The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE TWELVE County's 2871 ['nines Ex- peclec! To Win Miivol- ment Honors Far surpassing last year's record when Mississippi Comity captured the Plant To Prosper Enrollment Trophy, a. total of 2871 farm families of lids county are participating In the \9W Plant To Prosper j and Uve-Al-Home Competitions,«ihrough imaclng and winter cover it was announced today by J. J. ,, ro)K an<! stresses the advantages JB^YTOEVILLE (ARK.) COUIHER NEWS (lie Llrc-M-ltonif ntvnrd it for the. ure.itest number of families enrolled, Mississippi County lias more than DODO negro farmers but about 1000 of these are day laborers, who are not eligible lo participle, il > has bron pointed out. I Sponsored in Mississippi County ' liy tha Courier News and the Com- j merdal Appeal, the closing of the conies!.-Monday night miirkcil a concerted effort oh the part of I iliose in charge to enrol) tenants and farm owners In this competition amotis (armors of Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Mis- I sourl which has for It.s aim, the | improvement of the farmer. i The contest aims to make (he i farm self Mifllcicm Ilirougli having i Die farmc-r grow and preserve his food and feed; insure his farm income through diversified fanning; ihc conservation of .soil i'il/F TV T~t rt i i. Myrna Does ligg ocrain wing Act On Powell's Noggin Piekren ana B. H. Diirns, comity agricultural agents, ami W. S. Uarabtn, negro county agricultural O f belter homes and better farm Last year, TI,(. courer News -will award i cash prizes totaling fGO to county Mississippi County winners, who will also be pllgluli' won the coveted trophy with a to- to compete lor slate prizes which l«l of 1779 families enrolled with {cany valuable cash awards, and In slightly less than 1300 of these In , addition several individual farm the Plant To Prosper Contest, for' operators are o(lerin« substantial white farmers and 500 in the negro cash pi ires to. farmer.-; on (heir Jjvc-At-Home Contest, hind malting the best records This year It was the negroes which showed ll)e. greatest snin with 1531 farmers enrolled while the- white farm families total 1334. according to figures compiled by the county agents. It is possible that these figures may vary slightly because of possible duplication with names en- ro.'led directly with the commercial Appeal, sponsors of the Mid South ConteM, but It is believed that the flnal tabulation will show fit least (his many, It was announced today. Confidence that this county may win both 1940 trophies for enrolment honors was expressed today by those in charge. The Plant To Prosper enrolment Is on the basis of the percentage of white farm families and the total negro families entered in both contests while CHARCOAL Broiled Steaks Small Half Tender nidi rnc fried potatoes anil slaw "" T-150NE '...'. .75c HOTEL NOBLE Mississippi County has neiv.'r failed to win several slnlu pite'.s and a renewed attempt will be made (bis year to receive the sweepstakes of the Mld.South, the sponsors have announced. Hails Towhsend Plan As Economic Stimulant "The Townscnd Recovery Plan is the only plan offered which will keep money circulating l.i America, which will turn the wheels of Industry and keep our people employed," Miss noberln i'chmale, national youth speaker, of Garden City, Kans., tohl a large group at the municipal court room Wednesday dghl. By raising revenue based on a 2 per cent gross Income tax wnlch form of taxation has proved successful iti liitwnil and dividing the | mc-.