Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 27, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1939
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS JMonjay, November 27,1939 S. i Moses Ittccumbs Monday Services Will Be Held at 2 o'clock Tues_, day Afternoon Mrs, S. S. Moses, 75, died at 1:10 in. Monday at her home on High- 61 quarter of a mile east of Hope. ,SHe became ill Sunday night and J' tM«l a few hours later. '*)," Mf& Moses was a native of Hemp- •V-)tfeack county. She was born in the •*\ .Eardis community southeastern Hemp- I' ^ stead count}-. She had made her home , r 'in Hope for many yars. ? , Surviving are her husband, three > \ sons, Floyd and Fonzie Moses of Hope; ; v =Harley Moses of Cornith. Miss.; six ' daughters. Mrs. L. N. Garner of Hope; Mi's, D. A. Jacks of Marshal. Tex.: ft ' Mrs,; Monroe of Hope; Mrs. W. T. ••' Caldwell of Hope; Mrs. B. Burn> Side of Atlanta, Tex. and Mrs. Chad j L. ;Archie of Cornith, Miss. Several grand daughters and grand sons also survive. Funeral services will be held at : 2 o clock Tuesday afternoon at the , family residnce, with the Rev. W. R " Hamilton, pastor of First Baptist church, officiating. Burial will be in , Rose Hill cemetery. Active pallbearers: ; f Walter E. Downs Claremore. Okla.. Forrest L. Downs of Hope; Joe M . Downs, Edgard D. Downs John T. • , Downs of Bodcaw; Will Downs, Jut- i , ius Downs of Rochelle. La; and Lai; " Moses of Washington. i Hononary pallbearers: i Roy Anderson R. L. Gosnell. L. A I Keith, Henry Hitt. Stitch Davenport! Claude Hamilton, J. C. Turner T. M. i i Martin Jim Martin Bom Levins Lut-; her Higgasori, L. M. Boswell. Rev. , T. A. Middlebrooks, W. M. Brummett. W. A Formby Chads Middlebrooks, Bob Griffin, Henry Meyers, Alfred Brannon C P. Tollcson. J. W. Turner VDelton Moran and George McDowell. Wedding Notes Go to the Beaver, Thou Sluggard PUEBLO, Colo.— <ipt— Bill Rutherford, CCC camp foreman, tells about the beaver colony that mistook a fence for an aspen grove. "Beever spore aspen bark for food." says Rutherford. "A rancher oh Willow Creek built a fence and used green aspen for posts. "The bever tried co fell the posts. severing them at the base, bus. the wires held them upright. The animais tried again, this time severing the posts higher. Still the posts remained upright. "They are busy yet trying to fell those 'trees' and it appears they have set themselves an all winter task." Nearly half the accidents in Texna during a five-month survey occurred on Saturday and Sunday. Less than 34 per cent of the traffic moved on those days. i Yowza. yowza, it's Mr. and Mrs. BiUy Rose stealing a kiss at the ' party following their marriage in New York. The bride, you i know, was Eleanor Holm, swimming star who worked for Mr. Rose j at the World's Fair. And that's the best man—Ben Bernie, the old i maestro himself, providin' background music sweet as the weddin' i cake, yowza! Bruce Catton Says: Economy, Not War, Boosts Panama's Merchant Marine Schools Will Help In Seal Campaign Students to Participate In Fight Against Tuberculosis Schools will take an active part in the Christmas Seal campaign n- gainst tuberculosis which will open on Thanksgiving Day and continue through Christmas. A teaching unit on "The Message of the Double-Barred Cross' is being distributed to the schools of Hempstead county. '.This story on tuberculosis and its prevention and the part played by the double-barred cross, international badge of the drive against tuberculosis, is prepared in interesting torm for use in grade and high school." said Hattie Anne Field, secretary of the Hope Tuberculosis Association. "It is important to interest students in the tuberculosis campaign. They represent