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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 14

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Wednesday, November 8, 2000
Page 14
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A14 WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2000 THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR JUDGESHIPS An incumbent loses his seat: as court gets a makeover ELECTION RESULTS FOR MARION COUNTY CO "I think it will be an exciting time with all the new judges coming on to the courts," Judge-elect Sheila Carlisle said. fi! process." Carlisle, a Marion County chiei deputy prosecutor, said the new judges will bring fresh ideas. "Holy moly," she said, noting that her more than 10 years' experience as a prosecutor probably helped her win support. "Over the years, I've met a lot of people, and I've tried to help thenv as a prosecutor." Democratic Judge-elect StonerJ another deputy prosecutor, said he felt relieved and tired. He said he was scared because his name was last on the ballot. "I've been so prepared to comment about losing that I haven't even thought about winning," Stoner said. "I'm obviously pleased; and grateful and tired." . '' The last time the courts saw so many new faces came in the post-Richard Nixon fallout of 1974..' Voters purged all 13 Republican; Superior Court judges from office and replaced them with Demo. cratic newcomers. The new judges will have to tackle old problems such as finding more courtrooms that have been around since the municipal and superior courts merged in 1996. One potential wild card in the judges' election didn't play out Tuesday night. ' 11 For the first time since gaining state ballot access in 1994, the Indiana Libertarian Party fielded five candidates for Marion Superior! Court. Those five Michael Caudill, Jaime Sue Goldstein, John England, Kurt St. Angelo and Robbin Stewart as well as write-in can-' didate William Fatout finished last among the 23 candidates on the ballot. Contact Vic Ryckaert ;. , at (317) 635-7592 or via e-mail at By Vic Ryckaert STAFF WRITER In an election that produced 17 winners and just one loser from the two major parties, incumbent Democrat David Shaheed was the odd man out Tuesday night, losing his seat by just 28 votes in the race for Marion Superior Court. When the last votes were counted, Shaheed finished 18th, just behind another Democratic incumbent, Thomas Carroll. Shaheed's ouster reinforces the widespread change that already had been guaranteed on Tuesday's ballot. Due to retirements and decisions to step down among incumbent judges, the state's largest court system was in for at least 11 newly elected judges the most upheaval it's seen since the Watergate backlash against Republican candidates in 1974. Voters tapped nine Republicans and eight Democrats. "I'm just thrilled to have the opportunity," said Republican Judge-elect Sheila Carlisle, a Marion County deputy prosecutor who led the 23 judicial candidates with 102,344 votes. "I think it will be an exciting time with all the new judges coming on to the courts." Linda Brown, who had won nomination in the primary despite being denied the party organization's endorsement, called "slating," emerged as the top vote-getter among Democrats with 97,247. With all of Marion County's 917 precincts reporting, the nine Republicans elected were Carlisle, Robert Altice, Steve Frank, Reuben Hill, Michael Keele, William Nelson, Scherry "SK" Reed, Clark Rogers and William Young. The Democratic winners were Brown, Carroll, Barbara Collins, Evan D. Goodman, John F. Han- ley, Grant Hawkins, Becky Pierson-Treacy and Mark Stoner. The judges will serve six-year terms at a salary of about $95,000 a year. Though an Incumbent on the bench, Shaheed had not been elected to it. Instead, he had been appointed to fill a vacancy on the court earlier this year by Gov. Frank O'Bannon. Shaheed said he had fought a hard campaign but came up a little bit short. "I just thank everyone who supported me and voted for me," Shaheed said. "I did the best that I could, and the voters have spoken, and I respect