-ey among the aged clltens past CO years which payments .ire not to exceed $200 for any one month, by hiring our senior citizens as distributing for our government. Miss Schmalc contends money will circulate, wheels of Industry will turn which will mean our younger people will have jobs on the American standard of living The Townsend BUI is known as "The General Welfare Act if.' R. 8264." Miss Schmale went to Jones- uoro where she will address a group inursday night. Uy HILL I' N'lIA Service .Stall Corresiiondc HOLlA'WOOn, May 9. -Powell and Myrna lay arc Bill back WQKK-SjfttER F£Aifl/RE$ ' New 5-Speed ox Cooking Unit Big, New True-Temp Oven NDW 5-Heal Economy Cocker together In ••[ Love You Again." POK'ell Is looking healthy and as debonair as ever. But his health and his elegance are going lo take (julto a beating before the picture Is finished. When the story opens Powell - Is a fuddy-duddy pottery salesman who makes a hobby of taxidermy. On a buying trip lo New York he Is hit over (he bend by a gambler nrd as a result loses ills memory. When he recovers he finds himself among gamblers and confidence men and becomes one of 'them, Me gels In a tight, is knocked dowr.' again und receives a black eye. Then he meets Myrna Loy and they fnll in love. In one of their love spats. Miss Loy wops Powell over the noggin with a plate full of scrambled e;jgs. lie's again laid out. None of these kayocs restores hh memory, but along comes Frank McKitgli mid punches Powell i n the head: On the 2(jih-Fox back lot Jack Oakie war, learning to plow r. field. As n retired vamlevilltiin in "Young People" Oakli; was supposed to he pulling Ills hand lo the plow for the first time. "All you have to do Is hang onto these handles and say 'gee-up'," said the horse expert. "But don't .shout at the horse." "Ciee-up," said Oakie in a weak Irighler.ed voice. Nothing happened. Tlie horse still stood lookbw at him. "All right, we'll shoot It," sniil director Allan Dwan. "Action!" Nervous, O.ikie's voice stuck for a moment and then came forth in a yell, "GEE-UP!" The horse jumped and Onkle, who had Hit reins wrapped arour.d his wrist, was Jerked og his feel ana sprawled on the plowed canh. "Cut," yells Ownn, "that was swell, it wasn't in the script, but print il." SOUK HANDS SWELL SHOTS That didn't e'.-.d the plowing-for Oaklc. He plowed all afternoon and when the company wound up for the ;!ny he displayed a couple o. blistered hands lo Divan. Ptvan looked ul Ihc blisters and burst 'ojn laughing. "Hey, Eo," he shouted,^to Edward Cvonjngcr, the cameraman, "Take a closeup of Jack's harirls. It's just what we need to finish tlit scene." Roadside Units To Total 1941 Expected 350 By HeldJIn 4 Baby Farm' Probe nose. He falls again, striking his head on n door. He regains his memory and with it his stuffy personality. Myfpn Ixiy, who ha.-, fallen In love with Powell , the confidence man and gambler. Is so disgusted when she fimls out he likes to dust pottery nml stuff owls that sh? coWts him over the head again wllh one of his own vases as the picture cuds. GOT ENGLISH IMCTION AHH GANGSTER'S HOLE Three years ago John McGuivc walked out on n 20th-Fox con- , „ tract because they wanted him to i „' change his American speech for more sophisticated English diction. So he went to New York and •••MI,,, appeared in "Krlshls ol Son'" In 1 , "if c ' 3lu class raom <»««'K>rium ' " building of the high school is being Dell School Prepares ! Extensive WPA Project ^modeling of Ihc high school Dell, erection of a new, tcacher- anrt Improving the grade school e included in a WPA pi'ognjm whicu will total approximately. the role of a young lini-lisliman. Then he played George Bernard Shiiw as a man. !I? did oilier English plays, finally cnd- iiv? with (ho rale of a smooth- in "Shadow and .Substation,." Mc- Ciiilrp rcturiu'il lo Hollr.vord recently replete with Oxford n^.-cnt and tried again to get into pictures. He did, in the role of u mug who tnlks out ot th: side ot his mculh In "Street of Memories." 10 W.itlnghousit Command.r Rongoi til> |Mt ona FREE eoth weok tor i w>«k<l Comi in lor full ddoili. , The new 5-Spccd Cwoi Units on oil 1040 Wtstinghousc Rnngcj h"t 30% fas^r and use 22% less current than famous Coro- Unrts of oth^r years. The W E , new Truc-Tcm,, Oven, win, i ls convenient Single Dial Control e ivo s Balanced Heat for per- feet results every time. And the ncw 5-Heot Economy Cooker coots a complete meal for 5 people for about 1 cent *23 IN EUCTR1CAI in TfYesimgt >*'*'**• ••-•--— . i r «nt n noes 50 Wcslir'S*^ ii 1 -" 1 * IT'S SfMPfl-E AND EASVI , UEl ciH 1 ?J* ««vo-'f'" win and f ' nis " °" C Sfhtlcucrs in « to m words: _ ftS-A 1 MR-™ SU- ***** NOTMH8 TO B UY,... CET BETAlls WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 So. 2nd. n , Phone (let Sew Life & Economy t'OU Ford J?