Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 28, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1939
Page 2
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Hope 'ar of Hope. 1839; Prcs<1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929 Thlt Herald From False Report:' _ r.t l 6Very week - da y afternoon' by StaTpublishing Co., Inc. C. R-Halmer and Alex. H. Wnshhiirn. at the Star building, 212-2H South Walnut street, Hope,- Ark. C. E. PALMER. President ' AI.EX H. WASHBUR.V. Editor and Publisher (AJP 1 ) —Moans Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Subscription Hate (Always Payable in Advance): Bv city carrier ner ™:, 1%??," mon l hr ^ : °" e - v " ar $65 °- By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard. AliUer and L^Fayette counties. $3.50 per year; elsewhere 56.50. Member of The ^oTiuTcu" Fr^sT Thr^o^t^pTe^^^c^lv^y .titled to the use for rcpiibhcniion of all news dispatches credited to it or not othmv.se crrtifrd ,n Ih^pcrjmd^o the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes. KJe.." Ch^ie^^^r^7o7oTTTr]bui;rc^r7 S Tf e™^' Tr\,''' lne " u!rials - "'nr-rnin* the departed. Commercial n^ ;TI,» «° «'« poU-y in the news column* to protect their readers f.om a deluge of space-t a king memorials. The Star disclaims wsponsibltllv ur the safe-Jteepmg or return of any unsolicited manuscripts Political Announcement Masonic Grand Masters Here The Star is authorized to mi- nnuncu the following modulates .subject to the notion of (hi- Ui'uin- ci'utlc city primary election Tui-s*iy, November 23, l!)|l!i: (•'or City Attorney K. F. MTAITDJN LAVVSON K. GLOVKH , ANSWER TO CRANJUM CRAC&R • THE FAMILY DOCTOR M. HEG. u. 9. »"«T. Off By DR. MORRIS FJSHBEIN Editor, ftwmal of the American Medical A<M«ta|fck *m4 Hygeia, the Heilth »Ia)rniln» Prupcr Res;, aiuf F-fy»-iene Is Urged Heart Disease for PtiticMits With (i' Question Canada u Columbia u Greece ij Manchukuo Siam Egypt Turkey Yuyo-Slnviii Japan Norway i.ll l':im- (In:- 1 Lord TweeO.: i Dr. Kduardd King Gei>i;>t Santos. ' II. . a 1 Kins! An in,';i. ' Kin:; Puvuk (. Pivsirti'nt i.siiit'i . A, Kfinp, lint Springs, :e :n -.'njr grand master Kins'. i'..'ii}-t' il-ili. • (This if- (la- third in ;1 series It articles by Dr. FMiIirin on :iie nine principal'i-uu-ies of death i:i the United State*.i Wo "can rlo much to prolon* our livos and to prevent heart disease h.v maintaining sxiitable hygiene, including, control o{ diet, exercise, work, sfeep. relaxation, and rest. For the person, who already has a heart disease or weakness, there is also some important advice. 'Sir Clifford Allbutt, one of the greatest British authorities on heart disease, used to say to the young physicians who stuaieti with him, "Tell n patient with heart disease to find out what he can do and do it: tell him to find out what he cnnnot do and never do it." The one most important rule for prolonging life in the case of people v.'ith heart disturbances is to keep oil their activities within the capacity of the weak organ. This meaas 'hat involves sudden effort, such as lifting heavy weights, the constant use of the arms in swimming—even rwe^pmif and" hammering. Any exercise that the patient can take without becoming short of breath or feeling a pain may be helpful. .'Ihe first prescription, however, is rest. To provide rest for a weaken- ] detecting eel heart, we must consider what | beat but I causes strain. : ; An excess