Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 21, 1952 · Page 21
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 21

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1952
Page 21
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I V 4 ' w&& -*!,' »*•• •>**«. HOM STAR, ttOM, ARKANSAS ...... kd Safe it Attack AJmkfl ufi -Ala*, enemy »ttatk ft* ...Hibnoi th» "h»«rt in the taut two Voting chief ot the Air •~ ' bdr«e« Chrtmbsr Hire* Monday nl«ht. IjtifMn briefing on tho Jntost^ «W<J achlovomtoiU In the] fr«mi Oen, Nath»n S, Introduced us th« uri>i which'h»« bff«n sct'tip to rnskd thu trirrlfory fffvu)A»r»t)t« to * surprl»« , 1952 m polftWd out th*t Alaska U too bljt to plufi def*nire» for evrry mile of tho v«rt Interior aftf extensive Th* hMrtUiftd conei«pt Adopted u> give lh<r ttiHItary » cor* ft«»r AnebWjtf« ""'• Pslrbsnks from wh^B opart' l(en« could be extended quickly to the fnr corner* of the territory. "Ywu can relax now lor tha ftrat time toBcmwe you trf' »af». Nobody is «oln* to bother the place. And we »ro going to k«*p It that way. Wo are alwiyi plugging to get tho Jr.b done," ho sold, Gen, Omar Bradley, chairman S«artd Ttxant G«t Some Rdin •y Tht Atfocl«ttd Preu Thunderntorrni with , Wlnd» collod (he centm) portion*! Of thflT nation today but more jiiin-i •nine «nd bent wan on Up for! Wort of drought-loft red Texan. j Aid area of thundershowors c*». (com ths Northern Great' Hog Disease Has Not Hit State Yet Miss Truman in Finland, Denies All whenever they are on duty—whether bodyguarding or trailing counterfeiters. At the White House, after eon| ferring with State and Treasury Department officials (the Secret There was some comment from Republicans in Congress. • Sen. Bourko Hlckenlooper ot Iowa expressed curiosity as to "why Miss Truman should be traveling with bodyguards al gov Service is a'branch of Treasury) j eminent expense on a private trip WITH A GOOD lUfrUTATlON KNOWN BRANDS !GRADE K ROAST - 65c INER E IHOUSI PIE SAUCE II or MRS, TUCKER'S R HIT fTlnVl I WwF»i»Fv.-«P .. RTENIN6 3 CKERS 1 Lb. Box 21c OZARKS IT POTATOES No, 2} Con 29: JERQ6NS "oilet Soap Ban 29C 'DIAMOND IAPKINS mf»umt 15c , LADY MELBA Cheese Sandwiches Con 25c GREENIES English Peas 2 Cans 39C dono 1826 HO BBS Grocery & Market W« Dollvor _ -'» southwest ward across the! ?«ntr*l Mississippi Valley to the Southern Rockies. KUcwhero skies worn mostly fair, Heavy wind ami ruin inked parts! of Northeast Missouri nnd Western, Illinois, Th0 storm uprooted Irons! »nd damaged H down homes and; K-voral carnival tents (it Clarence, Mo, i of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told he chamber he won <<ncourngfd by jite progress made In Alnxka'B dc 'tn»e program, ' [ "Three yenrn ago I wn» conslil-; rrn.bly worried about what w«- had! here," he said, "Tho short building: season mndo it difficult to build de but when 1 awe what we here today I am endour- ified, I urn not worried the way! " wm." t«Wtf« UHlto< urrr.E HOCK t* — The hog, disease known as venlcular exanthema appears to be gaining momentum throughout the country. But Dr. J. S, Campbell, »tat« veterinarian, says It hasn't shown up In Arkansas yet. Dr. Ci says there has been talk of county fairs this year due to the disease but he believes that unnecessary unless something more definite turns up In Arkansas hogs. All county agents have been alerted against the disease, he nny», and only a few fat slaughter hogs have been brought In from outside the stale. They have been NlmiKhtrted Immediately upon arrival, No hogs for breeding purposes have been brought in, Dr. Campbell nays. The U. S. Department of Agrl- By WARREN ROGERS WASHINGTON (/TV-The question i of tn " Short gave this version of the r* i ported incident at the Stockholm (Town Hall: "One photographer helher Margaret Truman's \ "'»•' " { u "' a «< bodyguard roughhouscd •»'"••'• ' f Miss to be taken. She was looking at .some exhibitions, and the agent said she preferred not to be photographed at the lima "The photogiaphrr asked if an» other photographers were present inside the building and was told there were not. citizens bounced across." 