Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 21, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1939
Page 4
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tJ&JEAQB FOtJR HOPE STAR, HOPE, jt-j" Tuesctay. November 21,1933 l"i ^ ; &5 Vi Texas Aggies Rate ; Best Team In U.S. ^aimers Replace Tennes- V see for First-Place Grid Honors JffEW YORK —<AV- Driving past a Tfcmwsse team which had a hard time protecting its winning streak •gainst a long-shot Vanderbilt. Te.x- •9 A. and M. Tuesday shot into first place in the race for selection as No. 1 football power in the nation. After four straight weeks in the driver's set, the Vols were dropped into second place in the season's sixth Association Press ranking poll At the same time the Aggies, a team which Coach Homer Norton converted from a Southwest conference also-ran into a club only one game away from a perfect season, drew 38 first place •votes, 37 seconds and 17 thirds on 110 balots for a total of 963 points. That was enough to beat out Tennessee by 65 points, and even the Vols were hard pressed to hold second. Roaring up behind them with a 35-6 scalping of Dartmouth's Indians came unbeaten and untied Cornell, whose only performance was impressive enough to earn 865 points. only 33 less than Tennessee and 10! more than Southern California, which had been third a week ago. Thus the standings find the three top-flight all-winning teams at the head of the list, followed by South- ,ern Cal and Tulane, each tied once. and then in order by five teams. each of which has been defeated once. Ohio State, which lost by nine points to Cornell but is out front in the Big Ten race; Notre Dame, which lost a one pointed to Iowa; Duke which blasted North Carolina out of the unbeaten division and out of the first ten, thus atoning for its one , point loss to Pitt, Iowa, which met In recent laboratory "smoking bowl" tests f Prince Albert burned 86 Degrees than the average of the 30 Other of the largest-selling brands tested ... coolest of £/// Millions know P. A. •nbkes rich, tasty, yet MILP, COOL... free from the tongue-parching "bite" of excess heat. Rolls faster, neater too! THK NATIONAL JOY SMOKE Cgprrfebt. !M«. R. J. tUrnoldi Tab. C«. Vna«too-£«l0m. H. C. Values to 512.95 THANKSGIVING DRESS SALE Values to ?7.»5 $ 3 LADIES Specialty Shop Michigan and Tommy Harmon on their best day for its lone set-back, and Missouri, soundly beaten by Ohio State but winner last Satuday over Oklahoma. The standing of the teams (points figured on 10-9-8-7-6 etc., basis, first place votes in parenthesis;) Teams- Points 1. Texas A. & M. (38) 963 2. Tennessee (33) ...• 898 3. Cornell (20) 865 4. Southern California (11) 764 5. Tulane ;. 659 6. Ohio State (1) 420 7. Notre Dame 314V4 8. Duke (2) , 259 9. Iowa (1) 224 10. Missouri •. 202V4 Second ten—11, Holly Cross, 133; 12, Duquesne, 110; 13, UCLA, 62;14. Oklahoma, 61; 15, Clemson, (1) 33; 16 Georgetown, 17, tied for 17, Santa Clara and North Carolina, 11 each; 19, Fordham, 10; tied for 20, Princeton and Georgia Tech, 7 each. Also ran—Nebraska and Oregon State, 6 each; Colorado, 2; Mississippi 1. If an yfurther proof were neede, the rankings demonstrate conclusively that the games of the week will be Southern California-Notre Dame at South Bend, Ind., and Corncll- Penn at Philadelphia. This meeting with Trojans, who hope to be headed for the Rose Bowl, will be the last of the year for the Irish, who can look forward to facuig a team well primed after an extra week's rest. Off their comparative records, Cornell-Penn looks like an easy dish for the well-manned Ithacans. But they know from past experience that there is always trouble lying in wait for them on Franklin field, as witness last year's scoreless tie, and Penn's courageous losing battlo against Michigan will have served as further warning. Other important batl.les this weekend, while Tennessee and Texas Ag- gies await later engagements, will be Duke-North Carolina State, Iowa- Northwestern, Missouri-Kansas and Ohio State-Michigan, in