of fluids in the body, an , ; excess cf food that must be digested \ an excess of muscular endeavor of: • any kind, and excess of emotional tension will make work for the heart, speed up Us rate, and endanger-i the life of any one whose heart is not up t onormal capacity. | A doctor can prescribe drugs which induce sleep and lower the tension of the nervous system. He can also prescribe drugs which slow the rate of the heart and strengthen its beat. Every drug, however, i.s capable of harm a .s well as good; no'drug should ever he taken in action of the hem specifically, by ih patient has under anmuitiutt.' Few p.'.(,[,le re-;. bud fur the In the condition ly lead peoplr rlo not ^xi-'t. Wiiim plain of pal):-il:ili which turns out ;i thing wrong with nervous system. We now h;ive h'.^J.-; not only the si;v i>[ the cluiriicti ;i!sn for capacity of the heart Such tests •made by i tors are of the utnuv-t determining how much work -a heart can do. and in resul.itinij tile routine o£ the patient to ensure him the longest possible life expectancy. NEW YORK I'.itliei Day'.- Own Furniture Adds rimil 'fntich of. /Vithcntielty to Play Alxiut Life With Him NEXT: nia. Influenza ;md Nearly every natioivi United States sbuwe d; Hv C.HORC.E KOSS / YORK—Clamice Day is not n ••, e bi.s ;;t-nt!e reminiscences of Wiih Kalher" transmuted into :> Mn-ci'-vful play. T3ut he would have been mis-lily pleased with H. He would have Imighed outrageously at the pots mat bigbjinks in his Old New York home of the lUSO's. just as he laughed ;it them in the delightful sketches he •nrim,' penciled with arthritic fingers for some the lu-rirt and | time before his death. LM- of the heart j But when Howard Lindsay and Rus- measunn!,' the se | Grouse wove a play <mt of "Life t.» do ,ts work.j with Father." they were not witliout K,mpe.i»i. iioc-j/;, ln j| y s-uppoj-i. for citirence Day's .iur.«.n«ncp m! wid.nv stood vigilantly over the task.' She was with the authors when they wrote :md with the show when it rehearsed and to help make the Day I household authentic behind the foot- j Ii Bills, she contributed most of her fur- jniUire—the .same furniture that had ! been in the Day family for several gen- I era I ion's. And tin R. K. Shclton, new Rnind master linger, lifeless for guiding (ho pencil, . '•ympathelically weaving about in the L " u '"'' in » ^tat« Norimil air like the feeler of a cricket." TP.XMH Aggie* And Mvs.' Day 'haunts the Empire every evening. The other night she was told lo (jo home unrl get <y,me sleep. "What good would that do?" she retorted, "you've got all my furniture up there. The house is empty." NineRazorbacksto Complete Careers Coach Thomsen Expects Tulsa to Put Up Hai-d Battle Thursday what the number of hikers on forest, trails. The overnight paekhor.'-'o type of hiking gained especially iiKnlhri ent;;. ncrease in | practiced in ROSES... I COULD HAVE THEM AT HIM FALETTEVILLE, Ark - Nine members of the University of Arkansas •quad will play their final college lootball against the Tulsn University candor her husband had at Tulsa Thursday, his stories, she allowed ' The seniors ore: Father Day emerges on Ralph Atwood, IBS-pound back, Et Dorado. Co-Capt. Ray Cole. HHI-pound back. Ranger, Tex. Co-Capt, Kay back Mariunna. Waller Handier;! Lonoke. wat silly to burst into •s -when Tom remembered our anniversary with osea. But why did he have to come in just ulu-n tlie cake was burning up? "That's enough," said Tom, '"no esk old uvi;n can romel>i'tuvrii u.