The Bee from Danville, Virginia on August 12, 1943 · Page 3
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The Bee from Danville, Virginia · Page 3

Danville, Virginia
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 12, 1943
Page 3
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The Bee: DonviJIe, Vo., Thursday, August 12, 1943 TKrtt Saga Of Heroism On Crippled Fortress Attacked By Germans He Flies Plane, Tries To Revive Pilot, Fights Fire All Same Time AT A U. S. BOMBER STATION SOMEWHERE IN ENGLAND— (Correspondence of the AP>—The Focke-Wulfs and Messerschmitts were attacking head-on by seven and eights. Fire was raging in the cockpit of the plane flown by Lieut. Col. William E. Buck, of San Antonio, Tex., and he was flying the ship with one hand, trying to revive the unconscious pilot with the other, and at the same lime working a fire extinguisher with his feet. "All I could think about when it happened," he said "was 'My God they're going to shoot us down and I'm going to miss chow'." Buck, 29-year-old Fortress group air executive, who ..'lew as co-pilot of the Fortress "Flagship" in the July 17 raid on northwest Germany is considered a cinch for the Distinguished Service Cross for the way he overcame the impossible and brought the stricken plane home. They were on their way back from the target %vhen in the first of between 30 and 40 head-on attacks by German fighters a 20 millimeter shell crashed through Ihe nose knocking out. the navigator. Lieut. Lolinas H. Knapp, Saratoga Springs, N. Y., the pilot Captain Donald G. Parker, East Valparaiso, Ind., ruining the oxygen system on one side of the ship and starting a fire of ozygen and hydraulic fluid in the cockpit. Colonel Buck took over control oE the plane and pulled Parker out of the fire. The pilot came to, mumbled "Hell I don't seem to hurt anywhere," started working the lire extinguisher, and promptly passed out again from lack of oxygen. It was then that Buck went into liis aerial one-man band act working with hands and feet on three different projects, iachiding putting the plane through violent evasive maneuvers in an effort to dodge the continuous barrage of German fighters. The Germans saw smoke and llames coming eut of the ship and concentrated their attacks on it. The; ship's nose guns were shot out and one of the important guns in the ball turret—manned by Ser- 4\_ U LJJI VJtl" tV •• « " «J U 14 I IX. ». VJ J I 1 I V.J V* U I > geant E. Melntosh, Buchanan, enough of a drop to bring the cost Mich.,—jammed. Under Buck's one-hand ministrations, Pilot Parker came to again, worked the fire extinguisher they discovered that two German shells had gone through the main wingspar weakening it so the wing might easily have snapped off. "I've had a lot of close calls but for a while this time I really thought we'd had it," Buck said. "For thrills I recommended this flying with a bunch of FWS coming in head-on. "If those boys don't quit taking this thing so seriously somebody's going to get hurt." Other crew members: Eadio gunner, Sergeant Roy W. Wheelis, Ashdown, Ark. Waist gunners, Sergeants Fred Champion, Ventura, Calif., and Stanley R. Schmigle, Benton Harbor, Mich. Extra gunner, Sergeant Marvin E. Dyer, junior, Ackerly, Texas. Tail gunner, Lieutenant Harry C. Mclntosh, Hillburn, N. Y. Buck graduated from West Point in 1940 and was a pilot in the first group pf Fortresses to fly the North Atlantic non-stop. FOOD COSTS DROP FIRST TIME IN WAR Prices Go Down At Butcher And Grocery Stores WASHINGTON, Aug. 12.—(/P)_ Cheaper prices at butcher shops and grocery counters brought the cost of city living down in late June and early July for the first time in any consequence since Pearl Harbor was bombed. Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins announced yesterday that retail food prices declined 2 per cent from mid-June to mid-July— for a few seconds, and passed out from lack of oxygen for the third time. Top Turret Gunner, Sergeant R. Tailor, Randolph, Minn., clambered down from his broken guns, hooked Parker's oxygen mask on to his own outlet, brought him to again, and finally put out the fire. "Then." Buck related, "I noticed our air speed indicator had dropped to zero. I thought 'My God we're done for'—that we were in a stall." He put the plane into a dive and the meter still registered zero and he realized that the instrument must have been shot out. He called down to Bombardier Lieutenant Edward J. Bruni, of Pittsburgh, who reported from the nose air speed indicator that they were going 170 miles an hour and kept calling the speeds to him all the rest of the way home. Navigator Knapp in the nose was Still unconscious from lack of oxygen so Buck brought the plane down from high altitude to revive him. "After that," Buck laughed, "all I had to worry about was making a crash landing. My hydraulic fluid had been shot out and I was afraid I would have to land without the brakes. I called (he control tower and ordered a crash truck and ambulance for the end of the long runway, then circled the field until all of the others had landed. The brakes held long enough for me to bring the plane to a stop before we hit the end of the runway." When they got on the ground of living down 0.8 per cent despite slight rises in clothing and other items. Two fifths of the cost of living in BOMBER DESCRIBED . 