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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 20
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 20

Louisville, Kentucky
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20 THE COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, FRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 1, 1935. AND Tl NuAn TUU CMN I BfcAT LONG REBELLION MINOR IN SCALE street In central New Orleans cheerily crying out: "Square Deal." He presented the appearance of a business man of the financial and social middle class, at least. He was sober. I trailed him a while. He continued shouting, "Square Deal." People on both sides of the street, a one-way thoroughfare, smiled re- TRAINING CONFERENCES! FOR GIRL SCOUTS SET Miss Ann Roos. of the national per- I sonnel division training staff of the! Girl Scouts, will be in Louisville February 5 to 8 to lead training conferences. A graduate of Syracuse University, Miss Roos has been a member of the national staff for ten years 64 GRADUATED BY GIRLS' HIGH Commencement Exercises VTHL5 FOR BARGAIN Ticins Fingerprinted To Avoid Mistakes Joliet, 111., Jan. 31 (UP) William Borthewicz took his 5-year-old twin daughters, Dorothy and Dolores, to the police station today and had them fingerprinted. Dorothy, he explained, was naughty, and he spanked Dolores by mistake. It won't happen again. if Organization Against Huey m. sponsively. Getting In steo with the gentle man, I asked him what he thought of the Square Deal. "Sixty-four parishes In Louisiana, three of them against Huey Long," Held Not State-Wide Even In Sentiment. By TOM WALLACE, Editor of The Louisville Times. (CopyrUht. 1935. br N. A. N. Inc.) New Orleans, Jan. 31. After hav proaching State-wide rebellion against he replied, again singing out: "Square ana in me Louisville region lor two years. The schedule for all of which will be held at the Girl Scout office, 424 West Jefferson Sreet, follows: Louisville Council of Girl Scouts. 11 o'clock Tuesday, February training and personnel committee, 10:30 o'clock Wednesday; professional staff. Thursday morning, committee, Thursday afternoon; troop committee conference, 10:30 Deal." Citizens Urged to Act. the dictatorship. A fracas, with serious results, might, of course, occur, but Louisiana as a whole is not organized, even in sentiment, against the dictator. Ernest Bourgeois, president of the Square Deal Association, presiding ing een a few acts and scenes of the preposterous drama of politics in Louisiana, nothing surprises you. but clock Friday, and a Friday afternoon session to which all leaders are invited. bit curiositv was niaued when I saw New Orleans contains no discoverable enraaied citizenry and the New Orleans press does not discover rural rage spreading widely. Contempt for the dictator is expressed widely in the polite world. a well-dressed man walking down the Are First Held In Reuben Post Halleck Hall. The first commencement exercises held in Reuben Post Halleck Hall, new institution at Second and Lee Streets which opened last September, took place Thursday night with the awarding of diplomas to sixty-four girls of the mid-term class of the Louisville Girls High School. Judge J. J. Kavanagh, in an address to the graduates, praised the LouisviVe public school system, and deplored what he termed a tendency to curtail school expenses first during the depression. School budget cuts, he added "will be the last to be restored after recovery." S. B. Tinsley, principal! announced winners of the National Honor Society receiving pins offered by The Courier-Journal and The Louisville Times, were: Aline Goldstein. Thelma Bender, Dorothy M. Sparks, Charlyne Braden, Reva Lee Baer, Billie Beam, Eileen Keltner, Jean Hymson and Bertha WeL-s. Honor students were: First, Miss Goldstein and Miss Bender; second. Miss Sparks, Miss Braden and Miss Baer: third, Miss Beam, Miss