which the Buckeyes will be out to take the Big Ten championship. • WE, THE; • WOMEN By RUTH MILLETT Come on women, let's do something revolutionary this Thanksgiving. For one day let's be thankful that we got the men we wanted. You, Agatha, for instance. You wanted Charlie more than anything in life. When it looked as though Susie might cut you out, you practically gave up eating. But ever since the day you got him, you haven't even admitted to yourself that getting Charlie was some Dung for you to be thankful for. You've tried so hard to impress him with the fact that he was lucky to got you that now you believe it yourself. And you, Thelma, Maybe Dick was not your first choice. But you wanted him badly enough to spend every cent you made on clothes you thought he would like. They were a good investment. But you've never admitted it. You even have Dick believing that you did him a favor Legal Notice to marry him. Well, when Thanksgiving (either one you. choose) rolls around this year, let's all us Agathas and Thelmas admit to ourselves, if not our men, that we are doggone thankful we got them. And it would be even better if we would admit it to the men. They must get awfully sick of the attitude we take: "We could huve had anyone in the world—and we took you. Aren't you lucky?" 'Especially since they know, but have always been too gallant to say, that there were some other girls who tried pretty linrd to get them. Yes, Agatha, Charlie knew Susie had her eye on him. Even if a husband isn't one to say, "Gnsh, I'm lucky to have you" nt gratifying intervals, he might protest, "I'm the lucky one" if n wife broke down nnd said it first. As the Hollywood people sec It, California pension advocates laid an egg without the ham. 3 Counties' Honor Roll Magnolia A. M. College MAGNOLIA, Ark. — Southwest Ark ansas' honor roll nt A. Sc M. college follows grade of 4 is B average: Hempstead county: Wilburn Cnudle, Bodcnw, 4.37, No- Inn Caudle, Bodcaw, 4.0; Darwin Jones, Patmos 4.25; Marjorie Mnlonc, Hope 4.0; Nolle Stuart, Ozan 4.32; Tompie Fae Tolancl, Hope 4.66; Paul Waddle, Hope 4.0. Nevada county: Rnchel Black, Prescotl 4.67; Bert Holmes, Presealt 5.11; Nndlne Lowrey Boughton 4.22. Lafayette county: Dorothy Dean Benton, LewisvtUc 4.87; Galloway Ckry, Buckncr 4.0; Alma Dean Lester, Bradley 5.18; Herbert Miushiuv, Lewisville 4.88; Lynda Mac Reeves. Stamps 5.41; Mary Catherine Sheii, Lewisvillc 4.46. Grapes are believed to be the first fruit cultivated by man. Grnpc seeds nt lenst 3,000 years old have been found in Ekytian tombs. TALBOT FEILD, Sr. ACCIDENT and HEALTH With Life Insurance Clai'ms Paid 100% Promptly 9 years with Reliance Life Box 44, Hope, Ark, Bowling Results for November 20, 1939 Court House Hill Bailey Davis Franks Ward Garner Totals Gco. Joplin Robinson Coffee Kent Reed Foster Williams 77 -'101 112 70 100 79 85 114 96 112 92 82 127 — 289 94 — 309 95 — 303 104 — 286 100 — 292 86 — 247 W. Robinson 1726 142 80 100 65 97 134 148 157 79 123 103 104 121 - 411 128 — 365 — 179 54 - 119 97 — 317 134 — 371 129 — 233 Totals Cannon Sangces Tarpley Miller King Spears Totals Soil Roberts Gordon Boyd 1995 Standard Oil 135 112 112 — 359 112 147 121 — 380 103 102 107 — 312 111 123 102 — 336 152 118 133 — 403 86 71 107 — 264 Henderson Dcnnington Johnson Page 2054 Conservation Service 69 145 126 — 340 81 130 60 — 271 128 83 40 — 257 51 80 33 93 113 74 90 — 141 117- 290 140 — 348 — 74 Totals 1721 Admiral Byrd has suddenly discovered that everyone wants a pcn- thc mah jong NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That a special election will be held in the school building for white children in Providence School District No. 14 of Hempstead County, Arkansas, between the hours of 2:00 o'clock and 6:00 o'clock. P. M., on Tuesday, the 28th day of November, 1939, for the purpose of voting on the question of the dissolution of Providence School District No. 14 and the annexation of the territory thereof to Hope School District No. 1-A of Hempstead County, Arkansas, in