Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1939
Page 5
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ga, 1939 Verger Is Pointing for Football Title 'Victory ()vor Oonway I fere Friday Puts tigers' "In the Money" When Ilic Yri'Kor High null Ic.-ini moots Conwnv School foot- here Friday Relief At Last For Your Cough Crcomulslon relieves promptly be- cnusc It goos right to the seat of the trouble to loosen germ laden phlegm Increnso secretion and aid nature to soot ic nnd heal n\w, tender. Inflam- ea bronchial mucous membranes. No matter how many medicines you have tried, tell your dniRjjlst to sell you a bottle of Crcomulsion with the understanding that you are to likn lliu way It quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis afternoon it will menn the find of the I liiRli school footbnll careers of ]]' YPI-KCI- plnyers and u clinncp for the I YiTfier lenin to nicot Pino Bluff for' the state title in Pine Bluff Novcm-' l.cr Zn-.]ir.ivi(le(l Mint Hope clcfc-itsl flic Conwity ((.'din. ' Both YCIK<»,. nnd |>j, 1P Blnff are iinrlt'fpHiotl (ind unworod on this sen-! fun. nnd tin. Coriwny loam liiwinK lost only one gmne this senson tiroin- ! is:/:- VIM-KIT plenty of competition. This will ho the Inst gnme to home i Iho leiim h:is lippn through stiff prnc- ' (ices- for I he past I wo weeks. Social Security Conference, L R. Neither McDonald Nor Bailey Will Talk for the Present ROCK-(/P)-Ed McDonald, tlty ', r «S'°n»' director for the v , i , ' Governor Bailey for an hour Thurs- L JT T"' 1 'f ;•" '"«" '" k '!d«.V morning in advanced of a ached- IMC 17th nfter defpn m» Mindon : ..i_.i » _ ,, . on Ihe 17th nfter defeating 'Mindeii. LH.. 20.0. on the 10th of thiK month. The j>robnb!e lineup for VerRer will be: Paul Grudy. r'lRht end IB!) John Witlinins. right tnckle 17!) JUweoe (Jrei'iie. right gu.-ird IfiS Chester Wrlflhl, center ir>2 A«nloe Kounl/.. left Kiuird ICO Ciilvin Colenmn, left liicklc Iffi J. S. Webb, left end . 1(!2 Kdwnrd Poindexter, tiuiirler 17'ii Unvicl Sluiw, fullback ..• 19(1 I'ink Ciirrii'iin. rislil h.-ilf 10H Ji we) Sliidrl. left half Kill llesirve Phiyers Dclimir Ciirson Men's Heavy Winter N 2 Big Groups MEN's DRESS New Styles, in lihlrks iiiul HrinMis. All I.enther and a Peters DiamontlBrand Work Shoes Na(i(imi(ly Known for wcur. Plain or Cap Tnc LAST CALL! 200 H DRESSES GROUP 1 Regular $2 Dresses The .S'ont-'un's Newest Styles in day print; and Broadcloths. GROUP II Regular $3 Dresses Fancy plaids and Check. 1 ;. Beautiful Spuns and V.'ooly fabrics. Kvi-ry (IresN ;i new (latlci u. Mojud Hose iilifidly vln-er ,-ind i in^l All Ni-w .Shades Ladies (hilinu Plain or Fancy All Si/es (ili'.-niiiii)! Snowy-While djuna.vk. Perfect setting for Mr. Turkey :nid Mis trimmings! SPECIAL 64x90 $1.95 64x108 >2.95 PUKT WOOL BLAUIiTS 70x80 Double Size. Sateen Bound «•€ 5% Wooj. All colors and designs . . . .!• 70 x 80 DOUBLE COTTON Talbot's "We Outfit the Family" tiled conference on merit system requirements 'for state agencies handling federal funds. Neither would discus* the situation pending nil nfternoon conference. Men's Famous "K" Suiis Qmilll.v (iiilm-lnjf mid iiuiiprliils make "K" Sulls mid outstanding viiluc at (his low price. ,\Yu iK mill wi'nvrs. $14.75 Tulane DRESS SHIRTS N'ew iilitin nnd fancy pallcnis. Miule of choice Hrnmlrloth. The Non-Wilt collar (fives these shirts extra wear. Coopers SOX Resisto TIES Fins twills, knit.s. satins. Strips, Prints Solids. ' New patterns in clocks, ribs, plain. Junior Red Cross Makes Its Report The .Junior Red Cross mnde its report Thursday, turning in a total of $14.02. The contributions came i rum the high school home rooms. '(lie rt'ixirl; Alice Henry : $1.18 Mrs. lima Dean 1.04 Mr. i-.nnges 1.58 Mrs. W. R. Summerville 1.11 Lnln Garland 1.60 Mary Billingsley 1.22 .Mrs. Hoy Allison 1.22 Sara Pay Ion 1.08 Mr.s. Roy Stephenson , 1,16 Mnry Droke 76 Mr. Brasher ; 1.03 Mi. Ligon I'M Total SI +.02 MIND YOUR MANNERS r. M. ftta a » PAT. erf. Test your knowledge or correcl social usage by answering Old lol- luwing questions, then checking ugainst the autho.-itative answer* below: 1. How ninny persons should bo in ;i receiving line?" 'i. Is half (in hour long enough for n guest to stay at a reception? 