The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1940
Page 1
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LIFE WAR Buy a Button ? o Sponsor VOLUME XXXVII—NO. -10. BIJTHMnJllCOURIER NEWS . nuitiiiiiA ,.>i AKKAN8A3 AND SOUTHEAST MlHSOlmi nlvn fm 15 ^\ N ° WS ^i<*'W>! Valley lender" Blythcvllli! Coiirler Blytheville Hcrnld YTII KVHJfo AliKA NS AR, Ml IOAY, MAY 10, "ii AWES ACCEPT HITLER'S BOLD fie a Sponsor liny a Hntton SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS See&Jb Germany Boasts Of Early Success In Its Invasion and Belgian terntory ami completed the occuimlior, of 1 ux cmboui-ff in ;i Mitzkriee- campaign. ' L( - u i)<u. u .. ot Lux- -Dutch soldiers Rotlerdnm to- . ...... ... (UP)oft German atliicks HM , o- the Nazi forces unable to advance effect velv vanc after a foothold on the right bank of the i river BE CHURCHILL IS Map Of Blitzkrieg wlu Was reported from (hc P a " M J01Ue(1 Bcl * ian fi S hti "ff craft. ' < UP >-' rlle hfch command h n <' " - comman ht broadcast- a message to the troops stating u lat "th e .c su " - ps s Htrateg.c attack of the enemy failed. ,i r,^ (UP)-Gei-many's armed forces. ruck .into Holland,. Belgium and Luxembourg at "the hour' on Sr?rontr ibat *" ^ l ' em ' M sweepin * 8UCCesses , The Germans claimed that- 9 Th? D ^. C '' i! aPital> ' he Ha6U §: lla<i 1)eC » MCU|)ied .:. inree French airdromes, including (lie impordim hiw -.1 M»I» had been totally destroyed am. many others tad? damn4d capture* - mp ° rlanl Dlltch "»" ™&™ ''"-ports ami Somr district of Germany"'' "'""* successfuu > r ">»«chcH across the western frontier., lind IniTUn" Wil ' el f^ f ° adcnst " lckC( > «P i» New York said (he Nazis Had captured several Dutch ports) ll'in^f f" 1 " " ir f ° r , CC , S thQl " sw *'* ^^""w'tow'raLlr^'/romle™ attacked by air and landed along the coast The Germans were reported using flat bottomed naval craft to operate in areas which the Dutch flooded by blasting their dvkes mai I)'' b '" e - St n "- d ce ' Ural F 1 ' 311 " wer <=. targets for surprise Oer- large flies," British Make Important Government Change With Unprecedented Speec LONDON, May JO. (UP): —Prime Minister N e v i 11 c' Chamberlain resigned tonight 1 and Winston Cliurchill) agreed to form a new gov-1 ernmenl. Tile new government — it was agreed without exception—shall be one of national unity in u-hicli labor, liberals and conserviilives alike join to meet thc threat of. the dread German blitzkrieg. The change of government was accomplished in record breaking speed for the ordinarily sloiv mid traditionally form''bound British parliamentary system. Orly this morning It generally, as-uslleved that despite unleashing of the' German attacks on the law countries and the imminent! threat to the British isles (lint il' would be 10 days or a fortnight before a new government might be formed. But sudden conferences were held. The labor party agreed to go into the government if Chamberlain quit and within a few hours the ircllmlnartes which give Britain a iew virile war leader had been ac- :omplkhed. At three minutes before B p.m. Chamberlain appeared at Buckingham Palace and 0:25 p.m. lie FORTIFICATIONS RAILROADS CANALS available todny on the •actual de- Coun tries'JMitzkrieg !lil/kric S Gorman Tw^^TtX..... T._ A _ Belgium with Die aid of the Allies Franco son«hl to r a " |)lallts officla! news agency said ' """ and and Met/ wore nb- "Air squadrons supported by Die advance of thc army plnved an tresse^'" 1 ' >fln ' "' "* Cfl!