Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1939 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, November 23, 1939
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World-Wide News Coverage Given Impartially by Associated Press Star The Weal ARKANSAS—Fair, not quite so cold in east portion, Thursday night; Friday fair and slightly colder in northwest portion. VOLUME 41— NUMBER 35 HOPE. ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1939 PRICE 5c COPY DRIFTING MINES SWEEP SEA 'ft ft ft ft ft ft ~ ft ft Chance at State Football Crown Hinges on Result IJobcats, Realign 14; Im-! porlance of Game, Re- ; ported On Edge \ KICKOFF SET FOR 7:301 .Benion to Bring (Ireai Punter Here in Fullback J. P. Moore Kleven Hope High School football pliiyi.'i-s—nine of them in the starting linc.up —will L-nd their prep careers belori; home folks here Thursday ninhl in the ;ill-impurUmt conference cenlesl will) Bentun High School. I Making their final .st;nul will he Cap I lain ,l(.c Eason, Snl) Cnptin Bobby ! Ellen, Norman Given, Major Simp- ! .'.tin, < 'mi les Qniinhy, Bill Tom Hinuly. ] C.-ilhuim, Cliiirlc.s iiay Baker, j 'olem.-m, John Bcckworlh and j •'eith. i The Probable Starting Lineup noi'i: Green ('alluiun JireediiiK Buiuly Quiinby Himp.son Jones Ellen Baker Oolcinaii Eason Tea in Avc Line Aver Hack field JOI) 2I.50 IG;I J75 1.60 255 200 J62 155 .1 50 .1 1)0 r;t;_fe age Average Left End Left Tackle Left Guard . . . Center Right Tackle . . Right End (Quarter Hack Loft Half .. Right Half Full Back .18') 158 106 160 16-1 155 BENTON .B. Richards 145 . Nallv 180 . Honcycutt 165 ....N. Richards 1C8 . Wilfis 150 Westbrook" 1 65 Shoppach 150 Cunningham 150 Crawford 145 Garrett 145 Moore 180 Team Average Line Average Backl'ield Average # -fr & ft II Hope Seniors to Make Final Stand in Benion Game at 7:3O 39 Are Sighted in North Sea, Naval Report to U. S. 25StatesOverU.S. Observe Thursday As Thanksgiving Join in Roosevelt's Hr That World Soon \- l :,. Be'at Peace Mayors Invited to Court Service Here November 29 (Steve Sarrigan Master of ' Ceremonies at Cornerstone Event PLEA IN PULPI STUDENTS INVITED Sought by'Bama Dav Phi' A rim- Si '1 hi' mi;.-:t SlK.'CC.'-.sru! St'ilNOM ill the history of the local .school Is drawing i to ii close. Out of 10 fijimes the Boh- ' eats have won nine. The record .shpws : the Bohcat.s have piled tip a total''of i cHfi points to the opposition's G4. ' That's slightly better than 2ti points- per game ''to the opposition's six points. Hope has scored in every contest. Most points made against the Bobcats were 18 by the pass-fancy Jonesboio t-ciuad- There has been but one touchdown this stcisun through the Slope line— and that wa.s against the third-string- \ ers in the Walnut Ridge, game in ' which Conch i'oy Mammons used 26 players. . iVInxiT Is O>il'<->.ulinK I The pearLgrey and maroon-clad Benton Panther.s will pit an outstanding football star against the Bobcats here Thursday night in Full hack J. p. Moore, ace hall carrier and reported to be the greatest high .school punter in Arkansas. His punting has shoved opponents; hack all season long. In ihe Benton- Nurlh Little Hock game he booted one for (ill yards which .struck the turf and hounded another 20 yards for a measurement of 80 ynrd.s. Moore nut only i.s a great kicker, but has .shouldered the brunt of the Panther offensive attack. He weighs ISO pounds and is a dash man on the Benion track team. Stopping Moore will be one of the big problems for the Bobcats. Kickdfl' at 7::ill The game begins half an hour earlier than previous contests the kickoff being set for T:,'iO ii'elock. Gale.s at the .stadium will open earlier. All season football ticket* will be good. Much will be at .stake in ihe Ben- Ion name. For U .seniors of the Hope team the runu.-si offers its sentimental .side—the last .stand at home. For Ihe liobcal squad a.s a whole- a victor! will dour ibe path for a i-hance at the .slate high .school root- hall championship. The Bobeals reali/e the importance of a victory and tension i.s reported to he high among the .sijuail. A big crowd i.s expected. The kiekoff is at 7::iO, Washlmins Visit Here Mr. and Mrs. \V. O. Washbum of Wilkes-Barre. Pa., aniveil in Hope Wednesday night for a visit of .several ilays with their .sou. Alex. II. WashLurn. publisher of The Star. They drove through, vi.siling younger sons ; ,l Siuibury and Pittsburgh. Pa., and relatives in Quincy. III. They will be here through Thanksgiving, it! Hotel Barlow, • CRANIUM CRACKERS They Made News Do you remember the.se people'.' They were in the headlines only a little while ago—in 193S to be exact. From the thumnail descriptions, try to identify them. 1. Former head of New York Stock Exchange. 