The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1940 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1940
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE sains y, Johnson Declares Norway's Lesson Something To Be Thinking About By THOMAS .11. .IO1I.V50N' NBA Service MTililiry Wriltr WASHINGTON. May &.—Nprivaj' gives the United States much lo think about. The, Philippines arc farther from our shores than Oslo and Trondjiclm and Berger/ are from London. Our Philippine defense problem is more difficult '.Dinri: the. (tilled problem lit'Norway. Informed, military . opinfo.'i warns: "Get out before we're ; kicked put!" Big lesson in Norway- was the strength in narrow seas, close lo land, to land - based air power against sea power, Allied sea power was used timidly and tardily, but the allies may liesKnle even more the next liine. Consider llnly's pluncs might do off licr roasts, In the . narrow Medllerranian, the Adri- ntlc and the Aegean. onns WITH JAPANESE Now subslilutc the Philippines for Norway and put the United Stales In the allies' plnce. what would we do? Excellent military authority holds we could not, with .the troops and arms we now hiiv; in Hie Philippines, hold (he islands. The Japanese have a "Ion lo one chance" of capturing them before wo could send strong reinforcements. f This view takes Into account that Japan has more new battleships built and Is building more Ihiin the United Stales. (Our newest, was built in 1923.) It also takes into Recount thai it Ihc Japanese established iwintlou bases on the myriad Philippine Islands, 'our relief expedition would face greater difficulties than the allies did In Norway. instead of the narrow North Sen, American rtoops would have to cross 7500 miles of Pacific Ocean, menaced from flankhuj Japanese Islands. While we got one mart across, Japan could get 40, which was about how (he Germans outscorcd Ihc allies by way of the Oslo firry. So many military experts say we should get mil quickly. Get out before we're .kicked out. For if it '. is bad • strategy to lie too slow in attacking, as were the British in Norway, it Is also bad slrnloey to be too slow in getting out: Moreover, if we wait, and arc kicked out, enraged public opinion mny force IK (o spend three or* four years, billions of dollars und one to 200,000 casualties to got back --what, except national pride? The British in Norway have taught us still another lesson. If we are forced to send an expeditionary force-by the Pacific. . Ihc Atlnr.Hc, or the Caribbean — to wrest from' an invader territory seized and defended by shore-based aviation—then \ve ought lo be ready lo do it quickly. NKE» FOI1CK UBA1>Y TO 'MOVE' First requirement Is control of the seas by which im invader might ' pass. Our naval aviation would help- I warships could be safer against splinter damage— and naval constructors have not been utterly blind lo (lie warning i»> the skies. Second requirement is that we have nn expeditionary force ready and equipped. Equipment, is now the army's main problem, to congressional economies In a presidential year. Clearly, an expeditionary force landing against shore-based aviation must have enough anil-air- JLYTHEVILLE gag.)- COURmR NEWS They're Hard To Defend Manila ^PHIUPPINE * " ISLANDS lay* two weiiVi by sea, Note .how Japanese islqndt box U. S. oufpoit at Guam. GUAM it- pa-"'•YAP IS. Map illustrates distance difflcuillcK U. S. would encounter in any contest with Japan over the Philippines. craft guns and pursuit planes enemy bombing, plus enough artillery lo wane a landing, and all under Us own conurmn- dcr. None of the planes, for instance, must be directed from a desk as far away as was London from Trondhelm. Vocational Agric u 11 u r c Students Experiment In Practical Crop Work The most Improved methods of Browing cation, will be carefully studied by 00 students of tlio Ijly- Ihcvillc high $choo) who. as members or the vocations! agriculture classes, are conducting nn experiment, in cotton growing this year. After-having i;ro\vn special tracts of .soybeans for the past Ihrce years on their e.\pvrhni<nlid acreage nl the Mississippi Comity Fair Grounds, the students wanted this yenr to grow cotton in line with special activities planned for learning more iiljotit cotton growing as n part of Die progrnin In cooperation wilh (he Nntional Cotton Picking .Contest lo be singed ill Hlylheviltr: nc.xt Pall. The seven-acre triicl 1ms bern prepared tor planting by hnvliif been flat broken nnd disced with .Sii|HT-Ho.v:il I.o.'idcd GASOLINE 16 9 c TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Always Open FOR A FASTER TRIP Jo and, Next lime gn Frisco—take "The Simnyland" arriving St. Loui* 3:45 pm cormccc- ing witli fast turns to Kans-is City and Chicago . . 