Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1939
Page 2
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&w$-rw • i-f >• vi '(A,<7* " »*'»- v »" 1>t aMiiiaL lei. ' $'. V *TOS •Twfl e> ' •J'sSsfefeiSsjsfcisr KOfcfi STAfc, flOPfc, • II 'ar of Hope. 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929 Jg^srtce, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report i every week-day afternoon py Star Publishing Co., Inc. „„ , • R -Winer and Alex. H. Washburn, at the Star building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark, " C. E. PALMER, President ~~~ J ALEX. H. \YASIIBURN. Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Subscription Bate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier per week 15c;; per month GSc; one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayette counties. S3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled, to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes, Etc.; Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers, from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Political Announcement The Stnr Is millinrliied to nn- imiiuce (he fnliotvlitff candidates subject to HIP nrllon nf the Peino- crntlc city prininry election Tnes- ttay, Novcinlior 28. W!l: Fnv City Attorney E. B'. MTADDIN LAWSON K. GU)VKR LOST—Blnck coat wllh fur collnr, Lost in station Friday. If found return to Mrs. Pearl L. Hntton. Howard. Corner iith und Hazel. ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER * '"I'ha More You Tell the Quicker You ,SV/<" • • You Can Talk Jo Only One Man 0 Want Ada Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP Ail Waul Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One tlma-ls word minimum 30c Three tUi)«-3%e word, minimum He hix tiiiiM-«w word, minimum 90c One monUi-lBc word, minimum $2.70 ,__ ._ Rates are for continuous insertions only. Qiic.sliim 1. Tlio Bonii on 1'uftc Otic vitlo dnm is in Or the Of frered SERVICES Hemp- THE FAMILY DOCTOR 2. Boulder dam is on zonn-Nevjidu bordt.>r. 3. The Roiixovelt ilain is in zona. 4. Grain! Coulee ikim is in W mglon. j. Morris ii:>m is in 'IVnncs i _ ! si pad Mattress Shop. 712 West Fourth, i for new und re-built. Phone Paul Sept. 20 1M. : Cobb I158-.I NOTICE T. M. KCO. or* '. 'JO?Vu.v UIV PolU-ies. SI000 up. Ages ' I iliis old und up. Talbot Keild. Box .44 llu|ic Ark. 1) yi-.s with Helitince Life, i Oct 27-1 in. U; DR. MORRIS FISHBEDi tdtloj, |«9ni]il of the Aniericaji Medical Hygela, (he Heilth BARBS Three- Fourth.' of Deaths in U. £ Nine Causes Are Altrihulc!<| lo j NOTICE--Due lo conditions that arc , lioyiutd uur control we will nut liuve | :>n.v turkeys fur salt- Thanksgiving or 1 C.'In-istiniLx l.ci- Garland. U2-3U 1 ffliis is Uie fii-st of n series of H articles, dcalini; with the nine I rim-ipal causes of death in the t/uitcd Stales.- In (he course of the s, Dr. Fishbein will not only which may result, as well from the deyt'iieralive changes that take place with age: Certain valvular diseases, like thu' of the mitral valve, are chiefly of rhe- for driving; 10 «° ,, .. : ; •"••> "« >"<-• iiiiii-ai vaive, are chiefly of rhe- " le ,^r^: : 01 ;:: T;: —? -*- *?*«• ^ * h .«_ listed iu today's article, but lie ! recommend precmi(ionnry mea tacked more often by syphilis. Disease of the aorta, the lar{<e bloud vessel which leads from the heart is more common in middle life and affects men mure often than women. By /ar, the most important type of heart trouble is degeneration of the muscle of the heart, which is shown first by enlargement. An enlargement of the heart results from strain 911 ihtf organ and weakness of (he mus- cl« induced by disease. NKXT: Coronary throniliasis ;uul angina pecturis, hvu other foruvs of heart disease. TAKKN UP - Small Jersey l 'l"'-«l. "l'»'-t I.".'". wrlKhi about w ,. st „ , R 2 o ,, Hifjhv ,., v j , ' ,. j Ihs. 1 f I 0)11 „ For Sale Nine conditions accounted for 72 percent of the deaths in the United States in" 1937. The series of articles Which followed is a study of these causes of death. People can. if they Will, help cut down the total number-, of: deaths from these causes and also prolong their own lives. ' The nine 'killers are: 'I—Diseases of the heart. 