1 " ncr I ji( -' lu " tour '!! sen Atlantic today, trailing official MI, comment — and silence. ...dl.th newspapers- had first .••(I yesterday. They reported >'• lhi'j( called "toughRuy.v lac- niu-d by throe Secret Service in-i accompanying the Presl- l s daughter on l,i-r European abroad." Short emphasized to reporters ! that the Secret Service is required approached by law to guard members of tha its at City Hall and! President's immediate family as Truman would pei-1 wolt*»as the President himself Hep. Albert M. Cole of Kansas said he feared the hubbub could be "quite damaging to our friend^ ship with Sweden." Sen. Wallace F. Bennett of Utah suggested Communists might have engineered the whole thing. The 28-year-old Miss Truman, "Thru ended the incident. It w ;1S iV" 1 ' 0 ' 1 Swcdcn for Ht>1 ^nki, Fin- I5XOFF On Your Cqlemgn FIOOR FURNACE II VH Instill II Bifiri«ut.3ltt D* It Nowl lov« money, be ready for winter before the rush. And get the famous Coleman that gives you Automatic Heat—Clean Heat—Warm- Floor Heat WIN A COLEMAN GAS FLOOR FURNACE Nothing lo buy! Nothing to dot Comt In foe/ay and rtghlerl too A Domonitratlon Today Hope Builders 1 Supply Co. 300 W, 3rd Phono 7-2381 r-' -• OPENING »ATURDAY AUGUST 23rd 8:30 A. M. SHARP - ' - * HOPE'S EWEST-LARGEST AND if DEPARTMENT STORE Thoia who want imtf* work and maybt ptrmonent work hurry and apply. Exp«ritnc« prtftrrtd. •> ^^4Pnid. Strttt **&?*L", v - . . «, A*< \ , l» so well controlled thut It Is almost Impossible for any infected meat to reach retail coun- '.ors. Georgia has been the latest state to take steps to stamp out the hog dlneosc. About 1,000 hogs may bt:( destroyed in that state and live- Htock, auction barns have been quarantined. Don't tnlk rain to Jefftiflon Coun-, ty farmers. They iictiuilly need dry weather now. Thin WUH the unusunl situutlon In nn overall picture thnt him hncl the Hlnle'H (nrmorH crying for rain after more than two months of only sporadic, scattered showers that hnrdty penetrated tho sun- bul^ed ground, Oencnil rnins In Jefferson Coun ty the punt week left alt crupn with plenty of moisture. And in a few sections of the county furrners were actually In need of dry weather to cultivate their crops tuid control the enrnon. Swedish newspaper Expres-' aid the bodyguards flung u.-iitli a photographer who tried to, snap Miss Truman's picture at- S t ockholm'K Central Station,! blocked a theater entrance until i her arrival there and kept nuw*-| mm atid photographers outside j thing. H StnrUiolrn'H Town Hall while she Visited It. Aftonbladct, Sweden's biggest newspaper .culled the alenls "gorillas." It said they were uncouth and intercepted Swedes who wanted to pass "any place where it just ;i very calm discussion." The Swedish Foreign < Office backed up Short, It said in a statement that the agent who reportedly stopped EI photographer h;icJ simply said: "No pictures, please." U. S. Ambassador Walton But- tcrworth said virtually tho same land. Adlai.Drafts Continued from Flute OM lem facing the nation. "The destiny of the United States and the free world are at stake." he said, "and it's a problem that will con-§ front us for years to come." He was asked to expand on what he had meant last week when he wrote a letter to Editor Tom Humhrey of the Portland Oregon Journal in which he referred to a "mess in Washington." Stevenson said he was only re- pearing a phrase that Humphrey had used in a letter to him when he referred to a "mess." But then he conceded that the coviction of wrongdoers was proof there had ( been a mess and he said: "Crime, corruption and misconduct are messy wherever they are." cabled the State Department, quoting the special agent in charge of Miss Truman's body- about the City guard as saying Hull incident: "There was no discussion, no ar- Cettlne back to Arkmisiis pigs we ienrtt thiil they could be fed m Hlate-Krown cottonseed meal, If t can be specially processed. Kftdcarclf carried on at the Uri- 'crsity of Arkansas' AKrieulturai Experiment Station in Fayetteville ias shown that a screw-pressed iillonseed meal Is supplemented with (I per cent of fish meal, the i; suiting protein supplement is nearly as adequate for pius us one nude up entirely of fish meal. But Professor E. L. Stophenson of the Animal industry Department vnrns thnt the regular commercial hydraullc-or solvent — proc- ;ssed cottonseed meal should not be led to pigs. He says it's ex rcmely toxic. ,,.