Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 27, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1939
Page 2
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Hope tar of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January It, IMS , Deliver Thy Herald From False Report Pttbtohed every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. ., . Art*" ^ WaShburn ' at the Star building. 212-214 South C. E. PAtJMGR, President ~ ALEX. H. WASHBURX KdUor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press! - " ' (NBA)— Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Sulwcilptlon Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By citv carrier Wan ™uh for oil • THE FAMILY DOCTOR .Hoag STA& m&AtKAm&i Announcement Th« Star Is authorized to nn- rfoimc* the following camtMal M snbjett to the acMon of ttyj'fymo. cratlt city primary eJrrtlon *>y, November 28, 19M; For Cily Attorney E. F. M'F'ADDIN LAWSON E. GLOVER ficient in its activities, we become short of breath, tire easily. ,,ncl find, it impossible to carry on the daily •ictivities of life. I The heart needs plenty of rest and I relaxation. It needs good nutrition.,' since the nutrition of the heart de-! pends on miiintninmg ;, proper con- ' • "Ths More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • • You Can Talk to Only One Alan 0 Want Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads ca.s/i m advance Not taken over the Phone One iinw-3. word, minimum 30c Three Ume*-3ttc word, minimum Ife h.x times-*, wort, minimum 90c One month-ISc word, minimum |MO Rates are for continuous intertlona only. Service* Offered r. w. off By OR. MORRIS FISHBEIN " "•" ••aiuiitrillt illKl I IVI IICW t ve must wntch our diets to make cer-' Cobb Cr.S-J am we have enough of the essential i • ood substances. , 7- he .. hcarl . puI . n l- l - q . blootl which car-j I lope SERVICES OFTERKD— See Hsmn 12 West Fo? t. Phone P Sept. 20 1M. For Sale FOR SALB-SIx room home on — — • •• ...... i.,.,c,,, K i( fjn>|jer con- I OFTE htion of the blood. Tlie blood pro- 1 stead Mollveas Shop 712 West Fom ' -SIx room home on a viaes all organs with nourishment, urn! I for new and re-built. Phone Paul I "" et> ael ' c '"'• nlso onc hundi-ed five " ....... " ' * c ' re fum »' De Ann. NOTICE :1 I Hope, Ark.. Route 3. Leroy Samuel, 22-Gtp ANSWER TO IRANIUM CRACKER Qitf.sUoiis on Page One 1. Fnlse. Hnumiin Become ' n republic in 1303. 2. True. The official Inngunga is Spanish. 3. True. The United States rc-nts the Cnniil Zone for 4.10.000 balljons ii ycnr (about $T2S.OO«.) •). Pulse. Dr. Juan Di>nuisti<nes is_presicltMif of I'nnnma. a. Fnlse. Panama was formerly Piirt of Colombia. OUT OURWAY Drftft-rioters in New York in 18(53, ipsislinK service in the Uniun Army. held possession of the city dnys. for I'our tmporlnticm of live turkeys into th<> Unitrd Stales increased from 53. (Mil! pounds in 1M7 to HK.Iifil) pounds in % I illl.8 USE l~ \*> *.J *-» \ Monts Sugar Cure When Butclioring This Fall and Winter - For sale by the leading merchants '• in every community. By J. 11 Williams Box FOB SALE— 1 ladies first grade Vj carat diamond rins. A bargain for cu.'h. Phone H29. 2-l-3lp Women Loss Susceptible Than Men to Diseases of Coronary Arteries (This is tlic second of H arti- fi- 1,-s, dealing with the nine princ- iual causes of death in the United States. During the course of the scries. Dr. Fishbein will advise his readers -concerning preventa- five measures. - has become possible to develop 10 heart —— - commandments which everyone should : VOTE FOR-Jim Dml.son for alder- learn if he wants to prolong his life- ' " l: "> W "'<1 Two. It will bo appreciated 1. Do not subject your heart to sud- i 27-lip. 'icn, stronnous or nrolnniffvl nV»»n>; i • -*•—~" -—•—•• . .....