Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1939
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR H0PE STAR, SDFfe, O'Brieit and Ball Leading Passers Hall Is Setting the Pace Among Pro'Football Flttig'ers NEW YORK -i,V> - Parker Hull and Davey G'Bt u-n, t\o.> young follows who learmM their football in the Southland. \\rc out in front of the ..sharc-flu-etuia pack for the National .Foctball Leiitw forward passing championship for this season. Parke:. Clevelaml Rainr, anil from Mississippi. U sotting the pace ilmvn the homestretch. However. Li'l Davey, Philadelphia Eagles and TCU is Hnshijii; the .-'J-mie- ^nsatiunal form that made him the nation's No. 1 college forward na.^er last year. O'Brien (.loins even boiler. He's scor- Week-End SPECIALS 35c VICKS . . . 50c Hinds Cream Honey & Almond 50c Jergins Lotion .... 50c Propolactic Tooth Brush . . 39c 39c 29c See our Full and Complete Holiday Line of Xmas merchandise. Will be on display December 1st. Prices Right. Martha Washington Candies 80c and per lb. Your Trade Appreciated DRUG We Deliver STORE • Phone 5:!5 ing aerial records for the cash-and- carry league, which is cluttered up with players who toss the pikskin with accuracy of big league baseball pitchers. Closely pursuing the lenders are a pair of other gents with Southern drawls. Sammy Baugh, Washington Redskins and TCU. and Acn Parker Brooklyn Dodgers and Duke. The National League features the aerial attack. In that it is simply following another old Southern custom. Each of the pro circuit's ten clubs possesses at least two high- stretch drive the aerial bombers are led by two rookies—Hall and O'Brien. That spectacle is something new in the league's history. From the outset of championship hostilities early last October Hall captured first position, in the passing department and tenaciously withstood the challengs of brilliant freshmen and grizzled veteran like Ed Danowski, New York Giants and 1938 league passing titleholder. Last season Hall, triple-threat star for Mississippi, won reward on some All American elevens. This year in the tougher professional competition Hall has surpassed his best college efforts. In his first few gams with the Eagles O'Brien fared poorly. On November 12 at Philadelphia against the Gren Bay Packers, one ot the most aerial-minded teams in the league, he -suddenly found all his passing skill. He nearly' passed the j H'eist Serve Packers right out of the ball park, j t f ar k meat In *1 attempts Davey completed 19 passes, a new mark for the league. The following, week at Chicago. O'Brien bettered his own mark with 21 completions which also tied the league mark for the most passes sver thrown by any team in one game. If the little Texan maintains his dizzy pace he'll not only be the 139 pass, mg champion but a record breaker to boot. The last league passing crown wear- Here's How an Expert Carves That fiird Symptoms .of 'Distress Arising from STOMACH ULCERS DOE TO EXCESS ACID Free BookTells of HomeTreatmentthat Must Help or it Will Cost You Nothing -.ve bean sold far relit-f of jrmptoms ofdlstross arising from Stomach Ulcers due to Excess Acid- Sour or Upset Stomach, ^Plains this treatient-l?e e _ a " 11 BBIANT'S DRUG STORE Jones Dairy Farm Sausage Hams Buckwheat flour Phone 767 CITY MARKET We Deliver Ky MBS. GAYN0R MADDOX NBA Service Staff Writer Let's face it. The man of the house must carve the Thanksgiving turkey. To stand or to ait is the big question. Well, belter stand unless you are a past master nt the art. Be sure the turkey is placed on the platter with breast bone toward the carvei. That's rule No. 1 according to William A. Denissen, carving expert. Cut off