Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 27, 1942 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1942
Page 3
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February 27. 1942 Daisy Dorothy Heard, Editor * Social Calendar Friday, February 27(h <n <t,'' P V L ' Sl)orc will be hostess *? , ,n ^", y milsic club members nt J:JO o clock. Proceeding the vwm mocting lhc cllornl c '«b Vjwill practice at 2:30 o'clock. Two Programs on Fundamental Forms will be presented with Mrs F L Padgilt loading the discussion of *ree Forms" and Mrs. C. C. McNeil explaining "Sonata Forms." * Members of the Friday Contract club will have the weekly games at the home of Mrs. R. V. Herndon, Sr. 2:30 o'clock. Emanon club, home of Mr. and j Mrs. Terrell Cornelias, 7:30 o'clock. Monday, Mnreli 2nd Circle No. 1 O f the Women's Society of Christian Service, Mrs ."; D- franklin and Mrs. Edwin Ward, loaders, home of Mrs. L W. Young with Mrs. George Mco- nain, associate hostess, 3 o'clock. The regular monthly business meeting of the W. M. U. of the First Baptist church, the church jcJl:3Q o'clock. ' Circle No. 3 of the Women's bociety of Christian Service, Mrs E. P. Young and Mrs. C. V. Nunn leaders, the church, 3 o'clock. ' !• Circle No. 4 of the Women's Society of Christian Service, home of Mrs. John P. Cox with Mrs. Alice MeMath and Mrs. W. E Jones associate hostesses, ,'{ o'clock. Mrs. Stith Davenport and Miss . Marine Briant nro leaders of the v circle. The Executive Board of thc Women's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church, thc church 3 o'clock. •J, Mrs. G. A. Iloblis Has Thursday Cliil) Members and Guests Japonica and jonquils predominated m the floral decor ;|I (he home of Mrs. G. A. Hohhs Thursday afternoon when she was hostess to thc fl.cmbcrs of the Thursday Contract bridge club and one table of guests For making the high score, Mrs.' A. D. Brannan was presented with Defense Stamps by the club. Mrs Harry Hawthorn was guest high and |T>s. George Robison received the bingo prize. A delightful salad course was snrv- ed with coffee at the conclusion of the games to the members and guests Telephone 768 Mrs. Hawthorne, Mrs. George Rob- lmd MrS Bridcwcl High Scorer at Party Thursday Thursday e r ung''b;id^"dub 0 'were enlcrtmncd by Miss Mincola Owen nt her home on West 2nd street. Colorful arrangements of spring flowers adorned the card rooms where two tables were arranged for play- Bingo was played following thc K^M*| Henry Somnfervillc the prize. Miss Eliza- P. . •--- w as presented with Defense stamps for making the high- Gue.sts selected for the party other n-i «, Ub molllh <"-s were Mrs. Bill Wrtiy Hiul Miss Helen Bowden A delicious salad course was .served with coffee at thc conclusion of the games. Sunday School Class Party The Workers Class of'the Garrclt Memorial, Baptist church held its noiithly business and social meeting on Thursday evening at 8 o'clock at he home of the teacher, Mrs A F recnlcc with 11 members present' During the social hour the hostess served a delightful desert course with chocolate. . T. A. Council To Meet Next A meeting of the city Parent Teacher Association council will be held Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock at thc city hall witli Miss Mary' Claude Fletcher as guest speaker. The president of the council urges full attendance. OUR BOARDING HOUSE HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS With .. . Major Hoople SAPAN KNOWED 'BOUT D1S BACK VARDj NM6TAH M ACTOR > DEN'D Bfe BBESi TO PROVEN AT DE U.<5.AA^i GRAB SEBEN WAGOlsJ LOADS OB TRASH RUMPH REWARD YOUR. WITH A TICKET FIGHT SHOW PATRIOTIC TO MAKE SIEVES OB DEM ROUMDHOOSE PAGE THRtB Local Party Visit Opening of Races A party of Hope men attende Opening Day at the Oaklawn rac track in Hot Springs Monday an were the guests of Ralph Bailey Mon day night at dinner in the Hammon oyster house. In the party were: Bucl Powers, co-owner with Mr. Bailej in the Diamond cafe; Frank Haggarc G. C. Mathews, Bog Goforth, R. C Craig and Mr. Bailey. Unity. Don't miss the Tuesday even ing singing and midweek prayer ser vice. They will do you good. News of the Churches SAENGER Friday & Saturday Double Feature 'MISS POLLY' also "PALS OF THE PECOS ff I Coming Sunday... "Ride 7 Em Cowboy" Persona! Mention Mr. ;,nd Mrs. Terrell Cornelius moored lo Hot Springs Thursday to cc the races. Mrs. Sum Townscnd, Mrs. James fudson, and Mrs. Ramey Garland verc in El Dorado Wednesday, thc tiesls of Mrs. U. B. Thomas. -O- Mrs. Clara Koonce represented thc Uithors and Composers club in a