Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 24, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1939
Page 3
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SOCIETY Co-Ed Reaching for the Moon ivu-8. Hit) Henry Telephone 321 Tin world ttimds out on either side, No wider (him the heart i.s wide; Above the world i.s slrfilched the. , s k.y. No higher than the soul i.s high. The heart can push the sea and lnnd Knrther nway on either hand. The mill can .split the sky in two And let the face of God .shine though. -Selected. promptly ,,i <,, w o'clock are urged to be present. The Annual Chrysanthemum Side .sponsored by the Ogle.sby P. T. A. will open Monday momhiK -O- Mi.ss Evelyn Ous.sell of Istllisiiina Slato Normal, Natchitoches. La. is yrjenilini! the Thimksgivins holidnys with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Dos?ett, -O- Mr. and Mrs. C. 11. Crutchfield had as Thursday Kiie.st.s-. Mr. and Mrs. Cieorue Leachman of Dallas unil New Iluslon, -Texas. -O- Circlo No. 1. VV. M. S. First Christinn Chinvh will ineel Monday aflor- noon at M) ,,t i|,,. home "of Mrs Waller Carter. South Elm St. Mrs. Kilwin Dorset l has from a few weeks business Louisiana. relnrneil trip into Mrs. Maxim- Tolleson. Mr.s. Mary Turner, ami Mrs. Valree Bates have ivlllrnrd from Little Hock where they allended the Will annual session of the Grand Chapter, Order of the •Kustern Slar of Arkansas. Mrs. Turner was appointed Grand Warder fur MHO. anil Mr.s. I3ale.s was reap- poinled Dt-puly Grand Lecturer for th" Htli district. All mombcis Mrs. Luther Higmison has return, ed from a visit with her dnughter, Mrs. James K. Brewer jr., Hev. Brc- wei- nnd the hoys in Augusta, Ark. Mrs. ,1. D. Sanders of Magnolia is spending a few days visiting with her grand parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Tom Beard. Mrs. Sanders will be remembered as Mis* Mavis Aslin, formerly ol this city. Alter a fmv weeks visil with her . daughter. Mr.s. Kelly Bryant ami Mr l 7"'-. Bryant, Mrs. O. C. Sutlon has return-| •'<" ed lo her home in Fayetteville. Friends , will be clad to know that Mr.s. Bryant's '; recovery from 11 recent automobile at- I cideiit, i.s Koing along nicely. • SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON The W. M. X. First will mcel Monday in tin 1 sillily of foreign '^Constraining Lovo." Study chairman will ponsible for one chapter ' misery as 3 out of 5 mothers do. Rub throat, chest, back with ('•' "••}'••", ''I iHlf.Ul VICKS VAPORUB T|IB Works of the Messiah Tuxl; Mntthmv 8:IJ-27 Hy WILLIAM K. C.ILKOV, I). I>. Editor uf Advance This lesson on the works of the Messiah presents the Master in various relationships. The lesson topic for young people and adults i.s "Ministering lo Human Needs." and that •sums up the details of the lesson as it sums up ihe life work of Jes', us". j We have a picture, first of all of • Jesus as the Great Healer, and we have also suggested rather clearly the i limits ut that healing ministry and l the iatt that it was not at all the : chief purpose of His ministry. That bci'inninu ' Jt ' sus should have worked miracles fe I of healing i.s not .strange. The niyst- - i erie.s of spiritual healing have not as ^^ yet by any means been solved; but Mr : if (here i.s much in that field lo con^^ front the loo credulous, there i.s al^B ; so a great deal to confound the skeptical. If the reader is interested in these things, he can find great evidence of what i.s .suggested here in two Looks by John Mai Hard, "Mealing in the Name Faith," in Baptist church Faith Hall for mission book. The Mi.vsiofi each be re.s- HOPE STAR, TK)I»B,-ARKANSAS SERIAL STORY 5 WOULD KILL BY TOM HORN6R nat. MA •mvict. INC. Annual Meeting of Scouts On Monday Bark cracking and head bumping her way to live feet two, Kathleen Hilclebrnnd is in the stretch in her race to win admittance lo CAA pilot instruction courses. Turned down repeatedly because her height falls short, of minimum