The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1940 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1940
Page 9
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THUSSTJAT, MAY 9, 1MO COURIER NEWS 'Hopes' Of Better Fair CE1S'SHOT.11 ILLS Hopes To Cure Amusement 1 roubles For Banner 1940 Business By TOM W01.P NUA Kon'ice KUrl Corr(s|iouii«!iit NEW VOHK, May <J.~TO mar/ a 1930 New York World's P-.iir visitor the Amusement Area was a .sorry, flea-bitten, droopy tail appended lo an otherwise vcr- rtcwy .show. liiu it j s f,. ( . ( ,i v .„',,'_ •Helen dial wlieii I}],- Pai r of Truly ojiuis on May 11 die Cj'iv Willie Way will Ire a luimlsi,,,,,. lall Hint wags in switi'Uinio — a tail that literally will swine tin. filir. Pirn's nuinlior is sum to turn im a winner wiicrnrer on the ;\IDIIM>- Jiicnt wiu-el Billy n<wc or Michael Todd, shoivniw) of Die MJ,! : ,.. ; wiidi lay their bets. And nils yen,- u,,! itnpiesaiios of lOli'j's outstanding amusement money-milkers — ihc- Aquacade and the Music Hall mot Mikado") respectively—Imvc SJL-I cr- ottsly scfitleml their bankrolls and 1 lodged their beta ou a iniiltitude nf Iim-tnwUHiig enterprises. The Mighty Atom, nilly Rose returns with n "blggw and better" Aqunciule. featuring new routines iiv which Uuster Cnibbo replaces Johnny Weissmiiller as Romeo to Mrs. Kleanor Holm Rose's aquatic Juliet. In addition, Hose has imported i from Broadway a spectacular nitery, known as tiie Barbary Const. A grandiose rcprodtictinii "1" its namesake by clay, it becomes a i:Jght club win,' a "colossal" revue after 0 p.m. But this year even the Magnificent; Mldgcl must take a back .seal to Mike Todd. To Todd, more than any one man, will go the praise or blame for (he Great White Way's .success or failure. This ambitious, fast-talking Minneapolis ex-r.CK-sl«i.v, who not so long ago came to New York «-uii a cigar in his monlii, a head full of ideas, and little eke. Ls miming no less than four productions. They will consume almost a quarter of the Great White Way's total area, Onto the Music Hall's hoards, where last year Bill Robinson's lyric feel tapped tiie sheckles from fait; - goers' - pockets into Mjkc Todd's, Todd is pushing the Broadway hit ".streets of Paris." Abbott & Costcllo share' Die full- ..dil&ajjuiuors with Gypsy Hose Leo. Queen of the Undress. •••' --Jlfir Uw^swmgstere. Mike provides a huso -Dancing' Campus. Three iMinrts will jam ar.d .jive to the (ielijlit of—Todd hones— (lie 4000- cnpacity jitterbug couples. For those whose taste runs to southern hospitulity and juleps, suli, the ubiquitous Mr. Todd has built Gay New Orleans, a huge village where every day is Mjmli Gras time. Last, but not least, the Todd bankroll is selling to swing lime the o!d. recoKl-ureaking' nu-llrr drnnnner, "The Drunkard." Appropriately, it is housed in the Op'ry House. The fair itself is backing the most ballyhooed of Ihc lfl-10 Guy White Way extravaganzas: Hie American Jubilee. Under Use direction of Albert. Johnson, a huge re- mm iii HI BITEllE Two reasons things arc looking better f m > the New York f-itr's amusement area in LWi:. Irene Ch.istie. Miss "All-American JiiUilee ' and Mike Todd. —"l\e ciini|iaicJ 7 Crown of today vviili your '1 CHHVM of a fi;w years hack—I'd say il's .sniootli- cr and milibr now." ilnr Lucy Monroe. baritone Kay Middleton, daiu-cr Paul llnnkon, and MO (count' 'emi chorus Eirls-iinfolds on the world's largest revolvlnif stage, lint don't let all (his size and splendor awe yon. There's plenty of the county fair in this new. spectacularly lighted Gay While Way. There are rides galore I most of them, inchulii^; the famed Parachute Jump. unchanged from last year), and there are side show's for cvcvv !KK!?CI. im-igoratim; air does for (he nr. iioyd also pleaded with women lo weav lower.