Jho leg first, separating it from the bird by cutting down through skin next to body and by twisting leg downward and outward. Cut apart upper and lower parts of leg at joint, twisting the drumstick slightly to enable knife to cut through. Remove bone from dark meat of upper leg and carve meat into slices, cutting downward and at an angle. Now for carving the white meat of the breast. Mr. Denissen says it is important to make a deep incision into the side of the bird just above the wing bone and at right angles to the breast bone. Then carve the breast downward and outward from the bone as far as the deep incision made before you start slicing. Use Shan) Knife. Large Platter For each new slice of the breast, the knife starts <i little higher on the slices of white and in equal proportions. Your knife must be as sharp as a razor, the platter large enough for free mc.vement and yon should have extra warm plates nearby on which to lay the slices of turkey as carved. To keep the turkey fast to the platter, use four ingenious little aluminum pins that 'n'nchor" it to the platter. These small suction cups are pressed on the platter so that the pins will bo inserted, along the backbone of the turkey, when the bird is placed on the platter. They are invisible in use. cost a dollar for four and save tempers and tablecloths. 1940PorkerGrid Card Announced j Schedule Is Complete Ex| cept Opening- Game at i Fayetteville i . FAYETTEVILLE - Three games at Fayetteville and one at Little Rock are on the .schedule for the Uni, versity of Arkansas football team ; next year. Boyd Cypert, business j director of athletics announced. I The schedule is complete excpt for j the opening game which will be play! ed in Fayetteville. The Porkers will play four non.conference opponents. Two Thanksgiving Day games are -scheduled, one with Fordham in New York city on the first Thanks- Here's where master goes to town." .A noted cr from the South was Davey's old .vide kick down at TCU—Slingin. Sammy Baugh. who won the 1937 championship in his freshman season. carver really „ ._ „ , m „„„.„ carver, William A. Dcnnison, shows you how* to'slice large'picces*Vf white meat from the breast with an expert's finesse. A sharp knife ami a steady hand are the only requisites. The knife moves outward and downward to a deep incision just above the wing. For each new slice the knife starts a little higher on the breast All Contest Is Planned Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi Teams to Play at Memphis MEMPHIS, Tenn.~i.flM-. Pl m ,s wore announced here for a charity All- Star high school game on December ,')! between si team of West Tennessee seniors «nd squad of Arkansas find Mississippi prcpsters. The Shrine, announcing it would j sponsor (he contest in Crump Stadium to raise funds for the Cripplud Children's Hospital, said Harry Mehre of Old Mi.sx would conch th<- Arkimsas- Missls.-.-ippi tt-ain and Ed Kubale of Southwestern the Tennessee outfit. The two tennis will be selected within the next two weeks IhroiiKh a poll «l all football conches of accredited high school teams in Akansns. Mis- .'•b-sipiti tittd- Went Tennessee, John Walurman, in charge of arrangements lor the ganu- ,said. It l-'rnm Arkansas "Fourteen players will be chosen trom Arkansas, M from Mississippi and 25 from West Tennesse." he snid. "Only .seniors will be eligible." Waterman .--;ii<l Bobby Cifers, Kingsport. Tenn.. high scoring star n iid one of the nation's outstanding backs the past two years, would lv.