The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1940
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY 10, 1(MO BRlTlIlEf FORMS Major General Reports On! ''< Vital Needs In U. S. Setup SAN FRANCISCO. Miy 10. (UP) —Brazil Is (he "ull-cssoiuinl" country in South America for makin? roiiible tlic caiTj'fnif out of (lie U.-JilCi! slnwy. new polity of Insuring both Americas from invasion, uri'orcltug to Mtilor-Gen. David I'. H:u rows <>l the II. H. army. Uitrro'A'K, former president of the University of Culifornhi, prepared a detailed sliuly for the national defense section of the Commonwealth Club of California on the now problems created by America's determination to assume (lie <lc- !<-ii£C' In both soiillicrji Atlantic ami the Souther;! Pacific waters. Copies of Ihe repoii have been placed in the hands of Prc-ildral Iloo.sevc.ll, congressional leaders and tile nnvv anil war [lermrtint'iHs. 'l\\a Oceans Cilnsiderei) Explaining tliat a fleet can only operate within a radius of 2,000 lo 9,500 miles, and an air force within a smaller area. Barrows points out, the effective defense of the American fleet toward the south would be limited merely to the vorllicrn countries of South America. On the Pacific side, he points out. (lie circle of the fleet's effectiveness would pass throiuh Pent Tlic present Atlantic bases, he saM furnish protection only us far south as the northern h.ilf of Brazil "While we can make our defense of the Panama Canal and the Car- ribeim effective with our present naval and air bases, yet if we are to carry out our newly defined policy In North a«t South America, \ve must, have help from the southern continent." his report stated. "That help must necessarily be less military limn naval in cooperation with our own efforts. "It; South America, in my opinion, the essential stale is Brazil Brazil is a mitjhtv state, cmbrnchiL' naif of the continent and half of the people. "I mean by cooperation, Brazil's willingness lo nut whatever she lias- that is useful lo "us at our disposal, All Facilities Needed "Ard this includes harbors, and fortified air bases to the south. This cooperation we must have, if we are to undertake the defense of the whole southern continent. "Thfit cooperation, too. I fancy we already have. For 100 years the Brazilian policy has moved right along with the. American policy, which is highly fortunate." Barrows nointed out that with the .fleet'.effective from 'its home bases for the defense of the northern half of, it would, with a Brai-ilian Base, become also effective for the defense not only of the rest of Brazil but for the'whole Southern Atlantic coast for 2,000 to 2,500 miles southward, "The map gives the reason." Barrows reported, "why we mast have the assistance of Brazil. Brazil and most of South America lie east of North Amcrte. "Tile easlwan' bul^e of Brazil it fur closer to the Mediterranean and lo Africa than any point on our Atlantic coast, and is more easily reached by a hostile force lhan by our own naval and air power." Driver Pics In TiinoUp Test Crash ni ' st cnsufllt >' °" li«»'n»»ix>"s speedway for George Bniley, 38, Detroit, Mich., auto racer, been in when his 4-whecl drive car struck the retniiifny wall o Ing saline set, Hailej-s clotho.s afire and He died'o. the "burns' He was running his car In a Ume-up test for "»> a»"«nl 500-mile M«'morlnl Day Classic.