accordance with the order made and entered by the County Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, on the 6th day of November, 1939, which order is in words and figures as follows, to-wit: IN THE MATTER OF THE SPECIAL ELECTION IN PROVIDENCE SQHOOL DISTRICT NO. 14 OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS. ORDER Now on this Gth day ot November 1939, the same being a regular adjourned clay of the regular October, 1939. tei'm of this court, there is presented to the Court a petition asking for a special election to be held in said District on the question of the dissolution of said district and the annexation of the territory thereof to Hope School District No. 1-A of Hempstead County, Arkansas, and the Court, after considering said petition and after hearing the evidence introduced, finds: That said petition is signed by more than ten per cent (10%) of the qualified electors residing in said Providence School District No. 14, and that the prayer of said petition should be granted. It is therefore considered, ordered and adjudged by the Court that a special election be and the same is hereby ordered held in said Providence School District No, 14 between the hours of 2:00 o'clock and 6:00 o'clock. P. M., on Tuesday, the 28th day of November, 1939, in the school building for white children in said district, for the purpose of voting on the question of the dissolution of said Providence School District No. 14 and the annexation of the territory thereof to the said Hope School District No. 1-A, the form of the ballot to be used in said election to be substantially as follows: BALLOT Special School Election, Providence- School District No. 14, of Hempstead County Arkansas guin. Somethinglike craze. There are rumors now that federal officeholders would just as soon maintain the moratorium on politics until after the 1940 elections. I — (Mark out that for which you do not wish to vote) Thorton & Minor Clinic Book Free If you are afflicted with hemorrhoids (PILEJj), fistula, or colon troubles you will want to send for this new illustrated book which explains the nature of these various rectal ailments and offers helpful suggestions to anyone suffering from these common ills. This book has just been published by the world's oldest known Rectal Clinic—tells how more than 50,000 men and women have been benefited without general anaes-- thetics or usual hospital experience. Write the Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite C-20, 926 McGee Street, Kansas City, Mo., for this book. It is free upon request, without placing you under any obligation, and is mailed in plain wrapper. |Singleton's Fresh Roasted Coffee! 1 Pound lOc 2 >/ 2 Pounds 25c 5 Pound* 50c 10 Pounds $1.00 W. P. SINGLETON 113 South Elm Street Hope, Ark. ;BEST PLACE IN HOPE TO BUY COFFEE^ >*A T T T t T t For Dissolution of Providence School District No. 14 ol Hempstead County, Arkansas, and the annexation of the territory thereof to Hope School District No. 1-A of Hempstead County, Arkansas. Against dissolution of Providence School District No. 14 of Hempstead County .Arkansas, and the annexation of the territory thereof to Hope School District No. 1-A of Hempstead County, Arkansas. It is further ordered that said election be held and conducted and the returns made thereof as required by law. It is further ordered that the County Examiner of Hempstead County j publish notice of said election for the time and in the 'manner required by law. FRANK RIDER County Judge Witness my hand on this 7th day of November, 1939. E. E. Austin County Examiner T-H-21 Two Piece Living Room Suites . . . tailored to suit any home; fine coverings and best .spring construction used in all our suites. Priced $34.50 and up HOPE HARDWARE CO. Warning Order IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT CALLIE McFADDIN, Plaintiff, v. ALEX HARRIS et al Defendants. The defendants Tom Harris, John Muldrow, Hansel Harris, Jasper Higgason and Mrs. Jasper Higgason, his wife, Mary Cooper, Otis McFaddin and