Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 24, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1939
Page 2
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Star HOPE STAfr fcOWB, ; Press. 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929 Herald From False Report) evei 7 w^k-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. . E. Palmer and Alex H. Washbtirn, at the Star building, 212-214 South Walflut sirset, Ho£e, Ark. C. E. PAIAIEB, President " AT.EX. H. WAvStfBUBM, Editor nnd Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. ~ ~~~ (NBA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Rate (Always Payable in Advance): py city carrier per 15o; per month 65c; one year $6.50. By mall, in, Hempstead. Nevada, Miller and LaFayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. ot the Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled So the use for vepublication of all news dispatches credited to it or ise cre< ^ itetl '» lhis P a Re r a™! al-'o the local news published herein. A 9""? es ? n ^ufo*. fi'e- Charge will be made for all tributes, cards ol thante, tesohitmns, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial gewspapers hold to this policy in the news column* to protect the'ir readers ira-rt a delup of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any wisolicHed manuscripts Just Where Does the Girl Friend Fit? Assorted and sundry experts continue to argue lustily over what to di with the women. In Buffalo, N. Y., recently. Will Durant.'author of books o philosophy. warned that civilization would "decay" unless women put o aprons again and took up their old posts at the kitchen sink. He suggested tin ladies have-become "luxuries" instead of the-"helpmates" they were divineh designed to be. Springing nimbly to Mr. Duranfs side is Dr. John Edward Brown i.re.si dent of.John Brown University. Sjioam Springs, Ark. Dr. Brown resets tha we «e training our young ladies "for « man's world rather than n" woman's "? ds ixvptically that we are "putting out twice as much dog foof Both gentlemen are worried because the modern woman is more -it ease o>/-r^a comptometer machine than over a kettle ,,f turnips. They hale t. think of what might happen if that sort of thing were carried too far u -" N ewuEn Sl?''<l way. a woman who carved a comfortable niche to, ns world us equally worried over what Is happenim- to ^ "»* wu '»»" member of the Massnchiwolts State C T P T sm '° n C 0 '"'™'"'". '""1 *he believes that girls should SS cnreBra - M l* c fo»y ^ they want To get into Miss Holmes sees the fine hand of masculine jealousy i,, legislative designed to cut the gals down a peg or two. Men, she says who aim ° eafi " eS baCk im ° h0lLS ° f^ 8 i-' -anVto get Furthermore. Miss Holmes thinks, bills which would enualbe working ^ n ^ me 1-^ W ° me " are Discriminatory aga.i^t the ludi^. The gl have hT^W M! ! W f SrMmR " y , ^ rha P s - to ha »g °n'° street car straps, but the/H be darned if they're go,ng all the way in this equality business Anyone who knows anything about domestic affairs ought to know better than tq .believe the debate will ever be settled. Maybe the relatively ,mv k lea on femimsm are Jlls t whims, and maybe they're here to stay. But the b^Ile between the sexes isn't new. It's just bei ngstaged on a new field • THi FAMILY DOCTOR T. (H. O. «, Off • "'.""