the group in which lies our greatest hope for control of the disease. Since they will soon be the governing interest in the community, they need to know the part played by such an organization as the tuberculosis groups. By increasing our efforts in this group, breakdowns from tuberculosis will be averted." announced Miss Beryl Henry, .superintendent of Hope Schools and First Vice-Persident of the tuberculosis association. Sanctuary By BRUCE CATTON NBA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON—The projected transfer to Panamanian registry of those United States Line steamships may have fallen through, but the fact remains that the merchant marine of little Panama is proportionately the fastest growing in the world. Although Panama is a nation of only- 33.000 square miles and some 476,000 ' inhabitants, her merchant marine today comprises 159 ships and runs to 717.525 tons, according to Lloyd's Register. It is larger than that of any other Latin-American nation. And its amazing growtli is not due to the war in Europe. Four years ago, according to Lloyds' lj V/ YY l!l_.l^ JTIV^IY 6 and FREE DELIVERY $1.00 or More HOME OWNED— HOME OPERATED GRO. and _ Market m ^ _ *~* Phone 871 Why not take Advantage of these THANKSGIVING SPECIALS We Specialize in Produce and Fancy Gro. & Meats PURE CANE lOlbs. SUGAR V : Sic CORN No. 2 Country Gent. 25c PEAS No. 2 Can Petie Pois 2 for 35c Fruit for SALAD 3 for 25c MILK PET 6 Sm. or 3 Ig. Cans 20c HELIOTROPE FLOUR 10 JA A 24 Ibs. 4UC Ibs.t • M-*\^ \J *! 85c Pure Veg Carton SHORTENING 4 Ib 39c 8 Ib. 75c PIE CHARRIES—Pitted No. 2 can 2 for 25c Cranberries Ib. 19c LARGE HEAD 4 £ Cauliflower head IDC Tomatoes 2 Ibs. 19c YELLOW ONIONS 41b. 10c DELICIOUS APPLES Doz. 23c BANANAS Doz. 15c PORK LOIN ROAST Ib. 16c ROUND & LOIN STEAK Ib. 20c FORK HAM ROAST ib. 19c FANCY DRESSED HENS Ib. FRESH YARD EGGS Doz. 16c 25c NICE SHRISP CELERY Stalk lOc LARGE HEADS LETTUCE Head 7c Panama's registered merchant tonnage stood at 136,859. The taciors which have enabled it to multiply that tonnage by nearly seven in four years were operating full steam long before Hitler's troops marched into Poland. By the middle of 1938, for instance, Lloyds' reveals that 611,000 tons of steamers and motorships had obtained registry under the Pan. ama flag. Cheaper to Sail Under Panama Flag These factors are largely economic. Steamship men here point out that Panama does not require that the owners or officers and crew of ships registered under her flag be citizens of -Panama. She has practically no "safety" legislation governing her merchant marine, nor has she any maritime labor legislation. Consequently it is much 1 cheaper to operate a vessel under the Panamanian flag than it is to sail under the flag of a country like the United States. Examination of a recent listing of the Panamanian merchant marine Eligible Unemployed Workers- Losing Pay LITTLE ROCK — A large number of eligible unemployed workers in Arkansas arc losing all or part of their earned unemployment compensation benefit rights, according to a special survey just completed by Eli W. Collins, director of the unemployment compensation division. The survey covered a large group of typical benefit claims filed during a one month period. In the cases checked, 34.3 per cent of all claimants filed their benefit claims two weeks or more after leaving" their jobs and after being eligible to file benefit claims. Based on the total of new claims filed throughout the entire state, this moans that about 1135 unemployed workers delayed commencement of their initial benefit j rights two weeks or longer during i the month coverd by the survey. « "This is an extremely regrettable | situation." Collins