the will of the voters." Carroll, who edged out Shaheed to keep his seat, said he thought women voters may have been a key to the outcome. "The judicial races don't seem to attract a lot of attention," Carroll said. "You seem to get women voting for women." The race between Carroll and Shaheed was not certain until the last precincts came in at Just before 11 p.m. Collins, another O'Bannon appointee, won her first election Tuesday. "I'm really tired," she said as the results came in during the early evening. "I've learned a lot of lessons by going through this process. To me, it was a very positive SURVEYOR, CORONER, TREASURER 2 GOP incumbents retain seats; surveyor narrowly wins 6th term 54 of 54 precincts Bob Smith (R) 3,913 "Edmund M. Mahem (D) 5,021 Andrew F. Hart (L) 276 STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 98 59 of 59 precincts TonySilva(R) 2,457 William A. Crawford (D) 3,579 Brad Klopfenstein (L) 279 STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 99 63 of 63 precincts Fay A Neville (R) 2,707 'Vanessa J. Summers (D) 10,891 Webster J. Smith (L) 2,355 Willard Ford Jones (WR) 3 STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 100 51 of 51 precincts Jeffrey W. Parmelee (R) !....3,090 John J. Day (D) 4,870 Joseph Padgett (L) 248 MARION COUNTY TREASURER 917 of 917 precincts Greg Jordan(R) .123,258 Michael W. Rodman (D) 117,351 Edward M. Humphrey (L) 5,790 MARION COUNTY CORONER 917 of 917 precincts John Patrick McGoff (R) .122,521 Angela Gmndy-Sallee (D) 117,207 David J. Nelson (L) .6,356 MARION COUNTY SURVEYOR 917 of 917 precincts Jack A. Irwin (R) 120,522 Mary Catherine Barton (D) .....118,587 Valerie R. Hurd (L) 5,929 CENTER TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 1 31 of 31 precincts Curtis King (R) 583 Sue Shively (D) .4,653 Brad R. Goldstein (L) 115 CENTER TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 2 31 of 31 precincts Phyllis A. Carr (D) .4,711 CENTER TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 3 26 of 26 precincts Cynthia L. Gehring (R) .719 'Linda Diana Journey (D) 3,732 CENTER TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 4 26 of 26 precincts Delores Harmon-Sayles (D) .4,415 Phyllis Padgett (L) 204 CENTER TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 5 27 of 27 precincts John C. Warren Jr. (R) 2,184 David B. Tess (D) 2,425 Lisa Tennies (L) 184 CENTER TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 6 24 of 24 precincts Gary Wayne Brown (R) .1,592 Larry Ryan (D) 2,472 CENTER TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 7 25 of 25 precincts George Farley (D) .1,835 DECATUR TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 1 4 of 4 precincts 'Scott Fitzgerald (R) 391 Cynthia A. Gregory (D) 211 DECATUR TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 2 3 of 3 precincts Darrell Lee McGaha (R) .407 Danny J. White (D) 304 DECATUR TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 3 4 of 4 precincts Dale Best (R) 555 Mavis C. Baxter (D) 334 DECATUR TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 4 2 of 2 precincts Jason C. Holliday (R) 397 Darrell W. Deakin (D) 218 DECATUR TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 5 3 of 3 precincts Larry W. Kugelman (R) 547 Anthony R. Julian Jr. (D) 357 DECATUR TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 6 3 of 3 precincts Martha L. Fisher-Vaughn (R) 665 Curtis D. Evans (D) 334 DECATUR TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 7 4 of 4 precincts Daniel P. Egenolf (R) 850 Timothy Kilboume (D) .422 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 1 5 of 5 precincts William C. Spurgeon (R) 1,717 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 2 4 of 4 precincts 'Joseph B. McCullough (R) 1,692 Katharine Can- (I) .69 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 3 6 of 6 precincts Bemice L. Lowes (R) 551 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 4 4 of 4 precincts Alan Keith Coyner (R) .1,145 Terry Daley (D) 553 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 5 4 of 4 precincts Michael R. Shaffer (R) BOO Nik Layton (D) .417 