Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 28, 1939 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1939
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Plan Now to Attend Cornerstone Ceremony for Hempstead County's New Courthouse at 3 o'Clpck Wednesday, November 29. World-Wide New* Coverage Given Impartially by Associated Press Hope Star The Weather ARKANSAS—Fair, continued cold with temperature below freezing Tuesday night; Wednesday fair with slow- fy rising temperature. VOLUME 41—NUMBER 39 HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28,1939~ COURTHOUSE PRICE 5c COPY f: r Saline Township Reaches Quota in Red Cross Drive Mrs. D. J. Hamilton Reports $40.60 From That Vicinity DRIVE is~NEAR END Weisenberger Urges All Ruyal Workers to Make Reports at Once Mrs. D. J, Hamilton Tuesday reported a tutiil of 5-10.GO from the Red Cross Roll CiiH campaign in Saline township which includes Columbus nncl Hie Hcmpstead county side of Die town of Saratoga. Mrs. Hiiinilton wns advised throughout the drive by R. C. Stuart, for 20 yciii-s chairman there, bul who wa.s forced to sliicUen activities because of ill health. Royce Weisen beefier, rur;il chair- ninn, is.stied an urgent plea to till rural workrs to hasten their reports . in order that the fin:il tnhultitioii may be m;ide, Sliiinc township is the second to report "over the top, and Mr. Weisen- bergcr has information fi-om two ot- nera that they have reached their quotas, and will report Wednesday. 'Previously reported $7;i.29 Saline Township M. H. Pebbles Mrs. R. C. Reed ... Mrs. Parker Rogers Miss Dorothy Stophs Miss Katlileen Downs Hugh Bristow • Jim Stuart Tom Slunrt .-...: Charlie Wilson Ti... •I.IeCovkl R. F. Caldwcll ..... J. O. Johnson Mrs. J. S. Wilson, Sr ..' John J Wilson David Mitchell . R. C. McCorklc Forney Holt • Robert Johnson R. C. Stuart B. D, Mitchell Mrs. D. W. Hamilton . Mrs. J. S. Wilson, Jr Jiimcii Otis Johnson Oscar Vanripcr ...: Mrs. Oscar Vanriper Hughie Van Riper Daniel J. Hamilton W. M. Bristow Tom Caldwcll Joe Wilson Jim Wilson K. M. Dclaney ",'„', Mrs. D. J. Hamilton Senior Class, Saratoga Hi Junior Class Saratoga Hi Sophmorc Class Saratoga Hi Freshman Class Saratoga Hi . First & Second grades-. Columbus . Third & Fourth grades, Columbus Fifth & Sixth grades, Columbus Seventh & Eight grades Columbus Fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh & eight grades, Columbus Colored school K'vclyn Williamson Nicie Trotter . 1.00 J.OO 1.00 1.01) 1.00 1,00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 .40 1.00 .50 .50 Il)t!l1 $114.89 100 per centers are teachers of Columbus white school Saratoga High .school classes, Baptist Supper at 6:45 p, m, Tuesday More Than 100 Members of Church Are Expected to Attend A combined Sunday School Workers' Council and Church Fellowship .supper will be held in the Educational building i>f Fi;-il J3;i|>ti.vl Church Tuesday evening at G:Vi. More than 100 members of the church are expected to attend. The Woman's Missionary Society will serve the supper, and Dr. A. C. Kollj will serve as toaslmaster. Dr. C. W. Culp. popular pastor of Qucensborough Baptist church Shreveport. will be the speaker. Dr. Culp was in Hope iwo yeai> ago to leach a Sunday .school (ruining course in First Baptist church His wa.s the largest class in the .school, ami his ability as a speaker became well known at that lime. Hi.s many friends will avail themselves of this opportunity to hear him again. Dr. James Naismith Dies, Inventor of Basketball LAWRENCE, "Kan.-iffi—Dr. James A. Naismith. 