-!' 1 . . . \\ bro T rrabln.'i! airain m-\\ inornini; over Imrnt muffin*, Before you could say "boa" we. wen; down Inn i»» a il.-iiiiMi-lruliiMi r,i i rig Ga.- Kun^i- you ever ^;iw . .. a nrv, Uiri'. (,o«ifll,v.- irniilil.-: U H1I*« •»»"' ifra are .. M..,,ic (.» cl , ..'..rislill \H M J ^-' , U) v\|(; ° .",,,,^t "'. " i ,1,.- r:>"r e " in the play. the hislo'ric Empire Theater stage as the saim; tyrannical, soft-hearted, of. I'ii-iuii.'i. lovc.-ible character that thous- ' .'M!<l:; of Americans came to know in • < -l:iri IH-I- Day's prose- portarits. ! I iiv with father in those nostalgic viinrt'tlfK drawn by Clarence Day was jiic'it an e:i.'-y matti-r. Father was par. licular about the household audits. | .Vloiher never ciuile knew what she did with the money. ; Fattier .suddenly discovered that he j had neglected in the youth to be ,bap- 'ti-.-er|. 1-To was not chagrined. Mother I wa- horrified and insisted that he jfuaniiitce his safe entry into Heaven. . i'alher adamnntly declined to do it. : lie .-.cared his servants to death and i maintained an oppressive attitude over ! his four sons. j 1'liiywrljflits Stuck Closely ! to Jluohs ; I And the authors of the play have | not .struiih a plot of their own inven- 1 ti<:n around these simple and nostalgic '' facts about Father Day. For the most ' j part, they have brought to life the (charming peop\ t . that Clarence Day's faithful readers liked and revered on paper. | The play is a Inure success at the' Ein- j pi re where, appropriately, old-fashioned, horse-drawn barouches and Victorias now draw up under spuirous «as-liKhi.s to signal their good-spirited tare.':. Bsforc the theater lights go down in the n:d velvet, plush Empire, the playgoers have an opportunity to learn about Clarence Day from an abbreviated word-portrait. It is the tribute of his friend, E. B. White, to the author while lie was still alive. How Day Wrote, Though Crippled "A person reading Clarence Day," muses White, "would never guess that his life has been a high-spirited, hot- tempered .struggle against illness . Everything he has achieved . . . has been determined largely by a rheumatic condition which is so acute thut lie can't leave his bed. Latterly he has lost the use of most of his muscles and can't, even scratch his eur save with the aid of a little wooden wand that he waves stiffly about as an infant does a rattle. He is not touchy about his mvalidism. He simply never j mentions it ... i "It is an inspiring sight to see him his pencil held stiffly between thumb i and third finger, writing by flexing! Ihe muscles of his shoulder blades, I which he can still wiggle; his fore- . Eulcin. ISO-pound in5-pound back. ^GloydLyon, Iti.l-pound back. Runger Texas. Dudley Fordyce. Sam Parker, tie Rock. Wilfred Thorpe, Little Rock. Paul Zuber, 175-pound Buretr Arkansas record for the Mays. 205-pound 20!i-poimrl guard, Lit-1 215-pound guard, i i end, Van : 11 Teams Are Still Unbeaten, Untied Tennessee Is the Only One to Have Its Gtwl-liine ' Uncrossed NEW YORK-OVV-Only II eollw cams bavo mmuifjcd to como thrminh o footbnli's hist big wpok with un- olemished records. When Sun Jose 'Stnte of Cnllfornln brut neighboring Fresno Sttitc Thursdny, tbttt look the lone lender out of the group. Of the II. six have finished their seasons, and the others hardly look is though they would give up now ifler