requirements, the 19-yenr-old Kansas City junior college girl resorted to , stretching whenever she thought >S Jesus" and "Miracles of j o f it (o increase her low ceiling. which he tells of what a ' FRIDAY On Stage Hope Hi's Mamouth Bond PLUS NEWS REEL of PINE BLUFF LITTLE ROCK GAME Feature WALLACE BERRY Sunder Afloat" '.Str SATURDAY Double Feature anger from Texas" — and — Television Spy" | modern minister, a man of unselfish I purpose and very devout faith, has j done in the name of Jesus in i ministry of healing. But it is important lo notice that ministry of healing. Jesus gave commandment to His disciples lo go to i the other side of the lake. The mis- ; sion of Jesus was not for the healing i of men's bodies but for the cure of I their souls, and Jesus was always aii- , . i sacrifice and unselfishness. He had "' S i given up everything for the sake of His ministry. When one of the scribes came and impulsively hailed Him a teacher, assuring Him thai he would follow Him where ever He went, Jes! us replied in the famous words "The i foxes have holes, and the birds of Ihe ( heaven have nests; but the Son of man xious to maintain the major purpose | llnih " ot wliere "' liiy his of His mission. While He performed j remarkable acts of healing, He dis. j paraged Iliese in comparison with the higher work that H form irf restoring men's bringing abundance of life to whose lives were frustrated or tercel. The secret of the power of lo heal both soul and bodv had to pel- soil Is nnd i those i shut- I Jesus s revealed in a portion of this lesson. It was in I he completeness <if His own FEEL OUT-OF-SORTS? you feel; mt-nf-sorts or , have no appetite, j an excellent tonic i lo take is Dr. ! Pierre's Golden \ Medical Discovery. It aids the elimination of ' w;nii- mailer, sliimi- I When another disciple, wishing to follow Him, spoke first of going to bury his father, Jesus replied in words somewhat more difficult to understand, "Follow me; and leave the dead to bury their own dead." Whatever these words may mean, they indicate i tin 1 complete consecration of the ; Master an dthe true disciple lo the j ministry of love and service. The le.sson closes with the drama- lie picture of the disciples at sea, stricken by a great tempest while the Master was asleep, probably greatly wearied Ixv His contact with the multitudes. Here again the greatness of ihe Master was revealed as the sea aehncd al His word. The disciples marveled, saying. "What manner of man i.s this, that even the winds and sea obey him'.'" And men marvel still, as they always will, as they read the wonderful .story of the Christ. Yi>nl«rdnyl tlannaa f Ironhl* In qurnlfonlnp; Arn. Hhr knot** tlif nnmvrrn. .»< lirfnltlnnl, John nouKlii* brrnkn in, UI«»rH Arn. «ll<iw ilia you know .MINN .lobimou woulri lie hero?'' lliiM'unn ••IK. CHAPTER IX «JUST how," Dawson repeated slowly, "did you know Miss Johnson would be here?" The young man was silent. He groped for n plausible explanation, "I had called him before the officer came to the apartment." Ara brolte in quickly. "I told him there might be trouble over- over last night. I told him—" "Did you call from the apartment?" Dawson snapped. "Yes." "Krone, check the apartment for an outgoing call from Miss Johnson's apartment about 3 a. m.," Dawson commanded. "The operator should remember it." Dawson knew Ara was lying. He turned to the others. "You may finish your breakfast. But don't try to leave the house. All entrances are watched. I'll want to talk to some of you later." He took John Douglas' arm. "Come along, young man, I want to find out a little more about you—and your telephone call. » * * JOHN DOUGLAS stared at the J grim-faced detective across the desk. He had got himself into this, worrying about Ara. Now he had implicated her more than ever. It was up to him to clear her at any cost. One look at Dawson's cold, steel-blue eyes convinced him that it was no use to try to ,lie out of it. The truth