1. If you ;ire invited to a lunch- con mul there is no mention of hridge afterward, should you stay •.ill nfternoon'.' S. Should one stop eating while :i waiter refills a glass? Whut would you do if— You ore a man sitting at a rfKtu.-inint tublc and a woman you do not know stops to talk to someone else at the table. Would you— (HI Rise mid stand a* long as she stands'.' (I)) Rise and hten if she stays more thiin u minute or two, sit down'.' id Remain seated, since she is not talking to you? Answers 1. It possible, not more than lour. 2. Yes :•;. The hostess. J. No. In order to avoid an Yes. ncidunt. Best "What Would You Do" Edward Huney Henry Walker John B. Austin Harold Vaughn William Hanty . f-nm Foindexter Woudrow Stunrt Booker T. Murray 154 175 ICO 15H 150 152 155 ICO OtfR BOARDING HOUSE %j^ I 6EE A SHOT ONCE WME.RE THE CUE BALL. CLICKS OFF THREE BkLLS ON OWE TABLE, JUrAPS FEET AM 1 6IWK6 THREE BALL'S OM ANiOTWER TABLB. A.M 1 FLICKS THE OFF A J. GUY'S ClG&ft \ OKI THE / WHAT'S ^ -. .'TWXT^. YER 5MOT WAS WORTHY OF Jf BUSIWE6S, WIUJE MOPPE-vA~Ji W MR.TWIG&S HAVE «3EEFN NOTHING J$» — D^YA IT SINCE fAV ' -Sff 5MOOT OLD W\ POOL. AT / : : f PER VER THE <5T.LOUI<3 U/OfcLD'S PAIR. 8I6CUITS? WAY / ) ATTUEOWLS CLUB • PUBLIC SALE I will offer fof sale to the highest bidder, on the Cliff Arnold farm, 2 miles West of Emmet, and %-tttile North of Old Highway No. 67, on I MONDAY. NOVEMBER 11 The following personal property: 1—Case Riding Planter 2 —Bred 9 year old Mares, wt. 1300 Ib*. 1—Good Wagon, three inch / 1—Wagon, 2% inch 2—John Deere Cultivators 2—12 inch Middle Busters ' 1—Section Harrow 1 —Mower 1—Stalk Cutter 2—Sets Wagon Harness 4—Sets Cultivator Sweeps 1—Planter, walking And Many other articles too numerous to mention SALE WILL START PROMPTLY AT 10 O'CLOCK THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. ftKO. u. e. fAT. Off By DR. MORRIS FIS1JBKIN Wvnnl «f the American Medical As. Hygela, the Health Magazine Milk Provided in SchoolsSmesas Nutrient MS Well Relaxation This is flit first nf <\vn articles on drinks for .children. Parents of today are constantly beiny advised by all types of agencies as to what kinds of drinks (hey should provide for their children with meals. in school or as simple refreshment. Many.schools are already giving child ren milk at noon, or in he middlp <.•{ eiher. he morning or afernoon session. Recently he director of health and physical education of (he East Orange, N. J., public schools, disclosed a study of beverages used by children and brought to light some useful information for every pr.rent. In the East Orange schools, eu-h child was provided with a drink of milk at oni' of the periods mentioned. He was usually given graham crackers us v/clJ. because i( was Ml |]i;<( milk and crackers provided rot only nutrition:.! benefits, but relaxation :•••• well. The r.-hllrl from the uiv!erpriv:leu--d home w.is Hssurwl of ;u loa.M imp gliiss of mill, a rlay. wild the useful minerals, vitamins and proteins; elder diijrlren had their dir-is sup pleniented. An inquiry, made anfong Iwciiov in charge of .sc-hc.ul lunchrooms, revealed tlvjl the school system", ;,re urged by oiit.sid<_rs to promote' mill: chocolate drinks, orangeade, onmp? tuisji. ontngc juice, grapefruit jui pineapple .iuii-e. pi-une juice, grrtpe juiff. ,-w)d lij)7)H|» juice. Mojvuve/. in Fi.me Kcrtidiis of the country offorls are also made to promote cail-.onntecl l;rveragt-s \vitli ordinary llav.vs, ;is well as- special carbonated beverages enriched with caffeine. Certain standards obviously should he piovid'.-d ID enabb teachers to know what to seleci. Any drinks pro- vided through public agencies should j certainly contain desirable elements I for the growing child, and if the i product is u milk product it should conform with all sanitary regulations relative to the quality of the milk. Another advantage would be in having material which will be useful in teaching sound nutrition. Jl is important to consider the cost and to make certain the drink contains the proper amount of nutriment elements for the money spent. H. D. SHOPE, Owner SILAS SANFORD, Auctioneer FACE f I f I f NfiXT: Food value in rliocolnlc milk anrt other drinks for children. Aged Hempstead Negro Found Dead in Pasture Augustus Ross, 82-year-old Hempstead negro, was found dead late Wednesday afternoon in a pasture in the Rocky Mound community. He had been dead several hours. Coroner