—. -__—._. ,_, __ "* I** ijuji if; tx i pnvsiCiil i —^^ —" —— : e * cr ' lon ' i Wanted , '.Eat reguliirlv. slowly and t»m ' ~ Pcratcly. ' Xb ""dtern., WANTK1 , TO BU ^f~ —~~ | STRAYED-Twc ' liliick ears, white FOR SALE - 150x150 7CT room house 2Vi blocks of postoffico on Second street.. Residence and semi-business property. Price 51,500.00. Terms Box 98. Hope Star. 27-110 Lost Pcrately. j WANTKI) TO BUY-W.> pay more .1. Ii you are excessively overweight.]'' 01 ' !!""d Used furitilmv, -Moves, rugs, seek sound counsel ns to how best' elc - MH ' us before you buy ur .sell. to dispense with this form of heart '• franklin's Furniture Store" 112 So. nary arteries is hypertension or high blood pressure. All "over the world (1 r the th h '''' heav.est -- of. the heart that attack peo- ' Our real knowledge of the diagnosis of coronary disease goes back only about a quarter of a century. Dr James ,B. Herrick, an American, was the first to recognize and describe definitely the effects of obstruction of the coronary arteries of the heart, a- work for which he recently received the' distinguished service medal of the American Medical Association. If diseases of the coronary arteris including angina pectoris. were separated from all other forms of heart disease, they would still rank eight in the leading causes of death. Men suffer more from these conditions than-do women. There are many theories concerning this fact, the chief explanation being that men are constantly under greater strain and drive than are women. Men art- likely to indulge in dietary excesses much more than are women. Use of alcohol and tobacco, and exposure to intoxicating substances, sulch as industrial poisons, are much great- ML 0 ."'! *•** "PProprinte measures keep " hypertension under control. Such activity will also yield good results in the prevention of coronary disease ami angina pectoris. Infection is the chief cause of heart disease among young people. Among older people, breakdown of the tissue, including hardening of the arteries, is probably most important, particularly when infections accoom- pany this condition. The heart beats on an average o: 4200 times an hour, which means many millions of contractions of the heart muscle every year. Each time (he heart beats, three ounces of blood are poured into the large blood vessels, j Six quarts of blood leave the heart every hour, which means about 36 gallons a day. The heart can develop ZV- horsepower a day, and yet it is only a mass of muscle, nerves "and blood fessels, about the -size of a fist. Fortunately for most of us, we need pay little attention to the heart. your body as free a.s possible from so-called' foci of infection. and children's N2-lm Patterson Cash .' ' For Rent Setter bird clogs, -ody black ticked. Collars with name pinto. Reward. F. R. Johnson. 27-3tp. LOST—3 one dollars bills in small For Re,nt FOR KKNT- FOR RENT— South bedroom, adjoining bath. tr.iraKc. siO.OO Large . .. . are double bedroom. 2 closets and beds •SouUi bedroom, acljoin- - P .----.- w^w,,. J iny bath, garage, S10.00 Large double hiL'hV 6 - r lntestmal elimination is bedroom. 2 closets and bods complete t mplcU -' f< "' 2 ' S7 - r)t) ench - ?»""«' highly important. I lor 2 5750 , p) „ G r 7 R ' „„? «- r »-R. 801 South Main. 27-3lp S. Average not less than eight hours South Main. ' 8 °' ' of s eep in a room abundantly sup phed with fresh air. 0. Perennial health demands 7-R. 801 r>-3tp pro-] • - ••-«»..i iitiiiujiuA ti proper balance between work, play and 10 A periodic examination may often reveal defects of which you arc totally unaware. NEXT: Advice to heart disease patients. ICoad Mercy ROANOKE, Va. -,*>- 'Stranded travelers forced to dismount from a! disabled bus here were chilled by' winter winds but warmed by the i spontaneous hospitality of nearby resi- I dents. The citizens served the bus i passengers sandwiches and hot drinks' on the street until the bus company! arranged other transportation. For Sale FOU SALE—Small studio piano, used ! FOR RENT— 3 room unfurnished apartment. Private*entrance. No children. 