- asked to participate iilthough his school is in East Tennessee. Junior Bowling Loop To Be Formed Here A junior bowling league will Informed in the near future for Hope youngsters. All boys interested are urged to gel in umch with Raymond Urban. Each team will consist of five players. Bowling (Results of Novcntbcr 22, '19.19 Klwnnls forfeited to Home Ice Co. Geo. "W. night, November 28, in n game against Lnnoblirg nt the Pntmos gymnnslum. Patmos expects to have n strong ctikc loam this season. An added feature will be the a.^ wiirding of n turkey nt half-time. Reed Foster Kent Joplin William; Coffee Total •Benrdon Womack Riunsey Osborn Roberts Fountain Sue rots Cnloimm Total 138 121 62 J29 120 72 122 It? I5fi 137 J14 97 — 357 .118 — 35fi 62 — 188 .181 — 47G 41 — 298 11(1 — MG Sec •'lame ; 2031 Briiner Ivnry A. 82 132 — 214 87 13C 116 — 339 Our New Sm Display of GAS RANGES I'rlrrd $52.50 anil $50.50 118 130 89 .129 .142 H Baskdtwll Srason Pirates Will Oppose Lane- bur.a- at Patmos Next Tuesday Night The Patmos High School basketball team will open the season Tuesday HOPE HARDWARE CO. • IMione 45 giving Day, November 21. nnd Tulsu on the second Thanksgiving Day, November 28. Mr. Cypert said officials in Oklahoma had told him that they did not intend to observe Thanksgiving Day a week earlier next year, while the New York officials plan to follow President Roosevelt in celebrating a week earlier. Cypert .said i( probably would be .several months before the opening game is scheduled. The schdule: September 28—(open at Fayetteville. October 12—Baylor at Fayeltevilie. October !!)—Tex,as.,ai Little Rock. October 28—University of Mississippi at Memphis. * November 2—Texas A. M. at College Station. PSYCHOANALYST VANILLA WAFERS lOc A!H COOKi lb. *&•. E FLOOR -3»*es*'nB£««s;nwsersB E 10 Ib.lCoth §1c W &-. : m COFFEE 1ib.13ic 3 ibs. Site TRW gE Whole Grain 3 ibs. 17c STRONG HEART a^v i FOOD Sc WINESAP APPLES Doz. 10c HEINZ 4L cans CAMPBELLS C/lili&£ EXCEPT Chicken-Mushroom ~.«*SSWJ..- 'WiTMSUBSWWWBHMWE 3 for 25c JfcH9SjnHCTCPE«re"^ES»S«Jt3SPHS mm i ssc !«*=* C.I C. I Hi [FT 3ib S 48c 25c 2 </z Size Can 3 for OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY SAUCE can ISc Sweet POTATOES 5 ibs. 15c Kroger BANANAS lb. 5c Fresh CARROTS Bch. 3 For IOC Eatmor CRANBERRIES lb. 19c Florida ORANGES, Giant Size Doz. 29c Armour, Swift, Banfieldl Box Bacon lb.27cl Country Club HAMS . 25c lb. 1W1 'Wesco 2 Ibs. 15c HiSMtALLOWSu. IQc S 4.99 With Card TURKEY ROASTER !T PRUNES PEACHES APRICOTS 11 o/. 12<- 13c pkg. 2Uc Medium 3 Bars 17c My! fMLIfl LGE. SML. 45c 25c LGE. SML. 59c 33c AKMOUNRS PICNICS lb. 19c Star or Brookfield Link lb. SAUSAGE box 25c BEEF SWISS STEAK )1». 25c Fancy Sirloin or Club lb. 35c BABY BEEF—Round lb. 29c FISH BUFFALO lb. lOc WHITING lb. lOc TUOUT RED SNAPPER lb. 27e CATFISH lb. 29c Swifts Premium Leg'OLamb lb 25c CHILI Lots 'o Meat 19c lb. Eatmore OLEO lb. Lean Chops Lean Roast Hams Whole lb. lb. Hi. 19c 18c 1'Jc K. iivn ^zjEfiie i r- r ^ Market Mgr. Cecil W. Dennis. Gro. Mcr. HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pioneer psychoanalyst who died recently. 11 To scatter. 12 Cared for medically. H Tiny vegetable. 16 Careful consideration. 18 Pair of vines. 19 Bench. 20 Made dejected. 22 Assumed name. 23 Preposition, 25 Delirium. 27 Myself. 28 Hastened. 30 Let it stand. 31 Bonnet. 32 Sluggish. 34 Right. 35 Social insect. 36 Libretto. 38 Street. 40 Edges. 42 Advertisement. 43 Alleged force. Answer to Previous Puzzle 45 Severe critics. 48 Morindin dye. 45 To decorate. 51 Figure of speech. 52 Trunk drawer 54 Bones. 55 Weird. 56 To employ. 57 He was a by profession, 58 He analyzed or sleep images to understand behavior. VERTICAL 1 To observe. 2 The same. 3 Mountain. 4 Pressing. 5 More poverty- stricken. 6 Stream obstruction, 7 Barbarous. 