1-ow round trip fares make the trip economical. free pillows, ice waict and drinking cups; wash-room and toilet /jcilitiu alwaj'j ^SUNNYLAND U 8l ' r "' edl9 ........... 9:30 am served in «he Frisco Suack __ Car ---- No otlier form Ar. Kansas City— -as early 35 9:30 pm of t«nspotiation offcts so Ar. Chicago— as early as.T 9T25 pm nui<: ' 1 ^ or M ' :!t ' c - Gel your j;ec copy of l!>t new "Coach Booklet" telling of the many "plus >•<>/««" 0 / a Frisco ticket — jttil call the FRISCO TICKIT AC1NT Blytheyille, Ark. 'the boys learning lo use traders by this work. I'lnntlng was started ycslcrdny afternoon with the seed being put in Ihe I'roimd on the level ns nn CMucriiiicnt to nsecjiain whether Ihls typo land grows bellcr collon when planted in hilled rows or on the level. Stoiicvillc 2-U, Howdcn, D. and P. L. ll-A and Unit nnd Half arc being used in the four experiments after having selected Ihe varfelics of scal/j most used in (his section. Some of the seed hns been given the ceresnn treatment and nitrate of soda will be used ns fertilizer on some Imcts with all yields lo be carefully' checked Tor comparisons. This experiment, sponsored by f-Vcemun lloMiison, Instructor, Is iimclc (XJssiblc l>y the Mississippi County Pair Association, which donates the Imul, and by farmer friends who donate the seed. Funds from the sale of the cotton will be used for trips to cimtest sites tu:d for Ihc imrch'ase of registered hogs. The sale of soybeans in Ihc past year made il possible for Ihe slu- denls to participate in several contests with other Future Farmers of America students and to buy resist c red hogs. In London, the average daily consumption of water amounts to 38 S! nl '<)iK per capita. Arkansas' Republicans W... Convene Saturday To Nominate Candida Ins fly IIAUMON Kl,»KJl United 1'rCM Malt Corrcs]ioiiJti]l UTT1,E ROCK. Mny o —Acllvit" in the camps of the Republican parly in Arkansas—long considered the almost exclusive province of I lie l>;mo<:nits—has readied an in- l ti'jj.sity imermak'd .since the days f the fteconstrucllon. On the eve of Ihe slate party convention, G. o. I 1 , lenders reveal Hint they have hopes of olccllng onn congrewiinan. a few .slate .scnatoi.s nnil rcprfscnltitlvcs, and n uijeral sliMtikllnj! of coiniLy officers over (lie .slnle. Tin- Hepublic-.'iii.v will co-wcne In l.ilili; nock .Snlunlny to elect n I d«lci:atlon which ihey will .send I unpledged lo ihc national convention in I'liiliKlclphln and to romi- nalc a full slate of candidates for Ktatc officers. Representative Joseph \v. Martin of Massachusetts, minority leader in the lower house of Con- Iji-fss. will come here to nddrcss the Jiaity members. Ills speech Sattir- dny inornlr.); at u :M o'clock will l)e broadcast over n nnlloii-wldc radio network. Preceding the convention, party loaders from Oklahoma, Tcxns,'Ala- bama, Tennessee, and llllr.ois will meet with Congressman Mnrlin to map cntnpaign strategy In their tc.spcclive states. According to Wallace Townsetul of Little nock, Arkarsas has B2.00D eligible Reimblican voters but only about 35,000 of them have been voting. The object of the current O. O. P, activity is to bring out Ihc party members lo Ihc polls in full strength. "II Is to Ihe interest of nil tho people of Arkr.i;;,as to have a larger Republican vole," TOUTSOIH! declared. "Arkansas. is having n hard lime in obtaining its share of federal grain's for highway construction, flood control, and oilier pvi'r- poses because of Us .clnsslflcnlioo as .strictly a one-party state. This has been especially Irue during the past seven yean. 1 . "Increasing the Republican vote Sign the New Register at the Ritz LAST TIMES TODAY ^FiSTl *y3t«*l ,.«-•,'** !*»» ^tefes^i I'uramoiml y cw!i >t (; nm cily FHIDAY 25 OOOI) 11KASOXS Why Von Should Attend miiijj Soon: Virginia Cily Ucliroc.i 't'.vphoon •'"linny Apollo ROX Y LAST TIMES TODAY 1'AL NIGHTS 2 Artmiltctl fnr I'rice of ] Also Comniy A. FRIDAY & SATURDAY it Srriaf"lMrk Tracv 0-Mci>" U STEN TO KLCN «.m.~U;45 ~.4-se p,n,. Phone RtU 2J4 in the stale lo where lire Dt-iiiocrots do not npprar to have full control will inovidp. a lever for prizing loose more m:rj larger fcdurnl apiiroprla- tions." 1'bivmcml explained. The llcj)»b)lc,in.s claim lliofr Bi-calcsl, slreiujtli in Die 'j'lilni Congressional Dislrici and telk'vo Hiey stiind n good clia::cc of ]>ui- H»K »J) a candidate lliorii wlio can defeat Congressman Clyde ')'. Ellis. They point to the campaign In ttie di.strli.'l ;i feu- years 1130 in which llic O. O. J'. cnndldntc for Co-grass lost lo Clinide FiilJer by the slltn aiyiii of 1,500 votes. Miidkon, fioarcy, Waslilnijloii. Ncwtoti. and Van Unrcn couiules have been i>!ccllr,-j Hcpub]k'iui.s to I county olfleo.s IrcqueiHly. There «'crc two Ifc-puhlicaiB in Ihc: Ar- haiisns House durliiE the 19M session—Orville N. Mclntiirff of Scarcy county nnd «, c. Ham of Newton founly. Mast, prominently memkniMl a.s llio O. O. I', nominee for governor is Mayor Hurley SLuinji of .SUHl- usii'i, who look an active rule in tin.