4!) years old. sentenced to Sing Sing for ;') to 10- ye;>r term for misuse of funds and theft. 2. King of European nation, married to Countess Geraliliue Ap_ ponyi. daughter of American woman. .';. Son of prominent .socialite, 21 years old, body found in Saiidia Mountain liange. New Mexico, where he fell while on hike with companion. I. Wealthy sportsman jujil movie producer, completed flight a- rni.mil the wui Id in HI liour.s. fj. lleM high ecelosia.Micul office. 70 years old. died in summer collage in Sullivan eounlv. N, Y. AIISNVCI.S (in l'agi> T\vu Second Thanksgiving Wi Follow.Week From This Thursday I5y the Associated Press The families of 25 slates sat down Thursday at the "first table" of the nation's duel Thanksgiving, joining in President Roosevelt's expressed hope that the world soon would be at Nnrtn.ui Hii|.v 190-pound High School end i.s reported Muighl by Uunivcrsity of Alabama football scouts. Green play.s his last home game for Hope against Benion Thursday nighl. Green also is outstanding basketball Mar. Earthquake Hits Area at St. Louis Missouri, Illinois Feel It — Turkey Is Rocked by Trcmblor ST. LOUIS. Mo.—i/iv- An earth shock which lasted an average of 30 seconds apparently did no major damage- but wa.s fell in many Missouri anil Illinois cities between 11:16 and i 9:211 a. m. Thursday. | The Hev. .lames McElwane. S^t. Louis university .seismologist, said Ihe center wa.s HI) miles .south of St. Louis. One of the needles of the university's .seismograph was knocked off, so sharp was the shock. Mrs. Nora C'olligan, Clayton, Mo., said she wa.s knocked out of bed. Death Penalty Is Given Jack Russell Oklahoma Outlaw Convicted of Slaying Flour Salesman CHICAGO —(/TV- Jack Ru.s.scll won 15 cents Wednesday but lost a court buttle for his life. The- Oklahoma desporado was convicted of kidnapping and killing William Scott Hamilton, an Arkansas City. Kan., flour salesman, by a jury which fixed his penalty at death iji the electric chair. He received the verdict of the seven women and five men in silence but after he left Die federal court room he protested: " was ncy,- cr a killer." Quickly he recalled, with an attempt at jest, that he had won a nickel each from three deputy marshals with whom he had wagered that Ire would get the chair. Before the 39-year-old prisoner was whisked to jail, Judge Charles E. Woodward set November 29 for hearing motions for ;i new trial. The jurist said that, if they were denied, he would impose .sentence on that date. It was the first time in the history of Vhieago that women jurors decreed death. The seven women a- inong the first seated in an important peace. The ' second table" will ilol be served until next Thursday in states whose governors declined to follow the president's decision to advance the holiday one week. Despite the confusion over the date there was unanimity in pulpits and in quiet households in echoing Roosevelt's proclamation; "Let us give thanks to the Knlcr i:f the Universe for (he hupe th»t lives within us of the coming day when peace and the productive activities of peace shall reign on every continent." 15y the Associated Press Thursday is Thanksgiving in half the country. The rest of the nation will wait? a week. It lives in states whose governors did not fall in line with President Roosevelt's decision to change 0»e traditional holiday calendar and proclaim a week-ahead-of- time Thanksgiving. .In this nation-wide division there are three 'neutrals/ Colorado, Missis, sippi and Texas. In all, 25 states arc celebrating Thanksgiving Thursday and, including the three which arc observing both ?ast and Present Masonic ' Grand Masters Are to Speak Steve Carrigan, Hope attorney, will be, master of ceremonies at the cornerstone-laying for the new Hempstead county courthouse & jail building next Wednesday, November 29, it was announced Thursday. Mr. Carrigan will introduce Past Masonic Master S. Albert Kemp of Hot Springs, who will make the principal address, and Grand Master R. E. Shciton of Camden, who will also .talk. Mayors