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 6 5 of 5 precincts Joseph C. Staehler (R) 339 Michael P. Eads (D) .426 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 7 2 of 2 precincts Theresa Young (R) .468 LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 1 17 of 17 precincts 'John G. McNatt (R) 3,220 Saundra L Webb (D) 2,623 LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 2 12 of 12 precincts Charles S. McMahan (D) .1,914 LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 3 13 of 13 precincts Richard H. Wilson Jr. (R) .1,207 Linda F. Garrett (D) 1,432 Ruth I. Barnes (L) .67 LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 4 24 of 24 precincts Virginia A. Grissom (R) 7,631 Gloria K. Mitchell (D) 2,731 Douglas M. Sloan (L) 246 LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 5 18 of 18 precincts EmmaJean E. Hines (D) 3,359 LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 6 18 of 18 precincts Michael C. Healy (R) 3,629 Stan Hirsch (D) .1,619 Robert A. Beck II (L) .100 LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 7 16 of 16 precincts Anna Christine Ricketts (R) 2,861 Ryan D. Kruse (D) .1,716 PERRY TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 1 12 of 12 precincts Evelyn M. Sayers (R) 2,422 PERRY TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 2 16 of 16 precincts N. Sue Day (R) 2,157 James M. Bright (D) 1,493 PERRY TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 3 14 of 14 precincts Marvin G. Hawkins (R) 3,587 PERRY TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 4 14 of 14 precincts Jack D. Peny (R) 3,097 Gordon R. Wire (D) 1,344 PERRY TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 5 11 of 11 precincts James J. Glynn (R) 3,576 Biyan VanVlymen (L) 153 PERRY TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 6 13 of 13 precincts Carolyn Marie Grant (R) 2,014 Dianna Murphy (D) .1,280 k PERRY TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 7 12 of 12 precincts Joyce M. Warren (R) .1,364 Anthony J. Gigerich (D) 394 PIKE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 1 10 of 10 precincts Jane E. Carwile (R) 2,050 Robin Townsend (D) .1,592 PIKE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 2 10 of 10 precincts Gregory Bieberich (R) .1,253 Louis E. Campagna (D) .1,144 PIKE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 3 9 of 9 precincts Kenneth Bieberich (R) 1,422 'Barbara M. Hurst (D) 2,231 Stephen Exline (L) 55 PIKE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 4 10 of 10 precincts Mark Greafbatch (R) 1,398 'Lula M. Pattern (D) 2,266 Wayne H. Kirk (L) 53 PIKE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 5 6 of 6 precincts Lorraine M. Stout (R) 261 'Jerry J. Dunlevy Sr. (D) .1,052 PIKE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 6 9 of 9 precincts Roger Stephens (R) 1,781 Beverty Jean Thurman (D) .1,311 PIKE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 7 10 of 10 precincts David Carfey (R) 2,261 LilaBerdia Batties (D) 2,090 Joseph G. Hamm (L) .69 WARREN TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 1 12 of 12 precincts Ralph J. Hannah (R) .665 Willie Bridges (D) 1,452 James LeLand Raney(L) 52 WARREN TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 2 12 of 12 precincts Barbara A. Fowler (R) .1,341 Art Shead (D) .1,705 WARREN TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 3 16 of 16 precincts Brian E. Barton (R) .1,843 Andy Whitehurst (D) .1,816 Larry Strawbridge (L) 133 WARREN TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 4 11 of 11 precincts Max L Moser (R) 2,036 Vernon Aaron Brown (D) 2,132 WARREN TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 5 17 of 17 precincts Phillip W. Gammon (R) 3,322 Lettie Oliver (D) t 1,976 John Taylor (L) .137 WARREN TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 6 12 of 12 precincts David E. Luttrell (R) 2,377 John E. O'Connell (D) .1,425 John Sosna (L) 51 WARREN TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 7 17 of 17 precincts G. Fred Thompson (R) 2,291 Garnett Day (D) .1,695 WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 1 27 of 27 precincts