2—Influenza and pneumonia. 3—Cancers and other malignant tu- niOFs. 4—Nephritis or inflammation of the kidne-ys. 5—Hemorrhage of the brain and sof- , tening of the brain. - j MUs CUl ,. a Gorhuin o{ .^kaaelphia TVMh^ f "' , , •• , s " ent the week end with her Pn«nte. te %t rT , i, r, h T , oi "! Mr; <>"<> M «- ™»^ o^^. rtl'aS^ " W ! Mr " and M «- .^Vin Brooks and »~Mator vehicle accidents. I j'^ters of Tucson. Am-, are visit&—Diabetes ', "ig Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Brooks He 3 n disuse U-d all other causes j *"£?**' ^w^™, „ of death, being responsible for al i Ralph Tnbble ° f Chandler, Arig.. is moit one-fourth, or exactlv 23 9 ner lhe guest ° E re!a t>ves in Blevins. Blevins moit one-fourth, or exactly 23.9 per cent of the total. It destroyed 346,401 lives. Once.it took its toll primarily among youth. But it has changed some xvhat in the nature of its attack on Mr. and Mrs. Olin England of Hope were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown. Wade spent Wednesday, wiuu .111 me nature or its attack on neiue aijcut vveunesuay, the human body and is more important I Thursday and Friday in Little Rock as a rause of death in older people. atending the F. • S. A. State convention. Anftmg people CO years of age. heart direase caused 33.9 per cent of the Mrs. H. H. Huskey atendecl the deaths. Among youth, .between the ag- funeral of B. F. Lumpkin at Atlanta. ("* lit 5 anfl TO if l->n1l««>/-l (i d no.. r*ant 7 PVac \Mnrlr\aer\Tlr , . of 5 and 19, it caused 8.4 per cent of deaths. Today the diseases of the heart that destroy life are chiefly chronic dis- cj-<es. The probability that a human I ing will eventually die from chronic heart disease is Hi times the chance thpt he will die either from tuber (•floats or cancer. Heart disease is the leading cause of death at almost every period of life, being outranked only by accident apd appendicitis among males at the ages, of 10 to 14. Henrt disease is not a single con^ ifition. It includes many different factors. .There is inflammation of the w$W)3-of the heart, .which is caused uWefly l*y .uit'eclioiis. There i;; dis- lexas, Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. Tholbert Honea and sons of Prescott were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Honea. Announcements have been received trom Mr. and Mrs. Berow New of Longview. Texas, announcing the birth of a son, Boyce Wayne, on November 11, 1939. Mrs. New is a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wade Sr. Miss Fern Stephens, student of University of Arkansas, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Stephens. Jack Yokum left Monday for Dallas, Texas, after spending last week ... „_ with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. ^-mr-..-,,- vajves of the heart, which j Yokum. is fyeqiiemly caused .by.i»ftc!i ( ,as, hut j Mi*-s M.-lba Sue- Tribble, Dale Bonds, The day will 1:111110, .says Bint'tT, wht-n bii.scball will b^ in a hothoiiMo. Faits will be |iersuiuU><l, ATTENTION to toss roses instead of pup holtlt-.s] Cur piX'-C'lirislnuis offer 2-NxlO Hurat the umpire. j traits lur $!.;>». Ifnlil Dfcemht'r KHh, Eleven highway piilrulmen in Ciili-J'•'•''•' Thf Hhi|.ley Hludiu. 2l-.'