was better '—if not the whole truth, at least part of it. "Well?" Dawson asked, as he lighted his pipe. "I'm John Douglas," the red- haired young man began. "I'm in Jove with Ara. I've loved hej- ever since I met her out in Salt Lake, three months ago. I'm an engineer —a mining engineer. "And about last night—we really were looking for a minister. I merely walked away from Officer Flynn to look at the house number, and when the car darted away and the officer shouted, I was afraid and ran. Then shortly after I reached home, Ara called." "That's a very nice story," Daw- Eon commented. "Now suppose you forget it and give us the truth. What were you and Ara Johnson doing at Arnold Benthorne's house last night? You may just as well tell me, for the taxi driver is ready to talk. He told Flynn where to And the girl—and where we'd you, too. He'll give away the rest of Inn story, unless you'd rather I'd hear it from you." "All right—" Douglas squared his shoulders—"here it is. That about being in love with Ara is (rue. I did meet her out west. I came to New York and she followed soon afler. We are to be married soon. But first, I had to see Arnold Benthorne, "I pussed the house early last night and saw the guards. I knew I'd never get by them alone so I framed this 'looking for a minister' i-'Ohemu with Smith, the taxi driver. But Ara didn't know it wasn't on the level. She must have been awfully surprised when t disappeared nnd Smith drove away in such a hurry. "But don't blame Smith too much, Captain," Douglas went on. "Ho saw a chance (o make; $50 in a hurry—I can't say I wouldn't do the sumo thing. He and Ara are entirely innocent. ..." * * * TJAWSON nodded. Belter to agree with Douglas now, while he's in the mood to talk, the cap- lain decided. And if he keeps on talking he may talk himself into the electric chair, "I've tried to see Mr. Benthorne nl his office, ui (he club and even on the golf, cour.se, but I could never get closet enough to speak to him. I posed as u salesman, a book Mgonl, and even as an officer, but I never made it past his private ofllce door. "I had to see Bcnlhorne—" "Why?"' Dawson asked, almost casually. "I-l-I wanted to see him about some mining properties in Alaska. I) moans a great deal to me—" "Does it mean enough to kill a man to get it?" Dawson countered. "You'd probably think- so," Douglas answered calmly. "If I had been able to see Arnold Ben- thorne alive—if he was what I thought he was-«-I probably would have killed him. But I didn't get the chance. Someone else shot him." "You're quite sure of that?" Dawson maneuvered his trap. "There are indications that Ben- thorne might have killed himself. How do you know he didn't?" "I don't know that. Maybe Ben- thorne did kill himself. Maybe—" "For a person who is supposed to have no knowledge of this murder, Douglas, you' seem to know entirely too much. You've talked yourself into a tight spot. .You'll need an air-tight alibi to prove you didn't kill Benthorne yourself. Where were you when the shot was fired?" "I was running across the garden to the window of the study. "Did you see the killer?" Dawson interrupted. i, "No. I hid.behind some shrub- bery .until the officers went in th* front door, then I hurried down the street to meet Ara. She was waiting at the corner, and the cab was parked in a driveway about three blocks farther on." "You arc sure you did not see anyone come out the window of the study?" "I'm positive, Captain. I couldn't have missed ' seeing any person even near the window. There was no one." Jameson appeared in the doorway. "Telephone, Captain Dawson. Your party is on this extension." He nodded toward the handsel near Dawson's elbow. "Hello! Captain Dawson speaking. . . . Yes Flynn. . . . Good. . . . Your luck's holding. ..." * * * AT the other end of the wire, in •^ Benthorne's office, Flynn leafed through a pile of papers as he talked. "I've got all his bank books right here . . . first deposit