William R. Bloss (R) 5,544 William R. Groth (D) 2,355 WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 2 23 of 23 precincts Krisfma M. Holden (R) .1,183 Joseph E. Simpson (D) .4,057 WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 3 28 of 28 precincts Sean G. Frick (R) 5,179 Julius Thomas (D) 3,465 Gary J. Proksch (L) 253 WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 4 25 of 25 precincts Claudia Cummings (R) 2,900 Keith L. Smith (D) 3,014 Melissa Hinshaw (L) .125 WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 5 25 of 25 precincts Minnie R. Sexson (R) 3,574 Raymond A. Baker (D) 3,554 WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 6 24 of 24 precincts Beverly Emmons (R) .1,979 'Edward I. Orea (D) .4,782 Michael J. Fallahay (L) .175 WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 7 25 of 25 precincts John C. "Jack" Werner (R) .4,663 Steven G. Poore (D) 3,022 WAYNE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 1 16 of 16 precincts Roger W. Bowser (R) 2,448 Greg Vahle (D) .1,610 WAYNE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 2 17 of 17 precincts 'Earl W. Salisbury (R) 1,649 Charles M. Scott (D) .1,475 WAYNE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 3 19 of 19 precincts David A. Francis (R) .712 'David King Baird (D) 2,603 WAYNE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 4 25 of 25 precincts Francis L. Maynard (R) 2,793 Larry W. Silcox (D) 2,813 Arash Cyrus Hayat (L) .153 WAYNE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 5 18 of 18 precincts James F. Mann (R) 2,089 Samuel J. Hawkins (D) 2,077 WAYNE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 6 17 of 17 precincts Marilyn Pfisterer (R) 2,033 Kimberly Paige Dodson (D) .1,773 WAYNE TOWNSHIP BOARD DISTRICT 7 22 of 22 precincts 'Dallas R. Richards (R) .4,304 William Justin "Fischer (D) 2,996 MARION SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE 917 of 917 precincts 'Robert R. Mice Jr. (R) 92,288 Sheila A. Carlisle (R) .102,344 Steven Harmon Frank (R) 95,687 'Reuben Benjamin Hill (R) 95,008 Michael D. Keele (R) .93,436 William J. Nelson (R) 93,837 Scherry "SK" Reid (R) 33,962 Clark H. Rogers (R) 34,830 William E. Young (R) .95,212 'Linda E. Brown (D) 37,247 Thomas J. Carroll (D) 39,093 'Barbara Collins (D) 94,833 "Evan D. Goodman (D) 91,220 John F. Hanley (D) 30,768 Grant W. Hawkins (D) 30,069 'Becky Pierson-Treacy (D) 96,096 David A. Shaheed (D) 39,065 'Mark D. Stoner (D) 92,082 Michael E. Caudill (L) 23,542 John M. England (L) 23,306 Jaime Sue Goldstein (L) 28,240 Kurt St. Angelo (L) 24,756 Robbin Stewart (L) 26,108 William R. Fatout (WD) 230 RETAIN JUDGE MELISSA S. MATTINGLY INDIANA COURT OF APPEALS DISTRICT 4 917 of 917 precincts "Yes .46,347 No 12,571 RETAIN JUDGE MARGRET G. ROBB INDIANA COURT OF APPEALS DISTRICT 5 917 of 917 precincts Yes .45,646 No 12,846 CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT PUBLIC QUESTION 1 917 of 917 precincts (Partial results, Marion County only) Yes .45,847 No .19,209 t With 917 of 917 precincts reporting: John McGoff (R) 52 Angela Grundy-Sallee (D) .46 David J. Nelson (L) 2 Following are unofficial results of Marion County voting in Tuesday's general election as provided by The Indianapolis Star Election Bureau. Results may or may not include some write-in candidates or paper ballots, depending on when those ballots were counted. An R denotes Republican; D denotes Democrat; L - Libertarian; IN - Independent; WC - Write-fn Constitution; WD -Write-in Democrat; Wl - Write-in Independent; WNL - Write-in Natural Law; WRF -Write-in Reform; WR - Write-in Republican; WVI - Write-in Veterans Industrial An asterisk () denotes winners. PRESIDENTVICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES 917 of 917 precincts (Partial results, Marion County only) George W. BushDick Cheney (R) 130,358 Al GoreJoe Lieberman (D) 125,796 Hany BrowneArt Olivier (L) 3,331 Pat BuchanarVEzola Foster (I) 1,530 Howard Phillips. Curtis Frazier (WC ) .68 Keith Russell Judd (Wl) 26 David McReynolds (Wl) 31 Ralph Nader (Wl) 1,134 Joe Schriner (Wl) 21 Gloria Dawn Strickland (Wl) .0 John HagelinNat