|ic tornia were injured in September! testinii applicants ins. It's a lot safer out after public enemies. Arizona Indians, after getting outlawed a statute forbidding issuance lace another old statute forbidding sale of firearms to should be thankful their teeth. An agreement has been signed between t%vo eastern colleges which have consented to exchange goal past after a football grime manly basis. No more end of another Golden life is in sight. A burglar ransacked the second story of a home while the major was addressing a gathering downstairs For S«le FOR SALE—I ladies first grade "j diamond 'ring. A bargain for Phone 329. 21-Itlp FOR SALE — 150x150 ft., 7 rooni house 2Vi blocks of postoffi'ce on Second street. Residence and semi-business property. Price Slii.OOO. Terms Box 98. Hone Star. 24-ltp Sntwdny, Hovetnher •**•••*»*•>LI___i m'••;•— ^* -"^M *« -., i•_'_';-'_'• *-• -•-• TALBOTFEILD.Sr. ACCIDUNT mid HDAI/ril With l.lfc liifliirnm-c Cla'rtvrs Paid 100% Promptly 9 yours with Reliance Life llox 4-1, Hope, Arlt. Helgingtavs, Flnlatul shop- and railway employes nri> Knfjli.sli in prrpnnitlmi for (he 19-10 Olympics there. Mnry Qermond of Oncontn, N Y., picked 200 four-lenf clovoi.s this .summer, (Misstvl IIIT normal rxjii:iii>;iliim.i and K"' " li'in'licr's job. USE Monts Sugar Cure When Butchering This Fall and Winlur For sale by the leading merchants in every community. OUT OUR Wivr By J711. Williams Wanted WANTED TO BUY--We pay'more for tfood Used furriiluro, stoves, rugs, Hi.', see us before you buy or .sell. Franklin's Furniture Slurp, 112 So I'- 1 '"- N2-liii For Rent FOR HKNT—C room hoiwu closo ! bed room.s- $2,1.0(1. Garage. Box iililress Hope Stnr. Red men. they still They I have 1 on a gentle- riots, and the Era in college FO'H SALE—Small studio piano. u.> used us demonstrator. ;iG months pay. FOR RENT—South bedroom, adjoining bath, garage, $10.00 Large double -bedroom, 2 closets and beds, complete for 2. $7.. r .O each. Phone (J57-R. 801 South Main. 2f)-Htp to us Also one Stromberg-Carlsoii radio. Will sell for balance due. See Harvey Odom, tilt) West Fourth. Phone FOH .SAI.K--Lumber and shingles, sec- Claude Waddle. Phone H89W 21-Dtp on "City Government." at home. Theft begins j I-'OH SALE—Six room home on u three acre lot, also one hundred five j acre farm al DeAnn. Leroy Samuel. I Hope. Ark.. Route 3. 22-Utp FOR RENT- One 5-room house, one 4-room house, one :i-ruoin furnished apartment, all in Magnolia Addition. Mrs. J. K. Schoolcy. Plume .'18-11. 21-GUFOR RENT-South bedroom, adjoining bulb, garage, $10.01) Lartfe double bedroom, 2 closets anil beds, complete for 2, $7.50 each. Phone U57-R. 810 South Main 2a-.'itp June business was the greatest in 119 years for the Syracuse N. Y., post- office with recepils of ?N4,CCO. 1 CAN'T UNDERSTAND HOW AWYONE. CAM EM- READIMG. EATING POUGHNUT5, LISTEMIM<3 TO THE RADIO •RASSUM& A FOOTSTOOL ALL AT THE SAME TIME-' WELUjVOU WAS RAISED IN THAT OLD SCHOOL. OF OKIE- TRACK MINDS, OKI READINf, WR.ITINJ; AM' 'RITHMETIC/ you WAS A PAF2ADE. VOU WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO EAT PEANUTS AT TH' SAME TIME.' WHV MOTHERS GET GRAY Austin Hendrix, all students of Henderson State Cuilegc were week-enrl guests in Blevins. Mrs. H. H. Honea. Raymond Honcii. Mrs. Johnny Wade iidn Miss Jane Wade -spt-nt Friday in F.I Dorado. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dorman and sons spent the week-cad with relatives near Hope. Miss Daisy Stephens of Washington, D. C.. Mrs. Herman Blythe of Texarkana and Mrs. Jack Grey and son Steve, of Malvern are this week guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lige Stephens. Miss Ruth Huskey of Little Rock is the Thanksgiving gxicst of her parents Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Huskey. Mrs. Winnie Wood of Chandler. Ariz., is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Horace Honea this week. Mis lola and May Nesbit of Shreveport are Thanksgiving guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Nesbit. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES It Has Come to This By Edgar Martin Legal Notice Warning Order COAT OF ARMS HORIZONTAL 1 Coat of arms of a warring nation! ' .tTbjs land hss ; military '•*2.4?£Uite bird 13 to eject. ••15 English title. •16 To roost. HQtialiiied. 18 Bank official. 20 Neuter" . pronoun. 21 Artifice. '22 T<? e--a.se. •23 Pronoun. 24 Ebb cf wnter. .25 Portuguese coin. ;26 Pool movement, v.? bench. '"I"To v.'innow. -1 /-.dvar.ee of troops. 34 Minds. 35 Measure. 3t»By. 37 Flag. 39 Insurgent. 42 Father. 43 Ten-cent pieces. 44 Roils up, 45 Wooden pin. 46 Iniquity. 47 Amphitheater center. 48 Di.st;,nt. 49 This country is ruled by a 50 This land's capital. VERTICAL 2 To discharge. 3 To putrefv 4 Mama. 5 Peeress. G Christmas. 7 Street. 8 Kingdom. 9 Weathercock. 10 To annoy, 11 Lenity. 14 Southeast. 16 Its chief line- of defense. 17 Helper. 18 To exist 19 Its parliament 21 Intellect. 24 Baking pan. 25 Less common. 27 Dutch measure. 28 Place of confusion. 30 Hymns. 31 Dumps. 33 East. 35 Pertaining to osmium. 32 Unless. 39 One that rues. 40 Eagle. 41 To tattle. 42 Fairy. 44 Away. 45 Chum. 47 Proposition. 48 French. IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COUHT '. CALLIE Mc-FADDIN Plaintiff! v. ALEX HARRIS ET AL Defendants ' The defendants Emma Harper, i Quint McQuillian, Harry Hubbard, Mrs. Harry Hubbard,' his wife, Mrs. John Blake, the ' unknown heirs of! John Blake, deceased, the unknown hears of Sarah Foindexler. deceased, and the unknown heirs of Martha i Foindexter, deceased, are hereby warned lo appear in this court within thirty-days and answer the complaint • • of the plaintiff herein. Witness my hand and .seal as clerk I ol .-.nid court on this 25th day of No- ! vembor, ill.'iil. " ! RALPH BAILEY. ! Clfi-k i N 25 D 2, a. |fi ALLEY OOP And He Was Vulnerable, T"o By V. I. Hcunlin , WOTTA WHEN OUR. FR1EMDS RETURNED TO TRoy, ALLEY OOP WALK.EP OFF IN A HUFF. WE NOW FINP THE " GENERAL" AMID THE RUINS OF THE CITY WHOSE MIL/TARV GARRISON HE. AT ONE TIME COMMANPEP HERE COMES JUST A GENTLED L/TTLE ON THE O TAKE OM THEIR T. M. BrO. U. S. PAT. Off. I ._COPH. mi ay HEX acRyir^ |M H WASH TUBES Hooked at Last Jones Dairy Farm Sausage Hams Buckwheat flour Phone 767 CITY MARKET V/e Deliver LUCILLE, HOW KIW 1 EVER EEWARD EUOLXSH BUT ALAS! FOP POOR ME, UF6 \S JU^T A €ACJf\HCE...WlTH MO CUE TO EA-SE THE BURDEN, Oft TO CAPE IP t LAU6H OK CRV WHV, LUCILLE, WOT ABOUT ME? I CAEE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Roy Crane PLEASE DOU'T X &UT VOU'RE wor, SAY SUCH THIUGS \ PARUM'. 1 VOU'KB WHEN YOU DOKl'T \ BEAUTIFUL, KIMD, WEAU THEM.LIWKV. nHou6mFUL,AN'- YOU'RE JU4T TRV- T \Q\JP VA ' 1U6 TO CHEER ME. ' A U VC rf ^ ' VOU KUOW I'M OLE AK1D U6LV His Lost Friends • ;;-j,.!X / Nir / \ i 0 BV HEA SEBVICt. IMC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. ...y By Merrill Blosser 9 S I'D LIKE T' LOOK UNDER ,;i(TH' TABLE FeR MY PANTS/ — ' ^-— f* — _ .._ AIN'T MUCH — KIN SAY, EXCEPT L OlDNT WOW THIS MUCM FUSS WAS GOIN' T' BE MADP OVER ME ( DIDN'T HAVE ONE O' THESE HEftS UNIFORMS T' WEAR. ' ' . T'NISHT. SO r HAD GO OUT AND RENT SUSPENDERS , SO IF'N YOU DON'T ME ONE ---- IT'S FOUR MIND , I'LL SET DOWN SIZES TOO BIS / Something New . . Display of GAS RANGES RED RYDER The Town's Meanest Man By Fred Harman CUT Tri' "SENTIMENT, SHA.«.K -' 1 T' BUILD Tri SCHOOU NE.ED I AlMt GltTiM SOFT, LUCKY. IHlMK I'D LIKE 1O LIV1S VOlTri , A STRANGER. i>o AS i SAY.' HOPE HARDWARE CO

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