Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1939
Page 2
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H ill e j@ star ^ of Hop*. J899; Prt*s. 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929 , Deliver Th^eraldf^omPalse Report! every week-day afternoon by SU,r Publishing Co., Inc Washbl "'"- "' the star bullding> 212 ' 214 4 , „„ C. E. PAMIER, PrcsWeiit _ALEX. If. VVASHBtm.V. Editor nnd Publisher CAP) —Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Ne\vspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Political Announcement The Stnr fs ntijhorixcd Jo nn- ,no«tice the following candidates subject (o the action of the Demo- mitle rhy primary election Tues- w»y, November 28, 1939: Tor City Attorney E. F. M'FADDIN LAWSON E. GLOVER il Iho fi-iiiKns of llio rrowil Id, «if the :iHl'm>tl>(l ;»XSMS3lllilticm , menus tin- I'lul of \vlml wns unro a !*<»nl smile. It will soon he I'slnblislH'cl in Rri - lin llui! Churchill U'jis seen ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER 1 • "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • " You Can Talk to Only One Man 0 Want Ads Talk to Thousand" SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ad3 catkin advance Not taken over the Phone . a; e tor conUnUou., Everyone Pays for a War Tb J» ml , P ? y I" war . almost in the «>™ proportion as the belligerents The tittle nations which aren't interested in conflict are finding out Jiin foot t costs a lot to remam neutral. Ev en the United States, thousands of mSi from the war zones, is beginning to fork over TlePCC ° f Wr f ° r belli g erer "s is terrific enough. Germany his n Questions on Pnge One 1. Tin-key, Argentine! Sweden, Cuba, Denmark. 2. Paris: Tientsin. China; Rome; Stockholm. Sweden: Edinburgh Scotland. 3. Ohio, Imliann, Ahibnmii, Montana, Vermont. 4. Clewlanct.O.; Boston, Mass • St. Paul. Minn.: Hartford. Conn •' Phoenix. Ai-i*. 5. Montreal. Quo.; Toronto Out Vancouver. B. C. Winnipeg. Man Reginn. Sn.sk. Services Offered Scientists announce formally that the W»rW h gelling holler. Travelers ju.sl buck f,-,,m Europe may consider , his in an understatement A,, unidentified prehistoric .,.<»..- itcr , s now perplexing cxporrs- bo- onus,. , t left, its footprints |, y walkin,. m « nimstorin Of ( .,,u, w . i, c,ml ( | bcrs " d " 1 '*" Ulr we:miiK nib. American salesmen are m ..|uallv sell. " K '•'-•f"Wrnto,-.s („ Eskimos, which i - - See H.- i stead Matt.-ess Shop, 712 West Fourth r r : i" P)- V Q ?' K! Cobh cr ' ? -> r<? - built - Phone Paul Sept. 2fi 1M-. NOTICE 20-Pay Life Policies. siOOO up. Ages 11 day did anil H-l iiopc Ark. 9 Talbol ; Feild. Box with Reliance Life. Oct.'27-1 in. . 4 ., • . " •-----*-.Mi«vt tO V^ I I V C Uill I little Maginot line." to protect her border Sg^Tng^n^T^t'lh S "' ength =' ling he '' M ^ ^tressc, u ceuiuuuig me nation against the consequences of intrigue 1 ff l r l C "^J. h f flT?^ 1 ,^ 1 " 0 " of SwiUerland and-the ! NOTICE-Duo to conditions "that are I bpyond our control we will not li;i— j any turkeys for sale Thanksgiving nn All the smaller, neutral nations of Europe have been compelled to -,,-,, themselves to the hilt. They have earned from the experience^ other people iinJ\ m °?'t UTOP ? an eountries - t: «es have already gone up They will con F.ghtmg * an expensive luxury-eostt (o the innocent and gui , ty of these is true of the only A Is he' lonely"' B Hanov' friends and normal daily experiences, he is usually very happy. It is un- going on, there are dozens of ways in | Christmas. Let' Garland which he can mbc and gain experience ' He is selfish only if his parents let' him become so. Naturally, he has 1 more