„ B S D8. MORRIS FISHBHN MJtez, fcunml oC (he American Medical Hygela. the Health ChocoJate Milk Good rochildren If It Them to Drink More %M •• (Seeond of two articles on drinks for' children.) chocolate drinks, particularly chocolate milk drinks, have been especially popular. One of the main.rea- i'ons .i^.thak. many^child/en likrf' the flapj'. end. will drink, chocolate milk when'they will not drink milk. Chocolate milk drinks-vary great- Iy. Some are made from skimmed miljc' of low grade .and some from : fci'nimed milk of high grade. Many i x^erts hi nutrition have pointed to the absence of vitamin A from cho- rolate milk drinks made with skimmed iniVk. Some manufacturers add extra vitqmsn ,A to the drink. Some experts do not recommend chocolate milk drinks .because they UM> hi^li in sugjtr tends to produce a sense of satiation and dulling of the appetite. They complain that chocolate rnllk drinks educate the appetite for more sugar; teach the child that it is desirable to flavor milk before di-inlcing it, and cost more tha ordin- ary milk. However, Dr. H. S. Sherman, who is recognized as one of the leading authorities on nutrition, considers the flavoring of milk desirable. He feels that the flavottng.of milk and other protective foods is advisqble if children can be persuaded to eat and drink more of them. Some experts in nutrition insist that children should be educated to ea.t natural foods and flavors. This is completely' sound from a theoretical point of view, but the argument has little appeal to the parent who, has difficulty, in making the child eat the food it should have. Similar arguments to those made regarding chocolate and flavored milk apply also to orrangeade. orange crush and similar drinks. It is claimed that the .products may contain less that 25 per cent of orange juice, yet they are highly sweetened and obviously contain much extra fluid beyond what would be provided with pure orange juice. EMINENT WOMAN HORIZONTAL l,5,iOFarnous woman religious leader. 18 Eggs of fishes. H Oat grps.c. i 15 Form of ''be." 16 To relate. 17 Bursts. 18 Genus of frogs.. 2.0 Mass, nteeiings imposition. 24 North Carolina. 25 Memorandum books. 28 Growing out. 33 One that tunes. .'!< .fofkey, 25 To turn into .'i Mar. -7 To liijke 38 Iron (symbol). Answer to Previous Puzzle Chosen by b;i)!ot. 44 Shoelace. 49 Caterpillar hair. 50 Citrous- fruits 52 .Sound of disapproval. 53 Model. 55 Age. 5(i Coal boxes. 57 Wealthy. 58 She •.?;,•: the of Christian Science. VERTICAL - iiegion. .') Bi.scuit. 4 To i-'creiim T) Breaker, li Class of birds. 45 "• Cognizance. 4li fi Conclude:,-. 47 0 Course die. 48 10 To merit. 51 i 1 To pull along. 5-i ras.-uicj hill. 5(j She wi-ote complete assays or on her principles. She trained yome as practitioners. Draft of air. To exaggerate acting. Fi.stol. Being. Mesh of lace. Insect's egn. Stir. Five plus five. Role of tilm. Cotton fabric. Stiff collar. Anxiety. Perished. Hlant part. While. Point of jasv. Poslerjor. Existence, .Mister. Form of "I." Hu.slicl. Political Announcement The Star is anl|iorl/eif | fl ,,„. iiointw) ||,e fallowing eaqdldntp.s subject (o (he ncllnn of (he nemti- crnJIc oily prlntnry election TIIPX- *iy, November 28, I93S: for City Attorney E. F. M'FADDIN LAWSON E. GLOVER • ANSWIRTO CRANIUM CRACKER ! Questions (tu Piigc One 1. (b) Pilgrim father. 