was $40,000 in 1924. . . . Not much for a couple of years and then . . . boy . . . how the money did pour in. "Can't nnd out much about him before 1924. I got the banker out of bed and he remembered that Benthorne's first deposit was in cash. "You might be interested to know, Captain, that Benthorne's been buying Alston Motors . . . on the quiet . . . with a dummy owner. ... I found some private memos. . . . Looks like he was getting ready to bounce old man Alston out. ... It was all set. . . . Well, thought you'd like to know. . . . "No, I can't find a thing about 'Big Red.' Maybe Benthorne put (him into the note just to double- cross us cops. There are a thousand 'Big Reds' here in town right now. . . . How you going to pick the right one? What would a prospector be doing in the city? All right, Captain, I'll keep looking. Okay. . . . Yes, sir." Flynn replaced the phone in its cradle, settled, back in the chair and .cursed, silently but fervently. * * * i rjAWSON was pleased. Things were beginning to take shape. Motives were beginning to show up. He studied Flynn's report for a few minutes before turning back to Douglas. . . . Alston. . . . Could he have guessed? . . . "You asked about a 'Big Red,' Captain." Douglas' voice broke in on his concentration. ... "I couldn't help hearing. A prospector, did you say?" Dawson nodded. "Perhaps I can help," Douglas continued. "This, 'Big Red' was my uncle." (To Be Continued) ' New Officers to Be '. I At Hotel Barlow Monday Night Notice Is Hereby Given that the an. nual meeting of the Hope District of the Boy £couts of America will be held at Ihe Barlow Hotel al seven| thirty p. m., Monday night, November i 27. 1939. Eat before you come. This j is not a supper meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to hear the annual report of the present officers, and for the purpose ol I electing new officers. Every person interested in the activities of the Boy- Scouts in Hempstead County is urged and invited to attend and participate in the meeting. "Luckiest Man" Changes His Mind .... JUNEAU, Alaska—(/P)— Marvin (Buster) Anderson, the territory's "luckiest man," once vowed no woman would get his money. Winner of three big Alaska guessing contesls, one of Ihem the Nenana ice pool two years ago which netted him $75,000, Anderson, a Fairbanks bus driver, said be had no thoughts of marriage. This fall, at Circle Springs, he re married his first wife. try, Arlice Dowrts; 2nd grade. V) Lawrence Lee Brasins, Doyte /frigs ene Powell, Dora Mae Powell, Maxin* Hancock; 1st grade. ' • Soil and weater conservation prac* ticefe redommended for use in the southwestern dust bowl have, been known to farmers since before >the time of Christ. WHY suffer from Colds? 666 For quick relief from cold symptoms take 666 Liquid - Tablets - Salve - Nose Drops School News , The following is a list of the Honor | Students in the Elimentary grades of Guernsey School. Jean Mclver, 8th grade. Alvin Neal, 7th grade. Charles Thompson, Magdolen Neal, Roy Dudney, Elizabeth Rosenbaum, Mildred Cornelius; 6th grade. Josephine Powell, Virginia Ruth Martendale, Arlene Gilbert, Ruby Hays, Effie Dudney. Dorothy O'- Roke; 5th grade. Birdie Mae Dudney, J. W. Evans, Lena Francis Neal, Beatrice Woods, Betty Jean May, Mary Lou Mclver, Eugene Murphy; 4th grade. Paul Downs, Thelma Jane Evans, Francis Martendale; 3rd grade. Ann Atchley, Evelyn Rosenbarun, Robert Dale McPherson, Nora Jane Dudney, Joyce Allen, Billie Joe Gen- the uppetitf, nnd ;j-;e.s the |)o\v ot" i>' jnicr, thus aid- CHURCH HEWS ing i%rstimi oi inuil ;,ni] ri) you. Mr.s. Jnli Waco, Texas, MIS: ••})»• rumplrxinri win sallow and 1 was nmsli|iali-<l, | K ul lilr, anil wimlil bfc-otlli: lirnl Mi ,„„„, usril Dr. Pirrcr'a (iulilrn Mi-ilii-al l)i' <ry and my appetite incrraM-il, I wa longer nrnstipaird, I hail i-olov in Hit-cks, arid t (clt strmifr and well." H in lii|liiU or lalilcls iron) yuur ilrufgisl I, Im-anl.nia, '(',1J Klin .St., .sa v