>U "' C ° f °" e ° f thC St ™" 8< * 1 Be.gian foi- Soon after Foreign Minister Joachim von Eibbcntrop had said at a special press conference that German troops had been ordered to lake over the "low commies" to thwart an Allied plan to launch an •Mmme- ?o a ihe a iroo M °" 0<!rmrmy * Rllllr VJlllcy ' 1Iitle! ' Isslls ' rt a proclamation He said that Britain and Prance had been trying for 300 vears to keep Germany powerless and that now they planned to carve Germany into small states. He said the Allies had rejected his pea-e offers and emerged to be followed Immediately by Churchill, it row was evident that the change had been made— Chamberlain out. Churchill In. ! It was the first time In a career devoted to politics-most of it in the spotlight—that Churchill headed a new government. Technically he Is rot yet head of a government but none In London tonight doubted thiu he would able to enlist the necessary sup- (Urltaln stem the tide of ihe mighty German blitzkrieg now un\sr.shed In all Its fury by Adolf Hitler. However fierce fighting was reported at Aachen (P-Di. Germany claimed to have captured The Hague iIC-5) Netherlands capital and Rotterdam (J-0) wns reiMitcd the scene of stiff fighilng. The liny little Uuchy of Luxembourg (B-|0) was submerged In tli ( . first, blltxkrleg move. The West Krisinti Islands, off 'Che Netherlands coast O-<n, were occupied by Hie Gennnn.s. Brussels, Belgium's capltnl (F-5), hnd been bombed early In Hie hlllzkrietr. ^^ -- — — — - . . ^^^ German Troops Pour Into Belgium And Holland But Meet Stiff ResKtarice .... ">' 'hdleil 1'irs* Dutch ,uul Belgi today in a K . nhlst Cre.t Britain. back of Holland Both UrUuIn and France open cities would bo met summer, a poll conducted by the — - ** .....i., j,,m j^ji.^'.ni lux iJc-uL'e oiErrs and that although "the German people have no hate or enmity for the English or French people, the paramount question is whether" thc German people shall live or be submerged." He said Germany had nipped hi the bud an Allied flank attack In Hie north (in Nonvay) and that the Allies then, under cover ol a huge diversion maneuver in southeast Europe, had prepared to attack the Ruhr through Holland and Belgium. "Soldiers of the West Front," Hitler said, "the hour for you now iias arrived. Thc battle beginning (oday decides the fate of the German nation for thc next 1,000 years. Do your duly now! The German people, with words ot blessing, is with you." Courier News hns rei'cnle<l." ^fot only BID (he ballots sent Into the Courier News practically always "For" but. Interviews with H business men picked at random, have Had not this been evident it was regarded as certain that Chamberlain would have deferred his resignation. What will be the makeup of the new government was not ycl kiioivn hut It was expected to include • . David Lloyd George, Britain's war I rev(lalp d 12 for the new time ana prime minister and veteran liberal ! only Uvo n e nln s,t H. - | It. is understood that the mat- j PARIS. May to. (UP)—Premier i"" 1 "'" bc take " "U by the Cham- Pnid Rcyiuuid issued a communique i bcr ° r Comm crcc at mice which tonight announcing reorganization """" "" "" ' I of the French cabinet as a broader coalition government. Employers In Favor Of Daylight Saving Time baTXh!' ™ J S"Ih^" U '? l -« "° U ° ! >'* '" «>'• Stock Prices A T & T Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Cities Service ... Ccca Cola General Electric 172 , 88 1-4 20 3-8 . Bti 1-4 , 81 1-B 0 1-8 125 35 General Motors 57 3 -4 55 5-B Int Harvester Montgomery Ward . N V Central North Am Aviation Packard Phillips, Radio Republic Sleel Socony Vac 101-8 Studebaker 01-1 Standard Oil N J 41 7-8 Texas Corp 45 U S .Steel GO 5-8 45 1-2 14 t-8 23 1-4 3 1-8 39 3-8 G 21 May July Chicaao Wheat open high low close 1081-2 1091-2 1071-2 1081-8 103 109 107 1081-2 Year Old Baby Dies At Hospital Here Thomas Wayne Olree, one-year- old so,-., of Mr. and Mrs. T E Olree who live at 210 West Cherry street, died last night at Walls Hospital. The baby had been ill for a wccV- from a complication of diseases Funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock, Cobb si»nsoring group present the matter to the cltj' council. Everywhere the question asked New York Cotton , -—— ] only In the "possibility" stage, Prev. many declared that they wanted Open High Low Close Close the Chamber of Commerce to take 1054 10S-4 1017 1021-25 1054 UP the matter at once so that the ivm ir>on „„., U8( . 8Q 102B ]1EW ljmc C01|](| eo . ]](o cnccl nt 959-01 99^ the same time as Memphis. 