Goldhaber (WNL) .13 David Harold Birchler (WR) .1 Earnest Lee Easton (WVI) 22 U.S. SENATE 917 of 917 precincts (Partial results, Marion County only) Richard G. Lugar (R) 148,966 David L. Johnson (D) 103,441 Paul Hager (L) 3,947 GOVERNORIT. GOVERNOR OF INDIANA 917 of 917 precincts (Partial results, Marion County only) David MolntoshJ. Murray Clark (R) .99,126 Frank O'BannonJoe Keman (D) .153,141 Andrew HorningMark Schreiber (L) .7,476 Paul WilsonRichard A. Crawford (WRF) ...597 ATTORNEY GENERAL 917 of 917 precincts (Partial results, Marion County only) Stephen Carter (R) .121,585 Karen M. Freeman-Wilson (D) 129,492 N. Sean Harshey (L) .4,985 SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION 917 of 917 precincts (Partial results, Marion County only) Suellen Reed (R) 131,237 Gerald E. McCullum (D) 111,169 Sam Goldstein (L) .6,781 U.S. CONGRESS DISTRICT 6 307 of 307 precincts (Partial results, Marion County only) Dan Burton (R) .71,995 Darin Patrick Griesey (D) 33,765 Joe Hauptmann (L) 2,966 U.S. CONGRESS DISTRICT 10 610 of 610 precincts Marvin B. Scott (R) 58,036 Julia M. Carson (D) 35,715 Na'llah AH (L) 2,513 STATE SENATE DISTRICT 30 120 of 120 precincts "Teresa Lubbers (R) 22,297 David Robb (D) .13,755 Alexander Cicak (L) .779 STATE SENATE DISTRICT 32 114 of 114 precincts Patricia Miller (R) 23,634 Kenneth C. Kern (D) .12,184 Phillip Tennies (L) .697 STATE SENATE DISTRICT 33 127 of 127 precincts Mable I. Chulock (R) ...5,945 Glenn L. Howard (D) 23,643 Richard E. Gordon (L) .721 STATE SENATE DISTRICT 34 112 of 112 precincts Gary A. Loveless (R) ...3,260 'Billie J. Breaux (D) 18,842 Eric Barnes (L) .406 STATE SENATE DISTRICT 35 97 of 97 precincts R. Michael Young (R) 13,239 Thomas A. Barnes (D) .9,387 Cindy J. Kirkpatrick (L) 317 STATE SENATE DISTRICT 36 94 of 94 precincts Lawrence M. Borst (R) .16,067 Jack E. Reno (D) 3,774 Michael Z. Williamson (L) 582 STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 86 76 of 76 precincts Jim Atterholt(R) 16,282 Charzalia Goodloe-Cole (D) .9,114 Jacob Perry (L) .834 STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 87 78 of 78 precincts Paul Mannweiler (R) 15,354 William Mansfield (D) .7,309 Charles S. Kennedy (L) .680 STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 88 73 of 73 precincts Brian C. Bosma (R) .18,121 Dean E. Jessup (D) 8,754 Steve J. Siroky (L) .467 STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 89 68 of 68 precincts Lawrence L. Buell (R) 9,604 Brian Sims (D) .7,886 Jade Hubertz (L) 355 STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 90 62 of 62 precincts Michael B. Murphy (R) .16,362 Amy G. Stinson (L) .959 STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 91 31 of 31 precincts Robert W. Behning (R) .4,925 Joyce Ann Fitzpatrick (D) 3,214 Joell Palmer (L) 189 STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 92 61 of 61 precincts Phillip D. Hinkle (R) 9,361 Donald G. Godfrey (D) 5,977 David W. Danz (L) .406 STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 93 46 of 46 precincts David N. Frizzell (R) 3,239 Lewis J. Richardson (L) 805 STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 94 71 of 71 precincts Paul K. Ogden (R) 8,052 Jeb Bardon (D) 12,753 Renee W. Grant (L) 350 STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 95 57 of 57 precincts Mae Dickinson (D) .10,593 STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 96 67 of 67 precincts Carta J. Gaff-Clark (R) 3,391 'Gregory W. Porter (D) .12,128 Frederick C. Peterson (L) 562 STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 97 With 91 7 of 917 precincts reporting: Jack A. Irwin (R) 49 Mary Catherine Barton (D) .48.5 Valarie Hurd (L) 2.5 With 917 of 917 precincts reporting: Greg Jordan (R) 50 Michael Rodman (D) 48 Edward Humphrey (L) 2 fice. He spent $10,000 for commercials on cable television, using1 money that came from fund,-raisers. Jordan said he got contributions from individuals and banks, which would want to stay on good terms' with the official who invests the county's money. ,;, "I try to distribute the public's money equally among the banks, while getting the best return I can