91!) South Elm. 27-3lp. used as demonstrator. 30 months to pay. Also one Stromberg-Carlson radio. Will sell for balance due. Sec Harvey Odom. 610 West Fourth. Phone ^1-^ '___ 21-Ctp TOR RENT— O/ie 5-room house, one 1-room house, one 3-roorn furnished apartment, all in Magnolia Addition. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Phone 38-11. _ _ 21 -ate works satisfactorily, there Tlic Worth Sea lies almost directly ' but when the heart begin, to be de- • SERIAL STORY 5 WOULD KILL BY TOM HORNER COPVUIflHT. l«». NtA 8CRVICB. INC- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HE'S A NUT. OH, HE CAN'T HELP THAT-- HE AIM'T MORMAL-- HL5 SOUL AM' HIS STLMMICKL AIM'T AS CLOSE TOGETHER AS. NOBMAL PEOPLES. / POM'T yOU TMIMK 'T.' THER. CLOSER TOGETHER THAN OTHER. PEOPLE'S .' ] THIMKlW HOW MUCH XT MOOKJ LOOKS LIKE IMTO A BOWL OF CHICKEM GRAVY WITH 6UTTER. IM IT, IT.C? A PANCAKE WITH BUTTER!. OOZIM' ALL CVf=P. IT.' A MUT WHO'S COLD, TIRED,HAFF .STARVED AKJ' MILES FCOM HOME AW.STORS TO GATE ATrMCOM- LIGHTS SOUL FOOD n DuiTnon urr»nee» it. IJoue- iHoivx th«' girl a button (rum dr«««. "i found it hi Ben»*> Htudj-. \Vrre you ihrref ndniKsi «hr »«w Ilentliorite nuI.itM It -wan early In (lie Jong before he ivn« CHAPTER XI j spread tossed back over the foot of the bed; the muddy shoes, side by side; the black raincoat in a heap on the floor; the ,hat, on the highboy, and the little line of water down the front of the drawers; the figure of Alston. now? "Must you dls- Helen Benthorne led the way. There v.'as a queenly pride in hef erect carriage, a calm defiance in her manner that easily explained Arnold Benthorne's longing to have this woman for his wife, and to take any means to force her into that marriage. Helen Ben- thorne was an aristocrat, Dawson knew, and her mannerisms never allowed anyone to forget it. She opened the door to the guest room gently, then threw it wide with a crash. My father 'is gone!" she screamed. Dawson darted into thu ALLEY OOP Leave It to Willie By Edgar Martin Sour Grapes open off the !ht." son glanced backward for a moment. On the other side of the swinging doer he had just passed through was the dining room, and beyond that the itudy . u Cl man ; ™.'ENTY minutes later he hurned-ran- , ± ready to admk thai =• • . He-follosved Mrs. Benthorne up' B€ ' nlllc "' nc haci ever '-the stairj. "Here i.s the landing . .where father paused to catch hi- breath—" Xciinz Dav/son's quix- xic-al look, .she added. ' ; Oh yc-.s, CKpiain, I forgot to tell you. I l;.ll:ed to Father after he had seen you. He told me all that he had "naid." She hurried on, her black svidu'n" about her trim t-n m li trace of It was true. The bed was empty I he covers thrown back. The shoes' I were Mill there, neatly placed j.sjde by side, half under the bed. Dawson rushed to the head of file front staircase, searched thu hallway and entrance beneath. "Krone! Krone!" he shouted, and as the patrolman rushed through the half-open front door, "watch ihis MaJrv.'ay and the hall there. Stop everyone. I'm coming SLIPPIMG THROUGH THE RLJIWS ALREADY GOT AM ~ :N,AM'THIS 5NEWILL MAKE BY net scgwcr we r. u. BE c. u. s. P.T WASH TUBES Thftre ; deeds son rs; clo.;ei:;, filled v.-. of dollar,-; of cusllv no cltv. hung neatly shoulders in : ,ho] at the- •• •— •••'••'JJlJJW.-ll^Ll ihrouj{h the swinging door. "Anyone yo Ihrough he-re in the last ° " nd iflon - 1 ; angar i '° c ' :s ' -on hesitated a 3 ho reached ' of the ,tai«, o-ed a .mail | ro^ St .d in th u wall. "The ! veIo| J(! to pieces with a .-mail gold ciititc," Helen Ber.thorne i'' :.oul, Captuin," Douglas'•V/hut's the laltl ' door f/.iti:c-s (•x.plainfd. "A most plac? to hide u gun." convenient ' . " 01 '- Sht ' did. not mi-s D., , ; 'P J)rovin ^ ^ance at the lc!ed hangai ' i - Jlrs. Benthorne." Duv..