2. (c> Pact. 3. (a) Histoiiiih. 4. <c( Inventor. 5. <(!> Rnilwiiy I'xeeutive. • "'t'hs More You Tell the Quicker Yon Sell" • You Can Talk to Only One. Man » Wmit Ads 'falk to Thonannd* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken aver the One tim«—1'J word, minimum 30o Six limes-Hie word, minimum 80c Rates a.'e lor Three times—3V4c word, minimum SOc month—Igc word, mlnlinum |'<i.7u i5 insertions qnl». Service* Offered | SKRV1CBS OFFKRED-See flemp- j stead Matts-eas Shop, 712 West Fourth, I for new one) r<?-liuilt, Phone Paul : Cubit «r,H-,l sept. 1!G 1M. Tlie iinswei- is that eating is of-, ton n matter of pleasure us well as; a matter of nutrition, ami that nuiny '• a refreshing drink is enjoyed f ur i|>; refreshment value. ; NOTICE With the Hempstead Home Agent Mary Claude Fletcher 2fl-PM.V Life Policies, $1000 up. Age-s day oUI anil up. Talbot Feild. Box : Hop.. Ark. (I vis wi'lh Relianep Life. Oct 27-1 in. i NOTICE—Due to conditions that are beyond our control wo will not have any turkeys fur sale Thanksgiving or Christinas. Lee Garland. 22-3lc ATTENTION" Our prc-t'hrlslinas ol'ft-r 2-KxlO Por- liaits inr.si.iu. Until December 10th ly.'l». Thi- .Shipley Sluclio. il-3lc' TAKEN UP — Small Jersey. '|i(-hl . ilored, short horn, weight almut .101) The Melrose Home Demonstration ! " )s - "".'..en West, Hope Rt. 2, .'! miles Cjub met November I3lh at 2:00 o'clock | r ''""' "'-I"' "" llijjhway •). 2.'l-3tp with iVJis. C. P. Zimmerley, hostess.! •—• ---The club song 'Arkansas" was sunk; For Sale by the club members. Mrs. C. P. Zim- j merlay gave the devotional using Sir FOR SALR--Small stiidiii piano us-d Lilke 20.1-19. The regular roll call used as demonstrator. :«) nu.nlhs l» vvas answered with our blessings. Thu pay. Also one Stromburfi-Carl.sun For Sale FOR SALE—1 Indies first grade >,<. earn I diamond ring. A bargain for caMi. Phone :t2(). 24-Hlp • Take this at once. S room house on 7fix 1.10 chrner lot. Ftivecl. sidewalks. .Six blocks east of postol'fiee. Price SMIlO TYLER Licensed Real-Estate Operator 24-lt,, FOR SALE - 150x150 ft., 7 room house 2','j blocks of poslofficc on Second street. Residence and semi-busi- Price Siri.000. Terms 2-1-11.) End of i) Hiiro LOST—Black cont . Lost In stntion Friday. If found return to Mrs. Pearl L. Hntten. Reward. 223 Corner 5lh and Haze). 33-.')tp Berkeley, Calif.—(/!•>—The Kttliwns rlbc of Indians who once ranged over TALBOT FE1LD, Sr, ACCIDKNT and HKAI.TII With l,lfe In.siinuirc Clai'ms Paid 100% Promptly !) years with Reliance Life Box 4-1, Hope, Ark. a jfreat area in Lower California, has dwindled to five families, says Dr. Peverlll Molgtfs. who luin just rc- lurned from a study of (he redmen. USE ^^- *-f *~t _• Monts Sugar Cure When Buldiermg i This Fall and For sale by the leading merchants in every community. Box !I8. Hope Star Wanted WANTED TO BUY--We""pay more for good Used furniture, stoves, ru«s. etc. see us before you buy or sell. auklin's Furniture Store. 