden, Mrs. Marvin Powell; food preservation, Mrs. Vesta Powell; household management, Mrs. M. E. Patrick; household Art, Mrs. Bernice Hopson; clothing, Mrs. Lewis Gilbert; recreation leader, Mrs. L. L. Cornelius; child care, Mrs. Lee Anderson; song leader, Mrs. Edith Walker; landscaping, Mrs. Emory Thompson. The club will meet next time at the home of Mrs. Irma Thomas, March 17. arc available for Hempstcad county homeinakers in Extension leaflet No. 21, entitled "Meat," Miss Fletcher said. The new leaflet, prepared by Miss Mary E. Loughhead of the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture, contains recipes for roasting meat, pan-broiling bacon, and making beef pot roast, meat and vegetable stew, southern pork pie, and casserole of hamburger and rolled wheat. Free copies of the leaflet may be obtained at the County Extension office, the home demonstration agent said. Sign at a Hollywood filling station: "Don't smoke. Maybe your life isn't worth anything, but gasoline is." . . Sign (borrowed from a filling .tation) in a window display of foundation garments: "We fix flats." ~^»-«-^ —_ The Number 1 U.S. Spender Patterson Makes Harry Hopkins Look Like Miser By ALEXANDER R. GEORGE Wide World Features Writer WASHINGTON - A Republican who gave up a lifetime federal judge- sliip to become Assistant Secretary of War in the defense emergency has become the Nation's No. 1 Spender. Robert P. Patterson, now Under Secretary of War, is in a spot to make Harry Hopkins in his big WPA days look like a miserly piker. As chief of Army procurement, Patterson will disburse sonic $21,000,000,000 in the next fiscal year. That means dishing out about $1, 750,000,000,000 a month, $58,000,000 a day, $2,416,000,000 an hour, $40,200 a minute. His monthly spending will be almost three limes this country's total outlay for the Spanish-American war, and his daily spending will be $23,000,000 more than our entire expenditure in the war of 1812. Nine Big Gullets As chief of the Army's eight supply services, Patterson will direct the spending of some sixteen and a half billion dollars. In addition he will supervise the expenditure of more than four billions in lease-lend funds for military supplies for troops of the United Nations. Under Patterson's supervision arc three major and five minor purchasing agencies of the Army. The "big three" are the Ordnance department, $7,935,000,000; the Air Corps, $5,000,000,000 and the Quartermaster corps, $1,554,000,000. Judge Patterson, «. soldier-hero of the first World War, went to camp at Flattsburg, N. Y., for a military "refresher" course following the fall of France in the summer of 1940. He was a buck private, paying his own way to train for national defense, when President Roosevelt appointed him Assistant Secretary of War. A captain and a major of infantry in the World War, he won a Distinguished Service Cross for a daring daylight raid with two non-commissioned officers. And He's a Southpaw Under Secretary Patterson is a slight, wiry man; cahn, plain-spoken and unassuming. He is left-handed, an export shot and keen about the Garand rifle. He has pitched hay. milked cows and run a tractor on his Automatic Water Heaters Harry W. Shiver Plumbing Repairs Phone 259 309 N. Main ORIANAAMENTBOYETT Tccchcr of Music-Voice, Piano. Art-Drawing, Painting. Studio 608 South Mnir Street Phone 318 W Now She Shops "Cash and Carry'' Without Painful Backache When (lisordor of kidney function normlln jinl«onou» mnttiT to romnln in your blood, It nmy cnmc nnKging liacknrhf*. rhouinntta pninn., IP* pnln»i loss o( pep ntul cnority, grttlng u|T ni^lila, flm'llinfy puflmrM umler tho cyps, liFficlnclico nnd uloinrM. Vroqiipni or m-anty 5 >nMugea with Rmnrlinic and humiiiK flomr- Inics niton-it