The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1940 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1940
Page 11
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THURSDAY, .MAY 9, BLYTHEVIU,K! (AUK.)' COUK1ER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate IKI lino tor consecutive insertions; ync tun? per Jine atlc 'l wo tunes per line per (lay....0di; •liifcc limes |>cr line per clay..We oix times :per line per d;iy ....UK Monih talc per line SUc Card -ol TnanKs 5oc &• 'ibo Minimum cliavBe Sue Ads ordered lor inree or six limes ana stopped beioi'e expiration will -be cnar^eu jor me numncr 01 limes me ao. nppi'areu and adjusljiienl 01 bill made. All Classified Advertising copy siiomitml ny iicrsons rcsming out- siuc 01 Hie cuy must LIU accompanied by casn. lUies may Be easily comuuica )rum r - me aoove table. > Advertising- ordered lor ;i regular iiuenions tuiccs tnc one time raie. No respo.isiomy will be taken for more man one incorrect insertion ol any classinea nu. ELEVEN Four room furnished apartment to sub-rent for summer. Conveniences. Good location.:Call 819. 2ckplf 'For Sale OFFICE SAFE FOR SALE AT 540. Also large adding machine 540. Call 527. - 9-ck-W 1033 International Truck and Trailer for sale. Truck driven only 15,000 miles. Looks • and runs like new. Sell at bargain ° price. Terms.-Sec or phone (jal Goiseu at, 810. f-ck-10 Beautiful lots in tot part of city at a real price lo sml you, Second block North Walls New Hospital now going -up with about iO rooms. Can't appreciate this property unless you .sec it. li Icet nigli- er than downtown Main street. All conveniences on proiwrty. FHA approved. Deed and abstract wkh each lot Irec lo the buyer. 4 Kollismt and Company Phone 1128 111 N. 2nd T-pk-u Arkansas Yellow Pine Lumber. Mill to you. Truck lots. Craig Lumuer Co. at Craig's CCafe, Leachville. 24-pko-^-i 5 tons D-PL-11A Cotton Seed. First year from originator. Stanley Fradcnburg, Manila, Ark., HI. 1. 22-pk-5-22 Bargains in used oil stoves, Coleman gas stoves, oil water heaters and used ice and electric refrigerators. Call 22 day, 039-W after 5 p.m. FOB SALE: Fertilizer, black dirt, cinders. Reasonable. Phone 819W. : Small' electric refrigerator, good condition. Cheap. Phone 174. 26-ck-tf Farm : Loans For Kent Furm'slicd apartment., good location. Frlgiitalrc, electric stove. Cull 518. 915-W. Ash. i-ck-G-1 Bcdixjom and furnished apartment. Lights, hot. anil cold water. Tel. 35V. Mrs. C U Frecmim. B-ck-11 Ktirukiicd bedroom. Cnragc. Men preferred. Good locallon. phone 152. C-ck-13 Furnished apartments. Also ideal rooms for (raveling men. 100 w. Kentucky.; Phone 1129. '.(i-pk-ti-G 2 room milunmlml apt. newly dec- < orated. 'Reasonable. Apply 1123 W. Asli. 4-iik-ll Room for employed woman. 1028 W. Main. Phone 230. 3-ck-tf Welding EXPERT '} & ACK'rYLKNJb' WELDING l)rag lint tnA h*jtvy welding t kpecUlly, Barksdale Mfg. Co. Pliono 19 or Kn. l«ll Expert Electric and Arcl>'lrue WELDING and henvv wclrtlng our 3 rooms furnished. $3,00 week. 0 rooms unfurnished. 914 Hrarn. 2 room furnished tiinirtmenl. Reasonable. 1601 W. Ash. 1-ck-tf 3 room furnished apartment; with every modern convenience. Telephone 292. 30-ck-tf 3 room unfurnished apartment with bath and hot water. 412 Chickasawba. 23-ck-tt Nice bedroom adjoining bath.. 818 W. Chickasawba, phone 636. -dh Comfortable bedroom. Twin beds. Adjoining bath. 1017 Walnut. Phone 102. Mrs. E. E. Hatdln. 