s : ' '"" ,»;"""; IIOri! GOSI'El, TABEHNACLK Ui-v. James E. llamill, Pastor | Sunday is the closing day of the rc- I . • . • „ I vlv;l1 ' imd lllc <->vanye)lsl. HL-V. Will. ]•. STARTS SUNDAY Midnight Show at the Rialto Sat, 11:15 liay. j McPherson will speak al both the -___ morning and evening .service. We an- jticipule ci great closing service'lon Sun| day ninhl. j The children will be given a free bag l of candy in the Sunday school, which i begins at fl:-1fi a. m. It i.s believed that : all previous records in allendance I will be broken in both the Sunday ;.school nnd regular services. ' i The various Bible classes and C. A. j groups meet at G:.'i() p. in. Rev. Mc| Pherson will speak to the Senior Christ's Ambassadors al that hour. Rev. Haniill will leach the Adult Bible cbiSK nl Die same hour. With Mrs. | jHamill and corp of works directing l the activities of ihe Children's Church, | Primary C. A.s, and Juniors C. A.s, ut Ihe same lime. I You will iilwuys find a welcome ut i the Tabernacle. Worship with us this I Lord's day. have, also, a Baptismal service at the close of the evening service. Come and worship with us. Saint Marks Episcopal Church Sunday Nov. 2G Holy Communion at 7.30 a. m. Morning Prayer and sermon by the rector, Rev. Harry Winlermeyer at 11. FIIIST BAPTIST William H. Hamilton. Pastoi "Common Honesty In Everyday Matters" will be the Pastor's sermon subject at the 10:55 service Sunday morning. Do all the thieves live in Louisiana? Should anyone knowingly vote lo elecl to public office u thief and a robber? There are some plain, easily understood, Scriptural teachings which the pastor hopes to deal with Sunday morning. Sunday school assembles by departments at 9:45. As an experiment, all the men of the Adult department arc- having their own assembly programs. All men who do not attend Sunday school elsewhere are invited to meet in the church auditorium at 9:.15. "Two Contrasted Life Principles" will be the subject of the Sunday night sermon. Come for {he old-fashioned song service beginning at 7:30 p. m. Baptist Training Union meets at G:30 for fellowship and training. All who come lo the Training Union are expected to remain for the preaching service. A cordial welcome awaits all who attend First Baptisl church. THE THEATER Local theatre-goers are assured of fifteen hectic weeks of spine-tingling thrills. The firt episode of the 15 chap, ter Republic serial, "The Lone Ranger Rides Again." opens Friday and Saturday at the New. The Lone Ranger, discovers thai another has been masquerading in his characteristic atire, mask and all. This interloper after robbing, pillaging and committing murder, is pursued by the real Ranger, who sets out to uncover him and bring him to justice. In doing so, he encounters Dolan, a cattleman who is hostile to the "nestors." Dolan, a bland hypocrite poses as a loyal citizen on the sur- Chief Thunder Cloud support Livings, ton in featured roles. The story was scripted by a quartet of serial writers who are rated at the top in their field. Barry Shipman, Franklyn Adreon, Ronald Davidson and Sol Schor. FRIDAY - SATURDAY THE LONE RANGER TONTO AND SILVER Old friends in a brand NEW series of spectacular JL adventures on the -^ treacherous trails ^ of the prairies. Hi-Yo Silver! "The LONE RANGER Rides Again" ROBERT LIVINGSTON CHIEF THUNDER-CLOUD SILVER CHIEF DUNCAN RENALDO « THRILLING • J CHAPTERS GENE AUTRY in "BLUE MONTANA SKIES" - FRIEDA INESCOURT—in "THE ZERO HOUR PLUS LAST CHAPTER OP "Daredevils of the Red Citde" I Values lo $12.95 THANKSGIVING DRESS SALE Values lo ?7.fl5 $3 LADIES Specialty Shop fare, bnt adtually resorts to a manner of underhanded means lo drive Ihe j settlers, or "nestors," from the rattlj country. The range, he believes, be-*) longs lo the cattle exclusively. Dolan's men, in order to stop the Lone Ranger's activities, stage a sham murder and pin the giult on the Ranger and his pal, Jed Scott. Scoll is j jailed, and the Lone