for the taxpayers," Jordan said, "But yes, the banks did contrib-: ute." McGoff still works as an emergency room physician and has been chairman of the emergency department for Community HospF tals Indianapolis since 1991. -1 "We still have some things we want to accomplish (in the coroner's office) before I look beyond it," he said. "When I first came in, we had no computers. I got an appropriation for that from the City-County Council. I've gotten the staff trained in medical fields and certified by the state." He said his goals for his second term include further improving the technology, continuing the training program, instituting a quality 'assurance program and developing & working relationship with pathologists at Indiana University Hospitals. Contact Howard Smulevitz at (317) 444-6244 or via e-mail at By Howard M. Smulevitz STAFF WRITER Mary Catherine Barton made still another Election Night interesting before losing still another election. Incumbent Republican Marion County Surveyor Jack A. Irwin won a slim victory Tuesday night against Barton, a longtime Democratic maverick. While the GOP incumbents for Marion County coroner and treasurer won more comfortably, Irwin edged Barton by only about 2,000 votes to win a sixth term. Gregory N. Jordan, the Republican county treasurer, defeated Democrat Michael Rodman, an Indianapolis banker and former Indianapolis Public School Board member. John P. McGoff, the incumbent Republican coroner, beat Democratic challenger Angela Grundy-Sallee. Barton, an attorney and cousin of former Mayor John J. Barton, won her nomination by beating the party-backed candidate in May. Two years before that, she almost upset her party's candidate for Marion County prosecutor. "I wish I had campaigned more," Barton said Tuesday night. Jordan and McGoff will start their second and last terms, as set by limits in the Indiana Constitution. Jordan was a member of the treasurer's staff for 14 years before being elected the first time in 1996. He has a business degree, but he said he hopes his future includes elective office or other public service. "I like public service," he said. "I guess when this term is over, I'll have to do something in the real world." That's because Marion County offices in which he might be interested, such as auditor and clerk, would not be on the ballot until two years after his treasurer's term is complete. "But I would stay active because I love politics," Jordan added. He had taken the unorthodox step of airing commercials in his bid for the relatively low-profile of COURT OF APPEALS JUDGES Big majority votes to keep 2 on bench Former state Sen. Leslie Duvall, a Republican who was active in the movement to switch to appointed judges, said he believes the system works, even though many voters' never make it to that question on the ballot. Nor, he said, do they have much knowledge of the judges to base their votes on. "It's a safeguard," he said, "to get someone who has really blown it, either judicially or in their private life, off of the court." Contact David Rohn ; at (317) 444-6204 or via e-mail : at By David Rohn STAFF WRITER Voters showed no inclination Tuesday to reverse a trend of keeping appeals court judges on the bench. With virtually all Marion County precincts reporting, about 78 percent of voters supported retaining Judges Melissa S. Mattingly and Margret G. Robb, the two Judges facing a statewide electorate, for 10-year terms. No results were available at press time for Judge L. Mark Bailey, who is running in the southern third of the state, or Judge Sanford M. Brook, who is running in the northern third. All four judges were appointed to the Court of Appeals two years ago. Indiana Supreme Court and Indiana Court of Appeals judges face a yes-or-no retention vote two years after they are appointed by the governor. After that, they face similar review every 10 years. In the nearly three decades since Indiana switched from elected to appointed appellate judges, no one has come close to being rejected. The average approval rate is about 65 percent. 0

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