20cklf Large comfortable bedroom. Twin beds. 2. closets. Men preferred. 10th and Chickasawba. Phone No. 1, Mis. Sudbmy. 5-ck-tt Comfortable front bedroom, outside entrance.-Phone 351, 515 W. Walnut. l-ck-tf Nice bedroom convenient, to bat)). Steam heat. Phono 280 1-cb-tf Unfurnished apartment In Shane Apartment Bulldlnj on West Main Street. Call 571 or 197. 1-ck-tf Notice Shouse-Henry Hardware Company DISTRIBUTES : Case Cutlery ~ MULES Will .trade.for Mules, Cows, Hogs, Cattle, Com, Hay and Lumber. ^'- • See Floyd Simpson • Delta Implements, Inc. 3-ck-tf Minnows for Sale '39 PLYMOUTH 2-Door. Blue color. it COO Looks & runs like new.. wvuLt '40 CHEVROLET Coach, tirniid new frcod W. S. W. Tires «pOo" '39 FORD Deluxe Turtor. Hadlo fr t 4 n Slid Heater <|>D4" '37 FORD Deluxe Tudor <>&«s7 '36 CHEVROLET coach «j>iyy '38 FORD Tudor Deluxe $442 TRUCKS '39 INTERNATIONAL 1',!: Ton. Long Whecluase, Cab & Chassis '39 CHEVROLET Pickup $461 PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT OPEN EVENINGS & SUNDAY 5th & Waliiul Phone 1122 D. W. CRANFORD Dell, Ark. Wit nl cd to Buy WANTED TO HUY—Alfiilfii Hay. Corn mill Hogs, will oxi'liniijje one Bouil 1!)3U Fiirinnll "30" Tractor with 3-ro\v middle buster ami mules for same. See or phone 810. Bon Aj-cuck. 7-ck-lO Personal Arouse Sluggish Liver, work oft Hie bile to rlrt yourself of constipation, BUS pnlus, qiui that sour punk leethiK. Take one box of K.IKHV.S ACTlVli -UVKK PIM.S Wlien Vour A«toTjft7"siiirBr7 II to the Auto Hotpita] Next (o Cum» Moullrie John Buchanan riiono 107 Fanners •fl mi' tmlc yuur liay tin- iiiodcri-. 'tav. fielder 1'eri'y, Aniiiiii'l '" ;ll! - •J-pk-ti-1 JToinc Laiuulry ) 1OM K.J ,A U N OJI y—l)liink<!ta,qu'lli«. Ueivsoniiblo. Mildred Mnvo, 411 No. aii,t st, 'u--JO .({('pairing • '~' Miieliino repairing ' it milAl(lin« For Sale or Trade KOn QUICK SALE OR TOADB- I'rncltcnlly .new IMO Chevrolet- Conch,.only KOOO,miles. Want 10M or 1931 Chevrolet, -Ford or Plymouth for'down payment.-Balance on ciisy terms, Phone'810 nt once. Jot! Sllimte. 7-ck-iO Kotir oiil of five auU)liiolii!es to- rlny do not imvc radios, Ijtil one out'cli of.the rematrJno four I* expected to have one, before the end of'jaw. . FOR SALE Beautiful bungalow close in, • Paneled. living room and dining-room. Largo stone fireplace. H»rdwood floors. 42150. can make, terms. Thomas I,an<l Co. WHAT? W 7WOmBIRDS FI6HT/N6? YOU CANT REFUSE! Trees and 'Shiiibs Large or Small At Low Interest IUU*. We are equipped to handle -larg» or small loans on any sized tract of farm land, at low cost, and:at a low Interest rat«. TERRY ABSTRACT & REAL'FY COMPANY 213 Walnut ,8t BlythevlUe, Ari WEEK END SPECIALS '31 Chevrolet Coach " Only $49 '32 Plymouth Sedan '4G License $89 '34 Pontiac 2 Door Sedan $149 '36 Chevrolet Town Sedan $245 j '37 Ford V-8 60 Tudor, Real Buy $289 '36 G.M.C. Panel Gro. orLaun. Del. $165 '37 Reo Pick-up, New (Rings, Cheap at .. $199 '37 Terraplane Pick-up New Paint $189 '37 Chevrolet li Ton Truck, New Body, '40 License, Looks & .Runs Like .New $359 Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan Open Nights & Sundays TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. FhoM 633 Golclfi!,h. Day or night. Phone-800 G. C. Hawks. 300 E. Main. 19-ck-5-18 Wanted to $r WANTED TO TRADE—Good i936 Dodge Bob-iTruck'with body.