Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 28, 1942 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1942
Page 5
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Saturday, February 28, 1942 " •• «• HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS •' •••••r-vym PAGE ?lVtJ~i! •- ' ' ' '=-r-r »*.*fM Ih World's N e wonas iNews INDIAN OCEAN: WAR SWEEPS INTO A FOURTH GREAT WATERWAY Tobtuk Suoi Canal PHILIPPINES^ .CEYLON MALDIVE •::;. ISLANDS ?••; (Br.) '•:< MADAGASCAR Vichy-owned It- land might bo Jap BELGIAN CONGO target; foe based DUTCH INDIES here could com mand all aid lines CHRISTMAS I COCOS IS. (Br>) not I an O"cee.tt ilsffI United Nations .,.,«„ n Axis and ^u^m Occupied Areas > A f United Nations Bases Allied Aid Routes AUSTRALIA . UNION Cape SOUTH AFWCA Cope Town to Australia, 4800 mi The Indian Ocean, last of Ihc safe waterways lor allied shipping joins the Atlantic,.Pacific and Arctic Oceans as a llicaler oi war. Jap subs and surface raiders pushing past Singapore may now sweep into this waterway to prey on ships bringing war aid from America and England, to six major allied fronts.' " SLEEK WAR MACHINES WOULD GIVE BATTLEFIELD SOME "CLASS Steamlined war machines, harder to hit and less wind resistant, are the sketch children of George W Walker in - dustnal and automobile designer in Detroit. This troop carrier of his would carry three big gims, se'veral swivel- type anti-aircraft weapons. Hotspot Iran's Royal Family Reds Get Back in the Black •••••fflnHA ^^^^i^^^^i Texas, New Mexico and Arizona (Area: 502,486 sq. mi.) are about equal to area held by Nazis at peak of invasion Oklahoma (Area 70,057 sq. mi.) is about equal to land retaken by Russians Nazidom's annual spring surprise may spell trouble for new Shah of Iran, former crown prince Mohammed Riza Pahlevi, shown here with Queen of Iran, sister of Egypt's King Farouk, and their Child. Shah succeeded to tottering throne abdicated by his father as British and Soviet forces moved in. \Venner-Gren and Wife in Pictures Snow Soldiering: Out of the Skies on Skis 'More Tools' Ernest Knnzler, faced with the job of converting the automobiit industry to war production, declares in Detroit .that his chief worry is a shortage of machine tools. Reports on Spain American ambassador to Spain, Alexander W, Weddell, has been ^summoned to, Washington "for 'consultation." Hero of Bataan at West Point This is hew America's No. 1 fighting soldier of the day, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, looked when he was superintendent of the Military Academy at West Point in 1920-21-22. Editor Again Russian troops bit deep into German-held territory with drives on Smolensk, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk pushing the Nazis bade. Maps show the ofor increasing band of territory retaken by Russia how tue ligUtoi; areas compare with our southwestern states; New closeup shows fabulous Axel Wenner-Gwn and his American wife at their eslule, Shangri-La, recc-nlly searched by Bahamas government "for secret facilities, appliances and stores available to the enemy." Josephus Daniels, World Wartime secretary of navy and former ambassador to Mexico, is pictured back on the job as editor of his Raleigh, N. C., paper The News and Observer. He replaces his son, Jonathan, who is sewing in the Oflice of Civilian Defense. "Somewhere in Utah" these para-ski troops of the 503rd Parachute Battalion learn kick turns-.IronS?' t Instructor Hugh Bauer. Such ace snow men as Dartmouth's Walter Prager and Dick Durrahc r ef|l$l will teach U. S. bird men to fight efficiently on "sledded" feet. '. 'fy\ U. S. Navy Patrol Bucks a Winter Storm Off Iceland $1 V MS Frigid, 100-mile-an-hour winds sweeping the coast of Iceland have given the U. S. Navy patrol a taste of tough winter weather. Here a Navy supply ship drags its anchor close to shore in moun- ?-'f tainous sens whipped up by the storm. Daylight Time Puts U. S.. One Hour Nearer the War Zones' • Clip this map and save it to compare new daylight saving time with time in world's fighting zones. Timetable of Shuttle Warfare in Libya British have held Tobruk since Jan. 22, 1941, as axis forces circled, but did not capture it in April Axis garrisons at Sollum and Bardia held out longer while British swept on to Benghazi in December. 1941 LIBYA Mediterranean Sea <=1BRITISH DRIVES DRIVES [ El Agheila * I "I Back and forth across 500 miles of Libya's desert have gone the troops and tanks of Britain and the ' I m the four drives shown on map. Current German drive fast renews threat to Sues Canal. '

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