Keltner. Miss Hymson and Miss Weiss. France's Bank Lauds CAPTAIV KERN' TRANSFERRED. Capt. T. F. Kern, 2519 Cherokee Parkway, who for the past two years has been military assistant to the United States District Engineer here, Friday will leave for Fort Logan. A minute to I where he has been given a new as 1 signment. He will be succeeded by Lieut. T. H. Tully. somewhere in Mississippi, urges all true citizens of Louisiana to "act" for restoration of constitutional rights by coming to Baton Rouge unarmed. Lee O. Lester, vice president, signing himself acting president, says, in a published statement: "Every effort we have made to put our State back upon a constitutional basis without bloodshed has been met by dictatorship with further aggressive acts of political oppression which can only be calculated to force our people into armed revolt resulting in bloodshed and death. "We have the highest respect for the individuals comprising the National Guard, and hesitate to oppose it. knowing that it is being perverted to serve dictatorship's ends. We do not want to have to regain liberty already won by the blood of our forefathers. However, If relief is not found quickly, we, who have succeeded so far in preventing armed revolution, cannot be. held responsible for a condition which dictatorship is making inevitable." liPtirc Food Marram U. S. Money Policy Says Dollar Manipulation Beneficially Affected Whole World. Paris, Jan, 31 0P) The Bank of France annual report today said the dollar manipulation of President Roosevelt by halting price deflation "beneficially affected the economic situation of thB whole world." A minute to A minute to The Times Effort. Medal, awarded Fiance's vast store of gold was by The Louisville Times for improve- 3 powerless to restore prosperity, the scuoiasi scanning, was won Q.S.S. BRINGS TO YOUR KITCHEN TABLE FOODS AT CASH AND CARRY PRICES. These Prices Are Effective Friday and Saturday, February 1 and 2 by Bella B. Applebaum. Miss Gold statement said, but merely reflected stein won the $10 Valeria E. Hanna i prize, and Miss Sparks received the i Bloodshed Unlikely. If anyone is killed in Baton Rouge, signers of both statements may find Dr. Florence Meder prize, offered by Dr. Frank Meder in memory of his sister, to the mid-year graduate making the highest average in psychology. themselves in an embarrassing situation, but there is ground for hope that bloodshed will not occur. There does not seem to be even a slight probability of anything ap- Sigma Phi fraternity, were awarded the world's confidence in the solidity of the franc. The bank report disparaged "artificial interference with economic laws" as retarding recovery. Faith in the gold bloc was reaffirmed. "After four years of a crisis without, precedent," the report said, "the franc today is more solidly bulwarked than ever." It deplored "systematic pessimism," but stated "France's business slump LOUISVILLE'S FAVORITE BLEND famed throughout 30 States Misses uoiastem ana Bender, wniie another received the Student Council Certificate. Muss Helen Breitensteln, a member of the sophomore class, won two scholastic awards, the Albert S. and dinner's And dinner's delicious! FREE! Recipe booklet. "De-liciou Fish Dishes." Write, Gorton-Pew Fisheries, Gloucester, Mass. Gorton's 1 Ready-la-Fty Cod Fish Cakes Beha geometry prize, and the $10 fTLVlPe offered by the Alumnae no than in the Club ful, it is worse that yit nfcSa Made from the Famout A big majority of other countries." Tlie gold stock was shown to be 82.122,998,699 francs (about on December 28, 1934, an increase of francs during the year. The bank's earnings were 138,825,112 francs during 1934 as compared with 83.156,552 for 1933. but 69,000,000 francs were charged off for the quarter billion francs in frozen assets. LIBBY'S I GORTON'S CODFISH I One of 30 Products I "IT SURE IS GOOD COFFEE" lor nignest class averages. Special music was