of McCaskill, Washington. Blcvins, Fulton, Ozan and Hope have becn invited to attend, together with county officials. The Hope High School b'and will furnish music, and the school children of the county are urged to be present with their teachers. The complete program will be announced later. / [Two-Gun Girl Gets Her Man • Columbus To Get School Building $19,356 Project to Get *Bnder Construction In . Near Future __ _. _._ __ B LITTLE ROCK—Final approval has dates, 2G will celebrate next° week.' becn fi ivcn b y tllc WPA for construcl- Jhose which stayed by the president, iori o£ a new 519,356 school building ....i..,]: , t\ it . fm* 1 lir> f!rtliimViim Kt-%or»inl Rp1ir»nl r\ ic_ case since members of juv i state law authorizing their sex to serve on 'Quake lincks Turkey ANKARA. Turkey— (/I'i -Hundreds wore feared Thursday In liave been killi-il and many village* destroyed )).v a violent, intermittent earthquake over a period of 2'1 hours throughout Analolia and Die western .section of "ur key. T.ix villages were reported levcl- 'd. ius became effective on July 1, and the five men deliberated through the night. Foreman William Fitzgerald reported that on the first ballot on unishmcnl one man and five woman 1 voted against supreme penalty. Hop o Merchants Meet On Friday Plans Will Bo Made for Christmas Shopping- Season Every merchant in Mope is urged to attend a mei-ling at the City Hall Friday night, to complete plans for a^'Khop Kin-ly" and a "Buy at Hope" program. The merlin}; begins al. 7:^11 p. m. Jack Hrealnn. represent ing ihe Arkansas division of (lie National Cottun Council, will be present and explain a plan to promote the sale of cotton products for Christmas gifts H i.s very important that every iner- ihanl possible he present for thit On the fight poll the jurors reached a unanimous decision. Russell relied chiefly on his own witness stand story in his trial under the Lindbergh law. He maintained he escaped jfrotn the Oklahoma state prison at McAlc,ster been use he was obsessed by the desire to come to Chicago to learn whether his fears that he hud lost his wife's love were .justified. He claimed that Hamilton was shot to death accidentally while he struggled with him for possession of a revolver in Hamilton's car, parked on a country lane near Riiikwood, 111., last July 14. Russell's wife, Mary testified for the defense. While he was being taken lo a cell Wednesday he told guards: "Tell Mary I said thanks." The defendant—his real name is Oliver Lawrence Dressier — attracted nation wide attention last sum- ner during his headlong flight. Bull Story TKKAMAH, Neb. — l/l'i— Harry Far- runs' bull disappeared and nothing ,vas seen of him for six weeks. Then two hunters found the animal trapped n a narrow hole on a remote part lo the farm. Released, il managed lo tagger back to the barnyard. excluding the three, are: California, Delcware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania. South :arolina, Utah, Virginia, Washing- Ion, Wesl Virginia and Wyoming. Those sticking to the last Thursday in November are: Alabama. Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont and Wisconsin. President Roosevelt set the holiday a week ahead in an effort to make Christmas business' reach u largci total. The largest cotton crop in 13 years, estimated at between 135,000 and 150,00 bales, is being gathered in the lower Rio Grande valley of Texas. Carols Through the Ages C a)iaii;i s iL-vrJttK' frotii ^as and im.Ur \chirle ivgislniliii I'.IIIH ainiiLinli'il hi Sli7.'l77,S>j4. during A Thought Quark- patience turns to fury. Announcements Must Be Signed Within the last several weeks The Star has received a number of announcements which, because Inch' senders failed to sign name and address, can not be published. Signatures are not printed, but the authority back of the announcement must be known to the management before it can be used. This rule is enforced absolutely in announcements concerning weddings, engagements, births and deaths. If any subscriber has sent such an announcement to us and failed to get it published it is because the announcement was not signed—and unsigned communications are treated alike, even though the omission is an oversight. 