-!NEA Telepliolo). Troubled World Should Take Cue From Habakknk, Who Fought Doubt Text: Haliakkuk 1:13-2:4 »»V WILLIAM E. (HUEOY, I). I). Editor of Advance. Habakkuk is a prophet of iv'iom we know nothing except what, we can gather from his brief prophecy Some have inferred from the last verse of the prophecy (3:19) thai Habakkuk was a singer in the Temple choir, but Ihere is no certainly about, this. Yet. this unknown man hns left us three chanters of n brief prophecy, full of deep insight into human experience and, problems and with a rich content of religious truth and guidance We are reminded thai even prophets hud their moments of depression. At times their words came like trumpet calls from a mountain ;op, as in our last lesson conccrn- "E the prophet voicing God's Brent, invitation. But al other times"tliev were as souls in the darkness of :he mghl, full of lamentation and ciying for the dawn. Hnbakkuk appears in this mood of depression. n e comes before us ... - ••*-•> w^iuiv; U5 •vith a burden, It j s (hc ml ,. t!ell of i world of violence from which God seems (o have depni-ted-tlie iort. of world out of which some iiodern prophet, in Czechoslovakia ^r Poland, or Finland. might Have evil Attend Conference Of Methodist Churches Eight Blytheville people were ii Jonesboro yesterday for the district conference of Methodist churches. Those attending were the Rev, and Mrs. E. B. Williams. Harvey Morris, Mrs. A. C. Haley. Mrs Charles digger Jr., Mrs. Hugh Whitsitt and the Rev. ar.d Mrs Methodist Women Observe Day Of Prayer At Ihe .'inmial conference of the Woman's Society of Christian Serv- jce, all women in the Methodist churches were asked to observe Wednesday as a day of prayer for the advance of Methodism. Mrs. A. C. Haley, spiritual life group leader of the First Methodist Cluirch, has requested all women to meet at the First Church from nine lo eleven o'clock Wednesday morning in order lo observe Ihe day of prayer. Bible Students Hold Series Of Services Special services are being conducted at the Assembly of God Church located at Seventh and Ash streets this week by a group of Bible students who have recently relumed from Southwestern Bible school at Enid, Ofcla. Timely messages are being brought by Evangelist t/)is AKien, Ollle Burns and Pauline Robinson, the Rev. 5. A. Merrill, paitor of the church, has announced. Special music Is being presented by the Wright Sisters, the Junior quartet and the choir which Is under the direction of Barrori Giefeii- flaugh of Tcxns. Miss Ocraldine Bryeans is pianist. The service Friday r.lght will be devoted to missionaries with Miss Naomi Bright in charge, The ittered some cry of doubt or spaii. He is appalled at the , : v,, nnt he sees around m,,, nt lhe "justice, the .suite -and cruelty, mo the disresiird of ln«- and Kidtj- meiu.. J B Iheir houses wilh and (heir cities wilh blood and iniquity. Woe is upon those who ijive .their neighbors drink. Woe is upon Ihe makers of idols nnd Ihe falsifiers of religion. But Hnbakkiik ends on n note of hope and confidence. "The Lord Is in his holy temple: Let all the earth keep silence before Him." .ColIon Bugging Finns Inquire About. Contest Interest in thc Naliomil Cotton Picking Contest to be held here this Fall is limning higher day by day, lhe Natio:;n) Cotton Pickiiii' Association reported after interviewing cotton men ami others in affiliated lines of business from different sections of the country. Inquiries have been received fro'n several different cotton bagging companies in Atlanta, New Orleans nrd Dallas, it ivn.s- slated. Rights for the exclusive representation of bagging are expected to be released to one of those companies now under consideration within a few days. It was estimated today thai there arc now approximately 200 perso's . , , throughout this section actively en- He sees the power of n,n r-i, n i '?,"! Wl '" sclli " E " s l lousor Buttons", deans, which he < ei,°l c , ' ° "V f""!""" CO "°" '' kkh ' ? AKSOCiI " i »» swift-movint; phrases, as bringin " ea ""! l:)rte '- s "I'ortcd there are al- iilion Israel '-- •'• • m ° S 3MO Witlo.