Ranger, of course j rides hastily to his rescue. Not soon enough, however, to prevent the Dolan gang from inciting the townspeople in their attempts lo lynch Scolt. The jail is fired in an effort to get to him, and the Lone Ranger, fast to the rescue, is trapped in the burning build ing. As the building collapses . .But, we'll have to wait until next week to tell you more! | Duncan Renaldo, Ralph Dunn and i COOKING IS FUN NOW! Merit System in (Continued from Page One) ; FIKST I'KKSBYTKRIAN I Tlius. BriW-sler, Minister j | Sunday school 9:4;) a. in. I Morning worship 10:55 o'clock f Vesper service 5 p. in. j Young Peoples meeting 6:15 p. m i Mid-Week .services Wednesday p. m.. aid will be withheld. A conference in the light of this threat may be more than usually interesting." Mr. Bailey spoke slowly as he continued his speech. A stenographer from ihe state Welfare Department recorded the proceedings on a sleno- lype machine. "If Ihe new program involves what little is left of local control, we are not prepared to surrender," the governor said. "The past and present policy of aiding the distressed i.s lo • ,-, c i • , , , sivt< °"'- v wlu '» federal funds arc , Un bunduy morning the loose change . matched by the states I offering will besenla.su Thanksgiving; » That pVug,^,,," i s " nu , consistent ! iifferint; to our Presbyterian Home for . xvith humanitarianism. If a person's Children. hunger - - --- i - • - j Thurscly morniang at 9:30, we will participate in the Union Thanksgiving 7:30 HENRY service*: ut ihe Gospel Tabernacle. Rev. | Kenneth Spore will preach. Tfve of- j fering will be for Christmas charity. C.anvU lYIiMiioiiul Baplisl Church ; ilollis A. Purlle. Castor A 2Cih COLBERT • FONDA fDNA WAV OLIVER EDDIE COUINS JOHN MRRADINE OORRIS BOWOON JESSIE RALPH ARTHUR SHIELDS ROBERT LOWER* ROCER WHOF Directed by JOHN FORD .Sunday Mimi- one The a. m. 1 ile." We day li:4. r ) p. group from in California i.s nssuaeej with $15 a month, it stands to reason a peioon in Arkansas will require as much to avoid hunger. That is the condition up lo date. "That situation builds up the detestable features of bureaucracy. The lime has corns when someone representing the state should make this statement. "I think President Roosevelt intended lo make these payments to ihe pastor's message Sunday 11:00 j stales to make up the deficiency in the will be. "The Two Sunsets of j South because of economic conditions. Von will enjoy this message. I As I see it. there has been a prettv are lo have as our guest Sun- j serious perversion of Ihe purposes of m. The young peoples j the president of the United- States, Nashville. They are 'lo | and I think it is time somebody spoke ' School 9:-i5. Come and bring with you to Sunday School, present a program at C:45. We urts toi up i'or the slates, toi PKItlKS NO. :i ADVENTURE of SALLY and SUSAN In The Slur See them, daily during FOLKS! I've always said my Sally'd make good. What she tell Susan ._ morrow? I HAYNES BROS, CLOSE OUT Susan, we made a hit yesterday, and now since one of the Thanksgivins is over, let's start talkin about Christmas gifts at Haynes Bros. Let's see, Did Roosevelt change Christmas date too? More time for other fun too, with a Magic Chef I NVITE the gang in and broil hot dogs ... or do a llirft'-inrli steak. No choking on smoke, po stooping, \\iih a Magic Chef Swing-oiit-broiler. Heal a can nC soup quickly on top burners that light without matches. If it boils over, don't worry—the Non-clog liuriicrs arc spill-proof. Bake cakes worthy of the. ii.-iinc ... uiih the 20" deep insulated oven,regulated l>> llu- IVinioiis Red Wheel. NOW'S THE TIME TO ( REPLACE YOUR OLD ^ WED-OUT STOVE WITH AN EFFICIENT . SHINY NEW MAGIC CHEF 410-X Sf E Magic Chef,the range that niukes Gas Cooking cleaner, faster, more eco« nomicalthan everbefort. the life of the LOJJS1AN* CAS <O, <ty THE RANGE WITH IHE .< FAMOUS RED WHtEl j

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