8 Road. 9 Javanese tree. 50 Door rug. 10 Lion's home. 52 Definite 11 His or article. principles 53 Aye. were scoffed at at first. 13 Beverage. 15 His ideas are widely now. 17 Church title. 3 9 The soul 21 Ministers. 24 Ventilating machine. 2G Those who vouch. 27 M,ale. 20 Pointed end. 31 Vehicle. 33 To steal. 37 Order. 39 Human trunk, 41 Horse. 42 Warning of danger. 44 Flat round plate. 46 Roof point covering. 47 Long grass. 48 Opera melody 49 Thick shrub. fSingleton's Fresh Roasted Cof feel j> 1 Pound lOc 5 Pounds 50c V 2'/ 2 Pounds 25c 10 Pounds $1.0 W. P. SINGLETON 5»*> *!• November 9—Rice ;it Fayetlevillo. November IB—S. ,M. U. lit D.illns. November 21 — Fnrclham ;it New York city. November 2K-Tulsa fit .Tulsn. 113 South Elm Street Hope, Ark. PLACE IN HOPE TO BUY COFFEE T T T T T ^^^^^nl^BHMIB^^B^^B Attention Housewives Try that all-purpose high grade Flour—HELIOTROPE—for your Thanksgiving baking while you can get the following at no extra cost FREE! WHILE SUPPLY LASTS This Lovely Salt and Pepper Set Carnival Glassware, Newport Design Choice of <f Hrilliant Colors With Purchase 24 Ihs. or More "That GOOD Flour 1 HELIOTROPE OKLAHOMA CITV MILL t ELtVATOR CO OKLAHOMA CITY, USA. -fv««'ff ruttjitiftu ALWAYS REMEMBER Blue Ribbon Bread At Your Grocer and City Bakery IIOI'E Wade Warven Grocery Joe Rider Barton Cash Store J. H. McDuniel ,1. It. Warren Hee.vi? Market B & E Gro. & Market Lewis Grocery Hobli's Gro. & Mkt. Lon Sanders Dan God bold R. L. Patterson Snow White Food Mart Cecil Wyatt W. H. Olm.stoad J. A. Davis Dyers Bros. T. O. Pulman M. M. Cornelius E. H. Montgomery Rrookwood Gro. Gunler Lumber Co. Cnssidy Cash Stove Will Cooper Neighborhood Gro. SIX3 Service & Gro. Houston & Son No. 1 Houston & Son No. 2 KM MKT City Gro. & .Mkt. ,1. A. neatly Wards Grocery »E ANN G. S. Sunuicls & San Urre.v Gro. & Station WASHINGTON A. R Deloney Strond & Co. Duggars Cush Store Fruziers Cash Store J. R. Card Roadside Gro. O/AN Robins Gro. Wilbur Jones MrNAB Mary Spates SARATOGA F. H. Holland I'ULTON Moser & Moser PATMOS C. P. Jones L. D. Rider T..M. Ward Bert Keith SI'KING HHJ, Joe C. Porter-field UOSSTON C. C. Dillarcl F. E. Mon?.ingo WILUSVILLR C. L. Womack WATERLOO U Best Mrs. Odessa Wullis LEWISVILLK Van Emerson A. M. Hunter Mudison ifCtchons BKADLKY Efisi) Station J. L. Stevens A. D. Price M. E. O'Neal Barker's Cafe Kclwards Co. C. D. Simmons Lee Crabtrae L. 'E. Wise L. G. Middlebrook J. M. Hurtsfield E. G. Dickson Hai'vcy Hansford J.j B. Bowles IHICKNEK Bnckner Lbr. Co. STAMPS Petrey Feed Store COLUMBUS D. W. Hamilton C. W. Wilson Hamilton & McCorkle GUM SPRINGS Willis C-reesaii GUKDON J. E. AJIen Bud Morris •& Son J. H. Cnpps Louis Cube J. E. McMillan Blacks Gro. Dave Malcomb Sandidge Mict. Newton Store Spurill Gro. S. J. Menton George Foster Bill Lipscomb J. A. Biirrinficr KIEHNE Lpuis Cube CURTIS T. A. Beenc W. T. Ewins ARKADELI'IIIA Ey.sie Francis W. R. May Oaktree Gro. E. M. Buck Jim Copt-land Cluirles Welch J. R. McDtuiald W. T. Matlock KRIKNOSIIII- James Fisher W. M. Fowli-r IVIIOWAY W. C. Crowe DONALDSON Nubors Station NASrrviLI.K T. A. Hulchinson & C:o. Anthony Lbr. Co. MlJKFKKESHOItO Percy Brewer ALPINE Glover & Buck AMITY Lay & Echols Mrs. S. R Richardson Galloway Gro O. T. Hays Allen's Cash Store Merrill & Rowe OKOLONA Hill & Co. ANTOINE E. C. Wingfield .Halcomb Mkt. Fj'ank Reid E. C. Kelly J. B. Kelly & Son Stells Feed Store John Dickey Roy Dossy MALVEKN Fuir JDeal Sloj-i.- "' Note to Grocers: If you lire handliny Heliotrope anil your name has been overlooked we arc anil it is purely accidental mid a tiupply can be 'furnished by very sorry re.|>ronentatlvc. Ritchie Grocer Co. Distributors Hope, Arkansas

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