-s out on I'uiit.-itmient n]ion Israel fn II «•"« v....^..^ v(ll u( ( tyuii^n- sins; but he reflects' these host's''"'^ '" UlC val ' lous Mles n "™ ci «- nf iFi«i« _. " ot - il " 3 i^> i JiosCO Crnflnii TM-»itifi«.i\* ^r n.» To Work Monday On Sandy Ridge Cemetery Persons interested In (he betiut'l- ficfttiou of Snmly niilue coinelery ure requested to meet at the temc- lery Mor.iltiy morning iu. eigiit o'elock for the inirrxHi; of clcnniiig . . Those in clmrgc suggest thnt nr- H. mngcinciits lie innric lo s clny. the Demonstration Thou not from m.v God. ..... liistin» o' Lo'rd" . . uu | y one?" But Habakkifk does not only crv Itr '- " nj:d showed great interest in it. James Terry. CliainlK-r of Commerce president nnd general chairman of the sponsor button campaign under its new organization, Defeats Plans For Weddinp In June Vlrlln -IVmil of nosnci: wus lo "«w iM'cn imm-ii'd in Juno i u M LSS Ksllier Ciilciimn. y f Ouiiiiibi'll, Mo »•"') was his childhood swc'clh iiiit lodny he WHS burled In «. triiicti'i-y at Cnin|ilx>ll II.MI' Dm emircli vdn-re Hit wuu!l!i B was to IIIIVB t.-iki'jj place. Tin- bi'lik'Bioom-lo-ljc', IIKC 19 iwd 'I'liursdiiy inicnioo.i inter «' two months lllnm w),l..j, nnd mi,,,,, him to Memphis hospitals when' spwlallsls lokl lihn Oieiv 'vn.s no hope, iirntu was c;ui:;ed i,cim »n usfi'to ul the brain. At hLs tieilsld,. wiien ho dini wus hi.s IIIIIICPC who liu.s ln',.|i with him imifli o[ lh<> lime diuliiK |,Ls Illness 'I 1 '"' Hrv. Ainvi! (;nr|K>iiler, pns- lur lit l^irst llii|)lhi church, coti- iliirlcd ihc rii, w nils miiininx m (lasacll ijairtlsi Church iiiul' the remains were taken to his Immcr home, Ciimpui'll. for burinl I Ills nt- icnuxiit. ll<- K .survived by liis pnrc.ils. Mr "nil MIS, Mdvin 'ivoiil who ciimc to this .section tuo j'fiii-A IIKO from Cnmjibcll; one Ijcotlicr, c,')mili>.s mill iHir sli.ter, llenlrlce, 1 Lamia funeral Horn,. W n.s In Four Members Oi Family Lose Appendixes 'I'hiTO iirwrt ninny itjiiicndlxos left In Hie i,iK-i\is family of .stock'. The tourih member 10 imdi'iijo nn nppcndieltLs 0|X'raUoh slnrc Ju.-iu- »ry Is Hobble Lucius, li-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde lAicius, who lost hers recently, at Walls Hospital after having been .sirk-ken wllli nil iiltnck n low liours curlier. She lias been dismissed from i hi- ho.s-pltiil ,-.ow. Rend Courier News wum, nils. TFRCT! Try One of Our IH-llflnu. PIG SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn Vr»s» Frirm Illrh School CHARCOAL Broiled Steaks Snnill Huir Tender with TAc fried iMitnfoes and slaw "-'*' T-BONB 75 C HOTEL NOBLE bUiltl message will be on Services begin eac Peabody Hotel Running . Walcr-AIr Conditioned ftewty Decorated Innersprinj Mattress Week y or Monthly R a l« With or Without Meals Rales Low as 50c up Dnily §2.50 Weekly , in lo Corpus Christi. Tex., as revealed from clippings received by the association. Read Courier News Want — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescrl&tlon Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First Ph»ne 141 Vviujj news j. \uic» Discuss Club House. The new community house which is now under construction -was discussed