ccilal presented Wednesday over a le Rock broadcasting station. The oems were by Martin and depicted storm , -O- Mrs. William Winklcr of Shrcve- ort is visiting her daughter, Mrs omcr Boyctl, and Mr. Boyctl this eek. -O— Mrs. Dick Forster and son have arrived from Shreveporl to he thc guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. W, Young. CARD OF THANKS We wish to extend our thanks and appreciation lo our many friends and neighbors fo,- their kindness during thc long illness, also for their sympathy and the lovely floral offerings at thc death of our dear husband father and brother, Floyd E. Smith Mrs. Floyd E. Smith Jimmic Lloyd Smith H. S. Smith Mrs. Lloyd Dickson Mrs. Robert Morrisia Mrs. John Huckabee County Seats Thirty-one of the county seals of North Carolina are not the laigest towns in their counties. Five olher county seats in the state are not incorporated. A total of 3835 miles of water-ways and canals have been built in the British Isles at a cost of about S500 000,000. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH NPine at Second Kenneth L. Spore, Pastor Sunday, March 1 Organ Meditation (Chimes), at 9:30 n. m. Church School at 10:00 a. m. Morning Worship at 10:50 a. m. Special Music: Solo "Thc Living God" — O'Hara, Mrs. Kenneth L. Spore, Contralto. Sermon by thc pastor: "Christ's Law of Mutual Service." Board of Stewards at 2:00 p. m. "Thc Methodist Hour" at 4:00 p. m. Vesper Service, 5:30 p. m. Sermon by the pastor: "The Lord Is Great". Youth Fellowship Groups at 6:30 p. m. Monday, March 2 W. S. C. S. Circles at 3:00 p. m. Alma Kyler Circle at 2:30 p. m. Wcsleyan Guild at 7:30 p m Tuesday, March :i Junior Choir Practice at 4:00 in. Thursday, March 4 Choir Practice at 7:30 p. m Advance Notice Evangelistic Campaign—March 22 to April 5. Visitation Evangelism—March 22 to March 27. Services at thc church twice daily, March 2fl to April 5. 0 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Tlios. BrcwSfer, Minister Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. for all age groups. Morning Worship at 10:55 o'clock with message by the Pastor. Vesper Service at 5 p. m. Young Peoples Meeting at G:15 p. m. Meeting of the Executive Board of thc Woman's Auxiliary Monday at 3 p. m. Mid-week Worship Service, Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. You arc cordially invited to work and worship with us. -*»~»-^ HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE (Assembly of God) N. Main & Avenue D J. E. Hamill, Pastor P- Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Morning Worship at 11:00 a. m. Christ's Ambassadors Union at 6:30 p. m. Evangelistic Service at 7:30 p. m. The Pastor will speak in both of Sunday's services. In the morning servcie his subject will be, "How To Know Christ Better," and in the even-' ing meeting he will speak on "It's The Touch That Counts." Sunday's Congregational singing will be directed by S. A. Mays. The Men's Quartet and Young Ladies Chorus will furnish special singing. AH those not attending services elsewhere regularly, are urged to worship at the Tabernacle Sunday. At thc Tabernacle you are a stranger only once! FIRST CHRISTIAN Millard W. Baggctt, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Bible school, Malcolm Portcrfield, superintendent. 10:50 a. m. Morning worship; sermon topic: "The Unfinished Sermon." 6:45 p. m. Christian Endeavor Society. 7:45 p. m. Evening worship; evangelistic song service; special music; pas- FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH West 4th & Ferguson W. P. Graves Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Morning Worship at 11:00 a. m. Evening Service at 7:30 p. m. Ladies Prayer Service Tuesday af tcrnoon at 2:30 p. m. Choir practice at 8:00 p. m. Tuc: day evening. Mid-week Service Wednesday a 8:00 p. m. Bible Study Friday evening at 8. An unusual interest is being shown in this Bible Study. Come Friday evening with your Bible and studj the 5th Chapter of Romans with us You will always find a welcome a our Church. Ccntcrville Sunday School The CenlcrvJlle Community Sunday School, conducted by thc 1st Presbyterian Church of Hope will be held weather permitting, this Sunday at 2:30 p. m. The entire community is invited to participate. The customary offering for expenses will be taken. tor's sermon topic: 7:45 Wednesday meeting. "Nevertheless." evening, prayer UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST 511 South Elm Street Junior choir 10 a. m. Sunday school 10:30 a. m. Preaching 11:30 a. m. Ladies Auxiliary 2:30 p. m. Tuesday. Community