'or the Columbus Special School district near Columbus and work will be started in the near future, Floyd Sharp, stale WPA administrator announced here Thursday. The WPA will advance ?14,432 and the distirct ?4,933. The unit will consist of four rooms and an auditorium and will be of frame construction with concrele foundation and composition shingle roof. Employment will be provided for 45 workers on the project. 6 More British,. French, and Neutral Vessels Are Destroyed PARLIAM&NT ENDS But Britain to Summon, New Session in Lon- , don Nov. 28 WASHINGTON—</P)-A navy anl nouncement that 39 drifting mines had been sighted in the North sea in the last two days deepened convict- tions of some maritime experts Thursday that they had been set adrift to make British waters a no-man's area for all shipping. More Ships Sunk LONDON— (IP)— Six more British, French and neutral vessels Thursday •were added to the heavy maritime losses of the past week from mine and submarine warfare. In addition, the Exchange Telegraph agency reported German planes' flying low over the Thames estuary Wednesday night had sowed miniature high-explosive mines by parachute. ' Nonchalant as the curl of smoke from her jaunty cigaret, Corinne ; Maddox, 26-year-old daughter of a prominent Dallas family, is free on $7500 bond awaiting hearing on charges that she murdered David 3. CofTman. She shot Coffman down on the nstreet,, emptying tw6 blazing guns into his body in the cold hatred that followed the' married'man's advances to her for two years. "I. killed him becausa I hated him." she said. Tenancy Group in Progress Report Palmer Says 1939 Land Policy Act Represented Advance Negro Is Hurt as CottonBale Fall George Scott in Local Hospital With Broken Leg- Thursday George Scott, local negro, is in Julia Chester hospital as the result of an accident about 4:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. A bale of cotlon fell on him at Ibe Union Compress & Warehouse Co., I cords indicated it may have been bur- plant, breaking his leg. ied 7(1 years. LITTLE HOCK—(/TV-Enactment of legislation move sharply defining the legal rights of farm renters and sharecroppers was suggested Thursday by Dr. C. O. Brannen, professor of rural economics and sociology in the University of Arkansas, a.s a means of solving the state's tenancy problem. . Chairman C. E. Palmer told the state's third Tenancy Commission organization meeting that the greatest progress toward solving the problem had been the adoption of the 11)39 land policy act, "arousing public sentiment in .-'iippiirt of our efforts." New Treaty With Japs Is Demanded Senators Borah and Vandenberg Urge U. S. Reconsideration WASHINGTON—(jP) —Two promi. nent Republican senators—Borah of Idaho, and Vandenberg of Michigan- urged Thursday that the United States work for a new commercial treaty with Japan without regard to the controversies growing out of the Sino- Japanese' war. Hitler Talks BERLIN, Germany—{/Pj-j-Adolf Hitler discussed the progress of the war Thursday with leaders of Germany's armed forces in a meeting at the chancellory. It was the fuehrer's annual fall reception for the heads of the three : branches of the armed forces with the staff's, at which he jgets "a^rpund- ed" report "of tHe" past'year's military'' activity. • British End Parliament: LONDON, England— (if) — King George prorogued parliament Thursday. The new session, is scheduled to open November 28, with a full-dress, debate on all aspects of the war. The king's statement ending the present session declared the war with, Germany is being fought to preserve the brithright of liberty. Cincinnati .«cwer workmen unearthed a well-prcstTved cocoanut. at a depth of .')!) feet. They reported it still "guryleil" with fluid, though re- Cplonel Williams, Aviator, to Address Hope Civic Clubs New York-to-Rome Flyer Will Make Good-Will Visit to This City December 1—Will Aimver Various Questions About Aviation Mystery Woman In Killing Sought Police Are Looking for Woman Known'As "Alice" HARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SING "Hark! Ihe herald angels sing, Glory lo the new-born King; Peace on earth, and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled." N'usic for this most popular of English hymns is from Felix Mendelssohn's "Fcstgesang," com- pofcd in 1840. Mendelssohn did not like the words, written first in 1743, and predicted the piece would not likely become popular. Shopping Days Till Christmas Nazi Pressure Is Defied by Rumania R u m a n i a n Cabinet Resigns, Ending New Trade