78, inventor of basketball, died early Tuesday from heart disease following a cerebral hemorrhage. History and Pictures the Second Section in The story fo the new courthouse's construction, the history of the Hempslead county-seat controversy, the history of Masonic Lodges in Hope, Washington and elsewhere in the county, together with additional pictures, will bo found in the second .section of today's Hope Star. Scoring Plays Are Given to Bobcats Special Football Train to Leave Hope at 8:30 a. m. Thursday' The Hope High School football team was scheduled to work Tuesday afternoon on scoring plays as the squad propped for the stale conference football championship same at Pine Bluff Thursday afternoon. Additional persons called for tickets at the office of Roy Anderson as they made plans to ride the special football train which will leave the Missouri Pacific depot at, 8::iO o'clock Thursday morning, arriving in Pine Bluff at 12:30. Round-trip faire is S2.75. The team and Infill school band will rifle the (rain. The Band Mothers will have concessions on the train, selling soft drinks, candy and sartf'iwichts. W. A. J. Mills announced Tuesday that a play-by play report of the game will be given Hope fans over a leased telephone win- from the Pine Bluff stadium by Leo Robins. The reports will be received at Hope cily hall Thursday afternoon. Mr. Mills said that an adniissipn of 25 cents would be charged to defray expenses of t!iu telephone toll. • Ask No Questions of Mrs. Roosevelt But She Will Be Permitted to Talk If She Wishes to Do So WASHINGTON - tiVi - Representative Starnc.s, Alabama Democrat, acting chairman, said Tuesday he knew of no questions which the house committee on un-American activities had Hempstead's $200,000 Courthouse^Nears Completion Masons Will Lay Cornerstone for $200,OOOBuilding High School Dismissing Early for Wednesday's Celebration BAND AND PROGRAM List of Items Which-Will Go Into Courthouse Cornerstone The Grand, Lodge of Arkansas Masonry at 3 o!clock Wednesday afternoon, November 29, will lay the corr nerstone of Hempstead county's $200,000 new courthouse and jail before a crowd expected to reach several thousand. Hope High School will dismiss eajrly so "that the students may attend the ceremony, and the high "school's 65- piece band under direction of Bandmaster Thomas Cannon will play dur- 6 New Parks for Arkansas Planned Park Commission to Make Recommendations on December 5 LITTLE ROCK—(/I 1 )—Recommendations for the establishment of six new stale parks probably will be considered' by the Arkansas Park Commission . . ,. , .^ % . , .... ^ ,_. i;n- (J j ii)V- .r^l l\it I irjilo 1 ill IV \_ Lll 1II1 U^ioiU] 1 to.ask Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, but at ii.s December 5 meeting, the Arkan"if she or anyone else has any light to sas Democrat .said Tuesday, shed on subversive activities of course "Tentative plans, it was learned," we will be glad to hear her." said the Democrat, "call for the location of one of the new parks near „ . .-, . . ^ . Batesville. another between Searcy and Band Received q>40 tor North Little Rock, a third park in the Benefit Performance vicinit .v " f p '»f> Bluff, one in the .southeastern corner of [he .state, one to serve the Camdcn-Kl Dorado area, and another near Texarkana." Death Rate Cut by Christmas Seals Fight Against Tuberculo- isis in U. S. Is Bringing Results Today tuberculosis is responsible for Ihc death of one individual every eight A spokesman for the Hope High School band said Tuesday that the j band received approximately 540 for the benefit performance staged at the Saonger theater last Friday night. The money will help send the band to Pine Bluff for the state championship gamr.' Thursday afternoon. I Carols Through the Ages Thirty years ago deaths occurred al the rale of one every three and one- liilf minule.s. Thirty years ago tuberculosis was rc- ponsiblc for 11 out. of every hundred leaths oceurrin gin the United Stales. Today it is responsible for five out of 'very hundred deaths. How lo pre- •ent tuberculosis is a part of the campaign financed by the annual sale of Chri.slmas Heals. Are you doing your share'. 