singing 7:30 p. m. Tuesday. Midweek prayer service 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. Bro. H. L. Ferguson will bring both morning and afternoon messages. Bro. Ferguson is a good true Gospel preacher and is bringing some real old time spiriutal Gospel messages and they are enjoyed by all who hear them, If you do not attend church services anywhere why not start now. You have a cordial invitation and a hearty welcome to attend services at By HENRY BELLAMANN KINGS ROW Sunday School Lesson Pi'roblcs by the Sea Reveal Deepest Significance of God's Work With Men Text: Mark 4-.2B-32; Matthew 13:44-50 By WILLIAM E. GILROY, D. D Edilor of Advance One of the remarkable things of literature, illustrated in the history of practically all peoples, is thc persistency of truth when it is expressed m the form of stories or parables Even where such stories are not written, or do not become written until a later time, they persist from age to age. The well-known Fables Aesop offer an example of mu. u , teaching in story form from secular literature, and these have a point and freshness for each of young folk. Copyright 1940 NEA Service Inc. C666 ^^^UQUtt. A THE GORDONS ARE STEKN CHAPTER XV ANNA'S diagnosis of Parris' state of mind was correct. Her qb- •ervation was a neat compound of hative peasant shrewdness and affectionate intuition. Parris was Apprehensive and miserable for precisely the reasons she had named. . Today, for the first time since— pmce that dreadful day, he walked boldly down through the evergreen groves toward the pond. Renee, my darling. I love you. I didn t know then how much I know now." At the sound of the words which s artlcd him back into the present, all sense of her presence was gone. Time had begun to pass. It wouldn't ever stop now. It would go every day, faster and faster. A Louis. She wanted to know _ you'd be ready to go to Vienna in September." P.arris' breath went out of him. "Oh." His tone was dreary. "Parris, I undertook this work with you with decided misgivings. I guess it's fair to you to tell you that it has been a pleasure." Rialto Midnight Preview 11:15 Saturday Night "Ride 'Em Cowboy' COMING SUNDAY and MONDAY Hot from the Headlines ... I stirring, tliought. unhappy, frightening A If/US* AND A CHU....HVN7CD IN AMERICA'S flRST AIR *AI1>! IT The screen's great entef tainment swop I * Pafojnounl Plctufj with',ROBERT PRESTON MARTHA O'DRISCOLL PHILIP MERIVALE EVA GABOR PLUS Dirjiclod by RAtPH MURPHY PLAY GIRLS IN A ZOO and RODEO ROUNDUP "You've got A BERDEEN COLLEGE ended its college. year with the usual null and repetitious ceremonies held during what always seemed .the hottest week of the year. Parris avoided most of the events. A week later Madame von Eln left for St. Louis for hospital observation, and Parris yielded to Drake s insistence on a camping trip. His grandmother returned to Kings Row before him, looking less well than when she left. He went to Anna, to tell me! say?" "Nothing new. I must tell you Madame is no.1 well. Just go on as it everything were as usual, Parris. Don't let her think you are worried about her." It was in town that afternoon that Parris learned from Colonel Skeffington-of Mrs.' Tower's death ''Very strange," the Colonel said. Nobody knew she was ill at all, not at all. If you notice anything curious ovaer there, son "• * * * pARRIS found Dr. Tower reading. He appeared as calm and unperturbed as always. "I just heard a few minutes ago about Mrs. Tower. I'm very sorry " Dr. Tower looked as if he were not reaftly listening. He inclined his head again. Pai-ras stammered a little, and contiroied: "I was away, you know. My grandmother was away, too, '" St. Louis, or you would have Parris blushed. "I hope that when you get into your work in Vienna you'll find that—all of this has been a help. Some of it has been inadequate, some of it has been—is in advance of any institutional study you could have gotten anywhere. I think some of it will prove useful." Parris felt a quick surge of curiosity. He was sure that this man was really able and intelligent— probably a very fine doctor. What was the matter? What landed him here in Kings Row with his sole contact these lectures and talks to a medical student? Parris sighed. "Maybe it would be more sensible for me just to be a doctor, and not start out to specialize in any sort of way, but " "Well?" "It's just that I think I really want to. It sounds a lot more interesting." "It is. It is a vast field for research. I don't know if the time has come for this kind of study, or