J. H. Weaver viewed the body and said Ross came to his death from natural causes and that j no inquest would be necessary. i The negro lived alone in the Rocky • M'cund community. He hnd no, family. It is believed that he was walking through the pasture and fell dead. Regularly sold only in $2 boxes, this is your opportunity to try the famously- fine DuBarry Face Powder at a one dollar price. And as an extra inducement we give you a complimentary 30 day supply of DuBarry Chmour Makeup Base .. . both for the price of the powder alone! CHOICE 5 SHADE COMBINATIONS by ' RICHARD HUDNUT ' The'Leading Druggist "We've Got It" Phone B2 iVIolorcyple Delivery The game starts promtply ut 2:45 n. in. at Verger stadium. The admission will be .'ifi and 75 cents. Legal Notice NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the undersigned, as executor of the estate of W. S. Duekett, deceased, will apply to the Probate Court, in Chan- eery, within and for Hempstead County, Arkansas, on the 6th day of December, 1S39, or on the first day thereafter Unit said court is in session, for authority to sell all the lands belonging to suit! estate, or so much thereof as may be necessary, situated in Hempstead County. Arkansas, and described as follows, to-wit: ! The northwest 12.10 acres out of the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NE'/i SK'.Ii), the southeast M.60 acres of the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NW'A SEW, the southeast 15 acres of the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter <SK\4 SW>'4>, the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SW/i SE'/ji, IS acres out of the southwest part of the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SE'/i SE'/i), all in Sec- lion 20, (and being all the lands in said section 20 owned by W. S. Duekett at tin? time of his death except 10 acres acres set aside to his widow us part of her dower); the Southeast Quarter of I this Northwest Quarter (SE'/t NW/4> und G acres out of the northeast part of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (SE'/Ii NW'/j) of Section 21; the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (NW>/4 NWVj) of Section 28; the North Half of the Northeast Quarter (N'/s NEW and the Northeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter <NE'/ 4 NWVi) of Section Twenty-nine 129)—all of said lands being situated in Township Ten (101 South, Range Twenty-four (24) West, and containing- in all 305.7 acres, more or less. Also the West Half of the Northwest Quarter <WU NW'i) of Section 28, Township 10 'South, Range 24. West. containing 80 acres, more or less, subject to the homestead interest of Mrs. Julie A. Duekett, widow of W. S. Diitketl, deceased, said 80 acres being the homestead of the said W. S. Duekett. at the lime of his death. Said sale will be made for the purpose of paying the debts of said estate, and for a 'm'ore particular description «>i said lands reference is herein made In the title deeds to said properly. H. M. STEPHENS Executor of the Estate of W. S. Duekett, Deceased. Nov. SI, 1C, 23, 29 JbntfaZ .^B^B^stt' Sensational New Lowest*Priced Car! The Special Six Two-Dooi Touring-Sedan f830< THE 4 Inches Wider at the Front Seat 8% Inches Longer from Bumper to Bumper 4 Inches Lower from Sill to Road 18 to 2 4 Miles per Gallon 6O Advancements Hi-Test Safety Plate Class and Sealed-Beam Headlights AM K MICA'S FtATJBST I.OW«PRICCO CAR HERE'S PONTIAC'S answer to the demand for a low-priced car of which you can be REALLY PROUD tin- latest and greatest version of America's finest low-priced car! It's long, low and beautiful. It's luxuriously appointed and upholstered. Its front-end looks like the setting for some gigantic jewel. It's bigger and better in EVHRY WAY. It performs like a thrilling thoroughbred and it has 3 fine-car name. Yet it's priced just a few dollars above the lowest! Come in • - see it today! and up, *delh-ered at Pontiae, Mich. Transportation based on _ _ rait rales, state and local taxet ('/ "<iy), optional equipment — n-hitc f idea-alt tiret and accessories — extra. Price* subject to change without notice. General Motors terms to suit your purse. *783 FOR rftlDE AND PCRrOMMAMCK HKMPSTEAD MOTOR CO. 207 East Third St. MAX (OX, Owner Hope, Ark.

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