- heels to avoid "esiiotis stomach ailments and, looking like leaf jug lowci-s of j Pisa." Girls Told Toe Wiggling Will Step Up Efficiency . lops, girls, if you want lo increase your efficiency, Dr. Thomas T. poyd. speaking at a coiivcntioii of liie Mussaelui- sells Academy of Podiatry, said that if housewives iintl snlesairls would tal-.e off tlieir shoes °an,1 stockings ar<l wijgle tlieir toes. their efficiency would rise bv nliout. 50 per cenl. There is no special way to do il, lie said: just wii-glo. "It doos for the tncs what a . deep breath of Acnuslica! t'fifeclinii Those H'lio liave lieard (lie great organ in (be Mormon Tabernacle Salt Lake City, Dial), appreciate the acoustical perfection of the building, wliich was planned by ftriglinm Young long before the days of scientific wall insulation. 1'ossibilily Of Announcement For Third Term Is Regarded Sii»ni(icunlly BATRSVII.LK. Ail:., May (I. ,\J|>> --nedk'ailcm of the ni'\v Livestock and Forestry Jhar.di Kxpcrlment Slut ion at iiatesviltf Friday will Iw mi event of more ilmn 'imllnury liitiwit in tiie (iBi'elnpmetit of Arkansas imricnltiire ami IIKWIM; ol Kiyslbli- |:olilir:il sli;• Iflnimr. '('.mei-nor Curl K Halle.y Is M:)ICU.- iilnd to speak at tin- dc'illi-iilinn In' his only KI.>|II<<|II|L>I| formal aildiexs before the May if, deadline I'm' in tlic sl:il('> ni'imicrnLiij iiritnury. Political olwrvfrs eo«J fltlci- 11 likely lti:tt (lie governor will Jamie)! his <'iimpalt;n for i«- >li'i'tio:i to u Dilrd I.TII'I at (li:U lime. Secretary of Ajii'icuilmi! llcni'y A. Wallace; liiis been invited to appear on (lie dedication prot;nim nnd County Assent lien A, Lincoln says' Hint there Is "u slro;^ possibility" (lint the agriculture department head will be present. Un-olu an- iionneed linn Wallace was due (o be in Ihe .stale about the dute of the station's formal opening and Hint stale agricultural lenders has joined with Independence county leaders In wising that he attend the evert. of the double significance of the dedication ci'icmonlcs, ix crowd of several thousand people Is expected and officials at the station are busy with preparations for iicconiniodntlon of (In; visitors. Sharing Ihc spotlight with lialtey, mid possibly Secretary v\ r allnce, o.-v tlic s|)enkcrs' platform will !je \v A Cochcl. • editor of Ihe weekly Knn- K:IK City alav, who has Ijecn proni- incnl In national livestock circles for move Hum a quarter of n ccn- tiiry. and Walter u. iiorluchcv or tlic College of Auriciillnre, iri-.iver- slty of Arkansas. During Ihe morning the visitors will ^bo concluded on lours over the branch station lo nbsrrvc iind .study developments and experimental work now underway. The speakers will be heard in tiie afternoon. "Although (lie station is relatively new and is not fully developed, cx- perimertal work with livestock, iicld crops, pastm-ex, fertilizers, forestry, nnd soil nnd water