1 How many seals do yon buy annually? Buy seals and help in this campaign against tuberculosis. British Cruiser Sunk by Sub That Torpedoed the Royal Oak 9,850 Unnamed Heavy Cruiser Claim as Victim of Commander Guenther Prien, Hero of U-Boat Navy BERLIN, Germany—(/PI—German authorkaties announced Tuesday that a British heavy cruiser had been torpedoed and destroyed east of the Shetland islands, north of Scotland. —Hope Star photo, November 21, 1939 HOW BRIGHTLY BEAMS THE MORNING STAR "How brightly beams the morning star! What sudden radiance from afar Doth glad us with its shining. ..." This hymn first appeared in Germany in 1599, a popular selce- lion with the chime players in many cities. Bach's later harmonization of thu music adds the touch that makes the piece enduring. „ Days Till Christmas Announcements Must Be Signed Within the last seveial weeks Thc Star has received a number of announcements which, because their senders failed to sign name and address, can nol be published. Signatures arc not printed, but the authority back of (lie announcement must be known to the management before it can be used. This rule is enforced absolutely in announcements concerning weddings, engagements, births and deaths. If any subscriber has sent such an announcement to us and failed to gel it published it is because Ibe announcement was not signed—and unsigned communications arc treated alike, even though the omission is. an oversight. Thc announcement said Lieul.-Capt.® Guenther Prien, who commanded thc German submarine which sank the British battleship Royal Oak at Scrapa Flow October 14, also was in command of the submarine which sunk the cruiser. The British ship was described as of the London class. (The London, one of'four sister ships, displaces 9,850 tons, carries eight 8-inch guns, and has a normal complement of 650 men.) British Calm Control ^ LONDON, Eng.—(/!>;—King George Tuesday assured the British empire that the royal navy*is keeping the sea lanes ''free and open," despite the sinking of the armed British merchantman Rawalpindi by two German warships and recent heavy shipping losses. The monarch's assurance was given in his speech opening Ibe first war'ses- sion of parliament as the conflict with Germany disclosed . these developments: 1. Britain manifested eoneern over thc Finnish-Soviet frontier dispute. 2. It announced that a British auxiliary cruiser had landed 7,') German prisoners at a Scottish port. ,'i. The air ministry announced that royal air force planes had made a "successful flight over northwestern Germany Monday night." "Smashed," Germans Say BERLIN. ^;ci-inmiy-(X|';-.- The' BriiJ!,li (Continued on Page Six) Ward Is Elected Scout Chairman Scout Field Executive Is Assigned to the Hope District Frank Ward, druggist, -was elected district chairman of the Hope district of the Caddo Council, Boy Scouts of America at their annual meeting Monday night at Hotel Barlow. Mr. Ward succeeds A. W. Stubbeman, retiring district chairman. Other newly-elected officers arc: John Guthrie, vice-chairman, .succeeding the Rev. V. A. Hammond; A. B. Stubbeman. scout, commissioner, succeeding E. F. McFaddin; and E. F. Mc- Fatldin, district representative, laking cure of newly-hired scout field executives for this district. A complete report of this year's district activities was given by E. F. Me- Light Vote Being Russia Breaks Off Cast in Election Total of 332 Votes Cast at Crisis at Hand for De- 2:30 o Clock, Survey termined Little Republic Shows Near Sov iet A light vote was being cast Tuesday HELSINKI, Finland-(^)-A foreign by Democrat^ electors m the city s o£fice spokesman announced Tuesday preferential frrimory_m which an al- night that Russia had denounced her derman from Ward Two and Three is non . ag g ression pact with Finland in to be nominated. A survey of the four voting precincts at 2-.HO p. m. showed: Ward One—112 voles. Ward Two—114 votes. Ward Three—G7 votes. Ward Four—39 votes. Total at 2:30—332. Candidates for alderman in Ward Two are L. A. Keith, Jesse Brown, Jim Dodson. Candidates for alderman in Ward Three are Roy Johnson, Tom Evans and Ross Spears. An Old Schooner Gets Her Face Washed OXFORD, Md.