Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 3, 1942 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 3, 1942
Page 2
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Jfpt more than tin*-<ath of 4h« wate at the ocean has a temperature o itiore than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. harshness „.,, TELEPHONE MAN • -— • - — Judge Lemley Hears Court Municipal Session Held at City Hall Tuesday The following cases were heard Tuesday morning in municipal cour at Hope city hall with Judge W K Lemley presiding: T. J. Tarpley. Driving a car whilp under the infMence os intoxica ng liquoi Fo,fe,t t ! S100 cash bond I HOPE STAR, -^^•"••••^••W What a Premium! PLENTY OF RICH WSTC YET MILD, MELLOW TASTE IS WHAT I GET IN PRINCE /ALBERT 'MAKIN'S' SMOKES. YES, SIR, THAT'S CHOICE TOBACCO. AND YOU CAN'T BEAT P.A. FOR ROILING SPEED AND ECONOMY! GRAND IN PIPES, TOO/ Seamore Jones. Disturbing the peace Forfeited $10 cash bond Jack Cannon. Disturbing the peace Plea of guilty, fine $10. W. H. Ensterling. Double parking Forfeited $1 cash bond parKm SE. F. Weaver, Drinking in a public place. Forfeited S10 cash bond. G. Robinson. Operating a car with one^ headlight. Forfeited $1 cash Seamore Jones. Reckless driving Forfeited $25 cash bond. The following forfeited a $10 cash tir ,„ a charge of drunkenness 1 Wayne Wakefield, Edgar Hargrove, C E. Jones, Tinie Palmore, James West,' G. H. Anderson, L. E. Hunt The following entered a plea of guilty to a charge of drunkenness and were assessed a penalty of $10 fine: W R. Walker, Roy Hurst, D. B Rus- :-In recent laboratory. "smoking bowl" tests, Prince Albert burned DEGREES COOLER than the average of the 30 other of the largest- selling brands tested... coolest of all.' R-.J. BajmaldiTob.Co. ^p< fine roll- your-own cigarettes in every handy can of Prince Albert i, i THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE DUDLEY Flour & Feed Co. ON COTTON ROW SEE US FOR Seed Potatoes Fertilizer • NOTICE • Erie Ro*S is now employed by Keith's Barber Shop New Location on E. 3rd Next to Checkered Cafe Bring us yoyr Sick WATCH Speedy recovery guaranteed. Repair service very reasonable. PERKISON'S JfWfUY ST0EE 218 Soulb Walnut s™-',.' T' ,,' ' bmitn, Joseph Martin. State Docket Tr^'-. F J p armicha el. Drunkenness. Forfeited $10 cash bond. H. P. Johnson, speeding. Forfeited $3 cash bond. John Fielderman. Speedine Fnr felted ?10 cash bond. PeCC " ng ' For ' Our Daily Breac OilandGc ^Continued From Po to Josip H. Wingfiold, ct SE'/i Soc. 21, Twp. 11 S. Lafayette County Mnrch 2, 1942 Prepared |.y Eunice Lcwlsville, Arkansas 'Royalty Deed: 20/75872 ,'£ ° CI ' CS) ' hook K-7. pa <:-<flf-4Z, recorded 2-28-42 Wheelington^ et nl to Roc NW'/ 4 , and N'/i of SE'/i Sec. 4, Twp. 15 S .. Rge. Royalty Deed: 1 1872 I olty acre), book R-7, png '-14-42, recorded 3-2-42 !• to B™ .Zeldrich. SE'.j of and Frl. North . of NE'/.i, and 1 „, n "d NW"., of SEW Jwp. 15 S., Rge 2't Wi "'"", ofmVy, 8 of St ,..2 - 23 West. O. & G. Lease: H) y,-. . . page 359, doted 2-92-28-42. H. F. Russell ;l tred E. Guthrie W 1 /. of E Reforms of Civil Service Thousands of Em- ployes Are Working for Government By JACK STINNETT WASHINGTON - For a person who tries never to predict, to make some esbmate of what is going to result ve 0 v n sof enat0rial and «ecutive ?ur- T'^S' personne ' ^ real- the bit. But there are straws (Continued From, Page One) . First the federal government, with hat the Philippine army did not hnv, sev e , e ,l P :? fVflded With ""munition o arms * S ' ZeS f ° r its smal MacArthur himself once found some hmg to ci-mcize about the production of the Qarnnd. A change £1 nappai ' en ' ly "" to th ^ good ' Ghosts Behind Prison Walls tion Democrat has de scnbed it as " an overgrown m onl strosity from top to bottom." hefd^ K°" e ° f l he ten Apartments headed by members of the part necessary to the war effort and therefore should have prior- ties m appropriations and the hir- ofV auddi <i°"al Personnel. Seven of these have been