belongings than he would have! Were there some sisters and brothers ! He is also used to more conveniences ' he need not share. : The only child i.? ] csli iikely ( O he- anti-social. I think, in many cases, than i the one who has learned to distrust his family and all people, when home ' Wanted WANTED TO BUY-W4 pay more Tor good Used furniture, stoves, rugs etc. see us before you buy or se \{ Franklin's Furniture Store' 112 So Elln - N2-lm' ' WANT TO BUY-Oremi Oak Wood m poles. Want several wagon loads &^ H wr*"- ll() N ' W"*"^'- ——— For Rent TOR RENT-Furnished apartment, Private byth and garage. Mrs. W. R. is, ;HC Chandler; p-hono DOC. FOR RE1VT-G room |3 bed r 9 oms 525.00. O ATTENTION | •' u«.-n i yonis »&).!) Our pre-Christmas offer^2-8xlll For- (address Hope Star. .IILS lor sl.,-iu. Until Decembi'i- lOtli ' 939. The Shipley Studio. L'j.-jte hous ' dost? Box For Sale , f i ALE OH , en ome K rOV ™ fi "' m two hfe and those who should be dear I • '''iT hollse - electricity to him are not to his liking. ^ j Jones. But the give-and-take of the luruo I Phone RENT : Well im- miles from town. . W. E. 265- W. ' is-.iu,. dom - 6I ° West Fourth. Phone and soul Two or four children' learn ,,„„,„ irom each other and a certain coopera- | - h "' f " '" '" ' ac-I FOR' If a child has to learn to take hiJ** C)< " H ' C ' e ^^'^ Ph ° n0 '^'""" own pan against the depreciations of ' ——_____ 1 " :!t|) sisters and brothers, that is also good i TO K SALE-Six nxini hi^ f'diiTLst 1 " S he reaches the P°»>t, lthree , llcre lot, oLso one hundred"five *•««?•* r !^,'r," R rT- L "°-jr A Then, too, as he grows older and i oses one or both parents, it is fine for, iim to know that hsi own blood is! owing m other veins. After all family ! lood is thicker than water, and that i <ntnls for a lot in later years. j Today I am going to name "A" as the ' FOfl RENT-One S-room hou*T l)nc •l-room house, one 3-room furnished ^m-tmem all in Magnolia Addition. Mrs-. J. E. Schooloy. Piiope :ig-l|. •' 21-etc FOR RENT-:! ,-o,, m farnishedTpTnT- menL Privuto entrance, adjoining bull) .«ir touth Pino W ... . ... • "-.itp _^ Legal Notice • NorrcE . ~ Notice is hereby given thnt the books showing the assessment..- of Street iin' provement District number Three O) Hope. Arkansas, as fixed by the n.s- fesnors «f smVI District are now in my wso SU ( io iaspcc ' io " b > »»y This 22nd day of November 1939 T. R. Billingsiey! 22-29 CUy CIerk - OUT ourwif USE j ?ar Cure When Butchering This Fall and Winter For sale by the leading merchants in every community. VEH, I TOOk. tXDWM ALL TH' FIGHTERS, FOOTBALL AW BASEBALL PLAVERS AM' PUT UP FAMOUS Bl<3 BUSINESS MEM-AM' WOT HIM' BUT GOOD BOOIdS/ THEV SAV YOUR. EMVI—THAT IS, VOLJR SUCROUKJD- " "" A^\AKES VOU.' ByJ.R.Willrai? s WELL, I DOM'T kNOW IT MIGHT START YOU TO THINKIM' A LITTLE, BUT YOU GOT TO HAVE SOMETHIM' UPSTAIRS TO START WITH VEH, P A PIC, INJ A PARLOR., IT MAKES HIM \V3RE- OF A PlG — ALL THIS WOM'T HELP' T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. Off, £2£U»"BYNEA SERVICE. INC ENCOURACbEMENn ~' e inncipal truth about the lone child I e is not usually ot selfish if he . " Ue that a ««h. children of great loneliness. are victims • , s nough to train too lonely. He is has parents wise! him. He is usually . quite happy. And he is anti-social only if he has no spirit at all and learns to fear others without reason. SERIAL STORY 5 WOULD KILL ; CHAPTER VII PATROLMAN DAN FLYNN-S »eet hurt. It was bad enough, he told himself, to stand half the night in the rain, but to have a murder Piled on him, to have the captain sore at him, and to have to find a wm-o'-wisp taxi driver at 4 a. m. -was