presented by a chorus. The invocation and benediction were pronounced by the Rev. E. F. Estes, pastor of the West Broadway Baptist Church. Graduates Are Listed. Graduates, in addition to the honor groups, were: Bella B. APplebaum, Miriam Baron. Marv Bacon Bland. Thelma Sherman Bryant, Cirovena Mae Burdon, Mary Elsie Cambron. Dorothy Lee Chambers. Beverly Cliescheir. Dorothy Mildred noleman, Martha I. Cosby, Bertha Costin. Alma Elizabeth Durham. Carolyn Eisenmenser. Sylvia Friedman, Louise' I. Oalyon, Mildred Christine 0hrinK. Gladys Godby. Ella Rose Goldberg. Jean Grave. Helen Mae Hatfield. Margaret Anne Hazehp, Rutn Hildebrand. Lucille Hill, Dorothy Paxton Howard. Ruby L. Irwin, Bessie Jacobson. Muriel Kaplan. Rose Kummer. Libby's Canned Foods MAMMOTH TIPS ASPARAGUS Picnic Size 2 for 27c GRAPEFRUIT No. 2 Can 2 for 25c CORNED BEEF No. 1 Can 17c OLIVES Stuffed or Queens; No. 4 Bottle 10c MOTT'S APPLE SAUCE No. 2 Can 3 For 25c KRAUT No. 2Vz Can 3 FOR 25c CONCERT FEATURE OF BOY SCOUT CIRCUS A massed concert by a ninety-piece drum and bugle corps will be one of (he features of the Silver Jubilee Scout Circus, to be held at the The i Helen Frances Lancaster. Mildred Aiine Armory on February 8 and 9. LarK, Aiary Aaeiaiue jjooney. concert will be under direction of Doris Elaine Metcall, Freeda Katherme apt. Aioert Hess, organizer OI the i Mitchell, c. m. Ruth Nail. Edith Payne. SUGARS COms Of Jefferson Post, American i Georme Madiline PevnolUs, H.iliie M. Rob-I ppion inson. Lula Schroader. Fddy Margraret Schuster. Mary Evelyn Sexton. Dora Mae The massed corps will be composed i Sher. patsy Ann Shivell. Geraldine Farrar of Units from the Louisville Council Smith. Lillian. Florence nnson. Gertrude Corps Troop 14 of St. Boniface Cath- Eil," Thompso Mar Jane un. olic Church, and Troop 113 of Ormsby Village. The corps will appear sep JACK FROST or DOMINO XXXX LK Box 2 for 15c 5-LB. BOX GRANULATED 27c LIGHT or DARK BROWN Lb. Box 7c Lorena Helen Tilmes. Katherine Louise Tucker, oretta Tussey. F.sther WaUiman. Myrtle Bowden Walter. Ruth C. Weinberg and Gladys Louise White, irS A HOT WAY TO BEAT A COLD DAY! Shredded Wheat HOT takes the sting ut of a I I cold morning furnishes plenty of heat and 1 1 I energy and helps resist colds. Easy to prepare. I I Just dip biscuits quickly mto hot water, drain I I and serve with milk or cream. ftmiif arately in the grand march and will open the second part of the show with individual drills. The massed concert will follow. EAT MORGAN, T.V.A. LEADER, IN TALK TO ROTARIANS The Tennessee Valley Authority was described as a programme to recover and rehabilitate impoverished lands in the interest of civilization by Dr. H. A. Morgan, who resigned the presidency of the University of Tennessee to become a director of the MAX LOSES FOLK FINGERS. Ace Lee, 38 years old. 1130 Thomas Street, an employe of the Murphy Elevator Company, 128 East Main Street, was in St. Anthony's Hospital Thursday night following a plant accident at 2 o'clock in the afternoon when four fingers and the tip of his thumb on his right hand were severed Searchlight MATCHES 6 PKGS. CEREAL and SALT POST TOASTIES 2 Pkgs 15c OZONE SALT 1 Vi Lb. Pkg. 3 for 10c BAKING POWDERS RUMFORD BAKING POWDER 12-Ox. Pkg. 19c HEALTH CLUB BAKING POWDER 12-Oz. Can10c BISQUICK 40-Oz. Pkg. 31c NATIONAL OATS 2 Pkgs. 14 0x3. 2 for TJ fN ATIO NAL RISCUfT COMPANY "Unoeda Baton- T.V.A, in a speech at the Rotary Club meeting Thursday in the Brcwn Hotel. "Our land has built a Nation at the expense of itself," said Dr. Morgan. He explained that a fifty-inch1 a year average rainfall for the Tennessee Valley has washed off its best soil as a result of denuding forests. "The Tennessee Valley is the study area of the Nation because its acres of diversified soil and min by an electric circle saw. He was given first aid treatment by George C. Murphy, a member of the firm, before being taken to the City Hospital. Later. Mr. Lee was transferred to St. Anthony's Hospital and placed under the care of Dr. Harris Fischer, 731 East Market Street. 