classified as nec- 3 11n y i m ^°' three in P art ' Ou" of 36 independent agencies and bureaus of the government, only eight lav nn clam, to being essential "to all-ou^war In spite of the vast expansion of government personnel, not alTof the employes in tion) to Justice. The Agriculture department also had reduced its force by more than 1,000 persons at last the United S ta ^ ai^ffiK office believe somebody must be ghost writing for federal prisoners seeking paroles. Almost in the same mail identical letters, in flowery style ar nved from prisoners in widely separated federal institutions. They sought recommendations for clemency trom federal officials who aided in sending them into federal custody. •eport. All others hove grown. rJ]T e( £ re tW ° rnore im P° r tant fac- ors m the present picture. First, and t is principally political, practical- arn nn , dlvis . ions of government now aie under civil service and each state has a quota. Applicants from under- quota states are given preference In spite of all the additions in recent months, tlierp *»t ill m<n oc i ^ i t i4*v-i c omi tij C c*) Statf*^ tn*if law e 'Jh fi " e f their C1U ° tas »"«> by aw, the civil service commission has j to scour the applicants from these states before it fills jobs from the neavily over-quota District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia Then, too, until now, no govern ment employe with a good civil se, vice rating in purely non-essentia blanches of government, has had an assurance that his status could b retained or recaptured if he steppe put to take an essential war job Out of the present drive to put th government on a real war basis, man brok - b ° ttleneeks are like 'y to b Add to this the reorganization o luny agencies, such as is taking plac i the Office of Civilian Defense, an< the lopping off of some whose activi ties overlap, and it ,s likely that with ng the next six months or so the government is in for the greatest re •rganization that has occurred undei ne New Deal or any other. Sees Battle of Indian Ocean Afraid Fight Will Be Headache for United Nations By MILTON BRONNER growing out of the Mineral Deeds: 1/.1G Int Page 361, nnd 3G2. dated ' corded 3-2-42. W. N. Hoopi t" P. R. Rutherford. SW 7, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 West of Sec. 18, Twp 15 s R H Mineral Deed: 19/320 Int Pngo 3G3, dated 2-25-42 r 2-«. W. N. Hooper and R. Rutherford NW'/i of S<> 15 S., Rgc. 23 West. Mineral Deed: 7/64 Int. POge 3G4, dated. 1-24-42, re'c •12. Glenn A Parks ot \\ lo Faddin and A. M. Slirev of NE"/, of Sec. 17, Tup ' : 24 West. [ Assignment of O. & C. L Y-G, page 4G2, dated 22-28-42. Wong King an. Oil Company. NW'/i of of NVi of SW'/., of NW'/i 15 S., Rge. 2il West. Royalty Deed: 1/512 I «cre), dated 2-24-42, George Noland and wi dich. NW'/i of NW'/i o, 1C S., Rge. 24 West, ex. the form of a square i thereof. Royalty Deed: 1/1280 I acre), dated 2-24-42, |i e George Noland and wi(o Tucdov. March 3, 1942 ai to They'll Really Pay If Trey Err CHARLESTON, W. Vn.-WV-Con- sumers of a power company's rural circuits will hnve to lenrn how to read their meters. The company announced thnt country customers would be placed on their honor to check consumption and mail monthly payments. To conserve tires, the company's meter readers will make the rounds only every three months to check the amateur readings. He ShouldcTTried For a Grand Piano NEW YORK-(/P)_A shoplifter who pressed his luck too far wound up ii the clink. He was noticed squeezing through the door of u drygoods store and o passer-by hulled the police. The officer found concealed in tin pockets of a too-large overcoat und on his person five dresses, four playsuits, 70 pair of women's hose, .'17 pairs of women's anklets, 137 pairs of men's socks and 2 pairs of boys' stockings. Uiiexplnlnod Phenomena Even today, sricnrr is not snrr low the changirtR of oatwpiNftr* into nitterflics tnke place. (I is on? of the most wonderful phojwmrnn in thr world of nature. EII/..VIIIP Does It An enzyme in ' the Mood, which combines rnpiilly with lhr> priv>\uir. causes the fonrming which O.VIIIN when hydrogen peroxide is pouve.l To relieve /*» f\ I T\ C Misery of V^ V/ L L/ J 666 LIQUID TABLETS f SALVE *» NOSE DROPS COUGH CROPS Try ' Rub-My-Tlim"-a Wond*flul LinllflMt S NW Sec. 2li, Twp. 12, Rgc. 23. Royalty Deed, filed 3-2-42, J. B. Zick et ux to Southland Royalty Co., N NE, Sec. 27, Twp. 12, Rge. 23. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-28-42, J. B. Munn t Jo. B. Warmack, Frl. SK SE Sec. 27. Twp. 12, Rge. 21. HARDWOOD LOGS WANTED OAK, GUM, CYPRESS, ASH, ELM, HICKORY, PECAN, HACKBERRY, ETC. WE PAY CASH Thomas E. Powe Lumber Co. Box 869 Phone 1809 J Texarkana Texas Write, phone or come to office south of town on T&P tracks Wm he m ° r°'; ld ^ "'' R ° y! ' U D «** 60 y . , . ...... il > "«•• IUHK 01 nav me to atrol the third ocean would hit with taggermg impact Hs '-< <the layman, it extends 6500 rules from India all the way to the Antar S., Rge. 24 West. Roalty Deed: 1/1024 , acre), dated 2-2-M2, filed 2 Noland and wife to E. A ;> s of NW'/4 of Sec. 4, Twf S 24 West, except 4 acresJu -.. ...... , 11U1U Ul| me w ge wkl'th orsOM U m1les H beL nn ° Ve '" ' "' ° '"^ '"«" •alia and Africa. S ° WCen AUS " ' ° ' Invasion of India Looms •nlty orge W'/i Rge. "orm hove the lot corner' of . y -— woiu^in A^H tun u Sumatra and Java ,. Royalty Deed: 9/595.7U (& ,alty acres), dated 2-27-lec ' 42. Albert Foster and y f , roy- 3-2- ;SPORTS m\ may come and sports may go, but these 90 on forever! I ? 2.98 AA to B ,, ... itsujii aL j u ana Java to onge this vast new ocean u t will ^i/li PS> , lmcork «" invasion of Sh^mZ! treaSU1 ' e CheSt ° f *• Once the Japanese should become loose , n this sprawling new potential wo,,W 8r h Undl , the d6moc ™eles' fleets would have to not only guard India and Australia from the west, but qlso Asu, and Africa. In addition, the Jap. anese reportedly h., ve designs on the French ,slnnd of Madagascar, off the eastern shores of South Africa Although Japanese long-range po- ent.ul.tiea in the Indian Ocean may be especially far-reaching, nvual men Hore foresee three possible immediate objectives of the Japanese Navy i- .M SCa , atlack a S ; 'i»«t Burma to Lottie up the gate of the Burma Road In tlTti 11,r.1. n _r I . ' -•- IIUVL- me •"•• moeri roster and vo behind them,:.!'King. N'/4 of NE'/i of 1 ffwn smash Dutch bases 15 S., Rge. 23 West. i"l Assignment of O. & Q. se - t i-,t- ed 2-23-42, filed 3-2-42, fe Mac -..-..... j,..^- ul IML . nul . ma i{ 0a( j in the wake of , submarine campaign against ships carrying supplies from America's Pacific Coast ports to the Chinese through the new battle area The campaign would coincide with •he present Japanese land offensive against Burma. 2-Sea raids aeainst water-born Applies being sent Russia from American and British ports. Blocke 'n the Mediterranean, they go th ong way-down the western Afr can coast, around the Cape of Gooc Hope, past Madagascar, up through the Persian Gulf to be transported acros ran to Russiu. Thr French have announced mean vliil,. that "wo hav P decided to pro- eet the island ;. w insl any j ncu ,. s _ 71.1 the United states has in- erred ,t will tako action if the Jap- neso attempt an invasion. One bif Carrier to Japanese hopes of attuck- ng Madagascar and other Indian ucean distances are vast. It i s 2000 miles from Singapore to Calcutta for nstance, and the Japs would have •om Singapore to Calcutta, for i n - tance, and the Japs would have » travel 6000 miles to threaten Cape- •vn, South Africa. 3-^Blockading India. This vast subcontinent, despite agitation for in- 'Jependence, buy given Britain 1,000000 soldiers, 1,000,000 tons of stee' " year, and is makine tremendous , --, s ac- hen to K. E. Jennings. 