says, "and it be- I hooves every member of the unemployment compensation division personnel, and employers and citibcns to combine their efforts in carrying information about benefit rgihts to unemployed individuals eligible for benefits. "Every unemployed eligible individual in Arkansas should know that unemployment compensation benefit^ are his right based on an insurance policy set up by the state, with premiums paid for by his former employers, and are not in any sense related to charity or relief," Breeding Orchids in the Mountains Most Expensive Flower May Be Brought Down in Price AT Pentiire Service DENVER — Orchids for everybody is the goiil of Stuart Mncc. young college student. And if experiments in domesticating a native Aincricnn iiuHinliiin orchid nre successful he hopes they will sell "for around two bits wholesale." M.ico, H horticulture student ot Grin- nrll college in Iowa, climbs Colorado inountnins in the summer "just for lun." It was on one of these trips he found lii.s mountain orchids n! 8,000 to 10,000 feet altitudes. Now he hiis experimental plots with 8,000 plants. He claims these advaiitiigts for the mountain orchids: They have better shipping qualities (han present orchids and remain fresh longer. They arc "perfect in si'/.c" for corsages; there is a smaller size for the j hair, for wrist corsages and for flow. i;r necklaces. They are n perfect orchid color. The price of the usual orchid is high because most of tin; original plants coinu from India and South America, and a huge investment Is required to grow them, "The Colorado orchids nre prolific seed producers nnd we have grown plants from them under natural conditions,' M'ice jjays. "We nre trying now to find a way to raise them in commercial quantities, preferably tit low altitudes. "We hnvc been working on it three* years. Perhaps this winter we will have success." The problem is Io find a medium in which the seeds will sprout. Colorado mountain orchids arc panisitc.s, living on nspon IrcOs. Some substitute is being sought. Ti'iu'licr-l'iipil Ciumcratlou LA JUNTA. Colo.-.(71')--High .school home economics students wanted Io "go goldfish Kulpcrs one boiler" .so lliey caught a ratllcsnakc and ate it. Three high school teachers, one a woman, joined the class in ,'i "snake steak" meal after the rattler was skinned nnd cooked. They said the meal "tiistcd swell." If German raiders bombard Rending, England, the town's Holy Trinity Church will become an air niicl .shelter. Above, workmen dig entrances into church vaults. Si^n over duur announces "Public Shelter." RAISING A FAMILY Grandmother's Experience Can Help in Child Training Order for Seizure of German Exports King George Signs Decree for British—New Losses at Sea LONDON, Eng. An order in council for the seizure of German exports was signed Monday by King George as an avowed reprisal foi- German mine-laying warfare.. The order for complete blockade of shows only eight out of the 155 ships j Germany will be published in the London Gazette Tuesday and will probably become effective in a few days. The action came as new shipping losses were reported by the admiralty. The Holland-Amcrika 8-859-ton fre- thcre registered give Panama as their home port. Fifty-two give American cities as their home ports, 28 list Oslo, and 26 list London, Seven are listed as from Honk Kong. A large number of vessels under j the Scandinavian-owned vessels fly- ! ing that flag, many are steam whalers j and their consorts Largest vessel ' under the Panama flag is the Vest- ! fold of Oslo, a whaler of some 8,000 I tons. [ Seumrii Predict Further Orotvlli j So rapid has been the growth of the i Panama merchant fleet that some mar. ! itimc experts here predict it