- uiUI-srile.'i lax liehi In Arkansas county. Every foiinly In Hip state has some kind of Republican ori'iini/A- tion for 101Q-many of them hcar- i»!t from (Mcir Re]iublienii.s for ilie irsl lime In year.s. During recent weeks party caiitiLses iiave IJCCH lif-ld in each eong!'cssi(>;:ril district o discuss Usucs and policies prc- Iminary lo the state ineclintj. A special commitlee hcndcd uy Ouo Cobh of Littlo Reck, who in pasi years has u ecn u ci. O. P. candidate for governor, has lir-en tjusy studying the <iualificatio;:s of varli oils candidate-:; who may be placed on the Republican ticket. THURSDAY, MAY 9, 1MO Mind Your Mariners lost your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the fol- lowmii quest ions, DIM cheeking f I " Slr ""' alltllor 't»"vo answers I. Should a woman ask her maid o work on Thursday aflwiiow if that |.s her u me ()ff? '1. Slinuld a woman (joisij) wiih .1 servant about die family the sen-ant previously worked for? .'I. Should servants tx lelerred lo as "help"?' 1 Should a maid he referred to ns "my girl"? 5. Hoiv should a .servant be taught to ask « question? What would you do if— You are a wuwian .a.-iti wonder how you should handle your mafd- <n) l-eave everything lo hei- own Judgment? <b) .SuptrvLse r-very task? *c) Pliin uio work as you want "• done; talk it over with her, mill (lien IM (tor do her job . wjtlj n-, IHlle Interference as possible? Answers . 1..NO. 2. No. 3. No. 4. No, "My maid." H. "Shall I put ( things away, Mrs. Jones?" Best "What Would' You'Do" so- lut ton—i c>. The Indians of Soutli America wear earrings made from Hie wing-cases of giant beetles. I Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES'EM SEE" Over-Joe Isaacs' Store Phono 540 Ku a£effer You'll like < its Mild, Mellow Flavor! THIS WHISKEY IS 4 YEARS OLD-90 PROOF _Copr. 1940, Ih, Old CW,., Compaq, towrtoMbura. Wfono J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optometrist In Blytherifle. Glasses Fitted Correttlj I Careless Public Annually, the stale forcr,ls 'ot England have 1100 firos, with a total damage of $200,000. The / public is responsible toe appro;- ll (c or " 1CSC |)rcvi ' m ' PETE IS THt 'LUMBEI "WHAT! frEYfin?" Eti II Alt 1)1^ EVER! o '• >•* * Gear Shifting Amazingly Reduce/I with FLUID DRIVE V Aoucoukl clnv.e from New York to San Francisco in aFluid Drive Chrysler . ..ami never skill n gear. Tliat's how amazingly this great Chrysler development takes the work out of driving. In all ordinary driving, you let the clutch and gear-shift lever severely alone. And you'll be equally thrilled by the smooth-as-oil operation of Fluid Drive ... its absolute silence ... the complete absence of jerking and grabbing ... ils simple design. But why try to imagine the year's biggest driving thrill? Come in and drive it. Standard equipment on the Crown Imperial... only $38 extra on the Traveler, Saratoga and New Yorker. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 \V. As), St. Direct Dealer For Chrysler and Plymouth Associated Healers nt I.rachville Motor Service l.cachvillc, Ark, Phone 111 C. R Hryaitl Motor Co. Hiivli. Mn. For Cooler, More Economical Cooking FLORENCE OIL RANGES ionsol«' Oil Kaitge Five standard wicklcss kerosene burners Larjje and roomy oven, fully insulated, accurate oven-thermometer, finished in snowy white and black porcclained enamel. Large, roomy cooking surface with three large, open cast-iron grates. Rigid end shelf provides exlia .space. Florence Wickless Oil Range An aflriiclivc low-priced (-'on- sole raiiRe in open front tic- sign. II has five burners, two beneath the oven, three .surface burners. Oven is H).\- 1S inches with insulated top. Kooniy cooking: (op has «inc- grates. © Tabl Florence ^ v Top Oil Rang« OHC siaiil and Iwo slnndard wlcfcless burners.-one standard burner nt each end of cookiu elop. Ihe e.\tr,i-i>o\v-' erful giaiu burner beneatli tlie oven, f-nlly insulated oven. Porcclained oven linings. A beautiful, low-cost unit. This handsome white porcelain model lias red, cliroml- tirn-trfnimcd handles. Tlirce surface burners, t\ro oven rjnriirrs. It,s e.\lra bij oven provides^ space lo c o o k a whole iiinal at one time. Smoolh paneled front, fokl- Iwck lop cover. Large nlonsll slorage space. '45 89.50 Hubbard Furniture Co,

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