—(,P)—Glamorous old age as a luxurious yacht awaits the ship with the lowest American registry number, a war prize in 1863 and, legendarily, captured from the British nl the storming of Fort McHenry in 1814. The schooner Australia, number 25 in the merchant vessel register, is about lo have her face scrubbed and CRACKERS They Rule the Earth The list on the left, below, eon- tains names of present-day nations and that on the right naim-.s of the heads of government of these Mate.--. The list on tho right is improperly arnmiyd. After cai-h nalirn write the letter lhal designates ihe ruler of thai particular Mate. Caivida uii King Anamla. Columbia tb) Emperor Uirohiln. Greece i.ei Lord Tweedsmuir. ManchulciKi (d> King Faritk J. Siain i.ei King Peter II. Kgypl <fi President Ismet In- onu. Turkey ig) Dr. Eduurdu Santo.- 1 . Yugo-Mavia tin Haukon VII. Japan li) Emperor Kingle. Norway (ji King George 11. Answers on Page Two Faddin, the hgihlighl of which was the painted, her ancient teakwood ribs hiring of a seoul field executive which | bolstered and her utilitarian interior is now assigned to the six Arkansas I outfitted for sumptuous living, towns of the Caddo Council. ; Known to every waterman on Chesa- These towns consist of DcQucen, i peake Bay, the U7-foot ferighter has Nashville, Ashdown, Fresco!!, Lewis- j been purchased by E. Paul Du Pont, ville and Hope. ' R. J. T. Du Pont, and Ircnec Du Pont, Reports also were given by each < Jl '" of Wilmington. Del. troop scoutmaster or his official rep- ! Where and when she was built is rcscnliilivc in Ihc Hope dislricl show- | »uybody's guc.is. The Smithsonian ing Ihc pronre.su of Iho various troops ! Institution is unable to tell definitely, hiring tins year. ! I" 1863, as the Alma, she was captured 'About lii) Hope business men attend- by thc Lrniu " '»'ig Perry while run••(l the meeting and all seemed well- \ m " s lllL ' bll "-' !i '" ili at Charleston, pleased with the progress made in ; ^''""ebt lo Point Lookout at the mouth of the Potomac, the ship was the Hope di.-lricl this Red Cross Fund In City Still Climbing Although the Red Cross drive in the City of Hope has ended, voluntary 'S are slill coming in. Mr.v J. G. Marlindale said Tuesday. Addition;.! reports sent. Ihe total Tuesday in Ihe city alone lo SI.15381. Previously reported $1,14G.SI Ed Hank ins ].l)0 E. C. Sterling . 1.00 Mrs. Ludie Singleton . 1.UO Mrs. J. . Brings . J.OO Mrs. A. A.'Halberl . 1.1)0 Mrs. Lulu Greene . . l.Ol) Mrs. Carl Coffee l.OU Gj-and total S1.153.S1 nearly destroyed by southern sym- I pathizers but her stout timbers wouldn't burn. Since her great days she has been around the Chespeake, say hot stove historians, carrying oysters and tomatoes and during the Prohibition era- who knows what. In the year 17M. the Chinese publish ed an encyclopedia of 5020 volumes. It contained standard Chinese works from 110 B. C. to 1700 A. D. A Thought Love God. and He will dwell wilh you. Obey God, and He will reveal lo you the I ruth of His deepest teachings. — Robert- Finland's Treaty note handed to the Finnish minister in Moscow. The Societ action, although receivec with outward calm by the foreign office, shocked Finland more than any other single step in the "war of nerves," which mounted in the Baltic region after the German-Soviet parti lion of Poland. 'The spokesman 'said the Russian note was "very unconcilitatory," but declined further comment while the foreign office was receiving the communication line by line from the Moscow legation. Cornerstone Items The following will be placed in a copper box and the box sealed with solder making the copper container air and mosture-proof so as to safeV guard them. 1. Holy Bible, donated by John S. Gibson, Sr. 2. Masonic Monitor. 