Mrs. Otis McFaddin, his wife, Viola Johnson, Nellie Johnson, William Johnson and Mrs. William Johnson, his wife, Howard Johnson and Mrs. Howard Johnson, his wife, Moses Muldrow and Mrs. Moses Muidrow, his svifc, May Delia Hawkins, Alberta Cox. Bert Hubbard, the unknown heirs of Sam Bradley, deceased, the unknown heirs of Nancy Muldrow, deceased, the unknown heirs of Howard Johnson, deceased, the unknown heirs I of Nancy Bradley, deceased, and each j of them, arc hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff herein. Witness my hand and seal as clerk of said court on this 6th day of November, 1939. RALPH BAILEY CJerk. I?, M, 21, 28 I SHOP & COMPARE! CHILDREN'S RED TOP RUBBER BOOTS98c CLOSE - OUT CHILDREN'S SWEATERS A Value Ladies Fall SHOES 'Greatly Reduced 51.44 pr. PLENTY OF EXTRA SALESPEOPLE TO SERVE YOU For Fourteen Ycnrs We have liml the privclegc of serving this community'. An nnnlvcrsnry like (his brings home to us (lie \v«.v we really feel nbout Hope. Our fourteen years here hnvc hccii happy yours. Hope Is much more to us Ilmn Just n lown where we Imvc » store; It Is OUR lown. Our customers lire much more than just customers; they arc our friends. We arc proud to lie able to In- of service to the cltlxcn.s of this, our community. If anyone can suggest ways In which we can do n more helpful Job of l(, we would appreciate knowing iihout it. We want Hope (o be proud of the J. C. Penney Co., as the Penney Company Is proud of Hope! Of course we have to celebrate our fourteenth birthday. And of course we want all Hope (o celebrate with us. The only way we cim think of to share our celebration is (o do it with luirgiiins, in true Penney fashion. So we have it store full of specially purchased new merchandise. Cinne in and sec It—and let us prove that we mean every word wo Say! 75 ONLY LADIES SPUN RAYON DRESSES 12 to 42 300 Yards HEAVY OUTING Fancy Patterns 27 in. 4c yd. - CLOSE OUT 300 Yards WOOLENS 54 inch Higher priced Merchandise Reduced CHILDRENS SLIP - ON BOOTS CLOSE-OUT '1.00 pr. BEDSPREAD REMNANTS CHOICE SPECIAL 36x50 BABY BLANKETS 17c ea. LADIES PANTIES NOVELTY RAYON Value IOC ea. 'Per CLOSE OUT CRETONNE IQc »*. 5c yd. ea. 50c yd. 1000 Yards FANCY COTTON TICKING Lovely HANDMADE Pillow Case SETS Reduced BARGAIN TABLE 10c ^c Sr**^ 50 Pair Part Wool DOUBLE BLANKETS $1.66 JOo One Dozen to the Box SANITARY NAPKINS 5C Box ff r , "III. 47c yd. Women's Winter UNIONS 36 to 46 CLOSE - OUT CURTAIN SCRIM 3C yd. JBBiMB«H««"IIHBMH Special Purchase 100 Dozen Full Fashion First Quality - SILK HOSIERY 50c 'e n > '°tto, O Vn Boy's DRESS PANTS Better Pants $|27 Reduced to I Move Now— Men's Wool SOCKS Slacks or Full Sock 20 Pr. Men's & Boys Cotton Work SHIRTS a,, 25 30 Only—Men's All Wool SUITS Marked Down From Better Suits $7 Single or Double Brcsted 34 to 42 Men's Wool SLACKS Greatly Reduced- Our Loss— Your Gain— pr. 46c ea. 10 Only — GIRL'S WOOL SPORTJACKETS $ 1 Close Out 100 Pair Boys Overalls Blues-Stripes- 10 Only — Ladies WINTER COATS Almost Every Size-$ JOO N A Bargin For You- T CLOSE OUT- Jr. Fur Felt -Men's San Ann High Quality pr. Special Purchase Ladies Capeskin GLOVES 75c 10 Only — Women's Wool SKIRTS 47c Only a few Pair left Boys Botton Leg Boot PANTS 50 pr. 500 Large Size Bleached SACKS 5c THE BARGAIN TABLE ea. You Don't Want To Miss- 50 CHILDREN'S WINTER UNIONS 23c ea. Close Out - Better Merchandise LARGE SIZE TOWEL AM MA Bill A LARGE SIZE TO) TABLE 1KMNANTS 25c 5c Men's Garbardine Sport Coats $1.5Q Men's Large 17x17 White Handkerchiefs," 200 Hats $2.50 Men's Winter UNIONS You Paid More For /I A c This Same Quality—"IT Pr. 36 to 46 Men's SCARFS Wool — Rayon Were Higher Priced Reduced to— ea. MEN'S WOOL FELT COWBOY HATS *1 I BOOTS Men's Oil Treated Work $A66 -Reduced Orders. Phone -ay A Ways eE -ES FINAL PLNNtY COMPANY, In ACROSS STREET FROM POSTOFFICE WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVES! 100 Men's Fast Color DRESS SHIRTS Close Out 47 C DOORS OPEN WED. AT 9:00 O'CLOCK NOV. 22

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