at a 1 meetim; '. of the - Dell Home Demonstration .club at the home. of Mrs. . Dcwey- Slicirard. Meeting vvns opt'necl 'with (lie singing of "Old Bljick Joe 1 ',. .song of the month. The • history/ pfi liic song'wns given hy: Mrs. ' 'E. • M. Wooclard iilter which Mrs, W. b. Howard gave tue' <\evotioiinl - frqni the 103rd Psalm. • 1'rayef wns of- fcrecl by Mrs. Johnson. Renorls of •tlic .Better Homes tour 'were made. Mrs. Nohlc Gill was in chfirge' of the progrjun on ^'Better- '^nblcs nnd Poods for Bnblcs," Mrs. Karl Mngers dismissccl the group.. The next Prltlny, June 7, wilh Mvs.' Earl- Mnjcr's. FARMERS AUCTION SALE EVERY THURSDAY ScD for Top Cash Prices Buy At Your Own Bid OUR KARN DISIN- V K C '(' K DAN I) INS I 1 E CT K I) EVERY WKKK OF THK YEAR. A Wide Open Sale Give Us a Trial Missco Corp. BIylhcvillc Bmi at Highway 18 ai\d J. I- C. E. K. It. NOW! I Get New Life & Economy FOR Ford V-8 Cars & Trucks ° n ' y $19.85 For 'Motor Special' GUARANTEED 10,000 MILES To reduce excessive oil ron- sumiilion, a nj i,, i,, cl . t . ;lM . t>o»er, iircrlcrndon anil smoothh perlnnmiKc, \rc will Install in Koril V-8 rtttfnes the new Fonl Strel Hcolion I'iston Kings, New tlcnriiigs and Tune Motor for unlj- SI3.85 for the complete jol> incliiiliiif all parts, li\l,nr ;inil motor uil— $10 (o $15 Mow rrgular price— and f»;iniiilcc the motor lo run gjooiJ nntl lint use excessive motor oil for 10,000 miles. See Us Now — Renew Your Konl Phillips Motor Co. 1>1. 810 Walnut & Mil MEYERS BROS. IJLYTHKVIM.E WILL PAY YOU AS MUCH OR MORE KOK VOUK 11 BFT-OVKR COTTON SKBD _»R N Til KM TO OUK GIN. ALSO WE HAVE A STOCK OP NITRATE SODA FERTILIZER ON HAND YOU SURE WILL WANT TO USE. Both are Birds... pinguin anil swan . . , | H it no more nlilic ilian culinary motor fuel and N/'|p Phillips fid 1'oly Gu 3 . KxiH-iicnccJ il[ivt!S discover die difference \viili ilicir very fim lankful of iliis greatly iii)|i«) VC <| ^scliiie. lialtigberaii/Maori; j s n recent iniiovaiiomii ilu-hiicc, 11 new and aildciU'xua value \vliiclim;il;cs 1'liillijis C,6 n hcitcr |,i,y ,h im t . V( , r Tliis reiiiiirkitltlc new-type Phil- lips OG 1'oly C!as lU-livcr* ( | lc cx(r; , puwtr uniis of POI.Vmctizniiori ... is incie ncciifjiicly iiuiclml co momlily clunyt-s in weitlicr ... is lii^licr c«t , . . and gives you tlic Kinil of premium niili-Jiiiock pcr- rnniiniK-u for which yon previously limlio pay 2(! more per j-alloii. Find out how gasolines have changed . . . liml out how nuu-h mure you j ;t .-[ f,,r tlic money ... at (lie. Orange tuul lilac!: 66 Sliiclil. Phill-up with Phillips for WHERE WHEN. HOW, Vacations arc just ahead. Yet along with the anticipation of those carefree, days is the eternal problem of where . . . when . . . how. The seashore or the mountains? The lakes or the woods? Golf? Fishinrr? Boating-? An auto tour of the country? A cruise to the Caribbean? There are so many places to go . . . so many things to do. Yet there is so little time —and, often, so little money! Here is a suggestion that will help solve.youv problem. In the pages of this newspaper you will find advertisements that describe the advantages and opportunities of various vacation possibilities. Here, too, arc attractive advertisements that will help you decide whether to travel by train or trailer, plane ov bus. . ^"w^fl Read these advertisements carefully. You can, from you)' favorite chair, compare cost, comfort, convenience. By this method you will save much time and, in all likelihood, save money as well!

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