112 So. Elm. NLMin WHAT-- AMOTHER. DRILL BROKE ? WH-~ I'VE OFTEM THOUGHT THAT GUY OWNED STOCK Ik) THIS OUTFIT. TH' WAV HE ACTS MO, IF HE . , DID, HE'D BE * i MORE GRACIOUS- THAT'5 WHV WE'LL MEVER. HAVE MO UTOPIA OKJ EAR.TH — OKIE GUV'LL PO IT AMD TWO WOM'T / i . . . ^.ff^ ( ~~~ President, Mrs. Irvin Urrey. presicl- raclio. Will sell fur balance due. Hi: BOOTS AND"HEiR~BljDDlES 1 tAV ,PRi,&C\l.Vfs N ., w , ff . , , . , . Tarvi-y 0<lom, (ill) \Vft.st Koiirlh. Phoiie New officers were elected as fol- i)vi( \v .>, ... lows; President. Mrs. P. J. Holt; I IT ...I ._ _ Vice-president. Mrs. Gjle-s Hatfield; Scj FOR SALE-Lumirer and shingles cretary-Ti-easurer, Mrs. C. P. Zim- -\e<- C'laudi- Waddle Phone »8!)W nerley; Reporter, Mrs. A. G. Zim. . 21".;'^,, nerley. The meeting was turned over ; In the new <iffice.rs. i ''"OR SALE—Six room borne on u The club treasury now contains I three acre lot, also niie hundred five !!G.5(J. i acre farm at DeAnn. Lc-roy Samuel. Mrs. A. G. Zimmerloy was ap- ; Hope, Ark., Route- :;. 22-fitp lointed chairman of the committee I ... or neoU 1 year's meeting places with ' rlrs. E. P. Flanagan and Mrs. Joe j -.assitur assistants. The. places were' assigned as follows: January. Mrs. !. N. Murray; February, Mrs. Ir- . r ij. Urrey;, Murc-h, Mrs. C. P. Zim- i uerlr.y, April, Mrs. Gile-S Hatfiuld; } Hay. Mrs. John Sparks; JuuT, Mrs.' f. O. Hart; July, Mrs. Yocum, Au- j 'list. Mrs. A. G. Zimmerley; Septem- : Jfcr, Mrs. P. J. Holt; October, Mrs. iurlon Rogers; November, Mrs. Ver. ion Pate; December, Mrs. Lassier. » Leaders were appointed as follows: [ecreation, Mrs. Joe Lassiter; Beter Homes, Mrs. P. J. Holt; Garclen- ng. Mrs. S. N. Murray; Food Preser- ation, Mrs. Giles Hatfield; Landscap- ig. Mrs. Irvin Urrey; Poultry, Mrs. 'red Yocum, Artcraft. Mrs. A. G. .immerley Clothing, Mrs. C. P. Zimmerley; Foods ancl Nutrition, Mrs. Mvin Robertson; Household Mana- emervl, Mrs. Sparks;. Better gabies nd Child Care, Mrs. Halon Rogers, ong Leader, Mrs. Fred Yocum; Fair hairman, Mrs. Irvin Urrey, Member- lip Committee, Mrs. S. B. McAdams, hairman, Mrs. H. O. Hart and Mrs. \lvin Robertson, assistants. The club project for next year is > be Musical Advancement with VIrs. Joe Lassiter to see about song ooks. A rising vote of thanks was iven the retiring officers. The De- imber Council meeting at Mt. Nebo ras talked about. Mrs. A. G. Zimmerley gave a ds- lonstration on Cranberry Salad. It /as voted by the club to return ex- en.se of the demonstration from the ub treasury. Questions were ask ancl the ans. 'ers given about the AAA program, he recreational hour was spent in ongs ancl exercises. The hostess served delicious re- •eshmentts of the Cranberry salad, •ackfcrs. coffee and cake. There were 13 members present, 2 isitors, and two new members were ddcd to the roll. The meeting adjourned to meet u- ain on December llth with Mrs. i HI Laselcr. Shaver Springs The Shaver Springs Home Demon- .ration Club met with Mrs. W. R. Vriglit tm November 16th. 'Ihe meeting was culled to order y tlie President. The new officers lected during the business session 'ere: Mrs. Harold Sanford, Presi- ent; Mrs. Earlie McWilliams, Vice- resident; Miss Wilma Lasater, Se. •etary; and Mrs. Erastus Aaron. Re- crler. Local leaders will be uppoint- d at the Dttceinbei- meeting. The club voted to have a package sale euch month. Mrs. Hugh Clark is to havi.' charge of the first sale. A very interesting talk on "Culling the over Production of Cotton" was given by the club president. The hostess served parched peanuts which was enjoyed by all. Ti'o me:-liiig iK.ijoun,ei-| to met-l with Mrs. O;,ciu- llodiiett in December. For Rent FOR RENT- i; mom IIOUM- clo.se in, !! lied rooms $2.1.