Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1939
Page 3
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, t J * v * SOCIETY frira. Sid Henry Telephone 321 I Ant Ruining I swept (In- fallen leaves up yesterday. And touched them with slow fire; And ns I saw smoke rise and drift 'twiiy 1 knew M krcn desire To .sweep my mind of old tilings lying there: Dreams long .since dead . . Hopes 0»nt have clung, lika leaves on bough now bnrc, And tears ihul I have .shed. . I long to gather every little grief Left sciitlerdc round, Snuill doubt-: ,md feiirs, i.ini Iny Ihr-.-! HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS in u sheaf Oil fire, smoke crowned; Then stir the embers so n laughing I wind Might lift the ashes of old praise and hlnmc And hem- them far away leaving my mind Cleim us if swept by fire-. .—Selected Mrs. T. H. p,,po, Mrs. Addle Popo and Mrs. Mulkey of Nashville were j Wednesday .shoppers in the city. There will be a choir rehcrsal of the Kirst Methodist choir Friday evening at 7::)0 nt the church. This re. 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We Give Eagle Stamps Phone 84 Crowds Increase at Local Revival Tabernacle Service Is Entering on Its Final Week Here Tin- n-viviil mceliijf! nt. (lie Hope Gospel Tfibcrmiclc lias now entered into Hie final week. The largest crowds yet In iitleml the meetings (no utlonrling this l/isl \veek, Pastor Hiiinill sl;ite.s. Wcdnwiilay night ;i large congi-e- g.ilion heard Kwmyeli.sl Williiim F. MfPhpr.son deliver a sermon of the, "Conversion of Ziicehacus." Pointing out thiitii inniiy people liko Zncchueus tire up various trees. He termed some of them, the Educntiomil Tree, the peiHiniiniitioiiiil Tree, The Good Works Tree. The fvungclist declared that however Hood and worthwhile education, church membership, good works, are tl|L>y are not the means by which men are saved, "tou do not do good works in order to be saved, you do good works hecaus'e you are saved. You are .saved by His grace and thul not of yourselves." lie said. It is expected that Thursday night will be a great service. The Rev. iiiifl Mrs. R. C. (Keetah) Jones, singers and musicians from El Dorado are to be in the meeting Thursday night. Other singers and musician will also participate in the program. PAGE TttREB Cupid's Messenger hearsal will take the place of the re- guliir Thursday evening practice. The Friday Music Club will hold its regular meeting Friday afternoon at the home} of Mrs. M. C." Butler. <U, r > North Hcrvcy street, •with Mrs. Dick Watkins as joint hostess. The Choral Club will incut promptly at 2:30 followed by (lie Study at 3:.'i(l. The Program will he Ethclbert Ncvin's Selections. Mrs. W. O. Allison left Wednesday for a few d.-iy.s visit with her brother, Nick Slack in Longvicw, Texas. Mrs. W. G. Steffie of Pittsburgh, Pais the guest of relatives in the city. Miss Frances Snyder left Thursday morning for a week end visit with her uncle, Mr. II. N. Gam-It and Mrs. GurrcU in Kl Dorado. •>* r; ')n> Girl Scout Council met Wed- nexda.v at the City Hall, and the Council Is pleased to announce the election . of Mrs. ll;iny Lemlcy as Commi.s.s- | inner to fil the place of Mr.s. Robert I Campbell who resigned in June. Mrs. Parental objection kept Eileen Herrick, heroine of New York's Romeo and Juliet drama of thwarted courtship, from seeing her sweetheart George Lowther, 3rd. But he learned her affection was steadfast—thanks to her friend Helen Stedman (above), who delivered Eileen's love-letters to Lowther. Polo Preparedness NEW YORK — Stewart Inglcharl, 10-goal polo player, keeps his .legs in shape during the winter by piny- ing a defense position with the St. Nicholas hockey team in Brooklyn. Coldest Poof BOSTON - The South Pole explorers who will (accompany Admiral Byrd on his frigid expedition took a couple of biliard tables with them for diversion. Frenchman's Quandary NEWMARKET, England - (/!') Brought to England to run in the St. Legcr, Pharis II, owned by M. M. Bussac may keep him in training for possible races next year or send, him to stud. would be suicide. And what about the possibilities that the Germans might want to make the gamble^feeling they must attack before the Allies arc sufficiently organized and equipped? Most military men say the German army won't risk committing suicide—but some recall the prediction in 1918 that the Germans would not risk a western front of. tensive, because it would be suicide. fensivc in the spring of 1918. The Germans did launch an of- And it was suicide. LIVERPOOL, England -W/Pj— Tine racing world—behind the scenes- carries on during the war. Stables may be depleted of trainers by conscription, but horses will be kept ready fo r possible racing next year. I* I. U. Cagcr Goes Pro NEW YORK -f/Pt- lev Torgotf, Long Island University basketball star, has decided to play professional ball with the Detroit Eagles, an independent team, Basketball By Bee MEW YORK. i(/r>).