666 Liquid for Malar/' U Symptom. FLOWERS To Bring Cheer If you want to spread happiness and good cheer'among your friends and relatives . . . send fresh flowers to them often! GILES FLOWER SHOP Charlie & Julia • Phoni 2486 • cilies goes for food. The Bureau of Labor Statistics index showed the cost of living on July 15 was 25 per cent above January, 1941, and 5 per cent above last September. The Office of Price Administration (OPA) cut-back of meat prices —8!>2 per cent for beef and veal, 8 per cent for pork and 4 per cent for lamb—joined with cheaper summer vegetables to make marketing less expensive for city housewives. Victory gardeners and big commercial supplies helped slide fresh vegetables downward. The retail price of chicken dropped fractionally, despite the fact it was not reached by the OPA cutback. The labor s'l'scretary said reports of acute poultry and beef prices still came from many sections of the country. Fresh fish went up 4 per cent, eggs 5 per cent and oranges 10 per cent. The price of spinach rose 42 per cent because of shortages in some areas, but general vegetable prices dropped 2 to 35 per cent. Lettuce came down 11 per cent. Clothing increased 0.5 per cent during June, miscellaneous services rose 0.2 per cent and medical expenses, laundry, beauty and barber shop prices were "somewhat higher." She Listens For Voices Of Yanks In Enemy's Camps AP Features ROCK ISLAND, III.—The Berlin short wave is a nightly voice in the home of Mrs. Dale West, who extracts names of American war prisoners from the broadcasts and drops a post card to the families involved. It's Mrs. West's hobby, listening to the German, Italian, and Japanese broadcasts, and she does her best to get accurate transcriptions of any messages the prisoners may have sent. It's the most satisfying hobby I've ever had," Mrs. West says. "The parents are so very grateful. Almost all of them reply and some enclose a post card and ask me 'to send good news to some other mother and father.' It's very little trouble for me, but it's nice to have people write 'God bless you.'" The hobby started quite by accident during June when Mrs. West's husband" was "monkeying with the radio," a table model, and happened to hear a woman who gave her name as "Midge' 1 broadcasting from Berlin the names of American prisoners of war together with messages from them to the homefolks. SPECIAL SALE B. D. BEAN * 'SONS BOOK MATCHES BOX OF 50 .BOOKS 1O C TOILETRIES FRIDAY AND SATURDAY PHONES 318-319 (Limit 2 To Customer) REGULAR 1If* CIGARS OUR PRICE Dutch Master Panatella ... i( El Producto Bouquet 1C Henrietta Perfecto 10c- La Magnita Belmont . . lOc- La Magrnita Corona .. ; 10c- Robert Burns Panatella 10 .Robert Burns Per/ecto Grande .10c- Royalist Blunts lOc- Royalist Counts lOc- Royalist Earfes it Sanchei & Haya Alumnus lOc- for 48c- for 48c- for 25c- for 48c- for 48c- for 48c- -5 for 48 -5 for 48c- -5 for 48c- tor 48e- for 48 -$4.50 -$4.50 -$3.95 -S4.50 -$4.50 -$4.50 -$4.50 -$4.50 -$4.50 -54.50 -$4.50 DRUG STORES PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Evening In Paris SINGLE Loose Powder VANITY A lovely thins, of plastlo In a deep & glowing blue. With puff. 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' 10- 75c Bell-Ans Tablets ..'.'.','.'.'.'.<•>£ $1.25 Serufan Laxative OR r 50c Midol Tablets "!!!.'35c 30c Sal Hepatica 25c 25c Blue Jay Corn Pias'tVri ' .'! ! 23c 25c Anacin Tablets 19 C 25c Ex-Lax Chocolate 19 C 60c Non-Spi Deodorant .. . .. . 49 C 50c X-Barin-Depilatory ... " 45 C 25c J & J Baby Powder ...'.'.'.*21c 25c Feenamint Gum, 16's ..!!.19 C 75c Squibb Mineral Oil ...'.'.'. .59 C We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities and Refuse to Sell to Dealers. SIM-X INSECT SPRAY Quart Size— 391 CRYSTAL CLKAtt GLASS MARMALADE DISHES with COVER anrt SPOON Tiny Indlvldu-; al dishes. FLASH CREAM FURMTl RR POLISH 12 Ounces * 34<! •MM HYLITE SILVER POLISH 9t CLEAR GLASS FRUIT REAMERS For a** Only *r£ CHIX-KNIT POLISHING CLOTHS 5 Yards of Cheesecloth — Just Dip • Rinse * u . s c , eart RENUZlT FRENCH DRY CLEANER Safe for finest fabrics. Non- explosive. Xo unpleasant a ft- cr-orlor. Easy and' economical to use. One Gallon ^ r- '#• $1.25 S. S. S. 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