there In nomctliinR wrong with your kidneys or MmMcr. Don't wiull A^k your clrnggint tor Donn'n Tills, tiwxl iiuccrMfiilty by millions for over 40 yours. They pivo Iwppy irtiof and will help tho IS mil™ o( kidney tubes Ilimh out pninonA' ou» waulo from yonr blood. Get Uonn'» PilU. Downtown Offices Well known property owner hns space in excellent down town location which ho is willing to remodel into up- lo-diite office for desirable tenants. For particulars write Qox-B Hope Star, or cull at news paper office. GUESSWORK IS GONE! No more disappointing steaks, roasts, chops for you, if you change to A&P's Meats—because there's no guesswork here. You see, every single pound of beef, pork, veal or lamb that you buy is unconditionally guaranteed to satisfy—or your money back! 25c GRAIN FED BEEF ROAST Square Cut Chuck Ib. TENDER JUICY BEEF STEAKS Round or Loin . . . fb. Shankless TENDER PICNICS Sunnyfield . . Ib. NECK BONES Fresh - Meaty . . . Ib. GROUND BEEF Fresh Ib. HENS Fresh Dressed Fat ..... Ib. 39c 28c 10c 25c 35c TENDER JUICY . POT ROAST BRISKET Ib. 19C CALF LIVER Fresh Tender. Ib, 39C FISH HEADLESS * gm WHITING Lb IOC BONELESS MM RED PERCH Lb 2oC LOUISIANA M«* SELECT OYSTERS . . . . PC. 39C BAKED GOODS OVEN FRESH Jono Porker Donuts, Cokes and rolls,—and Marvel "Enriched" Bread, "doled" lor /fesbncss guaranteed to satisfy you. Dalctl. 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MILK . . . .C c ° ns Ann Poge SoJod DRESSING. . Ann Page Garden RELISH . . . Qt. Jar - 2 Ann Page Sparkle M PUDDINGS . «| pka ' Ann Page Sandwich SPREAD Q' J°r Ann Page Lb PRESERVES .. . J °> 9c 6c 19c 15c 25c 35c 3ic 17c <%ft.-. CUC WHITE HOUSE EVAPORATED MILK 25c Tall Cans FROM FOUR-LEAF CLOVERLAND! Our dairy products ore rushed direct from America's belter producers—nothing to stale Iheir freshness. Silvcrbrook Top Qualilv m JK BUTTER V 4QC Ideal For Frying .j •_ NUTLEYOLEO ^ | ?C Mel-O-Bil American *» Lb ** *• CHEESE . . . C DOC Wisconsin Full Cream f* 4 CHEESE Lb 31 C Hope Creamery 4 ** BUTTERMILK Q»- 1OC Philodelphio Cream CHEESE pk s Hope Creamery SWEET MILK Q'- 15c Our Produce is Hours Fresher! Some of our folks have a regular job of searching the countryside for the pick of the crop. They rush it direct to us! That's a saving—a big saving in time and money for us and fo^ you: 216 Size Texas 4 M Tr,*r, ORANGES DO, 1 9 C CARROTS ... 3 5'-15c 30c 15c 80 Size Texas GRAPEFRUIT 126 Size Texas ORANGES . . 216 Size Wmcsap APPLES Doz. California LETTUCE Florida CELERY . Do/. 306 Size Sunkist n * LEMONS D 02 . 2 I 220 Size California ORANGES I 13 Size Delicious 21c 1 13 Size Delicious *%A APPLES L 30C Green CABBAGE Fresh BEETS . . Green BEANS Bchs. Large Head Slalk LI). Buncli Yellow BANANAS RADISHES 2 3 10 Los. Bchs lOc 7c lOc 2c 5c 27c lOc 27c Largo Bottle BEVERAGES & DESSERTS 9c lOc 27c J Cans 25C A& P O No - 2 -I C Grapefruit JuiceC Cons |QQ Par-T-Pak GINGER ALE . . Dromedary ORANGE JUICE A & P • GRAPE JUICE . Apple JUICE.. . No. 2 Can . Ql. Bot. 20 oz. Cans Junket * mm QUICK FUDGE.. '**• I 1C Royal PUDDINGS All Flavors JELLO . . . All Flavors MY-T-FINE 4 <"«*. 25c 4pk 3 s 27c 2 pkas 11 c While Sail SOAP FLAKES White iciil SOAP GRAINS Soap Powder OCTAGON . . Laundry Soap OCTAGON . . Scolt TISSUE Scott Paper TOWELS White Sail BLEACH PiG SOAP HOUSEHOLD '» 2^ 27c •"*. 17(?, .. 2 pk ai-5c .. LCJ 'Bar5C 2 Rons I5c 2 R ^ 19c Queen Ann i WAX PAPER . . . . Q'- Small Bars 15 Ft. Roll 11C Check Our Low Prices on Chicken Feed PAl rn c«7r: LA ACU ~- ,u __ *"*** 11 • CCU TALCO EGG MASH 25 TALCO STARTING MASH .... 25 TALCO GROWING MASH 25 TALCO HEN SCRATCH 25 Lb. Sack Lb. Sack Lb. Sack Lb. Sack 75c 81c 79c 6tc 100 100 Lb. Scii.k Lb. Sack Lb. Sur.k S 2.63 2.89 2.G5 '2.15,

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