- Clair Bee, Long Island University basketball and football coach, has written a book on basketball. Track Coaching Vet NEW YORK -(/r>)_ Jim Rosen- hcrgcr has just started his sixteenth season as track coach at St. John's University. As Crowes Kly COLUMBUS, O. — Emmclt Crowe, last of seven brothers to perform for Notre Dame, i.s playing with the Columbus Bullies professional foot, ball team. lilts Books, Too NEW YORK — Stanley Mikulka, N. Y. U. triple-threat halfback, is the highest-ranking engineering student in his class. Tokio Mrs. C. M. McLarty of Nashville spent last week with the families of her sons, G. C. and A. M. McLarty. George Teet of Prescott was here on business Friday. L. M. Woods was a business visitor to Nashville Friday. L, S. Sanford was in Nashville Friday on business. Finus Fitzgerald was a business visitor to Nashville Friday. R. A. Cooley has returned from an extended visit to Hot Springs. A. M. McLarty was in Nashville Saturday on business. Hix Dildy of Bingen was here on business Sunday. E. P. Nance was a Nashville visitor Saturday. Mr. and Mr.s. Dock Slantwi and chil- dren of Sardis visited Mr. and Mrs, Oscar Wisdom one day last week. Joe Power of Bingen was here Sunday on business. V. A. McLaughlin was a business visitor to Hot Springs Friday, Sanford Brothers are gathering their pecans. They will harvest around 2000 pounds. Coach Wanted MORANTOWN W. Va. — Sleepy Glonn will quit as football coach at West Virginia at the end of tl year to take up the practice of medicine. Turk Soccer Star DURHAM, N. C. — Haydarasan, a Turk, is starring as center forward for the Duke University soccer team. BLADDER IRRITATION WAKE YOU UP? It's not normal. It may be Nature's Warning of sluggish kidneys. 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But if it invades the low countries merely to drive a wedge part way between the French and the English, and to establish air and submarine bases closer to the British isles—the chances of succeeding, temporarily, .Campbell was appointed personnel " n - VW!l >'- ilrc bct *or than 2 to 1. i ehiiirman. with Mr.s. John Vesey n.s! About that wedging operation — J : ' SKisU " U ' j Military men say the flooding of Hoi —°— | land's dikes would in itself offer little ' •Mrs. King was appointed a mem. ; opposition, for the Germans would not her of the finance committee. Mrs. 1 use the flooded area unless it were D. L. Bush becomes captain of Troupe ' frozen. No. 2 with Mrs. Clyde Monls as! Defenders Would Fall Back . » - --.-. . "-..^...I.L.C, • f *rn in i tin «j|iL|\ | her assistant. Miss Alice Henry is! Instead, their main thrust could be the new lender of Troupe 3, Miss made through southern Holland close 11 Mary DC,ia Cardigan, is the Licuten-j to the Belgian border and probably! ant of Troupe- -1. Mr.s. C. H. Tarploy is (he new lieutenant of Hie Brow- would parallel that border, turning, at .some point on the Albert canal I me Troupe. There were Ifi memocrsj defense system .set up by Belgium present and they pledged their sup-' Auxiliary operations might be laun- port and cooperation with the new died elsewhere through Belgium, Commissioner. Announcement is made of (lie mar- Luxembourg, and France, Militating against the German customary mud of late fall in the low, --- ... _ ,_,. ...v- ...in- >.u<»v<ij iiivtwi ui iciiu lelll in UiC 1OW — nage of Miss Dorothy Freeman, only lands and the efforts of the Bclcian H;iitn!i4rt,, „/" TUT.... T r\ nl. , t -.in.. . *-"-.£,.in* daughter of Mrs. L. D. Fletcher of Ozim, to Wade IT. Gilbert of Wash- The wedding was .solemnized nt the home of the officiating minister, the Rev. Kenneth I,. Spore of Hope on i( October 28th. I The couple will reside near Wash, ingloii where the groom i.s associated and Dutch armies, supported by the English air force. With the low countries using their defense systems merely to delay the' Germans, the defenders' main forces would drop back to the Franco- Belgian international line joining there the English forces now massing in the fortifications already prepared with his brother hi llu- mercantile' hy the French army, business atul farming interests. ~" ' Italy is utili/i Ras as a gaso hundred om That's why strategists figure thc|| German wedging operation would be! successful. And if Hitler didn't want, Thurs. Fri. Nov. 2?-24 THUNDEROUS THRILLS! SCREAMING ADVENTURE! CHESTER "' VIRGINIA MORRIS • GREY Directed by GEORGE B. SEITZ Produced by J. WALTER HUBEN ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ iBBHMlMHBiBMHMMHMi SUPPORT OUR BAND 30 Minute Concert on the stage FRIDAY NIGHT ' 9:15 Help Send them to PINE BLUFF "I fr cm Holland, and work slowly down the coast, establishing .submarine and air bases on the way. The flooded Dutch defense system then would offer the German's left flank ample protection against attack from the very forces that loosed the flood. Suicide Again? Flanking the Maginot line is a horse of another color. Strategists argue that the British. Uoligium, and Dutch armies, bolstered by occasional French reserve divisions, should be able to hold the Germans at the Franco-Belgian border. Then, before the invaders got a chance to organize communications and supply lines, all of the defending forces, including the main French army along the Maginot line, could launch a counter attack. The Germans would then be fighting along a line twice as long as the Muginot-Siegfried line and half of Dial front, or nearly 200 miles of it, would offer them no fortified zone of protection. Such a line, military men argue, fr J M t {•"] Last Time Thursday THE flan FRIDAY - SATURDAY Double Feature "I CONQUER THE SEA" and JACK RANDALL "OKLAHOMA TERROR" ^^^^^^^^^•^•^•^•i^^H^^HHHH^B^HB^BHHBH^^^mHHVHHH SHOE Just in time for that second pair of Fall Shoes, Rephan's oiler an OUTSTANDING SHOE SALE that means a big cash savings to you. Our stocks will not last long at these jojvpnc£s_ =:L Sojojne_^ selection. Pay cash and pay less!!! BriH ~~ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M^^M^^^BHH^^^B Men's Shoes I Ladies 1 Shoes FAMOUS JARMAN SHOES 1. FRIENDLY FIVE The Best $5.00 Shoe in America. Group Short Lots. Blacks and Browns. Sizes 6 to 11. B - C - D Widths. 2. Jarman Millionaire With the famous shock-absorbing cushion insole. Reg. $6.85 3. 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