asking too much of his even Irish temper. How the devil did Dawson expect him to locate one taxi driver —Nick Smith—in a city full of taxi drivers? The taxi company had been a great help—yeah! "Smith reported in tonight" the office clerk told Flynn. "He's on , . cruising service, reports in if business is slow, but goes on his own if business is good." That helped •> Jot, yeaW They'd be glad to have Smith come in if he called, Uit Flynn knew that Smith would . stay out just as long as he could Probably halfway to Florida by now, with the cab parked on a deserted road. .Smith wouldn't show up at home cither—too smart for that. Smith . was just tpo» too smart. Dawson was too smart. Benthorne was too smart. Everyone was too smart -—everyone but Dan Flynn. And he .was just a dumb cop. And Ms-feet hurt. Well, there was no use pacing 1 up and down the sidewalk in the rain in front of a deserted taxi stand. There was a chance that . .Smith might, from force of habit, return to his usual haunts. But it was a small chance, FJynn knew. A- cab hurried by. Flynn whistled' but the cab sped on. Another taxi hurrying down the opposite side of the street, whirled around and ;the door swung open before Flynn. ^ "Just drive," he ordered, a-id slumping in the seat, kicked oil his shoes, wiggled his toes in damp socks and promptly went to sleep. * * * TIE awakened half an hour later, i * The cab was stopped, even the meter was silent. Fiynn looked ground, saw he was parked in front of an all-night lunch stand. Driver evidently decided he needed a cup of coffee. Coffee might £o well, Flynn thought. And ham and, eggs and maybe some pie. He bent over, fumbling in. the {lark- ness for his shoes. A car paused beside ttie cab, then pulled in front to park. Flynn grunted as he tied the laces, raised his head just in time to see en- driver climbing out of the Ara Johnson taxi parked directly ahead lie held his breath as the man paused at the door of the lunch stand. What was that Dawson had said about luck? The taxi driver going through the door was—Nick Smith! A moment later Flynn's service revolver was in his raincoat pocket, and Flynn was pushing nto the lunch stand. "Hello, Nick!" he said softly "I've been looking for you Nick,' he went on. "About that /ust one you pulled tonight. Here's your driver's; license." "Oh, that!" Smith turned to him | Sorry if I almost spilled you .Sergeant. That girl " . "Yeah, that girl—" Flynn broke m -Where i.s she? Where did you , PICK her up?" | '' r don't remember. Hell she ;-was just another fare to me— ! • »l, even give me ™"ch of a lip, Nick growled over his coffee. M- v ?, U k'-'tlor start remembering, Wick, Flynn said quietly. "There was a murder—and you're a possible accessory." '^A~ a whal? " Srnith choked. thM . rnul ' d '; ) '--mc 1 n 'Killed. Maybe thdt kid who jumped out ol the car did it. You helped him imd the g,,-l gt . t aW ay. How ubou/ it, Nick Are you going to tal.J or am f l going to have to takt/you "111 talk. * * « J PICKED them up-this and the girl—over on avenue, in front of some o£ t ' houses. I thought Employees of the U. S. Government went on a 10-hour day in 1840.! It was done by executive order. I BY TOM HORNER COPYRIGHT, t»3», NEA SERVICE. INO.' was just a couple of petters. They said to just drive around und they talked for a while. . "Finally the fellow asks me if I know where there's a preacher. Said they wanted to get married. Then they argue some more and it seems like the girl is doin' most of the talking. Then she asks me to stop. " 'Hriver,' she says "in that soft voice, 'will you help us out? My fiance and I want to get married but his