not. It looks as if it might come now." "I guess I keep thinking of Lucy Cair, the—" "Oh, yes. The insane woman you played to. Oh, yes, yes." "And Benny Singer." "You don't feel such people- well, sort of objectionable?" Parris looked as if he didn't understand what the doctor meant He shook his head. "No, sir. Never if | Because Drake was considered - "wild," and the "town was talking," Louise was forbidden to see him. Thc two of them had quarreled, Parris interceding in hopes of salving Drake's petulance, easing Louise's pain. How, he wondered, could Dr. and Mrs. Gordon be such pillars of virtue in Kings Row and at the same time so determined to make their daughter miserable? He felt again the strange working of that intuition that made him doubt accepted values. They were steely—the Gordons. Couldn't they see that Louise was—he supposed "sweet" was the word, and really in love? And that Drake, for all his swagl gering, was a fine boy, and lonely? "Listen, Drake." "I know that tone T . , . of voice. You re going to have some kind of a sensible suggestion. I don't want sensible suggestions. I want you to say something to make me feel better." "I was just going to ask you why you don't marry Louise, right off. You're your own boss, as Louise said. You've got enough money—" "I'm not 21 yet, Parris. The Fanners Exchange Bank hasn't got much to say about what I do, but they don't have to give me a cent more'ji they think I need to live on." new generation But the great, incomparable example is the parable of Jesus, devoted not merely to moral precepts or instructions but to making plain and emphasizing the deepest spiritual truth. Nor are the parables of Jesus mere analogies, or statements of resemblances. Analogies are apt to fail at some point and to become actually misleading, but the stories of Jesus were all selected and told with a precision that made their meaning accurate. Take, for instance, a parable like that of the Prodigal Son. Here we have not merely a story of an earthly father who was like our Heavenly Father, but a story that so accurately tells (lie nature and significance of God's grace at every point that no question is left and no sense of discrepancy. As is often true of analogies or allegories, here in our lesson in the "parables by the sea" we have five parables illustrating the nature of the kingdom of heaven or different phases of that kingdom. Jesus likens it, first of all, to seed which a man casts upon the earth. But the casting of the seed does not assure a crop; it is the power of God in nature working with man that brings growth and makes possible the ultimate harvest Could there be a finer illustration than this, of farmer sowing his seed, sleeping and rising night and day while the process of growth goes or through the forces of nature workinj with him and producing a harvest It is an exact illustration of how God works with men, and of how n- may co-operate with God. The parable of the mustard sc 'Ride 'Em Cowboy 7 Opens at Saenger Theater Here Sunday illustrates what we so often see—the growth of great and mighty things 'rom small beginnings. The mustard seed was so small that "a grain of mustard seed" was a byword at the time for something very minute. The •eference to this seed, growing into something "greater than all the herbs' or a tree, has puzzled scholars. There s a tree called 'the mustard known o the Arabs, but it does not grow in D alestine, and the reference would seem to be to a bush that grew to a leight of from eight to- twelve feet, on the branches of which birds would! alight to eat the seeds. The detail s not important; what is important s the fact of he immense growth rorri the small beginning. And surely .here is no beU.tr illustration of this ban in the growth of Christianity tsclf. The parables of thc treasure hidden in the field and of the merchant eeking the pearl of great price il- ustrate the supremacy of thc kingdom if God and the way in which it must >e the first and commanding quest if the true disciple. And the final parable of the net ast into the sea tells of the kingdom f God in relation to the world, with he . profound opportunity of man aught into the great net of God's ivine grace, but with the inevit- ble separation of the good from ! ie bad, as man accepts or spurns lat grace. j What a full-orbed picture all five j arables give of the kingdom of God nd of man's relation to it! Comparative Weights In the United States in winter, •Women's clothing averages • about 2.6 ! pounds, in comparison to men's clothing which weighs 8.3 pounds. at the THEATERS SAENGER Fri.