-8 Gars & Trucks Onlv $19.85 „, GUARANTEED 10,000 MILES To rcdirce excessive oil ron- sniiij-.Iinii, ;inil (o inert-use Dower, arrelrr.ilioii und sinnnthh lirrfnrnnnec, «-e will install in Font V-S niRines tlie new 1'oril Sterl Hecttnn I'iston Kings, New Hearings ?ntl Tutip Mn(or for only $1?.?5 for (lie complete joii indilriiiif all |>arIs. lahor anil motor oil—Sip to 515 below regular rricc—anil guarantee the motor lo run good ami not use c\ee.s.Mve. motor nil for IO.CMO miles. See Us Now — Renew Your Ford Phillips Motor Co. Tel. 810 \Vnlrml , iacrai.swl to 12 cliiss rooms awl a new wiitcr .system nml heating plnr.t Is bolnj; milled to tlio one- story brick 'structure in a $35.000 project. ' ' The new tenclicmse, iilso to be erected on tile scliuol canipiH. wiii have six rooms and Vjivlli, which will cost about $35CO. Tills biiildiiii will repluce tlic former small house, used for a teiiclicrnge, which is being moved to a nearby lot and which will be used for the residence of the janitor or rented lo n trr.ant. Work is expected to start next week. ' Improvement, to tfie grade school building of frame, whicli wws ton- slnicled several yetirs ago, will include installation of n healing system ar.d water connections from the liigh scliool building. This entire job is»ct«l lo be completed by early Kail. Members of the Dell school board are: .1. H. lirinii. president; E. M. Woodard, secretary; Earl Makers. W. C. Gar- rlgnn aiul-E. A. Slncy. directors. BY HOBERT Ol.DS Viilied f'ress Stall Correspondent COLUMIiUS, O. May II (UP) — Ohio's system of roadside parks probably will bo Hie largest in (lie country by tiic end of the year II plans of the state highway department are carried out. It !>> expelled that by 1911 the stale will have about 350 parks, i Fifty-five additional parks are be- ' "IK constructed this spring and 104 more sites ate readily available. Originally, jit least one park was to be constructed in each of the stale's US countries, but the park idea became so popular that today there Is more than one park in many counties. In a block of eight: southern counties 40 parks have beejj laid out. Each park has n tested well, or water supply provided free by a | nearby city, covered by a rustic [shelter. There are two or more ovens or fireplaces and n> table for cadi oven. The average siw; of these parks by the , sides of highways is one and three-quarter acres and the largest is one of 10 acres located In the northwestern part, of the state. State Owns l/.iml AH land has been given to the state. Power companies contributed old utility poles and other construction materials have come from discarded highway department equipment such as old guard rails The labor .hn.s been furnished by j CCC and NYA youths and WPA ' employes. Registration boards at Ihc parks last year indicated that full approval was accorded by both Ohioans and visitors from other states. Out-of-state tourists made up 34 per cent of the park visitors. Dallas D. Dupre, Jr., highway department chief architect who fathered the roadside park idea iour years ago and heads the system today, said that he had ucvci heard a complaint from park visitors. A check showed there was an average number of visitors at the parks last year, of .10,000 n day, or 150 at each of the 205 parks. Maintenance men from ihn department check (he parks every day to see that they are kept clean and, ut night, state highway patrolmen make the rounds of all jinrks. Average Cost 51,200 So successful 1ms the,,park program been In Ohio that requests nave come from many of [lie big park states, .including California and Oregon. The average cost of a roadside park in Ohio is about 51,200. Dupre said tliat a program of