-.Will trade'for corn and hay. Sec Clarence Dowdy. Phone : 810. 7-cfcilO Order Slark's Famous Trees and Shrubs. Landscaping free. Garland Mason, Route 3, Box 115, Osccola, Ark. 1-pk-u-l Order Stsrk's Famous Trees and Slmibs. Landscape plans free. Garland Mason, Route 3, Box 115, Qsccola, Arkansas.. 1-pk-C-l Room and Board Hoom and board. Phone 993. 10-ck-5-lb LITTLE IRR1NGESS HORIZONTAL 1 Daughter ol .King .of •England, Princess . 9 She is 14- of age. 13Poem. 14 Overgrown with ivy. 16 Turkish chief.officer, n Ipecac,plant. 18 Answer. 19 Things which iwcify. 21 Traders.. 23 Souvenir. 25 Pronoun. 26 Clad in. 30 Billiard shot. 3-1 To foretell. 35 Proprietor. 36 To yiil oul. 38 Silly. 39 Bchoici. 40 Exclamation. 42 Sunis up. 44 Bulk. 47 Portuguese (abbr.). Answer <n>Pr»vious : 15 Coloring matter. J7Hcr -- or scfiooling •prciwrcs liei- for llio throne •20 Her lather is • ;df-o her - . 22 Green pern. 23 Autobiog- rnpliy. 27 Your plus my 28 Dyeing iiiacliini:. 20 To buli •18 Doze?. 50 Occurring every Slh'dny. 53 \Vodei). 51 To rcgrcl. 55 Leap. 58-Was victorious 67 She is tlie heir. to the English Hi rone. 58 She has one • . Princess • Margaret Rose. VKRTICAL " 2 Aftcction. 3 Thought. 4 Enscrness.. 5 Made ;i whirring noise GN'iKhls hcfyro. 7 Point. 8 Slcerint! apparatus. 10 To relieve. 11 Conies! for a prize. ^~ 32 Dress fastener. 33 Mehsure. .IVICllolty. •U'liiflrmjifiic 42To\v;,,- ( '| j C ;,. 43 Tt> M-tnlinizt .•VI Bad (pvcn.y). .45 Insects. 46 Plants. 4TTo languish. .4!) Young doy SI Be still! 53 Period. ' HEMORRHOIDS Cured Without Surgery, and Guaranteed Scvrtni; and sllpcovrrs. Mrs. Smith mid Mi-s. lilnckwell, Armiircl. Phone ujii. o-ck-li-0 I'o.silion Wauled A my safo mid harmless method, without . confinement to bed. loss of lime from wovk mid with very little dls- cotnlorl. All types of piles, nssmvis, HsliiJns, etc., treated by our olflcc methods. Middle mi'il while \voinnn with no wants work. Cftllle (Joppcr, iOM W. Ash. l-Jk-IS DKS. WES & NIES •'" M »'i> I'luine 98 • Illythevllle, Art Call -1S5-W-1 for orders of milk, or clmrni'd bulter milk. All cows government trenleil. llal- Dairy. 12-pk-l-ia Kx|in-l «iiii ivpillrliiK. Sen K. M. nLllie Ub'llicvllle Armory on Woilncsdnys mid Thmvidays. tW> WIN SKIMP OW TEA WHEN EVEN A, 7EA AS QWkWO AS LICTON'C COSTS £<$&)•> LESS THAN ANY TUlNG VOU DRINK He WAKTS LUXUOYV'^ Ml1 " coco ow na YVWVOVE m« INFERIOR TEA? RJll, FLAVORED YOU SAID MY TEA WASMT GOOD ENOUGH, DON'T >DU KNOW ABOUT UPTON'S? TEASPOON/ TOR BACH W WD HONE FUVOR MAKES LiPIDfj'5 THE VTORI.0'5 MOST FHECKI,ES ANlY HIS FRIENDS HY^IBRKH-L HLOSSElf" MAWV FELLAS A-S YOU COME u.« - "10 GET JALOPPY ACROSS Tile OiM~,t)f-l .^ ACROSS YOU DOING? THE CAR'S WO^TH ABOUT FIFTEEN BUCKS/ IrVLTAKB f : 01JK G|JYS SIK MOURS TO IAKE- ir AOVRP AMO six HOURS TO pur i ir AOMM / TIME AT sot-AN HOUR .THEORETICALLY, IT ADDS UP .._ THAT MEAMS >DU'LL.OWM A CAR WORTH MINOS NINE BUCKS -BOOTS ANDHERl}l/i)DIES BY EDGAR MARTIN Not .Counting His Chickens BYiFREDiHARilAN :'[ 1KT, ROSE •• VWE ;.\TH'5l)MClJMES OVER. THE PARCHED DESE.R.T- - •BY V. T. HAStLIN ( ^^^^^^^I.^LIEVEX-THE DIRTY DOU^Itj: i,i - - _ ! ^M *X ACLEAM/THE SCieKlTiaT. SAVL Jrv , ^l YOU •> VGOIM'MO- ^Mi^iS^^^ WASH Tuims NJEWORLEANS: •BYv-ROY CRANB I CAU WP6 TO LEARW VMVAT'S HAPPEWED TO f V.ASM. I'LL HAVE TO FIMO CUT J.W. SOUTHEPUANO IMPOR1IM6

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