father don't like it.' "Now me, I'm .sort of a romantic :uy, and I like to help out a couple of kids—" "You can tell your love story to the captain, Nick," Flynn said shortly. "Right now I want to know one thing. Where does this girl live?" "I swear—I swear I don't know. Honest, I let her out at a.subway —honest—" "There are ways of improving •our memory, Nick," Flynn inter- •upted. "f hope we don't have to use them." * * * 'THE girl with the smoky eyes tugged at the straps on her >atiered suitcase, pulling it closed, mally turned the key in the lock. She rose hurriedly, moved to the resser, slammed drawers open nd closed as she made sure noth- ng had been forgotten. The mirror caught her reflection s she paused to light a cigaret. !<')• dark hair needed attention; applied lipstick hurriedly to er firm, full-lipped mouth, cen- tred in a girlish face. Her cheeks fere pale, her eyes'tired and for 10 moment lacking fire. Tomorrow I'll be home, she hought. Everything is finished iei-e. The police will never know, not even John Douglas will know. The thought of him made her pause, stare at her own reflection m the mirror. John had been so kind, so helpful, without knowing. He had asked no questions, demanded nothing. He was in love with her—wholly, helplessly. Perhaps he would hunt for her. No—he would return to the place he had first met her—and she would never.go back. It was just as well. There was no place in her life for love But— The buzzer interrupted her thoughts. Someone at the apartment door. The porter, for her bags. She hurried to open it. Dan Flynn was framed in the doorway. He was smiling. His glance took in the disordered room, the packed suitcase on the door. "You going somewhere, Miss Johnson?" he asked pleasantly. "Sorry to upset your plans, but you'll have to come with me," ('*•<» Be Continued} ALLEY OOP Phftttt! By Edgar Martin HAT OLPSTERWHO is LWAYS ATC MIMECVAtS The Cat's Out of the Bag , o _ HEE LOOSE '(COUNSEL LEP A. THUNPERBOLT) US TD VICTOR AT THE MIGHTVVOVERTROV-- AJAX? ,_-r^BUT SHE'S A MORTAL JUST THE SAME' WASH TUBES THINkL YOU f CERTAINLY A MORTAL \ NOT, BUT FIST COULD; VVHAHS THAT BLACK A 7 GOT TO DO GODLY ^\ WITH THIS1 fl^fci By V. T. Hamiin BILLS'. BILL'S! I LAID AWAKE HALF THE KilSHT WQUOERIW6 IF OLD LINK TUBS?, CAU AFFORt) FUK COATS AWD AJAAID , . yza^ \ f DOM'f FOR6ET Ma%Zzn—i, i, , I i ( THE ROADSTERS, Don't Keep Them Waiting, Link PLEKOTY.' THAT SLIGHT DISCOLOQA-T/->M ON OUR MIMERVA'S LAMP WAS YOU'RE R1DIMG A FALL/ YOU MIMD YOUR WM BUSIMESS, PR-BROMSOM; By Roy Crane BV THE WAV, fiOLDIE, YOU'D BETTED BUT HE NEVER WASHES HIS OWU DISHES fe ALLTHE.MORE\THREE O'CLOCK 1 . REASOM WHV HE ^ ^ MUSTN'T SEE OURS. A MAW MAECIES THE FIRST TIME FOR LOVE.MV DEAR, BUT THE -SECOUD -5WEEP THE UVIUG ROOM, AMD HIDE THE BREAKFAST AMP -SUPPER DIME'S. MP.TUBBS MAY DROP BV THIS MORNING IT WILL N£V£B. DO To 7 U£T HIM THINK WE'RE THE GUMPTIOM TO MAKE HAV WHK.E THE SUM SWWES.THEU I'LL HAVE TO BMCOURA6E HIM TIME TO 6ET A HOUSE KEEPER hKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Narrow Squeak by Merrill Klosser NICE TACKLE, NUBBIN YOU SAVED A . TOUCHDOWN / JUST v THINK , i F'M HE'D. SCORED AND KICKED GOAL, WE WOULDA BEEN SKINNED i --> GEE ^/ WHILLIKENIS, WE SHORE HAD A , \ CLOSE CALL. / AND IF THE PRINCIPAL. HADNT OKAYED (V\Y EXAMINATION PAPER COULDN'T'VE BEEM IN THERE To MAKE THAT TACKLE/ UINAI SCORE KINGSTON 20 SHADYSlDE KED RYDER Another Disturbance Coming Up By Fred Harrnan HE'S PRO POUTl (MG if ALL His FAULT I sTor\ M PLEMTY--- YOU ,AND CARE BOVj AND ARROWS PU SCHOOL. HOURS ME GWE-UrA BIG YELL.— 0irr^E Give AFTER SCHOOL.'

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