roodslrte tables, similar to the Michigan plan, would be inaiig lira ted this year with (lie inient of relieving congestion at the parks until more can be constructed. This year between 180 and 240 tables will be placed. He said the\ were intended for persons who de shed lo stop only for a few minutes or lo cat their lunches. THURSDAY, MAY 9, 1940 Monl'jnn," DIP :invlf>i' replied. "Why are Ihey tied?" Hill demanded. "Those dangcd trout were taking my bait so fast I couldn't catch any whilelish, so 1 just llccl, 't;u up until r got through fLsh-l !:•*," the intrepid fisherman explained. V.rror Gives Us Twwit A Scotchman's poor penmanship gave bill!) to the word "tweed." lie scut samples of "uvee!" (Scotch for l\vlllt to London and didn't wateli his "I,." The Londoner interpreted the- word as tweed and it has remained that ever since. About 15.000 pans are contained lit the average American-made juilomaljlle. Or. Floyd Webb Kyv, Km; Nose & Throat li!i.<i moved his office to Hie l,ytich fouildiiit,' ovor (iralier's !-'toro. Mrs. Mae Smith, 04, held in investigation of alleged Chicago "baby farm," is pictured above holding in her arms the 14-months old Iniant which authorities said Mrs. Smith was trying to "sen 11 .—tNEA Teletoto), Trim Tailleur, U. S. Fashion Angler "Ties Up Trout" To Catch Whitefish GREAT PALLS, Mont. (UP» — W. A. Hill says the prize alibi dining his years as deputy game warden Is this one: Coming upon, a fisherman cast- nig in a _stream where troiii angling was forbidden but whitefish were legal catch, Hill noticed a number of live trout in the water tied with a strli:e tluou°h IHrli- gills. • Whose trout are these?" bellowed the warden. 'They belong to the state of FARMERS AUCTION SALE EVERY THURSDAY Sell for Top Cash Prices Buy At Your Own Bid OUR BARN DISINFECT BI) AN I) IN- SI'KCTKD EVERY WKEK OP THE YEAR. A Wide Open Sale Give Us a Trial Missco Corp. Blythcvillc Barn a( Highway 18 anil J. I.. C. E. K. K. COURTS . Qni-.-on Sprayberry has filed suit in chancery court against Lela Alnxlnc Sprayberry, asking for n divorce. George \V. Barham is attorney for the plaintiff. T RIM lines, drop pockets and a row of tiny buttons distinguish this smart town tailleur, by American designer Louise Barnes Gallagher. It's of navy blue sheer 'wool, has a moderately flared skirt, a navy lace blouse. With U is worn Jeanne Tetc's new windswept felt hat with stiff veiling. Unitl (:• »rli> Birds' 8an;-B».vrs The bird's song-box is called the syrinx. The Instrument is quite complicated, but the principle is simple enough. As the bird breathes out air, It sets certain membranes vibrating, mid these are tightened or loosened according to the pitch desired. Peabody Hotel COMFORT ECONOM17.i;i) AND UNRvCKf.T.EI) !tuimin s Water—Air Conditioned Newly Decorated InncRtpriiiff Alatlrcss- \Vrrkly or Monthly K.ites Wllh or WllliDul Jlrals Hates Uow as 50c up I);iilv S2.50 Weekly SPECIAL! 1/3 More for the same money Johnsntfs Wa\ anrt Glo-Coat SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. - riionc 35 Jl!lythcvi!)c Gasoline At STATE UNE PRICES 6 flak for $1.00 JOYNER OIL CO. At RtS Top Gin U. S. Highway 61, North 8 REASONS for drinking MOUNTAIN VALLEY MINERAL WATER from HOT SPRINGS, ARK. 1. II aids in (realim; Rheumatic, Kidney ;vml HlacWcr comlid'nns. 2. 11 is natural mineral water from Hot Springs, Arkansas—America's foremost health resorl. 'A. II promotes kidney function. •1. II is mildly alkaline—lends to offset acidity of the stomach. 5. Its supply of calcium anil mngnoshim can lie used "orfiliibly by the hotly. (!. Not carhon;tled. not laxative, it is often used when olher waters can'l be consumed. 7. Good to taste, its merit is proven by over 5 million users in 75 years. S. It retains all beneficial properties though, shipl lC(l hundreds of miles lo you. SOU) HY CROSSTOWN WHiSKEY SHOP I5IPORTKI) AND DOMESTIC Wines, Liquors, Ales lOfl So. Division St. Hl.vtlievillo, Ark. THERE'S NO FINER QUALITY AT ANY PRICE

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