coming along this far without n defeat. Cornell. Diuinesne. Muryvill (Mo I reiichcrs. Slippery Hock (j'n.1 Ti-iicb- ers. New Britain (Ct.l Touchers and Oe Snips of Toledo hnve finished mid I .ne niriposcd lo be rrceptivp to bowl i bids. Sun Jose Stale. UmHjmii Stuff formal. Texas Aggies. Tennessee and Colorado Minus are one game nwny from n perfect season (hm .shows neither defeat nor (le. Tennesspe is the only one to have it* goal-line uncrossed. The ranking elevens: Team- San Jose Stale (Cjilj HI |l "Muryville 'Mo,) Tcmrbor 'Cornell Tennessee "Duquesne Colorado Mines' "New Britain tCt.) Teach 'De Sales (Toledo) "—Completed .season, Just Jive TIC-AWOKE. found this comment in the space on a report card reserved for parental remarks: "Well, All Right." Familiar with current song hits herself, the leachei- opined that the child would have to "Dig, Dig, Dig." PIED OPPORTUMITIt' • "Tfm Mure you Veil the Quicker You • You Cnn Talk to Only One, Man °. Want Ads .Talk ft* Thoumtidf SELL-RENT B U Y 0 R S VV A H All Want Ada cash in advance. Not taken ovc,r Ike 1'h.ont One llm»—Is word, minimum 30c Three tlmea—3Mic word, minimum Me Six UITIM—«« word, minimum 90c One month—lite word, minimum ' ^ t H«j«l aft) for BonUnuous Inacr'lunll only. For R«nt For Sale RENT-South bedroom, ad- TOU SAL.K-Sl.x room home on 11 biith, KiiruKe, $10,00 Large j (hrei> wr * 1()t ' " lso '>n«. hundrfid five iK'dronm. 2 closels and beds, I l "-' re f " n » "' DeAnn. Hope. Ark., Houtr .'!. I'"OI1 joinini! double complete for 2, $7.50 D57.H. HOI Soiilli Main. Lerny Sunuiel. , each. Phone 27-3tp. KOK apur in HKNT--II room unrurnlshed . "- •tment. Prlvnto emtriince. No child- I Ulc "P- ri-n. !)19 South Kim. 27-3tp. ' lu> " 11 ' 1 ' , .. . ,.Hh St. FOR RENT—:i or -I room unfurni.sb- | td apartment near Pni.ilr>v School. 102 i FOR So. Fulton St. ' 2H-:il|) Fin ""- |uiy. Writ FOR SALE- One l!):i!i V-8 ford, i New motor, good liie.s. In A-l shape. Write Benslry Music Co. inn. or Hiirvcy Odnin, (ilO Wef'l Hope. 2S-Hte Pis. O.P IX'.I IK l«7 :!! 2m -M 197 52 I,MI; ii I'Oil HKNT -South bedroom, i inn IwlJi, (;HCH«C. SJtt.flH l,i , bedroom. 2 elnselM nnd beds, complete! for :>.. S7.WI each. Phone sCT-K. Kill ! S<iulh Main. '.!:i-:!ii, ' SALE-Slightly used Grand Good as Mi*w. Ittl monllis lo . . Bensley Music Co., Tp.xar* adjoin- !<«'"", '»• Mnrvcy Odom. (ill) VV<».t Jlli 2H-3lr 2:10 Ifi.'l 12:i :i:i :w it KOI! HKNT Kunii.-ihi'd 1'rivalu bulb and ^arai'e. ChurdliT. Hhoni- ildfi. Mr •s. W. K. L ai-ate i _ . i Offered r'OI? .VAI,t:- Kveryil"'-. Um;. y iifi'i] in Nf\v and U.-:ed ^mnilnri" Ihe Lowest iir'uvi. Hi'e us ht'fui'i y lin.v or "i>||. I'i jnl'.lin l''ui nilmr Mo N'.'.-IM Wanted leacber SERVICES OPfERED-See Hemp- iteod Mntti-ess Sliop, 712 West Fourth, (or new nntl r»-bullt. Plione Poul Cobb ti38-,l Sept. 2fi IM. iV«t\v It's lf|» l« Tlii'tn WANTED: Highest prices paid foj men's ladies, and children sweaters and children's coals, Patterson Cash Store 27-Glc. United States bean crt-ased this year by bags. production de- almoKl 2.000.000 three wins, five losses and a tie. Thomson, kept uwny from football practice for n week because of illness, was back on the field Monday. Thomsen exacts trouble breaking through the 215-pound Tulsa line He bi-lieves Ttilsi. will play hardei m this game than in any other this .