-.<,n :.mili-d' "Krone emptied ii. £ u i! y lv/tj !l()Ul .,; "Do you really think you'll find that gun here in the hoiue, Captain?" Helen Benthow :er-mr-d amused at the thought. »i >"h 0 uld it-link you'd be searching the grounds. Undoubtedly the murderer of my husband went out the •V/incJow. While you waste time 'here, he's probably miles away." . "Mr. Benthorne had many ene- '• |)aused - as if listening, ' oorn directly over "Arnold had no friends." She opened n door, "This is the guest rcorn" —and nodding at the figure v;ird tht dO:.ct. 'The gown*.? Thf.y must liavfe :<'''• i a :n:i>n luriutit,' JJuWiOri "-'!<i, the hangar;. I insisted tip.'-n t.^-in. but Arnold could never ^•-e v/hy ti,c- ordinary wire kind— •tio.e aie cleaners always send • Nacfc—v.f-rci.'j : OV.'lll.-d OIU- Of :"'dk-< U, 0 se- mean." I The (leiecUve nodded, and wont Is this . - -* — - -* jt*i. Bt*n— lioi-nt-s study?" he asked. Benthorne's widow shook her head. "I wish it were," she re- Js good. He the cornpajiies that -tnc '..-ire ones, I ''.-.Iston—he's disappeared!" "but he was upstairs, sleeping." ''Y f --- — yt-i-. — I ;:aw iiim not ^0 minute.-; ago, sound asleep. But lift's not ihfiv now. Did you set- lain coim; down the stairs?" ''I'll just rti-jiped outsitlf wilh •loc-y for a smolre—I'd have heard I urn—" "lit-- left his shoes by the bed— V.'hat \verc- you doing outside?" Liav/.-on thundered. "Search the house. C;ill \n a couple of those men on duty in front—get me a do/en more. Where's Flynn? What—" The words died in his lhro;>!. ••\V<M-e you looking for me, Cap- ISW'T VT TOO WONDERFUL FOR WORDS UWKV, DARLING... WE'RE TO BE MARRIED? IF AMVTH1M6 HAPPENED FROM Behind the Eight Ball By V. T. Hamlin T-sp ^ 4V ^i_ 21gVNE»JSERVICE, INC FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS OF COURSE WE'LL MEED A B166ER HOUSE, LIMVCV, AMD A CAR AMD tPTTE W ^L^ D A FWUDR . C .°^ FW ° ER " A " " A1 " "'BOUT THAT TOMORROW GOOD W1SHT — .c-o. Love at First Sight Roy Crane ._ MOUTH? "50 WEAK? HOW'LL WASHIU6TOU By Merrill Blosser M is 6OING HOME FOR A BRIEF VISIT DUCINS THE HOLIDAYS, BUT HE'LL COME. BACK- —AMD HOW/ RED RYDER the rumpled bed. My father is sleeping. . . . Poor Dad! The detective pushed past her. through the doorway. He took in Jhe disarray of the room; the opened and Alston emerged ii'uin tiie long corridor. The detective- .slared at iiim, openmouthed. "I awakened suddenly, with an idea," Al.-Aon explained. " INTRODUCES THE NEW TEACHER fo . WITHERS ' » •••*• *-*>-ilMiiJi J1C o room is above the study." Do you want to look around my husband's room?" "Not right away," Dawson said. HI have to awaken your father nov/. Of would you rather?" something you'll want to see." Ha handed the detective a .smudged, water-stained cigaret, half burned and crushed. "Moat interesting," he went on slowly, his breath rasping in his throat. (To Be Continued) ENROLLING LITTLE BEAVER. IfO SCHOOL, -THAT LUCKY DRAKE CLANS To Roe THE HOME- CO f-MNG- Mf? THERE GOES , NUBBIN. JUNE/I'LL MISS HIM, BUT HIS FOLKS WIU. BE GLAD Tb SEE ASAIN ' HE'S A STRANGE" SOV / HE'S AS SMART AS THEY COME , BUT HIS ENGLISH IS ATUOQOUS/ THATS WHAT ._ MEAN .' HE WRITES MARVELOUS ESSAYS, AND THEN MURDERS His SPEECH ' SAYS "AIN'T'' AND 'THis'N"AHiD THINGS LIKE THAT/ I ASKED HIM ABOUT THAT HE OUOTED WILL ROGERS / OP PEOPZJ^HO'S^'SV 01 " AiNT BATING t" So LONG.. FRECK' Nor WHEN HE PUTS IT DOWN) ON PAPER, f The Plotters By Fred Harman THIS IS OO JEAN B>£LU, MRS. WITHERS.' SHE'D LIKE to RENT YOUR I HOPE YOU'LL I'LL LOVE IT,RED.' SHE ,_ ALL OUR. (-\E AM OPERATION •" 5AKE.e-- TO TKIMK ^^ ' SOOA) WALK LIKE IT HERE, <5a SWEET, AND SHE'LL BE SO HAPPY VJHEN OK.\Y, I'LL. GET

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