3. A History of Whilfield Lodge No. 239, F. & A. M. 4. Special Courthouse Edition of Hope Star issued Tuesday, November 28, (this issue) containing items of Masonic and local interest. 5. A. copy of the 1936 Centennial Edition of Hope Star containing th^, ,. history of Hempstead county, oneJ| • of the five original counties of Ar;-' : kansas. 6. The membership roll of Masonic Lodges in Hempstead county. 7. Membership roll of Hope Chapter No. 328, Order of Eastern Star. 8. Collection, of seeds from the big watermelons for which Hempstead county is famous, furnished by Monts Seed Store. i , .Russian Broadcast MOSCOW, Russia—(/P)—The Soviet radio began a broadcast in the Finnish language Tuesday assuring the Finnish population that "there will be pence" if the Finns come to terms with Russia in the current dispute. The Societ newspaper Hed Star published an order by the commander of the Leningrad military district that in case of "repeated provocation" by Finnish troops Soviet soldiers were "to answer with fire until those who created the incident were exterminated." Rural Delivery to Be Given Thursday Postmaster Robert Wilson Announces Schedule for Thursday Postmaster Robert Wilson announced Tuesday the schedule which will be carried out Thursday, November 30. Here it is: Office will be closed all da ing the cornerstone service. * Steve Carrigan, Hope attorney, will preside as master of ceremonies for the program, which will be held before the courthouse entrance, which v faces eart. The Guest List Among the list of invited guests for Wednesday's ceremony are: Governor Carl E. Bailey, Chancellor • A. P. Steele, Former Chancellor, James D. Shaver, Circuit Judge Dexter Bush, John Kent (in whose name the successful removal case was brought to move the county-seat to Hope), and' Henry Bowden ,'now of Little Rock, in whose name the last unsuccessful removal case was brought in 1914). The M. W. Grand Lodge of Arkansas, F. & A. M., will have charge of the actual ceremony of laying the cornerstone and Past Grand Master S. Albert Kemp, of Hot Springs, assisted by Grand Master R. E. Shelton, of Camden, will preside. On the Program The following will take part in a regular ceremony as outlined in the Masonic Monitor for the laying of cornerstones. Grand Tyler, T. R. Bryant, Grand Steward John P. Cox, Grand Steward E. N. Bacon, Grand Chaplin A. A. Albritton, Grand Secretary Henry Taylor, Grand Treasurer Roy Anderson, Grand Steward Dr. Weaver, Grand Steward J. A. Sullivan. Architect A. N. McArmich, Junior Grand Warden Dr. F. C. Crow, Senior Grand Warden Dr. A. J. Neighbours, Deputy Grand Master W. W. Compton, , Junior_Grand Deacon Byron (Pete) Brown, Senior Grand Deacon Louie Carlson, Grand Marshall Harry W. Shiver. or cuv c •cry service. Mr. Wilson said the rural service would be maintained as usual. Incoming mail will he placed in boxes at ihe po-stoffice and outgoing mail will be dispatched as usual. 21,814 Bale$ Ginned; 17,432 Bales Year Ago There were 21.814 bales of cotton ginned in Hempstead county from the crop of 19^9 prior to November 14. as compared with 11,432 bales lo the same date last year, according lo W. H. Etter federal Deparunwit of Commerce reporter. Former Waldo Mayor Dies After Long Illness MAGNOLIA, Ark. - H. M. BU.ek- man, former mayor of Waldo, died al his home al noon Monday after a long illness. He was born and reared in North Louisiana and had lived in Waldo for more than 20 years. He was the father-in-law o£ Travis Jackson, baseball star. Survivors besides the wife are onq son, A. K. Blackmail, and one daugli-./ ter, Mrs. Travis Jackson, both of Waldo, and five grandchildren. Funeral services will be hold at the homo at 2 p. m. Tuasd.-iy. Burial will be in the Waldo cemetery. In the ISth century, in France, every window was taxed. Cotfc :on NEW YORK—(/Pi-December coil,.a opened Tuesday at 3.72 and closed at 9.76. Middling spot 9.97.

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