-•eusnn. Last year Tulsa tied Arkansas, (i to (i. The Unxnrhack.1 went through a ruckle.) light drill Monday, consisting mainly ' of defensive plays. They will run through offensive formations Tuesday and end practice with a light workout Wednesday. Plans nre being made for a special train to Tulsa, which may take the CO-piece Riixorback band. However, plans havi> ?mt 1 PHOENIX, Ari/.-i/ri—Two hundred Maricopa county farm boys have been set up in the cattle business bv a Phoenix packing company. With no initial investment by the youths, the packing company gave each a purebred Hereford calf on condition thiit the boys have their parents' consent lo raise calves and that the calves, upon maturily, be -sold back to the firm at the market price. The original cost of the j calf will then be deducted. i On each buy'.s ability us a feeder will determine whether or not bis enterprise shows a profit. WA>rrED:--Widow •.hildren wants positioi er. li'ix 7li. Okay, Ark. with 2 small us house kepp- 27-:itp. Lost STRAYKD—Two Setter bird dogs, black ears, while body black, licked^ Collars with name F. H. Johnson. Reward. 27-;!tp. LOST—Black horse mule. wt. 750 Ibs, trace chain around neck. Notify prevailing White & Co., at Hope. 2H-3lp ' r.ndnwment funds I creased by three per 39. for colleges de cent durinif liC USE Monts Sugar Cure When Butchering Tim Fall and Winter For sale by the leading merchants in every community. v^ongratulations 3 ONE LOOK aurl we ivorul.-rril u liv u T- liadn'l turned in thai old wm-k year-, ajio. Automatic iion-<'\<i<j: Jiiinifr-i. Suin^-otit Hroiler. *'.\Vi more l.akiriff tra-rcdit--.'' f .-aid. "that. Red % hcf-l ou-n rcLfulator i-, firaftir-ally ' NOW IS TIIR TI\IK lo l.,.,k ui (lie New Majric (Jief Gas l{ari«.i<--. $,-,-• I 1( ,w atna/intjly inexpenfeivft it i~ to oun one. (I,,w littl,; it costs to use cue for tliree im-al.-: a dav. SP« how much money you sav.- on food and fuel — how rourh time ami f;ii,-r^v von -ave vonrs^Jf. SEE Magic C.ltfJ, the virulent rungf llnil mul;e.t C,V/s C.iKiliiitfi I'ti-tinrr. /usler, inorr uronoiniculilmii t:\vr. AftKMI54S LOUJS1AN4 O4f Warning Order 1 IN THE HEMPSTEAD i CHANCERY COURT ICAU.IK McFADDIN Plaintiff, i v. ! ALEX HARRIS et al Defendants. i The defendants Tom Harris, John Muldrow, Hansel Harris, Jasper Hig- Ka.soi, and Mrs. Jasper Higgason, his '.vife. Mary Cooper, Otis MeFaddin and | Mrs. Otis MeFaddin, his wife, Viola jJiihnson. Nellie Johnson, William jJo/in.'ion ;,nd Mrs. William Johnson, jhiK wife, Howard Johnson and Mrs. .Howard Johnson, his -wife, Moses I Muldrow and Mrs. Moses Muldrow, 11 is wife. May Delia Hawkins, Alberta i Ci'x, Bert Hubbard, the unknown heirs j"f Sain Bi'adley, deceased, the un- knuwn heirs of Nancy Muldrow, de- U-i.-.-isfd, the unknown heirs of Howard j Johnson, deceased, the unknown "heirs i of Nancy Bi-adley, deceased, and each : of them, are hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and i answer the complaint of the plaintiff herein. ! Witness my hand and seal as clerk of said court on Ihia (ith day of No- N E w <^<i»lf ; vernher, I9S). 17, 14, 21, RALPH BAILEY Clerk. To the Citizens of Hempstead county on your ',^m beautiful New Court House, and the progressive spirit you have shown. It is Always the purpose, of this Company to assume in every respect its duties of citizenship and it will be its constant endeavor to bring about the further development of Hempstead County and Southwest Arkansas, Louisiana Nevada Transit Co. ft. ,

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