will i before long rank with the world's! About Grandma interfering mother when she trains Jimmy: A. She should? B. She shouldn't? C. Grandma and mother could have confidential talks? D. There should be a U.y-of- war before Jimmy? The right answer is "C." Mother can learn a lot from Grandma, as anyone with small experience can learn from those who have been through the mill. G'n the other hand. Grandma can learn from mother, because ways with children change according to the generation in which they are born, and conditions become entirely different. Two women of different generations, intelligent, opcnmindrd and cooperative can merge their ideas very well and reach a sympathetic understanding. There will be many a thing that Grandma does not approve in Jimmy's handling. If she has any comment to made, and she should not make too many, she might look back to hoi- own young motherhood and try to recall how she felt when an older woman disapproved her own methods. She runs the risk of antagonizing Jimmy's mother, and losing her influence altogether if she cannot control her feelings. She can help a good bit by kindly counsel, very often. Again, No. Don't Criticize Mother In Front of Child Mother might feel, too, that criticism in front of her boy lessens his respect for her. And at that she may be right. Children will often switcli affections spoiled, and tries to .stop it, with that child's knowledge, then another tragedy takes place. This child may learn to halo her. and she surely doesn't want that. Old ways an<l new ways, as 1 have .said, can learn acln merge. When Jimmy is absent Grandma and mother could have close talks about certain situations and keep open minds toward j each other. Grandma may be entirely right, or mother may l>e Ihe wisest The happiest thing that can hai.prn to a child is to feel that parents mid grandparents nil are great friend*- FEATURING Jones Dairy Farm Sausage Hams Buckwheat flour Phone 767 CITY MARKET We Deliver SPECIAL FOR THANKSGIVING Delicious Mince Meat Pies Fruit Cakes Blue Ribbon Bread ..n Y tw:. -.«-*:*< j- At Your Grocer and City Bakery were rescued. The admiralty disclosed the capture of two German freighters, one of which was later destroyed by a German submarine as she was being taken to a British port by a prize crew. The communique said the German steamer was "abandoned and driven ashore," and four Germans killed in the encounter. The British steamer Royston Grange. . leaders. Others hold such predictions i 5-14-1 tons, sank in the Atlantic all TWO BUNCHES GARRETS 9c IRISH Potatoes 10 Ib. 21c GRAPES Ib. 5C TEXAS SEEDLESS Grapefruit Doz BEEF . m Chuck Roast Ib. 14C SHOULDER Pork Roast •OHMafl BRISKET Pot Roast ib 14c •••••••• 11c WILSONS-Haitf or Hole HAMS Ib. 22c Mince Meat 2 Ibs. PRICES ARE-GOOD FOR THE WEEK to be pretty optimistic. The United States merchant marine is given in Lloyd's as 11,515,258 tons for 1038, while Great Britain's in the same year was given as 20,719- OOO.This indicates that the Panamanian have a good way to go. Yet their merchant service today is nearly half that of as good a seafaring nation as Sweden, more than half as large as Denmark's, and a quarter the si/.c of France's. Whether any more United States- ships are transferred to Panamanian registry because of tile war may be doubtful, in view of the administration's action on the proposed United States Lilies transfers. her crew being saved. Kit; Polish Liner Sunk LONDON —</Pj— Allied merchant and war fleets suffered new blows Sunday in the sinking of the 14,294- ton Polish luxury liner Pilsuo'ski and the British armed merchant eruistr Rawalpindi, with the reported combined Iwoss of 287 lives. The Admiralty announced that all but 17 of the