Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 4, 1942 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1942
Page 2
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&f-*( El we Classified YdU c<3h talk to only one man Want Ads talk to Thousands A!,™, , «LL> RENT, BUY OR SWAP AH Wdnf Ads edsh in advance. Not taken over the Phone ,-r, ,f , . ~ u< *« lns«-tan, no., THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL For Sale SOME MICE REGISTERED COCKE and fcointef puppies. Padgitfs Ken nels, 3 miles South on 29. 18-301 COTTON SEED, D &PL 12, STONE villc 2-B, first year from breede Hay, Alfalfa, Lespedza, and ojhn son grass. See T. S. McDavitt. 2-18-tf HORSES & MULES. PART DOW? balance in fall. All sizes and ages See Dbrsey McRae, Jr., at McRae Implement Co. 23-14tc ^ ' WOOD FOR HEATING. I- PHONE 50 28-6tp NORTH DAKOTA CERTIFIED TRI- umphs. Cotton Seed. Stoneville 2-B D&PL and ROWDEN 41. See me before buying. J. W. Strickland 26-12tp 2 GOODYEAR TIRES & TUBES size 17-500. Call at 102 South Washington in rear. 4-3tp 60 ACRE FARM, 4 HOUSES ON highway 29, 1 mile from Hope- Mrs ' Isabelle Brown. 3400 Hearne. Shreveport La. 2 -3tp BAY STALLION, 6 YEARS OLD wt 1500 Ibs j. W . Harper, 2 miles' East McCaskill. ^.gt For Rent « r ONE-HALF OF MODERN FURNISH- ed house. Close in. Private front anct back entrances. Automatic hot water heater. Mrs. Tom Carrel. Phone 164. 2 6-tf Lost B V£P?u MARS MULE - WT - ABOUT iu « aru ' black horse colt 300 ifee'RML n ° Ufy Wm "**% HEFER LOST BY RAY WARD HOPE St. 1. 10 month old, light red solid mully head. Please notify owner 2-3tp LIGHT RED COW. HAS HORNS Tip of left ear cut off. Metal tag in right ear. Wt. about 650 Ibs, Ches- Jei- Daniels, Bodeaw, Ark. 4-3tp ^^ ™^' mN WRIST WATCH Gold with tan leather band. Friday Hope High School. Reward. Call Bob Elmore. 210 S. Elm, Phone 174 4-3tc. stw Hope Star WASH TUBES MAM Son ^ „ ^•gr^^-jfc^' ' "' •« ' "Wf PrftsS 1927 Gontoll* ^^^^^^^A* M^HIhk. dotwd JorHiofy Iff 1929* * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^9lh^- dftof noon by - _VA'2 H. Werthburh) I, 212-214 South Wolnut mottef a* »"• , Associated Press Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n {Always "- 50 yeor; 8* Th ? A«»oclo»td Th* Look Behind You, Mister Wednesday, March 4, J»42 Dv Roy Crane AH, WELL! N K BUT OUESTlOW \ OF TIME I I TURN, ) i EWE ASAIM—HE I CANWOT DOC60 BEHIND / NUMBER OME ROCK / AUL DAY; / C— -J Too Many Carbon Copio&l Thimble Theater & , MODERN 5 ROOM HOUSE GAS Lights, Water. Complete bathroom' unfurnished $20., furnished $40 per month. See E. W. Beaty, Emmet! Arkansas or Phone 784 Hope. 3-3tp TWO HOUSES, ONE 8 ROOM AND one 5 room, mile from Hiph School. See C. F. Baker, Phone 30-J-ll - 26-Stp NICE BEDROOM THREE BLOCKS from down town. Private entrance and private conveniences to couple without children, business women or men. Men preferred. 116 West Ave. 24-3tdh DON'T TAKE A CHANC1! BRING us your abstract work. MONROE ABSTRACT CO. Phone 10 WASH 1NGTON, ARKANSAS. 1-L Imp" Take All YouT Tax Deductions Taxpayers Should Make Study of ' Form 1040 By ALEXANDER R. GEORGE Wide \\orld Features Writer WASHINGTON-Much higher taxes, together with increased living costs, ,™ thls the ys . ai ' ol y e a« to take ex'" —e in making out an income tax •„ r~Y- P enny ' s worth °f diligence m looking for every deductible item may save you mahy precious dollars. Remember that certain types of in— are specifically exempt from on Among these are proceeds life insurance policies, accident ~- health insurance funds and pensions for service by a war veteran. If you are making a return on the older, more complete form 1040 you should study carefully instructions on the form. Many persons fail to take advantage of such obvious and important money-saving allowances as personal exemptions and credit for de- N ME POPPA KlKl IMPERSOMAK& ME- OM A.CCOUMT OF COB V LOOK'S <SO MUCH ALIKB, BUT I KIM MOT FIGURE OUT UJHO THE OTHER r By Walt Disney f l\ < ^FURNISHED GARAGE APARTMENT 2 miles out on Highway 4. Gas water, lights. Doyle Bailey Phone 31J13. ' FOR RENT-2 ROOM FURNISHED or unfurnished apartment. No children.' 704 E. Division. , --', 4-3tp i B ffi <?m-,i, .