25 11 STARCH, SOAPS, TOILET PAPER ARCO GLOSS STARCH Lb. 3 for 25c 20 TEAM BORAX Lb. Pkg. 15c OCTAGON SOAP POWDERS 2 Pkgs. 5c P. G. SOAP Giant Size 3 Bars 14c IVORY SOAP Medium Size, 2 Bars 11c CHIPS Large Size 2 Pkgs. 39c SEMINOLE TOILET TISSUE Rolls, 4 for 25c erals make possible a diversification GO I of industry- Also because it offers the best place for a programme of research to find the cheaper methods of obtaining nitrogen, potash and phosphorus and distributing them back to the soil." Dr. Morgan said. FRESH FRUITS VEGETABLES GRAPEFRUIT 3 for 10c LETTUCE Large, Firm Heads 2 for 15c ONIONS Yellow 2 Lbs 5c SWEET POTATOES 3 Lbs. 10c BANANAS 4 Lbs. 19c i SOCIALIST LABOR BODY TO SPONSOR LECTURES The first of a series of six addresses sponsored by the Section Louisville Socialist Labor Party will be given at 7:30 o'clock Sunday night at The Tyler. QUALITY CUP COFFEE 1 Lb. 19c 19c OYSTERS OYSTERS Standards Pint FLOUR COLD MEDAL 24-Lb. Bag wr 7 HERE -LET ME SHOW YOU. SIMPLY YOU JAY YOU WASHED YOUR WINDOWS THIS FREEZING DAY-ANNE, DIDN'T YOU 55c 12-Lb. Bag COLD MEDAL- DAMPEN A LITTLE CLOTH WITH WINDEX-WHISK IT OVER THE GLASS DRY WITH ANOTHER CLOTH OF COURSE NOT I UJED WINDEX AND Verne L. Reynolds, New York, who was his party's candidate for the Presidency in the last two elections, will be the speaker. The general theme for the series is "Marxian Science and Its Application to Indus- trial America." The subject of the first lecture is "From a World of Work to a Workless World." There is no formal admission charge to the series of lectures, but those wishing to attend are required to purchase a three month's subscription to the Weekly People, official organ of the Socialist Labor Party. HAUPTMANN TRIAL TO BE SEEN AT RIALTO As an added attraction, a newsreel devoted entirely to the Bruno Richard Hauptmann murder trial will be shown at the Rial to Theater for a week, beginning Friday. J. j. manager of the theater, announced that the film includes pictures of Hauptmann on the witness stand giving his testimony. It also includes testimony of other witnesses and views of ransom notes and other evidence introduced at the trial, he said. RUIN YOUR HAN 05 DIDN'T EVEN GEM HUT MARGARINE 1 Lb. COFFEE and TEA GET MY FINGER SPICES EXTRACTS BEE BRAND SPICES 2 Cans 15c BEE BRAND EXTRACTS Large Bottle 23c TIPS WET CRACKERS COOKIES WAFFLES PREMIUM FLAKE CRACKERS 8-Oz. Pkg. 10c N.B.C. BROWN EDGE WAFERS 2 Dor FAULTLESS SODA CRACKERS Lb. Pkg. 10c FAULTLESS GRAHAM WAFERS Lb. Pkg 12c BUTTERNUT CHOCOLATE OR DUTCH COOKIES Pkg. 21c FLORIDA ORANGES FRESH SKINNED CATFISH 1 Lb. a 9c EACH CHASE SANBORN'S DATED COFFEE Lb. 31c TENDER LEAF TEA Pkg. 15c MEATS YES, AND NO DANGER OF WINDEX SPLASHING AND RUINING THE DRAPERIES, EITHER. IS THE QUICKEST AND EASIEST WAY TO WASH WIN efl GELATIN DOWS IN ANY KIND OF WEATHER I I BELIEVE YOU. Tj ANNE. I'M GOING lCS Tm rT0 USE WINDEX, i Lvslj- TOQ, SO I CST WON'T HAVE Mr- fX -yiYVV TO BE APOL" JJjr jE EVERYBODY A St iKJWT TORTMEL0OK5 2fY tTHs WINTER it mm Ft tf nTOT a EGGS FRESH COUNTRY No. 1 Doz. 29c SOUTHERN STAR BACON SQUARES Sugar Cured; Lb. 17'2c SOUTHERN STAR CHILE CON CARNE Vz-Lb. Pkg 2Vic FRESH BOSTON BUTTS Lb. 17Vc PURE PORK SAUSACE Country Style; Lb. 17V2c PORK SHOULDER STEAKS Lb. 19c PORK ROAST Picnic Style; Lb. 14V2C ROYAL FRUIT CELATIN 4 Pkgs. 25c BAKER'S PREMIUM CHOCOLATE 12-Lb. Bar 23c BAKERS BREAKFAST COCOA Vi-Lb. Can 2 for 25c GOOD LUCK MARGARINE Lb. 17c AT YOUR GROCERY OR DRUG STORE (M MODEL FARMS DAIRY PRODUCTS AT ALL LOUISVILLE STORES Louivillp. Use Windex for mirrors md picU gUss, too. No streaks, no stains. No powder dust to stick to the frames cither. ol 35 Feb. 1. PURE FOOD MARKETS 1 1 CD 1 I WINDEX SAVES WORK TIME MONEY SIMPSON PRODUCTS CO. TERHE HAUTE, INO.

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