Negotiations BUCHAREST, Rumania — (ff> — The Rumanian government resigned Thursday after a breakdown of trade negotiations in which Germany had brought pressure to obtain more oil and foodstuffs from Rumania at a lower cost. King Carol was expected to call a meeting of the crown council to con- .sicler the crisis' and any emergency steps to be taken. Colonel Roger Q. Williams, rated is one of the five leading flyers of he United Slates, will address the ncmbcrs of the Hope Chamber of Commerce, Rotary and Kiwanis clubs it the Barlow Hotel, Friday, Decem- >er 1, at notn luncheon. Colonel Williams attained world fame ten years ago by his flight from New York to Rome. He also made the first pioneering nonstop flight to Bermuda and back, studying navigation problems. His log is exceptional in aviation, showing nearly 14,000 hours in the air, B3.000 pas, sengers carried, 1.400.000 miles flown and 700 students taught to fly. At present Colonel Williams is engaged on a unique educational program, sponsored by the Readers' Digest, whose plane he is flying. That publication believes that Americans today arc acutely intori'stcd in aviation, but. that their interest is impeded bocau.se they cannot malii. 1 direct, first hand contact with veterans uf the industry. Therefore, it bus decided to put a plane and a specially experienced pilot at the disposal of business and civic clubs. He will come to Hope to talk to thc.=e various groups, and en- J. C. Penney Tells of Hiring Employes LIBERTY. Mo. a native Missuu merchandising -i/l 3 )— J. C. Penny, inn who heads a told William Jewell Collcg students Wednesday that doavcu In they may Colonel William.-- Hir.-, a Fail-field four-passenger plane and will be glad lo take for their first flights any members of his audienc have never been in Ihe air. vhu in the days when he did the hiring he investigated the family life of prospective employes. If he found the man's family life unhappy he did not hire him, feeling that ho could not do his best work. "But if 1 found his wife was a true helpmate. 1 fell reasonably sure he would make good, for' a .good woman's power to cheer and inspire is almost unlimited." Penny, who entered the dry goods business 37 years ago. said employer- employe relationships had undergone a vast change in the last, few years. Waterloo Man Held On Charge of Arson Sheriff C. K. Baker announced the arie.st Thursday of C. D. Oswalt oJ Waterloo on a charge of arson. The sheriff said he was accused ol burning his automobile. Oswalt was released on $400 bone for his appearance in court here on December 4. DALLAS, Texas — Police Wednesday night sought another 'mystery woman" in the two-gun slaying of Brooks Coffman, 35, attorney, on a Dallas street by a pretty blonde stenographer. ,; Mrs. Florenz Allen, who had been walking with Coffman a few minutes before Miss Conine Maddox, 26 stepped from a door,way and opened fire on the attorney Monday, told officers that a second woman whom she knew ' only as Alice also was walking with Coffman. Mrs. Allen, who gave an eye witness account of the shooting to the grand jury Tuesday, said she had walked ahead of Coffman and the other woman as they starled to enter the building. The mystery woman was believed to have been the blonde who knelt;, over Coffman's body as he lay in the ' I street and pleaded with photographer: ' 'Don't take his picture for my sake." She disappeared in the crowd when police arrived. Officers hoped to question the wo- . man on any possible motive Miss Maddox, self-supporting daughter of a prominent Dallas banker, had for slaying Coffmen in addition to the hatred and fear that she claimed inspired the shooting. Coffman, who had kept company with Miss Maddox for several months, tabbed her in the back with an ice- pick May 20 when she refused to go to California with him to "start life over." Miss Maddox revealed to pe>- lico Wednesday that she had known Coffman for six years and knew that he was married. Man Loses $700 When His Hat Knocked Off ST. LOUIS —id>i— Novak Bolanovich had something under his hat Wednesday—$700. With the stack of bills riding on lop of his head, he was on his way from a bank to a tavern, where he is employed, when a Negro knocked his hat off, snatched the bills ;imi ran. The money was to have been used a{ the tavern to cash pay checks,

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