948 9781 Two opponents lo the j.oposfid 945 971 changes were Ihe Ellis Implement 930 oc-i Company's manager, W. H. Holi combe, and J. T. Wcstbrook, man- - ployes revealed nil of them for the new time. "We have to work Inlc often anyway to accommodate our farmer customers but Hint, Is alright. We want day ItBhl snvlng time. "Like all other big towns- Bly- thevllle should have dny light saving time" declared Harry Klrby, druggist. Similar opinions were expressed by Edgar Borum and other druggists interviewed who said (bat while It did not affect their business materially because they slny- «l open every night, (lint It should ninny people. One druggist store. W. P. Pi-yor, manager of the J. Disrcgai-ci Quotas; AAA Officials Warn 01 Loss To Slate LITTLE KOCK, May 10-Qov, Curl E. niilley nunouticcd yesterday that the Arkansas pcnltcntlnry (arm system will refuse to participate In the Agricultural Adjustment Administration's control program this year nnd will exceed Us 1930 cotton quota by 2,000 acres. Following t| 1P governor's statement AAA officials lost no lime In warning Ui«l Arkansas will lose bencnl nnyjiienb- to all state Institutions pnrtlcipatlng In (ho AAA program and will Incur n penally of three cents )>ci- pound on all cotton marketed In excess of Its assigned qnotn if the peiml system ovcrplnnts Its ijuota of -1,100 acres, Clov. Ualtcy said that 7,000 acres luid been pliuHcd to cotton this spring-, compared to 4,100 imdei quota assignments year. Saying that if the penal farms remained In thc AAA program, net profits would be reduced and his plans to use the surplus to set up it fund for the relief of families of Imprisoned men would be impossible, he iidclcd: "I believe the rapid movement toward accomplishing thl.i purpose Is more desirable lo ihe people of this state and of more economic Import that the very Insignificant effect our participation In the triple A program would have on cotton market conditions." The announcement was it culmination of criticism of what the governor described us <i "croivlng trend toward federal bureaucracy." There Ls no way thc Male can .„„„-„„,,„„, „,„,. market the prison grown cotton j Opening of Uic without payment of (he penalty. ] lonu been flrnin<ri every resource: Dulch ™ d ™*™ Tllc ««««•- capital kind. Gei-iunny Hint IramlMidinf" ot ^•SySf^'^^f'Sru^ss s^^^K^^'iSJSffS'^K i earnc ieriimn it was said because the purchaser must, collect (he penalty. May July Oct. Dec. aJn. Mar. 1054 1020 970 9S2 955 960 Now You Can Travel On Monthly Payments ST. LOUIS. May 10.—The Travel Credit Plan under which railway trips nnd (ours may b 1020 987 912 955 9CO 982 955 942 941) S30 Kew Orleans Cotton May Juli- 'Ocl. , , Home by the Rev Ocl - fr Dce ' --"•"*- nj my i\e\. w. J. lx?Hoy, formerly pastor of thc Lake Street Methodist church and now pastor at Manila. Bttrlal will be in Elmwood Cemetery Thc baby was av, only child. Drivers Heed Warning NEWTON, Mass. (UP)-A postman may always ring twice, but a careless driver who has received one ticket most likely will not be a. repeater. A survey conducted by police shows that out of 1.500 "courtesy" (raffle tickets Issued as warnings only five motorists incurred prosecution by getting Iwo Mnr ' Open . 1028 . 984 . 963 . 962 . 952 992 978 962 961 963 9-19 947 938 1033 997 967 053 847 939 j shorter working hours for all store employes during the summer months with the stores also to Prcv - employes durTnt; C '° sc Closc ltlomhs with Livestock EAST ST. LOUfS. III.. May 10 (UP)-Hogs: receipts. 5.800, 6,500 salable. Top, 5.90 HO-160 Ibs., 5.80-5.DO Bulk sows, 4.SO-5.30 Cattle: 5,000, 3,000 salable Steers (small lot) 810-D75 Butchers yearlings, 8.75-9 CO Slaughter heifers, 1.25-1050 Cows, 6.00-6.75 Cullers and low cutters, 4,00-5.15 closc on Mr. Holcoinbe said that Blytheville was strictly a farming community and that in his business it was necessary to often stay open very late to accommodate farmers needing repairs and that the new lime would be an inconvenience to his firm's employees because of the farmers working late. \fr. Westbrook's did not fsvor tile new lime he said the best shopping hour was in the Inte afternoon but after discussing the matter declared hi> thought that all stores should close at 5 p. m. c The Delta IinplMnciu~Company Is 100 per cent for the change, according to L. G. Nash, manager, C. Penney store, said "My store is;on n monthly Installment pla:> will most certainly In favor of it. lily- • •• • - tlievllle needs it and we will co- o|»ratc." Floyd A. White, one of (lie first be available to travelers at key points on thc Frisco Hathoad. J. W., passenger truflic manager, announced loday, route ling was no longer in donbti^We In progress. ""! .'