officers and crew of the 16,6'JT-ton Rawalpindi had gone down willi the .ship. About 300 men were rcpurtcd aboard, and the loss was estimated at. about 280. Seven wrc missing in the Piisudski disaster. Cause of the than their parents. Hard as it is, sometimes, children should be allowed to keep their faith in their own mothers and fathers. j If Grandma thinks a child is being I Something New Sec Our New Sun Display of GAS RANGES Priced §52.50 and 559.50 ! nnkiiifc- of the Rawalpindi was not A.s one shipping man here cxprcs- j given ses it .in the pas t it has been felt j Thc Pil, su .lski, first transatlantic that-smcc most foreign nations look | i ine| . ,, uilt f()1 . lhc . p o|jsh rcpub | ic on Panama a.s an American protec- \ and which had accommodations for lorate-resi.sln.tion under the Pan. | m pas.sei.gurs, was under charter to ama flag carries all the advantages of ! ( | lt , British Admiralty. She was in American registration and none of the j New y 0 ,. k j, ;il .',or when the* war broke drawbacks. uu| . Incidentally, the increased rcgis- I _____ __ try has been a fair item in Die in- ^ " ~" come of the Panama .government. It costs a dollar a ton to register a vc.s- to! in Panama. On thai basis, Panama has collected upwards of $580.000 I ron i .ship owners in the last four years. Th wui'UI contains 200 distinct , ii.l of ducks. About 50 varieties j found in North America. HOPE HARDWARE CO. i'liunc 45 White Buffalo JUNEAU, Alaska—(/Pi—One of those million-to-one freaks of nature. !^ : Albino buffalo, has been sighted .several time;, with a herd in the Big Delta country, south of Fairbanks. Dr. Wil- : j li.'im T. Ifornaday. famed conservation- ', i i.st. .says probably nut more than 10 j or 11 white buffalo have ever been eon by white men. Julius Cae.sar i.s a .special officer i residential district of Houston, >*»*J*«JM>*»**»*J»»*»»*»»*»»*»**«»*« |Singleton's Fresh Roasted Cof f ee| 1 Pound lOc 5 Pounds 50c 2'/ 2 Pounds 25c 10 Pounds $1.00 W. P. SINGLETON 113 South Elm Street Hope, Ark. £BEST PLACE IN HOPE TO BUY COFFEE $ Iftr? -A.T*. T t T T T t T y t T T T PRICES GOOD ALL WEEK ^KROGER INSIST ON A KROGER 4-POINT TURKEY • 4 REASONS WHY: 1. FROM BEST AREAS! 2. INDIVIDUAUY SELECTED! 3. FED FOR TENDERNESS! 4. HANDLED WITH CARE! Pound 4-POINT BLUE RIBBON TURKEY SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 12 07.. Fruit C AK E ^^MOMMBflCKVAiO^K. Tt Lux SOAP 3 1§c 17c Lrg. LUX FLAKES 20c Spotlinght, 3 Ib. 39c COFFEE 1 Ib. 13'/ 2 c Mixed NUTS Ib. 17c Shelled PECANS Ib. 49c Washed BRAZILS Ib. 20c MUSTARD qt. lOc Embassy qt. Peanut Butter Embassy 1 Ib. Marshmallows Bul'ks'hrodded'" COCOANUT Ib. Swift ,]e\vc'l Shortening 8 Ib. Humko Shortening Avomlale FLOUR 48 Ib. 19c 73c 1.08 CHOCOLATE DROPS Ib. KARO 3 1,, 19c Assorted Cream COOKIES Ib. 10c PRODUCE EATMOHE Cranberries 2 Ib LARGE CRISP 4 • CELERY 2 forl DC ROME BEAUTY APPLES Doz.i LARGE LETTUCE WINESAP "" ^ f^~" lOc 27c 29c 10c APPLES Doz. C. C. SIFTED PEAS 2 for 25c PURE CANE SUGAR 10 Ib. 50c c. c. COFFEE 2 Ibs. 39c Country Club 3 «C_ PUMPKIN CansiUC Ocean Spray 11«» Cranberry Sauce I 1C No. 2'I-Can 3 C. C. Peaches for 13 Angel Food Egg CAKE Harvest CAKE 1 Ib. ' CORN 2 Arg'o STARCH for Sml. LUX FLAKES 3 for Clock BREAD Loaf 29c 35c I5c 25c iC C. C, Pie CHERRIES No. 2 can !0c C, C. Hi/red No. 1! Can PINEAPPLE No. 2i., Halves C. C. PEARS C. C, FLOUR 24 Ib. 75c 48 Ib. $1.39 CREAM MEAL 24 Ib. A & H Baking iSODA 3 for jNo 2 Can C. C. GREF.N •ASPARAGUS 25c For Best Selection Place Your Thanksgiving Poultry Order at Once TURKEYS Mince Meat 15c ib. HAMS Pork 19c Ib. Dressing Oysters Sliced BACON K. J. Caplinger, Market Mgr. Cecil W. Dennis. Gro. Mgr.

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