5 of SE'/i of Sec. 5, and NW'/i of of Sec ft, all in Twp. 15 S., Rge/est. Assignment of O. & Case' d r it ec! 2-23-42, filed 3-2-42. ' Jennings and wife to Barnsdil Company, SWi/i of SE'/, of 5 and NW'/, of -NE'/, of Sec. 8,,-,'Twu .15 S., Rge. 23 West. Nevada County March 2, 1!M2 Prepared by Helen Ilesle 0._ & G. Lease, filed 3-. Hugh dmels et ux to Kmherin Buchanan. SW SE, Sec. 19, T «2. Rge. Warranty Deed, filed 3 y-il ' Saddle: White with Brown, Blue or Black. Mac: Beige and Brown, Brown and White. It** one or the other or both. v*^ *^~ ^Ji^ 7 ' We Give, Th , Gep. W. Robison & Co. af^coS 11 ;^,:!;!,;— fom^L^lu^u^t^itlS three-quarters of the world's mica' j all of its jute, big deposits of rnan Sanese. In addition, India is rich ir cotton, wool, cattle, leather, rice su gar. ' Although the Japanese would have to travel great distances to reach ob jectivcs in the Indian Ocean, ships damaged in battle could be taken U Singapore for repair when drydocks there b..-in to function. Tiie AlUes on i| 1P othtr hand, would have to l^dly damaged vessels a ll the lo Sidney, Australia, or even ear] Harbor. There has been some talk of the Japanese driving west and the Ger mans pushing east until their armies •neet m Ind.a. But, this presupposes JupdiicEfc successes on ,-. grand scale- not to mention ; victorious German thrust across the Ukraine, thrZl? we Caucasus, atross Iran and through some of the world's loftiest mountain regions, where tanks and airplanes would be of little service. QW M U r" b e r C °- '° Ployd C ' et ux ' SW NE, Sec. 25, Twp. 11 2 1 Assignment O. & G. LeuJiled' 3^-42, W. L. Goldston et u> W L AM,, °" ot "'• NW NW./4'NF NW, Sec. 28, Twp. 13, Rgo. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-2| V E Royalty Deed, filed 3-2- j' B ot ux to Southland Rity Co OR I AN A AMENTBOTT Teacher of Music-Voice, Pian Art-Drawing, Paintj. Studio COS South Maip feet Phone 318 W RADIOS - BATTEfeS BICYCLES and AUTOMOTIVE SUPHES BOB ELMORB AUTO SUPPI,' Bob Elmore, Owner Aulumatic Wofer Heater; Harry W. Shiva Plumbing Repairs Phone 259 309 N. Min FINE WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIR This is The dog is gone Mr. Jones's Dog -he is lost This is a Telephone Mr. Jones can use it to call up everybody he knows and say, "Did you find my dog?" This is a Nickel It will cost Mr. Jones 20 of these to phone about his dog, because he knows 20 people. (And probably none of them found his dog.) This is a Newspaper Advertisement Mr. Jones can spend his 20 nickels on this space—and his message will reach thousands of people. (Chances are, one of them has already found his dog and is looking for his ad.) He can get his message to many people — and probably reach the one he wants to reach — most cheaply in the newspapers. Suppose Mr. Jones wants to sell his dog He could send letters to everybody he thinks might want a dog. C. He could telephone everybody in the phone book. He could go and ask people if they want to buy a dog. But in a newspaper ad he can tell everybody who might want a dog that he has one for sale—and what the dog is like and how much the price is and where he can be purchased. The most economical way to find a "new home" for a dog, an automobile, a storeful of furniture or a brand of canned food is by advertising in the newspaper. * * When business is better in this town everybody benefits. When everybody in the town knows what's going on all over the world, each man can tell better how to vote, what to buy and how to protect himself. Read these ads each week. Tell your friends to read them. They tell you what an important part your newspaper has in helping you to know what's going on, so you can decide wliat you personally are going to do about U all. The publisher of this paper wants to serve the community the best he pos- * sibly can. If you have any suggestions or questions or criticisms don't hesitate to write him a letter. It will receive personal attention. A HOPE STAR Alex. H. Woshburn, Publisher MEMBER, THE NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS COMMl'l'i'EE OUE SERVICE IN THIS WAR IS TO PROVIDE THE NEWS AND OTHER VITAL INFORMATION THAT WILL LIGHT AMERICA'S WAY TO VICTOR?

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