. ln ". k !'l rou 8h the low countries,'h hat only by tiwt i" S ',' CCCW '" Nonvn >" but "' C h " d C01 " c wllc " thc German amed fnrr« ,,„« l " c m 8y German amed forces m ist attempt a knockout blow before the British and French recovered and swung their full power Into active warfare ' Thc by th —' •-••*- -• *••" •"••": i»b*.<. .vi^.uui.Luu iuuu>, >„ n r decisive hour" bad been reached was expressed advocates of the plan, wild:: "You i tjixlcr the new deferred payment ,? fuehrer himself In his proclamation calling upon Germany (o don t need to ask me for yon know; plan recentlv effected by G6 load-1, .1V vcry ? l ilU ° " lc baUlc bccallse th « union's fate for tin! I am surely In favor ol Ihe plan.) ing- railroads, the prospective trav- llc \ l ' '™ M »' years was at stake, tvnrv n,,n ,, nn rf, mn ,..™ii~. »...i..,.. ...._._.. Iii line with this declaration, Hitler brought into action nil of the i genius for perfect planning and execution of military strokes i air, land and sea forces-mines were laid off Dutch and Every one needs recreation deserves It." andj cU-r mny apply at the Frisco Travel „ ! Bureau and ujx>n credit acceptance. Every employe of thc local I'iggly! nw kln B no down payment, secure wiggly store Is in favor of the new his tickets and reservations Install- llmc, according lo W. U. McMulfin, j ments [or the trip being made on re for it 100 per cent." Miss Whltsltt's !3)iO}> plans to Oer, Uctelnn „ , ' , - Uclginn ports— coo|«rate as one vast machine Nourae listed thc offices of the cooperate heartily in the nc»r plan,' Frisco Campbell. ! iu, IV IIIVIUDL- UIUIIlll^'IlilDl, rtla.; The IJbcrty Cash Grocery store 1 Augusta, Ncoclcsha and Plttsburg, would like lo have It, according to Kans.; Kansas City, Monetl, Moun- Ils local manager, Mitchell Saliba. lain Grove ar.d St. Louis, Mo.; Bureau 20, lo include Birmingham, "H would give both employers and employes more recreation and I certainly want It" Pat O'Dryant, owner of thc O'Bryant Jewelry Store said, Oscar Bailey, speaklnR as manager of tlie Mead Clothing Company, does not believe that It would Dither hurt or help business and said: "It really doesn't matter to (Continued on Page 8) Clinton, Enid, Muskogec, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Vinlta, Okla., and Memphis, Tcnn. WEATHER Arkansas—Pair, not much change In temperature tonight or Saturday. Memphis and vicinity—Fair, not much change In temperature to night or Saturday, lowest lurc todglit about 54, o n ' rplmics strategic to thc air fh vast numbers under direction of troops struck across the fron- blg Dutch nnd Belgian airports (some reports killed or wounded near Brussels) and German uniforms, floated down to LONDON, May 10. (UP)-Brltlsh troops looU over the Independent Kingdom of Iceland today. There was no word of Icelandic resistance, but Icela'ict has neither army nor navy. "H" 5 foreign office announced that the British were taking over the kingdom lo secure It against a German Invasion. Iceland has the oldest parliament In the world, until '• Germany i?i i M Ver Denmark 0" April 9 it had the same king as Denmark— uirisilan X o n April 10 it suspended Ilia 'royal prerogatives and vested them In parliament— a move to pressrva its independence. The British move came as a surprise. The foreign office announced it while German planes and German lroops wfre swooping down oil the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. It was presumed that tho occupying forces had been dispatched before the Gernttn Invasion vnw known. The size of the occupying force was not stated.

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