>,...„.. Minx Truman to be at a given moment." The White House bounced back an unequivocal denial. Joseph Short, the President's press secretary, said: "Our preliminary reports indicate there is not one word of truth In .my of the .stories alleged to have been published in the Swedish newspapers." He said the investigation was continuing. Tho Swedish Foreign Office, meanwhile, had begun its own in- vcsligation. Stockholm dispatches said It wanted to know by what riyhl Miss Truman's bodyguard w»« armed in Sweden, where even the police are traditionally unarmed. The. U. S. Secret Spryice, also traditionally, arms its agents him they had just returned from Korea, wen.- fed up with Army life iind, "we don't care what happens to us." Stiother said the two men dozed off when I hey reached Columbia, alniul 2"> miles -south of Monroe. The minister jumped out of the car at a red light and told his story to a used car dealer who phoned Erskine. When the sheriff arrived the men were still asleep. Summit and no weapon was displayed at uny time," State Department Press Officer Michael McDermolt told newsmen! followers ROUNDUP TIME CENTRAL FRONT, Korea. (UP) — Hundreds of Korean prostitutes, Eorne flocking as far north as U. N. battle line positions, are being arrested each month by military police and counter-intelligence agents. MY CAPTIVE MINOCQUA, Wis., (UP) — Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson, who last week replied to Republican charges that he was a captive of the Americans for Democratic action — usually called ADA — said today he has received a telegram from a' Specialized patrols regularly' girl named Ada. chuck the small villages and troop I The message, from Chatham, iroas north of the farming line be-] Mass., said, "Look out or you'll be cause of the. possibility that some mv cantivo." he was confident Swedish-American relations would not suffer as result of the. reported incident.! vision possibility that some of the women may bo Communist agents. average of 80 to 100 camp a month are arrested and my captive.' It was signed 'Ada.' rounded up in stockades for ques- than a million dollars tinning in one single American, dl- used in the surfacing Vtcirm :i ron . - t area. Hugh power sovels, some of them 10 stories high and costing more each, arc mining of olsum Delight your appetite with Holsum, America's flavor-right bread. What nre you «otn« to plant for winter grar.lngV The consensus is that small nniin for wintcrpus- ure will give you more Brazing his full and winter than any other crop. For every mature cow you uivc on your farm you should plant ut least I'/j acres ot .small i! ru in. Among the small grains, outs ,)robnbly will give you more ura'/.- j than any of the others. They should bo seeded about Sept. 1, und you should use 300 to -100 pounds'of complete fertilizer to the Here. You should be able to graze the oats within 25 to 30 days after they are planted. Plunt about four bushels to the acre, preferably drilled. At the Batesvllle Experiment Station last year steers were grazed all winter on oats and they gained 280 pounds per heuu per ucre. JOHN P. COX DRUG (0. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY DRUG STORE Sidelight*: .Broiler production in Arkansas from 1035 to iOSO increased from l.H million to ulmoat 40.2 million birds. . . The new president ot the University of Arkansas, Dr. John Cnldwell, will speak Tuesday in Little Rock «t the Arkansas Farmers Association's 7th annual meeting, . . Rust of cedar and apple trees is one of the most conspicuous diseases in Arkansas, Strangulation of cotton roots has reappeared in the state. It results when the ({round gets so hard just below tht» surface thut the large tup root can't expand »s it normally does. , . , Cotton farmers could reason- ubly uuike more money this year with u smaller crop because they didn't have to spend much money to combat insect infestation. Arkonsans Jailed in Kidnapping COLUMBIA, La. tfi — Two sol' liiv'i's Stttticuu'd at Camp Tolk, La,, were arrested here tixiay und charged with kidnapping an Oakdale clergyman and forcing him to drive them from Oakdale to Columbia. Sheriff G. E. Erskine ot Cald\veil Parish identified the soKliefs as Edgar E. Junes, a. Pine Bluff, Ark., wild Ernest Parden, 38, of Cox's For Cosmetics Helen Rubinstein Elizabeth Ardcn Dorothy Gray Lcnthcric Fabcrge Barbara Gould ETIQUET CREAM Deodorant 49 C Congratulations To our new neighbor OWEN'S Dept. Store •Regularly $1.35 VACUUM BOTTLE 10 PINT. Lunch box size. Big 94e Value! COLGATE Dental Cream 2 Giant An Tubes DO You LIJVO 25c! Effervescent BROMO SELTZER 65c ON HIS BEAUTIFUL NEW STORE AYTINAL Multiple Vitamin Capsules We wish him every success. Be sure to attend his big opening Saturday. 10 vitamins a 10 mineral:: pluG U12. All in ONE f\ 70 Chlorophyll Tidy Stick Deodorant OtAFSEN'S Dicalcium Phosphate With Viostiiiol lor sound lucth, Sott/o of 419 Oon'f Burn— SUNTAN with SKQL 70,000 W,rJ Webster's Dictionary Composition . Book •* Nay Fever? ANEFRIN JELLY 98' Puit.C Tidy Tainer Utility Bag prooV . . 23° Many uses. Giy/y /> S-Pc. Bowl Cover Set Snu 3 .f,t RUBBER BANDS ii'wna. Uvg."«bbc"* Food "keepers. COUPON Reg. 39c *, 1 Travel Mirror! • Two Sided Minor • With this coupon . . .•• (Limit 1) Oakdale City Marshal Arthur Bail«rd gave this account: The R«v. Mwiroe StrotWr, pastor ot the Beaver Creek Baptist church, was at) bis way home yesterday from a night job at Klu«both and stopped in an Oakdaie drug store, Wh«n Strother returned to his car he fauitf » man in the b*ck pointing a ,*3 calioer pistol at him, Strother s.wd the man told hut», "you »l-« takias us to Monroe XPose SUNTAN LOTION I 5-02. 'bottle' 69' Regular (5e SHINOLA Liquid 2* 23 ( (Limit 2) Chlorodent CHLOROPHYLL, Toolh Paste Giant tube.. 69' , Utavw Justrite Cleaner 16-oz. 1 size . RiNfj 29' fackoMO TAMPAX Mt4tr« IOi ii sites. AHSCO 3-Roll FILM PACKS • »20 4 M . I* 5 '4.49 Flash r Q* Our Sbv* Ft* JrXSS 1 ^™" *?' 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M> Sft 9 a Z1 37 14 W 10 38 II IS XI CARNIVAL •iDteE ."^ ' W!** \ '«>.' ' Jj <£ - ^^ -I ' —r-rs-r-A. ; I r ' iF—tmi^r: ::::::::::^ •W ,<t ~vr>- T. M. B.g. U. 8. Pit 0«f. ( f- t*r. 19S2 by NE* 6.ryk.. I«N^"Junior has a problem what to do with tho money he* /•arnedjthis summer-r-whether to buy a motorcvcl* or /•— " —--'""• -v get marrledl'Vv-" r -~~—JL---—. SIDE GLAMCES •y Gclbralrh Vjf Dft couJrf MW*how projwt your mother into hi* tfrtMM OUT OUR WAT •y J. R. Williami JXJST KIPDIM 1 THE LAUMPRY GAL^,.'" WELL. IT WON'T BE SO FUNNJV IF WE GET A BILL FOR UWTYIWC3 KMOTS AMD SCRUBBING ROUGE OFF KWOT TOMGUES AND K1OSES/ M3UVB PBBNX PONT WOWtV AMftJ AWPULLV NICE J HARFB5TY. I'M YBS, wrMMM NIC* OH, THEM (3AUS AIN'T LIKE.YOU" THEY (3IT A LAUGH OUTA SOMETHIN' ONCE IN A WHILE.' eaiN*m»Yl ANP \OUKB JUif N g"^" It IS, "WO 6BmMS-PAIR T. M, f>*. u,«. r>i. on. Cmir. Uuhy MIA »»rvt««, WASH TUBES 3ILLV,THERE'S A BteVCLE 7 X...tAJEU-,I WHO X THAT'S MV TH8N I'LL TELL VOO! ! ROM?\ BU5lWE5Sii 1CALLBP feuiCg-.,. MOWN/ AINTSAVIN'] ITMA« STOLEKl OKAV.»SO I TOOK X WHAT TFOBAFEWPAV5A A KID 41DDEM UWDER ATARP 1 .' HOW DIC? IT<3ET THERE? WAMtED A BIKE I j BAOTO BUTIMIdHfA KWOWM/-WH C y^U'P RATON M6» 1 ~ *•• •./'..THE UNRJMNV JOUS * OUR BOARDING MOUSE Wltn Major Hoopl. JCERTAlMLV ^Jjff AvJPF-T^flSON^E PIG IS CAM SEE X EM, "M 6PUTT-TT/.--M OUT Osi TOP BATTLE-15> EeAO, ROOTS AND HER BUDDIES \ 6Cft (\ ftOKV \\\O VfclS ^H' Vi'AOX.t VOX 0V NOO VXtftKk TftWt fct G\M\K>' i ra.u GIVE ^ VOU A TRYOUT... -STAMP OVER THEKB/, PO I SET TH LCAVC U« HAVE |TW 9U9THIC/ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger *-?$m\ ALLEY OOP \\ ^•'•'•\ \l"'\ \ EtJREKA! 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