„ .,, •— _ ii!U Smith, married, reports a inet 35JOS' FURNISHED CABIN. APPLY, \™° me of S3 - 50 °- He fails to deduct ™" ""•'"- A - 2-3tp ?»». interest and taxes on a home he is buying. His tax comes to 5186, $29 more than he needs to pay if he take: the allowable S300 deduction. Here are some other ways to lose money on your income tax return- Fail to deduct the cost of that trip to^ a business conference in another Overlook the deduction of $100 you contributed to the church. Fail to list as a bad debt that $150 loan to Joe Zilch, who jumped town owing everybody. Forget to deduct your state income tax payment. Include in your gross income alimony or an allowance based on a sep- SrPTlfin f>rti«rt^irt~^._j. * Answer to Cranium Crackers Questions on Page One 1. Australian and New Zealand soldiers are called Anzacs and the ^?iL C ° me A S fr ° m J^^tralian-New in 2. Patrick Hurley, secretary of war under President Hoover is the present and first American minister to New Zealand. 3. Australia approximately Ls he same size geographically as the United States. 4. Richard Casey is the Australian minister in Washington and he •,BAY MARE. SPLIT RIGHT *«K Wt 600 Ibs. B Z on rghTfore shouW-' er. 5 or 6 year 3 . F. L. Douglas. Hope Rt. 1. Box 10. 23-lOtp Furniture For Sale FRANKLIN FURNITURE CO. 117 South Elm Street. We are selling out and all furniture must go Many outstanding buys. Come in today. All sales final. 20-tf IDEAL FURNITURE STORE ----- •>* -° ve next door Theater ^_ .„„. uuw , lu ouen g er xneater *or better prices on furniture see 4-3tn Air School MEN AND WOMEN, .„-,., vli/ "!! d ^. . by . "'r 5 "" factories. You Q . See our representative, Mr. Mills at Barlow Hotel, Thurs- ATPn C S/i^, day f ° r ful1 in^mation. AIRCRAFT TRAINING SCHOOLS Dallas. 3 . 3t ' Mosquitoes have a wing area of almost five square yards for each pound of body weight. aration agreement. Fail to deduct the cost of an un- ring whi eh was Fail to file your income tax return by midnight March 16 (Delinquency penalties range from 5 to 25 per cent of the tax.) Don't depend on the government to catch your mistakes. Uncle Sam expects you to iook out for your own interests as well as complying with the income tax law. (Next: About Those Surtaxes-. lor, have their eyebrows plucked tinted, and hair waved. ' ' I SHOULD^ KMOUJED VUJHATCH'A • IT CUAS LOU, POPFWA TALKIM' ABOUT? D've KMOUJ i ^YE POPRtj? , A FULL CROP O 1 •SHE I-S HELPIM& AKJOTHER POPEVG TLUEM'MV FOUR " be Political Announcement The Star is authorized to announce the following as candidates subject to the action of the Hempstead County Democratic primary election: DONALD At the End of His Rope Sheriff & Collector FRANK J. HILL County & Probate Clerk BLONDIE It's Cruelty to Animals! By Chic Young WMATARE POIMG PAPPY &ILOVETO)||i SUPPER FROM A STILL GOT HIS RABBITS ? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES " By Edgar Martin RED"RYDER Diablo's No Rocking Chair By Fred harman VJItriOUt IT — ^NDVJe GOTT/S FIND " Ne'wSnf " Mind Your Manners Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Should a man ever say She was introduced to me"? 2. When introducing two women of about the same age does which name is spoken 3 In introducing your brother- m-law is it better to say, "This is my brother-in-law" or "This is Linda's husband"? 4. Is it correct to begin an introduction by saying "I want to make you acquainted with"? 5. Should small children who happen tu be around be introduced when grownups call? Answers 1. No. "I was introduced to to her." 2. No. 3. The latter ir the person knows your sister. 4. No. "I want you to know" is correct. 5. Yes. Well Equipped A fully equipped railway dining car carries the following stock, exclusive n *"? d P ravisio "- <i -- 2000 napkins, uY 61 *' 7 °° Pieces of silverware tablecloths, 650 pieces of chinaware, 240 pieces of glassware, 300 are, pieces of pantry and kitchenware, 200 ••» identic? •-,,-,,] 1C 11 _____ j. i aprons, and 150 waiters' coats, By J.R.Williams •STRONJG GUYS MAKE ME FEEL SO HOPELESS/ I AIKVT SO STROK1G/ J GOT A PIG BANK MADE IM JAPArO.,. THAT5 AMOTHER MISTAKE THEY MADE, MAK1M 1 BANKS-WHEM I PUT A DIME IM I SAY, 'YOU ASKED ALLEY OOP What's That, King: EH P OUe PUSH ON THE. CENTER WAS THI2O\MM BALDCi2DA.su THlklG AS A Dl^CSOM, L.ET V=>WM ' FRECKLESAND HIS FRIENDS Open and Shut Case By Merrill Blosse . ii^.™. — T—»~I t / ^^iisv^ WRITINS , COOK / Wg'LL TO BE- RIGH :AM Pf?INT s A PICTURE OF Tvie MAYOI BROTHER, I HE" IM pfeisir IT'LL i SOMETl- WE CAW AFFORD TO LOOK SOMETHING- STICK OUR NECKS OUT LIKE THIS/ MAVOR.'S BROKER., AND GET A . STATEMEMr/ CIVtLIAKl DEFENSE M

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