-Sat.-"Miss Polly" and "Pals of the Pecos." Sun.-Mon.-Tues."Ride 'Em Cowboy" Wed.-Thurs.-"Playmates" RIALTO Matinee Daily Fri.-Sat.-"Honolulu Lu" and 'Young Bill Hickok" Sun.-Mon.-"Pacific Blackout.". Tues.-Wed.-Thurs.-"KH Carson" and "Feminine Touch" • Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment! HERE'S QUICK IfHOStClOGS U iww TONIGHT "ry 3-purpose Va-tro-nol. It (1) shrinks wollen membranes, (2) soothes irrita- ion, (3) relieves transient nasal congestion . . . And brings greater breathing comfort. ».# You'll like it! Follow VIC directions in folder. VATRO-NOl NOTICE • • • • W. B. WILLIAMS Has joined the personnel of the CAPITAL BARBER SHOP and invites his friends and customers to visit him CAPITAL BARBER SHOP RADIOS - BATTERIES BICYCLES and AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES BOB ELMORE'S AUTO SUPPLY Bob Elmore, Owner STAMP NEWS ••••!• IfHf f * Hit,,,,,. . , . . I liked Mrs. Carr, and I like Benny " heard from us." An awkward silence fell between the two. Parris fumbled with some papers. —J "Madame von Eln came to see just before she went to St. Singer/ Dr. Tower half closed his eyes "I sometimes think the whole thing is a problem for the poet." Dr. Tower stood up. He pushed books and papers about impatiently. "Well, I hope you've enjoyed the chat. I did. Now, get on with you, Parris Mitchell. You've got a summer of tough work ahead. I won't fool you about that. We'll get those letters off to Vienna, and then we'll know in a month or so how things stand." was deeply concerned for Drake, whose pride had been dealt a telling blow by Dr. Gordon. That Drake was in love with Louise Gordon, Parris did not doubt —nor that frail, pretty Louise, weakened in strength and purpose by the united wills of overwhelming parents, loved Drake. I thought—" "I've got a checking account But it's just about three thousand dollars, or was, I mean. I've spent a lot of it. Can you imagine what old Mr. Curley, he's the trustee, would say if I told him I wanted some of my money so I could get married?" "Could you start in some kind of business, do you think?" "I've been turning that over and over in my mind. You know I've been talking to Peyton Graves. He's going to work in real estate." "Sure enough. Old Peyton Graves. I didn't know he had any get-up about him." "Peyton's got the same idea I had about that tract of land right up there by the public school. He said if I could get my money out and put some in with him—his uncle would let him have some— we could swing in together and make us a lot of money." looked respectfully at Parris Drake. "Are you going to do it?" "Can't. I just halfway hinted to old Curley something about an investment, and he nearly jumped on me. Not a cent till I'm 211 I'd borrow it against my inheritance, but I don't expect anybody'd let me have it. Curley'd stop anything, I guess." (To Be Coutiuued) ]3>ECENT arrivals from Europe include the Free French Africa semi-postal issued in London, headquarters of the Gen. Charles De Gaulle forces. The stamp above, a chocolate 1-franc plus 2fr, bears an additional surtax of 6 pence in England. The latter fund is for the De Gaullist movement while the first surtax goes toward an unannounced fund. Although Free France overprints of regular French colonial postage have been current since the fall of France, this is one of the first individual issues of the government to reach America. The design pictures a coastal scene and portrait of Francois Savorgnan de Brazza, French explorer and colonial administrator. * * * ! Paraguay announced the sched-" ulcd release in April of a series of stamps commemorating' the "Founding of Irala's City of Asuncion." Asuncion, capital of Paraguay, was founded in 1537 by Juan de Salazar de Espinosa, who erected a fort on the original site. This |event was postally commemorated in 1937. The new issue will honor ;Domingo Martinez de Irala, who ibecame governor of the city in •0541-42. SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY Gags! Nags! Sweeties and Swing Drive'n the Wild West Wilder The horses laugh! The coyotes howl! Even the bullets sing — in swingtime Bud ABBOTT and Lou COSTELLO 'Ride 'Em Cowboy* — with — DICK FORAN ANNE GWYNNE JOHNNY MACK BROWN The MERRY MACS ELLA FITZGERALD THE HI-HATTERS THE BUCKARQO BAND RANGER CHORUS of 40 A Tornado of Tunes 'I'll Remember April' •Give Mu My Saddle' •Wake Up Jacob" ''Beside the Rio Ton to" "A Tisket, A Tasket" Latest News *!& i

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