conservation already is In progress," .said STAMP NEWS UmbrtSTAUS POSTAGE ' 1% rj COLLINS ("iptdi i<<( (do hearl of a mi- tiOH iind put it into Koni;. Tlic llrst coinposer of truly American SOIIKS is bonnred on tiie l-cent' stamp, above., llrsl of the composers «roup ol tln> Kninous Anievicaiirt scries. JJAvclstovvn. Ky., wi« desi|;natcd as !iie place of lirst-dny sale, Mny •'*. H wa» r.l liardstown, In Hie li"iii'' nf Jolm Kowan, ((jat Foster wrote me at liis maftterpiwes, "My Old KenhK'liy llonu 1 ." Mis ''Massa's in the cold. Cold dimmd," is dedicated to "Massn" Jolm Rowan, father of hi:; host. faster wns born on July •(, 1820, Itif SOtli anniversary of the-, slf n«'i: of tlio Dwlaration of Indeprti- Jlem-iv mid tlio (toy that ('resident jnomas .lenerson and Prositient Juhn Adams died. Ho showed nn iiK'liimllon for music at 0, wrote liis Hist composition nt H. Al- l"ouKli many mistook his songs for mere flrrangoments of folk SOIIR.-; they ivcrc actual creations. ' ' Vosler's songs swept the country. The Koi'ly-Ninpis moved west to tlio lime of "Oh, Susanna," Civil War soldiers marched lo his tunes. Today, almost a century since they were wriltcn, "Jeanie Uitli (he Light Hi-own llaiv," mid Beautiful Orcnmer" avc radio (a- W. 0. Wilbanks, dlreclor In charge, 'Hie Balesvllle brunch slallonwus esliibllslied by (he Agricultural Kx- tonsion Service as tiie result of the Ir.crenslng hUerest sliown by Avknu- sas farmcis In livestock production In the past two or three yours mid III* added importance of (he con- .scrvalion program underway In (he stale. Pormn! dcdlciilion nnd Ihc firsl vlsllli:g day wns delayed until STQItSEViLLE ?B COTTON SEED -PLANT THIS QUICK MATURING, H I 0 BO I, I, UrJAVY YIKl.DINR CO'ITON AND !IF,1,I> YOUR- SKLT-' TO "MOIJK DOLLARS I'KK ACKfO" •M'lO HAVE A LliMI'PKl) SUPPLY— S-' I»KR HUNDRED RED TOP GIN the wort: nan iirn^r.Kcd f^v enmijli tlinl there would | )C . .•lomollilni; worthwlitli- to sliow (ho public. Mre exijcrliiienl stations are now 'tut- maintained In (lie state by the University's Collene of A«ilcid- im-e to try om new fni-inlUB |mi:v tlces mill puss nlou>{ (ho Infoumi- llon Kiilnrd n-iim tlieir tests to Arkansas farmeis. In lulititton to (he cent nil sluUim til Hiyctli'vllle, there nre brnvcli r.viu'i'lmcnt staltfjns at Marlanna lor eoll')ii. in HHittcart for rice, nnd »t, Hope for Jiiill mid truck, us well as (he new one at Dntesville. WAItMS'd OKUKIl IN TIIK CHAN(;i-:UY COUI1T. C111CKASAW11A 1) I iiT H 1 U T, MISSISrtH'Pl COUNTY, ARKANSAS. W. A. Sister, I'lnlntdr, vs. No. VMt! Kllxaljelh Cl. SMcr, Defendant. The ilcri'iidaiil, Miv.uljelh O. sls- NM1 er h wnrncr! lo apppar wllliln thirty dnys in the coiirl nniiicd in the caption hereof and niwwer the complnliii, of (he plalntliV, W A Slsler. t Hils 2'! day of April. 18-10, HAIIVEY MOIIHIS. Clerk. »)' MfMihcdt lilytlie, D. C I' 1 . Oni)|)er, Ally, for I'llf. IVrcy A. Wrljjlil., Ally. Ad J.ltem, K-Z-3-IU Cliiude PRESCRIPTIONS licst Kirby Drug Stores 'Ihi- famed jmislclim, Handel, did not select lliu Korl|j|imi] passnces for his famous "Mi'sslnh." Tli'oy ie I'liosen "ml sent to him by Ills frlenil, Clerics Jennnns. NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prnmpi I.nundry •Service Memphis Fait, comfotlMt Super Coacnet every day on convtnlent icrWu'«s Go GREYHOUND to 45 One Way Ocitrter Hews want adn. ' VORTEX