(H). CJarajje. Hox !)H, atldress Hope Star. FOR RF.NT-One .l-Tooni housed one 4-rooin house..one ,"-room furnished apurtmunt, all in Miigiiolia Addition. Mrs. J. E. Sclmnley. Phone 3H-M. 21-llic VGll HENT-3 room furnished apartment. Private L-Mlrimi-f. adjoining bath .107 South Pine. 22-:it|) KENT—South l>e<lro()iu. adjoining bath, garage, S10.00 Large double bedroom, 2 cloxel.s and beds, compli-lo f.jr 2, $7.50 each. Phone B7-R. 810 South Main LISTEN), SOURPUSS.' HAND ME ANOTHER. AM' POKJ'T GIVE ME iH' STOCK HOLPER;S - TH' COMPANY WOM'T GO BROKE/ vou WOM'T LOSEVOUC. / "WAITER, vou PIDN'T BREA1CTHAT DISH--I DID... LET 'EM COMPLAIKI "TD ME/" OOLHOO THE OFFICIAL. Extreme Pessimism Ulysses Calls Her Bluff ALLEY OOP WILI AUOfsJG AMD TURK) LOOSE WASH TUBES Edgar Martin , _ <bV\S TOOW /S Al\. MV co VcO TO TO TQ 1 ^(5^-> \. COPR. 18^9 fiHi ifiT > / 'tf*^——, , ~t T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OF?! POSl'T VOU THIWVC VOUR.TREAT MEWT OF A GOPPESS /\S> A BIT HIOH " ' By V. T. Hamlin HAMDEP OF A , GODDESS? / HA - HAH .' YES INDEED \SUT - - I'M AFRMD WE SHOULD HA.ME 30UE TO TOWU WITH UUCLE IWCQUU, EA<iy. van KMOW WHAT AM EA<,V MARK HE \<, HE TOOK OULY HE'LL BE SAFE Surprise, Linky --HOMESTLV MOW,OOOLA, DON'T VOU THIWK THIS (30DDESS BUSIMESS HAS GOME FAR EWOUGH ? -V,tv\;o.-jiU^; _COPB. 193> BY ME* St'sVICc'. VnC. f. M BEG U. ;. p*r orp.' FRECKLES AND HJS FRIENDS HOW -SWEET OF VOU TO ESCORT ME HOME UUKV.' WOW I WQU'T HAVE TO •SAVE MY -sue- FOB YOU By Roy HJrane I... IM ^0 CHOKtD UP \W6\OE, l.. OH, LUCILLE, n's WOWOERFUL!. V The Curse of a Conscience HOUSTON. Tox. -(A>>- "I want to Kill-render." said a mild-eyed, middle uSJ<--d fellow who walked up to Traffic Fatrolm-jti J. E. Armstrong. Arrn- itrong eyed him carefully for marks ut the criminal. "What you wanted for?" he said .'.tji'pticali.v. "Traffic tickets," said the man, soberly. | Anr.strojig went with him to be po. i '.'.•here he paid for five) tiansgressions. JONIGHT IS A BIS NJI6HT .FDR THE BOYS, AND especiAuy FOR The Big Question NOT OMLY IS HE A FOOTBALL STAR , BUT AW ESSAYIST AS SELDOM ARE THESE TWO "™BINGO IM SUCH A OE6REE BY OKJE " . U. / r SHADYSIDE IS PROUD OF HIM / A COLLEGE 0DUCATIOW IS HIS REWARD , MOT TD MENTION THE $ 1,000 THAT SOES WITH IT/ i POM'T KWIT VERV WELL.THO I'M ALMOST ASHAMED TO SHOW TO YOU UP UI6UT6, LWKV T3EAR.1 WAUT- EO SO MUCH TO MAKE VOU HAPPV. HOPE VOU'LL LIKE IT By Merrill Blosser WE \WlLL HEAR. A FEW WORDS FROMv THH YOUMG VIAKJ WMO SURPI?ISEO US ALL WITH HIS KMOWLEDGE A BOY WHO SEEMS TO KNOW EVERYTHING! WHICH PER. TH SALAD ? RED RYDER The Schemer By Fred Harman SO -faKl'S WHY OLP WITHERS LEFT •fOV\JM — TSELU H>5 CATTLE.' 1 SHAUK---GET \M-TH ,1 GOT A JOB -TO OVER .' TH 1 ROOfA'3 EMPTY-LET'S GO, I' ASK TH' AJ&W SCHOOL UK.& NEAR. 1H 1 SCHOOL HlrV-Ht'LU F£TCH COLD . P<20rt\5HD Tb BUILC THAT PR£TT-i SCHOOL A NEVJ SCHOOL THAT'LL -TAKE A\ONET /

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