PETROLEUM'CO. HIAT1IKVIM.K CITY LIMITS HIGHWAY 61 NORTH Any ZOo CfEarellKi for IGc Wilfi i'nrdiase of S Gil. or More of AUK, «AS AT MO, PRICES KKHNKKY TO YOUR CAK Aliirhic )iro.s,, Dealer CHANGE NOW! Tnko Atiyjiiilagc of Tin's Sprittjf Special Here's What We Do-.! Change G'rcase in Tnnismission and Differentiit( too" Summer Crude. Itc-l'uck i'Vont Wheel Hc-iiriiigs COMPJ.KTB SERVICE $2.75 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Our Safes are £w//- ana'soate tie aeafe ^'^ / At History-Making LOW PEICE For a Big 8 cis. ft. Frigidaire! 10 Different Interior Arrangements for Farm Needs — Pins Features Found in Highest-Priced Frigidaires! It took Frigidaire to design this outstanding refrigerator for farm use. Has 10 ditferent interior accommodate all kinds of farm products. Also IMS famous Meter - Miser mcchsnism...ancl many other grc-ir rrigidairc advantages that will bring new convenience and help increase farm income. Come in-see the new Trit;klairc "Farm 8" now! Seagram's 7 Crown Blemlihl Wlii;l;fy. •10% straiglit whiskies, 60% Brain iinitiat si'irils. 90 Proof. Seagram-Distillers Cor- Iioration, iN'ewVurk. 1-3 DOWN 1-3 FALL 1940 1-3 FALL 1941 Hardaway Appliance Co. J.W.Adams, Manager 233 206 W. Main St. F IGURES sliow thiil iilionf one mit o f every five nhle-lo-purclinsc new-cat' buyers reully wants » liitick more than ;iny oilier cur. Not ull will buy one. Too many of them without even gelling iictiml figures will shake their heads and sigh, "Nope! A car Ihut hi;; und handsome must be out of my rt-ncli!" You'll he smnrlcr (bun that, >vc know. When Ihe bug to own a Huick hites yon, ^ you'll fi^tire lliat a cur as tnlked-aboul ns liuick innsl be looked til first— if you're going lo have nny- lhinj< (o go on in judging !!MO values. You'll realize it doesn't tost a cent lo find out how one feels under your own hand und what (he delivered prices arc. So you'll walk in, plcusc, to the nearest Unick tleuter and boldly s;ty: "Let me have a good look at that car dial's showing the res! of "em what modern style is. "Let me try otit that big slraight-eight engine that's electrically balanced after assembly for smoothness to match a wrist watch's works. "Show me those big soft coil springs you talk about and bow they smooth out (hut rough stretch down the street - and wind's (he business about recoil-mounted Knee-Action, heaviest frames al the price, five-fool front seal room in Sui'KR models, and six new 19-10 features?" Bukk prices begin at m \Vhcn you've gol Ihe answers through u good' ride—ask one more question: "How much?" Current nriccsf start nt $895 *for the business coupe, delivered at Flint, Mich. To this add transportation based on rail rates, state nnd local tuxes (if any), and optional equipment and accessories— though there will be few such "extras" you'll need. That totals up to low delivered prices that are often only a few dimes more a day than on cars in the lowest-price class-so why hesitate or haggle? When the bug biles you, get the facts — and you'll get n Huick and be happy! W'rices subject to change without notice. EXEMPtAR OF GENfRAl MOTOHS VAIUS LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. llroaihvay * Walnut inno Rljtlicvtllr-, Ark. SEE IHE GENWAIMOTQRS EXHIIITS AT THI NEW YORK AND SAN FRANCISCO fAIRS

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